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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Just Another Day Part 4: Wednesday Workout
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At John Cena's home in Tampa, Florida, the hunky WWE Superstar is stepping
out of the shower while at the same time he's drying himself off with a
towel. John then walks out of his bathroom and into his bedroom where his
cell phone is ringing. "Who can be calling me at 9 AM..." John wonders to
himself as he picks up his cell phone. John checks the caller-id and sees
'OG-619' on the display and John smiles before he answers his phone, "Hey
Oscar, what's up?" John asks.

"Hey John man...Not much..." Rey Mysterio, one of John Cena's good friends,
says on the other end of the phone, as John can hear a lot of background
noise on the phone. "Just touched down in Florida..."

"Really? I thought you were flying in last night?" John asks.

"Yeah I was man, but some bad weather out west cause the flight to be pushed
to early this morning, it sucked man..." Rey says with a laugh.

"Since when does San Diego get bad weather?" John laughs

Rey laughs "Ok got me...Angie had a little something special
planned yesterday..." Rey admits.

"Ohhhhh...." John says, "So what has you calling me so early? We're not
supposed to be at the FCW complex till later..."

"Well Barbie invited me to join you and her at the gym this afternoon,
man...but she didn't tell me which one..." Rey replies.

"Gold's Gym over on West Waters Avenue..." John answers,

"Great...what time?"

"Um... about two-ish..." John replies.

"Alright man...see you there..." Rey then pauses and laughs "Say...was it
your idea to invite Barbie?"

"Actually she invited me..." John replies with a laugh

"Ah..." Rey then sighs a bit. " know it's gonna be tough focusing
with her there..."

"No more difficult than when we worked out with Candice awhile back..."

Rey releases what sounds like a pleasured sigh "John man...remember we
weren't gonna bring that up..."

"I wasn't talking about THAT time Rey..." John laughs

" uhhh...I can't hear you that well..." Rey says on the
other line of the phone, while John Cena's end appears to be perfectly clear.
"Man...I think I'm losing the call..."

"All right Rey..." John laughs a bit as he thinks he hears Rey blowing into
the phone to make it seem like there is some static, "I'll see you at the

* * *

Close to a half hour later, John Cena, wearing some knee length, black shorts
and a black tank top, reaches the bottom step from his stairs and makes a
turn to head to the kitchen. As he enters, he sees the door to the
refrigerator door open and sighs, "She left it open again..." John says as he
walks over to the fridge and starts to close the door.

"HEY!" Mickie James with her hair styled in an adorable ponytail says with a
laugh as she steps out from behind the opened refrigerator door and places
her hands onto her nicely rounded, spunky hips while dressed in a pair of
John's gray colored boxer shorts and her own white, tight fitting tank top.

"Oh there you are..." John laughs as he looks at Mickie, "I thought you left
the fridge open..."

Mickie raises an eyebrow "That only happened once..." Mickie says, despite
leaving the refrigerator door open numerous times, as she steps away from the
refrigerator and starts to step towards the stove. "I'm making breakfast!"
Mickie says with a laugh as she turns with her back facing John.

"Oh really? And what are you making?" John asks as he closes the refrigerator

Mickie glances back over her shoulder and sweetly smiles "Omelets..."

"Cool..." John smiles, "You're not going to burn the kitchen down are you?"
John asks jokingly

Mickie raises an eyebrow and slightly narrows back at John Cena. "That only
happened once!" Mickie playfully snaps before she turns back to face the
stove as she cracks an egg open.

"Well... I do keep a fire extinguisher under the sink... just in case..."
John smiles.

Mickie presses her perky lips together and glances back again at John Cena
"You know...shut up!" Mickie says with a laugh as she cracks another egg into
the cooking pan.

John smiles, "You know you're hot when you're mad..." John says

Mickie smiles a bit at John Cena before lightly tosses her brown hair back
"So...when are you leaving for the FCW event?"

* * *

Later in the day at Tampa, Florida's Gold's Gym, John Cena, wearing work outs
and a t-shirt while he carries his gym bag, has arrived and he looks around.
He soon spots Kelly Kelly and Rey Mysterio on the exercise bikes. John walks
over and smiles, "Hey Barbie... what's up Oscar?"

Rey smiles, "Hey John..." Rey says as he pedals steadily on his exercise
bike. Rey is wearing workout pants and a red tank top.

"Hey John!" Kelly Kelly says with an excited smile as she continues to pedal
her feet on the exercise bike, causing her perky clothing covered chest to
sway slightly. "You're late!" Kelly says with a cute laugh, while the
adorable and beautiful blonde is dressed in a pair of short, tight fitting
black gym shorts and a light pink t-shirt.

"Am not... I'm right on time..." John says as he looks at his watch, which is
a few minutes slow.

Rey, who's wearing workout pants and a red tank top, laughs, "John you're
like ten minutes late..." Rey says.

"Am not..." John says with a smile, "So what did I miss?" John asks

Kelly scrunches her nose up and laughs "Oh Ossie and I were just talking
about you..." Kelly says with a cute smile on her face as she turns to head
to sweetly look at Rey Mysterio.

"Oh really? About what?" John Cena asks. "Oh nothing in particular..." Rey
laughs as he stops pedaling on his exercise bike. "Hey I'm going to go grab
bottle of water..."

"All right..." John says as he lays his exercise bag on a nearby bench. Kelly
bites down on her bottom lip as she quietly watches Rey Mysterio walking out
of the workout area of the gym and slowly comes to a stop from pedaling the
exercise bike. Kelly then turns her attention towards the hunky and muscular
John Cena, who has his back turned towards her, looking at him with lovingly

John turns to looks at Kelly as he starts to stretch a bit, "So Barbie...
Oscar let's you call him Ossie?" John asks with a smile.

Kelly slowly lifts her eyes and looks up at John Cena when he turns back to
her slightly, causing her to break her lovingly eyed trance directed towards
him "Huh...what?" Kelly asks with a sweet smile.

John smiles at Kelly, "Are you alright?" John asks

Kelly casually lowers herself off of the exercise bike and stands up in the
workout area, placing her hands onto her nicely rounded, tanned hips.
"Yeah...why?" Kelly asks, biting down on her bottom lip, taking an innocent
step towards John.

"You kinda spaced out when I asked you something..." John says.

"Oh...I was...just thinking about the other night..." Kelly says as she
blushes and innocently lowers her blonde haired head.

"Oh you mean that night...." John smiles as he trails off.

Kelly nods her head and cutely laughs "Yeah...that night..." Kelly says as
she takes a step closer to John Cena, slightly swaying her adorably shaped
hips from side to side. "It was so amazing..." Kelly says, rubbing her soft
and perky lips together.

John smiles, "It does take two to tango.... you were pretty hot in the sack
too..." John replies.

Kelly innocently raises an eyebrow and smiles at John "You really think so?"
Kelly asks as she steps up directly in front of John Cena, his muscular, hot
body just inches away from her.

"Yeah I think so..." John nods his head.

Kelly places her soft, gentle hands onto his muscular shirt covered chest and
starts to lightly rubs her hands up and down the front of his shirt. "Do know, want to...again?" Kelly asks with a cute, slightly
mischievous smile.

"What... here? Barbie..." John starts to say as Kelly rubs his chest through
the material of his shirt.

Kelly nods her blonde haired head with a smile and laughs. "Yeah! Why not?"
Kelly asks as she lightly pulls at John's workout shirt.

"Well we're in public for one..." John laughs a bit.

"So?" Kelly says with a laugh and then glances around the workout area "I
don't see anyone else here..." Kelly says with a playful smile as she starts
to lift John's workout shirt to expose his incredibly hot, muscular chest
without him agreeing to having sex in public.

"You are bad... you know that?" John laughs as he waits to see if Kelly is
serious as she pushes his shirt up over his head. Kelly slides her hands all
over John's muscular chest before moving them to his stomach and then to the
waistline of his workout shorts.

"I'm not bad!" Kelly says with a cute laugh. "I just like to have fun..."
Kelly says as John can feel her soft fingers lingering against his muscular
waist before she starts to push down his workout shorts. John looks around as
Kelly brings down his workout shorts, freeing his long, thick and hardening
cock. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and smoothly sinks down onto her
knees in front of John as his workout shorts drop down his muscular legs and
land down at his feet. Kelly sweetly smiles up at John as she gently places
her soft hands around his slightly hardening cock.

"Mmmmm..." John moans lightly as Kelly begins to stroke his thick cock with
both of her hands. John finally notices that unless someone enters to use the
exercise bikes, no one from the main area of the gym can see him or Kelly.
Kelly presses her soft and pouty lips together as she tosses her blonde hair
back and guides her hands up his long and meaty shaft before she leans her
head forward and flicks her wet tongue against the head of his cock.

"Ahhh Barbie..." John moans as Kelly moves her tongue slowly back and forth
against he head of his cock while she strokes it. Kelly cutely laughs as she
starts to gently lap her soft and wet tongue around the thick head of his
fully hardened cock as her tongue nicely coats her saliva on the head of his
shaft. John Cena licks his lips as Kelly circles her tongue around the large
head of his cock while she brings her hands to the base of his cock. Kelly
sweetly looks up at John with her adorable and beautiful eyes before she
opens her innocent mouth and takes the top half of his hard cock into her
nicely wet and warm mouth.

"Ohhhh ahhh..." John moans as Kelly starts to bob her head back and forth on
his cock, "How can you look so innocent when you do that?" John asks with a

Kelly keeps her adorable, innocent eyes locked with John as she smoothly bobs
her head up and down on his long, nicely thick cock as she perfectly coats
him with her wet saliva. "Mmmmm...." Kelly soft moans as she presses her
soft, moist lips tighter around his shaft.

"Awww.... mmmm...." John Cena moans as Kelly's lips drag against his cock
while she bobs her head at a perfectly, smooth pace.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm...." Kelly sweetly moans as she works her head smoothly around
John's thick, rock hard cock and begins to gradually bob her head at a
quicker pace, taking his cock deeper into her wet and warm mouth.

"Ahhhh... mmmm yeah Barbie... ahh.." John moans as Kelly has over half of his
cock inside of her mouth while bobs her head quickly on his dick. Unknown to
both of them, Rey Mysterio has reentered the gym with a bottle of water and
he stops when he sees Kelly sucking John's dick. Kelly closes her eyes and
gently slaps her wet tongue against the bottom side of John's long and thick
shaft as her soft lips rub back and forth steadily while she perfectly
devours his cock with her hot, yet innocent mouth.

"Ohhhhh damn..." John moans as Kelly nearly deep throats his entire cock.

"Ahem..." Rey Mysterio clears his throat as he startles both Kelly and John.

"Oh hey Oscar..." John laughs Kelly keeps his cock in her mouth for a few
moments longer.

Kelly slowly lifts her head from John's cock, her wet saliva dripping from
the bottom side of his shaft, and she cutely laughs. "Oh...hi..." Kelly says
bites down on her bottom lip as she turns slightly on her knees to face Rey

"Um am I interrupting your workout?" Rey asks.

"Yeah you are..." John says jokingly.

"Looks... like a real... interesting workout..." Rey says as he checks out

Kelly playfully raises an eyebrow and laughs as she places her hands down on
her tanned knees. "You can join us Oscar..."

"Ummm I don't know.... I'm married..." Rey says as he bites the inside of his
bottom lip as he thinking about joining in or not.

"We won't tell if you do..." John says as Kelly begins to take off her pink

Kelly happily nods her head as she lifts up her pink t-shirt to expose her
nicely tanned and rounded tits. "Yeah...I won't say a word!" Kelly says as
she sets her shirt down next to her.

"Damn..." Rey says as he tilts his head from side to side as if he's weighing
his options while Kelly begins to take off her gym shorts. Kelly pauses for a
moment and proceeds to stand up from the floor of the workout area before
pushing her short gym shorts further down her tanned waist and down her
gorgeously smooth and perfectly tanned legs before she steps out of her
shorts to expose her nicely shaved, incredibly hot pussy. Rey Mysterio licks
his lips as he sees Kelly's hot, perfectly shaved pussy, "Aw fuck it....
won't be the first time..." Rey says as he starts to take off his tank top as
he walks over to join Kelly and John.

Kelly cutely laughs and smiles "That's the spirit!" Kelly says before she
steps a bit closer to Rey Mysterio and eagerly kneels down in front of the
undressing Hispanic stud. Rey Mysterio lowers his workout pants, uncovering
his muscular legs as well as his rather large and hardening Hispanic cock.
John kneels behind Kelly and places his hands on Kelly's waist just as he
pushes his cock into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh John..." Kelly sweetly groans as she rocks forward slightly
on her knees, feeling his cock entering her tight pussy from behind with a
smooth and swift thrust. Kelly leans forward and places her hands onto Rey's
muscular waist before she leans her head forward and opens her sweet mouth to
wrap her pouty lips around the head of his impressively sized Hispanic cock.

"Oh shit..." Rey moans as Kelly bobs her head slightly so that her lips glide
back and forth around the head of his cock. John firmly holds onto Kelly's
hips as he thrusts his cock at a steady, quickening pace in and out of her

"Mmmmm...mmmmm...." Kelly soft moans as she slides her wet tongue against the
bottom side of Rey's thick and meaty Hispanic cock before lowering her head
further down on his shaft while she continues to rock back and forth on her
knees smoothly against John's deep and swift thrusts.

"Ahhhh... awww..." John moans as he pumps his cock in and out of Kelly's
pussy from behind while she rocks back to match his thrusts. Rey slides his
left hand through Kelly's blond hair as she bobs her head smoothly along the
length of his cock.

"Mmmmmm...." Kelly sweetly groans as she perfectly moves her blonde haired
head from side to side on Rey Mysterio's thick and long Hispanic cock as her
soft lips brushing back and forth constantly against his shaft as she eagerly
pushes her adorable, tanned body back against John Cena's firmly thrusting
cock from behind.

"Ohhhh man... mmmm..." Rey moans as he tilts his head back as Kelly bobs her
head smoothly on his cock while she rocks back against John Cena. Cena slides
his hands to Kelly's thighs as he pumps his cock harder into her pussy from

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Kelly loudly moans around Rey's cock as she quickly rocks
forward on her knees from the momentum following John Cena's thrusts, causing
her adorable head to rapidly bob on Rey long shaft.

"Ohhh yeah Kelly... mmm..." John moans as he drives his cock all the way into
Kelly's pussy as she slowly lifts her head off of Rey's cock. Kelly sweetly
lifts her eyes and innocently looks up at Rey Mysterio before playfully
sliding her wet tongue against the tip of his Hispanic cock as she continues
to swiftly rock back and forth on her knees from John's cock, thrusting
steadily into her from behind. John pumps his cock into Kelly's pussy for a
few more moments before he pulls out. Rey moves over to the nearby bench
and moves John's gym bag to the floor so that he can lay on it as Kelly gets
up from the floor.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip cutely and starts to walk over towards the
bench that Rey Mysterio is laying. "'re really getting into this
Oscar!" Kelly says with a laugh as she seductively climbs onto the bench and
he spreads his legs a part to allow the adorable Diva to gently mount herself
onto his cock.

Rey looks at Kelly and smiles as she lowers herself on his large cock,
"Ahhh... I may be married... but I'm not dead..." Rey laughs a bit as Kelly
begins to rock on his cock. Kelly laughs as she places her hands onto his
muscular Hispanic chest and starts to smoothly rock back and forth, grinding
her wet and warm pussy against his shaft as she steadily moves her body.

"Ahhh... mmm..." Rey moans as Kelly rocks on his cock and she begins to rise
and fall slightly so that her pussy grinds against his shaft. John Cena
smirks as he moves towards the bench while he watches Kelly gain momentum.
Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and closes her eyes as she steadily rocks
forward on Rey Mysterio's cock, feeling his long shaft starting to pump up
into her sweet pussy.

"Ohhh shit... mmm..." Rey moans as he thrusts his cock smoothly up into
Kelly's pussy as she rocks on his Hispanic shaft. John steps over the bench
so that he's straddling it behind Kelly. Kelly tilts her blonde haired head
back slightly as she continues to eagerly move back and forth on Rey's cock
while she slides her soft hands against his muscular chest.

"Awww... mmmm..." Rey groans as he drives his cock up into Kelly's pussy.
John puts his hands on Kelly's ass cheeks and smoothly pushes his cock into
her tight asshole while she rides Rey

"Ohhhhh! Mmmmm shit John!" Kelly groans, feeling John's cock entering her
tight asshole as she gains momentum rocking on Rey's fat Hispanic cock.

"Ohhh yeah... mmm don't tell me you forgot I was here..." John laughs as he
starts to thrust his cock in and out of Kelly's asshole. Rey places his hands
on Kelly's waist as he drives his cock up into her pussy.

Kelly rubs her soft lips together as she smoothly grinds her adorably tanned
body between John and Rey, feeling both cocks thrusting into her wet pussy.
"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Kelly moans with pleasure.

"Mmmm ahhh... awww..." John moans as he pumps his cock further and harder
into Kelly's asshole while she rocks between himself and Rey. Rey moves his
hands to Kelly's thighs as she bounces on his cock in order to push back
against John. Kelly slowly opens her adorable and beautiful eyes as she
glances down at Rey Mysterio as she sharply rocks forward on his cock, while
John pumps his cock deeply into her perfectly rounded ass.

"Mmmmm ohhh dam mmm..." Rey moans as Kelly rocks harder on his cock. John
grabs hold of Kelly's hips as he drives his cock all the way into her

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah!" Kelly sweetly moans as she starts to rapidly bounce up
and down on Rey's cock from John's quick and deep thrusts to her tight
asshole. John and Rey start to get their thrusts a bit more in sync as he
deeply fuck Kelly's tight ass and hot pussy respectively. Rey sits up on the
bench so that now Kelly is sandwich between himself and John who's behind
her. Kelly lightly digs her fingernails into Rey Mysterio's muscular chest
and closes her eyes tight as she feels both cocks deeply thrusting into her
ass and pussy, causing her to wildly buck between them.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm ahhh... ahh..." Rey moans as he thrusts his cock deeply
into Kelly's pussy. John licks his lips as he pounds Kelly's asshole from
behind. Kelly tosses her blonde haired head back as she rocks back against
John Cena's cock, before his thrusts cause her to rock forward against Rey

"Awww... mmmm fuck... ahhh.... awww..." John Cena grunts as he starts to cum
inside of Kelly's asshole as she rocks between him and Rey Mysterio. Rey
grits his teeth as his cock starts to throb inside of Kelly's pussy as she
bounces on his cock while she feels John's cum filling her ass. Kelly licks
her lips and tilts her head back as she grinds her wet, warm pussy down on
Rey's throbbing Hispanic cock as she feels John's warm cum filling her tight

"Ahhh whew...." John moans as he starts to pull his cock out of Kelly's cum
filled asshole.

Rey grits his teeth and he closes his eyes as Kelly grinds herself on his
pulsating cock, "Ahhh... ahhh... ahhhhh..." Rey moans as his cock erupts
inside of Kelly's hot wet pussy. Kelly cutely laughs and leans down before
she gently kisses Rey Mysterio's sweat coated lips as she feels his warm cum
rushing into her pussy while she continues to lightly rock forward on his

"Mmm..." Rey moans against Kelly's lips as she rocks on his cum spraying
cock. Kelly lightly brushes her soft tongue against Rey's lips as she sweetly
kisses him, starting to feel his cock soften inside of her pussy.

John picks up his shorts and puts them back on, "Man that's one hell of a
workout..." John says jokingly as Kelly and Rey continue to kiss each other.
Kelly gently slides her hands against Rey Mysterio's muscular, sweat coated
chest as she lightly pushes her tongue into Rey's mouth, kissing him deeper
as she smoothly grinds her pussy against his softening cock. Rey slides his
tongue against Kelly's tongue as he moves his hands against Kelly's waist.
"Um guys?" John says as he looks at Kelly and Rey.

Kelly slowly lifts her head and softly breaks the kiss before she looks back
at John Cena with a laugh "What?"

"You two are going to keep working out like that or are we going to get a
real work out in?" John asks jokingly. Rey laughs, "Hey I like this kind of
working out..." Rey says.

Kelly scrunches her adorable nose up and laughs "Oscar...are you doing
anything tonight?" Kelly asks with an innocent smile as she sits up on Rey,
remaining mounted on his shaft.

"Nope... why Barbie?" Rey asks with a smile.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "Well...I might be kind of lonely my hotel know all by myself..."

"Oh well I'll be more than happy to keep you company..." Rey says with a
smile as John looks at them with a astonished look on his face.

Kelly rubs her soft and perky lips together before she glances over at John
Cena who looks at both her and Rey with amazement. "What John?" Kelly asks
with a laugh.

John smiles, "Nothing... I'm just a little surprised that's all..."

Rey looks at John, "Hey I said I was married... not dead..."

* * *

Later in the night back at the home of John Cena, he and Mickie James are in
his pool relaxing, "Mmmm... man the FCW show was just nuts... they got some
people there that can make a big impact if they pay attention to what's being
taught..." John says.

Mickie James laughs as she slightly swims over towards John Cena as he stands
against the side of the pool, the cool warm just below his muscular upper
chest. Mickie presses her spunky lips together and cutely looks at John.
"So...I bet everyone there was like frickin surprised to see you and Barbie
Doll and Oscar there!" Mickie says, dressed in stunningly fit blue two-piece

"Oh yeah the place went crazy..." John smiles as he's wearing dark blue swim
trunks. "I couldn't hear myself think..." John laughs.

Mickie James stands up in the pool in front of John and looks at him with
playful, excitable eyes "So...Johnny boy!" Mickie says with a laugh and
lightly splashes him with some water "When are you going to give me the juicy
details about what happened the other night with Barbie?"

"Hey...." John laughs after Mickie splashes him with some water, "I know you
don't want to hear about that..." John says as he tries to avoid the topic.

Mickie laughs and steps a bit closer to John in the pool "Yep better I do!"
Mickie laughs and playfully smiles "I have to know my competition!"

"Ummm well... it was good... but you're a lot more fun...." John says as he
tries to keep his answer as simple as possible.

Mickie rolls her eyes slightly and shakes her head "John...I really don't
care that you slept with her..." Mickie shrugs her shoulders "Hell...I slept
with someone else this past week too..."

John tenses up a bit, "You did?" John asks

Mickie presses her lips together and nods her head "Yep!"

"Oh..." John says as he doesn't seem to react well to that small piece of

Mickie raises an eyebrow and suspiciously looks at John "What?" Mickie asks.

"Nothing..." John says as he shakes his head a bit

Mickie folds her arms against her bikini top cover chest and slowly nods her
head "Oh...I see how it is..." Mickie says as she turns her head to look away
from John.

"What?" John says as he looks at Mickie as she looks away from him.

Mickie lightly bites down on her bottom lip and turns her head back to look
at John. "It's ok for you to sleep with other people...but for me to sleep
with someone else...well fuck!" Mickie laughs "That's like the end of the

John bites his tongue for a long moment, "Mickie it's not at all like
that.... I just... you know... don't want to know...." John says as he seems
like he's jealous and wants to know but at the same time wants to respect
Mickie's privacy.

Mickie rolls her eyes once again and shakes her head "No is like can sleep with whoever you Barbie or whoever else, but
I end up sleeping with Ron and that's just not acceptable..." Mickie James
replies before realizing she name dropped the individual she slept with. "I

John instantly raises an eyebrow, "Ron? Ron who?" John says as he looks at

Mickie pauses and her eyes widen slightly before she nervously looks away
from John and releases an unusual nervous laugh. "Ummm...what?"

"Ron who Mickie..." John says.

Mickie grimaces and lowers her head slightly "Ron Killings..."

"You fucked that asshole?" John asks in disbelief. "Seriously out of all the
people... you fucked HIM?!"

Mickie slowly lifts her head and scrunches her nose up slightly "It's not
really that big of a deal..."

"You don't see me sleeping with people you don't like and then bragging about
it too you..." John says as he shakes his head. Mickie pauses for a moment
before she silently moves over in the pool to the side and proceeds to lift
herself out of the pool, glaring at John slightly, as water drips down her
tanned, nicely juicy body. John raises an eyebrow, "Where are you going?"

Mickie lifts her towel up and wraps the towel around her body before looking
back at John, who remains in the pool. "John...I know about Melina too..."
Mickie says before she shakes her head "I know you don't like Ron...but at
least you heard it from me..." Mickie pauses and takes a deep breath. "At didn't hear it from someone she told with her big mouth!" Mickie
snaps back at John before she turns away and starts to head towards the
backdoor of John Cena's home.

John sits in the pool for a long moment as Mickie enters his house "Fuck..."


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