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Kelly's Expose Part 8: Clean, Cut And Fine!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW Vixen
and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room with an
adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in a short pink silk bathrobe.
Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up "Hi...I'm Kelly and I'm an exhibitionist.
Since I'm an exhibitionist, I just love taking off my clothes." Kelly begins
to say before she pauses, as she teasingly unties her pink silk bathrobe and
bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes her slender shoulders up "But
there's something I love more then taking off my clothes, and that's
fucking..." Kelly says with a cute laugh as she shyly looks down "That's why
tonight...I'm going straight on the edge, because tonight...well...I'm gonna
fuck...C..M...PUNK!" Kelly says in a soft, seducing voice before she gently
grits her teeth and slowly steps away.

"Oh my Joey! Did I hear Kelly right!? CM Punk!? Tonight!?" Tazz says as he
turns to his ECW broadcast partner, Joey Styles.

"That's right Tazz, tonight Kelly Kelly is going to fuck, CM Punk live
right here on ECW on SCI-FI," Joey Styles, the longtime voice of ECW says,
confirming Kelly Kelly's statement. "And like the many Extremists before
him, CM Punk is going to be another happy victim of Kelly's Expose."

Tazz shakes his head as he chuckles "I love it, Joe! You gotta love the new
ECW...we got The Sandman and Sabu...and Kelly that hot tomata! Joe, I'd watch
just for Kelly!"

"You are probably not the only one who does Tazz..." Joey says with a bit of
a laugh. "But it is quite amazing of the list of Extremists Kelly has fucked
these past several weeks, Test, Shannon Moore... both members of the FBI at
the same time... Tommy Dreamer... if she didn't already said she's going to
fuck CM Punk tonight, the question to ask will be 'who's next'?"

Tazz chuckles a bit "Joey, I don't think the old Sci-Fi network is gonna like
that...but hey! Who the hell cares! We got Kelly and her hot Expose." Tazz
pauses and taps his pen against the announce table "Joey, I'm still wondering
when that hot tomata is gonna call our names!"

"Probably when Kelly's boyfriend Mike Knox gets his head out of his own
rear-end..." Joey answers as he takes off his glasses and cleans them with
his tie, "And I'm getting word that CM Punk has been found and he' near the
arena's loading dock... and that Kelly Kelly has been told his location..."

Tazz rubs his hands "Oh boy Joey! I can't wait! Eat your heart out Jerry

"You tell him Tazz..." Joey laughs, "Because coming up next, right here on
ECW on SCI-FI, it'll be Kelly's Expose, and she's going to be fucking CM

* * *

Near the loading dock area of the arena, CM Punk, is shadow boxing, throwing
jabs against a wall as he warms up for a match later in the night. Wearing
black wrestling shorts, the talented young wrestler stops what he's doing and
takes a deep breath as he turns to head to the ring.

Kelly Kelly the young and adorable ECW Vixen slowly approaches the hot,
straight-edge stud, CM Punk as she remains dressed in her stunning, short
pink silk bathrobe. Kelly blushes as she pushes her shoulders up cutely
"Ummm...Hi..." Kelly says shyly as she casually looks up at CM Punk after
lowering her head.

CM Punk looks at Kelly Kelly and nods his head, "Hey... what's up," CM says
as he rotates his right arm bit in order to loosen in up, "Is there something
I can do for you?" He asks as his long dark hair hangs forward and covers his
face slightly.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip cutely as she casually checks the new ECW
rookie "Well...actually...maybe there's something I can do...for you..." The
young Exhibitionist says in a soft, sweet voice.

CM Punk raises an eyebrow slightly, "Okay..." he says as he puts his hands
on his waist, "And what would that be?" CM Punk asks as he watches the
attractive blond haired Vixen walk towards him.

"Well...I cause you don't know who I am yet...My name is Kelly...and I'm an
exhibitionist..." Kelly pauses and innocently presses her lips together "If
that gives you any ideas..."

CM Punk nods his head, "If I was any once else, I might have some ideas...
but I don't got any vices like that..." He replies, as Kelly stands right in
front of him.

Kelly Kelly scrunches her nose up cutely, not really understanding the ECW
rookie. Kelly shakes her head "I...don't understand..." Kelly says as she
shyly bites down on her bottom lip.

"I'm a clean cut wrestler... I don't indulge myself..." CM Punk explains as
he looks down at the hot nineteen-year-old Exhibitionist. "But perhaps, you
can help clean my mind... so I can focus on my match tonight..."

Kelly licks her lips as she gently places her soft, delicate hands against
the smooth, muscular stomach of CM Punk "Mmm...ohhh I'd love to help...anyway
I can..." Kelly says as she tosses her blonde hair back.

CM Punk nods his head slightly as he puts his hands on top of Kelly's soft,
delicate hands, "That's great..." CM Punk says as he starts to slide her
hands down from his smooth, muscular stomach down to the crotch of his
wrestling tights, "I'm assuming you know what I would like you to do..."

Kelly laughs cutely "I have an idea...but you could tell me..." Kelly Kelly
says in a sweet, playful tone as she gently rubs her soft hands against the
crotch of CM Punk's short black wrestling tights.

"Words often get in the way..." CM Punk says as he smiles slightly, "I want
you... to lower my trunks... and do what it takes, to clear my mind..." CM
Punk explains as he places both of his hands on Kelly Kelly's slender

Kelly licks her lips and smiles innocently "Mmm...ok, but I think I'm going
to do more then just lower your trunks..." Kelly says with a cute laugh and
a sweet smile before she starts to lower down CM Punk's wrestling tights
from his impressive looking waist.

CM Punk nods his head, "I hope that you will..." He says as he again smiles.
Kelly slowly, and teasingly lowers his wrestling tights down from his waist.
As she slides them down his legs, CM Punk's thick, ten-inch cock pops out of
his tights. Kelly licks her lips and bites down on her bottom lip as she
casually lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the straight-edge
stud. The young ECW Vixen tosses her soft blonde hair back as she looks up
at CM Punk with an adorable smile before she wraps her soft, delicate hands
around his shaft and begins to smoothly stroke his cock. "Mmmmmmm..." CM
Punk closes his eyes and moans as Kelly Kelly gently strokes his cock while
helping it become hard. The talented, clean-cut wrestler puts his left hand
on Kelly's head and strokes her blond hair. "That's perfect..." CM Punk says,
complimenting Kelly on how she's stroking his shaft.

Kelly smiles "I always aim to please..." Kelly says before she closes her
eyes, leaning her head down and gently places her soft, wet tongue against
the head of CM Punk's now hard cock. The young, hot Exhibitionist begins to
gently circle her tongue around the head of his cock, gently tapping her
tongue as well.

CM Punk opens his eyes and looks down at Kelly as she brushes her tongue
around and against his rock hard dick, "Ahhh... you are very talented..." CM
Punk says with a moan as he pushes Kelly's blond hair back behind her left
ear with his left hand. Kelly opens her eyes and slowly glances up at CM
Punk, locking her soft and innocent eyes with his eyes as she casually opens
her mouth and takes the head of CM Punk's cock into her warm, sweet mouth.
The innocent Kelly Kelly begins to bob her head slowly, focusing on the head
of his cock as she gently twists her head on the tip of his cock.

"Mmmmmm... that's it... nice... and slow... no need to rush..." CM Punk says
as he begins breathing in and out at the same slow pace Kelly is using as she
bobs her head on the upper part of his cock. CM Punk looks down and into
Kelly's soft, innocent eyes and slowly licks his lips as he watches her suck
on his stiff dick. Kelly closes her eyes as she lowers her head further down
as she takes more of CM Punk's straight-edge hard cock into her soothing
mouth. Kelly smoothly bobs her head on his cock as her soft lips rub up and
down against his shaft as she gradually bobs her head quicker. CM Punk grits
his teeth together slightly as he watches Kelly Kelly suck on his thick meaty
cock. "Ahhh... whew... you said... you aim to please... and I see...
that's... very true..." CM Punk says as he tilts his head back and closes his
eyes. He keeps his left hand on Kelly's head as the talented extreme Vixen
presses her lips tighter on his shaft. Kelly starts to bob her head quicker
as she laps her tongue around his shaft, lathering his cock with her warm
saliva as takes more of CM Punk's hard cock into her sweet, innocent mouth.

"Ahhh... ohhh... mmmmm..." CM Punk clenches his teeth together as Kelly Kelly
takes all of his cock past her soft lips and into her warm moist mouth. When
the nineteen-year- old Vixen brings her head back and off of his dick, CM
Punk looks down at her, "That... helped... clear my mind a little..." he says
as he helps Kelly stand up.

Kelly smiles sweetly and blushes as she lowers her head cutely "I hope it
did..." Kelly says as she starts to untie her short pink silk bathrobe.

"Believe me... it did... and I think I'm going to... return the favor..." CM
Punk says as he pushes Kelly's pink silk bathrobe off of her shoulders and
down off of her body. After her bathrobe lands on the ground, the clean cut,
straight edge Rookie Extremist's eyes looks down and looks at Kelly's round
perky tits, "Those... are beautiful..." CM Punk says.

Kelly blushes and turns her head away shyly "Awww thank you..." Kelly says as
steps a bit closer to CM Punk as he reaches forward and places his hands on
Kelly's rounded, perky and excellent tits. CM Punk gently squeezes Kelly's
hot round tits with his strong hands, before lowering his head down to flick
his tongue against the nipples of each one. He lowers his right hand down
from Kelly's chest and presses it against her perfectly smooth pussy. While
he circles his tongue around Kelly's left tit, CM eases two fingers into
Kelly's pussy and begins to move them in and out as he pushes Kelly backward
towards an equipment crate.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she closes her eyes "Ohhhh my..." Kelly
moans cutely as CM Punk begins to thrust her fingers in and out of her tight,
warm pussy.

As CM Punk slowly moves his fingers in and out of her pussy, the talented
wrestler lifts his head from her excellent, round, perky tits. "You like
that?" He asks in a low voice as he wraps his left arm around Kelly's hot
slender body. Without taking his fingers out of her pussy, CM Punk lifts
Kelly up and sits her on the equipment crate, and begins to thrust his
fingers in and out of her pussy a little faster.

Kelly Kelly grits her teeth and nods her head with her eyes closed "Ohhh...I
love it..." Kelly groans as the straight-edge stud thrusts his two fingers
in and out of Kelly's pussy at a quicker rate. CM Punk smiles once again as
Kelly spreads her legs apart and leans back on the equipment crate. He takes
his fingers out of her warm, wet pussy. Showing that he meant what he said,
CM Punk kneels down so he can slides his tongue into Kelly's pussy. Holding
onto her legs to keep them apart, CM Punk begins moving his tongue in and out
of Kelly's pussy. Kelly tilts her head back "Ohhhh awww yesss..." Kelly moans
softly as CM Punk begins to circulate his tongue around inside of her warm,
wet and tight pussy. CM Punk slides his hands back and forth on Kelly's
smooth tanned legs as he moves his tongue around in a circle. The talented
wrestler moves his head back a bit and pulls his tongue out. CM Punk doesn't
lift his head away completely and begins licking up and down Kelly's pussy,
covering her warm wet pussy with his own saliva.

Kelly places her hands on top of CM Punk's head as she starts to gently grind
her pussy against his face as his tongue darts quickly in and out of her
pussy "Ohhhh ahhhh...awww...ohhh..." Kelly Kelly moans softly.

CM Punk continues to lap his tongue against Kelly's sweet pussy as he
pleasures her. Soon he begins to stand up and he drags his tongue up from
Kelly's pussy to her flat, toned stomach. "Did you enjoy that?" he asks her
as Kelly is breathing a bit hard.

Kelly nods her head "Oh...oh yess I did..." The young Exhibitionist says as
she breaths heavily. Kelly places her hands around CM Punk's strong arms and
pulls the straight-edge stud closer to her as she spreads her legs further
apart forcing the head of CM Punk's cock to touch Kelly's smoothly shaven,
hot pussy. CM Punk puts his strong hands onto Kelly's slender waist and he
pulls her forward on the equipment trunk as he pushes his fat, ten inch cock
into Kelly's hot, tight pussy. The straight-edge, clean-cut stud begins to
slowly pump his cock in and out of Kelly Kelly's pussy, and each one of his
thrusts are firm and smooth, making it easy for Kelly to enjoy his cock
moving in and out of her pussy. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she
starts to rock her petite, hot body against CM Punk's cock as he thrusts his
cock deeply and smoothly into her young, tight pussy "Ohhhh awww yesss...give
it to me!"

CM Punk's fairly long hair swings back and forth across his face as he drives
his cock in and out of her pussy, "Like you said... I aim... to please..." CM
Punk says as he begins to increase the momentum of his thrusts. Gradually, he
picks up speed as he pumps his cock deep into Kelly's hot, young pussy.

Kelly closes her eyes as she wraps her arms around CM Punk's neck and lifts
herself slightly off of the equipment trunk as CM Punk drives his cock up
into her sweet, tight pussy. The young and innocent Kelly Kelly begins to
bounce smoothly on his cock as his hard thrusts jolt the petite ECW Vixen
up and off of his cock for a few brief moments before the hot, young
Exhibitionist slams back down on his hard cock. CM Punk wraps his arms around
Kelly's hot body as he steps back away from the equipment crate. He doesn't
turn around and instead he helps Kelly bounce on his cock as he thrusts his
cock in and out of her warm, wet pussy like a piston. "Uhhhh... mmm...
this... is... really... helping me... clear... my mind...." CM Punk grunts a
he begins to sweat slightly.

"" Kelly asks while she moans as she
bounces and begins rock against CM Punk's as he holds the petite ECW Vixen
with his strong arms. The innocent, hot Kelly Kelly begins to sweat as she
slams down harder on his cock, forcing his cock deeper into her tight cunt.

"I... ahhhhhh am... enjoying myself..." CM Punk replies with a moan as he
sits Kelly back on the equipment crate. He pulls his thick shaft out of her
pussy and steps back as Kelly scoots off of the crate. "Can you... turn
around..." CM Punk asks as he wipes some sweat from his forehead with the
back of his right wrist.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and cutely pushes her slender shoulders up
"I suppose I can." Kelly says with a cute laugh as she eases herself off of
the equipment trunk before she turns around and then bends over the trunk.
Kelly looks over her shoulder as CM Punk licks his lips, locking his eyes on
Kelly's cute rounded, and perfect ass.

CM Punk places his right hand on Kelly's cute round ass and smiles, "This...
may be a good indulgence for me to enjoy..." He says as he gets close behind
her. CM Punk bends his knees a bit so he can push his throbbing cock into
Kelly's tight little asshole. The clean-cut, straight-edge stud grits his
teeth as he feels Kelly's tight young asshole expand as he gently forces
every inch of his cock into her backside.

Kelly grits her teeth as well as CM Punk's cock enters her tight asshole
"Ohhhh ohhhhh...awww...yeah..." Kelly groans before CM Punk begins to thrust
and drive his cock in and out of Kelly's cute ass.

CM Punk places his hands on Kelly's shoulders as he pumps his cock in and
out of Kelly's tight ass, and with every thrust, it becomes easier for him
to pick up momentum. "Ahhh... mmmmmm... incredible..." CM Punk grunts as he
fucks Kelly Kelly's cute round ass with his fat ten-inch cock.

Kelly licks her lips as her cute, rounded ass slams back against CM Punk's
impressive looking waist "Ohhhh awww...yeah tap that ass!"

CM Punk takes his left hand off of Kelly's left shoulder and reaches around
her waist. "Uhhh damn.... my mind is really clear... now...." He groans as he
slides two fingers back inside of Kelly's pussy. As he drives his cock in and
out of her ass while he begins to finger fuck her pussy for the second time.

Kelly grits her teeth as she sweat drips off of her stunning, petite tanned
body "Ohhhh awww...mmm...ohhhh" Kelly Kelly moans as she starts to slam her
cute ass back against his cock again before she starts to cum on CM Punk's

CM Punk grits his teeth as he feels Kelly's cum on his fingers as he pulls
them out of her hot, soaking wet pussy. He continues to slam his fat cock in
and out of her tight asshole as he breathes hard. "Ahhh... ohhhh yeah... ohhh
yeah...." CM Punk throws his head back as he starts to cum deep inside of
Kelly Kelly's hot tight asshole.

CM Punk holds his cock in Kelly asshole until he's finishes cumming, "Ohhh...
whew... my mind... is very clear now... thank you..." he says as he slides
his right hand against Kelly's lower back.

Kelly licks her lips as she slowly turns her head back and smiles cutely at
CM Punk "Mmm...I must say...I love the straight-edge life..." Kelly says with
a cute laugh as she scrunches up her adorable button-nose.


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