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Jeff, Lita & The Third
by Purpleblue

Jeff sat in his hotel room, waiting for the surprise Lita has promised him.
She had told him to take off his clothes, get out the toys, and wait in bed.
Jeff and Lita always went through their routine of relieving sexual tension
together, no romance or commitment needed.

Suddenly there was a sound of the door opening, and in walked Lita.

"Where's my surprise?" Jeff asked, sitting up in bed, the duvet covering his
lower half.

"Here," Lita said, inviting a third into the bedroom.

Another woman entered the room. Her long brown hair hung loosely over her
large breasts which were covered by a white, tight, t-shirt, her nipples
erect and visible through the material. She wore a short red mini skirt,
barely covering her private region.

Lita pulled her into the room and started kissing her, running her hands over
her breasts and grabbing the erect nipples. The woman returned the gesture by
pulling up Lita's tight black shirt, expelling her bra-less breasts.

Jeff looked at the duo making out and felt his cock begin to stir. This
wasn't the first threesome they had had, but it was the first threesome with
another woman.

Lita stopped kissing her and pulled off her own shirt completely. "This is
Sara," she said, taking her hand and leading her to the bed where Jeff was.
Lita sat on Jeff's right side, and Sara on his left.

Sara looked into Jeff's eyes and smiled at him, then trailed a hand down his
naked chest, stopping at where the Duvet hid him. She pulled the duvet away
from his, exposing his erect member.

"Who or what do you want first?" Lita asked, playing with Jeff's nipple, her
other hand trailing through the various toys; dildos, clamps, strap ons and
various other things.

Jeff still stared at the new girl as she leaned forward to take his cock
in her mouth. "Her," Jeff told Lita as his cock was taken into her mouth.
Sara swirling her tongue around the head, bring her hand up to the base.
"Ooohhhh," Jeff moaned as Sara took his length into her mouth and started
to massage his balls. Jeff reached out to hold her head in place, but was
grabbed by Lita.

She had picked something up from the toy pile and was now attaching it to
Jeff's wrist. Handcuffs. She took his hand up with the other one and attached
them above his head to the headboard.

Jeff didn't resist, caught up with the experiences of his cock in Sara's

Sara stopped.

"Keep going," Jeff begged, his cock demanding attention.

Sara kissing Jeff's mouth, silencing his pleas. She kissing him, she reached
over to the toys and picked up a silver cock ring. She stopped kissing him
and held up the ring to his eye level so he could get a good view.

Jeff looked over at Lita to see what she thought. She smiled and said, "Let
her do it". He looked back at Sara and then down at his penis.

She took that as permission and slid the ring onto his cock.

Jeff felt uncomfortable as the ring dug into him, stopping him from cumming.
"What now?" Jeff asked.

Sara put one leg over him, straddling his chest. Her mini skirt pulling up
to expose her. Jeff could see she did not wear any underwear, her wet pussy
making contact with his chest.

He felt Lita attach something to his feet, his view blocked by Sara. He
tried to move his legs, only then discovering what Lita had done. His legs
were shackled to the end of the bed.

Sara started to pinch his right erect nipple, causing him to jilt in
excitement. Sara started to move up his body, leaving a small trail of her
juices, before stopping just over his nipple. She used a finger to fully
open her pussy lips and places herself down on the nipple, making sure it
contacted her clit. She slowly started to work herself on Jeff's hard little

Jeff enjoyed the sensation of a woman getting off on his nipple, the pain of
the ring on his cock increasing. "Harder," Jeff demanded, wiggling his body
to aid her in getting off.

Lita came from behind up and placed her hands on Sara's covered breasts. She
pushed her hands under the white fabric and started to play with her nipples.
Sara groaned and worked herself harder. Lita pulled the shirt off Sara and
poured some baby oil onto her hands from the toy pile. Her slick hands worked
over Sara's breasts and stomach as she swayed beneath them. Sara brought
her own hands up, playing with her own nipples and breasts, massaging them
with Lita.

Jeff stared at the spectacle in front of him. Sara working her clit in to
his nipple, wearing only a pulled up red miniskirt, massaging her own breasts
with baby oil, and Lita who was massaging Sara's breasts too. His cock was
really started to throb, "Let me cum," he requested.

Sara started to work his nipple harder, Jeff could tell she was about to
climax. Her breathing became shallow and her body started to shake, she
quickened her movement on his nipple. Jeff felt his nipple get drenched in
her juice as she stopped moving and fell back onto Lita.

Lita lowered her finger to Sara's pussy and got some of the juice onto her
finger. She took it to her mouth and savoured the taste. She did the same
again, but taking the finger to Jeff's mouth. He took the cum from her finger
with his tongue.

"Need to cum," Jeff said.

Lita looked at him and decided to allow him. Sara got up from Jeff's chest,
and sat to his right side, Lita to his left. Slowly, Lita pulled the ring
from his cock, freeing it. Sara bent over and continued the job she started.
She placed her mouth over his length and continued suction. Quickly Jeff
squirted his cum into her mouth, taking a sigh of relief and pleasure as he
filled Sara's mouth. She tried swallowing all of his offering, but a lot
went down her chin and his own length. After what seemed like an eternity to
Jeff, he stopped cumming.

Sara pulled up, Jeff's cum around her lips and down her chin. She leaned
over to Jeff and kissed him, allowing him to taste his own cum. Lita leaned
forward too, licking up the cum from around Sara's mouth, occasionally
sneaking her tongue into Jeff or Sara's mouth.

Sara moved her head down to Jeff's nipple which was still covered in her
pussy juice. She licked it off, the taste of Jeff's cum still in her mouth
added with her own turned her crazy.

"Now me," Lita demanded who had yet to cum. She kneeled up on the bed and
opened the top of her jeans. She pulled them down her legs and off, throwing
them onto the floor.

"Have women stopped wearing panties now?" Jeff asked, noticing Lita wasn't
wearing any.

"Me and Sara... ate before we came," she giggled, now naked. She looked at
Jeff's once again erect penis. She put her leg over him ready to set himself
down on her.

"Are you wet?" he asked her, his hands still bound and unable to check if his
dick will slid in into her wetness.

Lita took Sara's hand, who was still licking herself off Jeff's nipple, and
placed it between her legs. Sara reached her fingers up to the dripping wet
hot pussy lips and took her hand to Jeff's mouth, his tongue licking it off.

Lita positioned herself over Jeff's penis and slowly lowered herself onto
it. Her muscles tensed as his cock penetrated her vagina. Once he was fully
inside her, she started to ride him, working herself on his huge member.

Sara watched as Lita fucked Jeff, feeling herself get wetter. She looked
over to the toys, she found a nice pink dildo, she was about to pick it up
as Lita called her name, "Sara, use the strap-on, do me whilst...." her
sentence was trained off as she moaned in delight of Jeff. Her hands
grabbing Jeff's bound wrists, giving more leverage to ride him.

Sara pulled off her raised up mini skirt and strapped the large fake phallus
to her. The leather shackle rubbed against her wet slit. She picked up some
baby oil and poured it over the strap-on. She put some on her hand and
inserted a finger into Lita's ass.

Lita slowed herself down, allowing for Sara to stretch her hole, ready for
the dildo. First she inserted one finger, then a second. She continued
stretching, then hit a spongy spot. Lita shrieked in delight. Sara continued
to rub the spot as she stretched her ass hole.

"Put it in me now," Lita cried, "hard". She had enough of foreplay and wanted
it in her.

Sara climbed over Lita who was on top of Jeff and lined up the fake penis to
Lita's butt hole. With one thrust she rammed it into her tight cavity.

Lita screamed in pain and delight as the tight pole entered her. She was in
ecstasy, being fucked in the front by Jeff, and being fucked from behind by

All 3 were about to climax, Jeff with his penis in Lita, Lita with Jeff in
her vagina, and the dildo in her rectum, and Sara worked herself against
the strap over her pussy.

Jeff screamed out as he shot his hot seed into Lita. This pushed Lita over
the top and let out a moan as she came. Sara groaned as her pussy let out
its juice, trickling down over the leather, mixing with the baby oil.

Sara removed the dildo from Lita's stretched ass and laid beside Jeff. Lita
got herself off Jeff's penis and laid on his left side, the opposite side to

Sara got the key and uncuffed Jeff's hands. His hands were sore from being
held up so long, although he reached down and unstrapped the dildo from
Sara. Sara, now free of the fake penis, reached over and pulled the duvet
up over herself, Jeff, and Lita. Jeff put his arm around Sara and Lita.

For the first time Sara spoke, "Can I join you next time?" she asked.

Lita and Jeff looked at each other and smiled.

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