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Just To Pass The Time: Masturbation
by Alfred Bitchcock

"Terri, we've decided to give you a break for a few weeks so you can
recuperate," said one-half owner of WWFE, Vince McMahon. "I know that you've
had a lot of long nights here and we don't want you to be too stressed out.
Is this okay with you Terri?"

"I understand completely Mr. McMahon. I guess I could use some time off
from work. Thank you Mr. McMahon," Terri responded. Although she seemed calm,
almost disappointed on the outside, on the inside she was doing backflips and

She got up from her chair and walked out of the room accompanied by one of
the WWF Officials. She once again thanked Vince for his kindness.

As she got in her car and drove home, she could barely contain herself.
Terri could only imagine how nice it would be to have some relaxing for a
change. "God, this'll be great." She thought.

* * *

Terri collapsed onto her white leather sofa in her living room. She was
so relieved that the WWF had given her a couple weeks off from work. Now she
could finally kick back, relax, and enjoy herself for a change. She was so
stressed out from all the hours she put in, and was becoming more irritable
because of it. Now, she could do whatever she wanted for the next 2 weeks
without having to take orders from anybody. But, there was just one

Sure, she had 2 weeks available to do whatever and whenever, but she
couldn't think of anything to do. Maybe call some friends or a boyfriend.
Once again, she ran into a problem.

All of her friends either had jobs or were busy with their children. So,
they were out of the question.

And since she didn't have a boyfriend, that too, was out of the question.

So, she was left with one basic question. What in the hell is there to do?
She'd always wanted to spend some time shopping since she rarely had time
otherwise, but she didn't want to go alone. And most of the restaurants and
parks were always so crowded in New York that she didn't want a whole bunch
of fans rushing her everywhere she went.

"Maybe I shouldn't do anything." She thought out loud. "Maybe I should
just stay in the house and lounge around," she thought as she flipped through
the channels on her TV. But, Terri became bored easily with the stupid talk
shows and soap operas so she decided to just go into her bedroom and laid
down for a nap. "Just some rest will be good enough."

However, there were too many thoughts roaming around in her head for her
to drift off. Frustrated with the entire situation, she went into the kitchen
for a snack. She got out some vanilla ice cream and scooped it into a small
bowl. As she was sucking on the soft vanilla, a nasty thought popped into her

"Wait a minute," she thought. "I know exactly what I can do." So, Terri
went to her bedroom and peered around in her closet for a little bit until
she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a stack of Playboy
magazines almost a foot thick. She rummaged through them until she found the
perfect one, it was the April 1999 mag which featured none other than Rena

She leafed through the pages and stopped when she saw the blonde diva
wearing absolutely nothing. Quickly, she dropped her silk pajamas she was
wearing and stuck a finger into her warm pussy. Her mouth hung open as she
fingered herself to the amazing tits on the page before her.

"(Oohh) Sable if you (aawww) only knew what I'm do- (shit) doing to your
picture right (yeah) now," she stuttered as her pussy juice dropped onto the
centerfold. After a few minutes of finger fucking herself, it seemed like she
needed more to reach orgasm.

So, Terri threw the mag back into her closet and reached up onto the top
shelf. She grabbed a video tape and pulled it down. She went back into her
living room and popped the tape into her VCR, then sat back down on the sofa.

PROHIBITED." read the TV screen.

Terri got cozy and watched as the opening previews for sex hotlines and
other porno tapes flashed on the screen. Then, like a bolt of lightning, an
image of a woman standing naked posing for a cameraman stuck out on the TV.

"There ya go baby, you're doing great," the cameraman on the screen said.
"Keep it going, you are delicious," he said in the obvious "porno actor"
voice. "And.........we are finished. Now come over here and give daddy a
hug," he demanded.

The girl ran with her c-cup breasts bouncing up and down over to the man
and jumped into his arms. The two began passionately kissing each other and
burying one another's tongues inside of their mouths.

Terri fast-forwarded past the boring kiss scenes, she wanted to see some
fucking action. She stopped it on a scene where the man had his cock shoved
into the woman's face. She was sucking and licking it like it was a lollipop.
Terri stared in wonderment at the giant 10-inch prick being buried in the
throat of the wide-eyed girl.

It wasn't long before Terri's fingers had once again found their way down
to her wet pussy. Her fingers dove further and further into her anxious cunt
with each thrust.

Pretty soon the girl on-screen was doing the same thing that the "little
she-devil" was doing to herself. Terri mimicked the girl, even doing the same
pattern and speed also. Terri knew she couldn't hold out for long, so she
stopped the finger banging and instead rubbed her erect nipples through the
silky material of the top she was wearing as she watched the movie.

Now, the guy's man meat was inside the girl's tight pussy. He was
thrusting with great force, causing the girls face to contort into odd
positions and her tits occasionally slapping her in the face. The two went
at it this way for about 2 or 3 minutes until the man pulled out of the
throbbing cunt. He then flipped the girl over so she was on her hands and
knees. Then, he took his engorged cock and buried it into her ass like a
pirate would with his gold.

Terri couldn't take it anymore, she probed her entire hand right into her
own crotch. "OOOWWWW FUCK!" she screamed. She tried to yank her hand out
because there was so much pain, but she couldn't. She tried to jerk her hand
free a few more times but it was useless.....her hand was stuck in her cunt.
"OH SHIT! OH FUCK!" Terri yelled, partially from the pain and partially
from her anger. She knew there was only one thing she could do to get her
hand free. She had to loosen up the inner walls of her pussy.

So, as she watched the girl on TV get rammed in the ass doggy style, she
moved her fingers around her clit so she could get more lubrication. "Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck yes! Oh MY GOD!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. Its a wonder
that her neighbors didn't start banging on the walls. Pretty soon, Terri had
more than enough lube to pull her hand out. But the thing was, she actually
didn't want it to come out anymore.

And within a matter of minutes, the "YEAH, SHOVE YOUR FUCKIN COCK INTO MY
PUSSY" blaring from the TV and the "JESUS CHRIST YES! SHIT!" coming from her
own voice got to her and she released her pussy juices into her cupped hand,
with some of it dripping onto the sofa. Then, craving her own juices, she
took her hand from her pussy with a loud "Pop" and lapped up the juice in her

After she had gulped down all the fluid, she couldn't help but notice
how incredibly horny she still was...


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