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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Just Quit
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"WHAT THE HELL VINCE!" WWE Champion Brock Lesnar yells as he storms into the
General Manager's office after the September 11, 2003 edition of SmackDown
goes off the air after broadcasting from the BJCC Arena in Birmingham,
Alabama. Brock, wearing his wrestling trunks, slams his fists down on the
desk as Vince McMahon sits behind it with Sable standing behind him with her
hand on the top of Vince's office chair. "Where the fuck did Angle come from?
This was our chance to get rid of that bitch daughter of yours!" Brock

Vince McMahon leans back in his chair, "I had no idea Kurt was here tonight,
but there's a solution to that problem, you just take care of him next week
in the Iron Man match..."

"No fucking shit! I'm going to kill him!" Brock snaps, "What about that cunt
Stephanie?! She shouldn't be in charge around here, fire her!"

Vince smirks, "No... Stephanie has to quit..."

"Then make her quit!" Brock yells.

Vince smirks, "That's the plan Brock... in fact, while you were in the ring,
Sable came up with an excellent plan to make my daughter quit...." Vince says
as her looks at Sable, "Tell him..."

Sable raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "Oh Mr. McMahon...I can't take all
the credit..." Sable says with a wicked laugh as she lightly taps her left
hand against Vince's shoulder. Sable presses her lips together and takes a
step away from Vince McMahon's chair "You might want to listen up Brock..."

Brock glares at Sable, "What's the fucking plan?" The highly ticked-off WWE
Champion snaps while showing he's eager to hear how to deal with Stephanie

Sable slyly step out from behind the desk and starts to approach Brock Lesnar
"Tonight Stephanie has her monthly phone conference with the Board of
Directors..." Sable pauses and slyly locks her manipulative, wicked eyes with
Brock Lesnar as she raises her hands and slides her hands against his
muscular, strong arms "She'll be here all just have to be in the
right place, at the right time..."

Vince McMahon smirks as he sees Brock smile as if he was a kid receiving a
desired gift, "I see you like Sable's plan Brock... you don't have to worry
about security, the only people that will be here are just the night guards
who are around to prevent a break in."

Brock Lesnar smirks, "That bitch will be begging to quite when I get done
with her..."

Sable wickedly laughs and tilts her blonde haired head back. "I knew you'd be
the right person for this Brock..."


"As you can all see SmackDown continues to strive with ratings and has become
a blockbuster television program under my guidance..." SmackDown General
Manager Stephanie McMahon, dressed in a pair of black business pants and a
red button blouse, says into her phone speaking to the Board of Directors for
her monthly meeting conference. Stephanie pauses for a moment as she hears
the replies from members of the Board and turns slightly in her chair as she
sits in a private room within the arena. "Thank you gentlemen for all your
support and I am glad to hear the news, as I'm sure the great fans of
SmackDown will be as well." Stephanie replies, nodding her head "Yes and you
all too, have a good night..." Stephanie says before she hangs up the phone.

Stephanie stretches her arms above her head and then rubs her neck as she
still feels the effect of Brock's powerful hands on her before Kurt Angle
saved her from being F-5'ed into the ring post. As she gets up from her
office chair, she hears an odd banging sound coming from the closet door
that's inside of the office.

Stephanie pauses and raises an eyebrow as she turns back to glance at the
closet door. Stephanie takes a deep breath and then slowly shakes her head
"Relax's just getting late..." Stephanie mumbles to herself before
she turns back to the desk and starts to gather her papers. Stephanie slides
her papers into a folder when the banging sound is heard again, making her
raise an eyebrow and look at the closet door again. Stephanie gently bites
down on her bottom lip as she takes a small step away from her desk and
starts to slowly approach the closet door. The General Manager of SmackDown
takes a deep breath and closes her eyes as she gently places her left hand
onto the door knob of the closet.

Just as Stephanie about to turn the door knob, the closet door is suddenly
shoved off it's hinges from inside and Stephanie only has a split second to
get out of the way of the falling door. With her attention being on the
closet door, Stephanie doesn't have time to react to Brock Lesnar coming out
of the closet, "Hi... boss...." Brock laughs before he shoves Stephanie
against her office desk. Brock, wearing just a pair of knee length, loose
fitting shorts, has a sick smile on his face as he closes the distance
between himself and Stephanie like a cat stalking a mouse before he grabs her
throat. Stephanie's eyes widen with fear as she places her hands onto the
powerful hand of Brock Lesnar that is squeezing her throat. Stephanie chokes
for air as she feels the massive grip of Lesnar tightening around her throat.

"Just think boss... Angle ain't around to save you... maybe you should just
quit now before things get rough for you..." Brock laughs as he loosens his
grip on Stephanie's throat.

Stephanie closes her eyes as she feels Lesnar's hand removing from around her
throat. Stephanie heavily gasps for air before she opens her eyes and
frightenly looks at the powerful Brock Lesnar. Stephanie slowly raises her
hands in defense and backs up against the desk "What...what do you want
Brock?" Stephanie asks as she timidly lowers her head.

"You to quit.... and if you don't... I'm going to enjoy making you quit..."
Brock laughs as if he's giving a moment to do what he wants her to before he
uses his free hand to grab the neck line of her blouse and he violently rips
it off of her upper body, revealing her black bra covered tits, giving
Stephanie a clear message of what his intentions are.

Stephanie narrows her eyes slightly and glares at Brock Lesnar "I will never
quit!" Stephanie replies, trying to remain brave towards him, however is
clearly terrified. Stephanie closes her eyes as she feels Brock's massive
hands pawing at her smooth, soft skin of her stomach before he roughly grabs
her bra covered tits.

"Wrong answer bitch..." Brock says as he grits his teeth. Brock grabs
Stephanie's bra and jerks it so hard that the clip on the back breaks
instantly as the huge muscular WWE Champion exposes Stephanie's large tits.
Brock grins as he grabs Stephanie by the throat and forces her to open her
mouth so that he can stuff her bra into her mouth.

"You spit it out... I'll break your pretty little neck..." Brock laughs.
Stephanie presses her soft lips against the fabric of her bra as her eyes
widen with fear and intimidation before slowly and obediently nods her head
as she feels Brock Lesnar's hand tightening against her neck.

Brock smirks, "So... you can follow orders..." Brock laughs as he forces
Stephanie to turn around and he roughly shoves her forward so that she's bent
over the desk. Brock then grabs the waist line of Stephanie's black business
pants and he rips them down the middle exposing her nicely thick ass that's
covered by a pair of black panties. Brock rips off Stephanie's panties,
exposing her ass checks and he then smacks her ass so hard that Stephanie is
forced to jolt forward so that the edge of the desk slams into her stomach.

"Ohhhhh...awwww..." Stephanie moans are muffled against the black bra stuffed
in her mouth as she is forced over the desk while Brock Lesnar roughly and
firmly smacks his powerful hands against her juicy ass, leaving a red

Brock laughs as he hears Stephanie's muffled moans of pain as he smacks her
ass repeatedly. With each following slap, Stephanie's ass cheeks become a raw
shade of red. Brock grabs a handful of Stephanie's hair and jerks her head
back, "Are you going to cry bitch? Are you going to quit?!" Brock laughs as
he smacks Stephanie's now extremely tender ass cheeks again.

"Mmmmm!" Stephanie moans and presses her teeth against the black bra as she
shakes her head with an affirmative no to Brock's answer.

"You should.... this would all stop if you just QUIT!" Brock snaps and laughs
as he jerks Stephanie's head back even further. Like an animal Brock proceeds
to lick the left side of Stephanie's face as he uses his free hand to push
down his loose fitting shorts. Within a few moments, Stephanie feels Brock's
extremely long and very fat, rock hard cock pressing against the flesh of her
tender ass, "You feel that bitch? You know where that's going to go?" Brock
whispers into Stephanie's left ear as he grinds his cock against her raw ass

"Mmmmm...nnnooooo...pleassssseee" Stephanie moans and pleads with Brock
Lesnar as the black bra accidentally slips from her mouth and lands onto the
desk. Stephanie closes her eyes and grits her teeth as she feels him pulling
her head back further by her brown hair.

Brock laughs, "I told you to keep that bra in your mouth..." Brock says as he
pushes the head of his cock between Stephanie's tender ass cheeks.. Without
any sympathy, Brock shoves his enter cock into Stephanie's asshole which
again causes Stephanie to jolt forward against the edge of the desk.

"Ohhhhhh! AWWWWWW NO!" Stephanie cries out with pain as she feels the grip on
her hair by Lesnar loosen. Stephanie's body becomes limp as she lays down
against the surface of the desk while bent over with Lesnar's large and
extremely thick cock stretching her asshole.

"Ahhhh... yeah.... feel that bitch! That's REAL power!" Brock laughs and
grunts as he pumps his cock slowly in and out of Stephanie's asshole, making
her feel each of his incredibly strong thrusts inside of her ass.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh please stop..." Stephanie groans as her body slides forward
against the surface of the desk as Brock Lesnar deeply rams his massive cock
into her tight asshole.

"Just quit... and it'll stop..." Brock laughs as he as begins to increase the
pace of his thrusts as he makes sure he shoves practically every inch of his
huge shaft into her ass.

"No...I can't quit..." Stephanie groans before she bites down on her bottom
lip to hold back her screams as Lesnar's cock deeply rams into her asshole.

"Then I won't STOP!" Brock grunts as he shoves Stephanie forward so that her
stomach for a third time slams against the edge of the desk that she's bent
over. Brock feels Stephanie's brutally fucked asshole becoming looser with
each of his thrusts which brings a sick smirk to his face.

" son of a bitch!" Stephanie moans and yells as she feels the
force and intensity of Lesnar's thrusts increasing as her juicy ass painfully
smacks against his muscular waist. Brock smirks as he pounds Stephanie's ass
with quick, powerful thrusts. Brock's balls smack loudly against Stephanie's
tender ass cheeks.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh Owwwww....AWWWWW!" Stephanie weakly moans as she roughly
smacks forward against the edge of the desk as Lesnar deeply rams his cock
into her asshole, rocking her forward against the desk.

"I think that's enough of your ass... I'm sure half the fucking locker room
finishes in there..." Brock laughs as he pulls his cock out of Stephanie's
stretched out asshole. Brock turns Stephanie around to face him and smirks,
"Are you going to be good little bitch and quit?"

Stephanie slowly lifts her eyes and timidly looks up at Brock Lesnar before
she shakes her head " I won't...I will not quit!" Stephanie says with
a slight glare of her eyes.

Brock smirks, "You just don't know when to quit...." Brock says before he
grabs Stephanie and lifts her up so that he can impale her pussy with his
massive cock.

"Ohhhhhh! You son of a bitch!" Stephanie screams as she feels Brock's
massive, strong hands onto her curved waist as he starts to rapidly bounce
her up and down on his monstrous cock while driving his shaft upward into her

"You really should... just quit...." Brock grunts as he lifts Stephanie up
and down on his pistoning cock as he slams it into her pussy.

Stephanie grits her teeth and shakes her head in defiance "No...I can't!"
Stephanie moans as she sharply is jerked down onto Lesnar's massive cock as
she manages to wraps her smooth, tanned legs around his muscular waist as he
roughly drives his cock up into her pussy.

"You really... really should..." Brock laughs as if he's mocking Stephanie.
As he pumps his cock roughly into Stephanie's cunt, Brock starts to wrap his
powerful arms around Stephanie's body and he slowly begins to squeeze her as
he drills her pussy.

"Ohhhh! Awwww owwwww..." Stephanie McMahon as she is tightly pressed against
his muscular body while he wildly and roughly slams his cock up into her
tight and wet pussy.

Brock grunts as he roughly fucks Stephanie's hot pussy with his massive cock
as he squeezes Stephanie's body with his powerful arms, "Remember what I did
to that fucker Hogan before I beat the shit out of that pussy the Rock....
Hogan didn't know when to quit..." Brock says threateningly as Stephanie
begins to have a hard time breathing.

" more...." Stephanie pleads as she gasps for air as her
large and juicy tits press against Brock's muscular chest as she feels his
muscular arms tightening against her back.

"Then quit... quit... QUIT!" Brock shouts at Stephanie as he begins to jerk
Stephanie around with his cock still deeply inside of her pussy as he holds
her dangerously tight with his powerful arms.

Stephanie closes her eyes and slowly shakes her head ""
Stephanie replies in a raspy voice as she starts to weaken from the force of
Lesnar's cock ramming up into her pussy and his powerful strength of his arms
squeezing the air from her body.

"Ahhh... ahh... AHHHH!" Brock grunts loudly in frustration as he suddenly
lifts Stephanie off of his cock and throws her down to ground. Stephanie
roughly lands on the floor on her knees and weakly lifts her head to look up
at Brock Lesnar as the powerful and frightening WWE Champion towers over the
defenseless General Manager of SmackDown.

Brock grabs a handful of Stephanie's sweat dampen hair with his left hand as
he uses his right hand to force her mouth open, "I'm gonna make you fucking
quit bitch!" Brock yells as he shoves his cock into Stephanie's mouth.

"Mmmmmmm! GAHHHHH! OHHHH!" Stephanie moans as her mouth is stretched wide
and invaded by Brock's massive cock as he starts to deeply pump his cock into
her mouth as she dazzly looks up at him.

"Ahhhh... ahhh I'm going to fucking make you QUIT!" Brock yells as he pulls
cock out of Stephanie's mouth before he rams it back into her mouth with a
ruthless thrust. Brock continues to brutal pattern as a weakened and helpless
Stephanie just takes it.

"Gahhhhh! GAHHHHH!" Stephanie gags before she starts to tap her left hand
against the floor, submitting to Brock's desires.

Brock hears Stephanie's hand tapping on the floor and he looks down to see
it, "You quit! You fucking QUIT!" Brock laughs in victory as he pulls
Stephanie's head off of his cock but keeps her close as he starts to stroke
his cock. "You fucking tapped out!" Brock laughs as he mocks Stephanie while
he pumps his right hand on his throbbing cock.

Stephanie grits her teeth and weakly lifts her head up as she watches Brock
Lesnar's stroking his monstrous cock. "You...son of a bitch..."

"Ahhh..." Brock grunts slightly as his cock starts to erupt and a thick burst
of his cum splatters on Stephanie's face. Brock keeps stroking his cock as he
continues to cum and he forces Stephanie to take his cock back into her mouth
before he finishes cumming. Stephanie's soft lips lightly wrap around
Lesnar's massive throbbing cock as he slowly pumps his cum coated cock in and
out of her weak mouth.

Brock smirks down at Stephanie as cock begins to stop throbbing once he's
done cumming, "Wait till your father hears how easy it is to make you



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