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Featuring: Gail Kim (TNA, former WWE), John Cena (WWE).

John Cena's F.U. Number 1: Gail Kim
A WWE/TNA cross-over erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

To the sounds of "The Time is Now" by John Cena and Tha Trademarc, the video
starts up to show a familiar looking studio setting that certain other
"Greatness" based web series have seen, with a spacious leather couch in the
middle and a plain background in the back except with a notable difference
this time - mounted and framed posters and magazine covers of WWE Superstar
John Cena handing on the walls behind the seating. Indeed, currently sitting
with spread legs and showing off his clearly sizable package in his trademark
jean shorts is the multi-time former WWE Champion, the well built and
handsome John Cena who smirks at the camera knowing the filming has started,
also wearing his signature "Rise Above Hate" T-shirt.

"They say never send a boy to do a man's work..." John says. "And Evan, sorry
man but you screwed up big time... So I got a call to do this little gig and
to get paid while banging some of the hottest women in the world, even the
ones not in the WWE? Would be real stupid to say no to. That and pissing off
Stephanie McMahon would be an epic fail... So welcome to all the adult
members of the WWE Universe and the CeNation to "John Cena's F.U." where I
fuck some hotties from the world of wrestling and sports entertainment and
see if they can handle what I can bring. Well, I don't think I should sugar
coat what this is, so let's get down to business here. My first "guest" if
you want to call her that is pretty controversial, and personally I think
she's run her mouth a little too much. She's a former WWE Diva who was a cup
of coffee Women's Champion years ago, but after self-eliminating herself from
a battle royale on Raw she quit and went back to TNA where she's the
Knockouts Champion and half of their Knockouts Tag Team Champions. If you
can't figure out who it is, don't worry, I had to recheck my notes to remind
myself she was even in the WWE again. Her name is Gail Kim."

Storming onto the set now, and unsurprisingly not looking happy about that
introduction, is former WWF Women's Champion and WWE Diva, now current TNA
Knockout and the reigning singles and half of the Knockouts Tag Team
Champions in Gail Kim. The stunning Canadian of Korean descent is clad in a
sexy black leather outfit of shorts that hug to her nicely rounded ass, a
tight fitting black corset-like top that pushes up her enhanced breasts for
cleavage, and knee high boots while her long, dark hair hangs over her

"Oh, what a damn surprise!" Gail snaps as she glares at him. "I never got
any respect when I was in the WWE, and now out of it I get even less!"

"You didn't exactly do anything to deserve any respect, or attention for
that matter..." Cena responds with a smirk as he stands up to stand in front
of her. "And being rush pushed with both female titles in TNA doesn't
exactly impress me either."

"That's called getting what I deserve Cena... I created that Knockouts
division and now I've taken control of it." Kim responds as she stares
through him with her hands on her hips. "And I'm getting the chance to take
the spotlight there that I never could stuck in the back while botching
Barbie Kelly Kelly or booty-popping Eve stunk up the ring!"

"Tough talk insulting Divas who aren't here to answer you... But maybe you
want to put your money where your mouth is and show what you're made off?"
Cena says as he starts to undo his belt. "If you can out-fuck me then maybe
you're as good as you claim to be."

She goes to respond when her eyes are drawn to his cock as it's revealed,
and her eyes clearly widen at the sight of an already long and thick to
match piece of man meat that's only now barely at half mast, and the look on
her face makes him smirk a little more as he steps out of the shorts and
kicks them aside.

"Oh I am as good as I say I am!" Kim says, snapping back to her senses.
"Just wait until you're cumming in my mouth within seconds!" She arrogantly
claims as she sinks down to her knees in front of him and takes a hold of
his cock with her hand, sizing him up with a couple of strokes.

Narrowing her eyes up at the stud she used to work in the same company with,
she opens her mouth and takes his hardening rod inside, making sure to
firmly press her soft lips around the length to prove a point as she gets
straight into a steady, sucking motion, at the same time using her hand to
lightly stroke off the rest of his size, her other hand brushing her long,
dark hair back over her shoulders. The man starting to be blown just smirks
handsomely back at her glare, slightly moaning from her oral work on him as
she handles the top few inches of his meat as well as a giving him a nice
view of her pushed up cleavage as she sits on her knees in front of him and
uses her nicely warm and wet mouth to get him rock hard in no time at all.

Keeping her hand stroking away at his size, the current TNA Knockout groans
slightly as her mouth is having to stretch slightly in order to take in his
thickness as she bobs along his pole, occasionally flicking her tongue up
against his underside for a little added pleasure as well as applying her
saliva onto his manhood, all of which makes him moan as he watches on. The
intense look in her eyes only continues when he places a hand onto the top
of her head, his gaze fixed on her pretty facial features as they loom back
and forth on his fat pole, already showing him she's got experience in this
particular sexual act with the way she's smoothly moving along the WWE
Superstar's length to keep him moaning.

Her hands now rest on the strong thighs of the hunk she's sucking off,
pushing her face further down onto his fat American cock to make the
Canadian of Korean descent groan loudly as more of his size fits into her
already filled up oral hole, forcing her to close her eyes as she tries to
focus on servicing no doubt the biggest cock she's ever had to handle in her
life as she continues the steady and picking up in speed pace. It's working
to make him moan more clearly but it's obvious he can handle this and then
some as he watches his man meat slip in and out past her pouty lips and
feeling her spit now covering his tool as doesn't raise her head up more
than past the half way mark on his dick.

Letting out a deep gagging sound, it seems the current TNA Knockouts singles
and Tag Team Champion is swallowing a little more than she can actually
handle, her beautiful face tensing up when she pushes herself downward so
only a couple of his thick inches aren't inside her mouth as her saliva
starts to seep past her lips and drip off her chin and the dick of the
multi-time former WWE Champion she's blowing. The vibrations just add to his
enjoyment as his hand stays on the top of her head while she slobbers over
his length, clearly trying a little too hard to try and back up her claims
of being sexually dominate and from the looks this swift but sloppy blowjob
she's giving in between gagging, she isn't fooling anyone.

Instead, the leader of the "CeNation" is still rock hard as he's deep inside
the controversial former WWE Diva's oral hole as she works him over with
still smooth but now mistimed motions, feeling discomfort from when she
takes his shaft too far inside her damp mouth even though the tip of his
bell end doesn't touch the back of her mouth. There's pleasure enough to be
felt from the motion that's left his dick coated in her spit that's also all
over his balls now along with being on her lips, chin, and dripping down
onto the tops of her breasts and her tight leather top, making her resemble
more of a dirty hooker than professional wrestler as she remains down on her
knees sucking him off deeply and with speed even as it makes her gag all
around his length.

Only able to handle a few more blowing motions on him, she lifts her head
away and gasps loudly for breath. "Oh... OK, so you can handle a blowjob...
Big deal!" Gail arrogantly snaps as she glares at him as she stands up,
reaching for the zipper of her leather top.

"Big deal huh?" John is unfazed as he pulls his "Rise Above Hate" T-shirt up
and over his head to reveal his muscular and to-die-for upper body. "Same
could be said about both your runs in the WWE..."

"Fuck you!" Kim says bitchily as she pulls the zip down, peeling her top from
her tanned body and revealing her perfectly rounded, enhanced breasts. "I get
the respect I deserve now in TNA!"

"You lose those shorts, and I'll give you what you deserve Gail... And it
won't be an instant push to hold a couple of belts either." Cena calmly
responds with a smirk, watching as after a hesitation to think of a reply,
she just agrees to the request and slides her booty shorts down her legs and
over her knee high boots.

Making the mistake of bending over forwards to undo her boots after stepping
out of her bottoms, the West Newbury, Massachusetts native takes advantage
of the positioning to surprise her by pushing his rock hard length into her
asshole, making her eyes widen with a gasp as her back passage is invaded
while he moans clearly for the first time since this encounter began. She
glares back over her shoulder at him but his hands are firmly on her toned
waist, keeping her held in place as he begins to slide his shaft back and
forth into her gorgeously rounded booty and already making her body jolt
forward in response to his steady pumps into her very tight hole.

Gritting her teeth both from anger of being taken from behind like this and
from the cleat discomfort as her back passage has to stretch to accommodate
this massive length, the Canadian groans as she grips her knees, her long
dark hair swaying along with her handing down breasts as her sexily tanned
frame rocks forward when this lengthy American dick ploughs firmly into her
backside. In response, equally desirable male banging her up the ass like
this just smirks and moans as he enjoys the snug feeling all around his dick
as he moves it in and out through her asshole, with only her own saliva
acting as a form of lubricant but not providing much relief as she's getting
filled up already despite him being only half way into her.

Trying not to let herself be defeated, she's trying to suppress her groans
and grunts by keeping her mouth closed but her eyes and the almost pained
look on her face tell the true story, no doubt this being the biggest dick
she's ever taken inside her ass before but clearly she's unprepared for
this, and it's not going to improve on her end as he keeps using this
perfectly timed motion with more than enough force to make her rock forward
when he pumps into her well rounded backside. He moans, his hands still
gripping her waist so that she doesn't jolt too far up on his rod when he
fires it into her back passage in order to keep his manhood deep in the
former WWF Women's Champion and also so he can work his tool deeper into her
ass, his rhythm increasing as more of the 2008 Royal Rumble Match winner's
inches are pushed further into her very tight hole.

Already being made to move back and forth on her feet from his strong
thrusts, the Toronto, Ontario, Canada born beauty nearly falls right forward
after an even bigger jolt when the muscular waist of the ripped to shreds
hunk behind first smacks into her ass cheeks as he begins to drive in deep,
only his own strong grip on her keeping her bent over in front of him as he
continues to tap that ass. She can only grunt and groan, gazing back with
half-closed eyes at the man fucking her booty in an almost effortless way,
showing he knows how to handle a gorgeous ass like this as he works his
thick and long shaft in and out of her still impressively snug asshole with
a swift, repeated motion that makes him moan out with not nearly the same
level of noise her cries are at.

Now the slapping sound of skin hitting off of tanned skin is ringing out,
the current TNA Knockout's ass cheeks jiggling when they collide with his
body to further make her rock forward almost onto her tip toes every time he
pumps his fat rod deep into her back passage so his ball sack smacks into
her as well, only serving to make him moan out while she groans in both
dismay and anger at being put into this anal position. Still, she's able to
take what would perhaps make a normal woman weak-kneed before now, her eyes
still locked back at the WWE Superstar banging her butt with every inch of
his vast length and she doesn't seem to be enjoying it at all, not a moan to
be heard from her which is the opposite to his calls of lusty pleasure as he
savors her booty with powerful and sudden thrusts.

"What's the matter Gail? A little too much for you?" Cena asks with a
confident smile as he pulls out of her asshole, causing her to groan in
clear relief.

"N... No!" Kim clearly lies as she stands up quickly, trying to stare him
down. "I just... I'd rather be on top so I can show how you're supposed to
work with a perfect ass like mine!" She boldly states as she catches her

"Well, be my guest then..." John says with a knowing wink to the camera as
he moves to take a seat on the couch on the studio set they are on. "Lets
see what you can do "champ"... If you want some, then come get some..."

"I will! And you'll be screaming my name before I'm even half done!" Kim
snaps as she storms over and mounts his lap with her back facing him.

Squatting herself down onto his rod, she groans again as his thick length is
pushed up into her still very tight asshole as she takes the position with
both her knee-high boots firmly planted on either side of him, her hands
reaching back to spread her butt cheeks for a smoother access as she sinks
downward and takes almost all of his stiff pole into her with the one
downward motion. Moaning with a smile, the man underneath her leans back
into the seating and runs his hands up her toned waist, making her glare
back for a moment before she starts to ride his dick with her booty, gasping
again as his size moves in and out of her back passage and her smoothly
rounded globes slide down to almost touch his thighs and crotch when she
takes him in.

Despite the big claims, the current TNA Knockouts Champion and one half of
the Knockouts Tag Team Champions is already breaking out in a sweat, that
while only serves to make her look even hotter than before is a sign that
she isn't as sexually skilled as the still just moaning and grinning stud
she's on top off is as he lets her bounce her backside up and down on his
length as she raises up until just the half-way mark before pushing down to
almost take him balls deep. Her nicely rounded breasts bounce in time with
the motion of her body as grits her teeth again, groans still being heard as
she handles such a fat and long dick inside her back passage belonging to
the multi-time former singles and tag champion in the WWE and no one could
blame him for just sitting back and letting her wear herself out on his
manhood especially from the great pleasure he's feeling all around his dick
from her impressively still tight ass that's being moved on him.

Not the kind of man to take and not give back, especially when this pace is
going to slow but steady for his liking, his left hand slides up and around
to give her breasts a firm squeeze to make her moan, and before outrage can
even register on her beautiful face his other hand is down on her pussy,
starting to rub it and its this that makes her lose control as she slams
right down onto his shaft as her ass cheeks connect with his crotch.
Grinding herself down onto his rod, she tilts her head back and moans rather
shamelessly as he fondles both her tits and her snatch, moving the upper
palm from one mound to the other while sliding his fingers back and forth
between her legs, all the while his manhood buried completely deep inside
her back passage and it's not just the sensations from that which are making
him grin broadly and groan in enjoyment.

Soon enough he's thrusting his American cock straight up into the still snug
asshole of the Canadian of Korean descent as she moans in a rather whorish
manner on top of his lap, trying her best to continue riding said rod but
it's obvious he's in full control now, almost toying with her stunningly
curved body as he feels up her enhanced tits while at the same time rubbing
her already noticeably wet now snatch with a skilled touch. She continues to
sweat as she moans out, giving up on holding her butt cheeks apart and now
using her hands to grab her own long, dark hair as she gets wild with
desire, a clear turn on to be pounded in the ass while getting her pussy
toyed with at the same time by a hung and built stud who used to be her
co-worker and is now dominating her sexually with strong and deep pumps into
her back passage.

Already his fingers are wet from her formed juices, just giving him reason
enough to keep hammering right up into that still quite snug ass that's
impaled on his rod, her slight jolts up and down on him a little added
pleasure to ensure he's moaning away but not quite as loud and frequent as
hers are, a testament to his ability to keep calm even as she gets crazy
with desire on his tool. Indeed, the current TNA Knockout has broken all the
claims she had before of being able to take what he could bring as her eyes
are closed as her whole curvacious body is being used any way he wants to,
and she's offering no resistance to this as he allows her breasts to be
groped and her pussy to be stroked quickly over and over in such a way that
someone would think that this is the first time she's ever had sex in her

"Oh shit!" Kim moans out as she takes his stiff pumps into her ass. "Oh
John! Please... Mmmm... Please John!!" She manages to gasp out as she rocks
up and down on his cock.

With a grin, the hunk she's been calling the name off slows his thrusts
down. "Please what Gail?" He teases with a clear and well deserved tone of
victory in his voice as he lets her rest down on his crotch.

She bites down on her bottom lip as she looks back at him. "Please... Please
fuck my pussy John..." Gail practically begs as her eyes run over his
lightly wet with sweat chest. "Fuck my cunt like you pounded my ass just

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." Cena says with a laugh, easily lifting
her up and off of his cock before he moves off the couch and pushes her down
into position onto the couch on her hands and knees.

Stepping up behind the stunning former WWF Women's Champion, the multi-time
former WWE Champion easily pushes his rod into her nicely tight and already
wet pussy to make them both moan out as her folds are made to stretch and he
feels her all around his manhood, not nearly as tight as her ass was but
getting just as much pleasure already thanks to the damp sensations all over
him. Gripping her butt cheeks, he starts to give it to her and has to smirk
when she immediately rocks herself back towards his motion, her defiance now
long gone as she all to eagerly moves herself backward to take his pumps in
deeper to her snatch, her head tilted back with moans pouring out of her
mouth to make her look far from the "better than the rest" persona seen on
television on a weekly basis she puts on.

Knowing her place now, she ease her damp and snug snatch back and forth to
try and catch his incoming thrusts so she can be filled up as much as
possible, sluttishly working her tanned Asian body back against the thick,
American cock being stuffed steadily and quickly into her love tunnel as her
breasts hang down and sway from the motion she's making her body use to keep
up with him. It just adds to his own enjoyment to watch her gorgeous body
rocking towards his crotch as he moves it towards her, all the while it's
him in full control as he gives her ass a squeeze while he nails her wet
pussy from behind, his own desirable frame now getting covered with
perspiration but it's clear he still has plenty more energy in him to give
the controversial sports entertainer with a very high opinion of herself the
kind of fucking her one-of-a-kind body deserves even if her attitude isn't
up to scratch.

The sharp slapping sound of skin smacking off of skin rings out as his toned
waist collides with her booty, going balls deep now into her pussy with his
heavy ball sack hitting into her body every time he pushes forward and fills
her up with every fat inch of his manhood so she really has to jolt forward
now, her boobs swinging visibly along with her dark, sweat soaked hair but
no sting of pain is felt from the impact, just more pleasure for them both
to feel. Clad in only knee high leather boots, she looks more like a hooker
than the current TNA Knockouts singles and Tag Team Champion she is as she
moans shamelessly and keeps herself up on her hands and knees so the
muscular stud behind her can slam his lengthy man meat quickly and hard in
and out of her soaking wet snatch so he looks more like a professional porn
star than a current Main Event WWE Superstar, and that's certainly no bad
thing if with of their cries of lust are any indication.

While he could easily just continue at this pace that's easily more than she
can handle as she groans away with pleasure and her juices coat his stiff
rod deep inside her pussy, he's turning things up a notch as he increases
the speed and puts more force behind his thrusts, in turn making his moans
get louder as he keeps her held straight in place, his pumps smooth and
balls deep into her cunt that's dripping all over his rod. In response, the
Toronto, Ontario, Canada now almost screams out in desire, her fingers
gripping the seating she's being fucked on as her head hangs down, unable to
do anything more than just take it doggy style as his massive, fat cock
ravages her soaking wet pussy like nothing she's ever felt or will ever
likely feel for the rest of her days.

It comes then as little surprise that this very one sides display of sexual
ability results in the tanned and curved female letting out a series of
deep, low moans as Gail Kim cums hard on the big cock of John Cena as he
rams it in and out of her snatch even as it tightens around his meat, giving
him something more to groan and grin about as he keeps up his hard and fast
pace, forcing her to ride out all of her mind blowing orgasm as he pumps
away into her. Her mouth hangs open with shameless, dirty cries pouring out
as her juices drip all over and down his cock, onto his balls, and down her
own smooth thighs, her ass cheeks still shaking when his waist smacks into
them even when he mercifully eases up on his intense pace when he senses her
coming back down to Earth from her high of pleasure.

"Guess the fat lady has sung huh?" Cena jokes with a smile as he pulls out
of her snatch with a groan. "So much for being able to handle me..."

Almost collapsing onto the couch, she pushes herself up just to sit back on
the couch as sweat coats her face and her breasts heave as she gasps for
air. "I... That was... I..." Gail is lost for words as her eyes remain

"Nothing to say? Just like back on Raw..." John says as he moves forward and
takes a hold of her hair in order to pull her in close to him.

Without the energy to try and fight back, not that she could escape his
superior strength even if she did, her open mouth is soon filled up with a
fat American cock as her face is turned towards his crotch and he starts to
pump himself in and out of her oral hole, making the Canadian of Korean
descent groan from the invasion while he moans as he enjoys the warmth and
damp of her mouth along with her soft, pouty lips against his shaft. Both
hands take a hold of her sweat soaked hair to keep her where he wants her,
staring down at her pretty facial features as his man meat appears and then
quickly disappears back into her mouth and not holding back as he feeds her
a large amount of his dick within moments of starting this commanding

Defeated long before this point, she willingly presses her full lips around
his length, sliding her tongue up against the bottom and the sides of his
pole as it passes in and out of her, in the process tasting her own snatch
off of him as she licks it clean of her pussy juices, all the while doing
so with her eyes closed and breathing deeply through her nose, still not
fully recovered from her orgasm. That's of little concern for the multi-time
WWE Champion as he thrusts his dick quickly and forcefully forward into her
oral hole, moaning as his shaft starts to throb inside that nicely wet oral
hole that would easily make any normal red blooded male blow their load
within a minute, let along the long time he's spent enjoying putting the
mouth of the TNA Knockouts and half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions'
mouth to actual use.

Not content with just making her suck his rod, he's using the powerful grip
on her hair to force her head to bob along his cock as he pumps it sharply
in and out of her, making her groans vibrate all around his man meat as he
works it with perfectly timed skill, bringing her face down onto his shaft
when he pushes it forward into her so she has to take it deep. Her eyes
finally open in a mix of shame and desire, knowing she's more than met her
match with this hung stud so she keeps working her tongue around against his
pole as he sends it back and forth past her lips, saliva already seeping
past them and down her chin to give him another visual treat as if the sight
of the stunning female sports entertainer with her face impaled on his dick
wasn't hot enough already.

Harsh, gagging once again comes from the Toronto, Ontario, Canada native
when she's brought down deep onto his shaft and the crowd touches the back
of her mouth, his balls smacking into her chin as he makes her swallow up
all of his thick inches but the feeling for him has loud moans coming from
the West Newbury, Massachusetts stud as he feels his cock throbbing
noticeably inside her wet oral hole. The face fucking continues on though,
with only him having a deciding vote in any case, the swift and hard pace
repeated time and time again so that she doesn't "Eat Defeat", but rather
dines on a very long cock that makes her gag and slobber while he moans and
sweats, having no problem stuffing her so full that her saliva is coating
his dick and tricking right down her chin, neck, and even onto her breasts.

The eyes of the former WWE Diva and current TNA Knockout are already
half-closed but seem to be drooping further downward, the effects of this
unrelenting and intense oral pumping she's having to endure taking it's toll
on her, and it's only because of his grip on her hair that she's able to
stay up for her mouth to be used in this way that even an experienced porn
starlet would struggle to handle. That's of little comfort to her as her
tongue limply flicks up against the underside of his pulsating rod, her
pouty lips barely remaining pressed around his thickness as he keeps ramming
it over and over into her mouth, still making her gag loudly when the head
pushes all the way in.

Relief for her finally arrives when with a deep grunt he pulls his shaft out
of her well fucked mouth, gripping it and using one hand to stroke himself
off quickly, only a few pumps needed before with a satisfied sigh John Cena
starts to spray his cum across the pretty facial features of Gail Kim,
making her groan with closed eyes as she's held up by her hair and made to
take his spunk. Thick streams of spunk land down over her soft lips, her
cheeks, forehead, and some landing on her long, dark hair and he keeps them
coming with a jerking motion so every last drop is fired out onto her for a
fitting end as she's left with such a large amount of jizz over her face
that anyone just seeing this aftermath would assume she'd been banged by a
couple of men rather than just the only sexually dominate one who's now
grinning as he lets go of his limp dick.

Once the grip on her hair had been released, the exhausted TNA Knockout
collapses down onto the couch on her back, her chest heaving for breath and
unable even to move an arm to really show her as defeated, clad only in knee
high boots with spunk all over her face and liquids still visible on her
snatch and thighs from when she had cum earlier on.

"All I can say is, if you're as good at fucking as you are at wrestling
Gail, then it's no wonder you didn't achieve much in the WWE and had to have
TNA hand you both titles..." John says as he stands up with a confident
smile, brushing imaginary dirt off his shoulder before he turns to the
camera. "And to everyone watching? If this is the first show I can call the
shots off, then the next one will be just as fun and I don't just mean for
you all to watch. Until then? This has been John Cena's F.U." He pauses,
glancing back at the still out of it Kim. "Oh, and to her and all the

Cena moves over, bending over Kim and giving her the signature "You Can't
See Me" hand gesture with a smirk before he turns and walks off the set,
leaving the camera to film Gail's barely clothes and sweat soaked form as
she gasps for breath, before the image fades to black and the video ends.

* * *

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