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READ THIS FIRST!!! This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Jenna Gets Spiked
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In a large hotel room suite at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, adult film starlet Jenna Jameson, wearing a short pink colored robe, is smirking into a video camera. "Hello... and welcome to a very special Club Jenna production. As some might know... I just love pro wrestling... hot guys in tights with bulging muscles... sexy girls wearing next to nothing... hard hitting action... what's not to like?" Jenna laughs a bit, "And recently...I've made friends with two of World Wrestling Entertainment's incredibly sexy Divas and asked if they would like to... come and play with me... so first let me introduce... Victoria and Trish Stratus."

The Canadian beauty, Trish Stratus, dressed in a pair of nicely tight fitting jeans and a white and black 'Stratusfaction' t-shirt, joins the adult film icon first. Trish presses her lips together and looks at Jenna for a moment. "Ummm...ok...I'm like a bit confused...I thought you said that were going to practice a bit for the SpikeTV Video Game Awards..." Trish begins to say.

"Dumb, dumb, dumb....stupid, but loveable Trish Stratus..." Victoria says with disgust as she appears next to Trish, joining her and Jenna Jameson in front of the camera. Victoria, with her raven black hair styled in pigtails, dressed in a pair of tight black leather pants and a revealing black top. "And to think can't use the old excuse that you're dumb because of your blond hair..." Victoria pauses and wickedly smirks. "Because we both know that you're not really a blond, isn't that right my dear friend..." Victoria says before she firmly smacks her hand against Trish's back.

Jenna smiles, "Well I could have been more specific... but... I like to surprise people." Jenna says, "But first... I have to ask... have either of you ever performed on camera before?" Jenna asks with a wicked grin.

Trish slowly starts to nod her head. "'s kind of like what I do all the know being filmed in the ring and such..." Trish replies with a laugh.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and looks at Trish Stratus before smirking. " sure are stupid...what Jenna here means is have you every fucked in front of a camera..." Victoria replies with a wicked laugh.

Trish opens her mouth slightly in shock and turns to look at Jenna Jameson. "What...."

Jenna nods her head, "Victoria is right...." Jenna smirks, "Have either of you fucked on camera before?"

Victoria crosses her arms over her chest and smirks. "Stevie and sure did wild things, but never that...." Victoria replies.

Trish presses her lips together. "Well...ummm...yeah...I guess...but it was just for like...personal use..."

Jenna nods her head and smiles, "That is good to know Trish... but Victoria I'm surprised you never fucked in front of a camera before... you're not nervous are you?" Jenna asks.

"Fuck no!" Victoria replies and smirks at Jenna Jameson. "I'm ready for's blondie..." Victoria pauses and glances back at Trish Stratus. "Fake blondie...who's nervous"

Jenna grins, "We'll see..." Jenna turns to look at the camera, "Now as fun as a three-way with two gorgeous women like Victoria and Trish would be... I decided to make things more interesting by bringing in two studs from the World Wrestling Entertainment...

Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio..." Jenna says with a smile before Jericho, wearing jeans and a black 'Y2J' t-shirt shirt, and Rey Mysterio, wearing a white mask, '619' t-shirt and jeans, approach Jenna, Trish and Victoria. "Told him to take the mask off, but he won't..." Jericho says as he points at Rey.

"I'll take it off when you take yours off Chris..." Rey says.

"I'm not wearing a mask..." Jericho says as he makes a face.

"Really? Can't tell..." Rey laughs a bit.

Trish Stratus bites down on the bottom and innocently looks over at Chris Jericho, whom she has been actively seeing in recent months, with a soft smile. Victoria licks her lips and wickedly smirks as she locks her eyes on Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho. "You picked two good ones, Jenna...can't say I blame you..."

Jenna licks her lips, "Thank you Victoria... but now, let's get this party started..." Jenna says just before Jericho takes Trish's hand and guides her to the single king-sized bed that's in the middle of the hotel suite.

"You heard the lady Trish..." Jericho smiles.

Trish softly smiles as she looks up at Jericho as she walks with him over toward the large king-sized bed. "I don't know about this Chris...this all seems really weird..."

"Remember the pep talk we got.... just do what comes naturally..." Jericho says as they stand next to the huge bed. The blond haired Canadian stud then starts to slowly lift up Trish's t-shirt, causing her to lift her arms up.

Trish takes a deep breath and nods her head as Jericho removes her t-shirt exposing her nicely rounded, tanned tits, teasingly hidden by her white laced pace.

"Mmmmm..." Jericho licks his lips and as he's about to go behind Trish to unclasp her bra, he feels Trish's right hand against the crotch of his jeans.

Trish lifts her beautiful eyes and looks up at Chris Jericho as she guides her right hand against his crotch, while she starts to unhook his belt with her left hand.

"Mmmmmm..." Jericho moans as Trish rubs his crotch with her right hand as she pulls his belt through the loops of his jeans with her left hand. Moments later, Trish unbutton and unzips Jericho's jeans as he takes off his t-shirt, revealing his nicely muscular and toned upper body.

Trish licks her lips and looks sweetly at Chris Jericho before she starts to lower his jeans from his waist as she starts to lower herself down onto her knees.

"Guess you didn't need the pep talk..." Jericho says with a smile as Trish pulls down his jeans, freeing his large thick and hardening cock.

Trish smiles and cutely laughs as she places her left hand around his shaft and starts to smoothly stroke his hand back and forth against his cock.

"Ahhhh..." Jericho moans as Trish strokes his cock while he steps out of his jeans and kicks them to the side.

Trish lightly tosses her blond hair back as she leans her head in and starts to gently slide her wet tongue against the upper portion of his shaft, while keeping her hand down at the base.

"Awwwww... mmmm..." Jericho moans as Trish slides her tongue all over the upper half of his cock, coating it with her saliva.

Trish taps her wet tongue against the head of Jericho's shaft before she parts her lips and takes his cock into her mouth. Trish wraps her pouty lips around Jericho's cock and starts to smoothly bob her head.

On the other side of the king size bed, Rey Mysterio is sitting on the bed with Victoria kneeling between his legs as she bobs her head up and down on his large Mexican cock while she slides her hands over his thighs.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Victoria moans as she viciously bobs her head, sucking on Rey Mysterio's meaty shaft. Victoria's lips wickedly grind against Rey's shaft as she moves her hands back and forth against his muscular thighs, repeatedly bobbing her head down on his cock.

"Awww yeah.... mmmm fuck..." Rey moans as he places his hands behind himself on the bed as the raven haired Diva sucks and slurps on his large pole.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm Gahhhh! Gahhhhhh!" Victoria moans and forcibly gags on Mysterio's cock as she firmly drops her head down, taking him incredibly deep into her viciously hot mouth.

Meanwhile, Chris Jericho is now laying on the king sized bed with Trish Stratus rocking back and forth on his rock hard cock as she faces Jenna Jameson as she is straddling Jericho's face as the first ever Undisputed Champion laps his tongue against the legendary porn star's hot wet pussy. "Mmmmm..." Jericho moans as he munches on Jenna's twat as Trish rides his cock.

Jenna licks her lips and leans her head back as she expertly grinds her snatch down on Jericho's mouth and tongue, teasing his tongue with her movements. "'re better then some of the guys I've been with..." Jenna moans. Trish has her hands on Jericho's nicely tanned and toned stomach as she smoothly bounces up and down is cock, feeling him occasionally popping his hips to thrust up.

"Mmmmmmm ahhhh..." Jericho moans as he thrusts his cock upward into Trish's twat, causing her to bounce higher on his tool. Jericho continues to slide his tongue all over Jenna's cunt as she lightly rides his face.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhhh...Chris..." Trish moans and bites down on her bottom lip as she continues to bounce and rock on Jericho's cock, with her nicely wet pussy grinding down on his shaft.

Meanwhile, Victoria is on all fours on the bed with Rey Mysterio behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. "Ahhhhh awww yeah... mmmm..." Rey groans as he deeply pumps his cock into Victoria's snatch.

Victoria grits her teeth and turns her head to seductively glare back at Rey Mysterio as she rocks back on her knees, her viciously hot, rounded and toned ass smacking loudly against Mysterio's waist. "Ohhhhh...ahhhhhhh yeah!" Victoria moans.

"Mmmmmm shit.... ahhhhh yeah..." Rey moans as he plows his cock all the way into Victoria's pussy. The force of Rey's thrusts causes Victoria's two pigtails to bounce every time he pumps into her.

"Mmmmmmm...come on little boy! Ahhhhhhh ram it deeper!" Victoria moans and braces her arms against the bed as Rey starts to immediately thrust into her at a quicker pace.

Meanwhile, Trish Stratus is laying on the king size bed with Chris Jericho kneeling between her legs, thrusting his cock swiftly into her pussy as he holds her gorgeous legs up in the air.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as her body slides forward against the bed as Jericho firmly pumps his cock into her tight, wet snatch. "Ohhhhh...mmmmm shit Chris..." Trish moans.

"Mmmmmm yeah Trish... mmmmmm yeah..." Jericho moans as he quickens the pace of his thrusts as he fucks Trish's pussy as she slides over the soft surface of the bed.

Trish looks up at Jericho and sweetly smiles up at him as she pushes eagerly against his thrusts. "Ohhhhh baby...ohhhh..."

Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson is laying on her back as Rey plows his cock swiftly into her hot pussy while Victoria is straddling Jenna's face so that the porn star legend can eat her pussy. "Mmmmm fuck... damn..." Rey groans as he watches Victoria get her pussy eaten by Jenna Jameson as he fucks her.

Jenna moans against Victoria's snatch as she expertly flicks her tongue against the vicious vixen's pussy, starting to teasingly dart her tongue inside of her warm and wet pussy. Jenna wraps her gorgeously smooth, tanned legs around Rey's waist and pushes against his thrusting cock.

"Awwwww mmmmmm..." Rey moans as he places his hands on Jenna's hips as he firmly pumps his cock into her pussy as she pushes against him to match his pace.

Victoria tilts her head back and wickedly smirks as she grinds her pussy down against Jenna's mouth and tongue as she looks forward and sees Rey intently ramming his cock into Jenna's pussy.

Meanwhile, Trish Stratus is on all fours, watching Rey, Jenna and Victoria while also lustfully pushing back against Chris Jericho as he deeply fucks her pussy. "Ahhhh mmmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Jericho groans as Trish's ass cheeks smack against his gorgeous waist as he rams his cock repeatedly into her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh...mmmmm damn Chris..." Trish moans and leans her head down as she rocks forward while on her hands and knees as Jericho swiftly pumps his cock into her from behind.

"Mmmmm ahhhh enjoying yourself Trish?" Jericho asks in between his groans as he plows his cock repeatedly into Trish's hot tight and wet cunt.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhh yeah...mmmmm of course baby..." Trish moans as her gorgeously rounded, nicely toned and tanned ass smacks against his waist.

Meanwhile, Victoria is standing and bent forward over the bed as Rey stands behind her, thrusting his cock deeply and firmly into her pussy. "Ahhhh mmmmm damn..." Rey groans as Victoria rocks back on her feet to push herself against his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhh fuck!" Victoria grits her teeth and starts to firmly push back against his cock, grinding her vicious pussy against his thrusting shaft. "Mmmmmm...come on little boy! that all you've got!?"

"Mmmmmm no it's not..." Rey Mysterio replies as he again increases the pace of his thrusts, nearly causing Victoria to fall forward onto the bed.

"Ohhhhhhhh....mmmmm fuck!" Victoria moans and grits her teeth again as she aggressively pushes back.

Meanwhile, Jericho is standing next to the king size bed as Jenna Jameson is kneeling and leaning forward towards him so that she can bob her head on his cock that has been inside of Trish Stratus's pussy for nearly half an hour, "Mmmmm ahhhh..." Jericho moans as Jenna sucks and slurps on his cock.

Jenna places her hands onto Jericho's gorgeously tanned and nicely muscular 'Sexy Beast' of a waist as she steadily and swiftly bobs her head, working over his cock with her tremendous porn quality skill.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmmmmm fuck..." Jericho moans as the porn star legend bobs her head briskly on his cock even as she repeatedly takes it deep into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!" Jenna moans as her sultry and moist, soft lips brush back and forth on Jericho's cock, guiding him skillfully deeper into her mouth.

Meanwhile Rey Mysterio is laying on the bed with Trish rocking back and forth on his large cock as Victoria finishes securing a strap-on dildo around her waist. Victoria steps up onto the bed and grins at Trish. "Ahhhh what are you... doing with that?" Trish moans with wide eyes as she looks up at Victoria while she rocks swiftly on Rey's large cock.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and smirks down at Trish Stratus as she stands in front of her. "Awww....poor innocent Trish Stratus..." Victoria says as she places her hand onto Trish's blond hair head, lightly petting her hair. "You don't expect me to think you're really that stupid, do you Trish?"

"Ahhhh ohhhh fuck..." Rey groans from underneath Trish as she rides his stiff cock.

Trish licks her lips and looks up at Victoria before she opens her mouth and takes over half of the strap-on dildo into her mouth before she starts to bob her head on it.

" a good little slut Trish...that's what you are..." Victoria smirks and places her hands onto the back of Trish's head, forcing her down deeper on the strap-on.

Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson is facing away from Chris Jericho as she bounces up and down on his cock as he thrusts it upward into her pussy, "Mmmmmm ahhh yeah..." Jericho moans as he places his hands on Jenna's slender hips as she leans back and places her hands on his chest.

Jenna raises an eyebrow and glances back at Chris Jericho with a smirk on her face. "Mmmmm...seems like your friend....ahhhh is getting the hang of it..." Jenna says with a moan as she skillfully bounces up and down on his cock.

"Mmmmmm Trish just needed to warm up a bit..." Jericho replies with a grunt as he starts to thrust his cock upward into Jenna's tight snatch as she skillfully bounces on his dick.

Jenna licks her lips and nods her head "Mmmm...she's pretty fuckin' hot..." Jenna says as she bounces firmly on Jericho's cock, smoothly rocking on his shaft. "'ve tapped that before?"

"Ahhhhh oh yeah... she's worth a lot... in Canadian Dollars..." Jericho replies with a grin as Jenna grinds her snatch on his cock.

Meanwhile, Trish Stratus is on all fours with Victoria behind her, slamming the strap-on dildo in and out of Trish's wet and hot pussy, Trish licks her lips and looks back at Victoria, "Ahhhhh ohhh fuck... come on you hot psycho..." Trish moans as she pushes back against her long-time rival.

" like that you little slut!? Huh!? You like that Trish!?" Victoria tauntingly legs as she reaches forward and grabs a handful of Trish's blond hair as she firmly rocks forward on her knees to pound Trish's pussy with the strap-on.

"Mmmmmm fuck! Ohhhh yes... fuck me harder.... come on... come on fuck me!" Trish moans as she arches her back so that Victoria can pull her head back further as she deeply hammers Trish's snatch with the strap-on dildo.

"Mmmmmmm yeah...such a slut!" Victoria wickedly moans and laughs as she deeply rams the strap-on into Trish, jerking her head sharply back.

Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson is now mounted on top of Rey Mysterio as Chris Jericho is behind her guiding his cock into her gorgeous ass. "Mmmmm fuck..." Jericho groans as he starts to fuck Jenna's ass while Rey begins to thrust upward into her pussy.

Jenna Jameson licks her lips and sets her hands onto Rey's muscular chest as she rocks forward on his shaft, while Jericho pumps his cock into her incredible ass. "Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhh fuck yeah..." Jenna as she works her body between the two WWE Superstars.

"Ahhhhh fuck.... awwww..." Rey groans as Jenna rocks sharply on his cock in order to push back against Jericho. Rey and Jericho gradually increases the pace of their thrusts as they deeply fuck Jenna's pussy and ass with their large meaty cocks.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck...ohhhhhhhhh..." Jenna moans as she bounces swiftly on Rey's cock, while rocking back against Jericho's cock with her gorgeous ass smacking against his waist.

Meanwhile, Victoria is laying on the king-sized bed as Trish Stratus bounces up and down on her large strap-on dildo as Victoria sharply thrusts it up into her. "Mmmmmm ohhh fuck... mmmmm... who knew you were so much fun..." Trish groans as she places her hands on Victoria's large sweat coated tits.

Victoria grits her teeth as she aggressively drives the strap-on upward into Trish's pussy, causing the blond haired beauty to bounce more quickly.

"Ohhhh shit.... mmmmmm fuck.... better than... some guys..." Trish moans loudly as she bounces at a quicker pace on Victoria's strap-on.

"'re such a slut love it!" Victoria moans as she drives the strap-on roughly up into her wet, tight snatch.

Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson is laying on her right side with Rey Mysterio behind her, thrusting his cock into her ass while Jericho is in front of her, deeply fucking her pussy. "Ahhhh ohhh fuck mmmmm..." Rey groans as pumps his cock repeatedly into Jenna's asshole as she moves between himself and Jericho.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh fuck...ohhhhhhh!" The sultry Jenna moans as she places her hands onto Jericho's chest as she sharply rocks forward as Rey pounds his cock into her stunning ass.

"Awwwww mmmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Jericho groans as he thrsuts his cock swiftly into Jenna's tight wet pussy. Rey places a hand on Jenna's waist as he drives his entire cock into Jenna's ass.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhh boys need to think about future career....ahhhhhh options..." Jenna moans as her body works between Mysterio and Jericho. " have you...ahhhhh on Club Jenna..."

Meanwhile, Trish Stratus is laying on the bed with her legs draped over the shoulders of Victoria as her raven-haired rival is eating her hot wet pussy. Trish grabs hold of Victoria's pigtails, "Mmmmm yeah.... ohhhh eat that cunt Victoria.... mmmm ohhh fuck!" Trish moans as Victoria works her tongue all over her snatch.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh..." Victoria moans as she flicks her vicious tongue against Trish's wet snatch before she starts to sharply thrust her tongue inward.

"Mmmmm fuck you're a hungry pussy eating slut Victoria.... ohhh yes!" Trish arches her back as Victoria pushes her tongue deep into her. Chris Jericho soon moves to kneel behind Victoria and he licks his lips as he slams his cock into Victoria's juicy round ass.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm!" Victoria moans into Trish's gorgeous pussy as Chris Jericho starts to thrust into her vicious ass from behind, causing her to rock on her knees.

"Ohhh yeah baby..." Jericho moans as he pumps his cock in and out of Victoria's ass. Trish licks her lips and pulls a bit harder on Victoria's pigtails as Victoria continues to munch on her pussy.

Victoria presses her hands down onto the bed and starts to firmly pushes back against Jericho's cock, smacking her ass against his waist with Jericho deeply penetrating her.

Meanwhile, Jenna Jameson has her ass raised into the air as she rests her head on a pillow while Rey Mysterio continues to pound her juicy hot ass with his large stiff cock. "Ahhhhh mmmm... ahhhh..." Rey grunts as he hammers Jenna's ass relentlessly.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhhh yeah...ohhhhhhh..." Jenna moans pleasurably as she rocks lightly on her knees as Rey Mysterio firmly thrusts his meaty and long shaft into her tight, porn star quality ass.

"Mmmmm shit... ahhh fuck yeah..." Rey groans as he grabs Jenna's gorgeous hips as he repeatedly hammers her asshole with swift, firm and deep thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm...ohhhhhhh fuck..." Jenna groans and grits her teeth as she takes Rey's cock deeply into her ass, with his ballsack lightly smacking against her ass.

Meanwhile, Trish Stratus is once again on top of Chris Jericho, rocking on his upward thrusting cock while behind her, Victoria is working her large strap-on into Trish's gorgeous ass. "Mmmmm shove it in already!" Trish moans and snaps at Victoria who proceeds to ram her strap-on into Trish's ass. "Ohhhh FUCK!" Trish moans as Victoria impales her ass as she rides Chris Jericho.

"Dirty slut..." Victoria smirks as she places her hands onto Trish's gorgeous hips and starts to firmly pump into her tight asshole, causing her to sharply rock forward on Jericho's cock.

"Mmmmmm shit.... ahhhhh..." Jericho groans loudly as Trish bounces and rocks on his cock at a very brisk pace.

Trish looks back at Victoria with a seductive glare and gritted teeth, "Fuck that ass... fuck it hard!" Trish moans as she rocks between Jericho and Victoria as they double team her.

"Mmmmmmm...take it you slut!" Victoria moans as she deeply forces the strap-on into Trish's ass, causing her to sharply rock forward on Jericho's cock.

Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio is standing on the king sized bed, using the headboard to balance himself as Jenna Jameson is kneeling in front of him sliding her large juicy tits up and down against the sides of his throbbing cock. "Mmmmm fuck..." The masked Superstar moans as the porn star legend tit-fucks his cock.

" like that baby?" Jenna asks in a seductive, playful voice as she moves her upper body to work his cock between her incredibly large and juicy tits.

"Mmmmmm ohhh yeah... awwww shit..." Rey moans as his cock begins to erupt with warm sticky cum from the piss slit as Jenna continues to pump her tits against his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhhh yeah..." Jenna groans as she leans her head and starts to lap her tongue against the head of Rey's cock, as his warm cum continues to gush out.

"Ahhhh god damn..." Rey moans as Jenna laps her tongue against his cum-erupting cock while using her tits to milk every drop of spunk from his dick until he's completely spent.

"Mmmmmm...." Jenna moans, licking her lips as she slyly looks up at Rey Mysterio.

Meanwhile Chris Jericho is standing and looking down in amazement as Trish Stratus and Victoria have their hands locked around his cock so they stroke it together as they smack their tongues against one another's and the head of his throbbing shaft. "Mmmmmm fuck..." Jericho moans as the two rival Divas tag team his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...." Trish moans as she slides her tongue off the head of Jericho's cock and down the side of his shaft, while Victoria's tongue dominates the head, slyly circling her vicious tongue.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh..." Jericho moans as Trish's tongue down the length of his cock before sliding it back up to join Victoria's tongue at the head of his shaft. With both tongues again attacking the head of his shaft, Trish and Victoria squeeze Jericho's throbbing cock with their hands causing his cock to unload more cum than either of them were anticipating.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm....." Victoria moans as her tongue slides against Trish's tongue with Jericho's cum spraying out and lightly splattering both of their faces.

"Mmmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Jericho moans as Victoria and Trish continue to stroke his cock until every ounce of cum has shot from it and lands either on their tongues or their faces.

Trish Stratus stands up from the floor and licks her lips as she raises her left hand and uses the tips of her fingers to wipe Jericho's cum off of her face.

Jenna Jameson approaches Trish and Victoria as the raven-haired Diva also stands up from the floor, "So ladies... did you two enjoy yourselves as much as I think you did?" Jenna asks with a grin.

Trish smiles and nods her head. "Oh yeah...that was crazy!" Trish says with a laugh.

Victoria grits her teeth and turns her head immediately to Trish. "Who the hell are calling crazy!?" Victoria yells.

Jenna laughs, "She didn't call you crazy... calm down Victoria..." Jenna says, "I do got one more question for the two of you... when your wrestling days are done, would you two want to join Club Jenna... the two of you would make an awesome team..."

Trish Stratus raises an eyebrow as she glances at Victoria before she laughs and looks at Jenna. "Ummm...Jenna...Victoria and I do not get along..."

"Really? Could have fooled me with the way she was fucking you, it look liked you two do it a lot..." Jenna replies with a grin.

Victoria crosses her arms and smirks. "Trish can't handle me..."

"Is that true?" Jenna Jameson asks as she looks at Trish.

Trish presses her lips together and looks back at Victoria. "I can handle her...any time, any place"

Jenna grins slyly and then looks to the camera, "Well, you saw the challenge being made... be on the look out for another Club Jenna exclusive to see my two hottie friends go at it..." Jenna says.


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