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Jericho's Night With Stephanie
by The David

Jim Ross: Jericho with a bulldog, now the lionsault, I think this could be
it King.

King: 1, 2, 3. It's over JR, we have a new World Heavyweight Champion, and
his name, is Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho stands up, sweat dripping off his hard body as Earl Hebner
hands him the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The crowd cheers Jericho loudly,
as he raises the title to the fans, as his song, "Don't You Wish You Were Me"
plays over the public address system. Jericho rolls out of the ring, and
walks up the ramp, slapping hands with some of his adoring fans. Once behind
the curtain, he heads towards his locker room, eager to shower, and get out
of the building...

Meanwhile, sitting in her office is Stephanie McMahon. She hasn't been on
television in awhile, but she's been at all the WWE shows, keeping in close
contact with the main event scene especially. She was the one who got Chris
this World Title shot, knowing that he could put on a good match with Benoit.
She didn't expect him to win, but now that he has, she's happy for him.
Stephanie stands up, and straightens her black skirt, and white blouse. She
runs a hand through her brown hair and smiles to herself, before grabbing
her purse, and exiting her office.

Jericho pulls on his Y2J "Highlight of the Night" shirt, over his bare chest,
fully dressed now. He places his title belt into his gear bag, and shuts it,
before lifting it up over his shoulder and opening the door to his locker
room, and walking out. Jericho walks along the empting hallways, and reaches
the parking lot, where, low and behold, Stephanie McMahon is, waiting on her
limo. Chris smiles at his former manager.

Chris: Hey Steph, what's a beautiful lady like you doing out here all by

Stephanie: I'm just waiting on my limo, champ. Congratulations on your
victory by the way.

Chris: Thanks, it's a long time coming. The last time I was on top, I main
evented Wrestlemania, with you in my corner, then I lost my title, and fell
from my position of power at the top. Now I'm back there, it feels great.

Stephanie: Good, so what are you going to do in celebration of winning?

Chris: I'm going to go my friend Bill's club down town. It's a VIP club, only
top notch people get in there. It's real exclusive. I'm going to have a few
drinks, and wind down. Maybe I'll dance if there are some good looking women
there. What about yourself, what are you doing tonight?

Stephanie: Oh me, I don't have any plans for tonight.

Chris: You want to come with me? It'll be better than spending the night
alone in a hotel room watching T.V. and ordering room service.

Stephanie: Sure, why not...

At about that time, Stephanie McMahon's limousine pulls up to a stop in front
of the two, and the driver gets out, walking to the back of the limo and
opening the door for the two.

Driver: Where too?

Chris: Head down to the Priceless Club.

Driver: Alright Mr. Jericho.

Stephanie and Chris get in the limo as the driver shuts the door and walks
back to his seat, and drives off.

About 15 minutes later, the limo pulls to a stop outside of the Priceless
Club, and the driver gets out, and opens the door for Stephanie and Chris.
The two get out, and quickly pass through the man controlling who gets it,
and who doesn't, because he knows who Chris is, and Chris is always allowed
in. The two, Chris and Stephanie, walk in, and Stephanie looks around

Stephanie: Very nice choice Chris. It looks like we can have some fun here.

Chris: Yeah, we can. So what do you want to do first, have some drinks or

Stephanie: Let's get some drinks first.

Chris nods his head, and leads the way to the bar, where the bar tender,
James, hands Chris his usual, Jack and coke, and hands Stephanie the vodka
that she orders. Stephanie drinks her small glass of vodka quickly eager to
get out on the dance floor. Chris laughs to himself and downs his drink,
setting the glass on the bar, and allowing Stephanie to guide him to the
dance floor. Once on the floor, Stephanie turns, so her skirt clad ass is
facing Chris, and begins to grind into him, her ass rubbing around on his
crotch. Jericho smiles inwardly at the feeling of her big, soft round ass
against his crotch, and wraps his hands around her waist, letting them rest
on her round, feminine hips. Stephanie grabs Chris's hands, and move them
onto her stomach, and she grinds her ass against his crotch, completely
wrapped up in her dancing. After a few more minutes of hot dancing, in which
Stephanie turns around, at a slow song, and tells Chris to grip her soft ass,
which he does, squeezing it through her black leather skirt. Chris looks at
Stephanie and smiles.

Chris: Why don't we take this somewhere a little more private. Like the VIP

Stephanie: Alright. You lead the way hot stuff.

Chris smiles, and leads Stephanie to a room back away from the dance floor,
an empty room. Once in it, he shuts the door, and locks it, before taking
Stephanie into his arms, and kissing her deeply, his tongue probing her
mouth. Stephanie kisses him back, her hands wrapped in his hair, as he moves
his hands to her blouse, and undoes the buttons, and slips it off of her
body, her large breasts now clad in only a white lace bra. He kisses down
her neck, and over her mounds of flesh, as his hands move around her back,
and unsnap her bra, pulling it off of her. Stephanie moans softly as Chris
takes a nipple into his mouth, and sucks on it greedily, one hand holding
that breast to his mouth, the other rubbing over her other breast. After a
few minutes of sucking on her nipples Chris pulls away from her, and pulls
off his Y2J shirt, revealing his chiseled upper body. Stephanie smiles, and
rubs her hand over his flat chest, before sinking down to her knees in front
of him.

Stephanie undoes Jericho's jeans, and pulls them down slowly, revealing his
blue and black boxer shorts. Chris steps out of his jeans, as Stephanie wraps
her fingers in the waist band of his shorts, and pulls them down slowly.
Chris' 11 inch long cock falls out of his boxers, and lands against Steph's
forehead with a 'plop'. Stephanie's eyes grow wide at the side of this thick
monster in front of her. She licks her lips eagerly as she wraps her hand
around the thick base of it, and takes a long, slow, lick up the underside of
the shaft, stopping once she reaches the head. She swirls her tongue around
the swollen purple head, letting it get coated in her saliva. She places a
light kiss on it, before kissing down the shaft, and to his large, swollen
testicles. She licks down them, and under them, her hand jacking up and down
the shaft, as her other hand squeezes and massages his balls as she licks
them, before licking back up the shaft, and taking the head into her warm,
wet mouth. She slowly sucks on the head of his cock, before taking more of it
into her mouth. Her lips are stretched around the large member. She bobs her
head up and down the shaft slowly, eager to get more of it in her mouth. She
finally gets the entire 11 inches down her throat, her lips tight around the
base of his thick shaft, her chin resting against his cum-filled sack. She
sucks in hard, before bobbing her head up and down fast. Chris can do nothing
but moan, his eyes shut tightly as beads of sweat form on his forehead.
Stephanie continues to deep throat Chris, before pulling away. Chris looks
down at her and smiles, as Stephanie unzips her skirt, and pulls it off of
her body, laying down on her back, to reveal that she's not wearing any
panties. Her pussy is dripping wet, her lips full and plump. Her clit barely
able to be seen. Her cunt is void of any hair, as she moves a hand down to
her velvet hole, and slips two fingers in, pumping them in and out softly.

Stephanie: Oh Chris, come stick your big fuck stick deep in my aching cunt.
I need you deep inside of me.

Chris smiles, and crouches between Stephanie's spread legs, and pushes her
hand away, as he grips his cock at the base, and slowly pushes forward,
causing Stephanie to squeal with delight. Chris begins to slowly pump his
cock into her, forcing her tight cunt to expand, allowing him entry. After
a few minutes of slow strokes, he gets his cock fully in her cunt, and
smiles, and begins to speed up his thrusts, fucking her hard and fast.
Stephanie moans loudly, never before has she been this full, even when she
was fucking HHH. Stephanie wraps her long legs around Jericho's waist,
pulling him closer to her. Jericho plays his hands on either side of
Stephanie, and begins to fuck her in earnest, his large balls slapping off
her ass as he thrusts deep into her. Stephanie groans, feeling her first,
and much needed orgasm grow closer. Jericho continues thrusting deep into
her, eager to satisfy his own need to let loose a weeks worth of stored up
cum. After a few more minutes of thrusting deep into Stephanie, Stephanie
screams loudly, and begins to violently shake, as her first orgasm rips
through her. This triggers Jericho to pull his cock out of her cunt, and
jack it off quickly, in a few moments, his hot cum is erupting from his
cock like a geyser, and landing all over Stephanie's face, and tits. Chris
smiles and collapses backwards as Stephanie uses her hands to collect the
cum, and swallow it down.

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