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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Kelly Gets RAW
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the July 7, 2008 edition of RAW, as John Cena enters his locker
room wearing blue jeans shorts and sneakers, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly
come around the corner, Mickie smiles, "Ok John might not be in the best of
moods since he lost. but I made him promise he'll give you a real RAW
welcome." the spunky Women's Champion says as she escorts Kelly to the locker
room door.

"Oh my god? Really!? That would be like so cool, Mickie..." The adorable
former ECW Diva, Kelly Kelly, says with a cute laugh. Kelly presses her soft
lips together "Geeze Mickie that's like so cool that you are dating John

"John and I aren't dating." Mickie says with a smile as she looks at Kelly,
who's wearing a black leather bra-like top and with black bottoms and
wrestling boots. "But I wouldn't mind if he and I were.." Mickie says as she
blushes a bit.

Kelly scrunches her nose up and looks a bit confused " and John are
just friends?"

Mickie nods her head, "Yup..." Mickie smiles, "But that doesn't mean me and
John haven't... you know... added some extra things to do as friends." Mickie

Kelly Kelly's adorable mouth opens in shock and her sweet eyes widen "No way!
Is he good?" Kelly asks with a blush.

"Oh yeah..." Mickie nods her head and presses her lips together, "And he's
big too. Really .REALLY big..." Mickie says.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lips "Ummm Mickie?" Kelly asks as she shyly
looks down as her and the WWE Women's Champion Mickie James walk down the

"Yeah Kelly?" Mickie asks as they approach John Cena's locker room.

"Well...I've always thought John was really, really hot...and I know he's
your guy and all...but..."

Mickie laughs a bit, "Kelly, John isn't my guy, we're just friends...
besides, I owe you for hooking me up with Punkie at Night of Champions,"
Mickie smiles.

Kelly smiles and slowly nods her head " can...with John?"

"Of course!" Mickie smiles and nods her head

Kelly Kelly licks her adorable lips "Awesome Mickie...and now I'll owe you
one!" Kelly says with a laugh as she turns to John Cena's locker room door
and lightly knocks on the door.

"Yup yup!" Mickie laughs a bit.

After a few moments, the locker room door opens and John Cena, with a towel
around his waist looks out in the hall. After seeing Kelly and Mickie, John
smiles. "Hey..."

"Hey you..." Mickie laughs, 'I hope you didn't forget..." Mickie says.

"Nope I didn't..." John says as he then looks at Kelly, "This was all
Mickie's idea..." John adds as he opens the door further to let. Kelly smiles
cutely at John Cena as she steps into his locker room while locking her
adorable eyes onto his muscular waist where his towel is wrapped.

Mickie pokes her head into the room, "Have fun Kelly!" Mickie says before she
reaches into the room to grab John's towel and she pulls it from his waist so
that all of John's body is uncovered.

"Hey!" John says with a laugh as he looks at Mickie as she cutely smiles
before she closes the door of the locker room to leave him and Kelly alone.

Kelly shyly lowers her blond haired head and blushes "So...ummm hey John..."
Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she innocently steps closer to the hot
and muscular naked body of John Cena "I'm glad I'm on RAW now..."

"That's cool..." John says as his fourteen inch cock starts to harden, "But I
bet you miss ECW a bit..." John adds as he watches Kelly come towards him.

Kelly lightly nods her head "Well...yeah..." Kelly cutely laughs "It's where
I started...." Kelly lightly presses her lips together as she places her
hands onto his muscular chest and starts to cutely move her soft hands up his
chest "You're so hunky John..."

"Thanks..." John says as he places his strong hands on Kelly's waist, "You're
a real hottie..." John says as he lightly flirts with Kelly as she feels how
muscular his chest is.

Kelly blushes and glances down at John Cena's impressive and hardening cock
"Ummm John...can I...ummm...suck you off?" Kelly asks with a cutely laugh as
her slender fingers lightly rub against his firm nipples.

John nods his head and smiles, "Kelly you can do whatever you want too..."
John replies.

"Thanks John..." Kelly says with a sweet smile as she removes her soft hands
from his muscular chest and starts to cutely sink down onto her knees in
front of the former WWE Champion. Kelly Kelly lightly tosses her soft blond
hair back and licks her lips as she places her hands gently around his rock
hard cock.

"Mmmm..." John moans a bit as Kelly moves her small hands back and forth on
his long thick cock. John reaches down and unzips the zipper of Kelly's
leather bra-like top.

Kelly scrunches her nose up and blushes as she leans her blond haired head
closer to Cena's cock and gently taps her soft, wet tongue against the head
of his cock. "Mmmm..." Kelly cutely moans.

"Ohhh ahh..." John Cena licks his lips as Kelly slides her soft wet tongue
around the head of his large cock. John slowly peels away Kelly's bra like
top from Kelly's body, uncovering her firm, nicely sized and round tits.
Kelly closes her eyes and lightly flicks her wet tongue against the head of
John Cena's cock before she opens her adorable mouth and lowers her blond
haired head to eagerly take his shaft into her wet and innocently sweet
mouth. Kelly Kelly presses her soft lips around his thick cock and starts to
smoothly bob her head to suck his cock.

"Ohhhh... mmmmm..." John moans as he keeps his eyes locked on Kelly Kelly as
she slowly bobs her head back and forth on his fourteen inch cock.

"Mmmmmm..." Kelly sweetly moans as she starts to move her blond haired head
at a smooth, brisk pace as she gradually lowers her head further down his
long cock. John licks his lips and he places one hand on Kelly's cute blond
haired head as she increases her pace as she sucks his dick.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh" Kelly moans as she sweetly slurps and sucks on Cena's
fourteen inch cock while her wet tongue gently laps around his shaft. Kelly's
blond head quickly and smoothly bobs up and down on John's cock.

"Ohhhh yeah Kelly... mmmm..." John smiles and moans as he watches Kelly bob
her head quickly and smoothly on his long hard and thick cock. Kelly lifts
her eyes and locks them with John Cena as she lightly turns her head on
Cena's cock while she rocks her head forward.

"I got to thank Mickie for this..." John says as he smiles down at Kelly as
she turns her head from side to side as she cutely looks up at him while she
sucks his dick.

"Mmmmm...ohhh that's was great..." Kelly says with a cute laugh after she
lifts her head from John Cena's cock as a string of saliva drips from his

"That was just a warm up I think...' John smiles as he helps Kelly Kelly up
from the floor before he lifts her up with ease. John carries Kelly over to
the long leather couch and sits her down so that he can slides off her black
bottoms, revealing her smoothly shaved pussy. Once her bottoms are removed,
Kelly is left wearing her black wrestling boots.

Kelly licks her soft lips and lays back on the long leather couch and spreads
her smoothly tanned legs to completely reveal her adorable pussy. "John...I
hope you're really good."

John smiles, "I never had anyone complain..." John says as he leans down and
slides his fourteen inch cock into Kelly's tight, warm pussy. The former
multi-time WWE Champion then begins to thrust his cock in and out of Kelly's

"Mmmm...ohhhh..." Kelly softly moans and tilts her head back as John Cena
starts to thrust his cock steadily into her tight and wet pussy.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm..." John moans as he thrusts his cock deeply into Kelly's
pussy as he slowly increases the pace of his thrusts as he fucks her. Kelly
smiles at John Cena as she places her hands onto his muscular arms and
lightly wraps her tanned legs around his waist while John thrusts his cock
firmly into her pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm..." John smiles down at Kelly as he pumps his cock all
the way into her tight pussy. John's ball sack smacks firmly against Kelly's
smooth tanned skin as he fucks her.

Kelly tilts her head back as she starts to grind her pussy gently against
John's thrusting shaft as she rocks back and forth against the couch.
"Ohhhh...mmmm John...ohhhh!"

"Mmmm damn..." John moans as he manages to get his arms around Kelly's hot
petite body as he pumps his cock into her. John then lifts Kelly up from the
couch and bounces her on his cock while he remains standing.

Kelly leans her head forward and lightly kisses John's lips as she swiftly
bounces on his shaft, while he drives his cock deeper into her tight pussy.
"Mmmm...." Kelly moans as she kisses John Cena.

"Mmmm..." John moans as he slides his tongue into Kelly's mouth. As he and
Kelly move their tongues against each other, John drives his cock harder into
Kelly's pussy as she bounces on his dick.

"Mmmmm!" Kelly moans into Cena's mouth as she cutely slaps her tongue against
his tongue while she sharply grinds down onto his cock.

"Mmmmm!" John moans as he slides his tongue against Kelly's tongue. John Cena
then turns around and sits on the couch and he places strong hands on Kelly's
waist in order to lift her up and down on his dick. Kelly slowly breaks the
kisses and tilts her head back as she places hands onto John Cena's muscular
chest and starts to rock back and forth on his shaft while mounted on his

"Having fun Kelly?" John asks with a smile as bounces Kelly on his cock while
she rocks back and forth on his huge cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah John..." Kelly moans and laughs as she gently slides her
hands against his muscular chest while she rocks quickly forward on his cock.
"Ohhhh yeah..."

"Mmmm that's good..." John Cena licks his lips as he easily lifts Kelly Kelly
off of his cock. John then sits Kelly next to him on the couch and turns her
to face away from him before he kneels on the couch. Once Kelly leans forward
to get on all fours, John pushes his fourteen inch cock into her pussy from

"Ohhhhh shoot John!" Kelly moans and licks her lips as she gently pushes her
petite and adorably tanned body back against John Cena's cock as he starts to
pump his shaft into her pussy from behind.

"Ahhh... mmmmm damn..." John grunts a bit as he pumps his large cock in and
out of Kelly Kelly's tight wet pussy. John places his hands on Kelly's hips
and pulls her back towards him as he fucks her.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh John!" Kelly moans as her adorable tanned ass smoothly smacks
against his muscular waist as he continues to drive his cock into her pussy.

"Awww yeah... mmmm damn.... ohhh shit..." John Cena grits his teeth as he
increases the pace and force of his thrusts as he fucks Kelly from behind.

Kelly lowers her blond haired head and grits her teeth as John Cena's cock
sharply drills into her wet and tight pussy causing her to quickly rock on
her knees "Ohhhh! Ohhhh John!"

"Ahhh... mmmm ahhhh uhhh...." John Cena deeply rams his cock into Kelly's
pussy until he starts to cum inside of her. John then pulls Kelly's back
against him so that his cock is completely inside of her as he cums.

Kelly glances over her shoulder and cutely blushes as she feels John's warm
cum rush into her pussy. "Mmmm John..."

John grits his teeth a bit as he keeps his cock in Kelly's pussy as he
finishes cumming, "Welcome to RAW Kelly..." John smiles.

Kelly rubs her soft lips together "So...what else happens here at RAW?"

John smiles, "Well.... pretty much anything and everything happens on RAW..."

"So...I'll have a lot of fun here?" Kelly asks with a cute smile.

John nods his head, "Yeah... that's pretty much a guarantee..."


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