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Kelly's Expose Part 7: Innovating Exhibition
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW Vixen
and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room with an
adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in a very short white skirt and
a white bikini top. Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up and blushes "Hi...I'm
Kelly Kelly and I'm an exhibitionist..." Kelly pauses and bites down on her
bottom lip as she pushes her slender shoulders up "As all of you know I just
love taking off my clothes...And I just love having fun.." Kelly winks and
smiles "So that means tonight I'm looking to get extreme.." Kelly says before
pausing and biting down on her bottom lip "So...tonight well...I'm going
fuck...Tommy Dreamer..." Kelly Kelly the young Exhibitionist says in a soft,
seducing voice before she gently grits her teeth and slowly steps away.

"Whoa! Joey! Did I just hear Kelly right? She's going after Tommy Dreamer!?"
Tazz says slightly wide-eyed as he turns to his ECW broadcast partner, Joey

Joey Styles nods his head and turns to look at the former two-time ECW
Champion, "You did hear her correctly Tazz... tonight... Kelly Kelly... she
is going to fuck the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer..." Joey pauses
for a moment, "I hope Kelly is aware of how extreme Tommy can be."

Tazz chuckles a bit and shakes his head "I know for one Joe how extreme Tommy
can get in the ring..." Tazz pauses and chuckles again "You'd have to ask
someone else about how extreme he is in the bedroom..."

"Tazz... we don't have to ask anyone... Tommy Dreamer has gotten extreme with
both Beulah McGillicutty and Kimona Wanalaya... that alone shows he's both
extreme... and hardcore...." Joey says, reminding Tazz of one of the many
highlights of Tommy Dreamer's career.

Tazz nods his head though "That you're right Joe! Kelly is sure going extreme
tonight...and I mean a new type of extreme!" Tazz says as he taps his pen
against the announce table "I can't wait Joe! It's gonna be hot! I'm tell ya
Joey, I sure feel like saying 'puppies'."

"Tazz you can't say that... Jerry Lawler has that trademarked...." Joey says
with a bit of a laugh, "But I have to say that Kelly Kelly is one hot
tomata...." Joey says, stealing Tazz's favorite line to describe the hot
women of wrestling.

Tazz points at Joey "Joe! If steal one of my phrases, I'm afraid I'll have
to choke you out!" Tazz says with a chuckle.

"Relax Tazz.... I have no intention of getting into a rocket-buster..."
Joey laughs a bit more before he pauses and listens to his headset. "And I'm
getting word that Tommy Dreamer is in the parking garage... and that Kelly
Kelly is making her way there... hopefully she's prepared in case Tommy
decides to lay some smacks on her ass."

Tazz chuckles a bit "I can't wait Joe! Kelly's one hot tomata! And her up next, ain't Joey!?"

"It sure is Tazz... it's coming up next after the next commercial break...
Kelly's going to fuck Tommy Dreamer live right here on ECW on SCI-FI." Joey
says as they go to the commercial break.

* * *

In the indoor parking garage of the arena, Tommy Dreamer, dressed in long
black pants and a black ECW t-shirt is pacing back and forth, glaring at the
car entrance as he waits for Paul Heyman to arrive. "Come on Paul... I know
you're coming..." Tommy says as he cracks the knuckles of his right hand as
he stops pacing and stands near the production truck.

The young ECW Vixen and Exhibitionist, the adorable and stunningly hot Kelly
Kelly slowly approaches Tommy Dream from behind as she remain dressed in her
short white skirt and white bikini top. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as
she steps behind Tommy. Kelly shyly lowers her head as she reaches up with
her left hand and taps Tommy on the shoulder "Ummm...Tommy..."

Tommy turns his head slightly and looks over his right shoulder, "What do you
want?" Tommy snaps at the young Extreme Vixen before he turns around to face
her as he folds his arms.

Kelly jumps back slightly and bites down on her bottom lip as she pusher her
shoulder up, cutely "Ummm...I're in my...Expose...tonight."
Kelly says as she shyly looks down and blushes.

"Sorry... but I got other business tonight...." Tommy says as he looks back
over his shoulder to see if anyone arrives. "Gotta get my hands on the throat
of that fat little bastard...." Tommy grits his teeth a bit and looks back at
Kelly, "So you better get inside."

Kelly blushes and steps up as she now stands next to the ECW Original,
Tommy Dreamer. Kelly smiles cutely "You know... Tommy, I always keep my wouldn't want me to disappoint my fans, would you?" Kelly
Kelly asks the adorable Exhibitionist scrunches up her cute, button-nose.

Tommy raises an eyebrow slightly, "You're pretty young... but it is nice to
see you've taken the ECW attitude to heart..." Tommy says as he smiles a bit,
"And you've been keeping a lot of your promises..."

Kelly nods her head with a cute smile "I have...and well...tonight, I plan
on taking Tommy Dreamer to a whole new extreme..." Kelly says softly as she
licks her lips, glancing down at the crotch of Tommy Dreamer.

The former ECW Champion actually smirks a bit as he sees the young
Exhibitionist look down at crotch. "Who am I turn down an opportunity to get
extreme..." Tommy says as he unfolds his arms and places his hands on his
hips. "So let's see what you got."

Kelly gently grits her teeth together as she flips her soft, blonde hair back
and takes step towards the Innovator of Violence. The young, hot Kelly Kelly
presses her body up against Tommy Dreamer and locks her soft, innocent eyes
with him "Well Tommy...I just love getting extreme.." Kelly says softly as
she places her hands against Tommy's stomach and begins to slowly lowers
herself down onto her knees of the cement flooring in the inside garage of
the arena. As Kelly lowers herself down to her knees, she lowers her hands as
well, brushing them against Tommy's crotch.

Tommy licks his lips slightly as Kelly unbuttons his pants and then begins
to gently tug them down from waist, exposing his white boxer-briefs. "Well...
then... show me... just how extreme you can get..." Tommy says as he looks
down at Kelly Kelly.

Kelly shyly smiles up at Tommy "Ok..." Kelly says with a softly laugh as she
lowers Tommy's white boxer briefs off his waist and begins to lower them down
his legs. As his boxer briefs are being lowered, Tommy meaty nine-inch long
cock pops free. The Innovator of Violence steps out of his pants and briefs
as soon as Kelly lowers them to his feet, but he keeps his black ECW T-shirt
on. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as the sight of Tommy Dreamer's meaty,
nine-inch cock comes into focus. The young, innocent Kelly Kelly reaches
forward and gently wraps her soft, delicate hands around Tommy's cock as she
starts to smoothly stroke her hands up and down against his quickly hardening
cock. Kelly doesn't waste anytime and almost immediately lowers her head and
begins to gently flick her tongue against the head of Tommy's cock.

Tommy places his right hand on top of Kelly's head and licks his lips as
Kelly brushes her soft tongue against the tip of his fat cock. "Mmmm...
that's nice... but it's not extreme..." Tommy says with a groan as he
pushes Kelly's blond hair back. Kelly lifts her eyes up, slightly glancing
up at Tommy before she opens her mouth and proceeds to lower her head down
on his cock taking him into her warm, wet mouth. The young ECW Vixen wraps
her lips tightly around Tommy's hard shaft and begins to smoothly bob her
head as she sucks the Innovator of Violence. "Mmmmmm... that's it... show
me how extreme you can get...." Tommy groans as he brings his left hand to
Kelly's head. With his hands on her head, Tommy begins thrusting his cock
forward a quick [ace, matching the pace Kelly is using as she bobs her
head on his dick. Every time Kelly lowers her head on his shaft, Tommy
pushes forward, causing Kelly to deep throat his shaft each time.

Kelly moans around Tommy's cock as she starts to twist her mouth against his
cock as she bob her head quicker on his cock as she gradually takes his meaty
deeper into her small, innocent and soothing mouth. While the adorable Kelly
Kelly bobs her head smoothly on his cock, she begins to lap her tongue around
his cock, splashing Tommy's cock with her warm saliva. Tommy grits his teeth
as he cocks travels in and out between Kelly's lips and her warm wet mouth.
"Uhhh yeah... that's it... you're pretty extreme with your mouth..." Tommy
groans as he continues to thrust his cock forward. Kelly presses her lips
tighter around his cock, causing her soft lips to rub against the skin of his
shaft as she bobs her head quickly on his cock. Kelly amazingly lowers her
entire head on Tommy's cock taking him deep into her warm, wet mouth.

Kelly presses her lips tighter around his cock, causing her soft lips to rub
against the skin of his shaft as she bobs her head quickly on his cock. Kelly
amazingly lowers her entire head on Tommy's cock taking him deep into her
warm, wet mouth. "Ahhhh yeah... mmmm... let's... get... extreme..." Tommy
moans as Kelly holds her herself down all the way on his cock before she
slowly begins to lift her head from his fat, saliva dripping cock. Kelly
flips her soft blonde hair as she lifts her head completely off of Tommy's
cock. The young, hot ECW Vixen licks her lips as she slowly stands and begins
to slide her short white skirt down her smooth, tanned legs to reveal her
bare, hot and wet pussy.

Tommy smirks as he glances down at Kelly's young, smooth pussy, "Nice..."
Tommy says as he reaches forward with his left hand and grabs the front of
Kelly's white bikini top and rips it off of her firm, round and perky tits.
Tommy keeps his t-shirt on as grabs Kelly by the wrist and walks her over
in front of a nearby car. "Bend over..." Tommy says with a smirk.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip cutely "Ok..." Kelly says with a cute
laugh as places her hands down on the hood of the car and bends over
slightly. Tommy stands behind Kelly and gets a wide grind on his face. He
bends his knees down and pushes his cock into Kelly's warm, tight pussy,
but before he begins thrusting, Tommy Dreamer smacks Kelly's right ass
cheek hard with his right hand. Kelly grits her teeth as she feels Tommy's
hard, fat cock slide into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh Tommy..." Kelly
Kelly moans as she starts feel Tommy's quick, hard thrust to her tight

Tommy grinds his teeth together as he holds onto Kelly's hips with both of
his hands as he begins pumping his cock in and out of Kelly's warm cunt. The
Innovator of Violence drives his fat, nine-inch cock deep into her pussy as
fucks her over the hood of the car. "Ohhh yeah... now this... is extreme."
Tommy grunts.

Kelly tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she starts to push her
petite, tanned body back against Tommy's cock as he drives his cock into her
tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh...awww...ohhhh...Tommy!" Kelly Kelly moans as her
rounded, cute ass smacks back against Tommy's waist.

Tommy slides his left hand from Kelly's waist around in front of her and puts
his left hand on her perky tits. "Uhhhh.... awww fuck.... tight young....
bitch...." Tommy groans as he quickens the pace of his thrusts. Tommy's ball
sack swings with every one of his thrusts as he pounds her pussy.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she starts to buck her hips back,
slamming her petite and tanned body rough back against Tommy's cock "Ohhhh...
awww how's this for extreme?" Kelly cutely moans as she begins to sweat.

Tommy grins as Kelly pushes back with everything she's got, "That's not
bad... you got some moves...." Tommy grunts as he slows down his thrusts and
pulls out of Kelly's hot, sweet pussy. The man who is the Heart of ECW turns
the hot young Vixen around and lifts her on the hood of the car. He spreads
her legs and plunges his fat nine-inch cock back into Kelly's tight cunt.

Kelly grits her teeth tightly "Mmmm ohhhh...Tommy" Tommy puts his hands
on Kelly's chest and pushes her to lay back on the hood of the car. The
Innovator of violence grits his teeth as he continues to move his fat cock
in and out of Kelly pussy. Kelly wraps her smooth, tanned legs around
Tommy's waist and begins grind her pussy sharply against Tommy's cock as
he thrusts into her warm, tight pussy making her body rub against the hood
of the car.

Sweat drips down Tommy's rugged face and the t-shirt he's wearing becomes
soaked with sweat with every passing moment. Tommy leans his head back and
drives his cock deeper and harder into Kelly's nineteen-year-old extreme
pussy, "Ahhh... yeah... this... is EC Fucking W..." Tommy grunts as he fucks
the hot Exhibitionist.

Kelly arches her back slightly on the hood of the car, making Tommy's cock
drive into her pussy at a sharp angle "Ohhhh...mmmm...ohhhh Tommy...I love
it extreme!" Kelly moans. Tommy grabs hold of Kelly's waist and pulls Kelly
up towards him. The Innovator of Violence wraps his arms around Kelly's
sweaty body and turns around. Tommy then lays down on the hood of the car
and begins bouncing Kelly up and down on his stiff cock.

Kelly places her hands down against the black ECW t-shirt that Tommy is
wearing and the young ECW Vixen begins to smoothly rock her hot, petite body
on Tommy's cock as she bounces quickly on his cock "Mmmm...ohhhh Tommy!"

Tommy bucks his hips upward, driving his fat nine-inch cock up into Kelly's
soaking wet, hot pussy. Tommy keeps his hands on Kelly's hips and groans,
"Ahhh yeah... ahhh yeah... fuck take it... to the extreme..." Tommy grunts
as the hot young Extreme Vixen rides his cock.

Kelly tilts her head back as she slightly grabs and pulls on Tommy's black
ECW t-shirt while she starts to rock her body more quickly and wildly on his
cock "Ohhhh uhhh ohhh..." Kelly moans as she sweat drips off her amazing,
tanned body.

Tommy arches his back as he rams his cock up into Kelly's hot pussy and his
black ECW T-shirt is completely soaked with sweat. Tommy clenches his teeth
together as he lifts Kelly up and then pulls her down extremely hard on his
cock. "Ahhhhhh fuck!" Tommy groans as he starts to cum up inside of Kelly's
pussy, filling her soaking wet cunt with his hot cum.

Kelly's bottom lip trembles as she feels his warm cum flood her tight wet
pussy "Ohhhh Tommy..."

Tommy leans his head back on the hood of the car, "Ahhh shit... that... was
extreme..." Tommy moans as he holds Kelly on top of his cock as he finishes
cumming in her hot wet pussy.

Kelly licks her lips as she smiles down at Tommy while she gently rocks her
body while on top of his cock " really think so?" Kelly asks cutely
as sweat drips down her adorable face.

"Yeah..." Tommy nods his head, "You're really extreme... you're a great...
new comer to ECW..." Tommy says as he slides his hands over Kelly's smooth

Kelly pushes her shoulders up cutely and smiles "What I can say...I'm on
great gift for ECW..."


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