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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where
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jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Velvet Sky (TNA, Talia Madison in indies), John Cena (WWE),
Randy Orton (WWE), Zack Ryder (WWE).

John Cena's F.U. Number 5: Velvet Sky
A WWE/TNA cross-over erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

To the sounds of "The Time is Now" by John Cena and Tha Trademarc, the
video starts up to show a familiar looking studio setting that certain
other "Greatness" based web series have seen, with a spacious leather
couch in the middle and a plain background in the back except with a
notable difference this time - mounted and framed posters and magazine
covers of WWE Superstar John Cena handing on the walls behind the seating.
However, instead of seeing the expected host - John Cena himself - as the
camera zooms out towards the couch, the music suddenly changes to "Radio"
as we see the grinning form of Zack Ryder! He has on his "Statue of
Liberty" merch T-shirt on and tight-fitting black with purple design
trunks, along with his sunglasses, Broski headband, and the Internet
Championship on his shoulder.

"Welcome everyone to Z! True Long Island Story For Greatness, and I am
your new host... The WWE... Internet Champion! Long Island Iced Z! Zack
Ryder!" Ryder says, nodding his head with a big grin on his face.

"Oh hell no you aren't!"

Suddenly, the sound of "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour blares out,
making Ryder look around surprised as storming onto the set now is the
controversial, Straightedge Superstar of the WWE, CM Punk who's dressed in
black with yellow stars trunks and his "Best in the World" T-shirt. Punk
is glaring at Ryder as he hauls him up off the couch to stand up.

"No way! I will not tolerate this bullshit again!" Punk says with a yell,
getting right into Zack's face. "It's bad enough that these previous "For
Greatness" series had sub-par, pretty boys as hosts to make women fake
orgasms with them, and I could barely tolerate that ass-kisser John Cena
now taking control of it, but now you're trying to hijack this? Give me
one damn good reason why I shoulder send you to sleep with a GTS right

"Bro! Just chill out!" Ryder says, whipping off his sunglasses as he steps
back from Punk. "It... It wasn't my idea man! My broski Dax who helps
direct these shows said it would be killer for me to get my career on

"Oh, so it's your fault??" Punk turns and looks off camera, pointing at
someone. "I get it that you have to use this crummy set all the time
because you don't get the budget that Dice & Kristi do for their vastly
superior WWE Films Presents series, but come on! Is this really the best
you can do?" A pause as something seems to be shouted back at Punk, making
him glare back. "My T-shirt does not have a "Cutie Mark" of Twilight
Sparkle on it!! What the hell does that even mean???"

Now another theme song hits, this time being "Voices" as now entering from
the other side is the WWE's Apex Preditor, Randy Orton who does not look
completely amused, clad in just his snug fitting trucks to nicely show off
his muscular upper body along with his sizable package.

"I did not come here for some bickering about online shows..." Orton says,
glancing between the two other Superstars. "I came here because I was told
that there was one of the few worth-while Knockouts from that dump company
TNA here who wasn't just a WWE reject... And I intend to see if she's all
hype or not. And if that means having to RKO the both of you to get to
her, then I will!" Randy says in a very threatening way, only serving to
make Ryder more worried as Punk stands his ground.

"Woah, woah, woah!!" Now a fourth familiar voice is heard, and finally now
the actual host of this show appears as John Cena steps into shot, clad in
the familiar jean shorts along with green merchandise T-shirt. He moves in
between Orton and the other two men, glancing between them and looking
slightly bemused. "Relax people! Relax! I'm starting to think I should
have never caved in the the WWE Universe's demands and bring more guest
Superstars onto the show! Now come on, we're not here to fight. We're here
to... Well, to "F.U." someone and now that Randy here has let the cat
slightly out of the bag, and to avoid any fights breaking out here, let's
bring her out! Here she is - Velvet Sky!"

Now all the men's attention quite rightly goes towards the stunning female
making her way onto the set, TNA Knockout Velvet Sky who is clad in tight,
black bottoms with silver designs that hug perfectly to her thick and
juicy ass, and a tight, cut off at the bottom shirt with a "Letting the
Pigeons Loose Since 2007" logo in pink on the center that strains against
her large breasts with a hint of sexy cleavage shown off. She takes her
time walking in, moving right up onto the couch with a glance towards the
men to make sure they are watching before she slides down to rest her
stomach on the back of the couch, performing a modified version of her
ring entrance as she sways her booty from side-to-side, her eyes
seductively gazing over the four hunks who are clearly undressing her with
their eyes, much to her approval.

"I was hoping you would be fighting over me, not just with each other..."
Velvet says with a smirk as she moves to stand in front of the couch,
glancing between the WWE Superstars. "You don't want to waste any energy
already now, would you?"

"Wasting energy? You do that just be being stuck in TNA every week." Punk
states as he folds his arms over his chest.

"Forget energy, I'm not here to waste time..." Orton says with intent,
boldly pushing down his trunks as he already impressively sized dick comes
into view, making her eyes widen with a smile.

"I like the sounds, and looks of that..." Sky states, turning to the side
before glancing at the others. "Feel free to join in... I'll show you that
when it comes to me, The Sky's the Limit, and I'll blow all your little
princess Divas away with ease..."

"This is gonna be siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!" Zack states, putting his title
and sunglasses aside as he quickly strips out of his clothing as well.

"Well, I've lost control of my show already!" John states with a chuckle
as he pulls his T-shirt off, revealing his muscular upper body. "Might as
well be a good host, and I'll get our guest warmed up..." He adds, moving
around to kneel down behind her, placing his hands onto her pants.

"I'm sharing a woman over just for shaking her ass with a psycho with the
personality of a wall, a goof-ball only cared about for web videos, and a
walking kaleidoscope of bright T-shirts who can't get all the fans to
cheer for him." Punk says, shaking his head before taking off his T-shirt
as well. "Screw it... They've seen me banging Daffney on a show like this,
they might as well watch me lower my standards now..." He adds, lowering
his trunks to show off his also hardening and just as impressively lengthy
dick as the other Superstars, the sight of their dicks making the two-tone
haired beauty's mouth water as she looks them all over as the three
standing approach her.

As her tight fitting bottoms are lowered down her smooth legs, the
stunning TNA Knockout reaches forward as she bends over, taking Punk's
cock into her left hand and Orton's into her right as she starts to stroke
them both as they stand close towards her head, but her face turns to the
man in front as she eagerly opens her mouth to take Ryder's dick inside.
Zack moans out as he feels her pouty lips wrapping around his length and
she wastes no time in starting to bob her head along his impressive size
with a smooth and steady motion, seductively glancing between the three
men as she jerks the two to her sides off with swift back and forth pumps
to make them moan lightly while using her mouth to really make the hunk in
front of her call out as she takes in well over half of his length.

Feeling the tongue of the WWE Superstar kneeling behind her lapping up and
down her ass crack soon has the TNA Knockout groaning herself around the
cock she's blowing, still swaying her booty from side to side as she rubs
it against the handsome face of Cena as he holds her hips, keeping himself
buried into her butt as he starts to dine on her. The saliva dabbing onto
her asshole as he licks lightly around and over it doesn't faze her as she
moans, her palms still sliding up and down the cocks she's gripping while
her head briskly moves back and forward over the length being taken deeper
into her oral hole as her own spit starts to coat his inches.

Working over both the poles in her hands has gotten them easily stood at
full attention as both the former multi-time WWE groan at the feeling of
her smooth palms gliding up and down their thick man meat with steady and
controlled motions that make it seem she's more used to this kind of
"group" activity than she's letting on. There's no complaints about that,
especially from the "Internet Champion" in front of her as she continues
to give him an already red hot blowjob, her full lips moving down to the
base of his cock with a deep groan before moving back up to half-way and
quickly repeating the motion, leaving his tool coated with saliva as the
blond and black hair of the former TNA Knockout Champion sways from the
speed of her sucking action.

Back behind her, the tongue of the West Newbury, Massachusetts native is
getting worked in and out of her tight asshole, probing as deep as he can
get into her back passage with a sharp darting motion as he gets her booty
nice and wet, his hands sliding up to grope her juicy and fully rounded
ass cheeks as they are still swaying sexily from side to side. The busty
babe hailing from The Big Apple continues to groan in pleasure at the
feeling of the hungry tongue swirling inside her butt, making her push her
rump back against the face stuck right between her cheeks so she's almost
smothering him with her one-of-a-kind backside and from the hard-on in his
shorts its obvious he's enjoying eating her ass out as well.

Giving the length of Long Island Iced Z a few more balls deep sucks, she
lifts her head away with a moan and a lick of her lips, catching her
breath for a second as Zack steps back so the other two men can come
forward as she still jerks them off with her hands working over their fat
inches from the base all the way up to just under the head. This allows
the former Beautiful People member to lash out with her wet tongue against
first the crown of the man who once led the Straight Edge Society, making
him moan from the quick swirling motion all the way around his bell end,
before it's the turn of the former leader of Legacy to take this top notch
licking as he gets a soothing layer of saliva left onto the head of his
rod as she switches between the two studs to lap away at their dicks while
she strokes them.

"Bro, that BJ there was siiiiiiiiiiiiiick!" Ryder says with a grin as he
watches her give the two cocks she's stroking a couple more hungry licks
around the crowns.

Glancing up with a raised eyebrow, she lets go of the shafts in her hands
and lifts her head away. "First off honey, I'm a babe, not a "bro"..."
Velvet says with a seductively teasing tone. "And second? If you thought
that was hot, just come and get a piece of this pussy..." She says with a
smirk, moving to stand up but getting stopped when she feels a hand on her
back, keeping her bent over forwards.

"Hold on there sweetheart, we're not done with you like this yet..." Punk
states with a smirk as John stands up from behind her, moving around the
group as he lowers his shorts to reveal his very lengthy and thick to
match cock.

"Knock yourselves out... Oh wait, that's what I'm already doing to you
all..." Sky says with a sly smile, already licking her lips as she gazes
at Cena's length as he stands in front of her.

"Big talk for someone stuck working in a Florida theme park a few times a
month..." Orton comments with a smirk of his own, lightly stroking his
dick to work her saliva into it as he watches Ryder move behind her.

Placing her hands onto the toned waist of the WWE Superstar in front of
her, the gorgeous TNA Knockout opens her mouth with her tongue sticking
out, taking the shaft of Cena's right into her mouth, making sure her
tongue drags along the underside of his thickness to make him moan as his
inches slide impressively deep into her oral hole just with a first
motion. Groaning at the sensation, she slowly moves her back back up until
just the crown is inside before diving down again, her tongue flexing as
her mouth tries to clamp around this manhood at the same time, all the
more pleasure for him as she shows she can handle a dick even of this
great side as she rocks her two-tone haired head along his member.

A muffled moan then escapes the woman once known as Talia Madison in the
indies as she feels the shaft of the host of Z True Long Island Story
pushing into her snatch from behind, instantly making her rock back on her
feet to push her plump and sexy ass back against the incoming thrusts into
her tight pussy as the hunk starting to bang her moans and grips her
thighs as he pumps in and out of her. She's able to glance back behind her
at the man groaning as he pushes his length back and forth into her snug
snatch, smiling around the dick she's blowing before her attention turns
back to the sports entertainer she's sucking off, her lips now wrapped
perfectly around his manhood as she drags them along his inches, able to
take him in deeper thanks to how her body is moving between the two studs
in her holes at both ends.

Keeping her body moving between the two fellow sports entertainers, her
large breasts are swaying inside her straining top, almost falling out as
she pushes herself sharply back against the deep thrusts into her pussy,
and despite her clear tightness there she's able to take him almost
completely inside as he waist starts to smack into those stunning ass
cheeks much to his loud, moaning enjoyment. At the same time she's sucking
off the other man she's currently handling with clear oral skill and
technique, her soft lips reaching the base of his tool with only groans
behind heard from her as she makes sure her saliva drips off of this
lengthy shaft to keep him moaning and with a big smile on his handsome

Letting out a groan of disappointment, she looks back to see why Zack was
pulling out of her snatch but it's only to "tag out" as Orton now steps up
with a smirk, pushing his long and fat cock into her pussy and making her
moan as she now takes a series of stiff and sudden thrusts that make her
body jolt forward when he drives into her, making her groan with lusty joy
as he responds by pushing her booty right back to meet him. In fact, it's
a change at both ends as now Cena steps back, which allows her to groan
out and draw in breath for a moment before CM Punk moves in, grabbing the
hair to push his cock in between her lips as he starts to firmly fuck her
warm and damp mouth, making her gaze up with desire as she shows no
objections to it and even works her head in time with his thrusts.

Going from handling one combination of hung studs to another, it seems
that the woman billed from The Big Apple isn't a stranger to hot and heavy
threesomes as she stays bent over forward, taking one long dick deep into
her oral hole while another slams back and forth into her snatch from
behind in this standing doggy style position that has all three involved
moaning out. While most women would be gagging from such a size of dick
entering their mouth, she's just groaning around it as she bobs up and
down along the man meat she's being fed with a series of swift pumps that
have the proud Chicago, Illinois native groaning in pleasure as his balls
smack into her chin, while at her other end the man hailing from St.
Louis, Missouri grunts as he ploughs in and out of her tight and dampening
pussy, his heavy nut sack smacking into her tanned skin as she pushes her
ass back against him to meet his motions with perfect timing.

Slobbering and slurping over the dick being pumped back and forth between
her pouty lips, the former TNA Knockouts singles and Tag Team Champion
continues to groan all around the pole of the proudly Straight Edge
wrestler, still gazing seductively up at him as he smirks back in
response, moaning as he enjoys the feeling all around his manhood as he
moves it in and out of her made for sucking cock mouth. At the same time
the Apex Predator behind her grunts as he bangs her snug snatch with pump
after quick and hard pump, sending his toned waist smacking into her juicy
ass cheeks as he goes balls deep into her love tunnel, the impact making
her rock back and forth between the two studs as she moves herself between
them so her booty comes back hard to crash into him, only further adding
to the pleasure they both feel from this fucking.

"Looks like the "Pigeons" are really being let loose today..." Cena
comments with a smile, giving his dick a light stroke as he watches the
star guest on his webshow getting nailed from the front and back.

"That's a stupid line, from an inept commentator..." Punk responds with a
smirk, pulling his dick out of her mouth with a groan.

"Better than... Mmmm... The same old "vintage" crap your guys put out..."
Velvet says, moaning as she takes a couple more thrusts from Orton before
he pulls out and steps back.

"Burned!" Ryder says with a grin, and gets a stern look from Punk in
response. "What? She's got a point, bro!"

"You actually watch the show she's on?" Randy questions, but all three
men's attention goes to the woman now standing up as she pulls her tight
top up and off, letting her large and perfectly rounded breasts bounce

"You want a show that really makes an "Impact"?" Sky teases with a smirk
as she moves over to the couch on the set. "I need one of you boys in
between my tits, and I'll be needing something to fill my hot little
snatch and my hungry mouth up as well... Any takers?" She asks with a
lustful gaze as she lays down onto the seating.

It doesn't take long before the "Internet Champion" takes the invite,
mounting the large chest of the stunning female wrestler as she uses her
hands to push her breasts together, the sides of her mounds pressing
firmly into his shaft to make Zack Ryder moan as he starts to thrust back
and forth between them, much to her smirking delight as she watches the
head of his long dick pop up out of her cleavage. She doesn't get to watch
this for long though, as her head gets turned to the side and Randy Orton
shoves his cock into her warm and wet mouth, making her groan around his
meat as he holds her with a handful of her long, dark and blond hair and
fucks her mouth with hard and deep motions, making her taste her own
snatch off of the cock that had been moments ago banging her pussy.

Down across the couch, the legs of the former Beautiful People member are
spread wide as the former leader of The New Nexus thrusts his long and
thick dick swiftly in and out of her wet and still nicely tight snatch,
making CM Punk moan as he grits his teeth and stares down at her pussy,
watching his length slide smoothly into her love tunnel. The motion is
making her moan out, the noise muffled by the dick deep in her oral hole
as she works her tongue around the bottom and sides of the former
Evolution member's tool to keep him moaning as he pumps back and forth
into her mouth, occasionally glancing at the hunk moaning and starting to
sweat as he enjoys the tit fuck he's giving her, keeping his length
thrusting in between her big tits.

Closing her eyes, the stunning TNA Knockout rocks her head up and down on
the cock being fed into her mouth, gagging erotically when the crown
touches the back of her damp mouth but giving back as good as she's
getting, leaving the dick of The Viper coated with her saliva as he uses a
quick and heavy pace to fuck her mouth over and over again and moaning
with each motion. At her other end the Straightedge Superstar is similarly
is not holding back, driving his cock balls deep into her snatch, his
balls slapping sharply into her tanned skin and making them both moan at
the feeling, her body slightly rocking against the studs ploughing into
her holes but held down in place by the third one on top of her with his
manhood sandwiched between her large, sexily rounded breasts.

Getting back into the action, the host of this unique "show" steps in and
takes the position now between her legs, sending every inch of his fat,
West Newbery Massachusetts cock into the pussy of the native of The Big
Apple, making her moan loudly as she feels her snatch being filled up to
the max and soon after getting hammered nice and hard by the grunting and
groaning hunk. She's able to get a couple more sucks on the dick of the
St. Louis, Missouri grappler before he steps back, giving her a chance to
draw in breath before she turns her head and spits down onto the bell end
of the dick getting pumped in and out of her chest, her hands still
pressing those big titties tightly against the proud Long Island native's
cock as he moans and steadily fucks her boobs.

Taking advantage of her open, moaning mouth, now the two-time Money in the
Bank Ladder Match winner is pushing his cock right into the former
Knockouts Tag Team and singles Champion's oral hole, a firm grip of her
two-toned hair so he can pump her mouth steadily, feeling those thick and
pouty lips wrapping around his manhood as she quickly bobs her head in
time with his stiff pumps, not repulsed at all by the taste of her own
pussy of off his dick. Back across, the multi-time WWE Champion continues
to work his cock back and forth into her still snug snatch, feeling how
soaking wet she is down there as he thrusts away and moans, using the kind
of hard and fast pace that would easily render a normal woman into a
screaming orgasm within minutes, and has him groaning as his length is
coated with her pussy juices.

While not in one of her holes at the moment, the host of Z True Long
Island Story is moaning the loudest out of the WWE Superstars as he pumps
his tool back and forth between the large, perfectly rounded breasts of
one of, if not the hottest TNA Knockout in history as she keeps those tits
pressed perfectly against his rod, making it vanish into her cleavage
until the head pops out from between them when he pushes forward into
them. She gazes seductively up at him, getting off on the sight of
pleasure on his face alone along with the two other cocks slamming into
her mouth and snatch at the same time, filling her up far more than
adequately to keep her moaning as well, but she's impressively handling
all of these hung and handsome men so well it would seem she's more suited
for a porn career than one in a wrestling ring.

"Well what do ya know? Sky... Mmmm... Doesn't just do "sucking" in the
ring..." Punk states with a smirk, pulling out of her mouth and looking
over his coated in saliva cock.

"Mmmmm... You would know about that..." Velvet responds, focusing more on
Ryder as he moves himself off of her chest, and then Cena as he thrusts
into her snatch a few more times. "You led those failures of stables the
Straightedge Society and New Nexus after all..."

"Bro, you just got pipebombed at your own game!" Zack says to Punk, his
hand and arm raised for a fist-pump but just getting a glare from Punk
instead. "Come on bro, it's all good with a hottie like this!"

"I'm starting to think I should have stayed with just banging my guests
solo..." John remarks with a smile, pulling out of her pussy with a groan
of pleasure.

Sky smirks, starting to sit up but now Orton comes in, scooping her up and
instead lowering her down snatch-first onto his cock so she's resting on
his lap. "Enough talking, and more action!" Randy says with a lick of his
teeth, getting a grin back from her as she grips his shoulders and grinds
herself down onto his crotch.

With his hands gripping the toned and tanned waist of the New Britain,
Connecticut born beauty, The Apex Predator of the WWE starts to thrust his
shaft straight up into her already wet but still nicely snug pussy, making
them both moan as she soon responds with a bouncing motion of her own,
dropping her snatch down onto his member when he drives it up so he goes
in as deep as possible. However she's soon made to groan deeply when John
Cena steps up from behind, spreading her thick butt cheeks apart and
pushing his dick into her asshole, invading her even tighter hole that
forces him to grunt as he feels the pressure all around his thickness as
he invades her and keeps those cheeks spread for both easier access and to
watch as he starts to fuck one of the hottest and juiciest asses in all of

Rather than feel any pain from having two massive dicks moving back and
forth smoothly into her lower holes, it's just turning the woman
previously known as Talia Madison on even more as she keeps her perfectly
curved body rocking back between the two desirable hunks as the man she's
riding ploughs into her damp snatch while she's taken from behind up the
ass. Feeling a bell end rubbing against her lips, she opens her mouth up
before she opens her eyes, not hesitating to take in Ryder's dick into her
oral hole as she presses her full and pouty lips tightly around his man
meat, all too eagerly sucking him off with force and speed that has him
moaning loudly as he sweats hard.

Grinning as he hammers his length up into her soaking wet snatch, the
third-generation wrestler slides his hands up to her large tits, gripping
them as they bounce erotically just inches from his face so her can
squeeze them firmly while still thrusting away up into her pussy, his
balls slapping up hard into her skin when he drives upward to fill her up.
At the same time the multi-time Slammy Award winner is grunting and
groaning himself as he drives his member in and out of her tight asshole,
watching her stunningly rounded ass cheeks jiggle with each time either he
sends his dick straight forward into her booty or when she pushes back out
against his thrusts, clearly showing that despite her tightness this is
not the first time her infamous backside has been fucked.

Making it look all too easy, the former TNA Knockouts Champion is handling
three handsome and very hung sports entertainers at the same time, with
one in each hole as she deep throats Ryder with such a fast and forceful
sucking motion that it's making him weak at the knees, she bounces on the
thrusting dick of Orton impaled in her pussy, and keeps pushing her ass
back against Cena as he bangs her from behind. At least, she was doing
that until he pulled out with reluctance from her backside, making her
look back over her shoulder even as she keeps sucking the beginning to
twitch cock in her mouth but soon she smirks around that tool as CM Punk
now steps up and shoves his just as long and thick rod into her back
passage, making them both moan as he now starts to tap that sexy and full

All the talented and charismatic WWE Superstars are moaning as they sweat
here, the three in on this action not holding anything back as they pump
their cocks into the respective holes they are deeply in, one standing on
the couch so his throbbing tool can be sucked on all the way to the base
leaving him sweating hard as saliva drips from his length. At the same
time the two former multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champions grunt
as they thrust away into her juicy ass and damp snatch, both of them going
balls deep into her so their nut sacks smack off her tanned skin as she
now also has a layer of perspiration forming all over her, only serving to
make her look hotter than ever as she rocks herself back against their
motions into her holes.

As heavy and smoking hot as this action has been, it all becomes too much
for the "Internet Champion" to handle, the feeling of the warm and damp
mouth of the TNA Knockout combined with her better than pornstar quality
blowjob sending him over the edge as Zack Ryder lets out a deep grunt
before he starts to cum inside the mouth of Velvet Sky. Letting out a
muffled groan as she keeps her head bobbing along his length, she smirks
slyly up at him as she makes sure not to miss a drop of his load, still
sucking away to milk him dry as he moans out, and she continues to grind
back against his two co-workers as Punk slams his dick in and out of her
back passage, while Orton fires his member right up into her wet snatch to
keep her moaning.

A few last, deep blows, before she pulls her head back and glances over
the now softening dick, before lifting her head up and showing both Zack,
the other men, and the filming camera the large mouthful of spunk she's
collected from him before closing her lips and with one big, erotic gulp
swallows his whole load down with a very approving groan. Licking her lips
afterwards, her attention now goes right to the two hunks balls deep in
her pussy and booty, grinding herself down against their cocks as they
give her a couple more stiff pumps before Punk pulls out of her ass with a
groan, giving her a chance to draw in a deep breath as she too starts to
feel the effects of the hard pace she's been matching from them all so far
during this mass sexual encounter.

"Looks like The Big Apple beats Long Island, just like always..." Sky
teases with a smirk, lifting herself off of Orton to stand up from the

"Are you serious bro??" Ryder demands, not happy at being the first
"eliminated" from this action. "That was just a fluke! I can go all night!
Just ask The Big O, any of my Broskis! They can tell you that Long Island
Iced Z can..."

Before Zack can continue, he's suddenly dropped as out of nowhere Randy
Orton jumps up and delivers the deadly RKO to the floor, startling Sky for
a moment while Cena looks on with a shake of the head, and Punk looks
amused slightly.

"...Any reason for that?" Punk asks, looking to Orton.

"It's my "thing"." Randy responds, looking down uncaring as a couple of
crew members rush on, dragging the lifeless Ryder off of the set and out
of shot. "People enjoy seeing me do that."

"Hey! Before any of us lose our focus, and our boners here can we get back
to the "F.U." part of this show!" Cena asks with a handsome smile, turning
to look at Velvet. "One down, three to go. Feel like some more
triple-teaming on you?"

"Bring it on boys... Like I say, when I Let the Pigeons Loose... The Sky's
the Limit!"

Seeing that the "You Can't See Me" rapper was making the move to lay down
on the set floor in front of the couch, she then moves to straddle him,
easing her snatch all the way down onto his still rock hard shaft until
she reaches the base, placing her hands onto his muscular chest to lean
over him, grinding her pussy down against his manhood to make them both
moan out at the sensations. The other two men now come forward, as the
"Voice of the Voiceless" looks to silence her by stuffing her mouth full
of his fat man meat, grabbing two handfuls of her sexy, two-toned hair as
he briskly fucks her oral hole, while behind her the man once known as The
Legend Killer pushes his dick into her asshole with a hard thrust to make
them both groan in pleasure.

Narrowing her eyes lustfully back at the hunk now pumping deep into her
gorgeously rounded booty, the former TNA Knockouts and Knockouts Tag Team
Champion is already rocking her hips back and forth towards all three hung
hunks driving their members into her holes, groaning sensually as she
slurps and greedily sucks on the cock being fed into her mouth. At the
same time she's pushing her ass back sharply against the one thrusting
into her tight back passage, and grinding down against the third going
balls deep up into her soaking wet snatch, ensuring she gives back to each
of the former multi-time World Heavyweight and WWE Champions who are
likewise showing it's not just inside the ring where they are talented.

Moans and the slapping sound of skin colliding with tanned and
sweat-covered skin is ringing out over and over again as the intense
fucking continues, saliva completely coating the length of the proud
Chicago, Illinois native as he almost harshly drives his dick back and
forth between the pouty, made for blowjobs lips of the woman having her
groans being muffled by said fat man meat. Her spit is trickling past her
lips from the force of both his pumps and her own bobbing head motion that
makes her blond and black hair sway, as her saliva drips down her chin,
traveling down her neck and onto her bouncing, large breasts as she
continues to move against the other men pounding her lower holes and never
missing a beat as she sucks cock at the same time.

Behind her, the former Rated RKO tag team member is grunting and showing
his intensity, relentlessly driving his long pole in and out of her still
tight back passage, making her juicy butt cheeks shake when his muscular
abs smack into her booty and every inch of his dick gets stuffed into her
stunning ass, his gaze stuck on her backside as he grips her hips and
nails her to give her ass the kind of fucking it deserves. In response the
former Women's Extreme Wrestling "World" Champion continues to rock her
ass back in time to meet his movements, making sure he drives that thick
shaft as deep as he can into her tightness with his ballsack smacking into
her skin when their bodies meet before quickly pulling only a few inches
apart in order to come back and meet each other again, neither feeling any
pain from the impact.

Underneath the moaning babe, the often polarizing and controversial WWE
Superstar is using plenty of hip action as he drives his cock straight up
into the dripping wet and now only slightly snug snatch of the busty TNA
Knockout, the repeated pounding she's taken from such lengthy rods since
this sexual encounter began greatly reducing her tightness in her pussy
but still making it feel oh so pleasurable to be balls deep inside her.
Indeed, the moaning, sweating hunk laying on the floor is getting all the
sensations he needs and then some as his man meat is covered with her
pussy juices, an erotic squelching sound being heard each time he moves
his dick either up into or down from her snatch as she keeps on grinding
herself downward against his crotch for further enjoyment for the both of

With all four very desirable and attractive sports entertainers sweating
hard now and groaning out loudly, it takes the woman in the middle of it
all to make an advancing move, even as she's getting her brains near
fucked out by three long and thick to match cocks driving in and out of
her holes to stuff her full more than she's ever been in her life. As she
swiftly sucks away on the dick of the Straightedge Superstar deep in her
mouth, she slides her hands up onto his nutsack, startling to fondle and
play with his heavy balls in her soft palms and the unexpected motion
makes him moan out deeply, and all the while her mouth continues to slide
smoothly back and forth along his rod, her head twisting from side to side
to work those pouty lips all around his member as it throbs inside her
damp and soothing oral hole.

It gets the desired effect it seems as her mouth claims another WWE stud,
the combination of a red hot blowjob along with the squeezing of his
ballsack proves too much to handle as the dick gets sharply pulled out of
her mouth while she's still getting fucked in her snatch and ass by the
other two men involved in this. Stroking himself off, CM Punk aims his
dick down and starts to fire his load all across the face of Velvet Sky,
making her groan with a smirk as the streams of warm, creamy jizz splash
down across her beautiful facial features, landing onto her cheeks, across
her lips and nose, and some being aimed even onto her forehead and slight
drops onto her two-toned hair.

"Sneaky trick there..." Punk responds with a smirk as he jerks out the
final drops onto her face. "No wonder you've stuck around in TNA so long
with "talent" like that."

She raises an eyebrow in response, groaning as Orton pulls out of her ass.
"Considering that you're finished already? It's no wonder you haven't held
down a steady girlfriend in your life!" Velvet responds with a smirk, her
face covered with his cum.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Punk just stands back. "Relationship advice
from a chick who's just whored herself out to men she's just met who work
for a rival, superior company to hers, and it's all on camera? That's rich
honey... Come try your luck again when you want to upgrade from the
theme-park to real arenas!" He adds, walking off of the set as he scoops
up his clothing, adding a final yell as he goes out of shot. "Pipe bomb!!"

Standing off from Cena, she shakes her head with a glare cast in the
departing Superstar's direction. "More like a "pipe-dud!" Sky states,
before her attention turns back to the two men with their dicks still rock
hard and standing at attention. "Fuck him... Although I already did... You
boys feel like finishing this off properly?"

"If that means destroying your ass again, then count me in..." Randy
states with a smirk of his own.

"What do you have in mind? Another double teaming?"John asks, his eyes
gazing over her sweat-covered and perfectly curved body to keep him

"Double penetration." Velvet states with a grin on her spunk-covered face.
"Both of you studs, deep in my ass, fucking me like there's no tomorrow!
Sound good?"

No further invitation is needed as the two remaining hunks step forward,
easily lifting her up and off the ground, giving her time to wrap her
smooth legs around the midsection of Orton in front of her, her arms
wrapping around his neck as he grips her toned waist, easing his dick up
into her back passage and giving her a moment to adjust to the feeling. In
the next moment she gets what she asked for as Cena steps up and with a
grunt pushes his just as thick and long dick in through her asshole as
well, stuffing her ass full even more to make them all moan out loudly and
without shame as she feels her anal passage being stretched and filled,
and both men feel the increased pressure along with their shafts grinding
against each other.

The smile that was on the face of the stunning TNA Knockout is now
replaced with her mouth frozen in a small O-shape, a stream of groans and
lusty moans escaping as she holds onto the WWE Superstar in front of her
with all the energy she has left in her sweat-soaked body, being made to
jolt sharply forward when either man moves their manhood either up or back
down from her booty as they double penetrate her infamously juicy and
rounded backside. The motion is making her rock forward so hard her large
tits are bouncing sexily, and added visual treat as if her still
cum-stained facial features and the vision of her ass getting banged by
two dicks at the same time wasn't enough to do just that as she's made to
call out loudly, willingly letting herself be dominated by the two
attractive studs.

Despite the great friction both men are experiencing and the little room
for maneuver inside her snug back passage due to both of their vast sizes,
the two multi-time former World Heavyweight and WWE Champions are giving
it their all as they hammer the one-of-a-kind booty of the former TNA
Knockouts singles and Tag Team Champion, sweat dripping of their own
muscular bodies as they give it to her as she demanded. Both talented
in-ring performers have more than enough strength to keep her lifted up
and off the ground, their focus more on timing their motions right with
the perfect pace and force so Orton can slide his rod upwards as Cena
pulls back, and then reversing the roles as they keep ploughing up into
her tight back passage as their dicks slide against each other and the
pleasure being so strong that neither them mind that at all.

Gripping onto the body and neck of The Viper as she's hammered by two huge
cocks at the same time in her juicy ass, the woman with the most
provocative ring entrance in wrestling today can only groan, grunt, and
moan deeply and loudly as her back passage gets stuffed full in such a way
that any other woman, wrestler or otherwise, would be left unable to walk
for several days if not more from this anal punishment. To her credit, and
showing she doesn't just act sexual but can bring it as well, she's taking
it and calling out for more, her eyes closed and sweat dripping from her
beautiful, spunk-coated face as her tanned and curved body continues to
bounce between the two men thanks solely to their hard thrusts up into her

Even as they feel their breathing getting heavier and their shafts
starting to throb within her tight and stunning booty, neither of the main
event WWE Superstars are looking to ease up or back away from hammering
the busty TNA starlet like she deserves to be, as the St. Louis, Missouri
native stares down at her bouncing tits as he slides his shaft up into her
already filled up back passage. At the same time the hunk from West
Newbury, Massachusetts continues to fire his rod in and out of her asshole,
squeezing and even spanking the thick butt cheeks of the native of The Big
Apple as he keeps her ass stuffed to the maximum and gives her all the
more reason to keep losing control and moaning out in a very slutty manner
that only increases the enjoyment of everyone involved in this steamy

Those moans soon turn deeper and longer, her legs slipping as she tries to
keep them wrapped around the man in front of her, until finally she tilts
her head back and lets out a final deep groan before Velvet Sky starts to
cum hard as John Cena and Randy Orton double penetrate her juicy and thick
ass, her juices flooding out of her snatch and down her thighs even though
she isn't even touching herself down there, getting off on just her ass
being hammered like this. As she rides out the intense orgasm that leaves
her weak in the legs and light headed, both the surviving Superstars in
this grunt and groan deeply as they feel her asshole getting tighter in
response to her sexual peak, clamping onto their dicks and forcing Randy
first to pull out of her, while Cena takes the risk and gives her booty a
couple last balls deep pumps for good measure.

Panting for breath as her body is almost limp, the TNA Knockout finds
herself placed on the couch so that she kneels on the seating with her
juicy backside pointing out, her upper body draped over the back of it so
she's up in almost doggy style but it's obvious that her rump is the focus
as the two WWE Superstars stroke their dicks almost furiously, their
target clear as they aim their shafts down at her booty. Just as she opens
her eyes and turns her cum-covered face around to look back over her
shoulder, she feels the first spray across her cheeks as John Cena and
Randy Orton blow their loads across the ass of Velvet Sky, thick streams
of spunk shooting out to splash down across both more than ample and
sexily full butt cheeks, causing her to groan as Orton fires onto the left
side, while Cena takes the right half of her juicy booty to give those
tanned, sweat drenched cheeks a glossy coating of jizz as they moan out
and stroke themselves dry.

By the end of it, it would look more likely that a group of horny men had
had their way with her from the amount of cum that ends up left on her
backside, rather than from the two studs of the WWE, but as the last drops
are squeezed out of their now limp shafts, it leaves the woman who took it
onto her stunning ass with a smile on her also covered with spunk face as
she seductively sways her booty from side to side much like during her
infamous ring entrance.

"Mmmmm... Oh boys... This was so worth the trip..." Velvet states, staying
bent over as she has to still catch her breath after the hard fucking
she's taken.

"Damn right it was..." Orton admits with a smirk. "Just a shame you're
stuck in a sinking ship company run by idiots, instead of here where you
could be a top Diva."

"Randy's got a point there Velvet." John adds with a nod. "You lasted past
two of the WWE's best just now, and took us two to the limit... You sure
you don't want to upgrade your company on a more regular basis?"

"I'm happy with being a part of TNA... For the moment at least..." Sky
says, looking back them with a smirk. "But like I said, The Sky's the
Limit... Maybe if I get a bigger, better deal then what I have, I might be
Letting the Pigeons Loose on Monday or Friday nights sometime?"

"Well all I can say is that if "Big Johnny" wants to make a smart signing
move than a sloppy, overrated reject from Mixed Martial Arts, then he'll
get a contract ready for you and soon!" Cena says, before turning to the
camera while Orton seems more interesting in looking over Sky's still on
display ass. "This has been John Cena's F.U., so until next time, I'll
catch you all around and if you're still not down with me or this, then I
guess it's because..." He states, lifting a hand up performing his
trademark "You Can't See Me" gesture before giving the camera a wink as it
then zooms in for a final shot of the slowly swaying from side-to-side
booty of Velvet Sky, before fading to black as the video ends.

* * *

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