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Kaitlyn's Party
by JMK615

Kaitlyn was having a party at her new house which had 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and a huge in ground pool. There were a lot of people at the party including Kaitlyn's friends Eve Torres, AJ Lee, Rosa Mendes, Maryse Ouellet and Candice Michelle. Kaitlyn and AJ were standing by a table with food and drinks on it, when NXT diva Sasha Banks came walking thru the backyard.

"Who invited the rookie?" AJ asked.

"I did. I like Sasha" Kaitlyn responded.

"Sasha over here" Kaitlyn yelled to Sasha.

"Hey thanks for inviting me, your house is amazing" Sasha said to Kaitlyn before pouring herself a drink.

"Don't worry about it. We're gonna have a fun night girls" Kaitlyn said.

A few hours later the party started to clear out a bit.

"You sure you gotta go so early?" Kaitlyn asked Candice Michelle.

"Yeah sorry sweetie, I really gotta go home to the Family" Candice said before giving Kaitlyn a hug and kiss goodbye. Kaitlyn went back to the pool area where Maryse and Rosa were enjoying the pool. Eve came out of the house with a red bikini on.

"Did Sasha and AJ leave?" Kaitlyn asked Eve.

"No I think their in the house" Eve replied.

Kaitlyn went into the house looking for Sasha and AJ but couldn't find them so she checked upstairs.

As Kaitlyn was walking up the steps she heard something from the guest bedroom. Kaitlyn opened the door and was shocked as she saw AJ on top of Sasha in a 69 position licking each other's pussies. This really turned Kaitlyn on as she shut the door a bit not even fazing the other 2 divas going at it.

Kaitlyn took a step back sticking her hand down her jean shorts when she was tapped on the shoulder by Rosa Mendes. Rosa quickly started kissing Kaitlyn against the wall outside the room AJ and Sasha were in.

Kaitlyn took Rosa's hand and lead her down the hall to the master bedroom.
Kaitlyn throws Rosa onto the bed, Kaitlyn then takes off her jean shorts to reveal her nice shaved pussy as Rosa takes of her black bikini top starting to rub her tits as Kaitlyn removes her shirt freeing her amazing tits for Rosa to see. Kaitlyn then crawled on the bed and began taking of Rosa's bikini bottoms off with her teeth. Meanwhile Eve and Maryse were relaxing on floats in the pool. After a few minutes the last of the guest had left.

"Where's the other bitches?" Maryse asked Eve.

"last thing I know Kaitlyn was looking for Sasha and AJ" Eve said.

"And Rosa went in the house 20 minutes ago" Maryse replied.

"Let's go find them whores" Eve said.

Maryse and Eve made their way into the house and up the steps when they heard a loud moan.

Maryse went to the door of the guest room and opened it finding AJ fingering Sasha's wet pussy.

"What's going on in here?" Maryse asked as she started taking off her pink bikini.

"Now which one of you lesbians is gonna lick my pussy?" Maryse asked.

Eve made her way down the hall to Kaitlyn's bedroom, she opened the door to discover Kaitlyn's face buried in Rosa's pussy. Eve quickly took off her red bikini and snuck up behind Kaitlyn, driving her tongue into Kaitlyn's pussy.

"Ohhhhhh shit" Kaitlyn moaned being surprised by Eves tongue but Eve kept on going lapping her tongue in and out of Kaitlyn's sweet wet pussy as Kaitlyn was licking the juices from Rosa's pretty pussy and sticking 2 fingers deep inside. Down the hall Maryse laid on her back with her legs spread as Sasha Banks licked Maryse's pussy with her rookie tongue.

"oh oui lécher ma chatte u petite salope (oh yes lick my pussy u little slut)" Maryse said speaking French.

On her knees behind Sasha was AJ who was fingering Sasha's pussy very hard while rubbing her own clit.

"Yeah lick her pussy slutty banks" AJ said with a moan as Sasha Lapped her tongue in and out while reaching up to feel Maryse's magnificent tits.

Back in Kaitlyn's room Eve laid on her back next to Rosa as Kaitlyn fingered both girls at the same time.

"Oh oh oh yes" Eve purred as Rosa leaned over and started to suck on Eve's nice round boobs. Kaitlyn stopped the fingering to get something from her closet.

At the other room AJ was now in between Maryse's legs throwing her tongue around the French pussy as Sasha left the room and walked to Kaitlyn's room, Sasha entered the room and licked her lips at the sight of Eve and Rosa rubbing each other's pussies while kissing.

"Just in Time" Kaitlyn said to Sasha as she approached banks with a 8 inch strap on dildo. Sasha quickly dropped to her knees and began to take all 8 inches into her mouth.

"I'm impressed" Kaitlyn said grabbing Sasha's hair and guiding her head along the fake cock. Rosa got up and plunged her face into Eve's pussy while feeling her great tits.

"Oh yeah Rosa that's it". Eve whispered.

"Yes suck my dick" Kaitlyn said teasing Sasha. At the other end AJ is now sitting on top of the face of Maryse, who begins to lick AJ's pussy like a professional.

"Oh yea oh yea" AJ stuttered at the sensation she felt from the French tongue of Maryse.

After a few minutes AJ gets up and helps Maryse off the ground.

"Let's go see what them sluts are doing" AJ says with a smile before Maryse plants a big passionate kiss on her lips.

AJ and Maryse slowly make their way to the other room as their kissing all the way there.

AJ opens the door and sees Kaitlyn fucking Sasha on the floor.

"This is fucking hot" AJ said.

Maryse went and hopped on the bed with Rosa and Eve. Kaitlyn was fucking Sasha doggystyle as AJ laid down in front of Sasha and spread her legs, once again Sasha was licking AJ's pussy.

"Oh yes my pet lick my pussy" AJ moaned.

Eve jumped of the bed as Rosa and Maryse got in a 69 licking each other with pure lesbian passion. Eve went over and sucked on Kaitlyn's big tits while Kaitlyn fucked Sasha's pussy harder and harder making Banks moan into the pussy of AJ.

"Oh fuck...fuck me" Sasha said muffled by AJ's pussy as AJ held her head in place. Kaitlyn started rubbing her fingers on Eve's clit.

"Oh yes it feels so good" Eve said before kissing the lips of Kaitlyn.

Still in 69, Maryse being on top started fingering Rosa's pussy very hard and fast.

"Oh yes baby fuck me hard" Rosa said before putting her tongue back in Maryse's pussy.

Kaitlyn pulled out if Sasha and bent Eve over the side of the bed, beginning to fuck her hard in her wet hungry pussy.

"Yes, yes, yes, fuck me" Eve howled as she watched rosa and Maryse fuck each other with their tongues.

AJ and Sasha laid on the floor making out.

Rosa rolled Maryse off her, jumping off the bed and laying in front of AJ. Maryse started making out with Eve as Kaitlyn continued to pound away on Eve's pussy. Rosa spread AJ's legs and started sticking her tongue in and out of AJ's pussy as Sasha got up and moved behind Rosa, driving her tongue into Rosa's drenched Pussy.

"Oh I'm about to...cum" Eve shouted loudly as she squirted all over Kaitlyn.

"My turn" says Maryse with a smile towards Kaitlyn.

Eve laid down next to AJ on the floor, making out with her as rosa stopped licking AJ and started making out with Sasha as they fingered their wet pussies. Eve was drained from that fucking and AJ knew it. AJ mounted Eve and gently started sucking on Eve's neck while playing with Eve's tits. Kaitlyn Licked Maryse's pussy before putting it in and humping the French Canadian beauty. Kaitlyn grabbed Maryse legs and put them straight up as she pumped the dildo into Maryse's pussy.

"Oh yes" Maryse shouted in ecstasy as the thick dildo made its way in and out of her dripping wet pussy. AJ put her knees on each side of Eve's head as she pushed her pussy down on the face of Eve.

"Yes lick my pussy like a good girl" AJ softly said to Eve. Rosa went over and stood in front of AJ, Rosa gently grabbed AJ's head and pushed it into her pussy as Sasha got on the bed sitting on top of Maryse's face, Sasha then buried her face in Kaitlyn's tits as Kaitlyn kept pounding Maryse's pussy hard making Maryse moan louder and louder. AJ came on Eves face and Rosa came on AJ's face, Eve and Rosa started making out for a bit before going back to the pool for quick swim.

"Oh I'm cumming" Maryse yelled. After cumming Maryse and Sasha decided to join Eve and Rosa in the pool. AJ walked up and kissed And took the strap on off
Kaitlyn's sweet sweaty body.

"Lay down and finger yourself babe" AJ ordered Kaitlyn.

"Whatever you want babe" Kaitlyn replied.

AJ began to put on the strap on as Kaitlyn laid on the bed gently fingering her wet pussy and licking her lips as she was getting real hot at the thought of AJ fucking her. AJ jumped on the bed and said "suck my dick baby".

Kaitlyn slowly began sucking the dildo taking it deep while staring up at AJ.

"Oh yes I like how u stare at me" AJ said. A few moments later AJ pulled out of Kaitlyn's mouth and entered her pussy. AJ grabbed Kaitlyn's big boobs and started fucking faster and faster, driving Kaitlyn wild.

"Oh yes right there yes fuck my pussy AJ" Kaitlyn said with a heavy breath. AJ leaned down kissing Kaitlyn on the lips for a second then teasingly breaks the kiss as she used her hips driving more power into her thrust, Kaitlyn grabbed AJ's hand and sucked on a few fingers like she's giving a blowjob. After 10 minutes of having her pussy pounded Kaitlyn was about to cum.

"Oh oh oh I'm gonna cum" Kaitlyn said as AJ grabbed her hair and pumped deeper into her pussy.

"Cum for me cum for me"AJ begged.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh" Kaitlyn moans as she cums. AJ pulls the dildo out and drops her tongue into Kaitlyn's pussy licking up all the juices and finally kissing Kaitlyn to end the most amazing fuck session they had together. The other 4 divas were outside in the pool. Kaitlyn put on booty shorts and a bra and made her way back down to the pool right behind her was a naked AJ, just when she was close enough AJ pushed Kaitlyn in the pool. "You bitch" Kaitlyn said jokingly.

"I win I win" AJ shouts skipping around the pool.

"AJ what do you mean u win?" Kaitlyn asked.

"It's real simple I started the fuck fest by finger fucking Sasha's sweet pussy and ended it fucking your sweet as pie pussy, so I was last diva standing. You may now bow to your master" AJ said with a smile before jumping In the pool.

The End

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