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Just A Real Good Girl
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Maven walks through the backstage area of Raw, dressed in his bright orange
wrestling tights after a tough match. He stops by the catering area and gets
himself a cup of water, before continuing on his way to the locker room area.
As he walks he sees the newest Raw Diva, the winner of the 2004 Raw Diva
Search Christy Hemme, pacing back and forth. He walks over to her while
drinking his water, and says from a distance, "Hey Christy..." to get her

Christy slowly turns her fiery red haired head towards Maven and smiles at
him "Oh hey!" Christy waves as Maven begins to approach her "Maven, right!?"
Christy asks with a bit of excitement in her voice as the energetic red-head
is dressed in a short light blue trimmed skirt and a matching low-cut light
blue top.

Maven smiles, "Yeah that's me..." Maven says as he steps up to her. He
finishes off drinking his water and throws the cup into a nearby trashcan.
"I saw you pacing back and forth, just wondering if you're all right?"

Christy nods her head with a smile "Oh, I'm fine!" Christy says with a laugh
"I'm just a bit nervous about approaching my fellow know, I'm the
new girl here..."

Maven smiles and nods his head understanding, "I know that feeling, I was
the same when I won Tough Enough and came into the WWE... I was a nervous
wreck...." Maven laughs a little as he reflects on his own past.

Christy places her hands on her hips and smiles at Maven " looks
like everything worked out for you!" Christy says in an energetic tone.

Maven laughs a bit, "Yeah..." He then snaps his fingers and points at
Christy, "Maybe I can give you some pointers... since we both kinda came in
to the WWE about the same way."

Christy smiles excitedly "You'd really do that, for me!?" Christy claps her
hands together "Awesome! I'm all for that" Christy nods her head "Just tell
me everything I need to know!" Christy says in upbeat spirits.

"Ok... first... make sure you respect everyone that's here... cause there's
going to be someone who's not happy about you being here, hopefully not..."
Maven says, "Let me tell you... a couple of the guys gave me hell cause I
was not too humble."

Christy nods her head " it!" Christy says with a smile "What else?"

"Be real fan friendly..." Maven smiles, "There's a few people here that
hates dealing with the fans, and they appreciate anyone who's willing to be
a people person so they can get out of autograph signings."

Christy smiles and nods her head again "Alright...seems simple enough"
Christy says as she folds her arms over her ripe chest "Anything else I need
to know?"

Maven thinks and smiles, "Try not to be a bad girl... I'm not sure if you
noticed... but the divas have a reputation for being real laid back behind
the scenes... even though a couple of them can kick any guys ass..."

Christy nods her head slowly "Right...umm...ok.." Christy says as she
scrunches her nose up.

"Something wrong?" Maven asks as he sees the expression on her face.

" see Maven...I'm not exactly a good girl." Christy smiles a bit as
places her left hand on her left hip "I can be a bad girl...and I have pretty
wild side too."

"Ohhhh well... you defiantly may want to be a good girl...." Maven smiles as
he looks at her, "Although there is that saying about bad girls..."

Christy nods her head with wide smile "Yeah...the bad girls have all the
fun.." Christy says as wink at Maven.

Maven smiles back at Christy, "Well there's that... and there's the one about
bad girls are just real good girls with a wild side..."

Christy laughs as she flips her fiery red hair back with her right hand
"Well...that might be true, all I know is that I have a real wild side!"

"Sure you do..." Maven laughs as he smiles, "You're probably just a real
goody two shoes..."

Christy raises her eyebrow as she looks at Maven "You really think so?"
Christy nods her head "Ok...I'll prove it" Christy then smirks "I'll take
you...right here, right now."

"All right... you're on..." Maven smirks.

Christy licks her lips as she glances down at Maven's crotch "Ok Maven...lets
see if you're Tough Enough.." Christy says with a slight laugh as she gently
pushes Maven up against the wall in the hallway. She leans up on tip-toes and
kisses Maven's lips, pressing her kinky tongue into Maven's warm mouth.

Maven kisses Christy back, swirling his tongue around Christy's tongue as he
puts and arm around her and feels her ass through the material of Christy's
skirt. He moans into Christy's mouth and then breaks the kiss by leaning the
head back, "Whoa... that... was one hell of a kiss..."

Christy smirks "Told ya I have a wild side..." Christy says as she eyes
lighten up a bit "But I guess you want me to prove it more, right?" Christy
asks with a excited smile on her face as she presses her hand against the
crotch of Maven's orange wrestling trunks, feeling his cock through the
material of his trunks.

Maven nods and licks his lips, "Yeah... I absolutely... want you to prove
it..." Maven moans a bit as he feels Christy's soft hand press firmly against
his crotch as his cock becomes hard as a rock inside of his orange wrestling

Christy licks her lips and winks at Maven "Good, I'm glad!" Christy says with
a smile as she lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the stud from
Tough Enough. Christy reaches up with both hands and pulls down Maven's
orange wrestling tights off of his waist.

Maven's nine-inch long and fairly thick cock flops out of his trunks when
Christy lowers them enough for it to spring free. With his cock is already
almost completely hard, Maven looks down at Christy and smiles, "Now...
let's see if you're all just talk... about being a bad girl." Christy smiles
up and Maven wildly as she leans her head into his cock, pressing her lips
together and kisses the head of Maven's cock, before pressing her tongue
against his cock and begins to circle her tongue around the head of Maven's

"Oh shit!" Maven moans instantly as he feels Christy's warm soft tongue
circle around the head of his cock in a counter-clock-wise movement. He
places a hand behind him on the wall to brace himself while he starts to
run his fingers through Christy's fiery red hair.

Christy moans softly against Maven's cock as she works her warm, wet tongue
down from the head of Maven's cock and down his shaft, moving her tongue
down his long shaft. As Christy licks Maven's cock, she leaves a wet trail
of her warm saliva, showing where her tongue has been on Maven's cock.

"Ahhh damn... that's hot..." Maven moans as he licks his lips. He continues
to run his fingers through Christy's hair. Maven shivers a bit as a bit of
Christy's warm saliva drips down from his shaft down towards his ballsack.
Christy slowly brings her tongue back up Maven's cock at a teasing rate.
Christy looks up at Maven and locks her stunning eyes with Maven's eyes as
she brings her head back up to the lip of Maven's cock and opens her warm
mouth, inhaling his cock into her mouth. Christy wraps her pouty lips around
his cock and begins to steadily bob her head on his cock at a quickening

Maven's mouth hangs open in surprise and pleasure as he watches and feels
Christy bob her head along the length of his dick. "Ohhh fuck... you can
sure suck... a dick..." Maven moans as he brings his other hand to Christy's
head and takes a handful of her fiery red hair. Christy tightens her lips
around his cock as she takes him deeper into her warm, soothing mouth. Once
Maven's cock is halfway in Christy's wet mouth, she loosens the grip of her
lips and begins bob her head quicker on Maven's cock, lapping her saliva
around, taking him deeper into her mouth, until she feels the head of his
cock hit the back of her throat. Maven's eyes go wide as he looks down at
Christy engulfing his cock with her hot mouth. With her saliva spilling out
past her lips and onto his shaft, Maven starts to push her head back, as he
tries to keep himself from breathing hard, "Shit... ok... ok... you... can
defiantly... suck a dick... but can you... fuck... just as good?"

Christy picks her head up from Maven's cock and looks up at him with a
playfully, sly smirk "Oh, you bet I can!" Christy laughs as she stands up
from the floor flipping her fiery red hair back. Christy glances around and
spots a table nearby, she smirks "Ahh... that should do." Christy says before
she lifts her light-blue top off, revealing her magnificent round tits.

Maven licks his lips as his eyes become glued to Christy's firm round breasts
as they bounce a bit when she moves. "Damn... those... are some nice fucking
tits..." Maven says as he reaches forward and squeezes her left tit with his

Christy bites down on her bottom lip, giving a slight smile as she looks up
at Maven "Why thank you.." Christy laughs, before licking her lips as she
looks down, staring at Maven's hard cock, coated in her wet saliva.
"Mmmmm..." Christy moans a bit as she starts push her light-blue skirt down
from her slender hips.

Maven tilts his head downward and he slowly gets a wide smile on his
face when he sees that Christy is not wearing any panties underneath her
light-blue skirt. "And no panties either..." He says with playful grin as
he reaches between her legs with his right hand to press the tips of his
fingers against her pussy to get a quick feel of it.

Christy grits her teeth as the fiery red head lets out a groan, feeling
Maven's fingertips enter her cleanly shaven and warm mouth "Ohhhh...ahhh
yeah Maven.." Christy groans as Maven begins to thrust three of his fingers
in and out of her pussy.

Maven licks his lips as he puts his left arm around Christy's slender hip.
"You like that Christy?" Maven asks as he slowly thrusts his fingers in and
out Christy's tight pussy. He then starts to push Christy in direction of
the table as he lowers his head down and swirls his tongue around Christy's
right nipple.

Christy closes her eyes and tilts her red haired head back, groaning as Maven
continues to finger fuck the 2004 Diva Search Winner "Ohhh...ohhh yes Maven!
Work those fingers!"

Maven closes his lips around Christy's right nipple and sucks on her breast
as he pulls his fingers out of her pussy. He then lifts his head up so he
can wrap his arms around Christy and proceeds to lift her up onto the table.
"I rather work something else in you..." Maven grins as he takes hold of
Christy's ankles and separates her legs. Maven then gets an idea and smirks,
"Christy.... I'm gonna hold your legs apart... why don't you pull my dick to
your sweet looking pussy?"

Christy licks her lips as she locks her eyes on Maven's cock " don't
have to ask twice.." Christy says with a laugh as she gently wraps her right
hand around Maven's cock, pulling him close to her. Christy moves her hand
further down Maven's shaft as she presses the head of Maven's cock against
her pussy, before passing his cock through her soft pussy lips "Ohhhhh
god..." Christy groans as she feels Maven's stiff cock enter her warm pussy.

"Ohhh damn girl..." Maven moans as he feels the warmth and tightness of
Christy's pussy around his hard cock. While keeping her hands on her ankles,
the original male Tough Enough winner begins to thrust his dick in and out
past Christy's soft pussy lips. Maven then bends forward and runs his tongue
over the soft tanned skin of Christy's breasts.

Christy grits her teeth as she locks her eyes once again with Maven "Ohhhh...
ahhhhh Maven!" Christy moans as feels Maven's thrusts suddenly quick inside
of her pussy. Christy begins to gently pushes her back against Maven's cock,
grinding her warm pussy against his cock.

Maven lifts his head from Christy's tits and locks eyes with her, "Ohhhh
god.... fuck you got... a great... tight pussy..." Maven grunts as he
starts to sweat slightly. He lets go of Christy's ankles and allows the sexy
redheaded beauty to wrap her legs around his waist. As Maven's thrusts start
to get quicker and harder, he grabs Christy's arms and pulls her forward so
her breasts are pressed against his muscular chest.

Christy tilts her head back "Ohhhhhh Maven....yess...fuck that pussy!"
Christy moans, before she pussy herself off of the table and wraps her legs
tighter around Maven's waist, placing her hands on Maven's shoulder. Christy
then begins to quickly bounce on Maven's cock as he stands.

Maven starts to turn around as Christy bounces on cock steadily and swiftly,
"Ahhhh fuck... damn... you're defiantly a raw diva..." Maven licks his lips
as he turns around completely and leans against the table so he has some
added support. He lets go of Christy's arms and places his hands underneath
Christy's ass so he can help her move upward on his dick.

Christy grits her teeth as she slams down harder and harder each on Maven's
stiff cock, causing her skin to slap against his cock "Ohhhhh ahhhh Maven!"
Christy moans wildly as she bucks her hips, grinding her pussy against his
cock as she rocks back and forth on Maven's stiff prick.

"Yeah... ohhh yea... ride that did..." Maven grunts as he hikes himself onto
the table and leans back completely so that his head is resting against the
concrete wall. He squeezes Christy's ass cheeks together as she bounces on
his cock, then he spread them apart and slips two fingers from his right hand
into her tight little asshole.

Christy tilts her head back and lets out a squeal of delight as she feels
Maven's two fingers inside of her tight asshole "Ohhh know
what I like!" Christy groans as she places her hands down on Maven's muscular
chest and begins to buck her hips, slamming down wildly on Maven's hard cock
"Ohhhh...ahhhhh...ohhhh Maven, fuck!" The energetic red-head screams in

Maven thrusts his fingers in and out of her tight asshole as he gets a smirk
on his face, "Ohhh you... like... getting fucked... in the ass?" Maven says
as he thrusts up as hard and as fast as he can, matching Christy's wild
relentless pace.

Christy licks her lips as she nods her head with sweat beginning to drip down
her face "Ohhh...I love it!"

Maven smirks as his face and bald head shine with sweat, "And I love...
fucking a chick up the ass..." Maven takes his fingers out of her ass and
lifts Christy off of his throbbing cock. He then scoots off of the table
and stands up, "You wanna bend on over on the table?" Maven asks as he
takes a step back.

Christy smirks and nods her with a wink at Maven "Sure thing bud..." Christy
says as she hops down from the table and turns around with her back facing
Maven. Christy looks over her shoulder with a playfully smirk, before she
bends over the table and flips her fiery red hair back.

Maven licks his lips as her looks at Christy's cute perfectly round ass,
"That's a sweet looking ass..." Maven grins as he grips his cock with his
right hand. He steps towards Christy and uses his left hand to spread her
ass cheeks apart before he proceeds to push his thick cock into her
butt-hole. "Fuck... you're ass is pretty fucking tight..." Maven moans as
he places his hands on Christy's lower back before he begins to thrust his
shaft in and out of her lovely ass.

Christy looks back at Maven with sweat dripping down her face, watching Maven
thrust his cock in and out of her own asshole "Ohhhhh Maven...ohhhh yeah..."
Christy moans, gritting her teeth, as she places her left hand between her
legs and begins to rub her warm pussy.

Sweat pours down Maven's rock hard body as he repeatedly slams his cock in
and out of Christy's asshole. "Ohhhh ahhh fuck... you're... such... a bad...
girl... that you're a good one too..." Maven grinds his teeth together as he
gives the hot redheaded diva several swift sharp thrusts in succession.

Christy closes her eyes as she inserts two of her fingers into her
well-fucked pussy by Maven and begins to thrust her own fingers into her
pussy as Maven roughly fucks her hot, round ass "Ohhhhh ahhhh give it to
me Maven!" Christy moans loudly as she pushes herself back against Maven's
cock at a quick rate.

Maven throws all of his 220 pounds behind every thrust, burying his cock
balls deep into Christy's ass each time. "Ahhh yeah uhhh fuck your so fucking
hot Christy!" Maven moans as he firmly slaps Christy's right ass cheek.
Maven's ballsack slaps against Christy's skin repeatedly, adding the loud
slapping sounds of both of their skin smacking against each other.

Christy's eyes roll to the back of her head as she climaxes on her fingers.
Christy licks her lips slowly as her body weakens a bit, pulling her hand out
from between her legs "Ohhhh... Maven..." Christy moans softly as sweat drips
off of her smooth, tanned body.

Maven pounds Christy's hot ass with more hard swifts thrust as clenches his
eyes shut, "Ahhhh ohhh shit you bad... girl!" He yells as he extracts his
cock from her asshole. He grabs Christy, turns her around and presses her
against the table with his left arm as he begins to stroke his cock with his
left. Aiming his throbbing cock up at her stomach, Maven starts to cum,
spraying his load over her sweat-covered belly. Christy licks her lips as
she feels Maven's cum splatter against her stomach. Christy places her right
hand against her stomach and begins to rub Maven's warm cum against her
stomach, before she raises her right hand up and licks Maven's cum off of her

Maven slides the head of his cock against Christy's skin as a few more drips
of cum spurt from his cock. He places a hand on the table and smiles at her
as he tries to catch his breath, "Ohhh damn... that was fucking hot..."

Christy smiles as she places her hands hips as she flips her fiery red hair
back. Christy laughs a little as a few beads of sweat roll down from her
forehead "Maven...I told you I was a bad girl..." Christy pauses and shakes
her head "No...I'm just a real good girl.." Christy says with a playfully


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