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Kelly's Expose Part 1: Doring Dreams
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW Vixen
and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room with an
adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in a pair of tight black short
bottoms and a tight fitting long sleeved top. Kelly cutely scrunches her
nose up "Hi...I'm Kelly and I'm an exhibitionist, and tonight..." Kelly
pauses and bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes her slender shoulders
up "...Well tonight...I'm going to fuck Danny Doring..." Kelly says in a
soft, seducing voice before she gently grits her teeth and slowly steps away.

"Whoa! Yo Joey! Did Kelly just say she was going to..." Tazz begins say as
he turns to slightly face his ECW broadcast partner, Joey Styles.

Joey Styles nods his head, "Yes she did just say, here live on the Sci-Fi
channel, that tonight she's going to fuck Danny Doring..." Joey replies, his
voice full of disbelief even though he just confirmed it. "And if there's a
moment... in ECW that deserves this... this is certainly that moment..." Joey
says before doing his trademarked phrase, "Oh my god!"

Tazz chuckles slightly "Hey Joey! Can you say that on Sci-Fi?"

Joey shrugs his shoulders, "I don't think it matters Tazz, because coming up
next will be Kelly's Expose... and if we know Kelly... she's going to deliver
on her promise... of fucking Danny Doring, here live on ECW."

Tazz shakes his head a bit "Kelly is one hot tomata" Tazz pauses and chuckles
again "Only in ECW can you see Kelly..."

"That is most certainly the truth Tazz... but let's not forget... about all
the other extreme action that's going to be taking place tonight..." Joey
replies before he pauses, "But that's going to be difficult since coming up
next after the break, it will be Kelly's Expose... and our Extreme
Exhibitionist will be fucking an ECW original, Danny Doring."

"I can't wait Joe! You think they're coming out here?" Tazz starts to say
before the ECW commentator is cut off by ECW on SciFi going to a commercial

* * *

The ECW Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly
approaches the locker room of the ECW Extremists. Kelly shyly looks down
before raises her closes left fist to the locker room door and gently knocks
on the door.

The locker room door is soon answered and opened by Danny Doring. Doring,
dressed in blue jeans and a black ECW t-shirt, smiles as he sees the lovely
Extreme Vixen, "Hey Kelly..." Doring says as he opens the door completely
to let her enter the Extremists locker room.

Kelly slowly looks up at sweetly flashes her eyelashes "Hey Danny..." Kelly
replies shyly as she enters the locker room of the ECW Extremists. Kelly
blushes as she turns around to Doring and blushes as she slightly licks her
lips. "Are you busy?" She asks cutely.

Doring shakes his head as he closes the locker room door, "No I'm not busy...
why do you ask?" Doring asks with a smile as he looks at the beautiful young

Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely as she presses her shoulders up into a
shrug "Oh...I don't know...I mean you know I'm an exhibitionist, don't you?"
Kelly asks with a cute, adorable smile.

Doring nods his head and licks his lips slightly, "Yeah I know that... I also
saw your promo a little while ago..." Doring says as he casually checks Kelly
Kelly out.

"Oh you did?" Kelly asks with a smile again "What did you think about it?"
Kelly Kelly asks the young ECW Vixen takes a step towards Doring.

"Well... I'm pretty damn thrilled about it..." Doring laughs a bit, "And I
can't wait to show you... my Dastardly Danaconda..." Doring adds as he
casually motions to the crotch of his jeans which is a noticeable bulge

Kelly presses her lips together as she glances down at Doring's crotch and
blushes "Well you know Danny...I do love taking my clothes off, but there's
something I love...much, much more!"

"Really?" Doring raises his eyebrow a bit as he licks his lips slightly, "And
what do you love more... than taking off your clothes?"

Kelly blushes as she shyly pushes up her shoulders "Well...I love fucking...
and tonight...I kind of gave the fans a promise, and I have to live up to
that promise, right?" Kelly replies cutely.

Doring nods his head, "Yeah that's right..." Doring replies as he gets a
dastardly sly smile on his face, "And you've kept all your promises about
taking off your clothes every week..."

Kelly nods her head as she smiles "Yep...and I plan on fucking Danny Doring,
right now..." Kelly says in soft voice as she takes another step towards
Doring until both of their bodies are practically touching one another. Kelly
raises her arms up as she starts to pull off her long-sleeved tight black
top. Doring licks his lips as he watches Kelly remove her long-sleeved black
top before he quickly lifts his own black t-shirt off of his body. Doring
tosses his t-shirt down to the floor and quickly unbuttons and unzips the
jeans he is wearing. Kelly licks her lips "You know Danny, not only do I like
taking my clothes off...but I like it when other people do too..." The young
ECW exhibitionist says as she lets her black top drop to the floor, revealing
her black laced bra. Kelly Kelly starts to push down her short black bottoms
as she locks her young, soft eyes with Danny Doring.

Doring smirks a little, "I don't have a problem taking my clothes off for
you..." Doring replies as he he kicks off the sneakers he's wearing before
lowering his jeans down from his waist and stepping out of them. The former
ECW Tag Team Champion then lowers the yellow and white boxer shorts he's
wearing, freeing his impressive nine-inch cock.

Kelly licks her lips and blushes as she glances down at Danny Doring's
gradually hardening cock "Mmmm Danny...that looks nice.." Kelly says with a
cute laugh as she steps out of her short black bottoms, now just wearing a
black thong and a black laced bra. The young ECW Vixen lowers herself down
to her knees in front of Doring and looks up at the dastardly stud. Kelly
shyly pushes her shoulders up "I just love giving head too..." The young
Kelly Kelly replies as she gently places her hands around Doring's shaft.

Doring grins as Kelly Kelly wraps her small delicate hands around his fairly
thick nine-inch shaft. "What a coincidence.... I just love getting head..."
Doring says as he puts his hands on his hips after stepping out of his boxers
and kicking them to the side. Kelly smiles up at Doring as she starts to move
her small, delicate hands against Doring's cock as she strokes his shaft to
full hardness. As the young ECW Vixen strokes his cock she locks her soft
eyes with his eyes and she blushes cutely. Doring moves his left hand from
his waist and places it on top of Kelly's head and pushes some of her hair
behind her left ear. "You really have some skill handling my Danaconda..."
Doring says with a smirk as he casually pushes his shaft against Kelly's

Kelly laughs a little and scrunches her nose up "Danaconda...that's cute..."
Kelly says with an adorable smile as she leans her head in towards his cock
and she closes her eyes. Kelly Kelly gently places her tongue against the
head of his cock before she momentarily opens her warm mouth and takes his
cock inside of her wet, warm and smoothing mouth.

"Ahhh.... mmmm...." Doring moans and closes his eyes as the warmth and
wetness of Kelly's mouth envelopes his cock. He tilts his head back and
groans a bit louder as Kelly slowly and gently takes more of his dick past
her soft lips. Kelly gently presses her soft lips around his cock as she
bobs her head slowly against his cock as she sides her wet tongue along the
underbelly of his shaft. Kelly keeps her right hand around his shaft and
strokes the lower portion of his shaft that is not inside of her mouth.
Doring puts his right hand on Kelly's right shoulder and tilts his head back
slightly as the charming young Vixen strokes his cock as she blows him.
"Ohhh... yeah... damn you're good Kelly..." Doring says in praise on how
impressed he is with her. He looks down at Kelly and watches her carefully
as her head move back and forth along his prick.

Kelly lifts her soft eyes up and locks them with Doring's eyes as she gently
taps her tongue around his cock, lapping his cock with her warm saliva as
she bobs her head swiftly along his prick. Doring moves his left hand from
Kelly's head and places it on her left shoulder while pushing her hair back
with his right hand, "Ahhhh damn... you got... an electric ahhhh... mouth..."
Doring groans as he looks into Kelly's eyes before tilting his head back and
gritting his teeth.

Kelly slowly lifts her head off of Doring's saliva-dripping, dastardly cock
"Mmmm..." Kelly licks her lips as she smiles up at Doring " want
to get real extreme?" Kelly asks with a cute laugh as she slowly rises up
from on her knees.

Doring nods his head, "Yeah... let's get real fucking extreme... with some...
extreme fucking..." Doring laughs a little as he moves to step behind her
unsnap the clasp of her bra and quickly peels it from body. Kelly smiles
sweetly as she pushes her shoulders up, shrugging the straps of her black bra
off of her slender, delicate shoulders. The Dastardly ECW Original kneels a
bit behind the sexy Extreme Vixen and he tugs down Kelly's black thong down
from her hips all the way down to her feet. "Let's get extreme..." Doring
says as he puts his hands on her shoulders to gently push her down to knees,
followed by easing Kelly forward so she's down on all fours.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she glances over her shoulder at Doring
as he gently eases his cock into her young and tight pussy "Ohhhh shoot..."
Kelly moans, tilting her head back, as she feels Doring's hard, thick cock
enter her tight pussy. Danny Doring lays his hands on Kelly's waist and
starts pulling the young Exhibitionist back towards him as he starts
thrusting his nine-inch long shaft in and out of her warm, tight pussy.
Doring grits his teeth together as he slowly builds momentum, steadily
increasing the force and speed of how he's pumping his cock into Kelly's

Kelly closes her eyes as she tilts her head back and begins to gently push
her small framed, tanning and stunning body back against Doring's cock as he
starts to quickly thrust his cock into her tight pussy. "Mmmm...ohhhh...
ohhhh...ahhh...yesss.." Kelly Kelly moans as she places her hands firmly
down on the floor so she doesn't lose her balance while the dastardly ECW
Extremist, Danny Doring, slams his cock deeper into her young nineteen year
old pussy.

"Uhhh... shit... you're so... tight..." Doring grunts as he drives his cock
faster in and out of her young hot pussy. "Ahhh yeah... nothing... like...
slamming my Danaconda in and out of a hot chick..." Doring says as he pulls
Kelly harder against him so that her ass smacks against his waist.

Kelly gently grits her teeth together as her small, rounded ass slams back
against Doring's waist "Ohhhhh shit..." Kelly Kelly groans. Doring grinds his
teeth together as he drills Kelly's tight hot pussy, until he pulls his cock
out of her. Without saying anything to help prepare Kelly for what he has in
mind next, Doring turns Kelly over onto her back and plunges his cock back
into her pussy. Before he resumes drilling her, The Dastardly One wraps
Kelly's legs around his waist and then starts fucking her again.

Kelly arches her back slightly and grits her teeth "Ohhh Danny...ohhhh fuck
me!" Kelly moans as the young ECW Vixen begins to sweat while grinding her
pussy against Danny Doring's thrusting 'Danaconda' cock. Kelly arches her
back slightly and grits her teeth "Ohhh Danny...ohhhh fuck me!" Kelly moans
as the young ECW Vixen begins to sweat while grinding her pussy against Danny
Doring's thrusting 'Danaconda' cock.

Doring smirks as sweat starts to roll down his body, "Ahhhh Wham... Bam...
thank you Ma'am..." Doring says as he rams his cock in and out of Kelly's
tight pussy. Doring places both his hands on Kelly's shoulders, slightly
pinning her down to the ground and changes how he's fucking her by delivering
long sharp thrusts that makes her arch her back following each one.

Kelly grits her teeth tighter as she slightly sits up a bit as sweat rolls
down her beautiful, young face "Ohhhhh Danny!" Kelly moans

Doring grins as he gives Kelly sharp thrust after sharp thrust into Kelly's
pussy, driving his cock as deep as possible. "Ahhh... yeah... you like my big
Danaconda... Kelly..." Doring asks as he grunts.

Kelly licks her lips and nods her head "Ohhh yess I do!" Kelly moans sweetly
as her soft skinned, tanned body is dripping of sweat. Kelly Kelly closes her
eyes and tosses her blonde hair back as she manages to roll herself on top of
Doring. She places her hands down on his muscular chest and begins to rock
back and forth on his cock while the young ECW Vixen bounces swiftly on his
hard, thick cock.

Doring once again lays his hands on Kelly's slender waist and assist the
Extreme Exhibitionist in riding his nine-inch pole. "Uhhh... ohhh fuck...
every girl... loves to ride... the Danaconda..." Doring laughs a bit as he
makes use of his favorite quote as he thrusts his cock up into Kelly's warm
wet pussy.

Kelly tilts her head back and moans as she slams down hard on his cock while
grinding her pussy against his cock while rocks back and forth on his cock.
"Ohhhhh Danny.." Kelly moans as she moves her soft, delicate hands against
Doring's muscular and slightly sweaty chest.

Doring moves his hands up from Kelly's hips and places his sweaty palms on
Kelly's young nineteen-year-old chest. The Dastardly One bends his knees a
bit so he's able to shoot his cock up into Kelly's pussy with more force.
"Ahhh... shit... you're extreme...." Doring groans.

"Ohhhh shit...Danny...ohhh...yesss!" Kelly moans and breaths heavily as
she slams down harder on his cock which causes the young ECW Vixen to rock
quickly on his shaft.

Doring sits up slightly and reaches around Kelly to cup her young round
ass, while she continues to ride his cock with all the force she can pull
together. "Ahhh... yeah... you keep... this up... I'm gonna give ya... a
necklace..." Doring groans.

Kelly grits her teeth as her body suddenly tenses up as the young Kelly Kelly
begins to cum on Danny Doring's cock "Ohhh mother...fu..." Kelly moans as she
slightly lowers herself down against Doring's chest.

Doring smirks as Kelly rests against his chest following her climax, "Whew...
damn... I think... I'm gonna give ya... a necklace... a pearl... necklace..."
Doring says with a sly grin as he starts to ease the young Extreme Vixen off
of his cock so he can put her on the floor. The Dastardly One slowly gets up
to his feet and begins to stroke his nine-inch shaft with his sweaty right
hand, "Sit up... and tilt... your head... back..."

Kelly smiles cutely "Ok..." She replies as she sits up on the floor, placing
her hands behind her as she tilts her head back.

Doring bends his knees slightly as he aims his cock so that it's pointing
right at Kelly's neck. He continues to stroke his shaft and within a few
moments, Doring's Danaconda begins to spurt cum. Doring skillfully aims
his cock so that each stream of his warm spunk lands around the lowest part
of Kelly's neck in the pattern of a white, sticky necklace. Doring grunts
as he milks the last bit of his cum out of his cock, "Ahhh... fuck..."
Doring groans as he releases his now empty shaft and looks down at Kelly's
new 'pearl necklace'.

Kelly licks her lips as sweat drips down her face. "Mmmm...Danny...that was
amazing..." Kelly says with a slight blush.

Doring nods his head, "Yeah... damn... your Exposes always seem... to get
more extreme...."

Kelly laughs and pushes her shoulders up before replying cutely "Oh...and
they will only get more extreme..."


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