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Jamie Wins Torrie Part 1
by HBK Kid

It was the Smackdown after the match between Billy Gunn and Jamie Noble at
the PPV. If Jamie won he would get to sleep with Torrie Wilson. Jamie cheated
his way to a win and its Smackdown night. Its Jamie Noble's dream night.
Noble has been preparing for this big night all week. He purchased many sex
toys, feathers, whips and even a dildo. Jamie was waiting in his room as
Torrie Wilson come in.

Torrie: Jamie, look I don't wanna do this.

Jamie: Woo Hoo Torrie! I've been waiting for this day for days now! No more
handball for Jamie, its time to play baseball.

Jamie began to show Torrie all of the sex toys he brought for the two of
them. Torrie was disgusted and appalled. She did not want to be here tonight.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was Nidia. She was wearing a robe
and walked right past Torrie with a bitchy look on her face. She went up to
Jamie Noble.

Nidia: I'm not here for her Jamie. I'm here to show you you're real

Nidia jumped on Noble taking off the robe revealing sexy lingre. Torrie
looked disgusted as the two made out on the king size bed. Nidia pulled down
Jamie's boxers revealing a semi-erect 6" penis. Nidia looked like she was
about to drool. Obviously neither of these two has had sex in a while. Torrie
looked like she was going to vomit as Nidia had an eager smile on her face.
She began to rub his dick. She began to stroke it lightly and then faster and
faster until it was a full 7.5". She had to have it in her mouth. She wrapped
her beautiful lips around his dickhead and began sucking. She was going crazy
sucking up and down. St one point she gave a full deep throat as Jamie yelled
and let out his cum fill Nidia's mouth. She literally drank it all in one
gulp and went back for more. Torries nipples were hard and her pussy was a
little wet but she still didn't want to do anything.

Jamie: ohh Nidi... that was... oh baby... wow!

Nidia: You're not done yet. I want cum all over me. In my pussy in my ass on
my tits. I want you to fuck me Jamie. I want you to make me cry! Can you do
that?? Can u make me cry?!?!?


Torrie was in disbelief as Jamie once again began to show signs of an
erection. She didn't admit it, but she wanted Jamie's cock. To tell you the
truth, Torrie was getting turned on by Nidia also. The way Nidia was so
aggressive. How she made him hard twice, how she sucked. Torrie was impressed
and now looked like she wanted to see more.

Nidia: You want me to suck your dick and make you hard again?

Jamie: Oh yah baby! Suck it!

Nidia began to suck on Jamie's dick again cooing as Jamie began moaning in
pleasure. The two didn't even notice Torrie anymore as Jamie once again
regained a full 7.5". Nidia began to suck and suck. She then got up and
asked "Lets see where do I want it first? In my ass? My pussy? My tits?"
She began to drool then she smiled and opened her legs wide and lightly
said "Take me..."

Jamie needed nothing else as he got on top of her and shoved his dick into
her soaking pussy which invited him right in. He began to fuck her. "ahhh
oohh yahhh oohh im sooo weettttt!" said Nidia as the fucking became more

The funny thing was that Torrie was now trying to hid the fact that she was
rubbing her pussy through her skirt. she was trying to resist but couldn't.
The thought of Nidia, her enemy, someone she has wrestled being so sexy
everything was turning Torrie on and the room began to spin with the scent
of pussy surrounding it as all three members of the love triangle had a huge
orgasm. Jamie came on Nidia's face and Nidia came on the bedsheets and Torrie
came all over the ground through her thong.

They all relaxed for a minute as Jamie and Nidia smiled and headed for the
bathroom. Jamie said something about a shower. They both headed into the
shower, but naked. As torrie went towards the shower and began to see what
was going on...


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