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WARNING: If you are not old enough to view/buy pornographic material where you currently live, it's your own damn fault if your mommy catches you jacking off instead of learning Math.

Featuring: Michelle Thorne(porn, Triple X Wrestling in UK), Kaitlyn(WWE), John Cena (WWE).

John Cena's FU Number 7: Michelle Thorne
A WWE/Indies erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

The video starts up and we arrive at the familiar studio setting with the lavish and spacious couch, and we see the host of the show himself, the multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion John Cena clad in his trademark jean shorts and colourful merchandise T-shirt. However, the muscular hunk isn't alone as also seated with him is another familiar WWE face - the former WWE Divas Champion, Kaitlyn! The formerly two-tone haired Diva now has long, brunette hair, and is clad in tight fitting black pants that hug nicely to her juicy ass, and her own olive green Kaitlyn 8th merch T-shirt that shows off her large tits perfectly as the material strains.

"Hey! Welcome to the Kaitlyn show!" Kaitlyn suddenly cuts in just when Cena was about to, making him look bemused by the interruption. "I'm your host, Kaitlyn! Today we have this guy, I think his name is John, Johnny something or other... Some guy... And today we're going to talk about boys and unicorns!"

"...How about, no." John says with a smirk. "The director of this show might know something about that... But I'm more of a muscle car and movies kind of guy... And for the record? This is my show, and I can promise that this time there won't be any cut-in footage from any sort of "awesome" Superstar either."

"Lame! That was funny! You should totally do that more often." Kaitlyn says with a teasing grin. "With that guy doing the thing with his hair blowing, it'd be great!"

"Sure... But for now? I've got to do this all important introduction lines. So on today's edition of John Cena's FU we're going for a completely different route! Now I've heard a lot of voices from the Universe, and I don't specifically mean the WWE one either, calling for porn stars to somehow be worked into this kind of show. To be quite honest, the few pornographic actresses that are involved with wrestling are... Well, either the kind you wouldn't want to touch with a ten foot pole, or are all kinds of nasty and not in the good way. Not all of them however... I have found one who actually makes more of appearances than any in-ring performance... But considering the company she works for the UK is called Triple X Wrestling? I think you can guess what to expect. So let's bring her on! Everybody, she is Michelle Thorne!"

Making her way onto the set now, and already eyeing up the two WWE stars with an approving smile is the British porn star with over a decade of adult film experience, who has made appearances for the UK promotion Triple X Wrestling, the curvacious blonde known as Michelle Thorne. She's dressed in a deliberately tight fitting and couple sizes small black leather-like dress, her large breasts almost spilling out of the low cut of the front as they show off deep cleavage, and her thick ass is being shown off as the material hugs to her curves.

"So... What's with all the clothes going on here?" Michelle questions. "I thought this was a sexy kind of show..." She sits herself down between the two, not being shy as she slides her hands down to between the legs of both Cena and Kaitlyn and sizing them up by rubbing her hands back and forth along the crotch.

"Well hello..." Kaitlyn chuckles with a smirk. "I'd heard about British hospitality, but I didn't expect this..."

"Not that I've seen the shows you've been on, but is this what you do over at the promotion in the UK you appear at?" John asks.

"Oh bloody Hell no!" Thorne says with a seductive laugh. "Not with how some of those wrestlers look... They wouldn't even be extras on my shoots. I'm just a... Guest star, you know. I was the center piece of a "Money in the Wank Bank Match" with the winner getting a date with me..."

"Hey, not that I'm minding this, uh, handshake here..." Kaitlyn says as she glances down at the rubbing hand between her legs. "But how come I'm involved in this?"

"Well... When we invited Michelle here to come on this show, she said she wanted not just to get a piece of me..." John says with a smirk. "Since she has had quite a few girl-on-girl films in her career, she wanted to take on one of the best from the Divas as well..."

"Exactly, and damn honey... A body like yours and tits like this?" Thorne slides over now, slipping herself down to between Kaitlyn's legs as she reaches up, pulling her pants down her smooth legs, showing off a tight fitting black thong. "You are in the wrong career!"

"Oh, is that all? Then fuck, bring it on then blondie!" Kaitlyn says with smile as she leans back, glancing over as a smiling Cena starts to take off his shirt, showing off his muscular upper body. "Unless you're just one of these act like you can go girl-on-girl porn chicks..."

"Oh, trust me Kaitlyn... I know exactly how to treat my co-stars right..." The experienced porn starlet says with desire dripping off her voice as she leans her head in, wasting no time in kiss across the WWE Divas's snatch, giving a brief lick before pressing her pouty lips right up into her folds with a groan, gazing up as she rubs and grinds her lips against the other woman's pussy. "Mmmm... Mmmm!" Thorne groans into the pussy she's teasing, making sure to pull her lips back just enough so the camera can watch her tongue start to flick against the snatch she's working over, gliding up and down as she uses one hand to keep that thong pulled to side, the other sliding back and forth against the other side of Kaitlyn's hot snatch.

"Mmmm... Oooooh fuck! She wasn't... Fucking kidding! Mmmmph!!" The former WWE Divas Champion's moans from the oral work being down to her lower lips became muffled as not intending on being left out during his show, the now full naked Cena moved up onto the couch and pushed his rock hard, long, and thick dick into Kaitlyn's mouth to slide his inches in. She glances over, smirking around his tool as clearly not objecting to this, she wrapped her own full lips around his man meat and starts to blow him, lifting and lowering her brunette haired head along the top half of his rod. "Mmmm! Mmmmph... Mmmm..." She moans again, closing her eyes as one hand moves down to go on top of the women currently eating her out, while the other wraps around the base of the cock she's sucking off, showing that the professional wrestler doesn't intent to be shown up by the professional porn star here as she's currently in the middle of this already steamy threesome.

"Mmmm... I knew from the moment I saw you... That you'd be well up for some muff diving..." The Bristol, England born babe says with a dirty smirk before she leans her head back in to lick away at the tasty American snatch in front of her, using the free hand to spread the folds apart so she can really slide her tongue up and against her snatch. She's purposely putting on a show, sticking her juicy ass out and swaying it from side to side while she eats out the other woman here, occasionally having to brush her long, blonde hair back over her shoulder so her face and the view of her pussy eating skills is never obscured. "Mmmm... Mmmm!! Mmmm..." While she can't help but gaze lustfully up a couple of times at the big, meaty cock that's getting blown by the gorgeous stunner she's dining on the snatch off, she's making sure to give the camera plenty of "love" with sensual gazes as she keeps her experienced tongue lapping away.

"I'm going to take a guess... Ahhhh... And say that's a compliment in porn star talk..." The multi-time former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion says with a handsome smile and a moan, pushing his hips forward slightly so he can slide his manhood in and out of the nicely warm and wet mouth of his fellow sports entertainment co-worker who at the same time is eagerly bobbing her head on his member. "Mmmm... Something tells me... Rosetta Stone doesn't translate... Ahhh! That language..." He's able to add between the groans, looking down and having a perfect view of the gorgeous blonde eating out the moaning brunette, who in turn is sucking away on his lengthy shaft with quick and steady slurps, not even gagging for a moment as she takes his size in deep between her luscious lips and slightly grinds her snatch against the face being pressed up against her growing wet hole.

"Mmmmph! Mmmm... Mmmm!!" The winner of Season Three of NXT continues to let out muffled groans as she smoothly sucks on the fat cock being fed to her, rocking her head up and down on his length as it pumps firmly into her damp mouth, leaving his inches with a nice layer of her saliva from the repeated motion. "Mmmm!! Mmmm... Mmmm!! Mmmph!!" At the same time, her snatch is getting one of the best work overs she's ever had from the vastly experienced tongue of the porn star who is certainly no stranger to girl-on-girl action, slapping her tongue across and over Kaitlyn's tasty pussy and knowing just how to use her fingers to brush around and rub the clit while her tongue flicks away at those dampening folds.

"Mmmm... Very nice... And she's good at sucking some cock as well I noticed..." Michelle states with a sly smirk as she pulls away from the pussy she'd been eating with a lick of her lips, watching for a moment as the other busty babe sucks off the hunk involved in this a couple more times.

"Ahhh... You sound surprised..." John says with a smile of his own, pulling his dick from out of Kaitlyn's mouth with a groan. "Or maybe a little jealous... But feel free to show me what you can do, if you can handle it..." He challenges, seeing the saucy look on the porn star's face.

"What, leaving me out already?" Kaitlyn says with a little laugh. "Screw that! Get up on me Michelle and I'll show you what some pussy eating is really about!" She states, laying down on the couch as she sees the intrigued, and lusty looks on the faces of the other two. "What? I started out here in that NXT competition with five other hot girls. You think I didn't have a couple of "sleepovers"?"

"Oh, I knew I liked you Kaitlyn..." Thorne states as she pulls up the bottom of her dress, revealing no underwear underneath as she moves up to squat over Kaitlyn's face, lowering her snatch down onto her. "And I fucking like the look of you as well John..." She adds with a grin of desire as he moves up to stand in front of her.

The camera has a clear shot as the former WWE Divas Champion reaches up to grip the thigh of the porn star and director as she leans her head up a little, allowing her to suck on the completely shaved snatch above her as she presses her full and luscious lips right up into that already wet pussy, showing she doesn't have any problems either with going down on another woman even if they've only just met. "Mmmm... Mmmm! Mmmm..." She groans up into her pussy, kissing and rubbing the folds with her hungry lips, already giving proof that this is far from the first time she's given some oral pleasure to another female before, and as she starts to eat her out, Kaitlyn's other hand slides down her body, her hand gliding back and forth over her own pussy as she rubs herself with her fingers.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmm!! Mmmm..." Above this, the woman who has been featured as a guest star at Triple X Wrestling events in the UK has her own pouty lips firmly wrapped around the thick man meat of the handsome and muscular John Cena, gazing lustfully up at him as she all too eagerly bobs her head along his pole, sliding her hands up and down his powerful thighs as she briskly blows him. "Mmmm... Mmmmph!! Mmmm!!" Her muffled groans bounce off his inches as she takes him in and out of her nicely damp and warm oral hole, showing off her top notch and clearly experienced cock sucking ability as she slides down well past the half way mark before quickly moving back up to the head and repeating the motion, her large tits bouncing a little from the effort she's putting into sucking him off. At the same time, she working her hips back and forth a little to grind her snatch down against the pretty facial features of the just as desirable female underneath her, already loving the way her tongue is flicking up against her snatch which in turn is fueling her to give a red hot blowjob to the stud in front of her.

"Ahhh... Good to see you're not one... Mmmm... Of these all talk girls..." The former two-time Royal Rumble Match winner says with a smile and a groan, his hand on the back of her long blonde haired head as he pumps his shaft forward into her hungry mouth, helping her to take his impressive size in deep as similarly to the woman before, she has yet to gag once despite his vast length. "Although I guess... Mmmm! You can't really talk right now..." He jokes with a smirk, referring to how he's stuffing her mouth full with his manhood, his rod pushing in deep into her mouth as his inches are yet again getting a soothing layer of saliva all over him from her steady and swift bobbing motion, the product of many hundreds of films and scenes that she's starred in during her over then year pornographic career.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm!! Mmmm..." Kaitlyn continues to groan as she gets herself off on eating out some delicious pussy, stimulating her own with some steady finger sliding up and down on her own wet snatch, brushing her digits across her snatch and spreading them slightly, giving the camera another hot view to go with her tongue as she flicks it around and across the love tunnel that's right above her. "Mmmm... Mmmm... Fuck! There's been Divas around here who don't get as wet as this!" She says, dropping away for a moment to catch some breath before diving right back in, making the busty beauty above her moan out as the current WWE Diva's tongue slides right in, probing around inside that pornstar pussy and the woman doing this muff diving is all too quick to drink down the forming juices she's collecting from her actions.

While she's making sure to glance lustfully at the camera every once in a while, the stunning Englishwoman can't help but get lost in the moment in the middle of this steamy three-way action, pushing her face right down to deepthroat with a groan the fat, American cock being pumped into her mouth and keeping pressed down so her nose and chin touch his crotch and balls respectively. "Mmmmph!! Gaaaaah!! Mmmmmph!!" She groans and slightly gags with pure lust, continuing to grind her snatch against the gorgeous face of the American beauty underneath her to get her lips moist with her own juices, the porn starlet's body language showing she's more than impressive with the display of oral skill she's being given. Turning the focus back up to gaze at the moaning and smiling hunk in front of her, Michelle goes back to work with some deep sucking motions, dragging her mouth back and forth along the entire length of his rod as her saliva seeps out from between her lips as it drips down from his shaft.

After a couple more swift sucks, Thorne lifts her head away with a gasp and a moan, her hands moving onto her own big tits to squeeze them as she rocks her hips against the woman still dining on her snatch for a few moments more. "Ahhhh! Ooooooh... Mmmm Kaitlyn!! You dirty little girl!" She gasps with a smile. "You could teach some girls that I've worked with some fucking tricks with that tongue of yours!" She adds with a seductive laugh before lifting herself up and off from her.

"Why thank you..." Kaitlyn says with a smirk, sitting up in order to do and over-the-top bowing motion before she stands up off the couch as well, her hands moving to lift her top up and off from her body, releasing her large and perfectly rounded tits.

"You know, since this is my show, I think it's only fair that I do some work about now..." Cena states with a handsome smile as he moves to now lay down on the couch with his stiff, long cock pointing straight up.

"Sounds hot to me John... Since Kaitlyn's shown me what she can do, how about you impress me with that mouth of yours?" Michelle almost challenges before she slides her dress down her curvacious body, showing off her own big and ripe tits as well as Kaitlyn similarly gets completely undressed.

No time is wasted as the blonde porn star mounts the handsome face of the multi-time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, letting out a gasp with a moan as he grips her smooth hips, pushing his mouth right up into her already wet snatch as he starts to dine on her pussy, causing the recipient to grit her teeth together lustfully as she looks back down over her shoulder. "Mmmm! AHHHH! Oh, I'm going to have a great view of this..." Thorne moans as her attention turns to the front as the other WWE star involved in this has now lowered herself right down onto Cena's rock hard cock, going balls deep with the first movement down and not even resting there as she begins to get into a vertical motion, putting plenty of energy into riding that fat dick as she's making her huge tits bounce from the action. "Oooooh! Shit!! Mmmm... Ride that fucking cock Kaitlyn... MMMM!!"

"Ahhhh... Mmmm! Yeah, you should watch real close to this... MMMM!!" The former WWE Divas Champion groans out as she sharply raises and lowers her powerful but sexy thighs up and down, her tanned frame slapping down with a loud smack into the muscular body she's on top off as his heavy balls connect with her pussy when she drops down onto his man meat. "Mmmm... You might just... AHHHH!! Pick up a couple pointers..." She adds with a smirk and a moan, tossing her long, formerly two-toned but not brunette hair back over her shoulder as she continues to briskly move up to about half way on his inches before rushing back down to the base, stuffing her tight and damp snatch full with all of his cock.

"MMMM!! Oooooh you cheeky bitch! Ahhhh... Come here you!" The Bristol, England-born stunner narrows her eyes seductively as she grinds her snatch down against the mouth of the hunk eating her out, while she reaches forward to pull the native of Houston, Texas into a deep lip-lock, the two gorgeous women soon engaging in a filthy, open mouthed kiss as their tongues start to smack around against each other. "MMMM! Mmmmmph!! Mmmmm... MMMM!!" The groans of the starting to sweat adult film star only seem to increase now as Kaitlyn gives back as good as she gets, swapping spit and groans while continuing to bounce up and down on the dick she's taking deep into her snatch. At the same time, Thorne has closed her eyes as she sinfully tongue-wrestles with the other woman as their lips smack against one another, rocking her hips back and forth as she feels the tongue of the West Newbury, Massachusetts stud underneath her probing and tasting all around inside of her love tunnel.

Underneath this steamy making out, the actor of The Marine and Legendary isn't slacking off as he keeps on multi-tasking, steadily pushing his hips up so he can pump his cock right up into the snug snatch of his fellow sports entertainer as she raises and lowers herself onto him, and at the same time lapping his tongue away at the just as soaking wet pussy of the woman who's been a "guest star" at Triple X Wrestling events in the UK. "Mmmm... MMMM!! Mmmmph... Mmmmm..." His mouth is pressed right up to her folds, his lips sticky from her juices thanks to her grinding motion down onto him, but it's obvious from her moans that he's giving her a working over the likes of which she has rarely experienced even over her long pornographic career. "Mmmm... Mmmm!! MMMM!! Mmmm!" Despite having made an appearance for the short-lived predecessor to this show Bourne For Greatness, Kaitlyn is being made to work as well as evidenced by the sweat forming over her body, groaning and gasping as she swiftly rides his member, the slap of skin meeting skin ringing out each time she drops down hard to meet his shaft firing up into her.

"AHHH!! Mmmm... FUCK!! I fucking love this tits of yours Kaitlyn!!" The busty blonde groans as she breaks off the kiss, moving now to lean forward so she can squeeze the large breasts of the other woman, wrapping her lips around the left nipple and sucking on her tit, causing Kaitlyn to tilt her head back with a moan as she grinds her snatch down against the thick dick pumping up into her. "MMMM... Mmmm!! Mmmmph... Mmmm..." While both women have paused as Michelle switches to suck and cup the other boob, underneath the multi-time Slammy Award winner isn't letting up as he dines on one wet and hot snatch while thrusting away into another just as damp and still nicely tight pussy at the same time.

"Someones... AHHHH... Just a little bit excited... MMMM... Aren't they??" Kaitlyn smirks with a moan as she grinds her pussy down against Cena's dick, watching as the other woman slaps her tongue against her nipples.

"MMMM... You have... Ahhhh! No idea babe..." Michelle groans with a lick of her lips once she's pulled back, easing herself up and off of the face of the stud underneath her. "So excited... That I'm going to bring out the toys!" She states with a grin before stepping off the couch.

The break allows Kaitlyn to lift herself up and off of Cena, both of them catching their breath for a moment. "Where do you find these chicks anyway John?" She asks with a laugh.

"Hey, don't blame me..." John replies with a handsome smile. "Blame the director over there who books these girls. If he could pull himself away from those damn video games to get these shows filmed..."

Walking back into shot now, Thorne has a lewd smile on her face, holding a long, purple, double ended dildo in one hand, and a small bottle of lube in the other. "Ready for some fun?" She asks with a seductive glance between the pair of them before she tosses the bottle to Cena. "You, get that dick ready to slam into my hot ass... And you get ready for the ride of your life honey..." She says to the other female as she steps towards her, kneeling on the couch next to her as she brings one head of the dildo in line with the Diva's snatch.

"MMMM!! Oooooh... Not going with a strap-on huh??" Kaitlyn groans as she watches the sex toy being pushed inch by perfectly thick inch into her already wet pussy before the porn star swings her leg over, squatting over her lap and now pushing the other head into her own snatch.

"OOOOOOH FUCK!! Mmmmm... I like to mix... AHHHH! Things up sometimes..." Michelle moans out as she rocks her hips slightly, adjusting her position as she sticks her shapely backside out towards the third party involved in this sexual encounter.

"You aren't gonna lube up as well?" John questions as he comes forward, using his hand to stroke the lubricant he's poured onto his dick all over his still rock hard and fat cock.

"Honey... MMMM... I'm a professional..." Thorne says with a saucy look as she gazes over her shoulder at him. "I pre-lubed before we even started..." She adds with a lick of her teeth.

"You learn something new every day..." Going with the flow, the former Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank match winner spreads the thick and perfectly rounded ass cheeks of the curvy blonde apart, lining his shaft up with her asshole before he pushes inside, and with a smirk moans as he soon feels she wasn't kidding around, his length able to push in impressively deep into her lubed up back passage. "MMMM... Fuck!! That's not a damn... AHHH... Bad ass here..." He grunts, keeping those full cheeks apart as he slides his member in and out of her booty, causing her to jolt forward as he gives her a lot more force than she was expecting, making her have to push back against his motion as he plunges his tool impressively deep into her ass, a sign that she had certainly prepared herself before this encounter began.

"AHHH!! OOOOOOH! Mmmm... Oooooooh FUCK!! Yeah, fuck that ass baby!!" With her words dripping with lust, the pornstar with over a decade of experience rocks her lucious and tanned body between the two WWE performers, taking a long and fat piece of man meat into her ass while working herself up and down on the dildo stuck deep within herself and the equally stunning female she's on top off. "MMMM!! Ahhhh... AHHH!! Mmmmm!! Yesssssssssss! Ooooooh yes!! MMMM!!" Thorne moans again, slightly bouncing up and down on the dildo to fuck her own snatch with, more sweat dripping down her body as her motion causes the other end of the sex toy to slide in and out of Kaitlyn a little, making her groan out shamelessly at the same time.

"MMMM... I think I've finally... Ahhhh! MMMM... Found something crazier than AJ..." The former WWE Divas Champion moans with a smile, her chest bouncing a little as she rocks herself forward against the fake cock that's stuffed into her dripping wet pussy, a hand down and rubbing the top of her snatch, teasing her own clit as she feels the sex toy being moved thanks to how the porno actress is moving herself just above her. "Ahhhh!! MMMM... And this ticks off another... AHHHH!! MMMM FUCK!! Item off the bucket list..." She groans out, using her other hand to reach up as she squeezes one of the big tits of the other stunning female, leaning her head up and giving back some of what she'd been given before as she starts to suck on those large boobs, smiling around the nipple when she hears the moans that come out of the blonde from her oral teasing.

Similarly sweating as the others are involved in this steamy threesome, the muscular American hunk groans as he sharply drives his cock in and out of the tight asshole of the busty British babe in front of him, his fingers easily digging into her plump butt cheeks as he picks up the pace, stiffly sliding his shaft back and forth into her back passage to make the both of them groan deeply. "MMMM... Ahhhh... I can see why... MMMM!! You work with a company... AHHH!! Called Triple X Wrestling..." Neither of them are feeling any pain at all despite his great size and thickness, and how tight her ass is even with the plenty of lube used, but the friction just adds to the pleasure both feel as they continue to work their desirable bodies against on another with smooth and swift motions.

"Ahhhh... MMMM shit!! FUCK... MMMM!!" He shifts himself up closer, putting one leg up on the couch for support and leaning in towards her so he can further drive his manhood into her juicy backside, the force of his thrusts now really making her jolt forward, which in turn works the shared dildo more into both women to increase their moans as the pleasure gets turned up even more than before.

"AHHH!! Awwww FUCK!! MMMM yes!! YES!! UHHH..." The curvacious blonde gasps as she gazes back over her shoulder, more than blown away by the intensity shown by the record-setting former WWE Champion as he bangs her up the ass, as well as having to handle her vast breasts being sucked and played with by the frisky brunette she's on top off. The two women have their soaking wet snatches touching now as they grind together, the double-headed dildo lodged deep in them both as they share it and the sensations they are getting from the thick plastic. "MMMM!! Ooooooh fuck! OOOOOH FUCK!! MMMM... AHHHH!!" Sweat drips from the pornstar's face as she moans out, even as far into this lustful threesome as she is knowing how to act for the camera as she keeps strands of her long hair away from her groaning face, her tits shaking even as the other woman swaps between licking away at one nipple to the other as she gropes that massive chest.

As their pussy lips grind together and the sex toy they are sharing continues to slide in and both of them both, it comes and no surprise that both women start to cum hard at the same time, with Michelle Thorne driven over the edge thanks to John Cena's huge cock ploughing into her thick ass, while Kaitlyn has been aiding herself with a rubbing hand working over her clit and pussy. Leaning down, the blonde initiates a last, deep kiss which the brunette soon returns, their tongues slapping against the others as their pussy juices flow out and soak the dual-headed dildo both women have pushed deep into their snatch. Both busty beauties groan into each others mouths as their hands roam up to squeeze and play with the big boobs of the other, with Thorne still being made to rock forward sharply as the hunk behind her gives her ass some more forceful pumps deep between those plump cheeks with his starting to throb member.

"Ahhhh... Mmmm... It's always nice to not have to fake one once in a while..." Michelle says with a groan, easing herself up and off of the other woman, reaching down to help pull the dildo out of both her and Kaitlyn's pussy, making them both moan as she sits herself down next to the WWE Diva. "Mmmm... What a mess we've made..." She says seductively, deliberately turning it so that she can lift the end that had been in Kaitlyn to her mouth, sliding her tongue across the head before wrapping those pouty lips around it to start cleaning it off.

"Hey, don't hog all the fun here..." Kaitlyn says with a smirk, unfazed by the action as she doesn't hesitate to take in the other end and licking it over for a moment, tasting Thorne's juices off of it before similarly starting to suck it off with a groan.

"You know, I was about to say the same thing..." Cena says with a smirk, wiping sweat off of his forehead as he watches the two stunning women once again share the dildo they had both just cum on, their noses almost touching as they both shamelessly suck on their end of that fat fake cock, tasting the pussy juices of the other off from the plastic. "Any time you ladies want to upgrade to something real, then just let me know..."

Hearing the suggestion, both women share a saucy look before pulling their heads back, letting the dildo drop as they grin and edge closer towards the muscular wrestling hunk, as the pornographic starlet moves her head down to start flicking her tongue against his heavy ballsack, sliding that hungry tongue all the way around both nuts before taking the left one into her mouth, starting to suck on it. Speaking of sucking, that's what the WWE Diva does as she wraps her pouty lips around the bulbous bellend, groaning around his man meat as she goes right into a swift, bobbing motion, not put off at all by the fact she's engaging in some ass-to-mouth action as she can taste the back passage of the other woman from off these fat inches. She's even running her tongue along his underside as she works her head swiftly back and forth onto his tool, the sight made even more hotter as both women stare up at lust with the WWE Superstar they are orally pleasing.

"AHHHH... MMMM!! Damn... Ahhhh!! Did someone mention something... MMMM... Before about a bucket list?" The multi-time former WWE Champion jokes with a moan, watching the two gorgeous and perfectly curved females work over his cock as his fellow sports entertainer briskly slurps away on his shaft while the woman more known for her porn career than her UK indy wrestling appearances works over his balls with sucks and licks. "Ahhhh... MMMM... I think I might have to make up a "fuck-it" list... MMMM... After this one..." His manhood throbs inside the warm and wet mouth of the formerly two-toned hair woman who shows off her clearly experienced oral skills as she smoothly bobs her head up and down well over half of his size, already leaving him with a soothing coating of saliva. At the same time, the over decade of adult film work is on clear display by the blonde as she slides her tongue back and forth along both of his ballsacks, groaning as she pats her tongue against the middle of his nuts before teasing the base of his shaft with another couple of flicks.

Now the two still horny women switch places, as Kaitlyn moves herself down to the heavy balls of the West Newbury, Massachusetts stud, putting her mouth to full use again as the babe for Houston, Texas starts to suck on his nuts, teasing with her tongue to pat it against the sack as she works him over, and all the while gazing up at the man she'd been sucking and fucking all during this intense threesome. At the same, the Bristol, England-born beauty is now taking over blowjob duties with some smooth and swift sucks up and down onto the dick that had not too long ago been deep into her own ass, but she's now moaning around his thick inches as he keeps her full lips firmly wrapped around his tool, similarly keeping her eyes locked up on the hunk that's been banging her so intensely over the course of this sexual encounter.

"Mmmm... AHHHH... MMMM!! Awwwww FUCK!" Sweat drips down the muscular upper body of the long time WWE Superstar as he moans out loudly, his member continuing to throb wildly now as two gorgeous and perfectly curved women continue to double team his cock, working over the shaft and his balls with experienced skill that would have left any normal red blooded male cumming long before this point. "MMMM... AHHHH shit... MMMM!!" He grunts as he can't help but stare down at both pairs of pretty and sweat covered facial features as the blonde porn star sucks with force and speed over the upper part of his dick, while the just as sexy brunette has moved up to lick and kiss around the lower portion, both actions ensuring that his pole is completely coated with their combined spit.

There is only so much that even he can handle, and lets the women know what's coming next as he grips his own shaft, both of them pulling away as they inch their faces close to one another, opening their mouths wide as they watch him start to rapidly stroke his pulsating cock, moaning as he does so with the jerking motion all they up and down his saliva-covered length. Soon enough, and with a deep and long groan John Cena starts to blow his load over the faces of Michelle Thorne and Kaitlyn, sending thick streams of hot spunk splashing down across their pretty facial features, causing both of them to moan as some of his cum lands in those open targets of their mouths. He's aiming his shots onto them both, ensuring that while they both get more than generous mouthfuls of his jizz, there's still some cum to splash onto their cheeks and lips as well for good measure.

Letting go of his spent shaft, he just watches as both Thorne and Kaitlyn turn to the other, their lips connecting as they share the spunk both have collected with each other, using their tongues to slide jizz into the mouth of the other, moaning as they taste that hot seed and feel it flowing around their mouths as they push it around and into the oral hole of the women they've eaten out during the course of this threesome.

Eventually they pull away, both pressing their pouty, cum-stained lips together as they hungrily swallow down the jizz they've got, exchanging smirks for a job well down after every drop had been taken down their throats before taking in some much needed air after such an intense and dirty three-way.

"Ahhhh... I swear, if I knew this is what I was going to be treated to... I'd have signed up to be a Diva long ago..." Michelle says with a smirk."If this had been the Attitude Era, you might have had a shot..." Cena responds with a chuckle. "Blame something called "PG-TV" on that chance being none to none right now."

"Shame... But any time you two want to "branch out" into a new career... Call me." Thorne says, glancing between the two with a lick of her lips.

"What, after one fuck you think I'm just down for anything now?" Kaitlyn says with a smile. "At least buy me a drink first!"

* * *

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