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Kelly's Expose Part 6: I'll Show You, You'll See!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW Vixen
and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room with an
adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in black bikini bottoms and a
black bikini top. Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up "Hi...I'm Kelly and well
I'm an exhibitionist...And I just love taking off my clothes!" Kelly laughs
cutely before she pauses and bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes her
slender shoulders up "And if you've been watching...I never let the fans
down, I always live up to my promises." The innocent, adorable Exhibitionist
lowers her head and blushes "And tonight, well...tonight I'm going to fuck
Stevie Richards...and I guarantee it's going to be HOT..." Kelly says in a
soft, seducing voice before she gently grits her teeth and slowly steps away.

"Alright Joe! Kelly that hot tomata is going give us another hot Expose...and
with Stevie Richards! I can't wait for that hot action, Joe!" Tazz says with
a slight chuckle as he glances over at his ECW broadcast partner, Joey

"Neither can I or the fans at home Tazz.... for the sixth consecutive week,
Kelly Kelly is taking things to the extreme by fucking yet another one of our
extremists...." Joey Styles says, and then he pauses, "And before we go on,
let me add that tonight Stevie Richards is going to get the most action he's
had in a long time..."

"So you and him can relate on that, huh? Joe?" Tazz says with a chuckle at
his joke towards the Voice of ECW.

Joey looks at Tazz, "I wouldn't crack jokes Tazz... by the way how's the
couch at your house?" Joey says as he looks down at his notes, "Back to the
subject at hand, Kelly Kelly is going to fuck Stevie Richards tonight... and
hopefully like last week, Mike Knox will be missing from the arena."

Tazz shakes his head "You know Joey, I don't like that jerk Mike Knox with
how he treats that sweet, innocent Kelly...she's one hot tomata, but of
course Joe you wouldn't know a thing about hot tomatas..." Tazz says with
another chuckle.

"I have a beautiful wife thank you very much...." Joey replies, slightly
snapping at Tazz, before he gets serious, "But you are aright, Mike Knox is
a jerk... he's involved with an exhibitionist and he shouldn't complain about
what she chooses to do."

Tazz nods his head "You know that's right Joe! I know for one, I don't mind
her Exposes and I don't think our ECW fans do either."

"They sure don't Tazz... you don't see action like this anywhere else, not on
RAW and not on SmackDown, this is ECW..." Joey says as he pauses, "And I'm
being told that after the commercial break, we'll go live to Kelly's Expose
in the locker room area."

"I can't wait Joe! But I'm tellin' ya Joe we need get this Expose out here,
don't you think?" Tazz says into the headset.

"That could be extreme Tazz... but we are going to commercial... don't anyone
at home change the channel, cause coming up next on ECW on SCI-FI will be
Kelly's Expose and she will be fucking Stevie Richards."

Tazz chuckles and shakes his head "Joey, I don't think we can say that on

* * *

Backstage, the young and adorable ECW Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly walks down
the hallway as she remains dressed her black bikini top and her black bikini
bottoms. Kelly smiles sweetly as she walks down the hallway and takes glances
at each of the closed doors she passes on the way to the locker room of the
ECW Extremists. Eventually, Kelly approaches the locker room door and blushes
as she lowers her head and raises her right hand that's closed into a fist.
Kelly slowly looks up and takes a deep breath before the young ECW Vixen
gently knocks on the door.

The door is soon opened by ECW Original Stevie Richards, wearing bright
yellow wrestling shorts. Stevie's long brown hair is tied back in a ponytail,
and he grins at Kelly as she stands in the door way, "Hey Kelly... come on
in...." Stevie says as he steps to the left and holds the door open for the
nineteen-year-old Exhibitionist.

Kelly blushes cutely as she steps into the locker room of the ECW Extremists.
"Thank you..." Kelly says sweetly as she enters.

Stevie closes the locker room door and licks his lips a bit, "So... I'm the
lucky guy in you're expose?" Stevie asks as he tilts his head to look at
Kelly's ass as she walks to the center of the locker room.

Kelly nods her head cutely and smiles "Yep...that would be you..." Kelly
says as she turns around to face Stevie Richards and places her hands on her
smooth, tanned waist.

"Great...' Stevie smiles and slides a hand through his hair. "I haven't
missed one of your Exposes...." Stevie says as he looks at the young Extreme

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she takes a casual step towards Stevie
" you like them?" Kelly asks innocently with an adorable, soft smile.

"Oh yeah... I'm so glad I'm not a nutcase censor anymore..." Stevie says,
referring to his infamous days as the leader of the Right to Censor. "And I
know what you're do on your exposes is for everyone's own good..."

Kelly lowers her head and pusher her shoulders up into a shrug "That's what
I told my boyfriend, Mike, but he just won't listen..."

Stevie licks his lips, "Well... some people just aren't that bright...."
Stevie says as he locks the locker room door, "And you don't have to worry
about your boyfriend getting in here... and ruining your expose..."

Kelly smiles excitedly "Really?"

"Yeah...cause I just locked the door....' Stevie smiles.

Kelly pushes her shoulders up and blushes "Well...then...maybe we should...
ummm get started?" Kelly asks with a cute smile.

"Yeah... we should...." Stevie replies with a smile as he lowers his yellow
wrestling shorts down from his waist, freeing his nine-inch cock. Stevie
lowers his shorts down to his ankles and steps out of them.

Kelly cutely bites down on her bottom lip as she takes a step towards Stevie
Richards " got a nice dick" Kelly says as she licks her
lips and flips her soft blonde hair back.

"Thanks...." Stevie says as he reaches behind his head with both hands and
releases his long brown hair from its ponytail. Kelly presses her soft lips
together as she casually kneels down on the floor in front of Stevie. Kelly
Kelly the cute and innocent Exhibitionist reaches forward and wraps both of
her hands around his shaft and begins to gently stroke his cock to hardness.

Stevie bites hit bottom lip and places his hands on his hips as he looks down
at the beautiful, nineteen-year-old vixen, "Mmmmm..." Stevie moans a bit as
Kelly's hand travel back and forth along his cock as it becomes harder with
every passing moment. Kelly smiles innocently up at Stevie before she leans
her head down and gently places her moist, soft tongue against the head of
Stevie's cock and begins to bat her tongue against the head of his cock as
she begins to circle her playful tongue. Stevie licks his lips as Kelly
slaps her tongue against his cock as she circles his shaft with it. "Ohhh...
yeah... that's it... do it nice..." Stevie moans as he puts his left hand on
top of Kelly's head and pushes her soft blond hair back.

Kelly removes her hands from his cock as she reaches behind her and unclasps
her black bikini top and begins to remove the bikini top from her young,
nicely sized and perky tits. Kelly Kelly continues to guide her tongue
against Stevie's cock as she removes her black bikini top from her body
entirely before she opens her mouth and takes Stevie's cock into her warm,
innocent mouth. Stevie closes his eyes and starts playing with Kelly's
blond hair as she starts bobbing her head slowly along the top half of his
nine-inch cock. "Ahhh... yeah... damn... who'd want to stop your exposes...."
Stevie asks with a moan as he feels Kelly's tongue press against the bottom
side of his dick.

Kelly closes her eyes as she softly bobs her head on Stevie's cock as she
gently slaps her tongue back and forth against the underbelly of his
shaft. Her soft, pouty lips rub up and down against Stevie's shaft as she
continually lifts and lowers her head, spraying his cock with her warm

"Ohhh yeah... ohhh yeah... suck it Kelly...." Stevie groans as he leans his
head back and closes his eyes. The former ECW Tag Team Champion licks his
lips and moans loudly as Kelly sucks and slurps on his cock.

Kelly presses her lips tighter against Stevie's shaft as she bobs her head
swiftly on his cock, taking more of his nine-inch cock into her sweet,
innocent and young mouth "Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Kelly groans against Stevie's
hard cock as she sucks and laps up his cock.

"Ohhhh shit.... mmmmm let's stop... the sucking... and get to the fucking..."
Stevie groans as Kelly continues to bob her head on his cock. As she lifts
her head up ward, Stevie pushes her mouth off of his saliva-dripping dick.
Kelly licks her lips as she smiles up at Stevie, tossing her soft blonde hair
back as she bites down her bottom lip adorably. The young ECW Exhibitionist
scoots back a bit and casually pushes down her black bikini bottoms to expose
her bare, smooth and hot pussy. Stevie kneels down in front of Kelly and
pushes her onto her back. Stevie gets a smirk on his face as he says, "I'll
show you... what I can do... you'll see...." Stevie says as he spreads
Kelly's smooth legs. Stevie then leans forward and pushes his cock into
Kelly's pussy and begins thrusting it in and out at slow pace, but quickly
starts to fuck her with sharp quick strokes.

Kelly gently grits her teeth and arches her back slightly as Stevie swiftly
enters her tight, warm pussy and begins thrust his cock "Mmmm...Ohhhh
Stevie.." The young Kelly Kelly moans. Stevie grits his teeth together as
he places his hands flat down on the floor near Kelly's shoulders. The ECW
Original steadily pumps his hard nine-inch cock in and out of Kelly's hot
young pussy. "Mmmm...ohhhh...ohhhh...awwww Stevie..." Kelly moans as she
wraps her smooth legs around Stevie's waist and starts to gently push her
petite body against Stevie's cock as she grind her tight, warm pussy against
his cock while he thrusts into her.

"Uhhhh... uhhhh yeah...." Stevie groans as he thrusts his thick cock in and
out of Kelly's tight wet pussy. Stevie moves his hands from the floor and
places them the young Exhibitionist's hips. With a casual movement, Stevie
rolls on the floor onto his back so that Kelly is on top of him.

Kelly tilts her head back "Ohhhh Stevie!" Kelly moans as she places her
small, soft hands on Stevie's chest and begins to rock smoothly on and
against his hard, throbbing cock. Stevie keeps his hands on Kelly's hips
and helps the sexy nineteen-year-old Extreme Vixen bounce on his cock.
Stevie smoothly pops his hips and thrusts his cock up into Kelly's tight
pussy, matching the way she's moving up and down on his hard cock. "Mmmmm
ohhhh Stevie...ohhh you like that tight pussy?" Kelly Kelly moans as she
starts bounce quicker as she slams down on Stevie's cock at a rougher

"Uhhh yeah.... fuck... you're hot... and tight.... Mmmmm... fuck..." Stevie
replies as he moans. Stevie moves his hands from Kelly's hips and reaches
behind the hot young Vixen so he can place his hands on Kelly's cute round
ass cheeks. The former ECW Tag Team Champion squeezes Kelly's hot butt
cheeks firmly each time she raises up on his cock, giving her a little extra
push before she drops back down on his rock hard shaft.

Kelly grits her teeth as her petite body comes crashing down hard on Stevie's
cock "Mmmmm...fuck yesss..." Kelly groans as she starts rock back and forth
on Stevie's cock more swiftly as sweat begins drip off of her tanned body.
Drips of sweat begin to form on his smooth chest and face as he grabs hold
of Kelly one more time. Stevie lifts her off of his cock and he moves a bit.
Stevie lays Kelly on her right side and lifts her left leg up as he lays
behind her. Gripping his cock with his right hand, Stevie guides it back
into Kelly's and resumes drilling her tight wet pussy on the floor of the
Extremist's locker room. Kelly grits her teeth tightly "Ohhhh...mmmm...
Stevie...ohhh you're showing me alright!" Kelly moans as she starts to grind
her body back against Stevie's cock as he drills her sweet, tight and
innocent pussy.

"Told you... I will..." Stevie says as he thrusts his cock in and out of
Kelly's hot wet pussy. Stevie grids his teeth together as he continues to
buck his hips, pushing his cock as deep as possibly into her tight pussy.

Kelly closes her eyes and licks her lips as her petite body gradually becomes
lip as the young, hot Exhibitionist begins to cum against Stevie's cock

Stevie groans as he feels Kelly's soaking wet pussy squeeze his cock as the
young Extreme Vixen cums on his cock as her juices flow on his dick. "Ohhhh
yeah.... that's it...." Stevie moans as he starts to cum inside of Kelly's
climaxing pussy. Stevie holds his cock inside of Kelly's pussy, filling her
with his warm cum. "Ohhh mmmm... that was... definitely for... your own
good..." Stevie says as he pulls his cock out of Kelly's pussy.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and sits up after Stevie pulls out from
her tight, soaked pussy. Kelly licks her lips as she tosses her soft, blonde
hair from side to side as she looks over her shoulder and smirks at Stevie
as she blushes cutely. Stevie sits up on the floor and licks his lips as he
looks at Kelly, "So... what... is your next Expose.. .going to be?" Stevie
asks as he slides a hand through his sweat-dampened hair.

Kelly presses her lips together and shrugs her shoulder cutely "Ohhh...I
don't know, but I promise it'll be on great show..." Kelly pauses and blushes
"You'll see..." Kelly says with a playful wink.


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