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Jamie Wins Torrie Part 2: The Games Continue...
by HBK Kid

Nidia and Jamie were both gasping for air as was Nidia who soaked her panties
in her own cum. Nidia had her cum all over her mixed with jamies dripping off
her face. Jamie got up and stared at Nidia.

"Oh baby my nidi got all dirty we gonna have to clean yo off." Jamie said
eagerly stairing at the bathroom

"Oh Jamie clean me." the two headed for the shower as Torrie lay there her
panties soaked with the her juices that came out of her. Torrie just lay
there on the couch pushing her head back still in extacy. soon she began to
here moaing coming from inside the shower Torrie rushed in.

Jamie and Nidia were in the shower with Nidia bieng held by Jamie his cock
burried deep inside her pussy. she was moaning louder than anyone Torrie had
ever heard before.

"Ooohh yyyyaahhhhhh oohhhh bbbaabbbbyyyy coommmeee onnnnn Jaaammmiiiiieeee"
the sex became faster as Jamie looked as if he was going to pass out. Nidia's
perfect ass and her beautiful firm tits were bouncing up and down making
Torrie wet again Torrie began to think of everything. The sex before, Nidia's
beautiful body gicing hed, Jamie's sexy penis inside Nidia's vagina. the
exstacy was about to make Torrie explode!

Torrie tried as hard as she could to hold it in but in the end she began to
rub her wet panties again as she once again came to another orgasm. Nidia
and Jamie were still going as Jamie paused and pulled his 7" out of Nidia's
perfect pussy. Nidia got on her knees and openee her mouth. Jamie moaned as
he shot his load straight down her throat. Nidia took it all down not leaving
even a drop to spair. she took his cock in her mouth and began litereally
sucking his dick like a vaccum Jamie fell to the ground as Nidia fell on top.
Jamie glanced over at Torrie and put on a wierd face... and then an evil

Almost 2 minuted later after Torrie was told to go out of the bathroom for a
minute Jamie opened the door. "Well Torrie. it wasnt easy talkin but I talked
Nidia into letting you in on our sex games. So put on this outfit and come on
to poppa!"

Torrie tried to act as disgusted as possible but was truly exited on the
inside. She hadn't had sex in a while and was turned on by sex games and a
three some. Torrie began to walk towards the bathroom as all of a sudden the
door bust open!

Billy Gunn appeared on the outside of the door. He ran in and grabbed Jamie
by the throat.

"B-billy I didnt touch her I swear! Billy I promise" said Jamie

"Oh you didnt huh? And I suppose she soaked her panties by herself?" replied

"She what!! Ha ha! I knew she liked it!" exclaimed Nidia from the back.

Billy made a fist ready to punch.

"WAIT BILLY! What if I offer you a peace offering?" Jamie said as Billy
watched in confusion.

Jamie whispered something into Nidia's ear. Nidia seemed excited as she put
on a sexy smile. Nidia then slowly walked up to billy but naked soacked in
her own jism and bend over in doggy style postion. Her butt whole looked
used once or twice. Billy stood there in confusion...

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