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Featuring: Alicia (WSU), John Cena (WWE).

John Cena's F.U. Number 4: Alicia
A WWE/indies cross-over erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

To the sounds of "The Time is Now" by John Cena and Tha Trademarc, the video
starts up to show a familiar looking studio setting that certain other
"Greatness" based web series have seen, with a spacious leather couch in the
middle and a plain background in the back except with a notable difference
this time - mounted and framed posters and magazine covers of WWE Superstar
John Cena handing on the walls behind the seating. Indeed, currently sitting
with spread legs and showing off his clearly sizable package in his trademark
jean shorts is the multi-time former WWE Champion, the well built and
handsome John Cena who smirks at the camera knowing the filming has started,
also wearing his signature green merchandise T-shirt.

"Well, here we are again!" John says with a smile. "All you adult members of
the WWE Universe watching this, the views went through the roof for the first
one so here we are again with another of John Cena's F.U. We all know what
we're here for, so let's get down to it. Today I'm joined by someone from the
independent circuit, most known for being in the very high on its own product
WSU promotion, and... That's about it from what I've heard! But they call her
the "WSU Icon" and she's held a bunch of championships and won a couple of
tournaments just in that one company... So let's see what she's all about!
Her name is Alicia!"

Walking onto the set now, and giving Cena a narrowed eyed look for that
introduction is independent scene worker and leading Women Superstars
Uncensored starlet known as Alicia. She's clad in a tight-fitting and low cut
red top that shows off sexy cleavage from her large breasts, and figure
hugging black pants that fit perfectly to her very thick and juicy ass.
Brushing her long, blond hair back over her shoulder she takes a seat next to
John but still gives him a rather unfriendly look.

"Figures, you think you're so smart, don't you?" Alicia says as she looks him
over. "Taking shots at a company that shows real women's wrestling when all
you've got are a bunch of sluts known as Divas who fuck their way to the

"Well isn't that an original argument?" Cena responds with a smirk. "Your
company had the same so-called "World" Champion for almost two years, that
means there was no one else who people cared about more to carry the place as
a draw. Besides, I recall a current Diva by the name of AJ who used to be in
WSU, but she seems very happy to make the upgrade to worldwide fame and
actual arenas..."

"That's her decision if she didn't want to stick around, but women like me
who can stick it out and get physical in the ring don't need to waste time
with models and half-trained skanks." Alicia snaps with clear arrogance. "I
could kick any Diva's ass with ease in a match, and have plenty in the tank
to take it to anyone else who wanted a piece of a real wrestler for once!"

"Yeah, sure you could..." John says with a shake of his head, reaching down
to undo his belt. "You're a real classy act yourself in that oh-so
conservative outfit... How about we skip the talk and you put your money
where your mouth is, but putting something else in it." He suggests as he
pushes his jean shorts down, revealing his very long and thick to match
cock that's already hardening.

"F... Figures that you'd just be interesting in fucking already!" Alicia
says, her widened eyes glancing down onto his manhood to show she's taken
by surprise by his size even if she won't admit it. "Well that's just
fine... I could out wrestle your Divas, and I'll show I'm damn well better
at sex than them as well! You should count yourself lucky to finally be with
a real woman for once."

"Are you just going to talk about doing something, or are you going to show
the world how "good" you really are?" Cena responds as he kicks his shorts
out of the way. "Or I could go get AJ and have a real Diva show you how it's

Narrowing her eyes with a sexy glare, the long-time indy scene starlet slowly
lowers herself down to her knees in front of the powerful and handsome sports
entertainer, her gaze being naturally drawn to the hardening pole in front of
her face as she grips it by the base, delivering a couple of quick pumps to
it before leaning in and giving him a long, slow lick up the underside.
Reaching the top she swirls her tongue all the way around the crown, letting
out a slight groan herself as she licks her way across the bulbous bell-end
with a swirling, clockwise motion as her hand slightly strokes his inches,
dabbing a little of her saliva onto him as he looks down and meets her look,
smirking back at her as if to say "Is that all you've got?"

Shooting him another glare and taking the challenge, the former two-time WSU
Champion opens her mouth to take the rock hard and lengthy shaft of the
multi-time former WWE Champion inside, sinking down to take in a good few
inches as she keeps her eyes locked up at the man who's letting out a moan as
he feels how soothingly warm and damp her oral hole is already. Placing her
hands on his strong thighs, she starts to raise and lower her head onto his
member, groaning around his meat as she works over the top portion of him but
finding herself having to work to keep her full and pouty lips pressed down
and around his cock due to his thickness.

Now that she's properly into the act and is using her mouth with a smooth and
steady movement that shows she's no novice when it comes to sucking a cock,
even if it's one that's clearly the biggest she's ever had to deal with, the
WWE Superstar lets out a moan as he feels her mouth gliding back and forth
across his length, slightly going down deeper onto him over time as her
blond-haired head bobs along his meaty dick. Reaching down with a smirk as he
feels her tongue slightly flicking up against the bottom of his tool as she
blows him, he first brushes her long hair back over her shoulders for a clear
view of her sucking before his hand goes down further and underneath her top,
causing her to let out a muffled moan around his length as he starts to feel
up the large tits of the "WSU Icon" with his strong hands.

Keeping her eyes locked up at him sensually as she moves her head back and
forth along his pole, she responds to the groping motion on her big
breasts by increasing the speed and force behind her blowing action, her
groans bouncing off of his cock that's deep in her mouth as she takes his
man meat quickly between her pouty lips and then back out but never lifting
up further than the half-way mark on him. The saliva of the Hackensack, New
Jersey born beauty is trickling down the stiff dick of the moaning hunk she's
kneeling down in front off, and despite her earlier claims she seems to be
quite eager and hungry in dishing out this blowjob to a man she's only just
met and now has his dick right in her mouth as he feels up and plays with her
still clothes-covered boobs to keep her groaning at the same time.

When the tip of the West Newbury, Massachusetts native's shaft touches the
back of her mouth, it causes the independent circuit worker to gag as she
goes down too deep on his rod, her spit running down to his balls and
crotch as she continues to rock her head up and down along his length, her
eyes now narrowed but in discomfort as she doesn't want to admit defeat
and stop sucking him off but the signs are clear that his size is much
more than she's used to. There's no complaints from the stud receiving
this though, still watching her pretty facial features as they move back
and forth on his tool as the feeling of her mouth around him keeps him
moaning and he gives something back with another deep and firm squeeze of
her breasts that causes her to clearly moan even when she has his meat
stuffed into her damp oral hole.

"Mmmm... Looks like we've finally found a use for that mouth of yours...
Even if you can't seem to handle it..." Cena says with another handsome
smirk as he watches her give his cock another couple of deep sucks. Lifting
her head up and off, she takes a second to draw in breath before glaring up
at him.

"Fuck you! I dare any of your Diva sluts to handle even half of that!" Alicia
snaps somewhat arrogantly as she stands up, lifting her tight top up and over
her head to let her very large and sexily rounded breasts bounce free.

"You just sucked my dick while fully clothed, seconds after meeting me and
you're calling others sluts?" John responds with a chuckle, lifting his
T-shirt up and off his body to show off his very muscular and ripped chest
and abs.

"I didn't hear you complaining when I was near sucking you dry..." She
claims with a smirk of her own as she lowers her bottoms, showing off her
thick and juicy ass along with her neatly shaven pussy. "Now if you think
you're so hot, how about you show me what you can do?" Alicia challenges
as she sits down on the couch, spreading her legs apart.

Unfazed by her boasting, the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight
Champion moves into position as he lines his cock up, using an impressively
powerful thrust to push over half of his fat inches into the snatch of the
former WSU Spirit Champion as she lets out a long moan at the invasion, her
eyes going wide as she feels her tight pussy being forced to spread from his
thickness alone. Taking a moment to smirk down at her as he leans over with
his hands gripping the back of the couch they are on, he starts to thrust
into her snatch with a series of steady but noticeably forceful pumps,
already showing that it's not just inside the ring where he's talented as his
motions are smooth and controlled even just moments after he started giving
it to her.

It's a case of be careful what you wish for the winner of the WXW 2005 Elite
8 Women's Tournament as she isn't getting any time at all to adjust to the
vast size now moving in and out of her tight snatch, causing her to groan out
in pleasure as she grits her teeth, bringing up her legs to wrap them around
the hunky waist of the WWE Superstar banging her but it doesn't even faze him
for a second. Already his thrusts are more than strong enough to make her
curvacious frame jolt back against the seating she's being fucked on, her
large tits bouncing in time with the motion of her tanned body to give him an
added visual treat as if watching the busty babe groaning underneath him
wasn't enough of a victory after her boasting and claims before.

Satisfied that his "warm up" pace was done with, he starts moving his hips
back and forth with more force and increased speed, in turn allowing his man
meat to slide in deeper and deeper still into the Hackensack, New Jersey
stunner's snatch that's staying pleasurably snug all around his manhood,
feeling her becoming wetter as time passes and she takes more of his powerful
and perfectly timed pumps. Indeed, he's in full control of the situation and
position so there's little more that she can do other than lay back and take
it as she glares back at him, trying to keep up her defiance even as she
clearly moans and the nipples on her large, bouncing breasts are hardened,
finding her hands sliding up and across his desirable chest as she takes his
pumping motion straight into her tight love tunnel.

Not let up yet as the thrusts keep on coming, his ballsack now smacking into
her skin as he ploughs into her balls deep, sending every thick inch into her
snug snatch as they both moan out in enjoyment from the sensations even if
the female wrestler receiving this won't willingly admit to it yet, and he
isn't planning on stopping yet as he keeps on pumping back and forth into
her. The winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble Match grunts as he continues to bang
her damp pussy with a purpose, and not just to enjoy the snug feel around
every bit of his length as he slides himself in and out of her with quick and
hard movements into the winner of the 2010 WSU J-Cup Tournament as she moans
and jolts back against the couch each time he sends his dick right into her

While it's impressive in itself that she's taking this already fast pace that
a professional pornstar would struggle to keep the pace up off, it's clear
that the indy worker isn't happy at being shown up in this way, even though
she's getting fucked nice and hard as her long blond-hair sways and her
massive titties bounce away in time with the motion her body is being made to
do with each and every thrust into her wet and tight pussy she takes. She
continues to glare back at the smirking, confident face of the sports
entertainer who's hammering into her snatch, filling her up with every inch
of his stiff rod that's now got a slick covering of her juices thanks to the
repeated pumps into her hole that's right there for him to quickly and easily
take thanks to how her legs are wrapped around his midsection.

"You've... Uhhh! You've got some skills... I'll admit that!" Alicia says with
a moan, still glaring but now just slightly at him, her body still jolting as
she takes his stiff thrusts.

"See? Lighten up and drop that worn-out "Us indy chicks are better than the
Divas" act, and you might enjoy yourself more." Cena replies with a smile,
pulling his dick out of her snatch with a moan, easily using his own strength
to unwrap her legs around around him.

That statement makes her narrow her eyes at him, although she can't help but
glance down at his still rock hard dick that's now covered with her juices.
"Us WSU girls can wipe the floor with any of your little girl Divas... Sit
your ass down here and I'll prove it!" Alicia offers as she stands up from
the couch.

With a shake of his head and a smile, he takes a seat back down and relaxes
into it. "Funny, because I know a certain Diva by the name of AJ who said
something along the lines of "Not even if they put a gun to my head" when it
came to if she'd go back to your little promotion..." John says, watching as
she mounts his lap.

For the first time it's the turn of the winner of the 2009 and 2010 WWE
Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year to be surprised in a very pleasant
way as she reaches back to line his dick up but not to enter her snatch once
again, but this time sliding it between her thick and well-rounded ass
cheeks, pushing the head against her asshole before sharply dropping down
with a gasp and then a groan. Letting out a moan as he feels his dick inside
her clearly very tight back passage, he moves his hands up to her waist to
hold her as the former WSU Tag Team Champion eases her vast booty downward a
little more onto him, taking another couple of inches before taking a moment
to grind herself down against his rod as she's in a squatting position over

Gritting her teeth, showing that it's not just pleasure she's feeling from
this sinful act, she lets out another deep groan before starting to move
herself up and down on his thick dick, using only her own pussy juices that
coat his member as a sort of lubricant as she grips her own knees for support
as she establishes a steady and smooth riding motion to take his shaft up
into her one-of-a-kind ass. The gorgeously rounded butt cheeks of the
independent scene starlet are already jiggling erotically from her motion on
the moaning stud she's on top off, her large breasts bouncing again in time
with the rest of her tanned and curved body as she takes the long pole of the
WWE Superstar in and out of her very tight asshole much to his moaning but
still confidently smirking delight.

While he might be impressed that she's taking his great size so far deep into
her snug back passage, and he can tell already from the way she's bouncing on
his manhood that this isn't the first time she's taken a dick in her stunning
ass before, he's not going to let her get away with all the arrogant boasting
she'd done before. So moving his hands up, he takes a hold of her big, tanned
titties and starts to grope them as she rides his cock with her thick booty,
the feeling of his fingers digging into the more than ample flesh of her
chest making her moan and close her eyes as she makes her movement up and
down on his length faster and more forceful in response, increasing the
pleasure that both the attractive wrestlers are feeling as this anal sex

Grunts and sexy, lustful groans are escaping the former WSU Champion's mouth
as she keeps on raising and lowering herself onto the moaning hunk underneath
her as he plays and toys with her big boobs even as they bounce in his firmly
gripping hands, the sound of her thick ass cheeks smacking off of his thighs
ringing out now when she drops down deep and almost takes his length balls
deep into her asshole. A layer of sweat is now starting to form over her
tanned and perfectly curved body, showing the effort she's putting into
taking the biggest cock she's ever had up into her booty, still trying to
prove the multi-time former WWE Champion wrong even as she's looking less and
less like a proud pro wrestler with each up and down motion that slides his
rod in and out of her back passage as her juicy butt cheeks jiggle erotically
with each and every motion.

On the other hand, the hunky and muscular sports entertainer who has the best
seat in the house for this is still smiling and looking ready for a whole lot
more as he leans his head up, allowing him to start flicking his tongue
against the hard nipples of the busty babe bouncing away on his shaft as she
takes him straight up into her thick and stunning backside. This makes her
moan even louder, feeling the tongue swirling around one nipple before
moving on to the other, her motion up and down on his fat and stiff rod
slightly mistiming due to this new touch but she keeps on working his manhood
in and out of her asshole with groans and slight moans as he hair sways and
her butt cheeks continue to shake as they smack down against his legs but
neither feels a sting of pain from the contact.

"Mmmm... Not bad there Alicia... I can see you've done this before..." John
states as he lets go of her large tits, watching her bounce away on his dick
as she draws in deep breaths.

"Not... Uhhhh! Not bad?!?" Alicia's eyes open to glare at him as she grunts,
coming to a full stop on his shaft. "The best ass you'll ever had, and you
think it's "not bad"??" She says with anger as she lifts herself up and off
of his tool.

"So you've got a big, juicy ass? That's nothing new..." Cena coolly responds
with a smirk as he stands up from the couch. "So did Mickie James, Melina,
Molly Holly, and plenty of the current Divas have fine asses as well... Just
having a hot body doesn't make you a star, you have to know how to use it as

"I was just using it! You were moaning like it was your first damn time
fucking just now!" Alicia snaps, before she moves and gets onto her hands and
knees onto the seating, sticking that large and perfectly rounded booty right
out at him. "You think you can handle this ass? Bring it on and you'll be
blowing a load in seconds!!"

Smirking at her boasts yet again, the multi-time former WWE and World
Heavyweight Champion moves into position behind her, spreading her thick butt
cheeks apart and pushing his dick back into her asshole with a moan, gripping
those juicy cheeks as his fingers dig into the vast flesh as he starts to
thrust into her, quickly getting into a hard and quick rhythm that has them
both groaning in lust from the feeling. Looking back over her shoulder at
him, the former WSU Spirit, Tag Team, and "World" Champion grits her teeth as
the force of his deep pumps is already making her tanned and sweating body
rock back and forth in response, her large tits swaying as they hang down
underneath her, the look on her face mixed as she's still trying to be
defiant but the pleasure she's feeling is undeniable.

Although not admitting defeat verbally, the sight of her moving a hand down
between her legs so she can slide a couple of fingers into her soaking wet
pussy is a sign that she's enjoying this intense anal sex a whole lot more
than she's letting on, plunging those digits back and forth into her own love
tunnel with clear need as she moans and tilts her head back. Not intending to
deny a hot, curvacious beauty of what she wants even after all her arrogant
claims, the West Newbury, Massachusetts stud behind her keeps on hammering
into her back passage, sending his cock deep into her asshole so he's able to
go in balls deep in no time at all with his muscular waist smacking into her
thick and sexy ass cheeks each time he plunges forward into her backside.

Despite the tough talk from before, she's looking far from the so-called
talented and professional female wrestler she claimed to be earlier on as
she's moaning like a dirty slut as she takes it up the ass from behind by
a man she's barely just met while finger-banging her own dripping wet snatch
with almost desperate pumps in and out with her digits. It's all just more
to moan and smile about for said sports entertainer who's nailing her
one-of-a-kind ass in this doggy style position as he starts to sweat, only
making his muscular body look even hotter as his crotch smacks hard and
quickly into her juicy butt cheeks, the slapping sound ringing out and mixing
with their combined, shameless cries of pleasure as this steamy sexual
encounter continues.

Many a normal woman would struggle to last even half this long during anal
sex at this intense, hot and heavy pace, let alone taking all of this thick
and long cock into their back passage, so in that area it's impressive that
the woman nicknamed the "WSU Icon" has been taking it like this for such a
long period, even with the effects clear as sweat drips off her tanned and
curvy New Jersey body. On the other hand, the WWE Superstar who's rendered
her into such a moaning, slutty mess is showing his ability to keep on
hammering her and giving her thick and sexy ass the kind of fucking it
deserves, ploughing his vast shaft in and out of her booty as he groans in
pleasure and watches her body move in time with his strong and swift thrusts.

As her large breasts sway as her body jolts back and forth, and her juicy ass
cheeks jiggle erotically when the waist of the stud behind her smacks into
them, the indy scene starlet continues to ram a couple of fingers feverishly
in and out of her own soaking wet snatch to keep herself moaning loudly as
she struggles to keep herself up in this doggy style position and not just
from the force of the motion being used to pound her booty either. Panting
for breath with her head hanging low, she can only moan and go on instinct to
keep those already coated digits sliding into her pussy like her life depends
on it, getting off on the feeling of the biggest cock she's ever had to
handle moving back and forth into her back passage to stuff her juicy, thick
ass full of man meat.

It was only a matter of time before she was forced racing past her limit, and
so with her face resting down on the couch she'd been nailed on and her thick
backside sticking up in the air, Alicia starts to cum hard over her own
fingers as John Cena continues to slam his long and fat cock into her juicy
ass, grunting himself as he feels her back passage tightening around his dick
but he keeps his composure to keep banging her as she rides out her orgasm.
Moaning and grunting away, she slides her fingers back and forth into her
dripping wet snatch, her juices pouring out across the rest of her digits,
her hand, the wrist, and trickling down her arm to drip onto the seating they
are both on, the slap of skin meeting tanned, sweat-covered skin still
ringing out when his muscular waist collides with her booty even as he starts
to slow down his motion at the same time her hand leaves her snatch with a
deep groan.

Having proven his point and sent her over the edge, it's time for the
multi-time former WWE Champion to get his as he pulls out of her now well
fucked ass with a groan, moving to turn her around and position her onto her
back on the couch as he mounts her chest, placing his member between her
large tits as he uses his hands to press them against the sides of his rod.
Moaning already from the soft feeling of the ample, sweat-covered flesh
around his manhood, he waist no time in starting to slide himself in between
the breasts of the former WSU Champion as she can only lay back with closed
eyes, still worn out from her own powerful sexual high so no objection is
made, not that she could do anything about this anyway even if she could
think straight right now to do something.

The stud from West Newbury, Massachusetts groans deeply as he pumps his dick
back and forth into her vast cleavage, his fingers sinking slightly into her
big boobs as he keeps them held tightly against his shaft to sandwich in
between her mounds, shamelessly using those large tits for his own pleasure
as the head of his tool pops up from between them when he pushes forward into
them and soon vanishing back between them when he quickly pulls back. The
Hackensack, New Jersey born beauty can feel what's happening, able to open
her eyes to look up at him but she can only gaze at the piece of fat man meat
stuck between her tits that has been in all of her holes, finding herself
licking her lips as she watches it move back and forth to fuck her perfectly
rounded and tanned breasts with quick motions.

After all this intense and hard action, it's not too long that the hunk who's
been dominating this sexual encounter finally reaches his own sexual peak,
pulling his cock out and starting to stroke himself off with deep moans as
John Cena starts to spray his load across the massive breasts of Alicia, the
first thick stream of spunk splashing down onto her left tit, causing her to
groan at the sensation. He smiles as he jerks out every last drop of his
load, evenly distributing the creamy jizz onto both tits to give them a more
than ample covering as cum lands over her nipples, down between her boobs,
and even some nearly up to her neck to make a very satisfying visual ending
that leaves a big smile on his face as he lets go of his now softening cock.

"What's the matter Alicia? No smart lines now?" John says with a smirk as he
stands up and looks down at the woman still laying on the couch she'd been
fucked on.

"...What? You expect... Expect me to just suddenly play nice after we've
fucked?" Alicia manages to gasp out as she looks up at him. "It doesn't
change anything... The WWE Divas are still a bunch of skanks with half
training, and us WSU girls could..."

"Most of WSU couldn't even get a WWE Try-out even if they paid a million
dollars for it!" Cena cuts her off with a chuckle. "AJ was right about you...
Pretty good looking, but pretty useless in the ring, and a prick-teasing
bitch to top it all off. You can take your big tits and juicy ass back to WSU
where you're only over at, and our Divas can stay in arenas and worldwide TV
where they're known and are actually stars... No wonder AJ left WSU as a Tag
Champion to get the hell away from the likes of you..."

Shaking his head and still smiling, Cena looks to the camera. "Another
loud-mouth Indy girl with a hot body and that's about it, proven wrong and
shown up for what she's really good for. Well, you didn't tune in for any
inspired conversation from me, did you? This has been John Cena's F.U., so
until next time, I'll catch you all around and if you're still not down
with me or this, then I guess it's because..." He states, lifting a hand
up and turning to look down at the still worn out Alicia in order to give
her his trademark "You Can't See Me" gesture before giving the camera a
wink and walking out of shot, as the image of her groaning and trying to
sit up fades to black and the video ends.

* * *

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