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Just Another Day Part 5: Thursday Treats
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The next morning at John Cena's home in Tampa, Florida, John Cena, wearing
fitting black and blue shorts and a white tank top, is down stairs at the
back door as he is trying to get his dog, Tyra, to come inside after letting
her out for her morning potty routine. "Come on girl... time to come
inside..." John says as he stands by the door as his dog finds a nice shaded
spot and lies down. "It's like that?" John asks with a small amount of
frustration but he then laughs when his dog barks to reply. "All right... you
can stay out here for a bit..." John says as he hears his phone ringing
inside the house. John closes the back door and goes over to the phone that's
in his kitchen to answer it,

"Hey...there's my champ!" The familiar voice of John Cena's father says with
a laugh. "I tried your cell phone..."

"Hey pops..." John says with a smile, "I'm at home, don't have the cell on...
or actually near me at the moment..." John adds.

"Well it's quite a surprise to actually hear you being at home..." Mr. Cena
replies with a slight laugh.

John laughs, "Yeah well you know with having to do all the promotion stuff
that I got to do... and the charity work.... I'm surprised I'm home too..."

"I happened to catch your match on TV the other...did you tweak your ankle a

"Just a bit... nothing major though..." John replies.

"Well that's good to hear...say kiddo, how are things going with Mickie?
She's such a nice girl John..."

"We're just friends pops," John replies, "But she's good ..." John says.

"You know John...she'd be the one to settle down with. I've seen the two of

"Pops... I'm not ready to settle down... and Mickie has you know her
goals..." John says.

"So you're just going to let her pass by, John?" Mr. Cena asks.

"I didn't say that.... it's just... you know..." John says as he tries not to
really give a complete answer regarding his love life.

"You care about her though, right?"

"Well yeah...." John replies.

"She's the one for you John and you know, now is the time to start settling
down...I mean, you don't want to be like Sean and still living with him..."
Mr. Cena pauses and then sighs "'ll never be like Sean..." Mr.
Cena laughs and sighs again "I need to get that kid to find a job, John..."

John laughs a bit, "Tell him you're selling the house... he'll get a job in
no time flat."

"I've tried it plenty of me, it didn't work, just went back to
that damn X-Box and asked if he could move in at the next place..."

"I'm sure you'll come up with something pops," John says.

* * *

Later in the afternoon, John Cena, wearing jeans and a t-shirt, is stepping
out into his garage and notices that the hood for one of his cars is open.
"Okay... I thought I closed that last week..." John says as he approaches the
car's hood where he finds, Mickie James, wearing tight fitting jean shorts
that really hug against her round ass and a black top, is bent under the hood
working on the engine. "What are you doing Mick?" John asks.

Mickie James stands up straight up, cutely peaking out from under the hood of
John's classic car. "Hey Johnny!" Mickie says, pressing her lips together and
wiping the back of her left hand against her cheek, slightly coated with car

John smiles as he leans against the car, "Hey... what are you up too?" John

Mickie shrugs her shoulder and laughs a bit "Working on a car..." Mickie says
with a smirk before adding "What does it look like..." Mickie states before
placing her hands onto her nicely curved, juicy hips.

"Well it looks like you're working on my car... but why?" John asks.

Mickie bites down on her bottom lip slightly "Well...I heard you mention the
other day on the phone...that you couldn't get it started..." Mickie pauses
before releasing a soft sigh "And...I figured I'd take a look...I told you
about me and my dad when I was younger, you know, working on cars in the
garage..." Mickie then looks down slightly " apologize for last night
and, you know, sleeping with ummm..."

John looks down a bit, "It's alright Mickie... I did bang Melina.... so...
how about we call it even..." John says as he looks at Mickie.

Mickie nods her head and cutely smiles "Deal!" Mickie says with a wink and
before she turns back to look at John's classic car. "Want to give it a try?"
Mickie asks with a raised eyebrow

"Sure... but I don't keep the keys down here for it..." John replies with a
smile as Mickie closes the hood of the car.

Mickie rubs her soft, perky lips together and glances over towards the
workbench in John's garage "Already got them! You betcha!"

John turns towards the work bench to get the keys, "Why do I think you were
going to go for a ride?" John smiles at Mickie as he steps towards the
driver's side door of his car and opens it.

Mickie laughs and shrugs her shoulders "Hey! If I got it to work, you bet I
was!" Mickie says as she watches John slide into the driver's seat.

John smiles at Mickie as he slides the key into the ignition and then turns
it. The car sputters for a few moments before the engine turns over as the
car comes to life. "Damn..." John says, totally impressed with Mickie's work
as he presses his foot on the accelerator to rev up the engine. "Awesome work
Mick..." John says.

Mickie smiles and gives John a thumbs up gesture with her left hand "Still
needs a bit of work!" Mickie yells over the engine, before John turns the key
to shut off of ignition and climbs out of the car.

"Yeah but what it did was awesome..." John says as he closes the drivers side

Mickie laughs and takes a step towards John Cena, looking incredibly
irresistible in her tight hip-hugger jean shorts and her black tank top, with
car oil splatter against the tanned skin of her body. " just like it
when I get your engine going..."

John smiles at Mickie, "Of course.... cause you can always start up my
engine..." John replies.

Mickie raises her eyebrow suggestively and steps closer to John Cena, licking
her perky lips with lustful eagerness "And you always love it when I do..."

John smiles as he leans against the side of his car, "You bet I do..." John
replies. Mickie presses her perky, luscious lips together and turns to stand
directly in front of John as he leans against the side of the car. Mickie
steps closer and places her hands onto his muscular shirt covered chest and
starts to slide her hands up and down against his chest.

John Cena licks his lips as Mickie rubs his chest though the material of his
shirt. "Man you're so hot Mickie..." John says as Mickie lowers her hands to
rub his stomach.

"And I know what gets you all hot John..." Mickie says with a playful smirk
as she lowers her hands and starts to slowly unbuckle the belt around John's

"Yeah you do..." John replies with a smile as Mickie then unbuttons his jeans
and unzips them before she pushes them from his muscular waist. Mickie
playfully bites down on her bottom lip and cutely looks at John as she
proceeds to push his jeans down from his muscular. Mickie laughs and tosses
her beautiful brown hair back as she starts to kneel down in front of him,
while he remains leaning against the car. John's long, thick and hardening
cock springs out of his jeans as Mickie lowers his jeans down to his feet.
John kicks off his sneakers and steps out of his jeans as Mickie wraps her
hands around his shaft. Mickie presses her spunky and perky lips together as
she wraps her hands around John's hardened cock and starts to gently brush
her hands up his thick shaft before she leans her head forward and softly
kisses the head of his cock with her moist lips.

"Ahhhh Mickie..." John moans as Mickie presses her lips against his cock
while she strokes his shaft. Mickie opens her mouth and sweetly looks up at
John Cena before she lowers her head and takes the head of his cock into her
wet and warm mouth, wrapping her lips gently around his shaft before she
begins to smoothly bob her head to suck his dick.

"Ahhh.... awww..." John moans as he leans against the hood of his classic car
while Mickie bobs her head along the length of his shaft. Mickie closes her
eyes as she gently taps her wet, soft tongue against the bottom side of his
shaft before she manages to open her mouth a bit wider in order to bob her
head at a quicker pace on his cock.

"Awww.... mmmm yeah.... ahhh..." John moans as he watches Mickie as she
sucks his cock while taking his shaft further into her mouth.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." Mickie James gently moans as she smoothly lifts and lowers
head, slightly turning her head on John's cock while she grinds her soft lips
on his cock.

"Ahhh.... ohhhh damn...." John licks his lips as Mickie twists and turns her
head on his large, rock hard cock. Mickie gently drags her wet tongue against
John's shaft as she manages to hold his cock deep inside of her wet mouth
before she slowly lifts head and smiles up at John.

"Fuck Mickie you're so hot when you do that..." John says as Mickie proceeds
to take off her top.

Mickie laughs as she stands up from the concrete floor of the garage, while
lifting her top up to expose her nicely rounded, tanned and juicy tits.
Mickie smirks a bit and tosses her top down to the floor. "I swear...that's
the only reason I'm your friend..."

John smiles, "Hey there are other reasons..." John says as he places his
hands on Mickie's waist. He slides his hands to the buttons of Mickie's jean
shorts and unbuttons them.

Mickie raises an eyebrow and laughs "Yeah...I'm sure..." Mickie says with a
playful laugh as John slightly pulls her closer and finishes unbuttoning her
jean shorts and begins to push them down.

John smiles, "I know the only reason you're my friend is cause I got a big
dick..." John says jokingly as he pushes Mickie's jean shorts down her juicy,
smooth legs.

Mickie laughs and tilts her head back "Oh please!" Mickie says as she steps
out of her jean shorts after they drop down her gorgeously toned and tanned
legs. Mickie licks her perky lips as she steps around John Cena and
approaches the hood of the car and slightly leans forward, bend over the
hood, sticking her juicy ass up.

John licks his lips, "So I'm right about that..." John laughs as he guides
his cock into Mickie's pussy from behind with a firm thrust.

"Ohhhhh..." Mickie moans, closing her eyes slightly, as she feels John Cena's
thick cock entering her tight pussy from behind and begins to rock forward on
her feet against the side of the car with the momentum of his thrusts sending
her forward.

"Mmmmm yeah..." John groans as he slowly thrusts his cock in and out of her
pussy with smooth, easy thrusts.

"Ohhhh...ohhh yeah John..." Mickie moans as she steadily rocks back against
John's muscular waist, smacking her juicy ass against it while he feels
John's cock slamming into her pussy. Mickie rubs her lips together and
glances over her shoulder with a sweet smile on her face.

"Mmmmmm yeah... ahhh..." John licks his lips as he leans forward so that his
body is pressing against Mickie's while he fucks her from behind.

Mickie bites down on her bottom lip as she remains glancing back at John
while she quickly rocks between the side of the car and the muscular body of
John Cena as he drills her pussy. "Ohhhh...ohhhh shit John!"

"Ahhh yeah Mickie... mmmm fuck..." John moans as he pumps his cock deeper
Mickie's hot pussy while she pushes back against him.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhh John...ohhhh!" Mickie James moans as her juicy, tanned ass
constantly smacks against his muscular waist as she pushes back eagerly
against his long and thick cock.

"Ahhhh... ohhh fuck Mickie... awww... mmmm..." John wraps his strong arms
Mickie's body as he increases the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhh!" Mickie moans loudly, sharply colliding with John Cena's
muscular body as he quickly and somewhat roughly drives his cock deep into
the wetness of Mickie's pussy.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck... mmmm..." John groans as he pounds Mickie's pussy from
behind. John unwraps his arms from Mickie's body before he pulls his shaft
out of her pussy.

Mickie raises an eyebrow and smirks a bit "What are you up to?"

"Oh you know..." John says as he moves next to Mickie and lifts himself onto
the hood of his car. John then takes hold of Mickie's hands and helps her up
so that she's able to mount his stiff shaft.

Mickie laughs and tosses her brown hair back as she places her hands onto
muscular chest and gently lowers herself down on his cock. "Mmmm...I love
being the one on top!" Mickie says as she feels his cock stretching her pussy

"Mmmmm it's not like I mind being under you..." John smiles as Mickie begins
to rock back and forth on his large shaft as she lowers herself all the way
down on his dick.

Mickie laughs as she starts to steadily rock forward on John's massive cock
as she smoothly grinds her pussy on his shaft. " know you love being
lazy on the bottom!" Mickie moans with a laugh before she leans down and
plants a kiss on his muscular chest.

"Ahhhh awww hey I do a lot of work down here..." John says as he starts to
thrust his cock upward into Mickie's hot pussy as she kisses his muscular

"Yeah...ok..." Mickie says with a laugh as she slightly bounces up and down
on John's cock as he steadily thrusts his cock up into her tight, warm pussy
as she rocks back and forth smoothly. Mickie's hands slide against his
muscular chest as her soft lips drag against his muscular pecs. John licks
his lips as he moves his hands to Mickie's waist as she bounces smoothly up
and down on his thick, pistoning shaft.

Mickie lightly slides her wet tongue against the center of John Cena's
muscular chest before she sweetly looks up with her eyes seductively
narrowed. "Mmmm... ohhh John..." Mickie moans as she rocks forward as John
starts to firmly thrust up into her pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah Mickie... mmmm..." John moans as Mickie rocks on his thrusting
shaft as he sits up on the hood of the car. Mickie grits her teeth and lifts
her head from John's chest as she sits up on his lap while he rocks her body
while thrusting up into her pussy.

"Mmmmm... ahhh..." John moans as he leans his head forward to kiss Mickie as
rocks more sharply on his shaft. Mickie closes her eyes as she lustfully
presses her lips against John's lips as she quickly rocks forward against his
cock, feeling his muscular body against her body.

"Mmmm!" John moans against Mickie's lips as his cock starts to throb inside
of her hot pussy as they move against each other. Mickie lightly slides her
tongue into John's mouth as she grinds her pussy down on his rock hard shaft,
sweat dripping off of her juicy, curved and tanned body.

John slides his tongue against Mickie's tongue as his cock begins to erupt
inside of Mickie's hot and wet pussy.

Mickie slowly opens her eyes to look into John's eyes before she gently
breaks the kiss and slowly rocks forward on his cock, feeling his warm, thick
cum invading her pussy. "Ohhh shit John..." Mickie groans.

"Awww.... mmmm..." John moans as Mickie bounces slowly on his cock as he
fills her with his cum.

Mickie slides her hands up to John's strong shoulders and lips forward to
lightly kisses his lips before she smiles at him "So..."

"So.... you got two engines working today..." John smiles at Mickie.

Mickie laughs and then wraps her arms around John's neck, slightly hugging
him "You bet I did!"

* * *

A few hours later, at the local Hooters bar in Tampa, Florida, John Cena and
Mickie James are hanging out, having a few beers and sharing a plate of hot
wings. John is wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and a baseball cap and he looks
at Mickie as she drinks directly from a bottle of Budweiser. "Man it's great
that you're like one of the guys Mick..." John says with a smile.

Mickie James, dressed in a pair of tight fitting hip-hugger jeans and a black
t-shirt, raises an eyebrow after hearing John Cena's comment as she has the
top of the beer bottle pressed against her lips. Mickie takes a swig of the
beer before setting the bottle down on the table and looking at John with a
dreaded feminine glare. "Excuse me?" Mickie says.

"What?" John asks with a smile after seeing the look Mickie is giving him.

Mickie presses her lips together as she leans back a bit on her seat, giving
John a stern look "You called me a guy..."

"No I didn't, I said you were like one of the guys," John replies as he takes
a drink of his beer.

"Yeah...which like totally means the same thing!" Mickie says as she folds
her arms against her chest, before mumbling " least I don't piss
with the door open..."

"Hey... that does not mean the same thing..." John says as he doesn't catch
what Mickie mumbled.

Mickie presses her lips together and then slyly smirks a bit as a thought
comes to her head "You know...I should actually be flattered that you
consider me one of the guys..." Mickie begins to reply.

"Oh yeah?" John asks as he slides the plate of hot wings closer to himself.

Mickie nods her head and then laughs " know...I just happened to
remember...that time we were in Vegas..." Mickie James pauses and laughs a
bit louder. "You that night club!" Mickie says as she starts to
purposely talk a bit louder so the other occupants of Hooters can somewhat
hear her. "And...someone grabbed your ass and you reached back and grab
something... and it was like a total guy!"

"Whoa hold it!" John says, "That was an accident! I thought someone was
trying to pick my pocket!"

Mickie laughs a bit and tilts her head back "Oh yeah! And you just like
happened to grab for the crotch!?"

"That was an accident Mickie! Just like when you grab some chicks tits that
time in Atlanta...." John says.

"Yeah! That was an accident!" Mickie cutely snaps back "I tripped on my shoes
and fell forward and I happened to fall into that girl..."

"Who was wearing a very flimsy top and had tits twice as big as yours?" John
asks with smile.

Mickie narrows her eyes slightly and glares forward at John Cena before
smirking "Hey John...I have a question, that I've always been wondering
about...remember in LA that one time, that I came back to the guys locker
room to give you back your cell phone and you and Randy were standing in
there naked?"

"I was going to the shower and Randy was changing clothes..." John quickly

Mickie nods her head and presses her lips together " you say..."

"That's exactly what it was..." John says.

Mickie innocently raises her hands up and laughs "Ok...ok! I believe you

John looks at Mickie for a long moment before he smiles, "You just love to

* * *

A few hours later, John Cena and Mickie James are in John's bedroom, kissing
each other on his bed as they roll back and forth, with each trying to get on
top of the other. At the moment John is under Mickie with his arms wrapped
around Mickie's body, and he's wearing a pair of white boxers.

Mickie, who happens to be only dressed in her pair of tight fitting jeans and
her black bra that conceals her fabulously large and juicy tits, brushes her
lips against John's lips as she kisses him. Mickie suddenly stops and sits up
on John's waist to glance at the bedroom clock "Shit! CSI is gonna be on!"
Mickie says before she rolls off of John Cena and sits up on the bed next to
John, eagerly excited to watch her favorite television show. John, however,
turns to glance at Mickie with a smirk on his face as he has plans other than
watching CSI.

"It's going to be a re-run Mick..." John says as he takes hold of Mickie
again. Mickie spins on the bed to playfully get away from him, but she ends
up on her stomach facing the TV with John on top of him.

Mickie glances over her shoulder to look back at John Cena as the powerful
hunk lays on top of her with the crotch of his boxers pressed against her
jeans covered ass. "But I haven't seen this one!" Mickie replies before she
slightly moves on her stomach, causing her ass to grind against his crotch

John begins to grind his crotch against Mickie's jean covered ass, "I have...
there's a murder... and they try to find out who did it..." John smiles.

Mickie cutely narrows her eyes at John as she remains glancing over her
shoulder to look at him. "You really want to screw, don't you?!" Mickie asks
with a laugh.

John smiles, "Oh you bet..." John laughs as he slips his arms around Mickie
as he continues to grind himself against her from behind.

Mickie starts to smirk slightly "Ok...fine!" Mickie says with a laugh before
she manages to turn around on the bed, so now she is laying on her back with
John still on top of her grinding his body against her "But you better DVR
the episode!"

"Okay I will..." John says as he slowly grinds his boxer covered crotch
against Mickie's jeans covered lower body. He reaches back to grab the remote
for the television and starts to press the buttons to set up the DVR options.
Mickie licks her lips as she lifts her lower body to seductively grind
herself against the crotch of John's boxer, feeling his cock hardening

"There... it's set up so you won't miss it..." John says to Mickie as he
drops the remote on the bed. John lowers his head and starts to kiss Mickie's
juicy lips as he slides his hands against her toned stomach until he brings
them to the button of her jeans.

Mickie closes her eyes as she places her hands onto John's strong, muscular
arms and lustfully kisses him back, sliding her tongue into his warm mouth as
he unsnaps the buttons of her jeans and starts to push them down her curvy,
juicy hips. John slides his tongue against Mickie's tongue as she arches her
back so that he has an easier time pushing her jeans away from her curvy
hips. Mickie slides her tongue against John's upper lip as she slowly breaks
the kiss and arches her lower body a bit higher from the bed to allow John to
remove her jeans completely off her waist and down her tanned legs. John
slides himself off of Mickie and sits on his knees as he pulls Mickie's jeans
off of her legs. John licks his lips as he sees Mickie's perfectly shaved
pussy. John lifts up Mickie's legs and rests them over his strong shoulders
as he leans down to start lapping his tongue against her pussy lips.

Mickie bites down on her bottom lip and rests her head back on the bed as she
feels John's large tongue lapping against her soft, wet pussy lips. "Ohhhh
shit John..."

"Mmmm..." John moans as he laps his tongue softly against Mickie's pussy
while her head slips slightly from the edge of the bed so that she can sees
the television that is displaying the opening credits for CSI with the
classic rock song 'Who Are You' playing. Mickie rubs her soft, perky lips
together as she starts to lightly grind her pussy against his mouth and
tongue, feeling his tongue flicking the insides of her wet pussy as she
glances at the television screen, while laying on her back on the bed. John
brings his right hand towards Mickie's pussy and he gradually pushes his
index and middle fingers into
Mickie's pussy along side his tongue. John flicks his tongue around inside of
Mickie's pussy as he also pumps his fingers in and out slowly.

Mickie slowly closes her eyes and arches her back slightly as she feels
John's fingers thrusting into her pussy as he works his tongue against her
sweet, wet pussy. "Ohhhh shit John..." Mickie moans, starting to breath
heavily. John works his tongue and fingers quicker in and out of Mickie's
pussy as she starts to thrust herself up against him.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh my god John..." Mickie groans as her legs start to slip from
John's strong shoulders he continues to quickly work his tongue against
Mickie's hot pussy.

"Mmmmm..." John moans as he pumps his fingers into Mickie's pussy with more
of an angle while he twirls his tongue over her clit. John uses his free left
hand to push down his boxers from his waist.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah John...ohhhh..." Mickie moans, pressing her lips together
and keeping her eyes closed as John swiftly pumps his fingers into her tight,
wet pussy. John slowly lifts his head up from Mickie's pussy but he keeps his
fingers inside of her while he sits up on his knees. John scoots closer to
Mickie and while she keeps her eyes closed, John quickly replaces his two
fingers in her pussy with his thick, hard cock.

Mickie opens her eyes and smirks up at John Cena as she feels his thick cock
entering her tight, warm pussy. "Ohhhh John!" Mickie groans as she rests her
legs onto his muscular waist as he starts to pump his cock into her pussy,
rocking on his knees forward.

"Ahhhhh... mmmmm a lot better than watching CSI right?" John asks with a
smirk as he thrusts his cock smoothly in and out of Mickie's hot pussy as she
wraps her legs fairly tight around his waist.

"Ohhh...mmm yeah..." Mickie moans with a seductive, cute laugh as she slides
back and forth on the bed while John continues to plow his cock smoothly into
her wet pussy.

"Awww.... ahhh..." John moans as he begins to increase the pace of his
thrusts as he pumps his cock deeper and harder into Mickie's pussy. Mickie
looks up at John Cena, locking her beautiful and excited eyes with him as she
starts to push back against John Cena's quickly thrusting shaft, meeting each
of his intense and firm thrusts.

" like that John?" Mickie asks as she easily pushes herself
against John's cock as he deeply pumps himself into her wet pussy, lightly
smacking his balls against her thighs.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmm..." John moans as he pounds Mickie's hot pussy as she
herself up to match his pace.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh shit John!" Mickie moans as she tosses her brown hair back as
she sits up, bracing her body on her hands and starts to firmly push against
John's cock. John places his hands on Mickie's waist to pull her towards him
as he continues to drive his cock into Mickie's hot pussy.

Mickie starts to loosen her tanned and smooth legs from around his muscular
waist as she slowly moves back and forth against the bed. "Ohhhh John!"

"Ahhhh.... awww..." John moans as he pumps his cock harder into Mickie's
pussy before he pulls his cock out. John smiles at Mickie as he scoots
backward away from her which gives her the room needed so that she can turn

Mickie licks her lips and laughs "You always love it doggy style John!"
Mickie says as she begins to turn over onto her stomach, showing off her
tanned and juicy ass before she lifts herself onto her hands and knees.

"Of course.... you got the perfect ass for it..." John smiles as he moves
close behind Mickie. John puts his hands on her ass cheeks and spreads them
apart so that he can push his cock into her asshole.

Mickie bites down on her bottom lip and tilts her head back as she feels his
cock entering her tight asshole, which instantly clamps around his shaft.
"Ohhh fuck! John!"

"Awww..... ohhhh damn..." John moans as he begins to pump his cock in and out
Mickie's tight asshole. John moves his hands to Mickie's curvy hips to ease
her back and forth as he fucks her. Mickie presses her lips together and
closes her eyes as she feels his thick cock stretching her asshole as he
pumps in and out of her ass, guiding his shaft gradually deeper.

"Ahhhh... awww..." John groans as he slowly increases the pace of his thrusts
as he fucks Mickie's asshole with his massive shaft.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh John..." Mickie lustfully moans as she rocks back on her
knees, starting to smack her juicy ass back against his muscular waist while
he deeply fucks her ass.

"Mmmmm fuck.... awww.. ohhh.... damn..." John grunts as he drives his cock
harder into Mickie's asshole. John's balls smack against Mickie's juicy ass
cheeks as she pushes back against him.

Mickie laughs and glances back at John Cena as she perfectly guides her
juicy, tanned ass back against his muscular waist, forcing his cock deeper
into her ass. "Ohhh yeah! Ohhhhh fuck Johnny boy!"

"Ohhhh shit.... mmmm fuck... awww..." John grits his teeth as he drives his
cock harder into Mickie's asshole while she tightens her ass on his pistoning

Mickie grinds her ass back against John's cock as she feels his shaft ramming
harder and deeper into her asshole, causing her to quickly rock back and
forth on her knees. "Ohhhh!
Ohhhh yeah!"

"Ohhhhh yeah... awww fuck... mmmm yeah... ahhh..." John moans as he pounds
Mickie's asshole. John wraps his arms around Mickie's waist as he turns to
where they are laying on their sides on John's bed as he drills her ass.
Mickie leans her head back and softly kisses John's firm lips as she grinds
her body back against his muscular body, feeling his cock deeply ramming his
cock into her ass.

"Mmmmm..." John moans against Mickie's lips as he pumps his cock firmly in
and out of her asshole while she continues to push against him.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah John! Ohhhh" Mickie James moans as sweat drips from her
tanned body as she moves back and forth on her side while laying on the bed,
feeling John's cock ramming into her ass from behind.

"Awww shit.... mmmm fuck Mickie... awww!" John moans as his cock starts to
inside of Mickie's asshole while he fucks her from behind.

Mickie laughs and leans her body back against John's muscular body as she
feels his thrusting cock begin to pulsate and throb inside of her juicy ass
"Ohhhh John!"

"Mmmmm fuck.... awww... ohhh shit..." John moans as he starts to cum inside
Mickie's asshole.

"Ohhhhh my god John..." Mickie groans, breathing heavily as she feels his
warm cum spraying into her tight asshole.

"Mmmmmm shit.... aww..." John moans and closes his eyes as he holds his cum
erupting cock inside of Mickie's asshole. Mickie turns her head back and
softly kisses John's lips as he has his eyes closed.

John returns Mickie's kiss for a long moment before he opens his eyes and
breaks the kiss. John looks at the television and sees the ending credits for
CSI beginning to roll, "Good thing I DVR'ed that for you..." John smiles.

Mickie laughs and then nods her head "Yeah! You bet! Now we can watch it!"


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