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Jacky And The Black Lover
by The Black Lover

I walk into my dressing room at Smackdown, and it is pitch black. I flip
on the lights and there in my face with hairy pussy and tits dangling is

Jacky: Hey, would like to wrestle to see who gets on top during the sex?

Black Lover (mesmerized): Hell, yeah!

Jacky: Well, oil me up and I'll oil you up and we get it on. Oh, yeah you
win by getting the other person to submit.

I statred rubbing my hand in and out of her pussy. I mean oil in and out of
her pussy. Her juices then started to flow. I said slowdown we still got to
wrestle. Then I worked my hands up to her tits. Which were just giggling and
giggling in my face so I told her I put to much oil on them and had to suck
it off. Then Jacky started rubbing me up she really enjoyed rubbing my dick
which was harder than a doorknob.

Then when she had finished rubbing me up and we both got to loosen up. We
tangled. I got the upper hand by givving Jacky a double tittie twister. She
moaned and groaned and cried with pain as did this reaptedly. Then I started
hiting and stomping her pussy. Which had again started oozing out with her
juices. After that I decided to sit on her tits and make her suck my long
dick while she moaned and groaned with happiness. I then rolled her over so
she was faced down and inserted my dick into her ass. I could tell she loved
this and pulled out. Then I went for my finisher which was the abdominal
stretch. While I was doing this I played around with her pussy. She then
finally submitted.

After she submited we began having rough sex with me calling the shots.
I sucked her tits and until she couldn't take it no longer. Then I inserted
my dick in her ass and began to grind her. I then began grabbing her cheeks.
Then I had her suck my dick. Then I placed my dick and her wet pussy. I
played around with her with all these sex position til smackdown was over
when she left causing me to miss my first match where I was fired.

The End

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