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*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Humiliation, Fisting, Anal Penetration, Watersports,
M/F and F/F Non-Consensual sex and Gang-Rape. If you don't think you would
enjoy that, then don't read it. ***

*** This story features the Characters of Jacqueline, Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley, Tori and Lilian Garcia. They are the characters as
portrayed and in no way represent Jacqueline Moore, Stephanie McMahon,
Terri Poch or the real Lilian Garcia. ***

Jacqueline's Triple-Threat Part 1
by High-Heeled Jill ( & Spring-Heeled Jack

In the spring of 2000, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was ordered to face Women's
Champion Jacqueline by her father. Stephanie "won", thanks to interference
from Tori. Jacqueline never got a rematch, but in an alternate, perverted
universe things were very different...

The pyrotechnics were deafening as RAW is WAR opened, live from Dallas,
Texas. The fireworks ended and the cheers were scarcely any quieter, as the
Texas crowd was as loud as always. There was a moment's pause to allow JR and
the King to introduce the show to the millions of viewers watching across the
country, and then Jacqueline's music blared out from the speakers.

The arena gave a pretty good pop to the hometown girl as the small black
woman walked down the aisle in her tied red top that seemed almost too small
to contain her bouncing breasts, with matching shorts and thigh-high padded
boots. As she strode arrogantly to the ring, a twenty-foot tall image of
herself gyrated in a bikini on the Titantron behind her.

She climbed into the ring and made her way to the center, waving and smiling
to the assembled fans. She was not much more than five feet tall in her
wrestling boots, with rich, dark brown skin and large pretty eyes. Her chest
was so large on her small but hard-muscled body that even those people that
she turned her back on could see the rounded swell of each tit to either side
of her body as she raised her hands in appreciation.

The attractive, short-skirted ring announcer, Lilian Garcia handed the busty
young woman a microphone and then left to take her ringside seat by the
timekeeper. Jackie looked over the crowd and raised the mic to her lips.

"I want everyone to listen up good, `cause I got somethin' to say to an ugly,
no-good ho in the back!"

She nodded her head as many of the fans cheered, realizing who she had to be
referring to.

"You know who I'm talkin' `bout. That dirty SLUT that's walkin' around an'
carryin' my belt!"

This time the response was deafening as the slower members of the audience
also realized that Jackie was calling out the most hated woman in the WWF,
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!

"Stephanie, I been hearin' you braggin' about how you're the women's champ,
`bout how you're the greatest `cause you beat me for the belt a month ago. In
case you forgot, YOU didn't beat me! In fact, you looked like you were jus'
about ready to pee yo' pants when you knew you was gonna have to face me!"

She paused to enjoy the cheers. It was rare that any of the women were
allowed the opportunity that she had now, and she didn't intend to blow it.
This was going to be the best promo that she had ever cut in her life.

"If it weren't for that skank Tori, I would o' given you the spankin' that a
slut like you deserves!" There were more cheers. "I'd o' slapped that fat ass
o' yours `til you was beggin' for mercy! An' then I'd o' slapped it some

She paused briefly again, "You been sayin' how great a champion you are, but
you ain't never defended that title o' mine! So I'm calling you out, SLUT!
One-on-one, to show everybody just who the real Women's Champion is!"

The small but muscular woman was almost shaking with excitement, her
magnificent breasts jiggling within their inadequate restraint as she stabbed
her arm to emphasize her statement. Her nipples clearly visible now, firmly
erect and poking through the scarlet material.

After a momentary pause, she continued her tirade, "And then, once I've
whipped yo ass in front o' all these people you can go back to what your good
at; turnin' tricks for two dollars a time like the cheap whore that you are!"

The crowd erupted once more, but barely had the former champion finished
speaking than the lights went out and Triple H's music blasted through the
arena. The spotlights hit the entranceway beneath the Titantron and out
walked the World Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion Triple H and his
wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, the Women's Champion.

The music came to an end and immediately the crowd started to chant `Asshole'
and `Slut' loudly at the WWF's golden couple. Triple H raised his hand to
point threateningly out over the crowd as Stephanie stood with her weight on
one foot, a hand on her hip and a smoldering expression on her face. Once the
chanting eventually died down, Steph raised the microphone in her hand.

"What did you call me?!" Stephanie screeched.

"You heard me! You ain't nothin' more than a two-dollar ho!" Jackie
proclaimed, "The dirtiest, filthliest, ugliest, skankiest SLUT that EVER
stepped into the WWF!"

The crowd response was overwhelming as Stephanie's face expressed her
complete shock. Her cheeks reddened and she pursed her lips as she raised the
microphone again. Before she could speak though, her husband grabbed the mic
and held up his hand.

"Okay, okay. Now I know what your tryin' to do Jackie, but it won't work. You
think that if you can get Stephanie all riled up then she'll give you a shot
at HER, WWF, Women's Championship." He turned and patted the gold plated belt
that was draped over his wife's shoulder. "That ain't gonna happen, `cause
this belt is stayin' right here where it belongs."

Stephanie had regained her composure somewhat and took the mic. from Triple
H. She smirked as she saw Jackie fuming in the ring.

"You see, I have nothing to prove! I already beat you once. I pinned you in
that very ring, one, two, three!" She raised a finger for each count and
turned to bask in the adulation of the crowd, seemingly oblivious to the
chants of `Slut! Slut!' that reverberated through the arena.

"Oh I see alright. You just too chickenshit to step in the ring with me!" The
audience ooed as Stephanie gaped and the viewers at home smirked as the
censor was a couple of seconds to late to bleep the curse.

Triple H placed his hand on his wife's chest as though he were having to
restrain her, although it was quite obvious that a trained wrestler like
Jacqueline would tear his spoilt brat of a wife apart. He leant down and
whispered into Stephanie's ear, glancing and gesturing back toward the black
woman in the ring. As he spoke, a broad, wicked grin appeared on Steph's

Triple H turned back to the ring and said, "Okay Jackie, you want a match for
the Women's Title, you got it!"

Most of the fans in the arena cheered at the prospect of seeing Stephanie
finally getting the beating she deserved, but the minority realized that
Triple H and his wife would have some plan in mind because there was no way
that Stephanie would wrestle Jackie in a fair fight. After all, the McMahon-
Helmsley Era never played fairly.

"Just one little thing though. In order to be sure that this is a fair and
even contest, to establish once and for all who is the best Women's Champion
there ever was, we're going to need a completely impartial official. A
referee, who will call this match fair and square," He made a cutting gesture
with his free hand, "Right down the middle!"

Jacqueline threw her hands up in the air and looked away in disgust.

Triple H's eyes scanned across the booing crowd and smirked. "In fact, there
is only one man that I feel confident is able to `rise', heh, to the
challenge of keeping order in this little cat-fight. And that man... is ME!"

The sound of boos was deafening as the lights dimmed and the piercing siren
of Triple H's anthem was broadcast over the sound system again. To the
viewers at home, JR and Lawler were bickering over whether or not Triple H
could be trusted to be a fair official in his wife's match. The two Champions
raised their arms with their titles held in their hands, and then turned and
walked backstage through the black curtains.

One match and an overly long interview later, and Jacqueline was back in the
ring, hopping from foot to foot with her huge breasts bouncing heavily as she
waited for Stephanie to make her way out. Steph's husband Triple H was just
climbing through the ropes wearing a pair of jogging pants and the black-and-
white striped shirt of a referee.

Jackie was under no illusion that this would be a fair fight and she knew she
would certainly lose, if only because Triple H would never count the pinfall
in her favor, but she was hoping that she would at least get a few good shots
in on Stephanie.

Triple H's music ended and he turned to talk to Jacqueline. He pointed
directly at her scarlet-clad bust and spoke emphatically in a low tone as he
warned her that she would pay for insulting his wife. Jackie responded with
her usual cocky arrogance, although she knew that he was right.

She was shaking her head and insulting the WWF Champion loudly enough to be
heard at ringside when `No Chance in Hell', the McMahon family anthem,
drowned out her voice.

Stephanie stepped out of the entranceway wearing a pair of ankle-socks and
sneakers, dark blue shorts that came down to her knees and her white WWF
`Beauty, Brains, Bitch' T-shirt. She had her Women's Championship Belt in her
hands and a terrified expression on her face as she slowly and hesitantly
made her way down the ramp.

The crowds were chanting `Slut' again as her eyes darted nervously from side
to side, as though she was searching for an avenue of escape. She climbed
gingerly into the ring with the assistance of her husband.

Barely was she through the ropes than Stephanie squealed and dived behind
Triple H as Jackie immediately tried to attack. Hunter caught the short black
woman and pulled her away and across to the other side of the ring. He spoke
sharply to her before letting her go, but he still held his hand up in front
of her as though to hold her in place.

Jackie held out her arms and demanded to know what was going on. Triple H
gestured to Lilian Garcia who climbed up onto the ring apron and handed him a

"Hold on there Jackie. Now I know your eager to start the match, but you see,
Stephanie, being the great champion that she is, has decided that beating
your ass -- yet again -- isn't enough of a challenge!"

Stephanie suddenly broke out in a grin and a return to her smug demeanor. "So
she's decided that she will wrestle not only one woman, but two! This will
now be a Triple-Threat match, to determine the real Women's Champ once and
for all!"

"What? What shit are you tryin' to pull here? Who the hell'm I supposed to
wrestle then?" Jackie yelled, faintly audible to the fans and viewers through
Triple H's microphone.

"And third participant in this match will be... Tori!"

Jackie threw up her arms in disgust as the DX theme came on and stood with
her hands on her hips while Tori made her way down the aisle, accompanied by
X-Pac. The muscular blonde was wearing short leather pants and a tight, neon-
green top that was stretched provocatively across her firm, shapely breasts.

When the couple reached the bottom of the ramp, Triple H leant over the ropes
and pointed his finger at X-Pac, ordering him to the back. Tori and X-Pac
made a show of arguing with Hunter's order but X-Pac soon shrugged and, with
half a smile, he turned and walked back up the ramp.

Over at the announce table, Jerry Lawler was insisting that this proved that
Triple H would be a fair and impartial referee while JR commented that it
wasn't as though they hadn't stacked the deck enough already.

Jacqueline ran and attacked Tori before she even managed to step between the
ropes, pounding away at the back of her neck with huge overhand blows. Tori
pushed Jackie away and just managed to disentangle herself from the ropes
before Jackie got to her feet.

Stephanie cowered behind her husband as the two women wrestlers circled one
another. Tori was bigger and stronger than Jacqueline, but the black woman
was faster and more experienced and she took the degenerate down with a drop
toe hold. Tori rolled over immediately and just caught Jackie with a short
kick to the midsection that gave the blonde the time she needed to get to her

Tori moved in close and tried to grapple with the black woman, but Jackie
ducked underneath her outstretched arm and caught a hold of her from behind.
She tried to take the bigger woman down with a back body-drop, but Tori broke
the hold with an elbow to the face.

She spun around and caught the dazed wrestler by the head. She hooked one of
Jackie's arms over her neck and then lifted her up into a standing vertical
suplex. Jacqueline hung in mid-air for several seconds and her huge breasts
threatened to fall out of their inadequate covering before Tori dropped her
heavily onto her back.

Jackie arched her back up from the canvas as she gasped, but Tori immediately
pushed her back down and rolled on top of her.

Triple H dropped to the mat and slapped his hand down onto the canvas to
count the pinfall. One... Two...

Jacqueline twisted around, lifting her shoulder and breaking the count.

Tori grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her opponent painfully to her feet.
Jackie lashed out with one hand, striking Tori in the upper abdomen and
driving the air from her lungs. Jackie hit her again, causing the blonde to
lose her grip on Jackie's long jet-black hair. Jackie then hit her with a
european uppercut that staggered the taller woman.

The small black woman skipped backward and bounced off the ropes. She tried
to clothesline Tori, but the blonde managed to duck so Jackie ran across the
ring and bounced of the ropes on the opposite side. Tori didn't quite turn
around quickly enough and Jackie jumped up and caught her in a bulldog
headlock from behind, slamming her head down onto the canvas.

Jackie leapt to her feet and charged for the cowering Stephanie. The Women's
Champion squealed and ran like a frightened schoolgirl around the ring.
Jackie gave chase but as she passed Tori's prone body, the degenerate lashed
out with one arm and tripped the well-stacked black woman who crashed down
onto her tits.

She cried out and wrapped her hands around her crushed bust as Tori climbed
to her feet. The blonde pulled Jackie up by her hair again and set her up for
another suplex. This time Jackie used her shorter stature to her advantage.
She hooked her legs around Tori's muscular calves and rolled her into a small
package pin attempt.

Triple H chose that moment to lean through the ropes and admonish JR outside
the ring for no apparent reason, meaning that there was no one to make the
count. Stephanie ran and grabbed Jackie's booted ankle and pulled with all
her strength, breaking the hold.

Jackie climbed slowly to her feet and the crowd aahed as she locked eyes with
a fearful Stephanie. She reached out for the brat but Tori was also up now
and she grabbed the black woman from behind. She spun her around and the two
wrestlers began trading blows, until Jackie raked her fingers in Tori's eyes.
She followed it up by leaping high into the air and dropkicking the
staggering Tori. The degenerate flew backward and barreled into Triple H,
knocking him through the ropes to the floor outside.

Jacqueline caught Tori as she rebounded and hit her jumping DDT finisher on
the tall blonde, knocking her senseless. She jumped back to her feet and
turned to glare at Steph, who now looked very alone.

Stephanie's eyes were as wide as plates as Jackie rushed at her to the
overwhelming cheers of the crowd. The former champion grabbed a handful of
the rich bitch's T-shirt and drew her arm back to strike her. Steph squealed
and cringed, raising her arms in an effort to protect herself.

The blow never came, as Triple H caught the drawn back arm. The special guest
referee had bounced back to his feet almost immediately and slid into the
ring in time to save his wife from Jackie's rage. With his free hand he
grasped her long hair and jerked her back violently, throwing the little
black woman across the ring.

Unfortunately, Jackie still held a firm grip on Stephanie's shirt and the
flimsy cotton tore under the strength of her husband's rescue.

There was a moment of stunned silence as the entire world saw Stephanie's
black satin bra and the full globes of her pale breasts.

Then there was a deafening roar of approval from the crowd as Stephanie
desperately held the ripped halves of her T-shirt together in a belated
effort to cover her exposure. Triple H pulled his referee's shirt off over
his head and helped Stephanie to don the garment so that she would not suffer
any further humiliation. Then he turned to Jackie who was just starting to
climb to her feet.

Triple H had thrown her so hard that she had no idea what had happened, and
couldn't understand why everyone in the arena seemed to be whooping with joy
and stamping their feet. A moment later she was clubbed to the ground as
Triple H struck her hard across the back. She oomphed as the air was driven
from her lungs and she landed heavily on her breasts.

She tried to get up again but Hunter kicked her on the shoulder, and then
again, and again, keeping her down on the mat. Tori had recovered somewhat
and she too began beating on the diminutive black woman until Stephanie
finally called a halt. The McMahon family heiress was flushed with
embarrassment but there was the fire of fury in her eyes.

At her command, Triple H and Tori pulled Jacqueline to her feet where she
swayed unsteadily. After Stephanie whispered in Hunter's ear, he grinned
wickedly and the three degenerates held a hurried conference in the middle of
the ring. Then Triple H grabbed Jackie from behind and hooked his arms under
hers to hold her in the classic full-nelson position.

Stephanie now had a microphone and she stepped up in front of the black woman
and slapped her. "You think that's funny?"

Jackie had no idea what she was talking about, and why was Steph wearing the
referee's shirt?

"You think you can come out here and humiliate me in front of the world?!"
Her voice was becoming more high pitched and her face grew redder.

"How DARE you try to strip me in front of all these people!" Stephanie
slapped the confused former Women's Champ again.

Then without warning, Stephanie dropped the microphone and reached forward,
grabbing hold of the knot that fastened Jackie's bright red top between her
giant breasts. Jackie squirmed desperately, trying to escape Hunter's hold as
his wife tugged at her top.

"No!" Jackie yelled, her thick red lips forming an oval as she gaped in
shock. The whites of her wide eyes contrasting strongly with her dark skin as
she realized what Stephanie intended to do.

For several seconds the fabric of her top stretched, but then with a loud
tearing sound it came apart!

Jackie kicked and twisted to no avail as her giant breasts were stripped of
their flimsy covering. At the sight of Jackie's big black tits, which bounced
heavily on her chest as a result of her exertions, the crowd went nuts.

Jacqueline was mortified! She was half-naked in front of more than 20,000
people, with millions of households across the country watching on live
national television. She screamed at Stephanie, but the rich bitch was almost
jumping with joy for what she had done. Jackie tried to cover herself with
her arms, but Triple H kept them pulled back and above her.

Stephanie was looking around at the jubilant crowd, her face flushed with
excitement and an evil expression of delight on her face. Tori looked from
the semi-stripped Jackie to Stephanie and back again, her shock evident in
her features. She couldn't believe that Stephanie had really done it. But as
she watched Jackie's big, black-skinned globes with their dark bullet-like
nipples continue their helpless bouncing, Tori's open mouth slowly
transformed into a wide grin.

Over at the announcers table, Jerry Lawler was going berserk with joy,
endlessly screaming `Puppies!' while JR was insisting loudly that this wasn't
right, demanding that someone put a stop to this. Several of the security
guards at ringside started to move toward the ring hesitantly, as though
unsure whether they should rescue Jacqueline or not. Triple H took the
decision out of their hands, by shouting that anyone that interfered would be
fired. None of them wanted to lose their jobs so they returned as much of
their attention as they could tear away from the semi-stripped woman in the
ring to restraining the by now very rowdy crowd.

Steph hadn't finished with her prize though. She reached forward with one
hand and grasped Jackie's hard nipple between her thumb and forefinger.
Stephanie jumped back laughing as Jacqueline screamed obscenities and tried
to kick the spoilt brat. Her huge tits were bouncing unrestrainedly as she
thrashed wildly in Hunter's grasp. Tori caught one flailing leg and dragged
it down to the mat, then she grasped the other and wrapped her arms around
them both so that the tiny black woman's arms and legs were immobilized.

Stephanie stepped in once more and lay her hand against the hot dark skin of
Jackie's right breast. She rubbed her palm over the exposed flesh, focusing
her attention on her stiffly erect nipple. Then Steph pressed both of her
hands against Jackie's huge globes and began circling her hands, pushing the
firm tit-meat around on Jackie's small but muscular chest.

"Get yo' filthy hands OFF o' me, SLUT!" Jackie shouted as she squirmed in the
unyielding grip of Triple H and Tori.

"I'm not the slut. You are!" Steph retorted childishly. Although she spoke in
a normal tone of voice, the mic she had dropped earlier was still live and
every word was being broadcast.

"Yeah, just look at yourself," Hunter said in her ear, "Flashing your tits in
front of the entire world!"

"Look how hard her nipples are! The little bitch is getting off on this!"
Tori added from below, squatting on the mat as she restrained Jackie's
muscular legs.

"Jeez. You really are getting turned on aren't ya. They look like fucking
bullets!" Jackie flushed at Hunter's words. "It takes a real slut to enjoy
being humiliated in public!"

"Let GO o' me you perverts!"

Stephanie tweaked Jackie's nipples hard, causing her to gasp in response. "Do
you like it when I do that?"

Jacqueline bit her full lower lip and closed her eyes, which started to fill
with tears. Steph tightened her grip, squeezing Jackie's teats painfully, and
then with a final twist, she released them and resumed her stroking of the
sweaty black flesh. She ran her hands down and underneath the massive
mammaries, laying the flat of her hands against Jackie's ribs.

"Or maybe there is something else you would prefer?" There was a wicked gleam
in Stephanie's eye as she started to slide her hands down over the small
black woman's hard abs.

Jackie's hips bucked and gyrated wildly as Stephanie's fingers pressed under
the bright red fabric of her shorts but there was nothing she could do. She
was completely helpless to the designs of the degenerates. Steph placed one
hand against the black woman's belly and pushed the other down her pants, her
fingertips running across the lacy fabric of the G-string that Jackie wore
beneath her shorts.

The crowd was really going wild now. They could see the outline of Steph's
hand moving inside Jackie's shorts and they knew that she was copping a good
feel. This went far beyond any T & A show that this or any other federation
had ever done before, and they were loving every minute of it!

Stephanie rubbed her finger up and down the groove of Jackie's slit through
the gusset of her G-string, and in spite of herself, Jackie started to
lubricate. The feelings of shame and humiliation that were running through
her little well-built body were far beyond anything she had imagined, and
because her mind didn't know how to react it was following its most basic

She screwed her eyes tight shut, but that only seemed to make everything more
intense. The sound of the crowd and the stimulation of Steph's hand were
arousing her unwillingly even further. The rich heiress felt the growing
moistness that was soaking through Jackie's panties with surprise.

"You really are a hot little slut aren't you?" She said to the darkly
blushing woman.

Jacqueline's treacherous body was really responding to Stephanie's intimate
caress now, and her breathing was becoming shallower, until she was
practically panting with pent up desire. Then she sighed as Steph pulled her
hand out and held it up so that Triple H and the world could see the dampness

"Now who is the biggest slut in the WWF?"

As Stephanie posed for the crowd Tori reached up and cupped her hand over
Jackie's hot mound, feeling the damp heat even through her shorts. Jackie
moaned as Tori's long fingers started to knead her cloth-covered pussy,
grinding the ball of her thumb against the top of her slit, stimulating the
black woman's clitoris.

Triple H tightened his grip on Jacqui using one arm to hook both of hers and
grabbed his wife's wrist. He pulled the glistening fingers to his lips and
kissed her hand, tasting Jackie's juices on his lips. Jackie tried to
suppress the arousal she was experiencing as Hunter thrust his hips forward
so that she could feel his huge erection pressing against her back.

"Oh yeah, you're a hot little slut aren't you?"

After another minute or two of playing up to the crowd, Stephanie reached
down to grip the waistline of Jackie's shorts at each hip and without any
warning, she pulled them over Jackie's muscular thighs and down around her
padded knees!

Jackie was left standing helplessly with only her black lace G-string to
protect what little modesty she had left. Tori grabbed the front of her
panties in her strong fist and Jackie pleaded with them not to do this. The
muscular blonde reached up behind the trembling black beauty to grasp the
tiny piece of fabric at the back of the skimpy panties that emerged from
between Jackie big round asscheeks.

With her tight shorts around her knees, there was no way that Jackie could
try to kick the degenerate away and she was utterly defenseless as she felt
Tori begin to pull.

Jackie cried out in horror as Tori actually did it. She pulled Jackie's tiny
little panties all the way down to her knees with one two-handed jerk,
exposing Jacqueline's smoothly-shaven black-skinned pussy to the world!

The arena erupted once more and a chant of "holy shit!" began. Flashlights
went off at an incredible rate, bathing the ring like a strobe as everyone
wanted to be sure to have a lasting reminder of this moment. The people at
home, those that weren't recording it anyway, had already scrabbled to load a
cassette into the machine to tape this once in a lifetime event.

A single tear started to roll down Jackie's cheek as she was standing in the
middle of the ring on national television, stripped naked to her boots. She
could physically feel the humiliation as waves of heat that seemed to wash
over her and she felt momentarily faint. Worse, the lust in her loins was
undiminished. In fact, it seemed to the unfortunate and confused wrestler
that her desire was more intense than she had ever felt before. She was in
the terrible position of desperately needing satisfaction but even more
desperately wishing to deny it.

Over at the announcer's table, the King Jerry Lawler sounded as though he was
having a fit as he laughed hysterically, while Jim Ross was piously crying
out against the sight before them and insisting that he had a wife and
family. But JR didn't make any effort to stop the degenerates from committing
their despicable actions. Not that anything the announcers said or did
mattered, as nobody was paying attention to anything except the denuded woman
in the ring.

Tori reached up again to lay her hand on Jackie's moist sex, toying with the
swollen, hairless lips. Jackie struggled futilely in Triple H's iron grip but
she could do nothing to prevent the blonde from roughly forcing her finger
inside her wet pussy. Stephanie reached forward to play with the black
woman's magnificent breasts again.

Jacqueline ground her teeth as Tori's long finger delved deep into her tight
hole and Steph's stimulation of her nipples drove her closer to the edge.
Tori twisted her hand around with her finger inside the small woman's hot
pussy and added another digit. Then she began finger-fucking Jackie with slow

Stephanie released Jackie's tits and stepped back to watch as Tori pumped her
fingers in and out of Jacqueline's lovehole, making wet slurping sounds as
she did so. Unconsciously Steph's hand strayed toward her crotch as she felt
a growing dampness between her legs at being so depraved. She almost started
to finger herself before she remembered that they had an audience. That was
when she really felt turned on!

She rushed over to edge of the ring and waved and shouted at one of the
cameramen. It took almost a minute for her to attract his attention as he was
as transfixed by the action in the middle of the ring as everybody else. She
ordered him to give her the camera or face being sacked, so he handed it over
and craned his neck for a closer look.

Stephanie took the camera and focused up close on Jackie's penetrated pussy,
moving so that the changing angle would ensure that everyone could see the
glistening love-juice that was oozing freely from her.

Tori now had all four fingers inside Jackie and was using her thumb to
stimulate the swollen pink nub of her clitoris. The muscular blonde hooked
her fingers forward inside her victim to press against the G-spot, flexing
her digits vigorously. Jackie was crying out with rapture as the stimulation
finally pushed her over the edge and she climaxed.

She screamed with orgasmic pleasure in front of the thousands in attendance,
and the millions watching at home.

"Now who's the slut, bitch?!" Steph demanded, but Jackie was in no condition
to give a coherent answer as her mind was blown by the power of her climax.

Tori laughed with glee as Jacqueline's girl-cum ran down her arm, but she
didn't relent in her hand-fuck, instead, she curled her thumb in alongside
the blade of her hand and started to push. Jackie was squealing as Tori's
entire hand forced it's way inside her, stretching her more than anything
before in her life.

Stephanie was forced to move around to get a better angle as Tori's head
suddenly obscured the viewfinder. For a moment Steph had thought that Tori
was about to perform oral sex on the black woman, but she was simply changing
position to avoid getting cramped from kneeling for so long. Steph swung
around to get a shot of Tori's head and caught her licking her lips and
flicking her hair back out of her eyes, and then she returned to broadcast
the commencement of Jackie's fist-fucking.

Tori reached up with her free hand and grabbed firmly onto one of Jackie's
big, black butt-cheeks. She held it tightly and then she rammed her fist as
far inside Jackie as she could. Jacqueline screamed as the blonde's forearm
almost disappeared inside her, hitting her cervix painfully on the first
stroke. Tori withdrew almost completely and then she punched her hand back
inside the sopping wet pussy!

Tori enthusiastically groped and squeezed Jackie's big sexy ass as she
continued to punch-fuck Jackie's defenseless cunt, powering her thick,
muscular arm in almost up to the elbow.

Triple H was no longer required to restrain Jackie, as she couldn't fight
back even if she wanted to. All he had to do was hold her up while she was
rode from one overwhelming and shameful orgasm to another, each forced climax
draining her strength and resolve. Hunter's hands slipped down to maul her
huge breasts, his cock like a steel pole in his pants. Her tits were so big
that not even his large hands could contain them entirely.

Stephanie was grinding her thighs together as she got more and more aroused
by the debasing of Jackie. Tori couldn't -- or didn't want -- to control
herself though, and she had released Jackie's big butt and was openly rubbing
her crotch with her free hand, grinding her leather shorts into her cunt.

"Hey Steph, why don't you have a go and I'll watch for a bit?" Tori said, her
face flushed with her own pent up desire.

Triple H and Tori half-dragged and half-carried the stripped wrestler to the
corner of the ring and, because she was so short, they made her lean forward
against the middle turnbuckle so that she was presenting her beautiful big
ass to the world. Steph handed over the camera to Tori and sat down on the
canvas, guiltily aware of the wet patch in the crotch of her knee-length

The smell of Jackie's arousal was almost overpowering. It was sweet and musky
at the same time, with a hint of sandalwood about it that was exotic to a
girl with her sheltered upbringing. Steph reached forward and pressed her
balled up fist against the hot, wet flesh of Jackie's sex. She ground her
knuckles against the smooth lips and pushed her way in slowly and easily, her
small fist having no trouble following where Tori's bigger hand had led.

It was such a strange feeling for Steph as her hand was swallowed by Jackie's
wet heat, engulfed inside another woman's sex. It was all she could do to
stop herself from masturbating. Tori hadn't even tried to stop herself. The
viewers at home were being treated to some very shaky footage as the big
blonde had her hand crammed down inside her shorts and was energetically
fingering her slit.

Stephanie savored the sensation of Jackie's pussy walls pressing in against
her invading forearm, enjoying the hotness of the insertion and the rapid
cooling of her wet skin as she withdrew. The spoilt brat slowly fisted Jackie
for nearly ten minutes until her husband finally interrupted.

"I think it is time for my turn now!"

Steph looked up in surprise, and then grinned as the prospect of watching
Hunter publicly rape Jackie's sweet pussy appealed to her newfound
perversity. She pulled her arm out of Jacqueline with painful haste and
jumped to her feet.

Jacqueline cried out as she realized what they meant to do to her next but
her struggles were too weak, her body too drained by her orgasms. Triple H
and Steph subdued her and Tori had to put down the camera so that she and
Steph could hold her in place for the WWF Champion.

Triple H positioned himself behind the squealing woman and pulled his huge
cock out of his pants.

"Iffff you sssmmmmeeEEEEEELLLLL-LA-LA-LA- Laaa... what the ROCK... is

Half the arena erupted as never before as the Rock ran down the ramp and
charged into the ring, while the other half booed with a passion. They
realized that if the Rock saved Jacqueline then the show would be over.

Sure enough, the Rock attacked Triple H, punching him repeatedly and causing
his erect cock to bounce violently. He kicked the Champion in the balls and
then knocked him back against the ropes with a hard chop to the throat as
Triple H began to double over. With a short run, he then clotheslined
Helmsley clear over the top-rope to the floor.

Before he could climb out after him, Stephanie ran up behind him and hit him
with the discarded camera. Because of the weight of the camera and her lack
of strength, she hadn't managed to get any force behind the blow, leaving the
Rock unfazed.

The People's Champ turned and cocked an eyebrow at the Women's Champ who was
backing away from him fearfully. She suddenly turned and tried to run, but
the Rock caught her by her badly permed hair. Steph squealed as the Rock
turned his head from side to side, listening to the cheers of the crowd, then
he spun her round and Rock-Bottomed her in the very center of the ring!

The ovation was tremendous, as everybody was glad to see Stephanie get a
little of what was coming to her.

Then Triple H was back in the ring, his cock back in his pants, and Road Dogg
and X-Pac were running down the ramp. All three degenerates began to beat on
the Rock, but then the lights went out. The Titantron went red and there was
a deafening explosion as Kane came out to help the Rock.

Kane climbed into the ring and leveled Road Dogg with a boot to the face,
then he caught X-Pac in one hand and threw him over the top-rope as Road Dogg
rolled out underneath. The Rock knocked Triple H out of the ring again and
then followed him, The two men began brawling on the outside the ring.

That left only Kane and the three women inside the ring. Tori was cowering
beneath Jackie's naked body. When she peeked out from under the black woman
she locked eyes with her ex-boyfriend Kane. The Big Red Machine strode across
the ring and pushed Jackie off of Tori.

The muscular blonde cried out and tried to grab the ropes, but Kane simply
grabbed her by the throat. With one hand, he hauled the well-built woman high
up into the air and chokeslammed her hard down onto the canvas.

He then stepped over the top-rope to join the fight on the floor, where DX
were once more triple-teaming the Rock. The five men continued to battle one
another up the rampway, leaving Stephanie and Tori unconscious in the ring
with their naked and humiliated victim, Jacqueline!

Jackie rose unsteadily to her feet, using the ring-ropes for support. She
looked down at her naked, gorgeous, sweat-glistening body and hurriedly tried
to cover herself with her hands. She pulled her panties and shorts back up
from around her knees and looked around for her top, which had been pulled
off her back at some point, but she could see no sign of it.

With one arm failing to adequately cover her huge breasts, Jackie climbed out
of the ring and made her way up the aisle. She was oblivious to the boos of
the crowd, who were angry that their unexpected sex-show had been curtailed,
as her mind was awhirl with the confusing mixture of humiliation and pleasure
that she had experienced in the ring that night. Halfway up the ramp she
turned to look upon the scene of her shaming.

Stephanie and Tori were both lying motionless in the ring, Steph in the
center and Tori near the ropes. Jackie's brows knotted and her expressive
lips pursed as she considered the prospect before her.

Step by step, Jackie slowly walked back to the squared circle. She rolled
under the ropes and stood over Stephanie's prone and vulnerable body. The
black woman's arms dropped to her side, revealing her beautiful breasts once
more and she smiled evilly.

"Okay slut! You want to have a bit o' fun, so let's have some fun!"

The crowd erupted as Jackie reached down and grabbed the referee's shirt that
Stephanie wore and pulled both it and the torn T-shirt beneath it off over
her head. The rich bitch was rolled over onto her stomach as Jackie tugged
the two tops free of Steph's pale-skinned arms.

Jacqueline then grasped the backstrap of Stephanie's satin bra and slowly
unfastened it. She knelt by Steph's head and took each of the free ends in
one hand, carefully pulling the bra out from under the heiress. The white
girl was left lying flat on her belly with her naked tits bulging out to
either side of her. The dusky woman took the bra along Steph's arms until she
reached her wrists and she quickly tied them together with the black

Then she moved down to her legs. She hooked her fingers into the waist of
Stephanie's knee-length blue shorts and tugged them all the way down and off.
Steph was now wearing only her black panties, socks and sneakers. Jackie saw
the wet patch in the crotch of the shorts, evidence of the arousal that
Stephanie had felt from humiliating Jackie, and the former women's champ
vowed to make sure that Steph suffered far more than she had!

She bunched the shorts up in her fist and yelled, "Here! Catch!" before
throwing them out into the crowd. There was an uproar as fans began fighting
for the still damp shorts.

Then Jacqueline carefully pulled Stephanie's panties down over her buttocks.
She stopped when the bottoms of her asscheeks were fully exposed and slipped
her hand inside the slight gap between satin and skin. She ran her hand over
Steph's soft, smooth ass and down to the wet furry heat of her pussy.
Stephanie groaned as Jackie's fingers probed her slit and pushed into her
tight channel.

After a few moments of fingering Stephanie, she remembered that she had
another woman to deal with. She quickly pulled the panties off Stephanie,
taking care to ensure that she remained lying on her belly so that her
treasures weren't exposed to the crowd just yet. She threw the dripping satin
and lace underwear out into the audience and another fight erupted.

Tori was much fitter than Stephanie, and she had been trained as a wrestler,
so her recuperative abilities were much greater. She was beginning to stir
when Jackie reached her.

This time the little black woman wasted no time, and simply tore the neon-
green top that the degenerate wore from her back. Then as Tori's arms flailed
weakly, she ripped her flimsy bra off too. The fans in the arena cheered as
Tori's sizeable breasts were revealed, standing firm on her muscular chest.

Tori was beginning to regain her senses. She weakly shoved Jackie away but
made no effort to cover herself, apparently unaware of what had happened. She
rolled over and started to crawl unsteadily under the ropes and out of the
ring. Jacqueline simply grabbed the buff blonde's black leather shorts and
pulled, dragging Tori back into the ring with her ass bared. The degenerate
rolled over onto her back and tried to kick at the black woman, but Jackie
simply took it as an opportunity to tear the shorts from her.

For the first time, Tori realized that she had been stripped top and bottom!
The camera that was feeding the Titantron and the TV audience at that moment
was perfectly positioned to reveal that her neatly trimmed pubic bush was of
a dark blonde color, and that the lips of her sex were completely shaven.

There was a moment of confusion for the blonde when she wanted to use her
hands both to fight Jackie and to cover her nakedness. Jackie took advantage
of that hesitation to perform an elbow drop to Tori's head and the fight was,
once again, over.

Jacqueline dragged Tori over to one of the corners and then rolled out of the
ring. She rooted around under the ringapron until she found some small cable
drums and threw each of them into the ring.

She climbed back in and unwound the black-colored cable from one of the drums
and used it to tie Tori's hands together. Then she passed the drum around the
ringpost between the top and middle turnbuckles several times and pulled it
tight. Tori's wrists were pulled up above her head until her hands touched
the steel. Jackie hooked her forearms under Tori's shoulders and lifted her
up. For a moment their large, naked breasts pressed together and then Jackie
lowered the blonde down so that her head was resting on the middle turnbuckle

She picked up the cable drum again and unraveled several feet of it. Then she
grabbed one of Tori's booted ankles and pulled it up and sideways, splitting
the woman's powerful legs widely and allowing the cameras to get a good shot
of her engorged and moist pussy. Jackie used the cable to tie Tori's ankle to
the top rope, wrapping it in a complicated series of knots.

After unraveling more black cable, she grabbed Tori's other ankle and pulled
it in the opposite direction. The legs of the buff blonde was being stretched
widely, as though she was doing the splits, and a small cry of pain escaped
the dazed woman.

Jackie only just finished her restraint of Tori in time, as Stephanie began
to come around. She pushed her self up with her bound hands and rolled onto
her side. The fans laughed and cheered as wealthy heiress unintentionally
exposed herself to them.

Her breasts were surprisingly large, soft but well-shaped, and her body still
showed signs of childhood fat which had metamorphosed into womanly curves.
Her pussy was a dark thatch of black hair that had been neatly trimmed to the
bikini line but was otherwise entirely natural.

Stephanie squealed when she saw her nudity and rolled into a fetal ball. She
desperately tried to cover herself but didn't realize that with her legs
drawn up to her chest, her pussy was bulging out between her thighs where a
camera could catch every little wink as her pussy twitched in her panicked

Jacqueline caught Steph's tied wrists, rolled her onto her back and then sat
down on the brat's belly. Steph tried to kick the diminutive black woman in
the back, a difficult thing to do if you are also trying to keep your legs
pressed tightly together, and Jackie simply shrugged the weak blows aside.

"How'd you like it, slut?! How'd you like showin' off yo' lily-white tits to
all these people?" Jackie grabbed one of Stephanie's soft pale breasts in her
dark-skinned hand and squeezed it roughly.

"I can tell you like it. I'll bet that a cheap little ho like you just love
to show her skanky fat ass to all her daddies rich friends!"

"No! Get off me! Let me go you bitch!"

Jacqueline slapped Stephanie hard across the face. "I think you need to learn
a few manners!"

The former Champion turned around above Stephanie so that she was facing away
from her, and then she hooked her booted ankles over the brat's arms to hold
them down. Stephanie squealed as Jackie shuffled backward so that the crotch
of her damp scarlet shorts was hovering over Stephanie's face.


Steph's cry was abruptly cut off as Jackie thrust her clothed sex down on to
the rich girl's face. Stephanie kicked and thrashed wildly but futilely,
succeeding only in giving the viewers at home an enticing view of her furry
mound as her legs flailed. The musky scent of Jacqueline's arousal invaded
her mouth and nostrils and the sticky wetness covered her from brow to chin.
All that Vince McMahon's only daughter could see was the occasional glare of
one of the lighting rigs as it appeared above the dark swell of Jackie's big
black ass

Jackie was grinding her crotch down onto the screaming bitch, feeling more
and more aroused as the friction and the vibrations stimulated her clitoris.
She found her breathing becoming shallower, panting almost. Her breasts
heaved and her face flushed as she felt herself building toward orgasm.

Abruptly she broke off and stood up, laboring to bring herself back under
control. Stephanie lay gasping and coughing, tears streaming from her
screwed-shut eyes as she sobbed with shame. Jacqueline looked out over the
crowd and felt her pussy twitch once more. Jackie wanted to cum, she needed
to cum, and she wanted to humiliate the two degenerates, so she wondered, why
not kill two birds with one stone?

She smiled broadly to the fans, her white teeth showing vividly in contrast
to her dark skin, and then she slipped her thumbs into the waist of her
shorts. The cheers were rapturous as the small muscular woman pulled her
shorts down to her ankles, displaying her big, beautiful butt and shaven
pussy to the entire arena once more. The black beauty placed one foot on
either side of Stephanie's head. She then raised her hands to the top of her
own head and gyrated her hips, giving everyone a good view of her gorgeous
sweat-glistening body.

Steph flinched as a droplet of moisture fell onto her face and when she
opened her eyes to see the small wrestler's smooth and dark-skinned pussy,
she screamed. She rolled over onto her stomach and tried to scramble with her
knees and tied hands. Jackie just stepped on her back and held her down for a
moment before rolling her over and sitting down on her face once more.

Stephanie screamed and kicked again but it did her no good. Jacqueline
grabbed a handful of Steph's badly permed hair and mercilessly ground her
cunt onto her weeping face. Jackie panted as she rubbed her swollen clit over
the rich bitch's dimpled chin.

With the black woman's pussy on her mouth and meaty butt-cheeks that were
like a cushion covering her entire face, Steph was struggling to breathe. Her
breasts jiggled and bounced seductively on her chest as she labored for air.
Her head was spinning and she could feel the blood pumping through her veins
when Jackie finally orgasmed.

The spoilt heiress tasted Jacqueline's girl-cum wash over her tongue and then
the black woman slumped forward. Steph gulped great rasping lungfuls of air
as the smothering pressure of Jackie's hot cunt left her face.

She was completely mortified with shame. She had been stripped and humiliated
in front of millions of people by the former Women's Champion. It had seemed
funny when they had done it to Jackie, but now that she was lying naked in
the middle of the ring -- a ring that was owned by her own father -- with the
taste of another woman's pussy in her mouth, it didn't seem at all amusing
any more. She just wanted to curl up and die.

The constant cheers of the crowd only made it worse, forcing her to realize
just how much she had been debased. Her life would never be the same again.
It couldn't be, not after everyone had seen Jacqueline fucking her face! Why
hadn't anyone helped her? Where was her husband, or her family, or security?
Couldn't they see that she had just been raped? The tears rolled down her
cheeks as she had no answer to her questions. She just knew that no one was
going to save her.

At the announce table, Jerry Lawler was hysterical with glee, insisting that
this was the greatest thing that he had ever seen. Beneath the desk, he had
pulled his cock out of his ring-tights and was furiously masturbating. Next
to him JR was completely incoherent with shock and, had anyone cared to
listen closely they might have discerned that it sounded as though he was
praying. The ring announcer Lilian Garcia was a few feet away from them and
she had edged her chair slowly away from the barricade. She could see that a
few of the fans had exposed their hard cocks during the interracial oral rape
of Stephanie, and she was desperately concentrating on being as inconspicuous
as possible.

In the ring, the Jacqueline was still lying on top of Stephanie, her huge
breasts hot against the white girl's belly and her head resting on her leg as
she recovered from her climax. She had a good view of Stephanie's furry
pussy, the moist pink slit just discernible through the black hairs. Jackie
could see that Steph's inner thighs bore wet tracks that ran from her pretty
little hole, giving evidence of her earlier arousal.

The smaller woman climbed off the sobbing heiress and span around, jamming
her hand between Steph's thighs and eliciting a startled cry form her victim.
Jackie was palming her wet cunt, grinding the soft flesh against the pubic

"How'd you enjoy that, slut?! You like gettin' a taste o' some hot pussy?"
The live microphone in the corner of the ring ensured that everyone heard
Jacqueline's words

"Nooo!" Steph sobbed.

"Oh, I can tell you do. Yo' cunt's even wetter'n a two-dollar ho!" To
emphasize her claim, she forced two fingers inside Steph's squirming body.

"You like getting' some pussy don't you? Makes a change from all those cocks
that a slut like you's suckin' all day long!"

"No! I don't... I'm not... I'm NOT a slut!" Steph tried to protest tearfully,
but Jackie pushed another finger into her dripping wet lovehole.

"Yo' pussy's callin' you a liar, SLUT!"

Steph didn't answer as Jacqueline toyed with her pretty little pussy for a
few minutes before she remembered that she had Tori to deal with too. She
looked over to where the buff blonde was straining against the bondage that
Jackie had put her in. She felt the heat in Steph's sex as she gazed at the
shaven lips of Tori which were twitching like a blinking eye each time Tori
flexed the powerful muscles of her widely spread legs and Jackie had an idea.
She wasn't quite ready to give Stephanie a rest yet, so she would do them
both at the same time.

She stood up and grabbed Stephanie's bound wrists. She picked up the bra that
she had torn from Tori and used it to tie the brunette more securely. She
left one end trailing freely like a leash and grabbing that firmly in one
hand, she dragged Stephanie across the ring to where Tori was bound. As she
shuffled on her knees, the spoilt brat's plump, jiggling asscheeks gave the
audience an enticing display.

"Okay slut, since you like pussy so much, why don' you give Tori here a good

The two degenerates squealed in protest, but Jackie simply rammed Stephanie's
head between Tori's tied-wide thighs. To Tori's shame and Stephanie's
disgust, the buff blonde's pussy was sopping wet. In spite of herself, she
had been totally turned on by the little lesbian sex-show, even though she
had known that her turn would be coming soon. Now that turn had arrived, and
in less than a minute she was panting with the effort to suppress her rising

While Tori panted, Jackie knelt behind Steph and started to stroke her furry
slit again. Slowly she inserted her middle finger inside the warm folds of
the slut's sex. Stephanie moaned indistinctly into Tori's cunt, feeling the
black woman's finger inside her and her pussy's juices were flowing freely.

Jackie pushed in a second finger, and then a third and a fourth. She was
surprised at how easily Steph's pussy-lips stretched to take them all and she
pushed almost the entire blade of her hand into the wet hole until her thumb
prevented further access. Jackie folded her thumb into her palm and, with a
little effort, she pushed her whole hand forward, shoving her fist deep
inside the white woman's cunt.

Steph cried out in shock and pain as Jackie's arm drove in all the way to her
cervix, hammering against the sensitive barrier. Although it was a tight fit,
Jackie's arm was not a lot bigger than Steph's husband's massive cock, so the
muscles stretched easily enough, but even Triple H had never plundered her so
deeply. The diminutive black amazon started to fist-fuck the unfortunate
Stephanie with all of the strength of her powerful little body, plunging the
full length of her forearm in and out of the tightly gripping hole.

Tori was cumming. She had tried to deny it, but she had been unable to
suppress her pleasure as Steph's cute little nose was rocked back and forth
across her large clitty by Jackie's vigorous fisting action. Her face flushed
and she cried out as her girl-cum gushed forth to coat Stephanie's wailing
face, joining the earlier layer of Jackie's spending.

After a few minutes of fisting Steph, Jackie's arm began to grow a little
tired and she was getting aroused once more. She withdrew from Steph's cunt
without warning, and the brat groaned at the sudden sensation of emptiness
inside her.

Jacqueline straddled Tori's raised chest and, supporting herself with one
hand holding the top-rope, she pushed her hips forward so that her hairless
pussy was only inches from the blondes full lips.

"Okay bitch! You know what to do!" Jackie ordered.

Indeed Tori did. Her orgasm had not diminished her arousal in the slightest,
in fact it seemed to have inflamed it and she seemed almost eager as she
craned her neck forward to kiss the top of Jackie's slit. She pushed her
tongue out and forced it between the black lips to probe at the inner
pinkness. Tori slipped her long tongue deeply into the black woman's vagina
and began licking away furiously at the juicy interior of her wet pussy. It
was clear that Tori had done this before, as she knew exactly where to direct
her attentions to bring the most pleasure to a woman.

Jackie moaned loudly at the delicious stimulation and with her right hand,
which was slick with the juices of Stephanie's cunt, she started to fondle
her magnificent breasts. She twisted and mauled her nipples so hard that it
hurt, but it still wasn't quite enough to get her over the edge. She could
feel the vibration of Tori's cries as she came yet again on Stephanie's face,
but she still couldn't get herself off despite the obviously experienced
tongue of Tori.

As she was clenching her buttocks with the effort to get Tori's tongue even
deeper, she suddenly had an evil idea. She released her grip on her tits and
tugged on Stephanie's bra-tied wrists. The spoilt brat didn't know what
Jackie intended so she assumed she wanted her to continue pleasuring Tori.
She licked her way up Tori's well-conditioned body, lathering over her
scrunched-up abs and then latched onto her firm tits, sucking for all she was

With her mouth suckling at Tori's teat, her face was cheek to cheek with
Jackie's beautiful big ass. Jacqueline reached down to grasp a handful of
permed hair and forced Steph's face toward her backside. Stephanie kissed the
firm dark skin, but the pressure of Jackie's strong arm remained, pulling her
face between her spectacularly sexy butt-cheeks!

"NOOOOoooo! No!" Steph screamed as her face was forced into the sweaty

Stephanie's face scrunched up in disgust as Jackie ground her hips back to
force her tight little asshole against her lips.

"Get yo' tongue up there, slut! I want you to give me a good ass-fucking wi'
that stuck-up rich bitch tongue o' yours!"

Stephanie tried to fight, to pull away, but she was nowhere near to being
strong enough for the task.

"Do it SLUT! Or I'll shove my fist so far up yo' lily-white ass that you
won't never sit down again!"

Stephanie was thoroughly terrified. If Jackie would make her do what she
wanted her to do now, then Steph had no doubts that she would be prepared to
do exactly what she threatened. With the tears rolling from her screwed shut
eyes, and being smeared over Jackie's big ass, she pushed her tongue out
between tightly closed lips.

Jackie rammed her ass back and Steph flinched as her tongue penetrated the
black woman's tight anal ring. The sensation was incredible for Jackie, not
just for the physical pleasure of having a tongue servicing her ass, but
because it was that stuck-up bitch of a McMahon that she was forcing to lick
out her asshole. With the combined oral stimulation of two tongues, one in
her pussy and one in her butt, it was more than enough to make her cum. She
gushed freely over Tori's face and the buff blonde eagerly lapped up every
drop that she could before Jackie broke contact as her hips bucked backward
onto Steph's unwilling mouth.

Then her orgasm finally waned and she fell forward on top of the bound
blonde, her huge tits pressing to either side of Tori's exotic face and
engulfing her in her cleavage. Tori instinctively started to lick and kiss
the magnificent globes with almost loving affection.

Jackie released her grip on Stephanie, who fell back to roll up into a fetal
ball again, sobbing with disgust. As she wept, she could just barely be heard
to mutter to herself between rasping sobs, the words captured by the
microphone which happened to be pointing in exactly the right -- or for
Steph, the wrong -- direction.

"... god... that bitch... dirty nigger... oh god... that sick bitch...
dirty... sick filthy nigger..."

Suddenly Jacqueline was standing over her again. "What did you call me!"

A moment ago she had felt almost exhausted from her orgasmic peak, but now
the black woman was enraged and full of energy. She slapped Stephanie hard
across the face.

"WHAT did you just call me, SLUT!

Stephanie sobbed and begged as the furious black woman screamed above her,
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! Please! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm

"You still haven't answered me, you dirty stuck-up ho!" Jackie tits bounced
heavily as she swung again, making Stephanie's ears ring with another hard
slap. "You called me a nigger, didn't you, bitch!"

"I'm sorry! Please!"

Many in the crowd didn't know how to react. On the one hand they all hated
Stephanie and the McMahon-Helmsley Era, but Jackie was so angry that it
looked as though she might really hurt the slut. But for most of them, all
they cared about was that two butt-naked women were getting physical with one
another, which was all that mattered.

Jackie slapped Stephanie again and the white girl cringed, trying to protect
herself with her bound wrists. "You just a foul-mouthed slut that needs to be
taught a lesson!"


"Tell you what slut, if you do what I tell you an' take your punishment like
true sista', then I'll let you off. Okay."

Stephanie hardly dared hope. Her eyes were already slightly glazed from the
blows to the head she had received and she could taste blood in her mouth.
"... okay. What... what do I have t, t..."

"What yo' gotta do? Well I think that a certain bratty skank needs to get her
dirty little mouth washed out!"

Stephanie was completely bemused and it wasn't until Jackie squatted over her
face that she had any idea of what was to come. The wealthy woman could not
believe what her mind insisted must happen next, but after a moment's
hesitation she tried to escape her fate. Jackie caught her before she had
moved more than a couple of inches and then knelt down so that her shins were
pinning Stephanie's pale arms to the mat.

As she saw Jackie pull apart her slick pussy-lips Stephanie's eyes bulged
with horror. She clamped her mouth shut, sucking her lips into her mouth and
biting down on them. Jacqueline reached down with one hand and pushed her
strong fingertips into each of Steph's cheeks, forcing her to open her mouth
as the flesh was crushed against her teeth.

"Okay slut! I'm gonna piss in yo' mouth an' I want you to swallow every,
single, drop!"

Stephanie was hyperventilating and panicking at the prospect of what was
about to happen to her. It was the most disgusting thing that she had ever
heard of! She silently tried to plead for mercy with her eyes, but the
expression of vulnerability on the spoilt brat's hated visage only made
Jackie hornier.

Jackie grinned as she relaxed her bladder and let loose a golden stream of
piss all over Stephanie, spraying it all over her face and soaking her badly
permed hair. The heiress choked and tried spit out the acrid urine as it
splashed into her mouth. Jacqueline sighed as she relieved herself into
Steph's oral cavity, filling her mouth to the brim. Stephanie coughed,
causing the piss to spray from her mouth and rain back down on her face.

"How do you feel now, SLUT! How do you like bein' treated like the worthless
little whore you are!"

Steph didn't answer. She couldn't. She was concentrating on trying to spit
out the salty urine as it filled her mouth because no matter how disgusting
this golden shower was, swallowing it would be worse. She was degraded and
humiliated by this treatment, treatment that had such contempt for her power
and position that she could believe that she might die of shame.

"Drink it bitch! Swallow my piss!" Jackie demanded.

Stephanie refused, continuing to spit and cough to clear herself of the vile
liquid. Jackie released her grip on her cheeks and instead pinched the brat's
nostrils together. Stephanie used her last breath of air to expel the piss in
her mouth and then clamped her lips shut. With an effort, Jackie managed to
halt the flow of her urine and waited as Steph's face turned first red, then
purple with her need for air.

Eventually she had to open her mouth in the desperate need for oxygen and the
very moment she did so Jackie immediately resumed her interrupted piss. In
mere seconds, Stephanie's mouth was full and she had no choice but to swallow
it or drown.

The crowd cheered once more as they saw her throat bob on the Titantron as
she gulped the golden mouthful down into her belly. She barely managed to
gasp a small breath before her mouth was filled with Jackie's piss once more.
Fortunately for Stephanie, Jackie's bladder was nearly spent and she only had
to swallow about a half a dozen mouthfuls before the golden stream became a

The totally debased heiress looked noticeably green with queasiness and she
struggled to suppress her gag reflex as her stomach heaved with its foul

Jackie climbed off her victim and sneered down at the piss-soaked woman below
her. She watched Stephanie's arms move down to cradle her piss-filled belly
and couldn't help but laugh as she thought of what she had done to one of the
owners of the WWF, tearing her down from her lofty heights and turning her
into a piss-drinking whore.

To Be Continued...

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