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Featuring: Leva Bates (SHIMMER, Emo Leigh in Wrestlicious), John Cena (WWE).

John Cena's F.U. Number 2: Leva Bates
A WWE/indies cross-over erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

To the sounds of "The Time is Now" by John Cena and Tha Trademarc, the video
starts up to show a familiar looking studio setting that certain other
"Greatness" based web series have seen, with a spacious leather couch in the
middle and a plain background in the back except with a notable difference
this time - mounted and framed posters and magazine covers of WWE Superstar
John Cena handing on the walls behind the seating. Indeed, currently sitting
with spread legs and showing off his clearly sizable package in his
trademark jean shorts is the multi-time former WWE Champion, the well built
and handsome John Cena who smirks at the camera knowing the filming has
started, also wearing his signature "Rise Above Hate" T-shirt.

"Well, here we are again!" John says with a smile. "All you adult members of
the WWE Universe watching this, the views went through the roof for the
first one so here we are again with another of John Cena's F.U. We all know
what we're here for, so let's get down to it. Today I'm joined by someone
from the independent circuit, most known for being in that SHIMMER Women
Athletes promotion, but famed for a bunch of ring outfits that are "cosplay"
imitations of comic book or movie characters. From what I've heard she's
been a stunt woman before, was in that awful Wrestlicious show, but is
someone unique to say the least. All I know is she better be ready for a
challenge herself... And here she is, Leva Bates!

Coming onto the set now is the starlet of numerous indy promotions including
SHIMMER, and the woman who played the Emo Leigh character in Wrestlicious -
Leva Bates who smiles as she eagerly takes a seat next to John. The dark
haired beauty has her hair done up in pigtails and is wearing white with
black straps goggles on her head that have two "Space Invader" characters on
each goggle, along with a tight fitting black short top with an anime-style
logo of her face on the front that hugs nicely to her perky and well rounded
breasts, and form fitting black bottoms that rest perfectly against her
juicy ass.

"Thanks for the introduction John!" Leva says with a smile. "Hope you're not
going to go all too rough and aggressive like you got on TV as of late!"

He responds with a shrug of the shoulders and a smile. "I save that for the
live cameras... But I can give you all that you can handle, and probably a
whole lot more as well... The first woman on here couldn't take much of it
so you'd better be ready."

"Bring it on Superstar! I'll show you what I'm all about!" Bates responds as
she boldly slips off the couch onto her knees, reaching up for his belt just
as he starts to stand up.

"That's good to hear..." Cena responds, pulling his T-shirt up and over his
head to reveal his muscular upper body as she undoes his belt and tugs his
shorts down to his feet. "Because if you're going to impress me and all the
people watching, then you're going to have to do a lot... And handle a lot
at that!" He adds, referring to the semi hard but already very long and
thick to match cock that hangs between his legs and makes her eyes widen
with excitement.

With a frisky smile on her face upon seeing the size of the weapon the well
built man in front of her is packing, the indy circuit starlet moves back
upward and grips the long and hardening shaft of the WWE Superstar with her
hands and firmly stroking his length, taking a look over him as she runs her
hands up and down as one handles the top portion while the other runs along
the bottom half. Knowing it'll take more than just this she leans over
slightly and spits down onto the dick, her hands rubbing her spit into his
rod and getting him lightly moaning as she strokes away, keeping her eyes
locked up at him as she pushes her tongue out to flick it across the very
tip of his crown, dabbing a little more saliva as her soft palms handle his

Opening her mouth wider, she takes his bell end inside and wraps her full
lips around it, twisting her head from side to side in order to grind
herself around the head of his now rock hard and very lengthy dick, her
hands still working back and forth over the rest of his length as he starts
to moan more clearly now as he feels how warm and wet her mouth is already.
The Madisonville, Kentucky born beauty lets out a groan herself as she sucks
on the bulbous head of his shaft, making sure her lips are tightly wrapped
around the West Newbury, Massachusetts stud as the pleasure is doubled from
the combination of her smoothly stroking hands and now the oral treatment
around the head of his thick tool.

Reaching down, the multi-time former WWE Champion takes a hold of both of
her pigtails and gives her a clear hint as he pushes his hips forward to
slide a couple more of his inches into her oral hole, but unfazed she smirks
around his length and starts to bob her head up and down on him, one hand
now just on his length to jerk the base while the other rests on his thigh
for support. This proper sucking motion gets him smiling back as he watches
her pretty face raise and lower on his meaty cock, feeling her groans
bouncing off of him as she blows him with a steady pace and easily handles
the top six or so inches inside her mouth.

The SHIMMER star's eyes slightly narrow in concentration as she uses this
nicely timed rhythm with noticeably experienced force as her pouty lips
remain clamped around his lengthy tool but she's pushing herself down
further on him, her groans getting deeper and louder as she tries to handle
all of the biggest dick she's ever seen and is already three quarters of the
way down on him. The WWE hunk she's sucking off is pleasantly impressed as
he keeps a hold of her hair and watches her rocking her goggles wearing head
up and down on his rock, ensuring he's moaning out as well as saliva starts
to cover his manhood from the repeated and far from amateur blowjob

Now both of her hands are gripping his thighs, her bobbing motion increasing
in speed and the erotic slopping sound being heard every time she moves
herself either up or down onto him, sinking deep so that barely a few inches
are not inside her mouth as she closes her eyes, getting fully into the
sexual act and groaning as her mouth stretches as it tries to consume all of
this fat cock that's being fed into her. Saliva is trickling past her lips
and beginning to drip off of his length as it passes back and forth from her
mouth and it just adds to both his physical and visual enjoyment to watch
the sexy female wrestler energetically blowing him and having no concern
that it's all being filmed on camera as she sits on her knees in front of
him and impales her face right onto his man meat with only a slight hint of
gagging when she goes down almost to the base on him.

"Mmmm... Damn... I thought all you indy girls were supposed to be classy and
above this kind of thing?" Cena questions with a smile as he moans and
watches her give a couple more sucks onto his cock.

Hearing that, she slyly smirks up at him and lifts her head right off of his
rod. "Hey, I can have some fun, can't I?" Bates responds as she reaches down
and starts to slide her bottoms down her legs. "Besides, you're supposed to
be on a PG-TV show and you're doing this?"

He laughs a little at that, watching as her smoothly shaved pussy is
revealed as she kicks them away. "It's the Internet, it's different that
being on Raw. That's what Stephanie McMahon told me anyway..."

"Sounds like an excuse to me!" Leva says with a wink as she stands up and
pulls her top off and over her head to revealing her nicely rounded and
perky tits. "Now, exactly when are you going to show me what you can do?"

Responding with actions rather than words, the multi-time former WWE and
World Heavyweight Champion picks her up by the waist, easily using his
superior strength to raise her completely off the ground and onto his rock
hard and coated with her saliva dick as he eases her down pussy-first onto
him, making them both moan out the second the penetration occurs. Wrapping
her arms around his neck as her breasts are pressed against his chiseled out
of stone chest, the former United States Championship Wrestling Women's
Champion groans as she grinds her snatch down as she has to quickly adjust
to the vast size that's pushing up into her tight pussy, making her stretch
as it's not too long before he starts to thrust into her.

Controlling the pace with an already steady and strong pace, the sports
entertainer moans as he pumps back and forth up into the snug pussy of the
woman he's holding up by the waist while she has her legs wrapped around his
muscular body, making it easy for him to repeat his thrusts straight upward
into the hole that's making him moan as he enjoys the tight feeling all
around his rod. His cock is already deep inside of her, well over half way
in and he's not planning on stopping until all of his size in inside her so
the thrusts continue and force her pussy to stretch and accept the invasion,
feeling her getting wet from this fucking and that only adds to the pleasure
they're both feeling from this.

It takes a lot to surprise the former Doctor of Thuganomics but he gets a
very pleasurable one when she begins to work her body in response to his
thrusts, lifting herself up to come down onto his shaft as he sends it up
into her snatch, causing him to venture in completely so her snatch connects
with his crotch and a sharp slapping sound rings out as skin hits against
tanned skin. The woman who played Emo Leigh in Wrestlicious moans as her
love tunnel is stuffed full of his fat dick as she bounces on it, matching
his timing to drop down each and every time he fires his manhood right up
into her tight and damp pussy as her pigtails styled hair sways as she
energetically uses this steady motion to show she can take it as well as
give it right back.

Seeing this enthusiasm makes the sports entertainer smile as he moans and
enjoys her hot, snug pussy all around his cock as she moves it smoothly up
and down on his pistoning rod as he picks up the pace to see how much she
can take, increasing the speed and the force of his motion and all too
effortlessly keeping her held completely off the ground to fuck her in this
vertical position. The independent scene worker's tits slide up and down
against his rock hard chest, making them both moan at the extra sensations
as continues to work her athletically curved frame up and down on the shaft
being rammed in and out of her snatch in such a way that seems to indicate
that she's done this before even though it wouldn't have been with a rod of
this great size before.

Dropping down sharply onto his manhood and keeping herself down on it, she
leans back as far as she can in order to grind her damp pussy against his
cock, making them both groan as her body jolts on him in reflex as his
powerful and swift thrusts continue and leave his member coated in a
pleasurable layer of her juices that have formed during this already hot and
heavy sex that's gone on so far. The female grappler known for her "cosplay"
ring gear moans deeply as she takes some more of his balls deep thrusts into
her still tight pussy, her goggles still resting on the top of her head as
her pigtails shake from the force of her body being made to rock as more
stiff pumps are sent right up to fill her up and in turn make the star of
the movies 12 Rounds and The Marine to moan out loudly as well.

"Mmmm... What's the deal with those goggles anyway?" John questions after
another couple of thrusts before lifting her up and off of his dick.

"I bring something different to the table, to say the least!" Leva responds
with a smile before she turns and gets up onto the couch on her hands and
"I heard about some your outfits... Punisher, Doctor Who, and Iron
Man? And I thought AJ was the only geek in wrestling..." Cena states with a
laugh as he moves up behind her.

"Oh I can out nerd any female out there!" Bates says as she looks back at
him, still smiling. "So don't be dissing!"

With a smirk, Cena spreads her juicy ass cheeks apart and gives no warning
of his intention, so she gaps with wide eyes when he pushes his thick dick
into her asshole, sinking a couple of inches in deep to make her groan and
grunt while he moans as he instantly experiences her tightest of holes, but
that pressure doesn't stop him from sliding his shaft back and forth into
her. Her back passage stays tight around his cock, forcing him to ease it in
and out for the moment so she can get used to this as her body rocks forward
when he thrusts forward into her but he's gradually working more of his
inches into her s he starts to build the momentum up to bang her from

Biting down on her bottom lip as she feels the massive piece of man meat
moving in and out of her shapely backside, she keeps herself held up with
one arm while the other moves down to between her legs, right onto her pussy
to make the SHIMMER starlet moan as she pushes a finger inside her already
wet snatch and moves it swiftly back and forth into herself to ensure she's
pleasured as her butt is getting filled up. To her credit she isn't
demanding this anal invasion stopped, taking it as she's now had his cock in
all of her holes despite only meeting him moments ago and it's led to her
very tight back passage having the WWE Superstar's big, long cock pumping in
and out of it to make her groan and sweat so she's looking more like a dirty
slut rather than the talented female wrestler she actually is.

Plunging in deep now is the hunk from West Newbury, Massachusetts who moans
as he uses a stiff and quick pace to fire his rod in and out of her gorgeous
ass with now with almost all of his thick inches stuffing inside her as he
keeps those butt cheeks spread apart, leaning over to spit down onto her
asshole for a little extra lubricant as he keeps his shaft working back and
forth into her. He's not holding back as he hammers his length into the
Madisonville, Kentucky born stunner as she groans and jolts in front of him,
her motion making her backside come back to meet him as he sends his manhood
deep into her so it's not too long before his muscular waist starts to smack
into those curved cheeks.

Now it's two digits being pumped quickly and with purpose in and out of the
indy worker's snatch as she finger fucks herself with loud and totally
shameless moans while taking it up the ass at the same time, her perfectly
sized and rounded tits swaying as they hang down as her body rocks back and
forth in response to those strong thrusts she's taking from the sports
entertainer behind her. Even though having to take a cock of this size in
their booty would render most women unable to walk straight without pain for
a couple of weeks, she's impressing again by willingly taking everything
he's got for her as his length plunges back and forth through her asshole
and she keeps herself up in this doggy style position as her ass gets
pounded over and over again.

Also sweating now is the Leader of the CeNation as he moans, grunts, and
keeps his cock pumping back and forth with speed and force into the tight
back passage of the member of the Regeneration-X tag team in SHIMMER that's
jolting in front of him as she plunges her own fingers into her snatch as he
fucks her sweet butt that seems built for fucking and clearly from her
actions, this is not the first time she's engaged in anal sex. Her ass
cheeks jiggle when he pumps into her and his muscular waist collides with
her rump and he goes balls deep into her ass, the sting of pain barely
registering with either of the desirable wrestlers as this steamy sexual
encounter continues with them both moaning away and loving every moment of
it, the sharp smack of skin hitting off of skin sounding out each time he
pushes into her backside to make her rock forward before she comes right
back and meets the next thrust straight into her asshole.

"Awwww... Awwwww fuck my ass!" Bates groans as she looks back as her ass is
made to take more deep thrusts into it. "So damn deep... Uhhhh!"

"Too much for you?" Cena questions with a handsome smirk as he pulls out of
her asshole with a groan, causing her to sigh in relief.
"Mmmm... I'm still up for another ride on you..." Leva responds as she gets
up and watches him sit down on the couch. "I can handle a Sonic Screwdriver,
and I can handle you as well!" She adds as he swings a leg over to mount
"Well, I'm not The Doctor, but I can guarantee a good "time"..." John
answers back with a smirk before he and she both moan when she lowers her
snatch onto his stiff pole.

A woman of her word, once she moves all the way down onto his shaft and
places her hands on his broad shoulders she starts to bounce up and down on
his length, moaning loudly as she wastes no time in getting into a very
enthusiastic and quick rhythm that causes her sexily rounded breasts to
bounce in time with the motion her body is doing as she raises and lowers
her wet and still tight snatch onto the fat cock of the stud she's on top
of. Said similarly moaning male has his hands on her waist to support and
keep her in place as she works herself up and down on his manhood, allowing
him to enjoy her hot, wet pussy that's all around his cock as she moves it
quickly and smoothly up and down on him, having no problem letting her show
him what she's got and he clearly doesn't have an complaints about it from
the smile on his handsome face.

It's no surprise that the former stunt-woman at Universal Studios enjoys
getting physical from the way she's bouncing swiftly and with notable force
on the rock hard shaft deep in her snatch, a constant stream of moans
pouring out of her open in an O-shape mouth as her ass cheeks slap down
against the strong thighs of the man she's on top off. Her pussy is still
pleasurably tight despite his vast size and all the fucking she's taken in
this hole since this sexual encounter began, his member now coated with her
juices once again as she keeps on riding away on him with seemingly never
ending energy even as she draws in deep breaths and sweat starts to drip off
her beautiful face from the effort she's putting into handling the biggest
dick she'll ever likely see in her whole life.

There's soon more for her to take as the record setting former WWE Champion
starts to thrust his cock straight up into her snatch as she rides it,
making his shaft go deep as it possibly can and increase their moans as the
slap of skin meeting skin echos around the studio and makes her lean forward
toward him, sticking her ass out as she keeps rocking herself back and forth
in time with his already strong and fast pumps. The former Southeastern
Championship Wrestling Women's Champion has no choice but to close her eyes
as she's stuffed full deep while at the same time bouncing away on this fat
and long cock that's getting fired right up into her time and time again
with such force that even an experienced porn star would struggle to take
without being forced to orgasm within minutes but she's taking it as she
lifts herself up on his member only to slam back down and repeat the motion.

She's not only in sweating hard and feeling the effects of this intense and
steamy pace, as the master of the Attitude Adjustment moans deeply and his
chest heaves for breath as he pounds away with his cock straight up into the
soaking wet hole that's being raised and lowered onto him, taking in all the
sight of her perfectly curved frame moving on his rod as he keeps her held
in place by the waist. He also isn't thinking about holding back or easing
off from this pace, the pleasure too good and much to resist so the powerful
and sudden pumping motion continues with his dick ramming back and forth
into the pussy of the cosplay-loving female wrestler who still has her
goggles on the top of her head as her pigtails shake wildly from her fast
bouncing motion on his pistoning length as she takes all his inches inside
her love tunnel.

However she soon pays the price for keeping up with him for even as
impressively long as she has, her head tilting back and letting out a deep
moan as Leva Bates starts to cum all over the cock of John Cena as she keeps
bouncing away on his lap and he in turn thrusts up into her tightening like
a vice pussy so it helps her to feel every moment of this orgasm. As her
juices flow out and all over his man meat and the pressure increases all
around his shaft, he grunts and keeps his composure and keeps pumping into
her snatch, smiling as he watches her rock and slow down on him and in turn
he eases up on his motion to allow her to grind down against his now
beginning to throb shaft that's coated with her fluids.

"Not bad Leva, not bad at all..." John states as he lifts her up from his
cock. "I think you should have tried out for the WWE instead of those couple
of wasted times down in the theme park in Orlando." He adds with a handsome

After taking a moment to catch her breath, she smirks at him. "I blame the
tall, talentless giant they tossed me in the ring with the last time!
Besides, I have a thing for Universal..." Leva adds before she slides down
and moves to between his legs.
"Each to their own... But I'm kind of
surprised..." Cena says, smiling as he watches her eyeing up his length as
he hands rest on his thighs. "Aren't all indy scene guys and gals supposed
to hate my guts?"

"Oh, believe me, many do!" Bates smirks up at him. "But haven't you noticed?
I'm not like most other girls..."

Before he can respond a moan escapes him as she takes his rod into her mouth
and places her pouty lips firmly around his meat, pushing her head down onto
him well past the half way mark so he can enjoy the feeling of her warm and
damp mouth again as she gets into a bobbing motion, looking to give him back
the pleasure she'd just felt and finish him off properly. As she sucks on
him, he's tasting her own pussy off of his member as well as the juices that
cover him as she flicks her tongue out at the underside and around the sides
of him as she takes him in and out between her lips, all the while gazing up
lustfully at the stud who'd brought her to a thunderous orgasm just moments
ago and now she's blowing the very same dick that had been balls deep in her

Sitting up, once again the multi-time WWE Champion grabs both of pigtails
with a hand on each, taking a tight hold that makes her groan but she
doesn't miss a beat as she slobbers over his length, replacing her pussy
juices with her saliva and not looking repulsed as she drinks down her own
fluids and keeps her gaze locked on the moaning, sweating man sat in front
of her. The star of SHIMMER slides her hands across his toned thighs as she
uses only her oral hole to pleasure his manhood, gliding her soft lips back
and forth on him and never pulling up over the half way mark so she can
quickly push down onto his size and groan around him as she takes him deep
with porn star-like skill.

The beautiful, sweat covered facial features of the independent scene
wrestler move up and down on the fat cock inside her mouth as her lips
remain pressed firmly against his dick even as saliva starts to seep out
between them and drip down his shaft from the quick motion she's using to
pleasure him, just adding to the sensations the WWE Superstar is feeling
from her oral talents. As he moans deeply and feels his tool throbbing
inside her oral hole he twists his grip on her pigtails like he's revving a
motorcycle, never taking his eyes away from her as she works her head up and
down deep on his cock with energy seemingly to spare despite having been
made to cum hard just minutes ago, not that he's complaining as all from the
moans that are escaping him.

With a groan, the woman who played Emo Leigh on Wrestlicious pushes her
mouth right down onto his rod, her lips pressing against the base as she
deep throats his length and makes herself gag as she feels the crown of his
member touching the back of her wet mouth but she keeps herself held down,
fingers slightly digging into his legs as she takes every inch of his length
into her mouth. After a few long moments that make her gag again and him
moan deeply the blowjob resumes as she lifts her head up and then brings it
right back down to almost take him balls deep again, her groans bouncing off
his shaft as she sucks away in a shameless, almost slutty fashion that makes
her look far removed from the gorgeous and talented female wrestler she
actually is.

After the unexpected deep throating, the trigger had been pulled and it only
takes a few sucks more before with a deep grunt and a big smile John Cena
starts to cum inside the mouth of Leva Bates, filling her mouth up with a
big shot of creamy spunk that makes her groan as she tastes it and hungrily
swallows it down without a second of hesitation. In fact she continues to
deeply blow him in order to get every last drop of his jizz out of his
thick, throbbing and long cock, swallowing down every blast that's fired
into her mouth with satisfied and loud gulps, and her tightly pressed lips
around him makes sure not a bit of his load escapes up until he starts to
get limp inside her mouth so she lets go of him with a final swirl of the
tongue around the bell end for good measure.

"I hope that's changed your opinion of all us indy girls now John..." Leva
says with a smile as he lets go of her hair.

"It was damn good, not going to lie..." John responds with a smirk. "Still
say our WWE Divas are the hottest and the best, but you certainly held your
own here."

"I could hold my own against your Divas in the ring too..." Bates states
with a smirk as she sits up straight. "Hook me up with a match and I'll
prove it!"

Laughing a little, he shakes his head slightly. "Nice try, but I don't do
too many favors for people like that... Last time I tried to promote a guy
to management, he ended up getting two wellness policy violations..." Cena
shrugs his shoulders before he looks to the camera with a smirk. "I just do
what I do best, and leave it all on camera here on John Cena's F.U. So until
next time, I'll catch you all around and despite the fact that Leva here
could handle me to a point, she's just like all the haters out there..." He
states, lifting a hand up and performing the trademark "You Can't See Me"
gesture as the image fades to black and the video ends.

* * *

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