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Kelly's Expose Part 5: Just Incredible
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW Vixen
and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room with an
adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in an extremely short light pink
skirt and a matching light pink bikini-strapped top. Kelly cutely bites down
on her bottom lip "Hi...I'm Kelly and I'm an exhibitionist.." Kelly pauses
and scrunches her adorable little nose up, cutely as she pushes her slender
shoulders up into a shrug. Kelly sighs " boyfriend, Mike, well he
doesn't like me taking clothes off. But I just love...taking my clothes off
and he also doesn't like me fucking other people..." Kelly says as she lowers
her head slightly and then shakes her soft blonde hair head as she looks back
up. "But...I'm not going to listen to boyfriend. I am going to take my
clothes off and I am going to keep fucking, as I promised...and I always keep
my promises." Kelly says with an adorable wink before the young ECW
Exhibitionist begins to speak once again "That's why... tonight... well,
tonight I'm going to fuck, Justin Credible" Kelly Kelly says in a soft,
seducing voice before she gently grits her teeth and slowly steps away.

"Whoa! Joey! I am hearing things right? Kelly is going against her boyfriend,
Mike Knox's, wishes!?" Tazz says as he turns to his ECW Broadcast partner,
the Voice of ECW Joey Styles.

"You did hear her correctly Tazz, and quiet frankly now there are a lot of
happy people out there, especially with what went down last week at the end
of her last expose," Joey Styles replies as he adjusts his glasses, "Last
week Mike Knox ordered Kelly Kelly to stop doing her Exposes after she fucked
the Full Blooded Italians.... and we're seeing and hearing that Kelly is
going to continue to do what she loves."

Tazz shakes his head and chuckles "Joey...I'm almost positive you can't say
that on the SciFi network! I don't think those network executives will be too
happy with that..."

"They've been happy with the ratings... I'm sure they'll look over whatever I
say..." Joey replies with a bit of chuckle, "And I've said it for 4 weeks...
and we've broadcasted Kelly fucking several members of the ECW Roster."

Tazz chuckles as he shakes his head "Only in the new ECW, Joe! We're changing
Tuesday nights here on SciFi!"

"That we are partner.... and I'm being told... that we'll be going right to
Kelly's Expose in a few moments.... and I believe Kelly has found former ECW
Champion Justin Credible in the locker room area...." Joey says as he looks
at Tazz, "And I know what you're going to say... and no, I don't know when
she's going to come out here."

Tazz chuckles and raises his hands up "Hey Joe! I wasn't going to say, but
one I am going to say about that hot tomata, Kelly, is that I give that girl
some major props, man. It takes courage to stand up the jerk boyfriend of
her's Mike Knox..." Tazz pauses "..I'm tellin' ya Joey...I don't like that
Mike Knox."

"I totally agree with you Tazz... but right now we are going live to the
locker room area... for Kelly's Expose..." Joey says as he sits back in his

"Oh boy Joe! I can't wait for another edition of Kelly's Expose!" Tazz says
before the camera gradually fades away from the broadcast table where Joey
Style and Tazz are sitting at.

* * *

Kelly Kelly, the young ECW Vixen and Extreme Exhibitionist, smiles cutely
and innocently as she casually approaches the locker room door of the ECW
Extremists. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and lowers her head shyly
before raises her right hand, closed to a fist and gently knocks on the

"If you're a hot chick come on in...." Justin yells from within the locker
room, inviting Kelly in without answering the door himself.

Outside of the locker room, Kelly blushes before she slowly pushes the locker
room door open and then enters the vacant ECW Extremist locker room, with the
exception of Justin Credible. Kelly licks her lips as she sees Justin
Credible sitting on a wooden bench as he ties up his wrestling boots. Kelly
gently grits her teeth together as she closes the door behind her and then
casually locks the door "Ummmm...hi....Justin.." Kelly says shyly as she
lowers her head cutely.

Justin stops tying up his wrestling boots, "Hey Kelly..." Justin says as he
licks his lips a bit. He's dressed in a pair off long blue jean shorts. "Come
to see something just incredible?" Justin says with a bit of a smirk.

Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely and laughs as she looks with a sweet,
adorable smile "Aww...that's cute...and funny...because your name is Justin
Credible...and you said just incredible..." Kelly ditzily says with another
adorable laugh.

Justin laughs a bit, "Yeah that's my name... cause I'm not just the
coolest... I'm not just the best... I am just incredible at everything I
do...' Justin says as he says his favorite phrase. Justin then licks his
lips as he casually checks Kelly out, "And speaking of just incredible....
I've seen your exposes...." Justin smirks a little.

"Oh you have!? Really!?" Kelly asks excitedly as she takes a step towards
Justin as he sits on the wooden bench "Do you like them?" Kelly asks with a
cute, adorable smile as she places her small, soft hands on her slender, but
rounded tanned hips.

Justin nods his head as he spreads his legs apart and leans back on the
wooden bench. "Yeah... I love them... like every other guy I've been
wondering when you were going to come on by...." Justin says as he watches
Kelly step towards him.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and cutely pushes her shoulders up
"Well...I'm here now..."

"Yup... and I know you want to get hardcore..." Justin says as he casually
unbuttons and unzips his long blue jean shorts and opens them up, revealing
a pair of black boxers underneath.

Kelly licks her lips and nods her head "Mmmm...oh you bet I do..." Kelly says
as she flips her soft, blond hair back "So...the Expose...begins?"

Justin nods his head and smirks as he pushes his jean shorts and his boxers
down from his waist while he sits on the wooden bench, freeing his fat
nine-inch cock, "Yeah it does... right now..." Justin says as he points right
at his cock as it starts to become hard.

Kelly licks her lips "I always love giving my Exposes..." Kelly says slowly
as she reaches over her shoulders and unclasps her light pink bikini top,
slowly peeling the bikini top off of her round, perfect tits.

Justin locks his eyes onto Kelly's tits and he licks his teeth as he wraps
his left hand around his cock. "You sure have a lot of fun doing them... from
what I've seen..." Justin says as he slowly strokes his cock, moving his hand
up and down as he watches Kelly.

Kelly smiles as she starts to slowly push down her light pink short skirt
"Well...I just love taking off my clothes...and I absolutely love fucking..."
Kelly says as she pushes the skirt off of her rounded, smooth hips and begins
to guide the skirt down her smooth, tanned legs. Kelly steps out of her skirt
as she reveals her bare, smoothly shaven and hot pussy.

Justin gradually strokes his shaft a bit faster as he looks at Kelly's young
smoking pussy and he licks his lips, "Who doesn't like to fuck...." Justin
says as he looks up and down, checking out Kelly's sexy nineteen-year-old

Kelly smiles and shrugs her shoulders "Beats me...but I just love it!" Kelly
says as she slowly kneels down on the floor in front of Justin and smiles up
at him "Allow me..." Kelly says as she places her small, gentle hands around
Justin's cock and begins to stroke his hardened shaft.

"Go right ahead..." Justin says as he takes his left hand off his cock and
lays it on the bench, allowing Kelly to move her small hands along the length
of his cock more easily. Justin leans his head back and moans a bit as Kelly
strokes his stiff cock. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she lowers her
soft, adorable eyes on the head of Justin's hard cock. Kelly licks her lips
before she lowers her head and gently places her tender tongue against the
head of Justin cock. The young, adorable ECW Exhibitionist begins to slowly
and gently circular her tongue around the head of his cock. "Ahhh... yea...."
Justin moans as he puts his right hand on Kelly's head, stroking her smooth
blond hair. He looks down at her and licks his lips as he watches Kelly
circle her tongue around the head of his cock while also coating the tip of
his cock with her warm saliva.

Kelly smiles as she gently flicks her tongue against the head of Justin's
cock before she lowers her soothing, delicate tongue and begins to guide her
tongue down Justin's hard, throbbing cock. As Kelly Kelly gently laps her
tongue around his shaft she gently strokes the bottom portions of Justin's
cock with her soft, small hands. "Whew... yea... damn... watching you do this
ain't nothing like the real thing..." Justin groans as he strokes her blond
hair. He continues to look down and watch her as she works over his thick
cock with her tongue and hands. Kelly closes her eyes as she removes her
hands from his cock and begins to slowly trace her gentle tongue back up his
hard, throbbing cock. "Ohhh man... fuck.... that's great..." Justin groans as
Kelly drags her tongue along the underside of his cock. Justin grits his
teeth as he feels her tongue once against pressing against the tip of his

Kelly opens her soft eyes and slowly lifts them up, locking her innocent and
young eyes with Justin's eyes. Kelly slowly opens her mouth and lowers her
head, taking Justin's cock into her warm and wet mouth. The young ECW Vixen
wraps her soft, pouty lips around Justin's cock and she begins to slowly bob
her head on his cock as she sucks up the ECW Original's cock. "Oooooh....
that's what I'm talking about...." Justin moans as he closes his eyes and
tilts his head. The former ECW Champion presses his hands down on the wooden
bench as he feels Kelly's warm moist mouth bobbing up and down on his thick
cock. Kelly presses her lips tightly around his shaft as she starts to bob
her head quickly and more smoother on his cock as she gently taps her tongue
against his shaft as she sucks on his hard cock. "Uhhhh shit... damn....
ok....this is more incredible... than watching you're exposes...." Justin
moans as Kelly sucks on his stiff meaty cock. "Uhhh damn... when do we...
get the best part... of your expose?" Justin asks with a groan.

Kelly closes her eyes opens again as she starts to grind her mouth against
his cock as she starts to take more of Justin's cock into her young, warm
mouth as her warm saliva drips down onto his cock. "Ahhhh fuck.... got
damn.... you'd would've been great in the old ECW... give Francine... a run
for her money... uhhh as the 'head' cheerleader...." Justin moans as Kelly
almost completely deep throats his nine-inch cock.

Kelly smoothly deep throats Justin's entire cock as she bobs her head on his
cock, sucking quicker on his cock as she slaps his cock with her warm saliva
"Mmmmmm.... mmmm... mmmmm" Kelly moans around Justin's cock as she sucks.

"Ohhhh god... fuck.... shit.... Kelly... we better get hardcore... before you
make me pop like a weasel..." Justin says as he puts his hands on Kelly's
head and pushes her off of his stiff, saliva-covered shaft. Justin's cock is
covered with so much of Kelly's saliva that the saliva is dripping off cock.

Kelly pushes her shoulders up and licks her lips as she smiles up at Justin,
watching her warm saliva drip off of his hard, throbbing cock "Mmmm...Justin
I'm ready to get extreme!" Kelly says cutely.

Justin smirks a bit, "So am I... I'm going to show you why I'm a real
Hardcore Icon..." Justin says as he gets off the bench and kneels down on the
floor. "Turn around Kelly... I'm going to take you to the extreme... doggy

Kelly smiles cutely and bites down on her bottom lip "Ok..." Kelly says with
a soft, adorable laugh before she turns around on the floor with her back now
facing Justin Credible. Kelly slides her left hand through her soft blonde
hair before she places both hands onto the floor of the locker room and bends
over completely, now on all fours in the classic doggystyle position.

Justin licks his lips as he looks at Kelly cute round ass, "Mmmmm mmmm...."
Justin says as he smacks her ass with his right hand. "Let's see how extreme
you can get..." Justin says before he slides his rock-hard cock into her hot
wet tight pussy. After laying his hands on her waist, the former Impact
Player begins thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy, gradually picking
up speed and force with each thrust.

Kelly grits her teeth as Justin's cock slams deeply into her tight, young
nineteen year old pussy "Ohhhh mmmm.... awwww....mmm" Kelly Kelly moans as
she feels Justin's ballsack smack against her inner portion of her thighs.
Justin grits his teeth as he pulls Kelly back towards him, causing her round
ass to smack against his waist. The former ECW Champion thrusts his pelvis
forward as he pumps her hot wet pussy with hard thrusts. Kelly bites down on
her bottom lip and moans "Ohhhhhh fuck!" The young beautiful, Kelly Kelly,
places her hands firmly down on the floor before she starts to gently push
her small framed body back against Justin's hard, throbbing nine-inch cock as
his cock thrusts thoroughly into her tight, wet pussy.

Justin licks his lips as he fucks Kelly's pussy with sharp swift thrusts,
"Ahhhh yeah.... fucking take that extreme cock...." Justin moans as he pushes
his cock deeper and harder into her cunt. Justin continues pulling her back
towards him and her small round ass smacks harder against his waist each
time. Kelly closes her soft, innocent eyes as her breathing becomes heavier
and the young ECW Vixen begins to sweat as she starts to push her cute
rounded ass back against Justin's cock at a quicker, more aggressive rate.

Justin pulls his cock halfway out of Kelly's tight pussy and wipes some sweat
from his forehead, "This... is really... the coolest...." Justin says as he
turns Kelly over onto her back. He grabs her legs and puts them over his
shoulders, and pushes his cock back into her pussy. After leaning forward and
placing his hands flat on the floor, Justin Credible begins pumping Kelly's
young cunt with hard deep thrusts.

"Mmmm...ohhhh fuck...fuck that pussy..." Kelly Kelly grits her teeth and
moans as Justin begins to powerfully and quickly ram his cock in and out of
Kelly's tight, moist pussy. Justin grits his teeth as he drills Kelly Kelly's
hot pussy. His ballsack slams against Kelly's ass every time he dives his
dick as deep as possible into her wet pussy.

Kelly raises her hands up and places her soft hands against Justin's slightly
sweaty stomach as she starts to grind her pussy against Justin's thrusting
cock "Ohhhh... mmm.... Justin... ohhhh... you... like... that pussy!?" Kelly
moans loudly as sweat drips off of her stunning, petite and tanned body.

Justin grins a bit as he slams his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy, "Ohhh
yeah... it's... simply... the best...." Justin answers as sweat drips off of
his body down onto Kelly Kelly's. The former Impact Player leans backward and
takes Kelly's legs off of his shoulders. After pulling out, Justin rolls
Kelly onto her left side and he lays behind her. Justin lifts her right leg
up and slides his cock back into her tight soaking wet pussy.

Kelly grits her teeth and leans her head back against Justin's shoulder
"Mmmmm.... ohhhh yess!" Kelly moans as Justin slams his cock roughly into
her moist, tight pussy "Ohhhh... give me more!" Kelly Kelly the hot ECW
Exhibitionist moans as she starts to push her petite body back against
Justin's cock.

Justin clenches his teeth together as he continues to thrust his cock in
and out of Kelly's pussy. "Ahhhh yeah... you're.... just... incredible...."
Justin moans as he gives Kelly a very sharp thrust that pushes her forward.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she begins to cum against Justin's cock
"Ohhhh shit..." Kelly as her sweat soaked body becomes limp against Justin's

"Ahhhh.... ohhhh yeah....." Justin gives Kelly a few more hard thrusts until
he buries his cock deep inside of her pussy. Justin lets out a loud moan as
he cums inside of Kelly Kelly's hot soaking wet pussy. Justin holds his cock
inside of Kelly's cunt, while he rests behind the exhausted extreme

Kelly licks her lips and tilts her head back to look at Justin over her
shoulder. Kelly smiles sweetly "Mmmm...That was incredible!"

"Mmmm damn straight it was...." Justin says as he takes a deep breath and
pulls his limp cock out of Kelly's pussy, "I love watching your exposes...
but being in one... is a lot better...."

Kelly smiles cutely and licks her lips "And I just love doing my Exposes..."

Justin smirks, "Yeah... and that's.... the coolest... the best... and just
incredible... don't ever stop... cause I want to be in another one...."

Kelly smiles and cutely pushes her shoulders up "You never know...I might
just come back for another visit..." Kelly pauses as she sits up from the
floor "But one thing for sure...I'm Kelly and I'm one hot Exhibitionist!"


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