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Jackie's In The Mood For A Little Taste Of Canada
by Shaggi

Jackie Gayda had arrived at the gym in Seattle a little late. She noticed
it was empty, but Jericho's green mustang was still there. She walked right
in and flashed her Gold's Gym pass to the guy at the door. She looked around
the weights room, he was no where to be found. She checked the lobby, rec
room, and bar, he was no where to be found. Then she remembered.

She got her red bikini on and walked to the pool room. There, in the
jacuzi, was Jericho. No one else was in the room, as it was a private premium
members only benefit. She locked the door behind her, just in case and walked
towards the jacuzi.

"Hey there Chris, how's it going?" she yelled to him.

Jericho opened his eyes, rising from his semi-relaxed state. He took a
good look at Jackie, he couldn't deny she was incredibly hot.

"Hey Jackie, its going ok I guess. I was just relaxing. The meeting got
over with earlier, and I'm not working Raw tonight, so I don't have nothing
to do. And you?" Jericho asked.

"I'm ok, I guess." She got into the jacuzi and sat down on the ledge on
the opposite side of Jericho. "But theres something I've been meaning to ask
you. Are you going to leave the company?"

"I honestly dont know. When I came to the Federation, I was happy. WCW
treated me like garbage, and Vince had made me a star overnight. But with
the invasion angle failing, now this brand seperation crap, Vince seems to
be headed in the direction of WCW, you know what I mean?" Jericho asked her
in a stressed out tone.

"Chris, I've seen a lot of people come and go for Vince. I've seen him get
out of a lot of situations. You have to have faith in him, he always finds a
way. You seem stressed out, you need to just relax here, with me. Since we
aren't doing anything today, we should spend the rest of the day together, I
know this town like the back of my hand," Jackie suggested.

"I would like that," Jericho said with a smile.

For the next hour they talked about anything and everything. Jackie liked
Y2J alot as she got to know him more. She had always been a fan of him since
she first watched him wrestle in WCW.

"Ready to go?" Jericho asked.

"Ya, your staying at the Paraclub Motel right?" Jackie asked.

"Sure am."

"Well, can we stop there? I need to get some things and get a new change
of clothes."

"No prob'."

With that, they went to their locker rooms, got dressed, and left together
in Jericho's mustang. They reached the hotel room. A odd coincidence she
noticed was Jericho's room was #444, hers was #442. She had seen his receipt
and key on the dashboard. Jericho dropped her off and parked the car. She
went up to her room right away. She put on sexy black thong and matching bra.
Then she put her robe on and waited. Five minutes later, she walked over to
room 444 and knocked. Jericho answered the door.

"Hey Jackie, I thought you were getting ready?"

"I already am," she said as she pushed him back into the room, locking the
door behind her.

"Sit down," she instructed him.

Jericho sat on the edge of the bed, he wasn't sure what was going on, but
he had a idea. Slowly, Jackie took off her robe, revealing her sexy black
attire. She danced alittle, showing Jericho her huge chest and tight, slender
ass. Then, as she was facing back first to Jericho, she reached for her bra.
She slowly unclasped it and it fell to the floor. She turned around and
showed Jericho her firm breasts. Her nipples were hard, from the cold air.
Jericho was shocked. She slowly walked over to him and pushed him down, so
he was lying on the bed.

She knelt above him. Slowly, she moved towards him more, until their lips
met. They started kissing passionately. Jericho's right arm moved towards
her ass. They continued kissing, until she could feel the bulge in his
pants pushed against her stomach. She started to work her way down, rubbing
his pecs and stomach, until she reached his pants.

She unzipped his pants, and slid them down. She started to kiss his
boxers, teasing him. Finally, after what seemed like a eternity, she slipped
them off, and his full 9" was exposed. She wasted no time, as she began to
palm his sack. She licked her lips and took his shaft deep into her mouth.
She bobbed her head feriously, not wasting any time. Jericho closed his eyes
as this magnificent young hottie deepthroated his cock, taking all 9" at
times. She began to swirl his cockhead with her tongue. He didn't know how
much longer he could last. Then she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

She grabbed her enormous tits and placed his cock in between them. She
bounced her tits, Jericho was loving this. She loved being tit fucked with
her newly purchased chest, it made the silicone feel great.

"I'm going to blow!" Jericho yelled out. She got back on her knees and
Jericho stood up. She began jerking him off, her mouth wide open, awaiting
his load. Then, without warning, he blew his load. Most of it landed directly
on her tits, but she caught some in her mouth. Jackie loved the taste of
thick cum, and swallowed it all.

"Can I repay the favor?" he asked her.

"No, I want you in me now," Jackie told him as she took off her thong,
revealing a shaved, tight pussy.

She took his semi-limp shaft and put it back in her mouth. After about 5
minutes, it was hard again and full of saliva. She got on her back, and
spread her legs.

"Fuck me. Fuck my brains out!" she told him.

He didn't need to be told twice, he alligned his cock with her tight, wet
pussy and began to slowly push the head of his cock in. It was incredibly
tight, tighter then all the girls in the locker room he had fucked. He
didn't know if he would be able to get his dick in her all the way, as her
vaginal walls squeezed his shaft.

"FUCK YA, FUCK ME, GOD YES" she moaned.

Hearing this, he picked up the pace. He started thrusting into her at a
medium pace. She wanted more. She moaned in pleasure. Jericho's hips were a
blur as he began to thrust into her as hard and as fast as he could. She
moaned in pleasure as his cock invaded and stimulated her tight vaginal
cavity. She wrapped her legs around his neck as he continued with no sign
of slowing down. Within minutes, she started to have her first orgasm. Her
pussy wrapped around his cock tightly. Cum covered his erect shaft. He
wasn't done yet.

They traded spaces, and now Jericho was the one laying on the bed, with
Jackie's wet, awaiting pussy lined up with his cock. She wasted no time and
slowly sat down onto his dick, stimulating her pussy once again beyond its
limits. She started bouncing up and down, wasting no time at all. Jericho
grabbed her boucing tits and fondled them as she contininued riding him.

"Oh shit, I'm gonna cum again" jericho yelled out. Jackie wasted no time
and switched positions to her knees and began jerking him off, her mouth
awaiting his cum. He finally blew his load, and Jackie caught all of it in
her mouth. She swallowed it all again.

"Now you can repay the favor," Jackie told him.

Jericho wasted little time and burried his face in her crotch. His tongue
began its assault on her pussy, and she moaned as he relentlessly ate her
pussy. Jericho kept up for what she thought was forever. He slid 2 fingers
into her wet snatch and began pumping them in and out. Jackie moaned as she
felt another orgasm coming on. "I'm gonna cum!" she screamed out as her
pussy tightened up around Jericho's fingers and she came with his fingers
still insider her.

Jericho pulled his fingers out and Jackie licked them clean. "I know what
you want, you want to fuck my ass don't you?" Jackie asked him in a seductive

This turned Jericho on greatly. "It would be a honor, have you ever done
anal before?" he asked her.

"Once, how do you think I got my job?" Jackie shot back.

Jericho opened his bag and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. It was the
only lube he had, and he knew he'd need alot of it for her ass. Jackie
grabbed the bottle from him and got on her knees. She poured the cold oil
on her hand, and began rubbing it all over Jericho's hard cock. Finally,
she had put enough on, they were ready.

Jackie walked over towards the bed and bent over, spreading her legs
apart. She spread her asscheeks with her hands, while Jericho looked on.
Jericho got behind her and aligned his cock with her asshole. Without
warning he begin pushing into her.

"Ow god, its too big it won't fit!" she screamed, slightly in pain.

"Shhh, its ok. You can take it," he reassured her as his hand found her
clit. He began to rub her clit, making her moan, forgetting about the pain.

He began to push again, the more she moaned in pain the faster he played
rubbed her clit eliminating the pain.

"You're doing good," he told her, "We're halfway there."

"Fuck me, hard, now," she told him.

He didn't need to be told anymore. He slammed the rest of his cock in her
ass. She screamed, but slowly adjusted to the feeling, and her asshole got
use to having a cock in it. Jericho began to baby thrust, slightly pulling
out and pushing back in. By now, the pain was gone and she was moaning in
pleasure. He began to fuck harder.

"Oh yes, oh oh oh, god yes, fuck my ass, fuck it, harder harder," she

Jericho was thrusting into her ass at lightning speed. She reached around
and took his sack into her hand and played with his balls. Jericho loved it,
and so did she.

"I'm gonna cum!" he yelled out.

"Cum in my ass," she moaned.

Jericho held out as long as he could until he could no longer and splashed
the walls of her ass with his white gooey cum. He pulled his cock out and
alligned it with her pussy and entered her doggy style. He humped her as
fast as he could, until once again, her lips tightened around him and she
had yet another orgasm.

They both laid in the bed. "That was the best fucking I've had in a long
time," she told him.

"Yeah, this day did turn out good."

"Wanna know what would be better? If we got Vince to make me your manager,
I'd fuck your brains out every night."

"I'll tell Vince about it."

The next morning, they both went to the arena together, and proposed the
idea to Vince. He liked it, and from now on, Jericho will be managed by
Jackie Gayda.

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