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Featuring: Lilian Garcia (WWE), John Cena (WWE).

John Cena's F.U. Number 3: Lilian Garcia
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

To the sounds of "The Time is Now" by John Cena and Tha Trademarc, the video
starts up to show a door marked "recording studio", and pulling out of the
zoom shot we see standing beside it the handsome WWE Superstar John Cena, his
clearly sizable package seen in his trademark jean shorts as he smirks at
the camera knowing the filming has started, also wearing his signature "Rise
Above Hate" T-shirt.

"Well, here we are again!" John says with a smile. "All you adult members of
the WWE Universe watching this, it's time once again again for another
edition of John Cena's F.U. We all know what we're here for, so let's get
down to it. As you can see I've gotten out of that studio so I can come down
here to the WWE recording studios and show you all what not just a WWE Diva
can do on camera, but the only "Decade Diva" as well. Indy wannabe stars and
former WWE reject Knockouts are OK, but how about the best singer I've ever
heard as well as a stunning woman on top of that. I think you all know who
I'm talking about here, so let's go see her..."

Pushing the door open, Cena enters the studio into the control room area of
it, and there looking over some song lyrics is the beautiful ring announcer
of the WWE in Lilian Garcia, dressed in high heels and a sexy form hugging
white off the shoulder dress with yellow around the bottom that shows off
her juicy hips and ass along with her nicely sized and rounded chest.
Glancing up from the paper, she smiles at her co-worker but the the Diva of
Spanish and Puerto Rican descent seems concerned when she sees the camera
crew with him.

"Oh wait, hold on here John! I'm not going to be on your webshow!" Lilian
states, setting down the lyrics sheet by the mixing console. "I can't, you
know I'm married!"

"Hey, relax! It's all good for everyone, and it's not like married people
haven't been on this without their other halfs on the previous shows. Trish,
Stephanie... People who have been calling to get on my show as well in
fact..." John adds with a smile.

"But I'm not like them! Having sex with you on camera for everyone to see?
You really think I'd be OK with this?" Garcia questions him.
"Why not? You're a WWE Diva, one of the hottest of all time, and a talented
singer on top of that! You'd be perfect!" He pauses to smirk a little. "And
since you know what my show is all about, you must have watched and seen it,
so you can't play the innocent card with me Lilian."

A blush comes over her face as she leans a hand against the console. "Well,
I mean... Who hasn't! Who doesn't know about this! That's not a bad thing,
is it?"

"Listen, I'll tell you what... How about I start by warming you up and if
you still don't like it we can stop, we'll wipe the footage and no one will
know, OK?" Cena offers with a handsome smile.

Taking a long moment to think about it as she bites down on her bottom lip,
she lets out a soft sigh. "Oh... OK then, but you'll promise you'll stop if
I ask you to?" Lilian asks.

"Promise, although if that's the deal then I'm going to work hard to make
sure you love every moment of it..." John states, coming forward and placing
his hands boldly onto her waist.

Biting down on her bottom lip again, the WWE's stunning ring announcer
doesn't protest as she's easily lifted up off her feet to be sat on the edge
of the mixing console of the studio's control room, her shapely backside
pushing the buttons on the panel up as she's edged onto it, the bottom of
her tight-fitting dress pushed up over her hips by the smiling Superstar. He
easily slides her panties all the way down her smooth, tanned legs to reveal
her neatly shaved pussy, and once the underwear is dropped to the floor he
spreads those legs in order to kneel between them, a wink cast up to the
blushing beauty as he leans his head in and takes a hold of her thighs.

The next sound that escapes the singer's mouth isn't a musical one, but a
moan as her eyes wide at the feeling of his mouth pressing against her
snatch as he sucks on her outer folds, moving around her to work over the
right side and then the left, before his focus moves to the middle, keeping
his face pressed into her entrance and slightly grinding his lips against
her lower ones. Leaning back against the studio console, she arches her back
with another moan as the hunk who's over ten years younger than she is
drives her already close to wild with perfect teasing across her pussy,
sucking and kissing around her and making her blush from the sound of him
drawing a deep smell of her starting to dampen snatch.

With a handsome smile, the multi-time former WWE Champion pushes his tongue
forward into her, causing the long-time Diva to moan a little louder now as
she feels the clearly hungry tongue sliding slowly and smoothly up and down
her snatch like he's savoring the taste of her, and he's certainly enjoying
himself from the slight groans he's releasing, as muffled as they are by his
face being right in between her legs. As he tastes and licks away at her
with controlled and clearly experienced motions, he has no problem lapping
up the forming juices and drinking them down, and feeling this makes the
stunning woman receiving this oral treatment moan and smile as she watches
on, keeping her legs spread as he runs his hands over her juicy thighs while
dining on her snatch.

Flicking his tongue against her pussy for a couple moments more, the West
Newbury, Massachusetts hunk lifts his head away from her, licking his lips
clean with a smirk as she lets out a clearly disappointed groan, showing her
enjoyment of that as if the sight of her hardened nipples poking through her
dress weren't proof enough of this. Before she can protest, the Madrid,
Spain born stunner is moaning again when he moves a hand onto her snatch and
pushes a finger inside her, going all the way up to the knuckle before he
begins to slide it back and forth into her, in a short time getting that
digit sticky with a light layer of her juices as he gets into a steady

Her eyes remain glued down at the man kneeling between her legs as he finger
bangs her wet snatch, working his finger in and out of her with confidence
and a smile cast back up at her before he leans his head back in, now
lapping his tongue against the top of pussy for a moment, working his way
over to her clit in order to swirl his tongue around it. This touch makes
her moan loudly in lusty as she arches back again on the mixing console
she's sitting on with an open mouth, pushing her hips towards him so she
grinds her pussy slightly against his hand that keeps plunging the finger
back and forth into her snatch, and seeing this response to his work just
encourages him to keep moving his finger into her love tunnel as he takes
care of her sensitive clit with gentle licks around and across.

"Awwww... Ahhhh!" Lilian moans as she moves herself up enough to look down
at him. "Oh... OK John... You've... Made your... Mmmm... Point there..." She
manages to gasp out as she gets fingered and licked at the same time.

With a smile, Cena pulls his finger out of her more than just warmed up
snatch, standing up from her. "So, you still planning on leaving me high and
dry here?" Cena asks with a knowing look, already figuring out her answer as
he reaches to undo his belt.

"Might as well go all the way now... The things I end up doing for this
company!" Garcia says with a laugh, her gaze falling onto the very long and
rock hard cock that's exposed when he drops his shorts to the ground to step
out of them.

"I promise this will be better than having to "date" Big Vis on national
TV..." John states, pulling his T-shirt up and off to reveal his incredibly
muscular upper body, which makes her nod her head in clear approval.

Pulling over a chair usually reserved for the recording studio staff to sit
in as they fine-tune the recordings, he kicks off his sneakers and sits down
in it, and soon finds his lap mounted by the "Decade Diva" as she grins back
at him and runs her hands over his chest, allowing him to lift up her dress
all the way up her tanned and perfectly curved frame so her nicely sized and
rounded tits are revealed. Dress tossed aside, the star of the movies The
Marine and 12 Rounds takes a hold of her by the hips, easing her downward
onto his cock and as the inches slide up into her pussy they both moan out
at the sensations, already making her grind down against him as she's filled
up and made to stretch even though he's not more than half-way into her

Holding onto his broad shoulders, it's actually the long time ring announcer
who makes the first move, starting to bounce herself up and down on his
stiff rod as her knees rest on either side of him, working her juicy hips
back and forth as she takes his cock into her tight snatch and ensures both
herself and the hung hunk she's on top off groan in pleasure from her
already quick and smooth movements. The Spanish-American beauty seems to
know exactly what she's doing here, even when it's handling a dick of this
vast size, raising and lowering her pussy smoothly and with perfect force
along the manhood of the All American underneath her who's got literally the
best seat in the house for this, feeling her working over his cock as she
rides him and watching her chest bounce erotically in front of his face each
time she moves on him.

While others may be content to just watch and let her do all the work here,
the leader of the CeNation isn't someone who slacks off for too long so
after moving his hands downward to cup her gorgeously rounded ass he starts
to thrust his cock up into her pussy as she rides away on him, sending his
inches even deeper into her wet and snug love tunnel and that just serves to
make their cries of lust increase in volume. Being stuffed full by this
large amount of thick cock is making the ­Quiero Vivir! singer jolt up
towards him each time she has to take a forceful thrust straight up into her
snatch from him, the action timed just right so when she drops down onto him
the man who rapped on You Can't See Me is firing his member into her pussy,
causing the sharp smack of skin hitting skin to ring out every time.

Tossing her long hair back over her shoulders, the beauty of Spanish and
Puerto Rican descent is doing her best to keep up with the pace being set by
the American hunk with all of his cock stuffed up into her pussy as he
increases the speed of his pumps into her along with adding more force,
causing her butt cheeks to jiggle when his thighs connect with them. She's
continuing to bounce sharply on his cock, a stream of moans escaping her
mouth as her tanned and curvy frame rocks and jolts on the member rapidly
working in and out of her damp but still tight snatch while the man
underneath her squeezes her ass as he keeps her held onto his rod.

Closing her eyes, she can't help but enjoy the lustful feelings this
recording studio sex is giving her, as her chest begins to heave a little
and beads of sweat appear on her forehead, but it's not stopping the
stunning WWE ring announcer from riding this thick and long cock with such
skill and rhythm that experienced porn stars would be taking notes if they
saw it. She's also not fazed now by the fact this sex is all being filmed
despite the man she's bouncing up and down on as he rams his shaft balls
deep into her damp pussy not being the one she's married to, but just like
her is moaning out in pleasure and with energy to spare, so neither looks
like they are going to be spent anytime soon even with this already quick
and hard pace.

"Once a Diva... Mmmm... Always a Diva, right?" John says with a smirk,
moving his hands up to her waist as he stops his thrusts.

"Oooooh... What do you... Mmmm... What do you mean?" Lilian questions as
she slows down her bounces to come to a rest in his lap.

"A few minutes ago you acted like you didn't want this..." Cena starts to
say, showing his superior strength as he easily stands up and keeps her up
on his cock, before setting her down on the recording studio floor. "Now
you're naked, and wanting more... Not that it's a bad thing!" He says with a
smile, turning her around.

She smirks and places her hands onto the mixing desk, bending over it with
her hips pushed up and back towards him. "You sound surprised... I guess
"You Don't Know Me"..." Garcia says with a seductive laugh.

Reaching behind her, the WWE's "Decade Diva" spreads her own gorgeously
rounded and tanned ass cheeks apart, gazing back over her shoulder at the
grinning hunk behind her as he gives his fat and lengthy dick a stroke,
stepping forward and taking the invitation as he rubs the bulbous bell end
of his rod across and over her asshole. They both groan deeply as he sinks
it in, forcing the first few meaty inchs into her clearly tighter hole but
the lubricant provided by her own pussy juices that are over his member are
just enough to allow him to start sliding himself back and forth into her
booty even with the resistance as she has to adapt quickly to his size
inside her but she doesn't demand that this stops, instead groaning and
moaning as she watches her ass getting filled up.

All the sports entertainer from West Newbury, Massachusetts has to do is
work his hips forward and then quickly back as he works his meaty pole
deeper into the snug back passage of the Madrid, Spain born ring announcer
of the company they both work for, looking right down at her juicy butt
cheeks as the woman bent over the mixing deck in front of him groans and
keeps those cheeks spread for him to stick his dick between. He's already at
a steady and firm pace, each forward thrust sliding more and more of himself
into her ass to keep him moaning as well, sliding a hand over her back to
make her groan while she rocks back slightly in her high heels, moving her
booty back against him to meet his pumps and get him that little further
into her back passage.

Keeping her gaze locked on his crotch and waist, the moaning singer is
intensely watching the cock of the stud behind her ploughing in and out of
her asshole, getting ever closer to his body connecting with her as she
works backward against his motions, her nicely rounded tits rubbing against
the console she's keeping herself bent over. Her fingers are digging into
her butt cheeks as she's banged with increasing speed and force, her cries
loud and rather shameless as her mouth stays open in an O-shape, eyes half
open as sweat covers her perfectly curved body, getting off on being fucked
in the ass from behind despite her wet snatch not being touched right now.

Now the sharp smack of skinning slapping against tanned skin is ringing out
when the multi-time former WWE Champion pushes all the forward to go balls
deep into the groaning female's booty, making those cheeks jiggle upon the
impact as she impressively takes all of his thick inches and stays in this
bent over position despite this kind of powerful and quick pace being more
than enough to render a normal woman unable to walk for a week. His heavy
ball sack is smacking into her body when he drives forward, but no sting of
pain if felt by either as they focus only on the pleasure as he feels her
still tight grip all around his member as he pumps it into her asshole and
grunts, feeling the effects of this repeated and experienced thrusting as
perspiration covers his muscular and desirable body.

Releasing her grip on her booty, which lets her cheeks shake freely when the
Superstar behind her slams his shaft forward into her asshole, she starts to
push her body up from the mixing deck, reaching her hand back to the back of
his head as she almost stands straight, drawing him into a lusty lip lock
and pushing her tongue into his mouth, the two exchanging moans as their
tongues smack against each other. As they make out he keeps on thrusting his
long American dick into her stunning Spanish-American ass, running his hands
up her sides as his crotch slaps into her butt cheeks over and over again as
he uses the sudden and forceful motion to keep them groaning into each
other's mouths, her breasts bouncing slightly as her body jolts when she
takes a balls deep pump into her backside.

Pulling his head away from her and leaving a strand of saliva hanging
between their lips, he smirks as he pulls out of her ass with a groan. "If
you really want to use your mouth, I've got an idea..." Cena says, taking
her by the hand and leading her through the door into the recording area of
the studio.

"If it's a blowjob, then that's no problem." Lilian states as she goes along
with him, now taken to the recording booth as he enters and brings her
inside with him.

"Maybe later... But let's see how you sound on track when you're not
singing..." John's voice can be heard through the microphone in the booth as
the camera films them both through the clear glass of the booth.

"I don't quite think I... Oooooh!" Garcia is cut off when he picks her up by
the waist, positioning himself so she's off the ground but both their heads
are right by the microphone as he lowers her onto his cock.

The beautiful songstress of the WWE closes her eyes with a loud, almost
porn-star quality moan right into the mic as her snatch is filled up
completed by the shaft that had just been balls deep into her ass moments
ago, but now she's taking every inch into her already very wet but still
tight pussy, her arms wrapped around his neck with her breasts pressing
against his muscular chest. It's not just her groans of lust that are being
picked up, but that erotic slapping sound of his balls hitting against her
skin when he drives sharply up into her, wasting no time in getting right
into a strong and fast pace that could easily make any red blooded woman
orgasm within seconds.

Long hair swaying and her perfectly rounded tits rubbing against his
desirable chest, the long time Diva moans out as her body jolts up against
him when he drives straight into her snatch, causing her to bounce on his
fat cock as it's being driven back and forth up into her wet hole but she
doesn't have any control over that motion, and from the shameless look of
pleasure plastered onto her beautiful face she doesn't mind that one bit.
Her head is turned just right towards the recording booth's microphone to
pick up every moan she lets out along with those of the handsome and
talented, not just in the ring, Superstar who's effortlessly holding her up
and off the ground by the waist while sending his inches right into her
snatch with sharp and sudden thrusts.

He may be a two-time Slammy Award Winner for Superstar of the Year, but he's
doing a much different kind of slamming here as he repeatedly sends his fat
and lengthy American dick straight up into the moaning, sweating beauty of
Spanish and Puerto Rican descent who's holding onto his neck all the energy
and strength she has left, his powerful thrusts rendering her unable to do
anything more except just take this. There's no issue from him to keep doing
this and giving it to her, his rod coated with her juices from her soaking
wet but still snug snatch that he's driving back and forth into, grunting
and groaning as he draws in deep breaths and continues to utilize this hard
and fast rhythm in an almost machine-like fashion even as he also sweats
hard, serving to make him look even hotter than he already is.

It's not just the heat of the moment that's turning both very attractive and
talented at what they do WWE stars that's effecting them and causing the
perspiration to drip from their tanned bodies, it's the actual heat from
fucking in such an intense manner in a small space, the recording booth
becoming like a sauna as the windows slightly steam up as the man holding
her off the floor rams his cock in and out of her dripping snatch time and
time again. All the while the amplified sound of their moans can be heard
along with the constant smacking of skin connecting into skin as their
combined cries are picked up by the microphone in the booth, a sound that's
even better to hear than her stunning singing voice as she groans out and is
made to bounce almost wildly on his manhood as he keeps stuffing it into her

As beautiful and mature a woman as she is, the WWE's ring announcer can only
take so much of this almost punishment into her snatch, so tilting her head
back and letting out the loudest and longest moan yet, Lilian Garcia starts
to cum all over the thick, thrusting cock of John Cena as he holds he up and
continues to fire into her, aiding in making her ride out all the pleasure
that races through her. As her juices flood out and down over the hunk's
cock and balls, her snatch tightens around his manhood to make him groan in
pleasure but impressing as always he keeps his control, smiling as he
gradually eases up on his pumps as she moans and comes back down to Earth,
gasping for breath and drenched in sweat as she rests against his strong

"Oh fuck... Oh John..." Lilian gasps out, her eyes still closed as he pulls
his slightly throbbing cock out of her snatch but keeps her held up to carry
her out of the booth. "That was... Just... Mmmmm..."
"You were damn hot yourself as well Lilian..." John says with a smirk,
moving both of them back through to the control room area in order to sit
her down on the same chair they'd fucked on earlier during this whole
"Mmmm... Thank you..." Garcia smiles sweetly as she opens her eyes and finds
herself facing his long and thick dick that's coated in her pussy juices.
"Still want that blowjob then?"
"Hell yeah I do!" Cena grins back, watching her edge the chair forward
closer towards him. "Blow me away, just like you do the WWE Universe with
your singing..."

Leaning her head in, she goes right to work by opening her mouth and taking
his shaft inside, sinking down and impressively handling the top half of him
with the first motion, further making the multi-time former WWE Champion
moan as she wraps her pouty and soft lips firmly around his meat, placing
her hands onto his strong thighs to support herself. With her eyes looking
up at him, she starts to rock her head backwards and then sharply forward in
order to suck him off, showing no signs of being repulsed by the taste of
her own snatch as she's cleaning up herself off his rod which each movement
deep on him.

Watching the ring announcer's beautiful and sweat covered facial features
raise and lower on his fat pole is enough to make any man moan, so the
actual feeling of her warm and wet mouth would no doubt send a normal man
over the edge within seconds and long before they'd been taken as deep into
her oral hole as this muscular and moaning WWE Superstar currently is. For
the moment though he's just throbbing between her lips and groaning as he
gazes down to take in the smooth and swift bobbing action, very happy to let
her do all the work as she handles his inches and is taking more of him
inside as she pushes down further onto him.

Now her pussy juices have been sipped down her throat and it's her soothing
saliva that's covering his man meat, the occasional flick of the tongue up
against the underside adding to his pleasure as he takes in deep breaths and
sweat pours off of his tanned and chiseled out of stone body but stays
standing in front of the Madrid, Spain born stunner who's slurping away on
his lengthy American cock like a professional. Her hands slide along his
thighs as she moves her head back and forth quickly and with increasing
force on his dick, only moving up to just over half way along him before
driving downward towards the base, not a hint of gagging to be heard as she
sucks away on him and groans around his member in a rather slutty manner,
especially considering the man inside her oral hole is not the one she's
married to.

Closing her eyes, she surprises him with a sharp movement all the way down,
her nose touching his crotch as her chin rests against her large ball sack
and her lips are wrapped tightly around the base, making him moan loudly and
his cock noticeably throb inside her damp mouth as she deep throats all of
his thick inches. Keeping herself held down onto him, she groans again
around his dick as she swats her tongue against the sides and bottom of his
rod, coating it with her saliva before opening her eyes with a playful smirk
before she goes straight back to the sucking motion, quickly going from
almost the base all the way up to the head and then straight back down as
her own spit trickles past her lips and drips off of his tool.

The use of this final, intense blowing motion is what finally sends him over
the edge, and with a deep groan John Cena starts to blow his load inside of
the mouth of Lilian Garcia, making her moan as she's filled up with the
first thick, creamy stream of spunk that she doesn't hesitate to swallow
right down with a loud and shameless gulp as she continues to bob her head
along the pulsating cock deep in her oral hole. Shot after shot of jizz is
fired into her, and she drinks down it all and uses a much tamer, soothing
bobbing pace on his rod in order to squeeze out every drop of his cum with
her soft lips, making him moan with a big smile as the final drops are
released into her and she lifts her head away from him, using her talented
tongue to swirl around the head to clean it off.

"Mmmm... I might get in huge trouble with my husband when he sees this..."
Lilian says as she sits back in the chair with a smile. "But goodness, that
was so hot!" She states with a laugh.

"I always aim to please..." John responds with a smile. "Especially when
it's with a WWE Diva - one of the hottest women on the planet."

"I'm not a real Diva, not like a Kelly or Eve..." Garcia says with a slight
shake of the head. "But I'm a woman who can have a lot of fun when she wants
to... Guess I gave those other women you're trying out on this show
something to try and beat, right?"

"Lilian, I doubt anyone can come half as good as what you were just now,
even if they are "real wrestlers"..." Cena states before he looks to the
camera with a smirk. "And that's the truth - the WWE Divas are the best
around, and if any of you indy starlets or Knockouts think you can beat that,
then just bring it and I mean to me personally, not via satellite like a
certain "movie star" with an out of date eyebrow raise. This has been John
Cena's F.U., so until next time, I'll catch you all around and if you're
still not down with me or this, then I guess it's because..." He states,
lifting a hand up and performing the trademark "You Can't See Me" gesture as
the image fades to black and the video ends.

* * *

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