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Kaientai the Evil: The Taking of Lilian
by The Game Is On

All Kaientai dialogue badly overdubbed in English

Under the guidance of Chyna, Taka and Funaki had finally learned the ways
of the WWF woman, getting their first taste with the 9th Wonder of the World
(first story- now a classic). However, the Japanese duo was now itching for
some new American tastes.

"Chyna, Funaki and I have both greatly enjoyed the pleasures you have
bestowed upon us with your naked body, but at this point we want more. We
want to indulge in more fine American bodies, take what is pure and make it
not, because of course, We Are Evil!!" said Taka.

"Indeed!!!!" replied Funaki.

"Funaki, would you just shut the hell up," screamed Chyna, "it was cute at
first but now it's just annoying. Let me talk to Taka. Make yourself useful
and suck my pussy." Without further ado, Funaki lowered his head and began
sucking Chyna's moist box. Chyna began to squirm as she talked to Taka,
reaching down to stroke Taka's cock as they finished their conversation. "Now
Taka, what is it■.Ooooh yeaah!!■ that you want. Yeaah baby, faster!!"

"We want the most pure, chaste woman in the WWF to spread our evil seed
all over, because we are■. Faster Chyna, Faster!!! That is it!!!. Evil,"
said Taka emphatically.

"Taka, pure women in the WWF are not something we specialize in, but I do
have someone in mind. She has turned down every man and woman in the WWF-
ring announcer Lilian Garcia. What do you think about that?"

Funaki lifts his head out from between Chyna's legs, face dripping with
her juices, "Indeed!!" Taka, excited by the idea of Lilian Garcia shoves his
cock in between Chyna's tits, fucking her chest. "Bring me the American woman
called Lilian- we will shown her the pleasures of a Japanese man" Taka grabs
his cock and strokes himself off all over Chyna's tits as she cums from
Funaki's tongue fucking.

Later that evening, after Raw went off the air, the plan-called "The
Taking of Lilian" began. Chyna, already in the women's locker room, waited
to take her shower. Lilian was always the last one in, as she was modest and
did not like being naked around the other women. Chyna disrobed, her hard
body glistening from the sweat of the evening's competition, and entered the
shower. Lilian was already in there, lathering her nude body. She did not
have the sculpted bodies of the other divas, thought Chyna, but it was quite
attractive. She had a tight little ass, which Chyna just wanted to grab and
small, but well shaped breasts. The thing that Chyna immediately noticed
however were her nipples. They stood erect, a good inch long, just aching to
be sucked.

"Hi Lilian, looking good," said Chyna. Lilian turned around startled,
trying to cover herself up. She looked Chyna up and down. Lilian could not
take her eyes off Chyna's body. "No need to cover up, it's just us girls
here, for now. You've got a nice body, let me see it"

"I don't know, my body is nowhere as nice as yours," said Lilian,
reluctantly lowering her arms. "Nonsense," said Chyna,, walking closer to
Lilian, water beating off them both. "Just look at your breasts. I could
just take those nipples in my mouth and suck on them forever. In fact, I
think I might" Chyna took Lilian's breasts in her hands and lowered her
lips to them, sucking on her erect nipples. Lilian let out a moan. "I don't
think we should be doing this, I've never been with a woman before, just a
guy" said Lilian, but the wetness between her legs was betraying her.

"Really, how about a woman and two guys? Now that's a good time," said
Chyna, motioning to Kaientai to come in. They had been in the locker room,
watching Chyna prep Lilian for them, their cocks sticking straight out like

"What are you saying? I could never■.oh god don't stop. I love having my
tits sucked," said Lilian. Not a second later, Lilian felt more hands on
her from behind. Two hands were on her breasts, and another was massaging her
tight ass, fingers slipping between her legs.

"Hello Lilian, " said Taka, "we have some plans for you tonight, plans
which involve much copulation, because we are EVIL!!!" said Taka. Funaki
opened his mouth, but before he could speak Chyna spoke. "If you say Indeed,
I'm going to squeeze your balls off. Now show sweet Lilian some love."

Chyna picked Lilian up with ease, laying her on the shower floor, as the
water continued to beat on the four of them. Taka lowered himself between
Lilian legs, licking her hairy pussy. Lilian began to moan as Taka darted
his tongue into her box, than flicking her clit with his tongue. She could
not believe she was doing this. All of a sudden she felt something cross over
her lips. She opened her eyes to see Funaki's stiff cock working back and
forth over her lips. Lilian generally did not like oral sex, but she was
overwhelmed in the moment, as she opened her mouth and let Funaki's cock in.
Funaki began to rock his dick down her throat. Lilian began to gag slightly,
but picked up a rhythm and sucked on Funaki's cock like a pro. She grabbed
his cock with her hands, stopping his motion and swirled her tongue all
around the shaft, massaging his balls with her hands. Funaki let out a groan.

Lilian could not believe this was happening. She had two men doing all
sorts of things to her body. Chyna motioned with her hands for Kaientai to
stop. At this point, she could hardly hear what Chyna was saying, she was in
such bliss. Funaki lay on the tile floor, cock straight up in the air.
Lilian did not need to be told what to do, as she knelt over Funaki's cock,
lowering her dripping pussy. She let out a scream as she began to ride
Funaki's cock. Not giving her any time to get too intense, Taka came up
behind her, parting her cheeks with his hands. He placed his already soaked
cock against her asshole, slowly entering Lilian from behind.

Stunned, Lilian let out a scream. "What are you doing? I've never had
anal sex before, please don't. It hurts, oh god, it h■.Oh yeaah, don't stop,
pound my ass." Lilian, who had barely had one cock in her, was now getting
fucked by two men at once. Chyna was watching the men take Lilian, ramming
her fingers into her own pussy. Lilian reached out for Chyna and buried her
face into Chyna's cunt, licking her pussy- something else she had never done
before. "Oh god you taste good, drip your juices all over my face," moaned
Lilian. Chyna ground her pussy into Lilian face, grabbing her by her hair
so she could keep up. Chyna began to cum- "Oh yeah, suck my pussy Lilian.
Oooooh that's it baby, faster, faster- Aaaaahhhh Yeeessss!!!" Chyna came all
over Lilian's face, her juices dripping down her chin.

Taka could not take anymore watching the women and exited Lilian's ass.
He stroked his cock off, cumming all over Lilian's ass and back, coating her
backside with his cum. Lilian reached around, swiping some up with her
fingers and licked them clean. She too was close to cumming as she began to
ride Funaki harder and faster, grinding her clit into Funaki. "Oh yeah, fuck
me harder, drive your cock into me. Ooooo yeaahhh. AAAAAhhhhhh!!!" Lilian's
screams echoed throughout the locker room. She got off of Funaki's cock,
lowering her head to his shaft. She began to suck him off, licking her own
juices from his cock. Funaki was about to cum. "Yeah baby- shoot your load
over my face, Coat me with your cum." Lilian had gone from a shy introvert
to a wild sex maniac. Funaki came, shooting load after load onto Lilian's
face. It coated her hair, face, chin and dripped down to her chest. Lilian
rubbed the cum on her chest into her tits, pinching those inch long nipples

"Now that's what I call an invasion," said Chyna. Funaki and Taka had
devilishly evil grins on their faces, both men spent for now. " Chyna, we
like the American women. It makes us happy, yet still EVIL!!!" said Taka.
All three looked over at Lilian, coated in Kaientai's cum and Chyna's pussy
juices. She had a look on her face that said she wanted more. All at once,
all three looked at each other and said, "INDEED"

The End

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