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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Reby Sky(SHINE, Indies), Maryse Ouellet(Former WWE), The Miz (WWE), John Morrison (Former WWE), Evan Bourne (WWE), John Cena (WWE).

John Cena's FU Number 6: An Awesome Invasion
A WWE/Indies erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up... But instead of hearing the familiar music of "Our Time Is Now" to kick of the expected episode of John Cena's FU we instead hear the sounds of "I Came to Play" by Downstait, and when we see the usual set of the sexually-based online show complete with lavish and spacious couch there's again a big difference. No John Cena here to host, but instead a different former WWE Champion - The Miz! The former reality TV star turned top Superstar and sports entertainer is smirking as he sits on the couch, clad in tight, black-based ring tights that cling to a clearly sizable package, and his own merch T-shirt.

"Expecting someone else?" Miz asks smugly as he stands up from the couch. "You see, for years now I've be running the longest running, episodic online show dedicated to showing what the newest and best faces in the WWE's Divas Division can do, from ring announcers to backstage interviewers and just plain wrestlers, Divas, and even one time one of Jersey Shore's finest. I'm talking about This is Miz TV! But then there's been this whole show here..." Miz says, motioning to the set around him. "First there was my former tag team partner, the man I carried for months and months John Morrison doing his little Quest For Greatness... The Wellness Policy violator extraordinaire Evan Bourne had a shot run of his own show... And now it's been John Cena doing his own show, John Cena's FU..."

"Well I've gotten sick and tired of watch amateurs not only just do a poor man's version of the show I innovated, but have kept on using a bunch of lesser chicks from bingo halls, armories, and wherever TNA manages to drag themselves into!" Miz smirks for a moment. "So, you think that just because you can get any chick on her knees that puts on some wrestling boots and tight outfits you're a big deal. Well anything you guys can do, I can damn well make... Awesome! So! Without further ado, I'd like to welcome you to a special one off edition of This Is Miz TV where I for once lower myself down to levels usually far beneath me, as today I'm going to be joined by..."

"Oh this is bullshit!!" A female voice suddenly yells out from off camera. "No way! I'm not putting up with this kind of crap!"

Storming now onto the set and looking far from happy is the former Playboy model turned wrestler on the independent scene, thanks greatly to a publicised relationship with the controversial Matt Hardy, the gorgeous Reby Sky. She's clad in a ring attire of tight, blue shorts that hug to her juicy ass, and a short blue with black trim top that fits perfectly to her nicely rounded and sized chest.

"I agreed to be on this show to prove that I'm not what all the Internet haters, all the Divas fan boys and girls, and what people like you claim I am!" Sky snaps as she goes right up to a bemused looking Miz. "And don't even think about saying anything about my man Matt either! He's going to be so proud of me after I show up a guy like you!"

"Proud? He's probably happy he'll have the fridge all to himself today with you gone..." Miz says with a smirk that widens at her look of disgust and anger. "Honey, I get it. You've got a problem with the Internet not just bowing down and worshiping you and you're another of these high and mighty, I'm so better than the girls on TV chicks. Honey, get over yourself, OK? You're a dime a dozen, and poor old "Fat" Hardy will just move on from you like he did from Lita, from Ashley Massaro, that chick in that bikini photo, and then from you..."

"Shut up!! Don't you dare insult my man Matt like that!" Reby yells, poking Miz in the chest as she looks pissed off. "Forget showing you that you WWE pricks can't handle a woman like, I'll damn kick your ass before this is all..."

Before she could finish, suddenly things are interrupted by a screaming guitar power cord, causing both Sky and Miz to look around in confusion. Suddenly, "Ain't No Make Believe" by Stonefree Experience starts playing out and from out behind the couch, none other than the host of the original Quest For Greatness show that led to this show that Miz is trying to mock, John Morrison hops up to stand on the couch! Clad in only his trademark, flashy ring pants that show off his sizable package, he poses with one arm up in the air as the footage goes into slow-motion, his hair blowing with sudden wind effect as he grins.

In the next moment he drops down between the two stunned grapplers, giving them both smiles. "So, someone called for the Shaman of Sexy to show you all how it's done, right?" He says, seemingly only confusing them both more. "Got the e-mail about a show reunion, something along those lines, so here I am, the Guru of Greatness, the Prince of Parkour, the founder of..."

"Oh I get it... Why am I not surprised..." Reby speaks up, still looking pissed off as she looks between the two hunks. "You knew you wouldn't be able to handle me on your own, so you had to drag this guy to back you up!" She assumes as she smirks. "Well that's just damn fine by me... I'll just make Matt double proud of me by out-fucking you both!" She boldly and arrogantly claims, reaching down to pull her top up and over her head, releasing her sexily rounded and ripe looking breasts.

Shrugging his shoulders, The Miz doesn't appear to be fazed at all by this turn of events. "Nothing to do with me sweet cheeks, and I don't know anything about a show reunion... But as they say, anything can happen in the WWE, so I'm game!" He states before looking to Morrison. "Hey, you're still alive?" He asks with a hint of mockery for his long time having been out of the WWE.

"Alive and then some..." Morrison coolly responds as he makes a move, going around her as she lowers her shorts down, showing off her neatly shaved pussy. She goes to stand back up but he stops her with a hand on her back and a smirk on his face. "Oh no, that's just perfect... Allow me to show you why the Quest For Greatness was the trendsetter..." He says, using an impressive fluid motion to drop his pants to the ground, his lengthy and thick to match dick spring free and making her gasp with wide eyes at the sight of his manhood.

"Woah! Is that for real?? No way!!" She questions as he steps closer to her, not noticing that Miz is now starting to undress as well, her attention more on the hunk coming up to her from behind and giving his tool a couple of strokes to get himself properly rock hard. "OK, just hold on a second here... I didn't sign up for two guys you know, so let's..."

She's soon made to instantly moan when the Shaman of Sexy pushes his thick dick right into her tight pussy, making her stretch already just with the first couple of inches going into her but it doesn't stop him from keeping a firm hold of her toned waist as he starts to thrust into her snatch from behind. "Oh FUCK!! That's... MMMM!! Ahhhh! Holy shit! How fucking big are... MMMPH!!" Her moans are soon muffled when taking advantage of this bent over forwards position the man who claims to be "Most Must See" stuffs his just and long and fat to match length into the open target of her mouth. This makes her glare up at the smirking hunk but he's already moving his hips back and forth, feeding her his manhood as she groans around it as already she's taking two huge lengths at the same time in this standing spit roasting. "MMMPH!! MMMM... Mmmmph!!"

"To answer your question... Mmmm... He's no doubt a damn lot bigger than your boyfriend is, just like I am..." The former WWE Champion says with a cocky smirk, getting a kick from the pissed off look she gives him for that remark but equally enjoying the feeling of her nicely warm mouth as he pumps himself back and forth between her soft, full lips as he keeps a hand on the back of her head to keep her in place and allow him to thrust half of his size into her mouth. "But I'm guessing... Ahhhh... That's not saying much... I bet even Charles Robinson is hung better than "Fat" Hardy is..." He adds, lightly moaning as he enjoys her mouth and knowing what she signed up for to begin with, she begins to reluctantly bob her head along the shaft being fed into her, groaning around him as she fights to keep her lips pressing around his meat, perhaps due to her not being used to handling a dick of this great size before.

"A sex show online with wrestlers... Mmmm... And the best material you have is referee references..." The former multi time Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion in the WWE says as he briskly thrusts his cock into the tight snatch of the gorgeous model and wrestler in front of him, already showing the kinds of sexual skill that had his Quest For Greatness show running for so long as he works himself deeper and deeper still into her love tunnel with every perfectly paced thrust. "Things have gone so downhill... Ahhhh... Since I stopped doing my show..." He adds with a moan, keeping a firm hold of her waist as he pumps deeply into her very tight snatch, a sign that also she hasn't even taken a manhood like his before into her up until now, but he's not going to stop giving it to her especially as she's growing noticeably wet already from how he's banging her from behind.

"Ahhhh... I thought you got fired from that show when your contract "ended"..." The native of Cleveland, Ohio states with a smirk and a moan as he slides his dick into the mouth of the babe who is sucking him off, making her take more of his inches that she is prepared for, resulting in her gagging when his pole goes in deep. "Mmmm... Hey, didn't you die? You were blown up in a limo on Zack Ryder's show, whatever it was called..." He adds, keeping a hold of her with a handful of her long hair to keep her from pulling away as she groans and gags on his cock, trying to continue sucking him off but struggling due to not being able to handle so much of him like this, so he's now more just fucking her face more than anything else. From the moans he's letting out that's clearly not a problem, and showing her up for not being as skilled as she claimed to be just makes it all the more sweeter as he uses her oral hole for his pleasure, leaving his cock covered with a coating of her saliva from the repeated pumping motion into her.

"Mmmm... To use your tired out line... Really Miz, really?" The former member of the MNM tag team asks with a smirk as his muscular frame collides with her juicy, full ass cheeks as he uses his strength to pull her sharply back against his deep pumps, making her moan loudly even as muffled as her cries are as he goes balls deep into her to really stuff and stretch her tight snatch. "Ahhhh... No body even remembers that show of his anyway..." He adds, more focused on banging the gorgeous starlet of SHINE Wrestling and other independent promotions as he delivers pump after stiff and swift pump straight into her pussy as she's bent over between the two former championship winning team mates as they fill her up at both ends with their thick and long members, causing her to almost bounce between their thrusts as she gags loudly around the rod deep in her mouth and moans from the feeling of the one sliding into her snatch from behind.

"Much like no one will remember this chick after this show is done with..." Miz says to deliberately insult her as he takes his cock out of her mouth, allowing her to gasp for breath as she rubs her throat. "Geez, talk about a lightweight! Kaitlyn was deep throating guys by the time the first Smackdown match had taped when she first came here!" He states with a smirk.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm! Fuck you, you dumb prick!!" Reby yells between moans as she glares up at him, even as she still rocks forward as Morrison behind her gives her a couple more thrusts into her wet pussy. "Like I care what... Mmmmm! The sluts around here have to do to keep their jobs!"

"Yeah, sure... You only have to keep doing one whining Internet-obsessed greaseball to keep yourself in wrestling jobs..." The Miz says, unfazed as he moves over to sit down on the couch on the set. "But fuck me? Sure, why not! You can finally get an upgrade from Version One..." He adds with another cocky but handsome smirk.

"Well for the record, The Guru of Greatness is very much enjoying himself, as he always does..." John states, pulling out of her pussy and making her moan, before he using his strength to sweep her up, causing her to gasp in surprise as he takes her over to the couch. "I've always known about the level of talent across the independent circuit..."

"Yeah... MMMM!! At least this guy knows what the real deal is about me!" The American beauty of Puerto Rican heritage claims as she's set down onto the rock hard and lengthy shaft of The Miz, barely getting time to adjust to another vast invasion into her box before he starts to thrust sharply up into her, causing her bounce up onto him so her ass check smack down onto his thighs when she comes back down. "Ahhh! MMMM shit! Put me against any of your skank Divas... MMMM!! Ahhhh! And I'll wipe the floor with them!" She boasts as her nicely rounded and sized tits bounce in time with the motion of her tanned and already sweating body, resting her hands on the back of the couch for support as she looks to prove herself as she starts riding the dick being sent quickly and with force into her. However, it quickly becomes clear she's not controlling the pace one bit, as the moaning hunk she's on top off easily makes her jolt sharply forward when he gives her an extra deep or forceful thrust, enjoying that as well as the tight feeling all around his manhood as he sends it right up into her with almost effortless ease.

"I heard plenty of women claim that when they appeared on my show..." The Prince of Parkour says with a smirk, moving up onto the couch and turning her head towards him so he can guide his length into her warm and wet mouth, letting out a moan as she responds by rocking her head up and down onto his size, seemingly getting more into this as pleasure builds inside her. "Mmmmm! Ahhhh... And many of them never even came close... Ahhhh... To making it to the big time..." He adds, watching as her beautiful face moves towards and then away from his crotch as he lets her go at her own pace for now, handing just about half of his size and just like before having to work hard to keep her lips wrapped around his thickness, but never the less it's a pleasurable feeling that makes him moan as her long hair sways from the effort she's putting into blowing him.

"Oh yeah... Don't think I ever... Ahhhh... Mentioned it before... But thanks for doing that Snooki rip-off gimmick chick on your show..." The winner of the 2010 Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match says as he moans, continuing to drive his dick straight up into the wet and snug snatch of the moaning beauty on top of him, getting a perfect view of her bouncing breasts in front of him as she's made to bounce away on his rod with every balls deep thrust he sends into her, as despite his feelings towards her and her husband-to-be he can't deny how good it feels to stuffing a tight pussy like this over and over again. "Mmmm... Got me a hot episode of my show with the real deal... One with Trish Stratus as well... Say, are there any other women you've pissed off so I can get to bang them?" He asks with a grin, while at the same time reaching around the woman he's fucking as she rides him on his lap, squeezing her juicy ass cheeks before moving further in, pushing a digit into her asshole and starting to finger fuck her booty. This makes her eyes widen as she moans loudly from the unexpected action but she can't stop it from happening as he continues driving his member right into her wet love tunnel to keep her bouncing away while she sucks off the other hung hunk involved in this at the same time.

"Ahhhh... Only if you want a screaming bitch with an ego the size of all of Hollywood..." Is the response of the former WWE Superstar as he stars to thrust his cock into the mouth of the stunning Lucha Libre USA star, and while this makes him moan out louder and more clearly as more of his size goes into her, she immediately begins to gag in an obvious sign that he's also too much for her to handle properly. "Mmmm! Ahhhh... Less said of that... Mmmm... The better..." Feeling her trying to move back to stop her gagging on him, he brings her back forward with hands on the back of her head, causing her to groan and gaze up as forming tears out of reflex are causing her make-up to run. This along with saliva seeping past her slips and trickling down her chin and neck making her look far from the respectable model and wrestler she claims to be as she's made to slobber and suck his mighty shaft as he feeds it to her.

"MMMPH!! GAAAAHH!! Mmmmm!! MMMMM!!" Quickly though, both former co-hosts of The Dirt Sheet online show have their attention drawn to the stunning babe they're fucking as unable to handle the combination of two vast dicks deep in her snatch and mouth along with having her sexy ass being fingered, Reby Sky suddenly cums hard on the cock of The Miz while having John Morrison's dick right in her mouth at the same time. "MMMM!! Mmmphh! Gaaaaaahh!! MMMM!!" She continues to groan, sweat all over her pretty face as her juices flow out across the cock she's still mounted on, still made to bounce away on him and in turn ride out all of her intense orgasm as she's kept in place, getting no let up as the two studs thrust into her to keep her moaning and gagging on their respective thick lengths.

"Holy shit... Mmmm... I knew I said lightweight but damn... I guess I'm more awesome than I thought!" The host of the controversial Miz TV interview segment says with a grin, clearly proud of having fucked the stunning but often overconfident and arrogant wrestler into her place, delivering a couple more balls deep thrusts into her now soaking wet snatch to again make her groan as she comes down from that sexual peak. "Even with some of the blink and you missed them Divas I had on my show... Ahhh... They actually, you know, could last..." He states with a smirk, finger banging her thick and sexy ass a couple more times before pulling out of her, then giving her pussy a couple more pumps for good measure as well to savour the feeling, as would any other red blooded male, of such a fine, tight hole.

Smirking himself, Morrison pulls his cock out of her mouth as a trail of saliva hangs from his bell end to her open, gasping for breath mouth. "In a rarity, we can both agree on that... That random Wrestlicious chick I once had went maybe three times as long?"

"Ahhhh... Oh... Oh fuck... Just give me a second..." Sky almost pleads as she's easily lifted off of the cock she just came all over, allowed to slump down onto the couch as she tries to catch her breath.

"Yeah, sure, give her a second..." Miz says with a grin as he stands up, and then looks off camera. "Hey! You! Yeah, put down that damn video game controller and toss me that bottle of lube will you?" He demands more than asks for, before he looks to the camera. "Because I've got an idea that's going... To be... AWWWWWWES...."

* * *

Before The Miz can finish his catchphrase, the video suddenly cuts into a burst of static before we once again cut to the same set used for John Cena's FU but instead of seeing Cena again, we're giving a rather gorgeous, Sexiest of the Sexy sight to see. The former WWE Diva and two-time WWE Divas Champion, the stunning French Canadian known as Maryse Ouellet! She performs her famous hair-flip pose with a smirk, giving the camera her hand gesture as she stands in front of the couch, showing off her body in a see-through top with her large breasts straining in a black bra-like top underneath, and a short white skirt that clings to her shapely backside with a stylish belt around her toned waist.

"Hello all you naughty WWE Universe fans... Perhaps just fans of wrestling... More like fans of myself..." Maryse speaks but in her native tongue of French, however the helpful subtitles on screen reveal exactly what she is saying too us. "Now, I'm aware my man Mike... Or as you call him The Miz..." She rolls her eyes slightly as she says that. "Has been doing this online show of his where he hunts down every little tramp that comes into the WWE... But now he thinks he can just hijack another show to fuck another slut without telling me??" She shakes her blonde haired head, still smirking and still speaking in French with her thick, sexy accent. "Oh no no no... No one does that to Maryse... And no one can fuck better than Maryse, so if he can go off to have his fun with some random whore... You can bet that I can give a very, very lucky guy the time of his life..."

"Uh... Hey, sorry..." A voice in English from off camera says, making her stop and look annoyed. As the camera pans across to show a bit of the backstage of the filming set, as some one with their back to the camera in a director's chair seems more interested in playing a video game than any of the action being filmed. Hey, isn't that Teddy Long in the background just wandering around for no reason? Anyway, more importantly the person being focused on is also familiar, and we see exactly who the voice belongs to.

A lesser seen WWE Superstar due to injury (and certain Wellness policy violations) and the former host of the short-run Bourne For Greatness show, Evan Bourne! He's dressed in a pair of black training shorts and a merch T-shirt of himself, and has a smile on his handsome face as he steps forward onto the set, the camera following him in.

"I don't really speak French, so I don't know if this was when you wanted me to come on or not..." Evan asks as he comes up towards her.

"Idiot!" She snaps in French at her, before yelling slightly at him but in English. "I told you, I would introduce you! Did you hear me say your name yet, you little nerd??"

"Nerd? Hey, easy there ex-Diva..." Bourne chuckles slightly. "Well I heard you mention The Miz, so I thought, maybe, you know..."

"Woah, woah, woah!!" Now another voice is heard, and enter into the scene the actual host of this show - John Cena himself! He's decked out in the familiar jean shorts along with the bright merchandise T-shirt, and the smile on his face shows he's bemused by all of this. "I leave this show alone for a while to ease off management's PG-TV trip, and my show's getting taken over by a former host and a former Diva! Is this what this whole "show reunion" I got an e-mail about is? Come on guys, give me a break here!" Cena call out, looking off camera but all he gets in response is someone yelling "I'm grinding for a trophy here!! Deal with it yourself!!"

"I am not just some former Diva!" Ouellet snaps slightly as she looks over Cena. "I am the Sexiest of the Sexy! And I got this guy here to show Mike that if he thinks he can just go around screwing whatever lesser, unworthy tramp he wants to, then I can certainly find myself a little play toy to fool around with!"

"I'm just a toy now? Well, I've been called worse..." Evan says, still smiling.

"So you're just going to steal my show now? Come on, if you wanted to be on this, you should have just asked..." John says as he steps closer towards her. "Besides... If it means getting one over on The Miz, you can bet I'll be down with that!"

Hearing this makes her raise an eyebrow seductively. "Oh? So you think you could handle me?" She asks in French before glancing between the two hunks and again speaking in her native language. "Both of you? Against me? Hardly seems fair... To you two that is..." She adds with a sexy smirk.

"...I have no idea what you just said, but if you're offering to let me in on this..." John says, before he pulls his T-shirt right up and over his head to reveal his very muscular upper body, which instantly gets a look of big approval from her. "Then the answer is "oui" from me!" He adds, and at the same time Bourne makes a move, also taking off his shirt to show off his equally desirable and well defined chest and abs.

"Good..." She states, turning and placing a hand onto the top of Evan's head, looking over him with desire as she moves herself to sit down on the couch and guides him down with her, and taking the hint he doesn't object as he moves with her, soon finding himself being guided down between her spread legs as her skirt hikes up, revealing she isn't wearing any underwear down there. "Because what I have planned wouldn't be allowed on WWE TV these days..." She states with a big, sexy smile.

"Well, not wearing panties certainly isn't very PG..." The handsome high flier states as he goes along with this, allowing himself to be "pushed down" as he kneels between her legs, but needs no further encouragement as he dives right in, putting his mouth onto her pussy and making her gasp erotically as he starts to tease and kiss across her entrance. "Don't think I can't have some fun just because I've been out injured..." He adds, moving his hands up onto her smooth legs to grip them as he starts to slap his tongue against her outer folds, sliding around the outside in circular motions as well as across, not yet venturing in as he looks to warm the blonde beauty up first, but all the while having a smile on his face as he hears her hiss slightly, as she can clearly tell he's holding off from giving her what she wants.

"I did not come to this porn show just to be teased! Start eating me out!" The former two-time Divas Champion states as she grips onto his short hair, forcing his handsome face right against her snatch to try and make him start dining on her but he's keeping his control, a glance up with a playful look in his eyes as he keeps licking around her pussy. Her attention is soon caught to the other sports entertainment hunk in this, her eyes widening as she spies the rock hard and very long cock of a smirking John Cena as he's moved up on the couch next to her. "Mmmm... Now that... That is what I came on here for..." She states without shame, using her free hand to grip his length, giving a couple of strokes before she boldly guides him right into her mouth, casting a seductive look to the recording camera as she begins to suck him off with a couple of smooth and steady motions up and down on him.

"Ahhhh... It's never for my sparkling personality..." The multi-time former WWE Champion says with a chuckle, watching as the gorgeous French Canadian slurps on his lengthy American man meat with a perfectly timed and pace motion, keeping her soft lips tightly wrapped around his size as she travels back and forth, her long blonde hair already starting to sway from the motion she's using. "Mmmm... But now I know what The Miz... Is always bragging about..." He adds with a groan of pleasure, a sign of how skilled she is in dishing out some oral pleasure as she rocks her head back and forth, slightly twisting her wrist from side to side as she holds the base for that extra enjoyment as she goes to work on him, gazing up at him with a lustful look in her eyes as she easily handles over half of his length.

"Mmmm... Mmmm..." Back down between her smooth, tanned legs, the winner of the Best Finishing Maneuver Slammy Award in 2008 is probing his hungry tongue right inside of the former WWE Diva's pussy, pushing in deep to taste the forming juices as he slides himself around and as far into her as he can, wanting to savour as much of her as he possibly can. He doesn't even need the encouragement" of her hand gripping his hair as he isn't making a move to pull his face away, keeping his lips right up against her entrance as he eats her out, licking away at her pussy as he feels her reacting to his clearly far from novice skills, slightly grinding herself against his facial features to make him smile.

"Mmmm... Doesn't look like you've lost a step... Ahhhh... Even being away from the WWE so long..." The West Newbury, Massachusetts stud states with a moan as the stunner from Montreal, Quebec, Canada sinks her head down deep to take more of this thick inches into her nicely warm and wet mouth, groaning herself from both the feeling of such a large piece of man meat stuffing her mouth full and the sensations of getting eaten out at the same time. "Ahhh... Unless you've been getting in some "extra training" while Miz is out on the road..." He adds with a smirk, watching her beautiful face move back and forth along his tool, leaving a layer of her saliva onto his cock from the repeated motions, her pouty lips still pressing firmly down onto him and using a hand to keep him steady and straight for her to continue plunging steadily up and down on his length.

Raising an eyebrow seductively up at the suggestion, she dishes out another couple of long sucks onto him before lifting her head away and then licking her lips. "The same kind of extra training... Mmmm... Mike does with that little This Is Miz TV show of his?" Maryse asks with a knowing smirk, moaning a little as the hunk between her legs continues to lap away at her snatch.

"Hey, you can't hate on the guy for getting views..." John says as he edges back slightly. "At least he just fucks every new girl that comes into the WWE... Randy Orton bangs then and lays them out with an RKO..."

Before she can question that, she turns her head to glare down at the other sports entertainer here as he's lifted his head away from her so he can stand up. "I didn't say you could stop doing that!" Maryse snaps at him, before laying into him in her native tongue, subtitles on the screen showing she's saying "That was shorter than my time co-hosting NXT!".

"Sorry Maryse, but I know from experience that as hot as it is to see a hot woman getting eaten out..." Evan starts to say as he lowers his shorts, revealing a very impressive looking as well as lengthy dick that clearly surprises her as well. "Viewers of this kind of show would much rather see you handle two guys at once."

"At least you're packing something..." She says with fake reluctance, the way she's gazing over his tool telling a different story as she says "Not bad for a little nerd" in French as she shifts position so she can lay down on her side on the couch, still clothed with her skirt hiked up as takes a hold of Bourne when he approaches, wasting no time in taking him into her soothing and damp oral hole. "Mmmm... Mmmmph!" She groans around his nicely thick meat, once again knowing just how to keep her lips tightly wrapped around his pole so she can go to work on him with a steady and smooth motion, already handling just over half his size as she gets into a rhythm, using her free hand to brush her long blonde hair out of the way as she casts another saucy gaze to the camera before directing it up at the hunk she's sucking off.

"How come this is supposed to be my show, but it's never me being in full control..." Cena jokes as he moves up onto the couch, holding her legs apart and positioned so one hangs off the couch while he drapes the other over he broad shoulder, allowing him to push his coated with her saliva cock into her snatch. "Mmmm... Guess it was the same for your show when you had it, right Evan?" He asks, but his focus is clearly on the hot, tight snatch he's starting to pump himself in and out off, moaning with every motion as he works his thick inches into her pussy that's already damp from the earlier tongue work she'd taken. The long, controlled strokes he's using allow him to test her out to she if she can live up to her sex appeal status, and it's soon clear she can take a whole lot more but he allows her to adjust to his size for the moment, and since both of them are moaning from the motion neither are complaining about it for now.

"Ahhhh... Yeah... Sometimes things got out of control just a bit..." The master of the Shooting Star Press admits with a smile and a groan, watching as the beautiful facial features of the former Diva laying in front of him move close in towards his crotch and then sharply back away, her own moans bouncing off his meat inside her mouth as she sucks away with her full, pouty lips. "Mmmm! Like ending up fucking in a tattoo parlor..." He adds with a chuckle, then letting out a groan when he feels her soft tongue sliding across the underside of his length as she blows him, the sensuous look in her eyes showing she's demanding his full attention on her as she continues to rock her head on his meaty shaft, knowing just how to handle a dick of his size as she hasn't gagged for a moment throughout her top notch cock sucking.

"Mmmm... At least you were never tossed down to the floor... Ahhh... And man handled like Morrison did on his show..." The star of the movies The Marine and 12 Rounds says as he continues to thrust his big rod in and out of the tight, wet snatch of the stunning French Canadian as she lays on her side between the two hung American hunks, taking a shaft in both ends as she gets pumped in her snug snatch while at the same time blowing the other with nearly deep throating motions when she pushes down onto him.

"Ahhh... Or had the whole think hijacked by the boss' daughter..." He adds, keeping a firm grip of her leg resting over his shoulder so he can continue to send his cock into her deeply and with building force, making her body rock on the couch she's resting on, her large breasts jiggling from the motion even as they're still contained within her clothing. Clearly she's not fazed at all by how it looks for her to be sucking some dick and getting fucked at the same time while still being half-dressed, just her skirt hauled up so her shaved pussy can be seen as she takes a massive dick there which is causing her to let out muffled moans.

"Mmmmm... Mmmph!! Mmmm!!" As the former Playboy model narrows her eyes seductively as she glances between the two WWE Superstars, it's clear she isn't appreciating that she isn't the full center of their attention, but knows how to change that as she grinds her snatch back against the incoming thrusts she's taking deep into her still very tight pussy. At the same time, she's pushing her gorgeous face right down into the crotch of the hunk in front of her, causing him to groan out as she effortlessly deep throats all of his size and impressively keeps herself pressed down like she's proving a point, smirking around him as she casts a look to the camera she knows is filming her. Before long she's resuming the motion of sucking him off, leaving saliva all over his dick and slightly seeping from her between her pouty lips from the repeated motion, while moaning herself as she takes a steady pumping into her love tunnel at the same time.

Delivering a couple more long, deep sucks onto Bourne's dick, she lifts her head away with a groan, gritting her teeth together as she glances between both men. "You're talking about some other women when... Mmmm! You have the sexiest of the sexy here??" She questions with a groan, reaching down to undo her stylish belt from around her toned waist.

"Hey, feel free to join in the conversation any time you want to..." Cena says with a handsome smile as he withdraws from her snatch with a moan.

Sitting up on the couch, Maryse snaps at him "You should be honoured to be having sex with me, five moves Cena!" in French. With a roll of her eyes, she lifts both parts of her upper clothing up and off from her tanned body, showing off her large, perfectly rounded tits as she whips her hair back in her trademark fashion.

"Cut me some slack, I got to talk more on my show than I ever have on WWE TV..." Evan says with a chuckle, watching as she slides her skirt down her legs to full undress, before she moves back up onto the couch, assuming the classic doggy style position.

"You both talk too much... Now start impressing me before I go and find my real man..." The former WWE Divas Champion challenges with a seductive smirk, her gaze focusing on the big dick of the two-time winner of the Royal Rumble Match as he moves up on be in front of her, and offering up an invitation by opening her mouth wide he slides himself right in with a smile and a moan. "Mmmmph!! Mmmmm..." She groans around his meat, slightly caught off guard by him getting right into it, and who can blame him, as he starts to thrust his toll back and forth between her full and sexy lips, making her taste her own pussy from off of his cock in the process. She isn't fazed by this at all, gazing lustfully up at him as she lets her tongue slide around the sides and bottom of his shaft as it travels in and out of her soothingly warm and wet mouth.

Having headed off camera for a moment, the former star of MTV's Wrestling Society X returns to move up behind the busty blonde, holding a bottle of lubricant in his hand as he uses the other to guide himself into her still tight and now wet snatch, similarly to the other stud involved in this going right to work with a series of stiff and perfectly paced pumps into her pussy. "Mmmmm! Ahhhh fuck... That's a hot ass right there..." He says, using a hand to spread her ripe ass cheeks apart so he can pour a little lube down into her ass crack as he bangs her, making her groan and look back with sultry approval as the liquid splashes onto her booty and asshole. Pouring some onto a finger, he pushes the digit into her extremely tight feeling asshole, causing her to jolt and moan from the sensation as he double teams both of her lower holes by fucking her snatch as he slowly slides his finger in and out of her asshole. "Ahhh damn... Mmmm... Tight there as well..."

"Mmmmm... Hey... How come in all the previous series... They always cut out when we lubed up the Divas or Knockouts..." The hunk currently stuffing the former WWE Diva's mouth full of thick man meat ponders as he continues to plough his member back and forth between the lips of the groaning beauty as sweat starts to form across her perfectly curved and tanned body as she takes it both ends, having to service one long cock with her oral hole while getting banged from behind as well as finger-fucked in her asshole. "Or when they lubed... Mmmm... Themselves up..." He adds between moans as the multi-time Slammy Award winner continues to spit-roast the moaning beauty between him and the one-time Slammy winner, filling her up with fat, American cock to cause the French Canadian to groan and rock back and forth between their swift and hard thrusts that would easily render a normal red blooded woman into a screaming orgasm long before now.

"Ahhhh shit... Beats me... Mmmm!" The man once known as Matt Sydal across the indies says with a moan as he shows that despite battling career threatening injury he hasn't lost a step when it comes to some steamy sexual action, perfectly timing his thrusts into her wet but still snug pussy while he keeps on fingering her back passage, spreading the lube deep inside her to further make her groan. "Guess they just edited it out... Mmmm... To save on time..." He says with a groan, looking down and watching her thick butt cheeks jiggling when they slap back against his muscular body as she pushes herself back sharply to meet every pump he gives her, just allowing him to venture in deeper. With a handsome smirk, he pours a bit more lube out onto her asshole, now applying a second finger as he plunges in to spread her and prepare her no doubt for some upcoming anal action, and from the way she's groaning it doesn't look like she objects to that idea one bit.

"Mmmmm... Ahhhh... Maybe so... I just show up to these shows, not direct them..." The hunk from West Newbury, Massachusetts says with a moan, his attention more on how his cock is vanishing right down the throat of the Montreal, Quebec, Canada stunner when her lips press into the base of his shaft and his heavy ballsack slaps against her chin each time he thrusts himself forward into her mouth. "Mmmm! Damned if I even know... Who actually produces this show... Ahhhh..." He continues to drive his manhood between her pouty lips as saliva drips from his shaft, trickling down her chin as it seeps out from her mouth from the repeated, stiff motion she's been taking but even still she hasn't gagged even for a second, her muffled moans bouncing off his length with every thrust she takes both from him and the St. Louis, Missouri stud behind her.

"But since... Ahhhh... You got her ready back there... Mmmm... How about you tap that hot, "Sexiest of the Sexy" ass first..." Cena offers with a smirk, pulling out of her mouth with a groan as he moves to now sit down on the couch. "Come on Maryse... If you think you're still better than the current Divas we've got, it's time to prove it..." He now challenges her as Bourne pulls out of her snatch and takes his fingers out of her now more than prepared asshole.

Narrowing her eyes at him again, she gives John her signature hand gesture while directing words in French at him, which thanks to the on-screen subtitles who know are: "Pathetic! I only do what I want to do, when I want to!". She's soon made to gasp in surprise however when a smirking Cena grabs her by the waist, and easily uses his great strength to lift her up and then set her down onto his cock pussy-first.

"Man... I hope whoever is editing this puts up some subtitles..." Evan states with a chuckle as he pours out some lube onto his dick, spreading it around with a couple of pumps of the hand as he moves around to behind her.

"Mmmm... What's the French for "sure, I'll take the lead"..." The multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion says with a moan as he indeed kicks things off with this new position, sharply thrusting his dick right up into her snatch with enough force already to make her jolt up as his thighs smack into her tanned body and his nutsack slaps into her smooth skin from underneath. "Ahhh... Mmmm... The WWE offices do keep asking me... Mmmm! To learn more languages for the overseas tours..." He grunts as he keeps a firm hold of her toned waist as he drives his mighty dick right up and balls deep into her already soaking wet but still nicely tight pussy, showing that he certainly knows the language of love making from the way he's expertly pounding her snatch with thrust after swift and deep thrust to cause the gorgeous former wrestler to moan loudly on his lap.

"They just want me to finally get ring ready again... Imagine how I feel..." The master of the Shooting Star Press says with a smile as he moves in, spreading the backside of the former NXT seasons co-host apart in order for him to push his lube-covered cock into her tight back passage, and even with the prior work done to her backdoor it's still an extremely tight fight that cause them both to groan deeply. "Awwww FUCK! Mmmmm! Oh shit..." He gasps as he has to slowly but surely slide his member in and out of her booty, keeping those juicy, full cheeks part both to watch his shaft push into her and for a little less pressure as he manages to fit in a few inches into her, but now has to pace it so he can fit in some more and also let her adjust to this extra invasion of sports entertainment cock into her one of kind body.

"AHHHHH! Mmmmm!! Oh FUCK!! MMMM!!" The beautiful French Canadian gasps and moans loudly and without shame as she now has to try and handle two thick American dicks in both of her lower holes, but the effects are clear already as she jolts sharply up every time she takes a pump into either her sexy ass or her dripping wet snatch, along with how much she's starting to sweat now. "MMMM! Oooooh Oui! OUI!! AHHHHH!! Mmmmm!!" The long moans and cries out continue as her large tits bounce away as her tanned and stunningly curved body rocks forward when she takes a thrust into her pussy and her booty, giving the hunk she's sitting on an added visual treat as she grips firmly onto his boulder-like shoulders like she's holding on for everything she's got.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhh yeah... Mmmmm... Bet you've been missing the locker room since you've been away..." The You Can't See Me rapper says to slightly taunt the former WWE Diva who's being made to almost wildly bounce on his thrusting cock as both her and the other current wrestler give it to her, filling up both her snatch and her ass with their long, thick cocks, showing that they know exactly how to treat a woman right, even if she is the self proclaimed Sexiest of the Sexy. "Mmmm! At least you show up... Ahhhh! MMMM!! For some fun at some of the WWE parties we have..." He groans out, sweat forming over his desirable, chiseled out of stone body as he keeps on thrusting swiftly and with force up into her love tunnel, his cock coated with her pussy juices after this repeated, fast and hard motion that even a veteran porn star would struggle to keep up for this length of time. He's making it look all too easy though, still holding her by the waist so she doesn't jolt too far off of him when he pounds into her and keeping the pace going to make it look like they've all engaged in this position on a regular basis.

"Awwwww FUCK! Mmmm! Damn what a... MMMM!! What an ass!!" The man nicknamed Air Bourne groans out, noticeably sweating himself to show the effects of being so firmly stuffed into her thick ass as he steadily pumps himself back and forth into her super tight asshole, his fingers digging into the more than ample flesh of her cheeks as he thrusts away into her as she groans out and pushes back against the motion. He's able to fit more and more of himself into with every steady, perfectly paced thrust into her backside, loving the feeling of tightness all around his shaft as he works it in and out of her ass; knowing with this kind of pressure he can't just hammer away or he'll be losing control in no time. "Ahhhh! AHHHH! Mmmmm damn it!! MMMM!!" He moans out again, having to wipe sweat from his forehead for a moment as he continues to give her luscious and full backside the kind of fucking it and she truly deserves, and it's helping her to moan out loudly in both English and her native French as she goes wild from both hunk's top notch pumping action into her snatch and booty.

"AHHHH!!! MMMMM!! OUI!! OH OUI! OH OUUUUUUUUI!!" A former Divas Champion she may be, but as she lets out a long and loud moan it appears her time away from the WWE has left her a little out of practice as Maryse Ouellet starts to cum hard on the cock of John Cena while Evan Bourne drives his dick into her juicy ass at the same time. "MMMMM!! AHHHHH!!! Oooooooooh MMMM!! Ahhhhh!!" She continues to groan, sweat dripping off her beautiful facial features as she's forced to jolt due to their deep thrusts, even more of her juices now covering the cock stuffed deep into her snatch as she explodes all over him to make her fluids flow out over his crotch and balls, just serving to make him further groan as he keeps on pumping away right up into the stunning French Canadian with his big American cock.

"AWWWW FUCK!! OH SHIT!! Mmmm!! I'm gonna!!! AHHHH SHIT!!" The increased pressure of her back passage tightening around his cock was too much for the still recovering from injury Superstar, who was only able to deliver a couple more deep pumps into her sexy backside before he was forced to pull his throbbing member out of her asshole. Gripping it, it just took a couple pumps before Evan Bourne started to shoot his load out onto the juicy ass cheeks of Maryse Ouellet, coating both sides of her plump rump with thick steams of warm spunk, making her groan and gaze back with a lustful smile as he plasters her booty with his seed. "Ahhhhh... Mmmmm... Awwwww fuck yeah... Mmmm..." He makes sure to stroke out every last drop onto her tanned buns to really glaze them both over, by the time he steps back from her holding his softening tool it would appear more like a couple of men had just blown onto her backside rather than the one spent stud.

Allowing both the others involved in this steamy threesome to recover, the multi-time former WWE Champion lifts her up and off his throbbing slightly cock, setting her down onto the floor in front of him as he spreads his legs wide, his manhood still rock hard and pointing straight up. "So... You still think you can hang with the Divas? Or... MMMMM!!" His challenge was cut off when with desire in her eyes she suddenly takes his dick into her mouth once again, her hands placed on his strong thighs as she begins to rapidly bob her head up and down on his shaft, groaning and slurping away on him and not caring at all that she's again tasting her own pussy off of his rod. "MMMM!! Ahhhh fuck!! That fucking answers... MMMM!! That question!" He's able to grunt out as he watches her suck away like a woman possessed, now orally pleasuring the same cock that she's just came hard all over just seconds ago, but is now all too eagerly near deep throating it like her life depends on it.

"MMMM!! Mmmmph... Mmmm!!" The former two-time WWE Divas Champion just gazes up seductively at him, keeping her pouty lips wrapped right around his pole as she slobbers all over it, not caring that her long blonde hair is sticking to her face from the sweat all over her as she rocks her head up to the half way point before driving right down to the base as her lips smack into his crotch. "Mmmm! MMMM!! Mmmph!! Mmmmph!!" She groans around his man meat as she takes him back and forth over and over again, her fingernails lightly scratching along his thighs but never leaving a mark as she's in the zone, even able to slap her tongue around the manhood she's sucking on as in quick time she's cleaned off near all of her pussy juices from off of him only to replace with her soothing saliva.

"AHHHH!! MMMMM!! AHHHHH!! MMMM..." It comes as no surprise that this intense oral action takes its toll quickly onto even him, and it's with a deep groan that John Cena starts to cum inside the mouth of Maryse Ouellet, firing a thick shot of jizz into her to make her groan and her eyes widen as she's forced to just as quickly swallow it right down. She doesn't stop sucking him off, draining his tool of his full load with bobs of her blonde haired head right up and down, greedily gulping down every blast of cum he gives her and never once taking his eyes off the pleasured look on his handsome face. "MMMM... Ahhhh shit!! Mmmmm... AHHHH..." He can only sit back, watch, and moan as she continues to hungrily slurp away at him even when he begins to soften inside her oral hole until the point that his spent dick just falls from her mouth, and even there she leans in, flicking her tongue around his bell end for a final lick clean to properly finish the job.

"Mmmm... Very tasty John... Quite magnificent, and you were almost as good as me..." The on-screen subtitles state as Maryse speaks in French as she smirks up at Cena before she moves back and stands up, before looking to Bourne and addressing him in her native tongue. "For a guy I'd forgotten all about, you weren't too bad either... No Miz, that's for sure, but good enough..." The subtitles read as she tosses her hair back in her trademark pose.

"I'll uh... Just assume that was a compliment..." Evan says with a laugh as his chest heaves for breath. "Damn, I've missed doing these... Just as well that Performance Center is up and running to help me get back to the ring..."

"I know the WWE Universe would want to see you back..." Cena says with a smile as he remains seated. "And after this, we'd all love to see you back Maryse... And see your front as well..." He adds with a handsome chuckle.

* * *

Suddenly there's another burst of static as the apparently "edited in" footage has ended to return to the Miz-hosted show this whole video began with, and we're delivered right back into the action as the stunning, perfectly curved but now coated in sweat Reby Sky is now mounted on top of the handsome and muscular John Morrison as he lays back on the couch of the set they're fucking in. She's right on his cock that's balls deep inside her dripping wet pussy, and if that wasn't enough for her to try and cope with The Miz is behind her, squatting over with his just as lengthy and thick to match dick stuffed into her juicy ass. This no doubt explains the amount of perspiration all over her desirable body along with why she's got a shameless look of pleasure on her face, her mouth hanging open as moans pour out as her body is made to rock between the two hunks.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhh! You're not so fucking high and mighty now, are you huh?" The former WWE Champion says with a grin as he plunges his cock in and out of her thick backside, sliding in plenty of his inches smoothly but with force to fill up her back passage with his tool, an obvious sign of both his skill in this particular sexual act and exactly what his plan was before with that bottle of lube he'd asked for. "Ahhhh! MMMM!! Getting your fat ass fucked by a real WWE Superstar... Mmmm!! You fucking love this, don't you??" He says, reaching forward to grab a handful of her hair to tilt her head back towards him, causing her to groan with lust as she sharply rocks forward when he thrusts deep into her back passage, giving her the anal pounding of a lifetime from no doubt the biggest dick she's ever taken back there, if she's ever engaged in anal before.

"MMMM!! Ooooooo FUCK YEAH!! UHHHHH FUCK MY ASS!!" She cries out like a desperate whore, biting down on her bottom lip as she is so caught up in the pleasure and desire she can barely think straight, craving to be fucked hard by this massive cocks that are driving deep into both her ass and soaking wet snatch. "MMMM!! Fuck my pussy!! YESSSS! MMMM!! I LOVE IT!! Fuck my ass!!" She groans again, her nicely sized and rounded breasts swaying in time with the jolting motion her body is being made to do as she rocks sharply back and forth when the sports entertainment studs banging her brains out drive either of their lengths into her once very tight lower holes.

"Mmmm! AHHHH... You know, you didn't say please..." The man who founded the Palace of Wisdom says with a smirk and a moan, a layer of sweat across his muscular body as he continues to swiftly send his shaft straight up into her soaking wet snatch, which has left his manhood covered completely in her juices that have trickled down onto his crotch and balls as well. "Ahhhh... But since it's been a while since I've done this show... MMMM... I'll let that slide..." He adds, running his hands along her sides as she rocks on his shaft from the thrusts both he and his former tag team partner are giving her, his ballsack slapping up to hit her skin every time he pumps up into her love tunnel and fills her up with every inch of his length, firing off the kind of pace that professional porn stars would love to maintain for even half of this time he's been doing so far.

"Really... Ahhhh... Really? Really??" The man who calls himself the Most Must See Superstar in the WWE questions, even with half of his attention being on driving his cock deeply and with force and speed into the juicy, thick ass of the woman who was Playboy Cyber Girl of the Week and the Month in 2010 as he also keeps her moaning loudly and shamelessly with his rapid and stiff pumps into her backside. "This is... AHHHH!! Mmmm... My show! You're just a special guest..." He's able to groan out, sweating as well from the effort he's been putting into hammering away into the often outspoken and polarizing beauty, but has no issue with giving a fine piece of ass like the one she has the kind of hard and fast fucking it deserves as he keeps on plunging his inches straight down into her asshole over and over again, causing her to sharply rock forward each and every time to slams into her.

"MMMM!! OH FUCK!! YES!! YESSSSSSS AHHHHHH!!" While the "video editing" seems to have missed out on some this hot and heavy action, it's same to assume that as Reby Sky once again lets out a long and loud moan, this is only another of many mind blowing orgasms that she's had due to the top notch sexual ability of both The Miz and John Morrison as they pound away into both her pussy and ass rapid, stiff thrusts time and time again. "MMMM!! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!! UHHHHHH!! MMMM..." Her tongue is hanging out of the side of her wide open but smiling mouth, her make-up completely running and ruined from tears and sweat, only serving to make her look even more like a dirty, cock-craving slut as her body continues to rock against the pumps she's taking from both studs that are driving her wild and giving her no doubt the best sex she has ever, and may ever have in her entire life.

"Did she cum again? I couldn't even feel her ass tightening that time..." The Miz states with a grin, pulling his dick out of her now gaping asshole from all the anal pounding she's taken no doubt from them both. "Hey, get her off of you John... I want her to taste her own damn ass from my dick..." He says with a clear cocky attitude in his voice.

"Works for me..." He says coolly as he easily lifts her off from his rod, but just so he can turn her around to face his former tag team partner, as he pushes his cock now into her already more than just well fucked backside.

"AHHHH!! Ooooooh fuck!! M... More?? MMMMM SHIT!!" Reby groans, clearly weakened and in a daze, but soon her face is turned to the front as the other hunk involved in this domination pushes his rod into her open mouth.

"MMMM... Maybe you'll have picked up some tricks to use... AHHHH!! Mmmm... On your meal ticket Matt after this..." The hunk from Cleveland, Ohio says with a groan as he firmly thrusts his dick in and out of her warm and wet mouth while holding two handfuls of her long hair, showing no concern as even now she's still clearly gagging when he pushes his man meat deep into her and the bell end of his cock connects with the back of her mouth. "MMMM... Ahhhhh SHIT... Not that you'll damn feel him in you... MMMM!! For weeks after this...." He adds with a moan, referring to how stretched out both he and the other hung and hunky stud have left her in her lower holes, but right now he's making her do some ass-to-mouth action, feeding her the rod that's just been driving deep into her back passage that she can taste off of his fat inches as he feeds them to her with a series of swift motions.

As this is going on, underneath her the former WWE Superstar is pounding away up into her thick and juicy booty with rapid and stiff thrusts that have her ass cheeks jiggling erotically each time he slams up into her and his nutsack slaps into her sweat soaked and tanned skin while also holding her upright and in place in the prime position to be pounded in her stunning backside. "MMMMM! Yeah... The Guru of Greatness always makes sure... AHHHH!! To give his visitors something to remember... MMMM..." He moans out as he fires away thrust after swift and forceful thrust, knowing exactly how to handle a plump rump like hers, especially now that access into her is smooth with no resistance after the repeated poundings she's taken in that hole have left her gaping so much she's unlikely to be tight back there for several weeks, let alone be able to walk straight without any discomfort. "AHHHH... And not just... Mmmmm!! Memories of it all either..."

So worn out and tired from having to endure such an intense and hard banging like this from two hung sports entertainers has left the SHINE Wrestling starlet unable to anything but just take it, and the look of dirty, shameless lust on her face shows she's loving every bit of it despite the clear repulsion to it when this first began, but now having been cock-whipped and dominated she's looking more like a filthy, begging for it slut than a sultry model and wrestler she'd been when she first arrived here. As saliva drips from her mouth, her lips barely pressing against cock passing back and forth between them, her eyes are half open from exhaustion from this entire sexual encounter, her boyfriend and how he'll react to this the furthest from her drunk with lust and pleasure mind as she tries to hang to savour any last moment of pleasure that she can.

"MMMM!! Ahhh shit... AHHHH FUCK!! It might not be as a wrestler..." The former reality TV star of The Real World: Back to New York says in a clearly back handed way but doesn't care, smirking as he watches his coated with saliva cock slide in and out of the gorgeous babe he's been using the mouth of for his own pleasure. "Ahhhhh... MMMM... Diva Overachiever? MMMM...You're gonna get exactly what you deserve..." Feeling his cock starting to throb, he pulls out of her, sliding the crown of his tool against her cheeks and even slapping it against her pretty face to make her groan, gripping his dick by the base to give a couple of strokes but still holding her head with a handful of her long, and now drenched in sweat hair.

"Ahhhh... MMMM!! My thoughts exactly...." Pulling his cock out of her expertly fucked and now left gaping open ass, the Shaman of Sexy slides out from underneath her, soon joining his former WWE and World Tag Team Championship partner in standing in front of her as he also grips his throbbing member, starting to jerk himself off and aiming down at her sweat soaked face. "MMMM... I don't care for her either way... AHHHH... But I'm not going to pass up finishing a job properly, just like old times..." He adds with a smirk, groaning as he strokes himself off rapidly, having more than gotten enough sexual enjoyment out of her and now looking, just as the hunk next to him is, looking to deliver an A-List finish to this all as he aims down at the head if the perfectly curved woman being made to kneel in front of them both.

It only takes a few more swift strokes of their pulsating lengths before both The Miz and John Morrison start to cum across the face of Reby Sky, making her gasp and groan as she closes her eyes, feeling their combined spunk splash all across her already stained with sweat and ruined make-up facial features. Now add to that thick streams of spunk from both men as the completely cover her face with their loads, making it land across her cheeks, chin, lips, nose, forehead, over her closed eyes, and even making some land on her hair as it sticks to her face, but also in the case of Miz aiming it so he deliberately stains her hair on the top of her head and the sides just for good measure. By the time both men have milked themselves dry and have let go of her, she can only slump down to the floor, totally worn out and now out of it as she's left looking like a well fucked whore with her face plastered with spunk.

"Thanks for coming Reby... Tell your man "Fat" Hardy to lay off the extra portions..." Miz states, uncaring for her now he's proven plenty of points and shown her up for all he thinks she's good for. "So... Anything you'd like to add, former partner of mine?" He asks, looking to the ex-WWE Superstar.

"Only that whenever the Guru of Greatness is needed, he shall always appear..." John says with a smirk. "And that the Quest For Greatness... Has never truly ended..." He adds cryptically, but before he can be pressed on what he means he turns and leaves the set, with The Miz smirking as he folds his arms.

"Wherever the Hell he's been since he left the WWE... It sure hasn't made him any easier to understand..." Miz says before he turns to look to the camera. "Well WWE Universe, MizFits, wrestling fans alike, and whoever else watches this show... Now you can see why I am the Most Must See Superstar, and why This Is Miz TV is the prime time, the best show in all of entertainment today even with some D-list, never gonna be anything chick like this was! Not too steal a line from a certain savior of the masses around the WWE, but John Cena?" Miz smirks as he leans in slightly. "You're welcome. For the ratings, for the extra views, and for the simple fact that for the first time even in this show's history it has finally become... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWESOME!!"

* * *

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