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*** Warning: This story is for the entertainment of adults. It contains
detailed descriptions of Humiliation, Fisting, Anal Penetration, Watersports,
M/F and F/F Non-Consensual sex and Gang-Rape. If you don't think you would
enjoy that, then don't read it. ***

*** This story features the Characters of Jacqueline, Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsley, Tori and Lillian Garcia. They are the characters as
portrayed and in no way represent Jacqueline Moore, Stephanie McMahon, Terri
Poch or the real Lillian Garcia. ***

Jacqueline's Triple-Threat Part 2
By High-Heeled Jill ( & Spring-Heeled Jack

In the spring of 2000, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was ordered to face Women's
Champion Jacqueline by her father. Stephanie "won", thanks to interference
from Tori. Jacqueline never got a rematch, but in an alternate, perverted
universe things were very different . . .

Jacqueline grabbed the referee's shirt from the center of the ring and used
it to wipe down her urine-splashed slit and thighs, and then she threw it at
Steph. The degraded woman used it clumsily with her bra-bound hands to clean
as much of the foul wetness from her body as she could before Jacqueline
dragged her across the ring to Tori's corner.

"Now slut, why don' you give yo' girlfriend a nice big sloppy kiss!" Jackie

Tori looked up at the tiny black amazon with wide eyes. She was currently in
turmoil, feeling both very aroused by her humiliation and powerlessness as
well as being sickened by what was happening to her. She was both attracted
to the idea of kissing Stephanie, but also repulsed by the fact that Steph's
mouth had just been used as Jackie's urinal, and that conflict left her
incapable of understanding or analyzing her emotional state. Stephanie just
wanted the ordeal to end. Neither of them were giving any choice in the
matter though, as Jackie simply took a handful of Stephanie's wet hair and
pushed her face-to-face with Tori.

The two women resisted for a moment, but then Jackie said, "Come on you ho's,
I want to see some tonguing action!"

The buff blonde complied hesitantly, forcing her tongue between Steph's
closed lips and tasting the bitter flavor of Jackie's piss in her mouth. To
Tori's surprise, it didn't bother her, it was just a salty overlay to the
combined musky flavors of Jackie and her own pussies that were also present.
She felt herself getting turned on once more and began to kiss the tearful
brat with a passion.

For Stephanie, the kiss was almost worse than everything she had endured so
far was. There was something particularly intimate about a kiss for the
heiress, an ideal of romance and love and the shattering of that notion was
astonishingly painful for Steph. In spite of herself though, she felt her
pussy twinge instinctively in response to Tori's probing tongue.

"Now I believe that I promised you a spankin' for bein' such a dirty slut!"
Jackie exclaimed as she dropped to her knees behind the prone heiress.

Stephanie broke away from the lesbian kiss and turned her head. She tried to
rise too, but Jackie's hand came down on her rump and pressed her firmly down
onto Tori, causing the buff blonde to gasp as Steph's furry rubbed her
exposed pussy.

"... please, don't... I can't take any more..."

Indeed, Stephanie believed that she might die from the shame of this night.
How would she ever be able to show her face amongst her wealthy socialite
friends after they had seen her drink a black woman's piss?

"Uh-huh, you gotta be punished for bein' such a bad little girl."

With that, Jacqueline slapped her hand hard down on Steph's fat ass,
reddening the pale flesh and leaving a clear print of her small hand for all
to see. Steph cried out in shock more than pain as Jackie proceeded to spank
her, since it didn't really hurt that much because Stephanie was quite well-
padded by nature. The diminutive black woman alternated cheeks with each
stroke, enjoying the sight of her jiggling flesh.

Although the spanking was painful and humiliating for the heiress, for the
bound amazon beneath her it was exquisite. Each time Jackie slapped
Stephanie's rump, the rich bitch's hips jolted forward and ground her pussy
mound into Tori's cunt, stimulating her engorged clit. And so the two
entwined women had very different experience of the next few minutes, for
while Steph sobbed and cried in pain, Tori was moaning and gasping as she was
driven closer and closer to orgasm.

Tori felt her pussy trembling and the thrilling sensation of tightness
throughout her body that preceded orgasm began. She lunged her head forward
and latched onto Steph's startled face, kissing her open mouth passionately
even as she began to cry out in pleasure.

Jackie ignored Tori's orgasmic moans as she continued to slap Steph's big
sexy butt-cheeks for several more minutes until her arm began to tire, and
then she suddenly stopped. She rested on her knees, drawing deep lungfuls of
air that made her breasts move hypnotically. Stephanie had just reached the
conclusion that her ordeal was over when Jackie gave her one more open-handed
slap on her quivering ass.

Jackie stood up and looked down on the two embraced degenerates for a moment,
then she slid out of the ring and approached the announce table. Lillian
Garcia flinched as though she feared that the black woman might attack her
next and JR looked at her as though she were the devil incarnate. Lawler was
simply laughing in a hysterical fit. Jackie ignored them all and took a glass
of water from the table and used it to wash the hand she had grasped
Stephanie's wet hair with. Then she grabbed the entire pitcher and climbed
back into the ring.

She stood over the entwined bodies of Stephanie and Tori and poured the water
over Steph's piss-drenched head, washing some of the urine out her hair. Tori
flinched as the cold water rained down on her hard body, while Steph just
dripped and shivered slightly.

Jackie wondered what she could do to them next, since she seemed to have the
entire show to herself and there was more than twenty minutes left. She gazed
out over the arena as she sought inspiration and she noticed for the first
time how many men were openly jerking themselves off while watching the
antics of the three naked women in the ring.

She paid more attention to the crowd and realized that there were quite a few
women getting fucked, and judging from the squeals, not all of them were
willing participants. That gave her an idea, but the sheer enormity of it was
enough to give her pause. She looked at the crowd and then at the two women,
one lying on top of the other, and then back again.

To buy herself a little time to ponder the ramifications, she began to do a
sexy little dance to entertain the fans. She grinned broadly as she began to
gyrate her hips in a slow and seductive fashion, running her hands up and
down her magnificent little body, pinching her hard nipples and caressing her
clit as she did so. As she moved her body in ways that would make even the
most experienced of strippers jealous, she was considering how badly she had
fucked her career by fucking Stephanie, and how nothing she did now could
really make things any worse for herself than they already were.

Having reached her decision, she thrust her sexy ass out toward the main
cameras and gave the big meaty globes several hard slaps. Then she turned and
did the same for another section of the audience, all the time, scanning the
arena for what she was looking for. She found it near the front row on the
'off-camera' side of the ring.

Actually there were a group of them, but it was just the one of them that
really grabbed Jackie's attention. He was huge. A black man bigger than most
wrestlers and resembling a solid wall of muscle, but that wasn't what most
caught her eye. Like many in the crowd, he was masturbating and the cock in
his hand was by far the largest piece of man-meat that she had ever seen! It
was massive, dwarfing those of the white guys in the row behind by a factor
of at least three!

Jackie jumped down from the ring and went over to the barricade, where the
security guards were struggling to keep the fans at bay. She leaned around a
musclebound guard and shouted, "Hey! You, yes you! How'd you like to get yo'
hands on a fine piece o' white ass?!"

The man grinned and nodded vigorously, hardly able to believe what he'd
heard. The WWF's massive head of security couldn't either, and he turned to
confront Jacqueline. He spoke too softly for anyone to hear but it was
obvious by the way that he was shaking his head that he was trying to
interfere with the sex-show.

The crowd booed loudly as the guards prevented the massive black man from
climbing the rail. Jacqueline reached up and pulled the security chief's head
down closer to her level and whispered in his ear. Nobody heard what she
said, but the guy's expression changed several times as she spoke.

He straightened back up and waved at the guards to let the man over as Jackie
slapped him on the butt. The giant black man didn't come alone though, and
the rest of his friends also followed him over the barricade and into the

Steph and Tori looked up from their corner to see almost a dozen big black
men in the ring, most of them with their huge cocks exposed, and both of them
screamed. Tori was still tied to the ropes so there was nothing she could do,
but Steph only had her hands bound so she slid under the ropes and made a run
for it.

However, she didn't get very far before Jacqueline caught her and threw her
back into the ring, where she was immediately grabbed by a couple of the men.
Looking past them, she cried out as she saw that there were already men
fondling Tori's firm tits.

Jackie was back in the ring and she dragged Steph down onto the mat. Then she
pulled her arms above her head and sat on them, leaving her hands free to
pinch the brat's fear-stiffened nipples. The giant black man knelt down by
Stephanie's legs and pulled them apart with his huge powerful arms.

Steph looked at the man that was about to rape her and screamed. His skin was
almost pitch-black and bulged with thick muscles, and his cock was freakishly
large. Her husband was more than well-endowed, but this monster was longer
than anything she would have believed possible, at least 15-inches and
thicker than her arm!

"NOOOooooo! Oh God! No! You can't do this!" she cried.

"Oh yes he can! This is what a cheap little ho like you needs! A big hunk o'
black meat up yo' rich bitch pussy!" Jackie replied, twisting hard on a
nipple as she added, "Now shut the fuck up an' enjoy the ride!"

Stephanie's lovely eyes were wide open with her fear, silently pleading for
mercy from her tormentress. When she felt the black man's strong fingers
pulling her pussy-lips apart she gave a little cry. The huge man gazed
lustily at her large, gorgeous spanked ass and the pink inner flesh of her
perfect little pussy.

Steph squirmed in terror as she knew she was going to be raped by this
massively built black man and his monumental penis. Tears ran down her
cheeks, but she didn't make a sound. She knew that they would enjoy her
suffering and she didn't want to give them the satisfaction. But then when
she looked up once more at the massive ebony rod that was soon to plow her
tender little love canal, she couldn't suppress a whimper.

The man positioned his cock, pressing the tip of the huge tool against her
cunt's entrance and parting her furry lips. As the black man thrust his hips
forward, stabbing Steph's hot hole with his massive prick, the spoilt brat
began sobbing hysterically once more.

"That's it slut! Now you gonna get yo'self a real man's cock!" Jackie crowed,
her hands mauling Stephanie's soft tits.

The sensation of that huge cock-shaft being forced into her tight cunt was
too painful for Steph. She felt like she would be split into two as the
oversized manhood was gradually driven deeper into her. It was much larger
than anything she had ever experienced, and it was so thick that she thought
that her poor pussy-lips might rip. The pain came in waves over her body as
she was violated, but her clitoris was still swollen from her earlier
arousal, sending little unwanted thrills of pleasure through her. The meat of
her sex was almost being folded into herself by the huge size of the invading
phallus and her little clitty was being bent down to touch the dark shaft

She shrieked from the intense agony that suddenly tore through her body
during the long, painful moment when the giant cock penetrated her cervix.
Never before had she been stretched so much as she felt that every inch of
his cock had been buried inside her. The massive black dick was longer and
thicker than Jackie's fisted arm had been and the agony was intense.

Then as the pain subsided she felt the purple cockhead throbbing deep in her
womb, and his pubes were grinding into her clit. Stephanie could feel the
black giant's huge balls touch her ass, and the thought of this massive
nigger's potent seed being unloaded inside her unprotected womb terrified the
wealthy white girl.

The audience cheered when they saw that the hated Stephanie had taken every
inch of giant black cock in her slutty little cunt. The rapist looked down
into her pain-contorted face and struggled to prevent himself from cumming
immediately. He suddenly realized that he was fucking the daughter of Vince
McMahon! He might not be sticking it to the Man, but he was sure as hell
sticking it to the Man's little girl!

"You like that don' ya, slut?!" Jackie taunted, "Yo' got a mighty fine bit o'
black meat in yo' dirty little hole an' it feels good don' it?!"

The massive rapist slowly pulled his huge cock out of Steph's well-stretched
pussy, and the young woman grunted beneath him. Jacqueline was shouting
encouragement to the black man and she laughed as Steph screamed when he
rammed it back into her. He drove it all the way and with such force that his
balls hit her ass with a loud slapping sound.

Stephanie screamed in pain, and screwed her eyes tight shut as he withdrew
and rammed in once more. Jacqueline was getting sick of hearing Stephanie cry
like a baby so she shuffled forward on her knees and sat on her face once
more. She began to rub her hot pussy and clit over the rich bitch's nose and
chin, even as she reached forward to provide some direct stimulation to
Steph's swollen clit.

The muffled screams slowly dropped in volume and pitch as the rapist fucked
her with powerful strokes. She was already wet and receptive to him, and she
was slowly becoming accustomed to the incredible size. With Jackie's strong
fingers stimulating her nipples and clit, it wasn't long before the pleasure
was eclipsing her pain

Over in the corner, several black men had converged on Tori's bound and
vulnerable body. Hands were mauling her muscular butt-cheeks, her pussy and
her firm tits while a big black cock was stretching the lips of her mouth and
causing her cheek to bulge obscenely.

With her pussy so exposed and defenseless, it didn't take long for one of the
other younger men to pull out his ten-incher and hammer it into her up to the
hilt. Despite his size, Tori had no difficulty in taking every inch of it in
her well-lubricated love-hole. The young rapist was little more than a boy,
and he had been watching the three women as they had stripped and shamed each
other without jerking himself off, so he was keyed up to a fever-pitch and
came in less than a minute. He sighed as he shot his thick, copious
teenager's load into the well-built white woman, but was almost immediately
pulled off her and replaced by an older man with an even larger erection.

The man crouching next to Tori and raping her mouth reached down to grab two
handfuls of her tawny hair. He forced her head to turn to the side so that he
could fuck his big dick down her throat. He pulled back momentarily and then
drove forth with a powerful thrust that made Tori's eyes water. He didn't
fully withdraw from her gullet when he pulled back, and Tori was soon
struggling for breath.

Her throat bobbed and spasmed with her gag reflex, but the oral rape
continued. Tori realized that he wouldn't pull out until he came but with her
arms and legs bound she had no way to fight him off, unless she bit his cock
and with all the rough looking black men in the ring, she thought that might
be a terminally bad idea. She forced herself to work on his cock with her
tongue and lips, lathering the shaft as it thrust in and out of her gullet.

Tori's vision was swirling with stars as her brain was being starved of
oxygen before she was finally rewarded with his spunk. He pulled his cock
back out of her straining gullet and his cum was thick and creamy as it
flowed over her tongue. She panted for air as he aimed the last few shots
over her exotically beautiful face and then smeared his slimy purple cockhead
in her disheveled blonde hair to clean it off.

He had barely stepped aside when the boy that had just raped her thrust his
softened cock at her face. Tori looked up at his leering expression and then
opened her mouth to suck his thick cock back to erection, tasting the mingled
flavors of his sperm and her own pussy on his maleness.

Stephanie was groaning as the onslaught continued. The black giant had
started to speed up, taking faster and shorter strokes as his orgasm
approached and Steph's big soft tits bounced on her chest in time with the
powerful impacts of his hips striking her thighs. Between her body's
instinctive response to being filled with cock and Jackie stimulating her
clitoris, Steph was also rapidly approaching.

Never would Stephanie have believed that she might be forced to cum on a
massive raping cock, but that was what was happening, with half a dozen
cameras filming and broadcasting every moment. With the sudden thought of all
the people who were watching and enjoying her violation, her pussy clamped
tightly on the impaling rod in an effort to deny its passage but only
succeeded in bringing her crisis to a head.

Stephanie wailed as her body betrayed her. She convulsed and shook with the
incredible power of her climax. The rapist's thrusts became even faster as
the renewed tightness of her white-girl's pussy spurred him on.

"Oh yeah!" he yelled, "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna blow my load in yo' little
cunt. I'm gonna shoot my baby-makin' spunk in yo' womb. Gonna put a black
baby in yo' big white belly."

"NNOOOOooooo!" Stephanie screamed as her pussy tightened on his cock again as
she panicked at his words.

The muscles of her pussy squeezed the invading shaft like a vice and the
rapist groaned as he came. To Steph's eternal shame, the feeling of his hot
seed filling her womb sent her over the edge again, and she orgasmed for a
second time on his monumental manhood.

He pulled out and shot the last few spurts over her belly and tits, dribbling
the last couple of drops onto her pubic hair while Stephanie sobbed with
orgasmic pleasure, intense humiliation and the terrible fear that he might
have impregnated her with his black sperm.

The cameras moved around the ring to make sure that they had a good view of
her well-stretched cum-drooling hole as she moaned and heaved on the mat.

"Okay then," Jackie said loudly enough for everyone to hear, "Which one o'
the rest o' you guys has the biggest dick?"

A young man stepped arrogantly forward from the group of black men that had
stood and watched Steph's rape instead of taking a shot at Tori, only to be
pulled back by a grinning older man. He was not particularly tall, and his
hair and beard were white, but as he pulled off his shirt he revealed a hard
and muscular body. Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out a cock barely an
inch shorter than the monstrosity Steph had just endured.

"It looks like it's your lucky day, 'cause you get to take the slut up the

"NOOOOOO! NO! Let go of me! You can't do this! NOOOooo!!"

Stephanie screamed as strong hands grabbed her and rolled her over onto her
belly. Two men each took an ankle and held her legs down so that she couldn't
kick. The older man dug his long hard fingers into her soft hips and pulled
them up from the canvas.

Then Steph felt the hot wet tip of his huge cock slap against one of her
spanked butt-cheeks. She cried out, begging for mercy as the thought of what
they were about to do terrified her beyond all measure. She was a virgin back
there, never having allowed any man to do something so dirty to her. Every
time she thought that the worst was over, something even worse happened to
her and it was more than she could bear.

"Scream, slut! Your gonna get yo' butt busted good by giant nigger-dick!"
Jacqueline cruelly taunted her. The other men laughed and cheered as they
watched, slowly pumping their massive black cocks in their fists.

He pressed his meat between her meaty buttocks to probe at her virgin asshole
Then he pressed forward, driving his huge cockhead into her fat ass,
incredibly stretching the tight, virgin anal ring. She felt certain that she
would tear, the pain was so intense.

"NNNNOOOOAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!" Stephanie screamed and threw her head
back, her eyes wide open and streaming with tears.

She pleaded pathetically for mercy and struggled vainly against Jackie and
the men who held her down, certain that the next moment would be the one in
which she suffered some grievous injury. But it never came. After a vicious
thrust, the older man's huge knob popped through the sphincter and
disappeared into her rectum.

"Oh yeah! Ream her out hard! Really fuck her fat ass!" Jackie cried.

"Oh God, no! You're killing me! NoooOOOOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!"

Steph screamed again as the black man jabbed his cock forward and stretched
her tortured bowels with his huge man-meat. He lunged forward again and again
until his entire erection was buried in the defiled heiress's silky smooth
ass. Her butt cheeks bumped against his wiry gray pubes and she could feel
his heavy ballsac slap against her cum-drooling pussy.

"Fuck," Jackie proclaimed, finally tiring of Stephanie's screams as she gave
an even higher pitched shriek. "Will somebody please gag this bitch?"

Two men, one little more than a boy, almost came to blows as they stumbled
over one another in their effort to comply with Jackie's request. Not that it
mattered to Steph which one made it past the other, as all she knew was that
there was suddenly a thick black cock filling her mouth and muffling her
cries of distress.

The older man began pumping his giant penis in and out of her ass and
Stephanie's throat vibrated as she tried to scream in agony with every
stroke. Unlike the rape of her pussy, there was no pleasure to be derived
from this brutal violation for the wealthy socialite, so she just had to
endure it. She came close to passing out several times, and she found herself
praying for such blessed release.

Jacqueline left Stephanie to her fate, stuck like a pig on a spit by two big
black dicks, and summoned the white, musclebound head of security into the

The man was built like a brick wall, solid muscle from head to toe and Jackie
helped him strip. Her fingers trembled slightly as she tugged on his pants,
her passions roused to the level of a virtual hurricane by watching Stephanie
being raped. She pulled them down and gasped in surprise. She was not
disappointed by what she saw. The hugely muscled head of security had an
equally impressive manhood, a full twelve inches long and as thick as
Jackie's wrist.

She grinned broadly and pushed him down so that he lay on the canvas and then
she straddled his waist. Without a moment's hesitation, she rammed herself
down onto his big dick, stretching the dark-skinned lips of her pussy around
his thick white meat. Her hands moved to caress her massive breasts, fingers
tweaking the nipples almost painfully as the walls of her pussy were dilated
more than ever before.

The big man sighed as Jackie's wet heat engulfed his thick shaft. She worked
her hips back and forth to maximize the sensations she felt as she slowly
worked herself further and further down onto his cock. The tiny amazon cried
out with the sudden sharp pain of his cockhead butting against her cervix,
and there was yet more than two inches left to go.

In her highly aroused state, Jackie felt a desperate desire to take him balls
deep, so she started to fuck him violently, ramming herself up and down on
his huge shaft in an effort to stretch her vagina's slick walls. She screamed
with the pain each time his knob struck the entrance to her womb. She bit her
lip to suppress her cries, sweat pouring off her as she tried to take every

The man below her reached up to grab her ample tits in each hand and he
mauled them with his powerful fingers while Jackie fucked herself on him,
impaling herself on his thick white fuck-meat. No more of his cock would
disappear inside her though, so when next she came down he dropped his hands
to her slim hips and pulled down with all of his great strength,
simultaneously jerking his hips up to drive his cock through the barrier of
her cervix and into her womb!

Jackie's eyes bulged out of her head and her mouth opened in a silent scream
as he punched his massive cock into her very core. The security man began
humping his hips up and down by just a couple of inches, fucking her cervix
with his bloated cockhead.

"Urgh, uh, ow, ah, uuhhgn, oh,"

The expression of shock, pain and pleasure on Jackie's face was delightful to
everyone watching, but particularly to the huge black man that had been the
first to rape Stephanie, and he stepped forward and stuffed his gigantic
semi-soft penis into her gaping mouth.

Even when not fully erect, his ebony shaft was so thick that Jackie's wide
lips were fully stretched in encircling it and her jaws protested as they
were forced further apart as the massive cock began to fill with blood. The
huge black man wrapped his hands around Jackie's orally impaled head and
started to work her face up and down his engorged penis.

Jackie reached up to grab the root of the huge black cock with one hand and
used the other to start frigging her clit, crushing it against the big white
meat impaling her cunt.

There were four big black men clustered around Tori's corner, each of them
taking turns to rape her mouth, pussy and tits. At the moment, one of them
was fucking her with his fat cock, while a longer cock plowed her cleavage,
and the last two men were both cramming their big dicks into her over-
stretched mouth. The buff blonde was cumming like a wild thing as they used
and degraded her, treating her as nothing more than a receptacle for their

Another three were doing Stephanie. The rich bitch was on her hands and knees
with the white-haired older man still pumping his giant tool in and out of
her tight ass, keeping a steady rhythm that it looked as though he could
maintain all night long. At the other end she had her lips wrapped around her
second big black cock of the night, with another being rubbed against her
slimy cheek and permed hair. Her face was streaked with the first man's cum-
load which was dripping onto the mat below.

Jackie was vigorously sucking off the incredibly massive manhood that had
first attracted her attention whilst paying off the WWF's head of security
with her hot little pussy.

That left two of the ten black men with straining cocks and nothing to do
with them. The first was the young adolescent that had been the first to take
Tori's cunt and had shot his load so quickly, and the second was the older
youth that had not long ago painted Stephanie's face with his dick-spit. They
stood in the center of the ring looking for some opportunity to plunge their
aching cocks into some warm hole. Steph's cunt was blocked be the man
plugging her ass, Jackie's sexy ass was inaccessible because of the way that
she was leaning back, resting her weight on the big meaty globes, and Tori
was fully occupied.

Neither of them wanted to wait for another turn, so they scanned the ringside
area looking for some other way to relieve themselves.

The older man locked eyes with Lillian Garcia's terrified gaze. His lips
curled into a wicked smirk and he nudged the boy beside him with his elbow.
The youth turned to look where the man's nodding head indicated and he also
broke into a broad grin.

Lillian was paralyzed with fear, seemingly incapable of trying to escape her
impending doom as the two black men rolled out under the ring ropes. She
stared in frightened disgust at the two near foot-long cocks that bobbed up
and down hypnotically as they walked toward her.

They were barely a foot away from her when she broke out of her frozen trance
and tried to run. The black men were blocking any attempt to escape to the
backstage area, so Lillian turned and started to climb the barricade behind

No sooner had she got one leg over the black padded barrier than a hand
reached out of the crowd and grabbed one of the long-limbed beauty's small
tits. She squealed and pushed the hand away, but more descended on her,
groping and mauling her as she sat straddling the barricade.

"Get off of me! No! Let go!" she shrieked.

A huge rough-looking woman with closely cropped black hair and a ring through
her nose shoved several of the molesters away from the unfortunate ring
announcer. Lillian opened her mouth to thank the powerfully-built woman, only
to find it suddenly filled with her rescuer's large, pierced tongue. The
bull-dyke kissed the wide-eyed announcer passionately and her hands grabbed
her breasts.

The two black men had pushed aside the small table and chairs from the
timekeeper's position and now they grabbed Lillian by the leg and hips. The
butch lesbian wasn't prepared to surrender her prize to the black rapists, so
she hugged the beauty's small-busted body tightly to her own ample chest. The
men managed to get her other leg back over the barrier, and there then began
then an impromptu tug off war between the two athletic black men and the
strong bull-dyke.

Although there were two of them, the dyke had the advantage of a better hold
on the screaming prize. The two men twisted and turned Lillian's protesting
body in an effort to pull her away from the woman in the crowd, but only
succeeded in rolling her over so that the small of her back was lying on the
barrier. More hands came out of the crowd to fondle the stretched woman's
body, tugging her short pink dress up over her hips and revealing her white

Suddenly the men stopped pulling and one of them shouted over the noise of
the crowd, "Hey, I tell you what, you c'n have that end, and we'll take this
one. How's that sound?"

The bull-dyke grinned and Lillian squealed as she felt the black men's hands
tear her panties off. The announcer's pussy had a small triangle of short
pubes just at the very tip of her slit, and below that her pussy-lips were
shaven smooth. The boy rammed his finger into her hairless slit and was
astonished to discover that she was completely dry. She had not been even
slightly turned on by the events in the ring.

"NOOoooo, don't! You can't... Let me go!!"

While the two men decided who would get to take Lillian's tight cunt, with
the older one insisting that he should get to go first as the other got to
have Tori, the butch woman on the crowd side of the barrier was pushing
Lillian's head down and back. Once she was positioned to her satisfaction she
hiked up her leather skirt to reveal her thickly furred sex.

Lillian was disgusted by the sight of all that black hair, glistening with
pussy-juice, and partially concealing several golden rings. Lillian screamed
in horror as it descended on her face. The smell of the dyke's arousal was
overpowering, invading her nostrils and making her gag in revulsion. The dyke
simply rammed Lillian's head in between her thick thighs and thrust her juicy
pussy down onto her face, grinding her cunt-meat over her nose and chin.

"Lick it bitch! Fuck me with your tongue! Show me how talented you really are
with that mouth!" She cried out to the gagging announcer.

Lillian was choking on sour girl-cum that was pouring into her mouth from the
dyke's loose cunt, the result of the butch woman having masturbated almost
non-stop through the gang-bang in the ring.

Between her legs, the two black men had resolved their differences and the
older of the two positioned himself before her dry sex. He reached down,
holding and stroking his ebony cock, guiding it between her thighs. Lillian
instinctively tried to close her legs together to protect herself from the
imminent violation, but the black men forced them apart. The lucky rapist
rubbed the length of his hardness against her as though he was preparing her,
expecting her body to respond by lubricating itself, and then he pushed the
massive head inside her dry channel.

Lillian cried out, screaming her despair into the bull-dyke's vile cunt as
she felt her precious vagina being invaded, by a rapist, a nigger. He
hammered four inches of his thick shaft into her before the tightness of her
unlubricated cunt brought him to a stop.

"Man, she is fucking tight!" he exclaimed loudly enough for Lillian to hear
between the dyke's meaty thighs. "I ain't had a cunt this tight in a looong

He pulled back a little and rammed in again with all the strength he had,
driving another two inches home and eliciting an agonized scream from

"You gotta try this man. It's like fucking a twelve year old kid!"

Then he withdrew and thrust, withdrew and thrust, again and again until his
cockhead felt rubbed raw by her dry walls, and still there were a couple of
inches to go.

His lips curled back from his teeth as he grimaced at the pain that fucking
her too-tight cunt was causing him, and he was filled with a desire to punish
her. He pulled almost all the way out of her convulsing body and then, with
only his pre-cum as lubrication, he slammed his full 11 inches into her,
tearing his way into her womb, and his huge balls slapped against her white

"Oh yeah baby. You love it don't ya? You love getting' womb-fucked by a big
black stud like me don't ya?" The announcer couldn't hear his muttered
insults with her face being ravaged by the butch lesbian, so the black man
was speaking for his own benefit.

Lillian's cunt remained completely unresponsive, still hot and arid as the
rapist starting pumping into her cunt energetically, grunting in painful
pleasure as her body writhed, his stiff dick completely filling her dry
pussy. His thick black tool stretched her small, pale pussy-lips wide, and
she moaned in pain and humiliation as he slammed his hips down against hers
over and over, fucking her into the barrier relentlessly and mumbling curses
and insults all the while.

The dyke squatting on her face reached down and tore the narrow straps of
Lillian's dress to expose her small but shapely breasts. Strong fingers
twisted her hard nipples as more hands reached out to touch her vulnerable

The rapist plundering her tiny cunt began moaning in pleasure. Her dry pussy
was incredibly tight around his huge cock as he raped her roughly, shoving
his length in balls-deep. He slowed his pace and his breathing became deeper,
guttural grunts almost.

"Oh yeah, hot bitch...uh... tight little bitch...ah... gonna cum... gonna cum
in yo' tiny... nngh...tiny, little, CUNT!"

Lillian felt his thick shaft swell inside her, making her emit muffled cries
of despair. He spilled his sperm deep into her womb, groaning in pleasure as
he filled her small body with his cum. Lillian gasped, sobbing between the
powerful thighs of the bull-dyke's, feeling completely violated as the black
man rammed himself in with short thrusts, pumping his despicable seed further
inside her.

There was no respite for the unfortunate announcer as the second black rapist
took his place. The boy rammed the full length of his generous manhood into
her abused hole with relative ease now that the way had been thoroughly
opened and lubricated with his predecessor's cum.

The dyke was grinding her hips down more forcefully, rubbing her fleshy folds
over Lillian's beautiful features more rapidly until she came, spraying so
much bitter girl-cum that the announcer thought that she had pissed in her
mouth. Then the dyke's heavy body was pushed forward and Lillian gulped down
air in relief, gasping for breath. Her mouth hung open with drool and girl-
cum dribbling from her mouth and leaving tracks down her cheeks.

Then she heard a high-pitched scream and when she opened her eyes, she had a
close-up view of a fat, hairy cock being forced up the bull-dyke's big round
ass! The lesbian rapist was herself being raped! In some obscure way, that
made Lillian feel a little better. The big balls of the dyke's rapist bumped
against Lillian's forehead as he drove his cock into the jiggling ass without
mercy and the beauty watched its hypnotic pistoning motion as the black boy
raping her sloppy pussy began shortening his strokes as his orgasm became

Back in the ring, Jacqueline was now impaled face-to-face on the huge 16-inch
cock of the first rapist, with another big black dick in her mouth, the third
that she had sucked off so far. Her dark face and hair were plastered with
white streaks, and cum had dripped down onto her magnificent breasts, leaving
long trails of drying spunk on her sweaty tits.

Behind her, another man squatted down so that he could direct his thick rod
between her big round butt-cheeks. Jackie jerked her hips backward as far as
the monstrous cock in her cunt would allow, eager to take the big dick in her
gorgeous ass. She was already filled more completely than she would ever have
believed possible and her sexy little body yearned for even more.

The man pressed his cockhead hard against the tiny little hole and pressed
relentlessly. Jackie's eyes were screwed shut and her face grimaced in pain
as she felt her rectum stretched wider than she had ever felt before. For one
terrifying moment she thought that she might tear, but then it popped inside
the ringpiece.

The man's initial thrust was enough to send his long shaft more than halfway
up her ass where it pressed against the huge monster in her cunt. He pulled
back a little and then lunged forward with one vicious thrust, his groin
slamming into the Jackie's buttocks with a loud slap!

He began to fuck her hard, slamming his hips into her big beautiful buttocks
and driving her body forward, forcing her to deep-throat the cock in her
mouth. The giant beneath her seemed content to enjoy the sensations provided
by her bouncing body and the big cock pounding her ass without exerting
himself to contribute.

Jackie was in a state of bliss, the crowd almost forgotten as she
concentrated on satisfying the three cocks filling her every hole. She had
never felt anything like it before, and the novelty of being so full was
enough to have her riding the crest of one orgasm directly onto another. It
seemed that all four of them fell into a matching rhythm that carried them
all along without pause or rest.

That perfect synchronicity could not last long though, and Jackie was
disappointed when the cock in her mouth jerked and her throat was filled with
jet after jet of creamy cum. The young stud fell back after he came, but the
man butt-fucking Jackie seemed inexhaustible and he just kept on hammering
away with impressive speed.

Tori had been cut free of her bonds in the corner and she was now standing,
bent over the turnbuckle as the white-bearded black man took his turn with
her ass now, having already stretched out poor Stephanie. The buff blonde was
slamming her ass back against him, taking every inch of his thick 15-inch
cock with apparent enjoyment as he fondled her firm tits.

A few feet away, Stephanie was lying on her back with one man raping her
sloppy cunt, another fucking her cum-smeared tits and a third forcing her to
suck his balls as her slapped his thick shaft against her face. The heiress
had completely lost track of time, and it seemed that she had been subject to
persistent rapes for hours, although in fact barely forty minutes had passed
since that first, terrible violation and the show was still being broadcast
to the nation.

Jackie eventually clambered back to her feet somewhat unsteadily after her
anal lover had finally shot his load. His thick white spunk squirted out of
her well-stretched asshole and dribbled down her dark thighs as she staggered
over to where the microphone lay. She picked it up and hit it a couple of
times to be sure that it wasn't dead, and then she raised it to her cum-
smeared lips.

"Okay everybody. Now I know you all wan' to take a crack at one of these
cheap sluts here," She indicated to Steph and Tori in the ring, and then to
the outside where Lillian was now being forced to kneel and suck black dick.
"So this is what we're goin' to do."

She drew in a deep breath that caused her breasts to rise magnificently. "I
told all o' you that Stephanie is a two-dollar ho', so that's what it'll cost
you. Any or all of you can fuck each o' those skanky sluts for just two
dollars a hole. You can't get fairer than that!"

The crowd erupted in even louder cheers as RAW finally came to end after the
longest ever overrun in the network's history. Although that marked the end
of the show for the viewers at home, for the fans in attendance it was only
the beginning!


Jacqueline wearily pulled her short leather coat on. She was extremely tired
after the last eleven hours, not having had any sleep all night and very
little rest. She felt a little refreshed by the shower she had just taken,
and she had been truly astonished by the incredible volume of thickening
spunk she had scooped out of her well-fucked pussy and ass. Even after
brushing her teeth, she could still taste the stale cum in her mouth.

She smiled in memory at the events that had followed the end of the
broadcast, as the fans had queued for the opportunity to screw Stephanie,
Tori and Lillian. Her pussy twitched with the recollection, sending an aching
jolt of pain through her battered sex. Considering how much she ached, Jackie
dreaded to think what the three white girls were feeling this morning.

They were still out in the ring, taking on the last few dozen stragglers and
latecomers. All through the night, more people had arrived at the arena to
join in the fun, and whenever an attempt had been made to stop the
indignities being perpetrated on Lillian and the degenerates, the huge crowd
had prevented the effort before it could start.

Jackie felt a little guilty about Lillian actually, but she hadn't chosen to
involve her in the first place and whatever oral skills had gained her the
announcer's job, they hadn't involved a microphone, of that she was sure!

Much more of a salve to her conscience was the large bag she hefted up on her
shoulder. It contained one half of the proceeds from the whoring of the three
WWF women. There were over twenty thousand fans in attendance, and more than
half had wanted to take a shot at, over or in the three sluts despite the
stretched and cum-sloppy condition of their holes.

The money had been collected by the head of security and the huge black man
that had been the first, but certainly not the last, to fuck Vince McMahon's
precious little daughter. With those two man-mountains supervising the money,
there was no chance of it being stolen in all the confusion. That had also
allowed Jackie to entertain a few of the fans herself, those that had wanted
to collect the full set, so to speak, and had been willing to pay a hell of a
lot more than two dollars to screw Jackie. What they might have lost by
charging so little, they had more than made up by numbers.

Three women, each with three holes at two-dollars a time multiplied by some
several thousand men and women plus the money from her own prostitution added
up to a nice little retirement fund for Jackie. Somehow, she didn't think
that Vince would be retaining her employment once he got out of jail.

That was why no one had come to Stephanie's rescue, as her father, husband,
brother and everybody else that made decisions in the WWF and might have been
inclined to help the spoilt brat had been arrested for the pornographic
broadcast. No amount of protesting their innocence had been able to convince
the police that it hadn't been planned in advance. After all, they'd seen
Stephanie and her husband start the whole thing.

As Jacqueline walked through the backstage area she passed the curtains to
the arena. She glanced through them and noticed to her surprise that even
more people had turned up after dawn, most of them little more than kids.
Curiosity overcame her and she made her way back out to the ring.

The gang of black men was still surrounding the ring itself to keep out
anybody that hadn't paid as they had done all night, and the queue stretched
for several hundred more fans waiting their turn. By one near corner there
was the announcer's table which had been moved to where the massive black
giant now sat taking the payments and allowing each new man to enter as
another satisfied customer left.

The tiny black woman passed through the line, mainly of men but there were a
few women too, to the sound of cheers and hands reaching out to pat her on
the back. Or on her big, now clothed, tits. Everyone there was more than
happy to see the woman that had provided them all with so much hardcore

Once through the queue, she could see that the three fucked over women were
almost completely covered in dried spunk. It formed pale streaks over their
entire bodies, where it had run with the sweat. It clumped in their hair and
it dripped from their red, gaping holes. Never had Jackie seen or imagined
that any woman could look as used and abused as these three. It was hard to
think of them as human, they had been reduced to the level of animals. Lower
even, nothing more than female fuck-meat to be taken at will and discarded as

With a slightly guilty start she remembered that she had barely been less
coated with crusted sperm herself and she recalled her own sense of shock
when she had seen her reflection in the changing room mirror. The white spunk
had been a lot more noticeable against her dark skin too.

The head of security was himself in the ring, fucking Tori's reamed out ass.
The buff blonde looked to be almost unconscious, but Jackie could just
faintly hear her muttering what sounded like "...fuck me... fuck me..." over
and over.

Stephanie's head was turned toward Jackie and the black woman could see the
tracks made by her tears through the layer of spunk on her face. The heiress
was lying on her back with a boy that looked barely old enough to shave
pummeling her pussy while a girl that was almost as young chewed on her cum-
covered tits. Behind the girl there was an older man pumping away at her
doggy-style. He bore such a strong resemblance to the teens that Jackie
thought that he had to be their father.

But it was Lillian that really had her attention. A group of five men had
apparently brought a dog with them and they were forcing the tearful ring
announcer to suck on the mastiff's big red dick while they took turns to
slam-fuck her battered cunt. Damn! Jackie kicked herself and wished she'd
thought of that last night! She would love to have had Stephanie getting
doggy-fucked for real on national television.

"Hey babe, you come fo' the rest o' your money?" The huge man asked her,
startling Jacqueline from her reverie.

To her astonishment, she suddenly realized that she had absolutely no idea
what his name was, and nor did she want to. All he was to her was a big slab
of dick that she had enjoyed. She was glad that he and the head of security
had become willing henchmen to help her pimp out the white bitches, but she
didn't want to know either of them. It wasn't as though they were not getting
adequately paid for their part in the nights events. The black man, his gang
and the WWF security guards would share the other half of the money that
whoring out the three white women had raised.

"No," she answered with a grin; "I just came down to say goodbye. You split
the rest between all o' you guys. You earned it!"

The big man chuckled, then said, "You know babe, if'n you don't want a bigger
cut, how 'bout you earn a li'l bit more for yo'self wi' that sweet bootie o'
yours instead?"

Jackie cocked her head quizzically as the man continued. "'Cause you know I
never did get to stuff that mighty fine ass o' yours."

He reached down and pulled out a wad of notes so large that Jackie was
stunned. The thought of his 16-inch cock fucking her aching asshole was
frightening, but that was a hell of a lot of money he was offering. And there
was some small part of her that didn't want to lose the opportunity of taking
that magnificent cock one more time while she had the chance. And besides,
seeing the disgusting states of Stephanie, Tori and Lillian had made her more
than a little bit horny again.

Without saying a word, Jackie walked around the table and bent over it,
presenting her rear to the well-hung giant. Thick fingers hooked into the
waistband of her tight black pants and pulled them down over her sexy hips.

"Oh yeah!" The man said as Jackie's gorgeous butt-cheeks were revealed to

He knelt down for a closer look at the slightly reddened orifice, already
well-fucked and stretched during the night. He buried his face between the
big globes of her ass and kissed the puckered orifice. He probed it with his
tongue and when her sphincter opened easily for him, he rammed his tongue
deep into her ass. He fucked her ass with his mouth, lubricating it with his
saliva to prepare the way for the monumental reaming it was about to receive.

Jackie was panting when he stood up and positioned the massive tip of his
solidly erect ebony rod in the dark cleavage of her ass. She gritted her
teeth as his fingers dug into her hips and he forced himself forward,
powering the huge cockhead into her asshole.


She couldn't quite suppress a pained cry when it finally popped through the
ring of resistance and began to fill her punished rectum. It traveled easily
into the depths of her bowels, its passage made easier by the remnants of cum
that she hadn't quite managed to wash out when she had jammed the showerhead
up her ass. The withdrawal was a bit easier, but Jacqueline's knuckles
whitened as she tightened her grip on the edge of the table in preparation
for the fucking that was to come.

She screamed as all 16-inches were driven into her innards, stretching the
limits of her rectum so painfully that she was afraid that she might actually
be permanently injured as a result. Then he pulled back, and she felt the
pain ebb, only to return as he drove inward once more.

The sight of her open mouth was simply too tempting to the horny men that
were waiting their chance in the ring, and one of them pulled out his thick
white cock and shoved it without ceremony between her parted lips. Jackie's
eyes opened wide in surprise and her cheek bulged obscenely as the man
wrapped his hands around her head and thrust forward until her nose has
buried in his blond pubes. Behind him, more men pulled out their cocks in

The giant black man had been well sated through the night, so he was able to
keep the same steady, effortless rhythm sending punishing thrusts into
Jackie's over-stretched asshole for more than an hour.

During that time, she gave blowjobs to everybody in the queue. Each man would
ram his cock into her mouth for her to slurp and suck on eagerly until in
only a few minutes she was drinking his salty man-juice. Many of the men
would pull out as they came so that they could shoot their white cum-load
over her beautiful dark features, and it wasn't long before her face was
almost masked by layer upon layer of slimy sperm.

The man in her ass hammered his hips against her butt relentlessly until he
finally shot his load inside her. He pumped wad after thick wad of creamy cum
into her bowels as Jackie continued to suck on the dick in her mouth. The
massive cock was slowly pulled out of her ass, allowing her to enjoy every
moment of the aching void it left in its wake.

The giant man even had enough spunk left in his balls to spurt a couple of
splattering shots across her wonderful black butt.

No sooner had he pulled out of her than more hands began to grope and maul
her. She was pulled off the table and laid upon her back on the ground. The
white men that had formed the queue now stood in a circle around her tiny
black body as an attractive middle-aged woman with flaming red hair pulled
Jackie's pants off. The redhead then latched her mouth onto Jacqueline's
swollen clit as a muscular youth stabbed his thick dick into her wet and
aching cunt.

Jackie reached out with each hand, laying one on the redhead's hair and the
other grabbing the white boy's hard ass, urging him fuck her harder. More men
stepped up to point their straining cocks at her slimy face and she eagerly
sucked each one of them into her warm cavity.

The lust in her loins was like an inferno that was never to be quenched, and
it was many more hours before she finally reclaimed her money from the two
man-mountains. She took one last lingering look at the three women who were
still being abused in the ring and then hurriedly left, before the scene
aroused her passions once more. She didn't intend to be around when Triple H
and the McMahon family got out of police hands.

She walked gingerly from the arena, sore but -- temporarily -- satisfied. And
undeniably, Jacqueline had proved herself to be the true Queen of Hardcore!

The End

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