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from wwekiller.

Jericho Gets Stephanie
by ThePac

"And once your pimp finally gets over the 2 dollar mark for your fat ass
Steph, you will finally get your dirty, disgusting, brutal bottom feeding
trash bag hoe ass off the streets then things will never eeeeeeeeeeeever be
the same again."

The fans roar with approval as their favorite Chris Jericho finishes yet
another insulting promo aimed at the billon dollar princess. Music starts to
play as Triple H's wife Stephanie McMahon walks out with a dark angry scowl
on her face. She tries to ignore the crowds boos and lifts up her microphone.

"You see Chris Jericho I look at you and all this ill educated people out
there as being jealous, jealous of me and my beauty, jealous of me and my
brains, jealous of my..

"Of your big round fake boobies," Jericho finishes and the crowd goes nuts,
the announcer's gasp and Stephanie's face turns to thunder at the very
personal insult.

"See there's your problem right there Stephanie Mc Big Mac's [another loud
gasp and huge cheer from the crowd] you seem to think that everyone in this
company is willing to pay the two dollars to see you get down and dirty."

Stephanie's eyes narrow as Jericho keeps insulting her on live TV and now
looks to the sold out arena who are all on their feet chanting `Slut Slut
Slut' at her.

"You can hear them Steph no one in this arena wants to pay a few dollars from
something with less hygiene than a sewer rat so turn your little 50 cent ass
around and run back to big daddy, pimp princess," Jericho says leaving the
fans on their feet chanting his name.

Steph composes herself as she lifts the mike up again, "Well Chris thank for
that touching display of affection and now it's time for me to announce your
match tonight, it will be you Y2J facing the WWF Champion the Game Triple H.
and me in a two on one handicap match."

Jericho pretends to act all shocked running around the ring in fear begging
with the camera guy to help him.

"So Chris enjoy your little insult's because after the McMahon-Hemlsely era
is though with you there will be nothing left of you for this fans to care
about," Steph says with a grin as she walks off stage leaving Jericho trying
hard not to laugh when he stops, thinking for a second then smiles wildly and
talks into the lense of the camera saying tonight you are in for a show you
will never forget.

It's now main event time on Raw and time for the 2 on 1 handicap match and
out first comes the Game in his normal black wrestling trunks with the WWF
title around his waist as he takes a sip from his trademark water bottle.
Behind him Stephanie walks out a look of confidence and anger displayed on
her face in her wrestling attire of a black t-shirt and sweatpants with black
wrestling boots on. They are both in the ring waiting for Jericho who comes
out to his normal loud explosion of fireworks on the ramp. Amazingly Jericho
is walking into a 2 on 1 match with a big smile on his face and he isn't
posing for the fans either he just slides into the ring and gets right in the
face of Triple H. The ref rings the bell and makes Steph stand on the ring
apron holding the tag rope while Jericho and HHH are still stood there nose
to nose in the centre of the ring. As Triple H starts to move Jericho head
butts him right in the forehead knocking him back into the ropes then
unleashes 3 hard knife edge chops lighting up the Game's chest. Now Y2J whips
him off the ropes and catches him bouncing back with a spinning heel kick
dropping Triple H to the mat and makes Stephanie cry out for her husband to
get up.

Jericho looks at her and grins as he runs at the ropes leaping off them for a
perfect lionsault crashing all his weight onto the chest of HHH. Triple H is
now trying to crawl away and get some distance between him and Jericho but
Jericho grabs his leg and pulls him all the way back into the centre of the
ring. Once their Jericho drops three quick elbows to the back of the Game's
head then a low dropkick hitting him in the side of the head. The fans are
watching in shock they have never seen anyone dominate the Game like this
before and amazingly Jericho still has a smile on his face. Stephanie is
begging her husband to get up which he does but he has to use the ropes to
find his feet and when he turns around Jericho catches him right in the face
with a dropkick knocking him back down. Triple H is on dream street so
Jericho grabs him by the hair and takes a running start and tosses the Game
over the top rope. As Triple H fly's over the top rope his foot catches the
top rope sending his body crashing head first onto the mat knocking him out
on impact. Stephanie screams as her husband lands head first on the floor and
is knocked out cold.

Steph has rushed to the outside along with the referee to check on Triple H
who is lying down out cold on the floor. The ref takes one look at the Game
and calls for medical help from the back and the crowd would normally be in a
hushed silence as the stretcher comes down but Jericho is in ring
entertaining them by acting like Triple H making them laugh as Triple H has
an oxygen mask tied to his face. Stephanie is in near tears as Triple H is
strapped down and get wheeled out of the arena but as the stretcher goes up
the ramp Steph looks round to see Jericho staring at her with that same sick
grin on his face. Steph remembers all the things she has done to Y2J over the
past two years, all the beating, humiliations and the fact she cost Y2Y the
WWF title are all fresh in her mind. She screams and starts to run away but
Jericho has a head start on her and grabs Steph by her long brown hair and
pushes her back into the ring and her screams make no difference as all the
WWF refs and backstage staff have gone checking on Triple H so she is all
alone. In the ring Steph crawls away while begging and asking Chris Jericho
not to hurt her but Jericho is moving towards her with a real purpose.

Getting hold of Steph's ankle he drags her back into the centre of the ring
then flips her over onto her stomach. With great strength Jericho wraps his
arms around Steph's mid section lifting her up and placing her over his knee.
Stephanie screams as she feels her ass sticking up in the air as Jericho
holds her down and she tries wriggling but all that does is shake her ass for
the crowd who are all on their feet watching the action unfold. Y2J raises
his left hand and brings it down with a loud smack on Steph's ass making the
youngest McMahon scream in pain making him smile as he lifts his arm up
again. The crowd counts with Jericho as he gives the princess a billon dollar
spanking on her asscheeks as Steph thrashes around as her ass is lit up by
Jericho's hard spanks. After 20 Chris starts stroking her ass making Steph
moan until she realizes it's Jericho who is touching her and tries to break
free again. Jericho fires off 5 quick hard spanks shutting Steph up as tears
of pain form in her eyes making her makeup run as Jericho's right hand moves
around Steph's mid section and grabs the bottom of Steph's shirt. In one
swift tug the shirt is pulled up and over Steph's head giving the fans a view
of those big fake tits incased in a black sports bra.

Crying out in embarrassment Steph moves her arms around trying to cover her
bra from the crowd's view but as she did that Jericho quickly gives her big
ass 5 more hard spanks making her scream. Jericho now uses both hands to get
inside the waistband of Steph's pants and to her horror he starts to yank
them down. The cheers from the crowd are almost deafening as Steph's pants
are pulled down her thighs and legs letting the hold world see Mrs. HHH in
her plain black panties. Steph is back to begging Jericho to stop stripping
her but he doesn't and keeps pulling her pants down to her feet. In one
motion he pushes Steph off his knee as he finishes ripping off her pants
meaning the end result is Stephanie lying in the middle of the ring in just
her bra and panties. She has never been so humiliated before and quickly she
spins around and tries to make her escape but Jericho pulls her back and
stands her up. Steph uses her arms to cover up her underwear but Jericho is
having none of it knocking her hands away then hooking his fingers into the
front of her bra lets out a primal scream then rips the bra clean off
Stephanie. The scream that erupts from Steph's mouth is one of the loudest
screams ever heard on Monday Night Raw as she struggles to cover up her big
white boobs but Jericho fights with her all the way making her boobs bounce
around mesmerizing all the fans around the world. Even Jericho is getting
turned on my the sight of princess Stephanie's massive rack and once Jericho
is able to use one hand to hold Steph's wrists together and behind her back
he takes in a good long stare at her tits.

Steph's entire face has turned bright red as one of her worst enemy's is
getting an up close and personal look at her tits not to mention all the
millions and millions of WWF fans around the world. Jericho's eyes have still
not left Steph's tits and he can't help but lower his face into her cleavage
rubbing his face into the McMahon's bosom. Screaming as she feels Jericho's
face in her rack but they soon turn to moans as Jericho traces his tongue
over her boobs his softness surprising Steph and makes her wet. His tongue
licking every inch of her billon dollar boobs Jericho finally reaches her
dark pink nipples which to his amazement are standing fully erect on her
chest and Jericho looks up to see Steph's face a mix of horror, embarrassment
and enjoyment. With Jericho's witty mouth now sucking on her nipples Steph
shuts her eyes and tries to wish this whole thing away as live on Raw is the
very last place she wants her enemy to pleasure her. Try as she might
Jericho's tongue is touching her better than any man she had ever been with
and her arms stop fighting, her feet stop moving and she just stands there
desperate not to moan out loud and expose all the pleasure she is getting
from this.

Chris uses his left hand to slowly massage her right breast hoping it will
bring out the moan of pleasure he so wants from Stephanie. With a tongue and
hand working over her tits Steph is no longer able to keep control of her
emotions as her pussy juice is soaking right though her panties. Every
wrestling fan around the world stops still as Stephanie McMahon-Hemlsely
moans and groans as Chris Jericho works on her tits. Hearing the brunette
moan sounds so good to Jericho that he lets Steph go making her fall to the
mat making her boobs shake as she hits to canvas. Steph looks up to see
Jericho standing over and she tries to get away but is too slow. Jericho has
grabbed her by the back of her panties as is slowly pulling her back to the
center of the ring but is also yanking them down showing off her bare ass.
Still trying to cover up her boobs Stephanie lets out a fresh scream as
Jericho is pulling down her panties and she tries to stop him but can't cover
up her tits and pull back up her panties. Steph's screams turn into pure
panic as her panties slide past her knees when her fingers let go of her
stretched out panties allowing Jericho to fully take them off.

Seeing Stephanie McMahon lying naked in the ring is a fantasy a lot of
wrestling fans at home and in the arena and to see it finally happen is
amazing. The cheering in the arena is the loudest reaction Jericho has ever
heard in a wrestling ring. He looks down at Steph who knows she has been
humiliated beyond all belief and he can't help but feel aroused. Stephanie is
sliding across the mat trying desperately to cover up her naked form but is
not having much luck as thousands of camera flashes are aimed at her. Jericho
licks his lips staring down at Steph's naked body, her perfect big boobs
still with his spit gleaming off the lights. Her complete white thighs make
Jericho so hard in his tights as she moves backwards every so often exposing
her shaved pussy. Steph looks up at Jericho who has a strange look in his
eyes looking her up and down a little bit like the look on Triple H's face
when they reach the climax of their lovemaking. She has forgotten about the
fans, the arena and the TV cameras in her mind it's only her and Jericho and
Steph knows in her mind what Chris has planned for her.

Jericho looks up at the fans for a second and they all fall quiet wondering
what their Canadian hero is up to and how much more will he humiliate
Stephanie. Rubbing his sweaty palms onto the spandex of his tights as he
advances towards the billon dollar princess who is begging him to stop. Tears
start to form in Steph's eyes as Jericho moves towards her but her mouth
opens wide and her eyes grow as Chris undoes his tights. Jericho slides his
pants off his hips letting his dick fly out into the open air and the whole
arena gasps. Kicking off the spandex sending it flying out of the ring Chris
Jericho stands proud, naked bar his wrestling boots in the centre of the
ring. His 10 inch cock is fully erect and bobbing up and down, it's dark
purple head staring straight at Stephanie who is no longer scared but
intrigued. She has never had a man that big and Steph knows enough about
sexually active men to know that Jericho will not take no for an answer. A
little voice in the back of her head reminds her that she is married to the
Game, a man who's cock is big enough to satisfy her every single night but
watching Chris's big cock swinging towards her, her mind stops thinking
straight as her pussy starts aching. She can't help but to use the hand
covering her pussy to stroke herself touching the slight wetness caused by
watching Jericho's cock move towards her.

Smiling to himself Jericho watches Steph touch herself he has seen women
react like that when they first see his god given gift. Steph forgets about
the crowd as she climbs up to her knees letting her hands fall to her side
exposing her big tits fully for the first time. Hands on his hips Jericho
pushes his dick forward only a few inches away from Stephanie's mouth making
the brunette lick her lips and smudging her bright red lip gloss. Just a look
from Y2J to Steph tells her what to do next as she opens her mouth letting
inch after inch of Jericho's thick cock into her mouth brushing up against
the walls of her throat. Steph clamps her mouth down on Jericho's cock
holding 7 full inches in her mouth. She can feel the head rubbing up against
the back of her throat nearly making her choke but she fights back the urge.
Slowly Chris rocks his hips forward and back pushing his dick in-between her
cherry red lips making a smacking noise that just fills Jericho's ears
turning him on even more. The crowd is in shock; never in a million years did
they think they would see Stephanie McMahon butt naked in the center of the
ring sucking off her rival Y2J. Steph's instincts have taken over, she has
forgotten she is the Game's wife, she's forgot she is the daughter of Vince
McMahon and she is here on national TV naked giving a man a blowjob.

Her head starts moving faster over Jericho's cock sucking over every inch of
him making him groan in appreciation. Steph even uses her favorite trick
during a blowjob of curling her tongue around the massive dick in her mouth
and trickles her tongue along the under side of it. Chris gets hold of his
long blonde hair and pulls at it hard as the pleasure builds up in his balls
from Stephanie's hard sucking. He had never had a blowjob this good in his
life and he was now very glad he had gotten her naked and horny. Steph didn't
let up even when she felt Jericho's moans increase all she wanted to do was
suck on this big cock until there was nothing left. Jericho can feel the cum
building up inside of him and he makes a spilt second decision to make
Stephanie drink up all of his seed. Not holding back Jericho controls his
breathing as Stephanie's slutty mouth works overtime on him and his large
cock. Using all her mouth Steph rocks her head around, slurping on Jericho's
cock making the young superstar groan in ecstasy. He screams out loud and
fires a wave of sperm straight down Stephanie's mouth making the rich,
spoiled brat take all of his cum in her mouth.

Steph tries to spit out all of Jericho's seed but there is too much of it to
take so her swallowing instinct takes effect and like a good little slut she
soaks up every last bit of Y2J's cum. Jericho can't help but have a large
smile on his face as he watches princess Stephanie suck up all his cum like a
thirsty man drinking water. Pulling his limp cock out of her mouth Jericho
steps back and looks at Steph still kneeling on the mat licking up the rest
of his cum which is covering her lips. Moving towards her Jericho gets down
on his knees in front of her reaching forward his fingers lightly brushing
her stiff nipples. Steph's head rocks backwards as Chris's expert fingertips
touch the sensitive parts of her nipples bringing up deep feeling of lust
inside of her. Lightly putting his palms on her big boobs pushing her
backwards and the second her back hits the mat her legs spread out wide.
Jericho takes a second to stare at Stephanie's shaved pussy, which is already
lubed up with her own juices. He moves up and rubs his index finger against
her swollen pussy lips of Stephanie making her scream out loud. Steph's eyes
widen as she feels Jericho's finger pushing up inside of her, stroking all of
her very sensitive pussy, which is just leaking pre cum. Chris has been with
enough women to know when one is right on the brink of an orgasm and at the
moment Steph is on the brink so he adds his middle finger inside of her.

That is the breaking point for Steph who covers her bright red face in
embarrassment as Jericho's fingers make her cum in the middle of the ring.
Standing up Jericho inspects Steph whose orgasm was so intense that it
brought tears to her eyes. Chris's blue eyes spy the damp patch on the
canvas, which Steph is sitting in and as he licks her cum off his two
fingers, the image of little rich girl Stephanie naked and sitting in her own
juices only helps to turn him on. His left hand moves down and grabs his limp
cock and starts stroking it softly to the sight and sounds of a sobbing
Stephanie McMahon. Steph looks up with tear filled eyes to see Chris
towering over her jacking himself off and she knows that he wants to do to
her naked body, fuck her hard and to her own surprise she wants him to.
Feeling herself move without thought Steph slides across the mat out of the
wet patch and positions herself on her back with her legs spread out wide.
Jericho looks deeply at Steph jerking his cock hard till all 10 inches are
erect and pointing directly at Steph's pussy. Moving faster than she thought
possible Jericho gets close to her dropping to his knee, while his arms wrap
around her hips holding her ass and pushing her up. With her pussy now up at
a better height for Jericho's cock, all Steph can do is hold on tight and
hope Jericho doesn't break anything. Steph thought she knew all about the way
men fucked as in her long experience they liked to slowly ease in before
going hard but no one had told Jericho who shoved a good 5 inches inside of
her in one thrust.

HARDER," Stephanie screams out loud enough for most of the arena to hear her.

Those loud screams however don't stop Jericho from pushing in further inside
her. Steph tries to wriggle her hips out of the firm grasp of Y2J but he has
just to good of a hold of her to move. She now must lie there as Jericho is
fully inside of her and starts thrusting into her hard, smacking his hips
into hers. The sound and feeling that huge dick pumping inside of her has
Stephanie at a difficult crossroads of pain and pleasure. Sweat starts to
form on Y2J's forehead as his hips thrust faster and harder pumping Steph's
cunt hard bringing yet more cries of pain from the youngest McMahon. All of
this pain makes Steph cry but past all this pain she can feel the head of his
cock push up and gently touch her throbbing G-spot making her moan in
pleasure. Jericho grins when he hears the first moan escape from Stephanie's
sweet lips as that's what always happens when he fucks woman this hard. First
they hate it they scream, yell, beg and say it hurts but eventually they all
start moaning and groaning like an out of work porn star. So Jericho moves
even faster working his dick in and out of the billon dollar princess's cunt,
while she digs her well-manicured nails into the mat moaning and begging him
for more.

Jericho keeps up the pace as he slams into her harder watching her chest as
every time he smacks into her, it makes boobs bounce around making them look
even better. Steph can no longer hold off the pleasure and she starts to
grind her hips into Jericho's as he slams into her, while her right hand cups
one of her own tits and slowly starts to rub her erect nipple. Her other hand
is busy stroking her long brown hair out of her sweat covered face as Jericho
pushes in further. Even thought Stephanie had already cum just ten minutes
ago she can feel another orgasm building up inside of her and she can't fight
her feelings. His arms move up onto Steph's back holding her steady and
allowing Jericho to get a better and closer look at her big boobs. Y2J
hungrily cranes his neck forward allowing his lips to wrap around her erect
nipples making her gasp out in pleasure as Jericho's tongue sucks on her
nipples. Moaning as Jericho moves faster and faster into her dripping wet
pussy, Stephanie screams out at the top of her lungs as she cums all over
Jericho's powerful cock. He stops thrusting letting Steph finish her second
orgasm and her high pitch screaming but then pulls out of her and flips her
over onto her stomach. She groans in pain as her breasts crush against the
mat and Steph feels Jericho's arms locking around her waist holding her tight
and lifting her ass up in the air.

That second hard orgasm has Steph feeling very light headed and every single
time Jericho touches her feels so sensitive to her. So she can feel Chris's
left hand slide down her back to her asscheeks but is powerless to stop him
as his fingers stroke the rim of her asshole making her shiver. Steph is so
scared, she is an anal virgin so she is praying that Chris doesn't do her
there as his big cock will rip apart her poor untouched ass. Jericho spreads
open Stephanie's cheeks staring at her ass then with his right index finger
shoves it roughly into her ass. The howl of pain from Steph sounds like
something out of a horror movie as she bucks her hips in vain as Jericho's
intrusive finger moves deeper into her rectum. He can tell from just sticking
one finger into her that little princess Stephanie has never had anything put
into her ass and that makes Chris grin as he thinks ahead to putting his big
cock into her ass and the screams of pain he will hear from her. Chris
readjusts his arms around her waist, he knows she doesn't have the strength
left in her body to get away but Jericho wants to make sure he gets as close
to 10 inches into her ass. Steph moans when she feels Jericho's cock rubbing
up against her pussy lips which are covered in her own juices but she feels
his cock slide past her pussy and slowly trailing up her thigh. She wants to
scream rape, tell him to stop then call the police but Steph had always
wondered what it felt like having a man fuck her big ass. Once Steph had
wandered into a locker room to see Trish Stratus being fucked up the ass by
the 350 pound Albert and Steph loved the moans the blonde beauty made and she
had been trying to think of a way of asking Hunter to break in her ass but
now one of her worst enemy's is going to break her ass in without even being

Without another second wasted Jericho lines his dick up with Steph's ass and
thrusts in hard bringing loud screams of pain from Stephanie. 7 inches of
dick pushing deep into her ass making her very uncomfortable and has brought
yet more tears to her eyes. Kindly Jericho moves his hips in and out of her
slowly allowing her sore ass muscles time to adapt to his cock in her ass. He
even takes this time to dig his fingers into the two mounds of flesh on her
ass cheeks giving them a hard squeeze making her yell out some more as
Jericho pulls at her cheeks. Jericho increases the speed of his thrusting
rocking Steph back and forth making her tits wobble and shake to the delight
of the fans who have never seen anything like this before. There is still a
great deal of pain in Stephanie's ass but the more Jericho fucks her the more
she loses herself and the more pleasure builds up inside of her. Pulling his
blonde hair out of her eyes as he bangs her faster and faster Jericho is
pushing in harder as Steph combines loud painful screams with cries of joy.
Steph has moved off her front so she is on her hands and knees giving Jericho
better access to her ass and allows her to use her arms to support her weight
but her right hand is moving down her body towards her aching cunt.

Having already cum twice in the past hour Stephanie is amazed that she is
still so horny and that the man pushing all her buttons is Y2J. She moans
loudly again as her asshole is taking a pounding and Jericho is not slowing
down or stopping but appears to be going faster, which has half of Steph
moaning for a release while the other half is still thinking Jericho will
stop. Having given Steph's ass a good spanking bringing up a flushed pink
color on her cheeks Chris leans forward getting all 10 inches inside of
Stephanie who responses with a blood curdling scream. His hands reach around
her body rubbing and touching every inch of her skin making her moan with
each touch. Jericho's hands then find their way to her oversized tits
squeezing then in his palms, stretching out the flesh given to her by her
doctor. Steph's head is completely messed up with as Jericho doing all the
things to her that she had always wanted and he was doing them so well that a
small part of her hoped that Jericho would to do this to her all day every
day. Once again Steph can feel the orgasm building up inside of her that only
comes out of her mouth in a series of groans and pants.

Jericho pumps into her ass more and much harder than before as all of his
real attention are on pulling Steph's tits. She is in tears as she feels
Jericho go in even harder meaning that simply he isn't even close to being
finished with giving her the best fucking of her life so Steph bites down
hard on her tongue and closes her eyes tight hoping that would stop her
embarrassing herself by cumming for the third time. In Jericho's mind there
is no better feeling during sex than when a woman tries to fight off the
feeling of pleasure running though her but can't fight it. Stephanie screams
in a pure orgasmic sense as she cums all over Jericho's legs and all over the
mat owned by her father. Jericho lets Steph go limp in his arms as he pinches
her nipples and slowly rotating his massive dick inside her ass bringing huge
surges of excitement down her battered and aching spine. Steph moans her last
big moan and slowly drifts into a near sleep like state too tired to do
anything. So Jericho lets go of her boobs and pulls out of the billon dollar
princess and lays her back down on the mat.

Staring at Steph's amazing body Jericho only now realizes that he has only
cum once and Steph had swallowed away all the evidence so he kneels down
until he is sat on her stomach. With one hand Chris strokes his enormous cock
while his other hand works it away over Steph's much worked over tits. Steph
is only vaguely aware of what is going on but there is still a bit of feeling
left in her allowing her to moan slightly as Jericho's talented fingers work
over her boobs. Jericho is pumping harder and harder on his own cock as he
pinches Steph's nipples stretching them upwards before pulling up on the
mounds of flesh in her fake tits. The moment that takes Jericho over the edge
is when he looks at Stephanie's face and the thought crosses his mind of just
how many people had cum over that angelic face and Chris wanted to make it
one more. Faster and faster he jerks until he feels all the cum that has been
building up for a while suddenly shoot to the surface. Like a volcano, cum
just rockets out of Jericho's dick first coating Steph's tits in a layer of
white jizz until he is able to take aim at her face. He keeps shooting out
cum as he cries out screams of pure ecstasy letting his cum splash all over
Steph's face covering every inch of available skin in his seed. After almost
a minute of cumming Jericho stops and falls backwards panting like a man who
had just run a marathon, so tired after cumming nearly a sperm bank full of
cum onto Steph's body.

Chris is so out of it that he has to use the ring ropes to pull himself back
up to his feet and takes his first look down at the cum covered Stephanie.
She looks just like an erotic art painting as she lays there peacefully
drifting off to sleep with cum dripping off her nose and lips as it slides
down her forehead. Jericho is captivated by her chest nearly completely caked
in cum rising and falling softly as she takes a breath of air. Yanking up his
tights Jericho looks around and quickly runs out of the ring, over the fan's
barrier and off into the fans. Triple H stagers out though the curtain held
up by refs and he gets a huge ground-shaking scream from the fans. Confused
he looks up to see his wife lying in the ring and as he runs towards only to
find she is naked and covered in cum. HHH also realizes he is kneeling in
someone else's juices but he is to busy shouting at referee's to hurry and
cover up his beaten and humiliated bride. Steph is still sound asleep as a
blanket is wrapped around her naked form and her tired body is placed on a
stretcher. As she is wheeled out the fans start a very loud chant of `YOU'RE
A CUM SLUT' directed at Stephanie and as Triple H yells at the fans to stop
he too stops and thinks where the hell is Jericho. All the pieces fall into
place and Triple H falls into an incontrollable rage made even worse by the
thousands and thousands of video's pictures and talking about Stephanie's in
ring fucking all over the internet. Steph never spoke of the incident again
but ever so often she would think back to the time she was totally powerless
and she was taken to places she sexually never knew existed.


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