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Kelly's Expose Part 2: Not A Reject In Her Eyes
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW Vixen
and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room with an
adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in a pair of tight blue short
bottoms and her small, delicate hands cupped over her bare chest, covering
herself up. Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up "Hi...I'm Kelly and I'm an
exhibitionist, and I just love taking off all my clothes" Kelly pauses and
bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes her slender shoulders up "But
tonight, I'm not just going to take off all my clothes…and tonight I'm
going fuck Shannon Moore..." Kelly says in a soft, seducing voice before
she gently grits her teeth and slowly steps away.

"Yo Joey! Did Kelly just say tonight she was going to...with Shannon Moore!?"
Tazz says to his ECW commentary partner, Joey Styles, as he is completely

Joey Styles, the voice of ECW, nods his head, 'Yes she most certainly did say
that tonight she's going to fuck 'The Reject' Shannon Moore... and if last
week with Danny Doring was any indication, Kelly Kelly will come through with
her promise," Joey replies as he manages to stay professional.

Tazz chuckles a bit "Joey…I don't think you can say that here on SciFi, but I
guess this the new breed unleashed and Kelly is definitely one hot tomata..."

"Undeniably Kelly Kelly is a new type of vixen here in ECW..." Joey Styles
replies as he pauses to listen to something on his headset, "And I'm being
told that Kelly's Expose is going to be next..."

Tazz chuckles again "Oh boy, oh boy. Joe I can't wait! You know, I'm almost
tempted to scream puppies..." Tazz says to his commentary partner, Joey

Joey shakes his head and laughs slightly, "Tazz, this isn't Monday Night Raw
and you're not The King... but that's for another time, because coming up
next our Extreme Exhibitionist, Kelly Kelly will be fucking Shannon Moore."

"Yo Joey! You think Kelly will ever do one of her Exposes for us?" Tazz says
before the ECW commentator is cut off by ECW on SciFi going to a commercial

* * *

The young ECW Vixen, Kelly Kelly the Extreme Exhibitionist, slowly walks
down the hallway heading in the direction of the locker room of the ECW
Extremists. Kelly is still dressed in her short blue bottoms, but now has
a blue bra, covering up her nicely sized, young tits. Kelly doesn't have
to go far before she spots "The Reject" Shannon Moore standing in the
hallway, a short distance in front of her. Kelly Kelly bites down on her
bottom lip cutely and blushes as she starts to shyly approach the ECW

Shannon Moore, dressed in a leather jacket, and tight fitting red and black
pants, hears Kelly's footsteps as she comes towards him. Shannon turns his
head, and Kelly can clearly see his painted and heavily pierced face, "What
do you want..." Shannon says in a low voice.

Kelly blushes a bit and she looks down slightly as she stands in front of
the new-coming ECW Extremist "You' around here, right?" Kelly asks
with a soft smile as she slowly lifts her head up, locking her soft eyes
with Shannon Moore.

"Yeah I am... what's it too you...." Shannon says as he puts his hands on his
hips looks at the sexy blond hair Vixen.

Kelly pushes her shoulders up as she smiles softly "Well...I'm Kelly...and in
case you didn't know...I happen to be an exhibitionist.." The young Kelly
Kelly says sweetly with a soft smile.

Shannon smirks a little, "Yeah I heard about you... you like to strip in
front of live audiences on national TV.... pretty fucking awesome..."
Shannon says as he licks his lips with his pierced tongue while he checks
Kelly out.

Kelly blushes as she gently folds her arms over her chest "And...well
Shannon.." Kelly laughs cutely "I like to do more then just taking off my see Shannon, I want my exhibitions to go...extreme..." Kelly
says in a soft, seductive voice as she casually licks her lips and lowers
her eyes to the crotch of Shannon's tight fitting red and black pants.

Shannon smirks as he sees Kelly looking at his crotch, "So what... you wanna
fuck... right here right now?" Shannon says with his punk attitude as he runs
his right hand over his blond Mohawk.

Kelly laughs a bit as she taken away by the bluntness of "The Reject" Shannon
Moore. Kelly smiles and scrunches her nose up "Would you like that?" Kelly
Kelly asks in a slightly teasing manner.

Shannon licks his lips once more and he takes off his leather jacket
and drops it down on the floor. "The Reject's" upper body is heavily
tattooed, but extremely well toned and eye catching. "Yeah... you're
an exhibitionist... and this is EC Fucking W...." Shannon says as he
locks his piercing eyes with Kelly's soft eyes.

Kelly licks her lips and gently grits her teeth "Well Shannon, I am an
exhibitionist who loves to fuck..." Kelly says before she takes a step
towards "The Reject" and slowly turns around so her tanned back is
facing Shannon. Kelly Kelly cutely looks over her shoulder and smiles
"Could me out?" Kelly asks as she points to the clasp of her
blue bra.

"Sure.... no fucking problem..." Shannon replies as he grabs the back of
Kelly's blue bra and rips apart the clasp as he release it. Shannon steps
around in front of the nineteen year old Vixen and yanks the blue bra off
of Kelly's body. Kelly blushes and lowers her head as her soft, rounded
and perky tits are uncovered. Kelly looks up at Shannon shyly before
stepping towards him and pressing her soft lips against his silver-lipstick
colored lips. Shannon kisses the young exhibitionist back and slips his
pierced tongue into her warm wet mouth. "The Reject" moves his tongue
around in her mouth and slides the tip of his tongue against the roof of
her mouth. He lowers his hands down and starts to roughly pull down Kelly
Kelly's short blue bottoms. Kelly casually steps out of her short blue
bottoms to reveal her smoothly shaven, hot pussy. Once Kelly steps out of
her short blue bottoms, she backs up breaking the kiss before she smiles
at the ECW "Reject"

Shannon Moore looks up and down at Kelly, scanning every inch of the front
of her hot young body with his piercing eyes. "Shit... you're a hot fucking
bitch..." "The Reject" says as rips open the button fly of his tight fitting
red and black pants, which he pushes down all the way to his ankles. Shannon
steps out of his pants, now completely naked except for his heavy boots.
"What do you think of this?" Shannon says as he grips his thick eleven-inch

Kelly Kelly, the young exhibitionist, licks her lips as her soft, young eyes
lock at the sight of Shannon's hardening, thick eleven inch cock "Mmmm...Well
Shannon, it sure is something I wouldn't mind having a taste of..." Kelly
says as she blushes.

ECW's "Reject" grins as he sees Kelly starring at his thick meaty dick with
hungry eyes, "The buffet's fucking open... all you can eat..." Shannon says
as he steps towards Kelly and puts his left hand on the young woman's
shoulder and pushes her down to her knees. Kelly sinks down her knees as she
becomes at eye level with Shannon's hard, thick cock. The young ECW Vixen
wraps her small, soft hand around Shannon's shaft as she guides his cock
into her warm, wet and soothing mouth. Kelly wraps her soft, pouty lips
around his shaft as she begins to bob her head along his meaty cock. Shannon
grabs a handful of Kelly's blond hair with his right hand and pulls on it,
"Yeah... suck that... fucking cock.... take it all..." Shannon Moore groans
as he begins thrusting his hips to drive his thick shaft in and out of
Kelly's warm mouth. Kelly moans against Shannon's shaft as she starts to lap
her wet tongue around his shaft as she starts to bob her head quicker on his
cock as she sucks him swiftly.

"Ahhh yeah... you're a fucking cock hungry slut..." Shannon grits his teeth
as he pushes all of his fat eleven-inch cock into Kelly Kelly's hot mouth.
The Extreme Reject puts both of his hands on the back of Kelly's head and
holds her head down all the way on his cock so that her nose presses right
against his crotch. Kelly's warm saliva drips down and against Shannon's
cock as she holds his entire cock deeply into her soothing mouth. The young
exhibitionist begins to bob her head quickly on Shannon's cock as she deep
throats him as well. Shannon once again grits hit teeth together as Kelly
Kelly easily devours on his eleven-inch cock. "Ahhh fuck... you're an expert
cock sucker..." Shannon moans as he pulls his shaft out of the Vixen's warm
mouth. He grips his cock with his right hand and smacks it against both of
Kelly's cheeks, smearing some of the saliva that's dripping from his cock
over her cute young face.

Kelly smiles as she looks up at "The Reject" Shannon Moore. The young ECW
Vixen blushes as she slowly stands up and proceeds to walk over to a
equipment table nearby. Kelly places her hands on the table and slightly
bends over the table. She looks over her shoulder and smiles "Are you
coming?" Kelly asks cutely.

"Yeah I'm coming, when I feel like it… and now I feel like it…" Shannon
replies as he walks over behind Kelly. He bends his knees slightly and puts
his right hand on Kelly's right shoulder while stroking his saliva-coated
dick. Shannon releases his shaft slightly and impales it into Kelly Kelly's
hot tight young pussy.

Kelly grits her teeth as she feels Shannon's hard, saliva-coated cock enter
her young, tight pussy "Mmmm ohhhh..." Kelly groans before Shannon begins to
swiftly thrust his cock in and out of her hot, tight pussy. Shannon bites
down on his pierced tongue as he lays his left hand on Kelly's waist. Keeping
his right hand on her shoulder, the Extreme Reject pumps his cock in and out
of Kelly's tight pussy with sharp swift movements. Kelly tilts her head back
as she feels everyone of Shannon's hard, swift thrusts to her tight pussy.
The young ECW Exhibitionist begins gently push herself back against Shannon's
cock, making her rounded and small ass slam back against Shannon's toned

Shannon licks his lips as he fucks the hot young Exhibitionist, "Ahhh ahh
yeah... you fucking tight little hot bitch..." Shannon grunts as he moves his
right hand from Kelly's shoulder while he pulls his thick cock out of Kelly's
tight cunt. The Reject spins her around and lifts her up to sit the young
vixen on top of the equipment table. "Spread those legs..." Shannon says as
he lightly strokes his cock with his right hand. Kelly bites down on her
bottom lip shyly as she casually spreads her smooth, tanned legs apart to
reveal her smoothly shaven, hot and wet pussy.

Shannon grins as he stares right at Kelly's young pussy, "Shit... if I was
some other guy, I'd eat that little snatch of yours..." "The Reject" says as
he steps between Kelly's legs and shoves his cock back into pussy. After
putting his hands on the ECW Vixen's waist, Shannon begins pulling Kelly
toward him as he slams his shaft in and out of her.

Kelly grits her teeth as she closes her eyes while she tilts her head back
"Ohhhh shit..." Kelly moans as she starts to push herself against Shannon's
cock while placing her soft, delicate hands on Shannon's strong arms. Shannon
grinds his teeth together as pumps his cock in and out Kelly's pussy by
moving his hips back and forth. The 'Reject' pulls Kelly so hard toward him
that the young exhibitionist leans back noticeably and is keeping herself up
by holding onto Shannon's arms. Kelly grits her teeth as she sweat begins to
drip off of her tanned body "Ohhh...ohhh Shannon!" Kelly moans as she starts
to grind her pussy sharply against his cock as he thrusts into her tight, hot
and wet pussy.

Shannon licks his lips, "You fucking like getting fucked... by this punk?!"
Shannon says as his fat eleven-inch cock flies in and out between the soft
sweet lips of Kelly's young cunt. The new Extremist 's balls slap against
Kelly's skin as he fucks her and he lowers his head down to flick the
piercing of his tongue agonist Kelly's nipples.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip "Ohhhh...mmmm...yesss!" Kelly Kelly moans
as she places her hands against Shannon's muscular chest, that's slightly
dripping of sweat. Kelly arches her back a bit as Shannon drives his cock
deeply into her young, wet pussy.

Shannon drags the metal piercing in his tongue against Kelly's soft skin
while at the same time licking up some of her sweat. 'The Reject' lifts his
head up and gives Kelly several more hard thrusts before pulling his cock
out. "I'm gonna take you to a new extreme..." Shannon says as he makes Kelly
lay complexly on the table. He puts her legs over his shoulders and lifts
her up enough so he can push his cock into her tight asshole. Just as he was
before, Shannon grabs Kelly's waist and pulls her towards him, but now his
fat prick is drilling her young tight ass.

Kelly closes her eyes as she grits her teeth tightly, feeling Shannon's
entire thick, hard cock ram into her tight asshole "Ohhhhh shit!" Kelly moans
before Shannon starts to powerfully thrust his cock in and out her asshole.

Shannon leans his body forward so that Kelly's feet are almost parallel with
the table even as her legs are hanging over his shoulders. "Ahhh yeah....
fuck you like that hot punk dick in your tight little ass...." Shannon grunts
as he drills her ass.

Kelly Kelly nods her head as she slowly opens her eyes as sweat drips off of
her tanned body "Ohhhhh're not a reject!"

Shannon smirks after hearing Kelly' lust filled comment, "Yes...I'm fucking
punk..." Shannon grunts as he steps back away from the table, pulling Kelly
with him so that she is hanging half way off of the equipment table. 'The
Reject' continues to drill ass as he grinds his teeth, "And this punk... is
going... to fucking fill your hot tight ass... up...."

Kelly lifts her head up and licks her lips "Mmmm Shannon...filll me up!"
Kelly moans.

"Ahhh yeah.... feel my fucking cum bitch...." 'The Reject' Shannon Moore
shoves Kelly completely back onto the table before he starts to cum inside
of Kelly's tight little ass. With each shot of his warm spunk that shoots
from his cock, Shannon pulls Kelly towards him so his cock is deep inside
of her ass.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Shannon's warm cum flow into
her tight asshole "Mmmm Shannon."

Shannon slightly sneers as the last bit of cum escapes from his fat cock into
Kelly's ass. "Ahhh fuck yeah...." Shannon groans as he pulls his spent dick
from the ECW Vixen's ass and taps the cum covered tip of his cock against
Kelly's hot pussy.

Kelly sits up on the equipment table and smiles "Now...that was one great
Exhibition." Kelly says as she scrunches her nose up cutely.


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