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we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies
involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United
States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Katy's Choice
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At an 'after party' following the taping of the 2010 Teen Choice Awards on
Sunday, August 8, 2010 in Los Angeles California, John Cena, wearing just a
blue button shirt with the sleeves rolled up and black dress slacks, is
stepping away from the cast of Big Time Rush after posing for a picture with
them and is starting to mingle with the mix of movie stars, music performers,
comedians, athletes and pop icons. After the next half hour, the WWE
Superstar playfully flirts with Sandra Bullock and has met up with former RAW
guest hosts Shaquille O'Neal and Ashton Kutcher and is now making his way to
the catering table to grab a drink where he nearly bumps into the host of the
2010 Teen Choice Awards, pop singing sensation Katy Perry. "Oh hey sorry..."
John says with a smile.

The feisty and beautifully dark haired Katy Perry, gorgeously dressed in a
one-piece white, silver, blue and dark green striped dress that hangs
teasingly against her lower thighs, smiles politely and laughs. "Whoa watch
out hun..." Katy says as she nearly spills her drink. Katy says takes a short
glance at John Cena, before she pauses and does a double take. "Hey...aren't
you that wrestler?" Katy Perry asks.

John smiles, "Yeah that's me... I'm called 'that wrestler'..." John says with
a slight laugh, "And you are of course... that singer right?" John asks.

Katy Perry laughs a bit and lightly places her left hand onto John Cena's
arm. "I'm sorry...I don't really follow wrestling...I have caught it a few
times though and have seen you before doing that wrestling stuff..." Katy
Perry says with a laugh as she presses her lips together. "It's John Seaman,
right?" Katy asks with a raised eyebrow.

John laughs a bit, "Um that's close... that's what some of my know-it-all
critics call me on the internet..." John says before he extends his right
hand, "I'm John Cena..."

Katy Perry laughs and then blushes "Oh...ohhhh! Cena....right..." Katy Perry
shakes her head "I'm sorry..." She replies as she extends her hand to shake
his hand.

John shakes Katy's hand and smiles, "It's alright I've been called worst...
you did a great job hosting..." John says.

Katy raises an eyebrow and smiles a bit "You really think so?" She asks
before she presses her lips together. "I was so is
completely different than singing in front of a crowd, that I can do with no

"I think it's all the same... got to make the crowd feel they are a part of
the show and you did a great job of doing that... just like how we do things
in the WWE," John says.

Katy Perry smiles and nods her head. "Awesome...." Katy says before she
presses her lips together and casually glances over John Cena. "So where's
your date at?"

"Oh I didn't bring one... after the party I'm heading up to Sacramento for
RAW tomorrow night," John explains.

Katy shrugs her shoulders slightly "Oh...that's a shame..." Katy says before
she licks her lips slightly. "I thought some big, buff guy like you would
have some little blonde tramp on your arm..."

"Oh no... I try to avoid Miley Cyrus..." John says jokingly.

Katy Perry laughs and nods her head "Good one! But...ummm she's a red
head..." Katy says before she places her hands onto her nicely curved hips.
"But good one!" Katy says before she bites down on her bottom lip. "You care
heading back to the VIP room with me?"

"Sure.." John nods his head, "Although last time I've gone to the VIP room at
a Teen Choice awards.." John pauses and smiles, "Nevermind..."

Katy Perry laughs and raises an eyebrow. "Do I even want to know?"

* * *

A short time later in the VIP room, John Cena is leaning back against the
locked door with his shirt unbutton as Katy Perry pulls the belt through the
loops of his slacks. She sets it on the floor and then starts to unbutton and
unzip his slacks. Katy Perry mischievously looks up at John Cena and smirks
as she places her hands onto the front of his black slacks, with her fingers
going against the waistline before she starts to tug them down from his
muscular waist.

"Damn Katy you work quick..." John smiles as Katy Perry pulls his pants down
from his muscular waist, revealing his powerful legs and his massive
hardening cock.

Katy laughs and tilts her dark haired head back. "Russell says that all the
time!" Katy says before she smoothly places her left hand around his
impressive, hardening, long and thick cock as she begins to stroke her hand
against his shaft. Katy presses her lips together and lowers her head
slightly to spit some saliva onto the head of his shaft, which proceeds to
drip down his shaft as she moves her hand smoothly.

"Mmmmm well it's a good thing..." John says with a slight moan as Katy slides
her left hand back and forth on his cock to spread her saliva over it. Katy
Perry lifts her beautiful and sweetly mischievous eyes with John Cena as she
presses her soft and pouty, moist lips against the head of his shaft, rubbing
her lips slightly against the swollen surface. John licks his lips slightly
as Katy slowly parts her lips against the swollen head of his cock to flick
the tip of her tongue against his piss-slit. Katy slyly and seductively
narrows her eyes as she teasingly works the tip of her wet tongue against his
tender piss-slit before she widens the circular motion of her tongue.

"Ahhhh..." John moans as Katy Perry keeps moving her tongue around the head
of head of his cock before she starts to bob her head slightly to take some
of John's shaft into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmm...." Katy Perry softly moans as she gradually takes his cock into
her wet and stunning mouth, wrapping her lips around his shaft to begin to
bob her head, sucking on his cock. John places his hands on his waist as he
watches the gorgeous pop singer bob her head smoothly on his cock as she
keeps her left hand wrapped around the base of his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm...ohhhhhh...ohhhhhh..." Katy moans as her pouty lips brush smoothly
back and forth against his long and thick shaft as she gradually begins to
bob her head at a quicker pace. Katy places her right hand onto his muscular
legs as she takes him easily deeper into her mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah..." John moans as he tilts his head back as Katy swiftly bobs her
head up and down on his long, thick and rock hard dick. Katy sits up higher
on her knees and smoothly turns her head from side to side on his impressive
cock, letting her wet saliva drip down his long and thick shaft.

"Ahhhh fuck... mmmm..." John groans as Katy Perry lifts her head up to the
head of his cock and slaps her tongue against his cock as she lets her saliva
rain down on his shaft. Katy Perry raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks up at
John Cena as she moves her left hand from the base up to the head of his
shaft, lathering her saliva against his cock.

"Damn... you could show a few Divas I know a thing or two..." John says with
a smile as Katy starts to remove her one-piece dress.

"They better not hear you saying that!" Katy says with a laugh as she slides
the lifts the gorgeous multi-colored and striped dress over her head to
expose her nicely rounded and perky, luscious tits and her sultry black
panties, which teasingly hides her pussy.

"You have no idea how right you are..." John says with a laugh as he checks
out Katy's stunningly hot body; as she starts to teasingly lower her black
panties. Katy bites down on her bottom lip and seductively sways her body as
she lowers her black panties to expose her stunning and perfectly shaved
pussy. Katy guides the panties down her gorgeously smooth legs and proceeds
to step out of them.

"Whew..." John licks his lips as he looks at Katy Perry's perfectly shaven
pussy before she turns to walk over the read leather couch, swaying her hips
with every step.

Katy Perry glances over her shoulder and smirks as she looks back at John
Cena. "Are you just going to stand there?"

"Just admiring the view..." John replies with a smile as he starts to follow
Katy over to the couch.

Katy Perry laughs and nods her head "That is acceptable then..." Katy says
before she bends forward and pats her right hand down onto the couch, while
she remains standing.

John Cena smiles, "I guess I should have a seat..." John says as he sits down
on the couch and leans back on it.

Katy nods her head "I think you should..." Katy replies with a smirk as she
moves over to John Cena and places her hands onto his strong shoulders,
easily lifting herself to straddle his lap and lowering herself down on his

"Ahhhh..." John moans as he feels his cock entering Katy Perry's hot, wet and
tight pussy as she lowers herself on his massive dick. John places his strong
hands on Katy's hips and helps her go down further on his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm...." Katy moans and licks her lips as she moves her hands to his
muscular chest as she starts to smoothly rock back and forth on his cock
while he keeps his hands on her nicely curved hips.

"Mmmmm..." John moans as he begins to lightly thrust his cock up into Katy
Perry's tight wet pussy.

"'re big..." Katy groans as she starts to bounce on his
cock as Cena thrusts his shaft up into her pussy.

"Mmmmm ahhh... you're real fucking tight..." John replies with a grunt as he
helps Katy bounce on his cock by lifting her up and down as he thrusts his
shaft up into her pussy. Katy Perry lightly rakes her fingernails against
John Cena's muscular chest as she continues to rock back and forth on his
cock, grinding her pussy on his shaft while she feels him steadily pumping up
into her.

"Ahhh... mmm..." John moans as he continues to pump his cock up into Katy's
pussy while lifting her up and down on his shaft.

"Ohhhhhh god damn....that feels so good..." Katy Perry moans as John Cena
swiftly lowers her down on his cock while firmly hammering up into her wet
and tight pussy.

"Awwww.... mmm.... " John licks his lips as he starts to turn on the couch so
that he can lay Katy on it while he keeps pumping cock firmly into her hot
wet pussy.

Katy closes her eyes and lightly grits her teeth as she hooks her gorgeously
smooth legs around his muscular waist as she moves on the couch underneath
Cena as he steadily and firm slams his cock into her pussy. "Ohhhhhh

"Ahhhh... awww..." John grunts as he places his hands on Katy's shoulders as
he increases the pace of his thrusts as fucks the dark haired pop singer.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmm yeah...mmmmmm!" Katy moans as she moves back and forth as
she lays on the couch with Cena on top of her swiftly and deeply pumping his
cock into her. The hunk from the WWE pushes his cock deeper into Katy's pussy
with each thrusts, resulting in his ballsack smacking against her smooth,
tanned skin.

Katy closes her eyes and arches her gorgeous body slightly as she feels his
cock deeply and firmly thrusting into her pussy, causing her body to jolt
slightly on the couch. "Ohhhhhh shit...ohhhhhh..."

"Awwww.... ahhh mmmm..." John Cena grunts as he rams his entire cock into
Katy Perry's tight wet cunt as she bucks her hips upward to match his

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh yeah!" Katy moans loudly as her pussy begins to tighten
around his shaft as he continues to drive his cock deeply into her.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh awww..." John moans as he quickens the pace of his thrusts as
Katy's pussy squeezes his massive, pistoning shaft.

Katy lifts her beautiful and seductive eyes to look up at John Cena as she
grinds back against his cock. "Ohhhhh yeah...mmmmmm you like that?"

"Ohhh yeah... and it seems you're enjoying it... ahhh too..." John replies as
pounds Katy's wet snatch with his massive tool. The former WWE Champion pulls
his cock out of Katy's pussy and the pop singer slides on the couch away from
John in order to turn over.

Katy Perry bites down on her bottom lip and slyly looks at John Cena as she
turns onto her stomach before she lifts herself up onto her hands and knees,
with her nicely juicy and toned ass facing him.

John licks his lips as he looks at Katy's ass as he places his hands on her
ass cheeks, "Hmmm this could be a very tight fit...." John says as he spreads
Katy's ass cheeks apart.

Katy glances over her shoulder and raises an eyebrow. "You think you can
handle it, Mr. Wrestler?" Katy asks with a laugh and smile.

John smirks, "I'm not so sure that you can... I could end up splitting you
down the middle..." John says before he starts to push his huge cock against
Katy's tight asshole.

"Mmmmmmmm....just try it..." Katy Perry deeply groans. John grits his teeth
as applies some extra force and with a slight bit of effort, he manages to
push the swollen head of his huge cock into Katy's tight asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck...." Katy groans and bites down on her bottom lip firmly as
she feels his large cock stretching her asshole before he starts to thrust
smoothly into her ass.

"Ahhhh.... awww..." John groans as he steadily thrusts his cock in and out of
Katy Perry's asshole while she pushes back against him. John licks his lips
as he notices Katy leans down slightly when she moves her left hand to rub
her wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhh yeah...mmmm fuck my ass..." Katy groans and licks her lips
as she smoothly rocks back on her knees against John's cock as she rubs her
wet pussy with her left hand, moving her fingers delicately.

"Ahhhh.... mmm awww..." John groans as he thrusts his cock deeper and harder
into Katy's asshole while she rubs her soaking wet pussy with the fingers of
her left hand.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm yeah..." Katy groans as she continues to rock back and
forth on her knees to push back against his cock as she smoothly moves back
against his cock. "Ohhhhhhh...."

"Awww shit... didn't think... you could take this cock up your ass..." John
moans as he slams his entire cock into Katy's asshole while she pushes her
fingers into pussy. The pop singing sensation thrusts her fingers at the same
brisk pace John is using to fuck her ass.

"Mmmmmmm.....I can handle anything bud...." Katy moans and glances over her
shoulder and licks her lips as she presses her nicely toned ass back against
his muscular waist, feeling his cock deeply inside of her.

"Ahhh... ahhh..." John grunts as his cock begins to throb inside of Katy's
asshole as he drives it swiftly in and out of her, Katy keeps her fingers
pumping into her snatch as her pussy juices begin to drip from her pussy and
down her hand.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh shit....ohhhhhhh fuck!" Katy Perry moans as she rapidly
pumps two of her fingers into her wet pussy, feeling her juices begin to
release as she continues to rock back on her knees against Cena's large cock
inside of her nicely tight asshole.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh..." John Cena groans as he pounds Katy's juicy ass with his
massive cock as she slams herself back against him to make sure his entire
throbbing shaft gets inside of her asshole. Katy removes her two fingers from
her soaking wet pussy and raises her hand up before she sits up on her knees
and leans back slightly to gently push her two fingers into John's mouth as
she grinds her ass down on his throbbing shaft.

"Mmmm... mmm..." John moans as he sucks the juices off of Katy's fingers as
she grinds her ass on his shaft. Katy licks her lips as she remains looking
back at John Cena with her beautiful eyes lock with him as he lightly sucks
on her two fingers as she rocks back on her knees, moving smoothly against
his cock, sweat dripping from her face and gorgeous body.

"Mmmm..." John bobs his head slightly as he sucks on Katy's delicate fingers
as his cock slips out of her asshole. Katy slowly removes her two fingers
from John Cena's mouth and proceeds to move the two fingers into her own
mouth, tasting his warm saliva against her fingers as she begins to lightly
suck on her two fingers.

"That was very tasty..." John Cena grins as he stands up from the couch and
he begins to stroke his massive cock as he watches Katy suck on her fingers.
Katy removes her two fingers from her mouth and turns around to face John
Cena. Katy sits down on the couch as he stands in front of her with his
large, throbbing cock. Katy leans her head down and wraps her pouty lips
around the head of John's cock as he strokes his shaft.

"Mmmm ahhhh..." John moans as he starts to unload his warm thick cum into
Katy's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm...." Katy moans, pressing her pouty lips around the head of his
shaft and starts to lightly bob her head as his warm cum fills her mouth,
which she immediately proceeds to swallow.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm fuck..." John moans as he continues to shoot his spunk to
Katy's mouth. Katy lifts her head off of John's erupting shaft to be to
swallow what's in her mouth more easily as the rest of John's cum shoots from
his cock and splatters against her face.

Katy licks her lips luscious and pouty lips clean up John Cena's warm and
thick cum as a few drips lightly drip from her cheeks. "Damn...Mr. sure know how you give a good fuck!"

"I do aim to please..." John smiles, "But I kinda wonder.... I know you had a
date tonight... what made you ask me to the VIP room?"

Katy smirks and raises an eyebrow. "Does it matter?"

"Well.. not really... guess I'm just Katy's choice..." John says with a grin.

Katy presses her lips together and nods her head "I like that...Katy's
choice...yeah that's totally cool!" Katy says before she stands up from the
couch. "Anyway...Russell has to leave to work on the next movie he's
in....I'm going to be alone tonight..."

John nods his head and smiles, "I can always head up to Sacramento in the
morning..." John says as he catches on to Katy's invitation.

"That's a good idea if you do decide..."

"And I have decided.... I think there is a back door out of here..."

Katy raises an eyebrow and smirks. "Do you always know the exits for a quick

"Nope..." John smiles, "But I was here for the 2005 Teen Choice Awards... and
I was shown how to sneak out..."


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