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Jamming The Monster
by Dr. Blasphemy (

Former wrestling star Debra "Medusa" Miceli had long since moved on from
the sports entertainment scene after WCW was sold to the WWE and found new
life in of all things monster truck competitions. Sure she had a great run
winning WWE's women's title as Alundra Blayze and being the only woman to
hold the cruiserweight title in WCW, but right now she loved the thrill,
excitement and feel of her powerful machine as it vibrated with untamed
fury and crushed cars under it's weight. It got to the point that everytime
Medusa got behind the wheel she became uncontrollably wet from the throbbing
seat of her 2000 pound sex toy leaving her aching and desperate for release
as quick as possible just like she was feeling right now.

She was sitting behind a table at the autograph area in the arena fidgeting
in her chair trying to get herself off by rubbing her thighs together. Her
body was burning up in heat and had the zipper on her jumpsuit zips down
to her more than ample tits push their way out to let the soft breeze cool
down her body. She hoped nobody noticed, because she was taking this sport
seriously and didn't want to make a bad impression. Luckily for her, her
alotted time was almost up with signings slowing down to a trickle. Madusa
was just getting up to leave to go to her trailer when a handsome teen rushed
up to her with her book 'American Woman' in his hand.

"Whew! I'm glad I caught you before you left," he said. "Would you please
sign my book?"

"Sure, what's you're name?" she said leaning of the table giving him a great
view over huge hanging tits.

"Huh... Tristan," he stammered with his full attention on her tan breasts.

Madusa instantly knew what was on his mind and quickly autographed the title
page to him with stars before glancing at his package. She could see quite a
large bulge beginning to grow in his pants. -Wow, this kid must be half my
age and I'm giving him a hard-on and he looks pretty well hung. It's good to
know that I'm still able to turn young studs like him on,- she thought to
herself with a grin.

"So what do you think of the book?" she asked handing it back to him.

"It's was quite revealing and very entertaining. I never would have guessed
you were a pop idol in Japan and that chapter commenting about what Chyna
said about you in her book was a the best part. I know if you got into a
shoot fight with her you'd kick her ass!"

Medusa responded by smiling. "Say, I'm on my way back to my trailer, would
you like to come along, so we can continue our conversation?"

"Most definately!"

The both of them walked back to her destination talking about her career in
wrestling in more detail, dishing out a lot of dirt she didn't include in the
book, and how she slipped into driving monster trucks with Tristan taking it
all in with great interest. Madusa could really tell he was into her. As they
reached it, Tristan began to say his good-byes when he was interrupted.

"There's no reason to run off so soon. Come inside, relax and have a drink.
You thristy?" she propositioned.

"Wow, really?!?! That would be great!" he said surprised by her offer.

They went inside. Tristan sat down on the couch as Madusa went to retrieve
to sodas from the mini-fridge. She poured them into two large glasses with
ice before ahnding him his and resting close beside him.

"So, I bet you're pretty hot with the girls," Madusa said before placing her
hand on his thigh.

This line of questioning and her directness almost made Tristan spit up his
drink. "Uh... I guess I do pretty good," he replied unsure if what was about
to happen was true.

"Oh, come on. I bet they're all over you," she said as her hand moved up and
grabbed his crotch, "especially with what you're packing."

Tristan didn't know what to say as Madusa began to unbutton his pants. She
then unzipped his fly and put a hand inside in underwaer to get a handle on
his semi-erect penis. "Mmm, you are big... and thick," she cooed in approval.
"Have you ever had a blowjob?"

"No, I've only been able to get a few handjobs," he croaked.

She smiled at his response knowing she had fresh meat. "Would you like me to
give you one?" she offered stroked his growing cock.

"Oh, yes!"

Madusa moved kneeling bewteen his leg and pulled his pants and underwear down
to his ankles releasing his hard member, which slapped against his belly. She
moved in unzipping her jumpsuit, letting it fall to the floor to reveal her
massive breasts in their full glory and to show off her still firm body, that
looked like it belonged to a woman 10 years younger. Tristan was in awe of
her beauty.

The former wrestler then grabbed his cock at the base where her hand couldn't
quite get completely around and pointed it toward her wet waiting mouth. She
openned her lips and teased him licking the tip's underside feeling it's
heat, causing Tristan to moan from the sensatation. Madusa resumed her attack
by swirling her tongue slowly over the cock's bulbous head tasting the daub
of escaping pre-cum resting from it's openning. -Mmm, nice and sweet,- she

Going for the gusto, Madusa finally opened her mouth wide and inhaled the
teen's large prick. She bobbed her head up and down taking just under half
it's lenght to the back of her throat while one hand stroked the rest and
other other fingered her hole. Tristan never felt anything this wonderful as
he watched her go to work bathing his cock in her sticky saliva, that poured
from her mouth.

Madusa then stopped her sloppy blowjob and moved her head down to work on
his balls. They were guite big, so she knew they were overflowing with cum
and couldn't wait to drain them dry covering her face and body. Her tongue
lapped his nuts before sucking in one and then the other inside her hungry
mouth. The blonde's cheeks were stretched out massaging them with her tongue
as she jacked off his prick using long powerful strokes. From base to tip
her hand pistoned making loud wet sounds as she looked back at Tristan with
nasty eyes It ws the most sexy thing he ever saw and felt like he was going
to cum right then and there.

After about a minute Madusa release his slime coated balls returning her
mouth back his rod. Now she was going to give Tristan a real treat and
deep throat his large cock. With his prick already pressing against the
back of her mouth, she slowly began to force the second half of his tool
down her oral opening. Inch by inch it began to disappear inside Madusa.
Her neck muscles strained against his thickness causing her neck to
distend. With only a little more to go her eyes began to water from the
stress, but she was determined to succeed. Relaxing her jaw just a bit
set her goal by resting her nose flush against his abdomin. She stayed in
that position for as long as she could until she finally had completely
withdraw to breathe.

"Wow, that was amazing!" Tristan said.

"We havn't even got started," she said. "Fuck me with that big cock of

Madusa laid down on the carpeted floor and spread her legs making a large
vee like strippers do, showing she was quite flexible, before resting her
feet leaving her trimed blonde pussy wide open for business. Tristan did
what he was told and knelt down in front of her juicy pinkness. He grabbed
his prick and rubbed it the lenght of her slit, which sent jolts up spine,
searching for the enterance to her hole. Finding it, he pushed the tip
inside feeling this older woman's velvet insides for the first time. He
slowly thrust inside getting use to her love vice and getting a rhythm

"Oh, yes! Stick it all of it deep inside me," Madusa hissed. "Fuck me good!"

Tristan, getting more confident in what he was doing, increased the pace
plowing his cock deeper and deeper in her cunt. Madusa wrapped her legs
around his waist forcing him down on top of her landing him face to chest
with her huge tits. On instinct he devowered her breasts smothering his
face over her grapefuit sized orbs. He sucked on her dark pink erect nipples
giving Madusa complete ecstacy to the point she couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm cumming!!!" Madusa screamed as she reached her crescendo.

As she hit her peak in orgasm, her body began to convulse from the shear
pleasure. Her pussy clamped down on his cock as it also began to release her
fluids, that gushed out with each deep ball slapping thrust. The feeling of
Madusa's hot, squishy, wet cunt completely blew Tristan's mind. He never
knew a woman was even capible of what her body was doing.

"Oh my god, Tristan," she said after coming down from her high. "I havn't
came that good in a long time. You're a natural."

"Uh... thanks," he replied not knowing really what to say.

"Well, since you're up for a little more action," Madusa grinned still
feeling his hardness within her, "how about I finish you off with a nice

Tristan responded by extracting his cock letting her residual juices pour out
of her gapping hole. He straddled the older woman's chest, placing his prick
in the valley between her two huge melons where she enveloped it by pressing
them together. He proceeded to pump his tool rapidly using her pussy juice
for lubrication.

"Oh, yeah! Fuck my big tits!" Madusa moaned. She loved the sensation of
having her tits ravaged by a large prick. She just could never get enough
of it. The sight of seeing a his rod appear from her breasts coming at her
face at point blank range and the hot friction from it sent elecrtic bolts
of pleasure to her brain. Wanting even more, Madusa stuck out her tongue
to touch Tristan's cockhead giving her a taste once more of his pre-cum
along with her own girl goo.

The feeling of her pointed pink muscle at his tool finally drove Tristan
over the edge. "I'm about to cum!" he warned her.

"Shoot your hot load all over me!" Madusa requested releasing his cock from
her mammary vice.

Tristan grabbed his free prick and began to jerk it and within seconds his
jizz erupted landing all over her body. Shot after shot of his seed painted
her flesh from her face all the way down to her tan chest. By the time he
squeezed out his last burst Madusa looked completely plastered in his spunk
like it was done by at least three men. All she could do in the aftermath was
clean her face off as best she could with her fingers to scoop it inside her
mouth to swallowing it and rubbing in what landed on her chest into her skin.

"Thank you," Madusa said.

"Uhh... your welcome, I guess, but why?" Tristan replied somewhat confused.

"For you giving me your autograph silly," she answered licking her lips
lustfully with a satisfied grin.

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