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Kelly's Expose Part 4: Full Banging Italians
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW
Vixen and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room
with an adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in a short, black silk
bathrobe. Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up "Hi...I'm Kelly and I'm an
exhibitionist..." Kelly pauses and bites down on her bottom lip as she
pushes her slender shoulders up "As all of you know by now, I just love to
take off my clothes and I just love to fuck, and I always keep my promises"
Kelly Kelly says before blushing slightly "And...tonight's no different,
because tonight not only am I going to take off all my clothes, but
tonight...Well, I'm going to fuck the entire F.B.I." The young ECW Vixen
says in a soft, seducing voice before she presses her lips together and
casually shrugs the black silk bathrobe off of her shoulders to expose her
slender, tanned shoulders before she gently grits her teeth together and
slowly steps away.

"Whoa! Joey! No way, is that hot tomata Kelly serious? The F.B.I.!? Doesn't
that mean both of them, Joe!?" Tazz says with a slight chuckle to hos ECW
Broadcast partner, Joey Styles.

"Yes that does indeed mean she's going to fuck both Little Guido Maritato
and Tony Mamaluke..." Joey Styles, the voice of ECW, replies as he clarifies
the meaning of Kelly Kelly's statement. "And just to remind the people
watching at home, Little Guido wears a size 12 boot... and if the old saying
is true about guys with big feet, then Kelly Kelly is going to have a wild

Tazz chuckles "I know what you mean Joe! Hey, what size you wear? I'd say
about a...size 2" Tazz says as he chuckles at his own comment.

Joey looks at Tazz, "That's really none of your business Tazz, but I can tell
you that Janice is always happy to see me when I come home..."

"Probably so you can take the trash out..." Tazz says joking and poking fun
at his broadcast partner, Joey Styles "But anyway Joe! Kelly's Expose is next
ain't it?"

Joey nods his head, "Yes it is partner... I'm getting word that Kelly has
found both members of the Full Blooded Italians near the catering area, and
when we comes back from commercial, we'll see Kelly's latest expose."

"Oh boy! Joe! I can't wait, I'm tellin' ya Joe we need to talk to Kelly
about getting her out here sometime..." Tazz shakes his head "She is one hot

"That she is... and she is coming up next!" Joey Styles says as ECW on Sci-Fi
heads to commercial.

* * *

The young ECW Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she
slowly approaches the catering area where the members of the Full Blooded
Italians, Little Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke, are located. Kelly shyly
looks down before she enters the catering area still dressed in her short
black silk bathrobe. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she moves a few
strands of her blonde hair behind her left ear as she approaches Little
Guido and Tony Mamaluke.

Tony looks at Little Guido and smirks a little, "Hey boss.... when do you
think that hot chick Kelly is going to come for some real Italian Sausage?"
Tony asks as he folds his arms.

"You got me...but you know she'll probably come for us... sooner or later..."
Guido replies as he turns around to leave the catering area, but he sees
Kelly coming towards him. "Hey what do you know, she's here now..." Guido
licks his lips as Tony Mamaluke turns around to see Kelly for himself. Both
men are dressed in jeans and classic FBI green t-shirts.

Kelly blushes a bit as she pushes her slender shoulders up "Hey guys...umm...
sorry I'm late..." Kelly says cutely and innocently as she scrunches her nose

Tony licks his lips and smiles, "Hey you're not late... you're right on
time... we were just talking about you..." Tony says as he looks at the
adorable young Vixen.

"Yeah cutie... although we were wondering when you were going to get some
Italian in your diet..." Little Guido replies as he puts his hands on his
waist and then starts to raise his t-shirt a bit.

Kelly licks her lips "Mmmm...I've been waiting for it all day, I sure hope
it's good, I've never had 'Italian Sausage' before..." Kelly says with a cute
laugh as she the young ECW Vixen begins to untie the black silk belt from
around the waist of her black short silk bathrobe.

Little Guido smirks as he takes off his t-shirt and drops it on the floor,
"Oh you're going to get some great 'Italian Sausage'..." Guido replies as he
starts to unbutton and unzip his jeans.

"Yeah..." Tony licks his lips hungrily as he pulls off his own t-shirt,
"You're gonna love it...." Tony says as he unsnaps the buttons of his jeans.

Kelly smiles cutely "I sure hope so..." Kelly says as she slowly pulls open
her black short silk bathrobe to reveal her smoking, hot and tanned stunning
body. Kelly Kelly shrugs the bathrobe off of her slender shoulders and now
the nineteen-year-old Exhibitionist stands completely nude in front of the
two studdly Italians.

Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido both quickly remove their jeans, and both men
are not wearing any boxers or underwear of any kind underneath them. After
they step out of their jeans, Tony and Guido stand right in front of Kelly
with their large fat eleven inch cocks hanging between their legs. "You will
like it... take a look...." Guido says as he grips his shaft and strokes it
a few times.

Kelly licks her soft, innocent lips and takes a step towards Little Guido and
Mamaluke "Mmmm...they sure do look tasty..." Kelly says with a cute, adorable
smile as she tosses her soft, blonde hair back.

Tony smirks, "Hey, all the chicks back in Little Italy in New York say it's
the best thing they ever tasted..." Tony says as he puts his hands on his
hips. Tony's cock slowly rises up as it becomes hard and it's soon pointing
right at Kelly.

Kelly laughs cutely as she looks down, locking her soft eyes on both
hardening Italian cocks "So...I'm guessing it's ok that I taste them, right?"
Kelly the adorable ECW Vixen says.

Little Guido licks his lips and nods his head, "You can do more than taste
them... you have the full meal... cause everybody loves Italian..." Guido
says as he lets co of his rock hard shaft.

Kelly licks her lips and nods her head "Oh...I know I do..." Kelly says
cutely with a blush as she casually kneels down on the floor in front of
Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke. The young ECW Vixen reaches forward and
gently grips Mamaluke's cock with her left hand and Guido's cock with her
right hand before ECW's own hot Exhibitionist begins to move her soft,
delicate hands smoothly against their shafts as she strokes their cocks
to full hardness.

Tony places one of his hands on Kelly's head and pushes her blond hair back.
"Mmmm why don't you get right to trying the sausages Kelly... you look
hungry...." Tony says with a grin as he lightly thrusts his pelvis forward,
pushing it against her left hand. Kelly licks lips before she smiles up at
Tony before she leans her head in and gently flicks her soft tongue against
the head of his cock, gently wetting the head of his cock with her warm
saliva, before she turns to her head and flicks her tongue against the head
of Little Guido's cock as well.

Guido moans slightly as Kelly flicks her tongue against the head of his stiff
cock. "Uhhhh.... mmmm you like that taste of pure Italian meat?" Little Guido
asks as puts his hands on his waist and looks down at the sexy Exhibitionist
as she goes back and forth, tasting his and Tony Mamaluke's cocks.

Kelly licks her lips "Mmmm...I love it.." Kelly says as she leans her head
down and opens her warm mouth, taking Little Guido's cock into her warm, wet
mouth. Kelly Kelly presses her soft lips against Little Guido's cock as she
starts to smoothly bob her head on his Italian hard prick. As Kelly sucks on
Little Guido's cock she keeps her left hand gently around Tony Mamaluke's
shaft and continues to stroke his cock. She moves her hand up Tony's shaft
and rubs the palm of her hand against the head of his cock.

"Ooooo yeah... ohhh yeah... that's it..." Guido moans as he lays both of his
strong hands on Kelly's head after Tony takes his hand off her. The Italian
Shooter grits his teeth as Kelly Kelly lowers her head further down on his
cock, taking a bit more of his dick past her young lips with every time she
goes down on him. Tony leans down a bit as Kelly strokes his cock, and the
younger of the two Italian's rubs Kelly's young perky tits while she blows
Guido. Kelly begins to bob her head quicker against Little Guido's shaft as
she begins to gently lap her tongue around his shaft as the young
Exhibitionist begins to grind her mouth against his cock. Soon Kelly Kelly
lifts her beautiful blonde haired head up from Little Guido's cock, allowing
her warm saliva to drip down his shaft. Kelly licks her lips and flips her
blonde hair back as she turns on her knees to face Tony a bit more. Kelly
grits her teeth together as she lustfully stares at his hard, throbbing cock.

Tony licks his lips as he looks down at Kelly as she stares at his stiff
cock, "C'mon Kelly... you better get it before it goes cold..." Tony says as
he flips his oily black hair back with his right hand.

Little Guido steps from where he is currently and moves to where he's
directly behind the hot young Extreme Vixen. Guido bends down and pulls
Kelly up to her feet, but leans her forward. "Kelly, you're going to get...
stuffed... with so much Italian meat you're gonna want more..." Guido says
as he slides his fat meaty cock into her pussy.

"Mmmm ohhhhh..." Kelly Kelly groans as Little Guido's cock slips into her
moist, warm and tight pussy. Kelly lowers her head down and opens her warm,
saliva-dripping mouth and takes Tony Mamaluke's hard Italian cock into her
soothing mouth. Kelly wraps her soft, pouty lips around his cock and starts
to bob her head on Tony' s cock, while Little Guido begins to thrust his
cock into her tight, young pussy.

Tony puts both of his hands on Kelly Kelly's slender shoulders and tilts his
head back as she bobs her head slowly along the length of his stiff heavy
cock. "Ahhh yeah Kelly... suck that cock..." Tony moans as he spreads his
legs apart to get a steady base. Meanwhile, Little Guido has places his hands
on Kelly hips and is pulling her back against him as he pumps his big Italian
cock in and out of her warm pussy. With every one of his thrusts, Guido
pushes the hot young exhibitionist forward. Kelly moans softly against Tony's
cock as she starts to bob her blonde haired head quicker on his cock as the
hot Exhibitionist gradually takes more of his cock into her innocently warm
and soothing mouth. Kelly closes her eyes as she circles her tongue around
his cock, slapping her saliva around his cock as she swiftly bobs her head,
sucking his cock. Kelly soon begins to push her small framed, tanned body
back against Little Guido's cock as the Italian Shooter powerfully plows his
cock deeply into her tight cunt.

"Ahhhh shit, I think she loves Italian..." Little Guido groans as gives
Kelly's hot young pussy sharp thrust after sharp thrust.

Tony licks his lips and leans his head forward slightly as his moans,
"Fuck... we should... stuff her... with more sausage... than she can
handle..." Tony says as he pulls his saliva- coated cock out of Kelly's
warm moist mouth. As Guido continues to fuck Kelly, Tony lays down on
the floor of the catering area. "All right boss... let her get down...
on my Italian Monster..." Tony says. Guido gives Kelly's young tight
pussy one more thrust before he pulls his throbbing rock hard cock out
of her cunt.

Kelly licks her lips and looks over her shoulder at Little Guido with an
adorable smile "Mmm...I really do love Italian..." Kelly says before she
looks back at Tony Mamaluke who's now laying down on the floor. Kelly bites
down on her bottom lip and blushes before she starts to approach the studdly
Italian. Kelly flips her soft blonde hair back as she kneels down on the
floor with him and gently mounts her petite body on top of his cock, taking
him deeply into her tight, moist pussy. Kelly grits her teeth as she begins
to rock back and forth on Tony's cock as she places her soft, delicate hands
gently down on his slightly muscular chest "Ohhhhh...mmmm...Tony..." Kelly
Kelly groans as she rides his cock.

Tony licks his lips and grits his teeth as Kelly smoothly rocks back and
forth on his cock with blissful grace. "Ahhh....mmmm...." Tony moans as he
holds onto Kelly's slim waist.

Little Guido kneels down behind Kelly and puts his right hand Kelly's back
to have the young beautiful vixen lean forward. "You're going... to really
love Italian in a minute..." Guido says as he grips his cock with his left
hand and pushes it slowly into Kelly Kelly's already stuffed pussy. Tony
bites his tongue as he feels Little Guido's fat cock grind against his as
the leader of the FBI slides into Kelly's tight cunt.

Kelly grits her teeth tighter and tilts her head back "Ohhhhh shit!" The
innocent Exhibitionist moans as her tight, warm pussy is filled with two
hard Italian cocks. Kelly closes her eyes as she bounces quickly on Tony's
cock, as she rocks her body back against Little Guido's cock.

Tony and Guido smoothly thrust their cocks in and out of Kelly's pussy,
showing examples of the teamwork the used to win the ECW Tag Team Titles.
Guido wraps his arms around Kelly's petite body and puts his hands on her
perky tits as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy, "Ahhhh... fuck
yeah.... how do you... love Italian now..." Guido grunts as his cock
presses against Tony's rock hard cock.

"Mmmmm I fucking love it!" Kelly Kelly groans as her petite body rocks
smoothly back and forth between their two hard rocks as she begins to drip
of sweat.

Tony Mamaluke keeps his hands on Kelly's waist as he slams his cock up into
her tight pussy, while at the same time grinds it against Guido's cock.
"Ohhh fuck.... you're so damn hot..." Tony moans as he and Guido double team
Kelly's hot tight young pussy with their big fat dicks. Kelly grits her teeth
and closes her eyes when she sharply slams down on Tony's cock as Little
Guido swiftly pistons his Italian cock in her crammed pussy.

Little Guido grinds his teeth together as he pulls his cock out of Kelly
pussy. "Ahhh shit yeah..." Guido says as he taps his cock against Kelly's
cute round ass. "Gonna tap this ass in a moment... get on me Kelly..."
Guido says as he lays on the floor near his tag team partner.

Kelly pushes her shoulders up and smiles down cutely at Tony "Would...that
be ok?" Kelly asks innocently as she blushes.

Tony nods his head, "Yeah... that'll be fine... just... don't look at him...
cause I want to give you some more of my Italian sausage..." Tony replies as
he slowly lifts Kelly off of his throbbing prick.

Kelly smiles and nods her head "Ok..." Kelly says as she eases herself off
of Tony Mamaluke's cock and winks at the Italian stud before she positions
herself above Little Guido and gradually eases herself down on his cock,
taking him into her tight asshole with her back facing him. Kelly grits her
teeth as she gets herself fully situated and leans back slightly placing her
soft, small hands down against Little Guido's somewhat muscular chest.

Guido puts his hands underneath Kelly's smooth round ass cheeks and pushes
her up and down on his cock. "Whew.... damn... you got a tight... little
ass...." Guido moans as Kelly grinds her ass on his cock.

Tony moves and kneels in front of Kelly. He spreads her legs apart so he can
push his thick cock back into her pussy. "Uhhhh yeah...." Tony moans as he
thrusts his cock back and forth, driving his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy
as she rocks on Guido's dick.

Kelly grits her teeth as the two Italian studs, Tony Mamaluke and Little
Guido, begins to simultaneously thrust theirs cock into her pussy and asshole
"Ohhhh... ahhh... ohhhh... yesss..." Kelly moans as her petite body rocks
between their two sweaty, hot bodies.

Tony Mamaluke clenches his eyes closed as he puts his hands on Kelly's legs.
The talented young Italian Stud continues to slam his cock into Kelly's pussy
with sharp swift thrusts. Guido licks his lips as he pumps his shaft up into
Kelly's young asshole. Guido grinds his teeth together and arches his back
slightly as he starts to cum inside of Kelly's ass. "Ahhhh ohhhh....
mother... fucker...." Guido groans as he fills Kelly's ass with his warm,
sticky cum.

Kelly tilts her head back and moans as she feels her tight asshole fill with
Little Guido's warm Italian juices "Mmmmmm..." Kelly moans as she licks her
lips and begins to grind her pussy roughly against Tony Mamaluke's cock as
he thrusts deeply into her tight, warm and young pussy.

Tony licks his lips as he continues to fuck Kelly's hot tight pussy, "Ohhhh
yeah.... you like that... you like that Italian meat?!" Tony grunts as he
slams his cock deep into Kelly's pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhh...I love it.." Kelly groans as she continues to rock back and
forth on Little Guido's cock as he plows his cock deeply into her tight,
moist pussy "Ohhhh shit..." Kelly moans as the young Exhibitionist begins
to cum on Tony's cock.

Tony Mamaluke grunts as he feels Kelly's warm juices flow onto his cock.
"Ahhhh yeah...." Tony moans as he pulls his own throbbing prick out of
Kelly's pussy just moments before he starts to cum. He gives his cock a
few strokes and groans as he sprays Kelly's flat tanned stomach with his
warm sticky spunk.

Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely and smiles "Oh...I love Italian meat..."
Kelly says with a cute laugh.

Tony rubs the head of his cock against Kelly's cum covered stomach, "You sure

Little Guido lifts his head off the floor and rubs Kelly's ass as she remains
sitting on his cock. "If you want seconds... just ask..." Guido says.

Kelly smiles excitedly "Really! Could I have seconds?" Kelly asks innocently.

Tony nods his head, "Yeah.... you can... we have... plenty of Italian sausage
for you..." Tony says as he stands up from the floor and helps Kelly stand

Kelly pushes her shoulders up and smiles "Ohh...I just love fucking, just
about as much as I love taking off all my clothes..." Kelly says before her
over-controlling boyfriend, the rough-looking Mike Knox enters the catering
area and raises his eyebrow as her sees his girlfriend, the Exhibitionist
Kelly Kelly naked and sweaty along with the two F.B.I. studs Little Guido
and Tony Mamaluke. Mike Knox grits his teeth and narrows his eyes as he
sneers at his girlfriend.

"KELLY!" Mike yells as he points at his adorable girlfriend and begins to
approach her.

Kelly jumps a little as she turns and looks at her over-controlling
boyfriend, "Oh... hi Mike..." Kelly says cutely.

Mike Knox steps towards Kelly and reaches forward roughly grabbing her
delicate left wrist "Kelly! What do you think you're doing!" Mike yells as
he intimidates his beautiful, adorable girlfriend.

"Ow..." Kelly cries out a bit in pain, "I'm just doing what I promised I
would...' Kelly replies as she presses her lips together.

Mike quickly jerks his petite girlfriend towards him and points at her as
he gets directly into her face "Listen Kelly!" Mike yells "No one but me
deserves to see you take off your clothes..." Mike pauses and licks her
lips as he glances at Kelly's smoking hot body "And no one gets to be with
you but ME!"

Kelly looks down, "But Mike... I promised everyone... " Kelly looks up at
him cutely, "And... I always keep my promises...." Kelly says with an
adorable smile on her face.

Mike grits his teeth as he tightens the grip her hands around Kelly's
delicate left wrist "Kelly! Listen to are not allowed to take off
your clothes or fuck anyone else! Understand, you dumb ass bitch!" Mike
yells as he degrades his undeserving girlfriend, Kelly Kelly.

Kelly bites her bottom lip as Mike squeezes her wrist, "But Mike... it's...
what I like to do...." Kelly says, with a slight whimper.

"KELLY! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO!" Mike yells loudly before he aggressively
shoves his petite girlfriend towards the exits of the catering area "Go get
some fucking clothes on you SKANK!"

"O-okay..." Kelly bites her lip and then runs off out of the catering area,
and she runs down the hall naked.

Mike grits his teeth and turns back to Tony Mamaluke and Little Guido. Mike
narrows his eyes at the two members of the Full Blooded Italians and sneers
and he points at the both of them "Stay the fuck away from Kelly!"

Tony and Guido both hold up their hands, "Hey, relax... we got the
message..." Guido says as he gets up from the floor.

Mike Knox turns away and smirks to himself "No one goes near Kelly! THE BITCH
IS MINE!" Mike yells before he leaves the catering area.

Once Mike is gone, Kelly Kelly comes back into the catering area through
another entrance, "Oh boys...." Kelly says cutely. Tony and Guido both turn
and licks their lips when they see her again. "I think I want seconds..."


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