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Judgement Day For Chyna
by Andrew (

The scene is back in the locker rooms at Judgement Day. The WWF Woman's
champion Chyna had just arrived about 15 min earlier, looking sexy as hell
as always (perfectly tanned skin, incredibly proportioned body, firm tits
and a pair of jeans that make her ass look so damn good, not one guy in the
locker room is gonna be able to keep his hands off it.

Chyna is just exiting the shower and beginning to put on her wrestling
attire for her match tonight before her pre match workout. Some short, black
spandex shorts that show the crack of her tight firm ass, and a top making
her firm tits pop right out. Just as she finishes dressing, there is a knock
at her dressing room door. Chyna goes, opens the door to find one of her best
friends "The One" Billy Gunn. Billy stands at the door with a raging hard on
(Billy just came from jerking off while staring at Chyna's playboy pics, the
evidence is in his pants, and back pocket)

"Billy?" said Chyna, "I havent talked to you in ages, how are you." She
goes to hug her former friend.

Under his breath 'The One' mumbles "Horny as shit after staring at your
sexy ass in Playboy."

"What was that Billy." said Chyna.

"Oh, nothing...just wanted to wish you good luck in your match tonight.
You seemed to dominate all your competition before this, and i know Lita is
tough, just wanted to wish you the best."

"Well, thank you Billy, that means a lot considering we havent talked in
awhile," said the woman's champ.

Chyna and Billy hug and then the woman's champ goes to begin her pre match
workouts with Gunn still in her dressing room.

"You know Chyna, we've known each other for a long time, and we've been
through a lot" Gunn said, "but during the last about year and a half, you've
been doing extraordinary things that I couldn't even believe."

"Well, thank you, Billy, that does mean a lot," said Chyna.

"Wait a second you didnt let me finish! I bought your Pplayboy the day it
came out and spent everyday looking at it, staring at how sexy I never knew
you were."

Just then, Billy's copy of Chyna's playboy fell from his back pocket to
the floor, and Chyna picked it up.

"I see that Billy, and by how sticky some of these pages are, you were
doing more than staring."

"Well, I was jerking off a hell of a lot too, if thats what you're
referring to."

"Well, Billy, thank you for sharing that with me but I have to get ready
for my match now."

Then Chyna turns around to proceed with her workouts only to have her ass
grabbed by "The One". Chyna stands there in shock.

"What the hell did you do that for?" said Chyna.

"Shut the hell up. I've had about enough of you. All of this Playboy shit
has been going to your head for too long. Since you've been back in the ring
youve been dominating the hell out of every opponent. What I've always wanted
to see is for someone to dominate YOU!"

"What in the world has gotten into you Billy?"

"Chyna, I think you should be concerned about what is going to GET INTO
YOU." said Billy.

"Now what is that supposed to mean?" said the 9th wonder of the world. As
she said that, Billy Gunn grabs Chyna and forces her back against the wall,
whipping out is big thick cock.

"You like that dont you baby."

Billy grabs Chyna's hand and puts his big cock in it.

"That's the only fucking reason you did Playboy, cause you wanted to get
fucked in the worst way possible, and now that's what your gonna get. Stroke
my cock you Playboy slut."

"Billy this is ridiculous, let me go...are you high or something?"

"High? Yeah, I'm high on fucking that tight ass of yours and getting you
where you belong"

"And where is that?" said Chyna.

Then "The One" pushes Chyna down on her knees, right in front of his huge

"Don't act like you dont know what to do with it, I know you must have had
all the dick you can handle shooting that damn slutty Playboy shit."

Chyna just looks up at "The One" confused as to why he forced himself on
her, but doesnt cause any more problems and starts to suck him off.

"OOOOOOOOOOOO YEAHHHHH Bitch..suck that cock you fuckin slut. YEAHHHH I
bet you were suckin' cock everyday you were shootin' that damn Playboy shit,
werent you?

Just then Billy forgets all regard for Chyna and grabs the back of her
head, fucking her mouth to no end with his huge cock. Chyna begins to choke
from his cock being forced in so much, but continues workin it and making
Billy moan.

"YEAAAHHHH you fuckin cock slut, look how much you like that shit. 9TH
wonder of the world my ass, try biggest fuckin' whore of the world. Wait till
I spread around the locker room what a cock whore you are Chyna."

The woman's champ can't say anything because of her continuously being
forced to suck cock.

After 20 minutes of being forced to suck his cock, Billy finally picks
Chyna up and she breathes heavily. "God, why are you doing this to me?"

"Didn't I tell you to shut the fuck up?"

"You remember that pic of you up against the wall in the magazine, showing
your tight ass?"

"uhhh...yeah...what about it?"

"What about it? You were wanting it up the ass."

Then Billy forces Chyna around, now with her back towards him, again
pushes her hard against the wall, now pulling down her tight shorts.

"Damn these fucking things are tight..." as Billy forces them down,
exposing Chyna's tight ass, and showing signs of her being wet, loving the
fact that shes being taken advantage of.

"Billy what are you going to do now?" As Chyna asks, she feels Billy's
huge cock penetrate her tight ass slowly.


Billy now turns Chyna back around in anger.

"You expect me to believe that a fucking cock whore like you has never
been fucked in the ass...get real..and bend over bitch."

Chyna is thrown back to the wall, ass facing the former "Mr ass", and his
cock is forced up her tight hole.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD! Billy it hurts can you calm down

"Oh it hurts?"

Then Billy begins to slowly pound Chyna's tight ass, working faster,
faster....Chyna begins to moan and scream in pain and pleasure.


"Yeah you like this dont you bitch..."


Billy begins fucking Chyna's ass faster and harder, both of them
screaming, not caring who might hear till both of them orgasm like they never
have before in their life. Billy shoots his huge load up Chyna's asshole.

something to remember me by."

After Billy is done and takes himself out of Chyna's ass, he turns her
around, gives her a smack on the cheek and says "Good luck in your match
tonight slut, you're a great fuck..and suck great cock"

Laughing, then he leaves her on the floor of her locker rooms, ass
tremendously sore...and all of Billy's cum up one of the tightest asses he
has ever seen in his life. The 9th wonder of the world should be relaxed and
ready for her big match with Lita tonight. "The One" Billy Gunn isn't even on
the card. He just came to the arena to fuck the hell out of Chyna's ass.

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