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Kelly's Expose Part 9: Entered By The Sandman
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW Vixen
and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room with an
adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in a pair of tight pair of jean
shorts and an extremely tight white t-shirt that shows off come of her
smooth, tanned midsection. Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up "Hi...I'm Kelly
and I'm an exhibitionist, and I just love getting extreme..." Kelly says in
a soft, seducing voice as she holds and kendo stick with her left hand and
begins to gently stroke the kendo stick with her right hand. Kelly grits her
teeth as she licks her lips "And tonight, oh I'm getting extreme alright..."
The young, hot Exhibitionist says as she sets the kendo stick down. The young
ECW Vixen then picks up nice, cold can of beer with her right hand and pops
the tab opening the can of beer, and takes a good sip of the beer "Because
tonight...Kelly's Expose goes to a new extreme! Tonight...I'm going to
fuck...The Sandman!" Kelly says in an uncharacteristic aggressive voice,
before she gently grits her teeth together and tilts her head back. The hot
Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly raises the beer can up and begins to pour the cold,
beer all over her tight white t-shirt, causing parts of her bare, firm tits
to be seen through the beer-wetted material of the t-shirt.

"Oh my god Joe! Kelly Kelly and The Sandman!?" Tazz says unbelievably towards
his ECW broadcast partner, the Voice of ECW Joey Styles.

Joey Styles clears his throat and nods his head, "Yes that's right Tazz,
tonight Kelly Kelly is fucking the original Extreme Hardcore Icon, the
Multi-time ECW Champion, beer drinking, cane swinging bad boy from the bars
in Philadelphia, The Sandman!" Joey says, sounding completely shock as if he
doesn't quite believe it himself.

Tazz shakes his head "Joey! What in the world could Kelly taking
things to a new extreme!?"

"I do not know Tazz, she can mean absolutely anything... she could come right
out here and fuck Sandman right in the middle of the ring for all we know,"
Joey replies.

"That would be great Joe! I'm tellin' ya Joe...great!" Tazz says.

Joey Styles nods his head, "That is certainly the truth Tazz, if it's
anything like the action we've seen the past few weeks on Kelly's Expose it's
going to be hot, hardcore and extreme!"

"And Kelly promises a new extreme! What the hell, that means..." Tazz says
with a slight chuckle.

"I'm guessing it may have to do with the Sandman's location... no one has
been able to find the Sandman yet..." Joey says as he tries to listen to his
head set.

"I have no..." Joey Styles is able to answer as the entrance music for the
Sandman starts to play in the arena. "Correction Tazz... I do have an idea...
the Sandman is here in the arena!" Joey says as the Sandman starts walking
through the crowd, drinking beer and smoking cigarette, wearing black jeans
and a black sleeveless shirt.

"Oh my god Joey! He is coming through the crowd!" Tazz says as he turns
around in his chair watching ECW Original, The Sandman, walk through the
crowd holding his kendo stick high in the air as he walks through the

Joey turns around all the way in his chair, "And he's brought the bar with
him.... if the heads of SCI-FI channel had problems with me saying Fuck live
on the air, they are now going nuts...." Joey says as The Sandman makes his
way the ringside seats. Sandman stands on the crowd barrier and drinks
several beers as the crowd continues to go wild.

"This is unbelievable Joe!" Tazz says loudly as The Sandman makes his way up
to the set-up stage for Kelly Kelly's popular segment during ECW on Sci-Fi,
known as Kelly's Expose.

"You are absolutely right Tazz... this is unbelievable... but more
importantly... this is extreme!" Joey replies loudly so that Tazz can hear
him over the cheers. The Sandman grabs a steel chair from the ringside area
as he gets up onto Kelly Kelly's stage. He unfolds the chair and sets his
kendo stick down. Meanwhile, Joey Styles tries to listen what's being said
on his head set, "Tazz, I'm getting word that Kelly Kelly is being told where
the Sandman is... and that when we come back, we'll be having Kelly's Expose
live right here in the arena!"

"What Joe!? Are you kidding me!? That hot tomata Kelly is coming..." Tazz
begins to say before he is interrupted by the words "HOLLA! HOLLA!" of Kelly
Kelly's theme music as it's heard throughout the arena "Oh my god Joe! She
is coming out here!?" Tazz says as the young, innocent ECW Exhibitionist
steps out from behind the curtain of the ECW entrance stage and presses her
soft lips together as she remains dressed in her tight jean shorts and her
beer-soaked tight white t-shirt. Kelly presses her shoulders up cutely and
blushes at the crowd before she makes her way over to the stage of Kelly's
Expose, where the Hardcore Icon, The Sandman is seated drinking a beer.

"I don't think they are going to wait Tazz..." Joey says as he pauses to
listens to something being said to him on the headset, "And I'm being told
that we'll have shut up while the action is going on..." Joey says, while
on the stage, The Sandman licks his lips as he looks at Kelly while he
takes several cans off beer out of his pockets and sets them on the floor
of the stage. Kelly shyly lowers her head as she locks her eyes with The
Sandman as she casually walks to her stage and then steps up on the stage
of Kelly's Expose. Kelly smiles cutely at The Sandman as she approaches
the sitting, beer drinking Hardcore Icon.

The Sandman finishes the beer he's currently drinking as Kelly comes towards
him. He tosses the empty beer can over his left shoulder and leans back in
the chair, "You said you're gonna take it to a new level of extreme... so
let's get extreme." Sandman says to her as he starts undoing his jeans while
sitting on the chair.

Kelly licks her lips as she blushes slightly and nods her head "Oh yes...I'm
taking it to a new extreme..." Kelly says as she quickly removes the tight
white, beer-soaked t-shirt to reveal her firm, rounded and perfect tits that
are slightly moist by the beer that Kelly poured on herself.

The Sandman smirks as he gets looks at Kelly's moist, round perky tits.
"We'll see about that..." Sandman says as he gets up from the chair and
lowers his jeans down from his waist. The Original Hardcore Icon isn't
wearing any boxers underneath his jeans, so his large fat eleven-inch
cock comes into view instantly. After stepping out of his jeans, Sandman
bends down and picks up another beer, opens it and starts drinking it.
Kelly gently grits her teeth together as she kneels down in front of The
Sandman as he stands, drinking his beer. Kelly tosses her soft blonde
hair back as the young ECW Vixen reaches up and takes The Sandman's cock
into her soft, delicate hands and begins to move her hands gently against
his shaft as she strokes his hardening hardcore cock. The Sandman stops
drinking his beer and looks down at the nineteen-year-old Vixing as she
strokes his stiff hardcore dick in front of an arena full of people.
"Yeah that's it..." Sandman says as he resumes drinking his beer.

Kelly smiles and blushes as she shyly looks up at The Sandman as she moves
her soft, small hands against his hard and rigid shaft. Kelly Kelly the
adorably sweet Exhibitionist leans her head down to his cock and closes her
eyes as she gently places her tongue against the head of Sandman's cock and
begins to circle her soft tongue around the tip. The Sandman grits his teeth
a bit as Kelly gently taps her tongue against the tip of his cock, "That
ain't fucking extreme...." Sandman says as he suddenly pours the rest of his
beer down onto his cock, which leads to a good amount of it getting into
Kelly's mouth.

Kelly presses her shoulders up cutely as she looks up at The Sandman before
she lowers her head back down on his cock and begins to lap her tongue around
The Sandman's cock as she begins to lap up the beer that The Sandman poured
all over his cock. Kelly moans softly against his cock as she guides her
tongue up and down his shaft a few times before she comes to a stop at the
tip of his cock and opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head down on his
beer soaked cock. The innocent, shy ECW Vixen starts to smoothly bob her head
on The Sandman's cock, pressing her lips tightly around his shaft as she laps
her tongue against his beer soaked cock. "Yeah... that's it... right
there..." Sandman says as he grits his teeth. He grabs a handful of Kelly's
blond hair as he begins thrusting his cock forward, driving it in and out of
Kelly's innocent, warm, wet mouth. "Take it all the way down..." Sandman
says as he makes Kelly go down further and further on his fat cock as she
bobs her head on his dick.

Kelly softly moans against The Sandman's cock as she bobs her head smoothly
on his cock as she sucks on his entire cock. Kelly's soft lips rub up and
down against The Sandman's stiff shaft as the head of his cock gently smacks
the back of her throat. The Sandman pulls on Kelly's blond hair as she
continues to suck his fat heavy cock, "Shit... you ain't gonna fucking gag...
you got some real fucking talent..." Sandman says as his balls hits against
Kelly's chin every time she goes down all the way on his cock. Kelly holds
her head down on his entire cock for a few moments before she slowly lifts
her head up from his cock and her warm saliva drips down his hard, rigid
shaft. Kelly licks her lips as she looks up at The Sandman with a cute,
adorable smiles as she places her hands back around his shaft and begin
stroke her hands against his cock coated in her warm saliva.

The Sandman grinds his teeth together, "Get those tight little jean shorts
off... and get on your fucking hands and knees, I'm going to take you to the
extreme..." Sandman says as he gets yet another beer, pops it open and starts
to drink it.

Kelly blushes and nods her head "Ok...I will..." Kelly says sweetly as she
kneels up a bit more as she starts to buttoned her tight jeans shorts. Kelly
Kelly slides the shorts off of her rounded, slender hips and guides the
shorts down her smooth, tanned legs. The young Exhibitionist tosses her
blonde hair back as she turns around on her knees and bends over onto her

The Sandman walks all the way around Kelly as he drinks his newest beer,
"Good... going get real fucking hardcore on your cute little ass..." Sandman
says as he kneels behind Kelly on her stage. The Sandman puts his right hand
on Kelly's ass and spreads her ass cheeks apart. Realizing he still has a
beer in his hand, Sandman takes another long drink and pours the rest of it
down onto his fat cock. The Sandman then shocks the innocent Kelly Kelly by
shoving his entire eleven-inch shaft into her tight asshole.

Kelly grits her teeth and tilts her head "Ohhhhh shit!" Kelly moans loudly as
The Sandman's entire hard cock slams into her tight asshole "Ohhhh yeah..."
Kelly groans as the Hardcore Icon begins to thrust his cock in and out of her
tight asshole.

The Sandman grabs the back of her hair with his left hand while keeping his
right hand on Kelly's hip as he fucks her. "Yeah... you fucking... like that
shit?!" Sandman asks as he grunts. The Hardcore Icon slams his cock in and
out of Kelly's asshole as hard as he can, making her body jolt forward with
every thrust.

Kelly's petite, hot body rocks back and forth against the stage of Kelly's
Expose as The Sandman's quick, hard thrust jolt the petite ECW Vixen forward
and she returns pushes her hot body back against The Sandman's cock "Ohhhh...
I it..." Kelly groans

The Sandman continues to pound his fat cock in and out of Kelly's tight
asshole, and his ballsack swings back and forth and smacks against Kelly's
ass. "Let's see what the fuck you can really do... now..." Sandman says with
a grunt before he pulls out of Kelly's ass. After he lets go of her, Kelly
almost falls down flat on the stage before the former multi-time ECW Champion
pulls Kelly up to her feet.

Kelly catches her breath and smiles sweetly at The Sandman " want me
to show you?" Kelly asks playfully.

"Fuck yeah..." Sandman says as he walks over to the metal chair and sits
down, "I want a real fucking lap dance..." Sandman says as he grabs his cock
and strokes it slightly before he grabs yet another beer.

Kelly blushes and laughs cutely as she walks over to the original Hardcore
Icon, The Sandman "Ohh...I'm gonna do more then a lap dance." Kelly Kelly
says with a wink as she gently straddles The Sandman's laps as she faces him
and then lowers her petite body down on his cock, taking him into her tight,
wet pussy. The young ECW Vixen begins to grind her body against The Sandman's
cock as she gives him a sexual lap dance of sorts. As Kelly's body moves
against The Sandman's body, so does her pussy against his cock before she
starts to gently bounce on his cock.

The Sandman nods his head and smirks as Kelly bounces gently on his cock.
"Yeah... that's what I'm talking about... give me that fucking lap dance..."
Sandman groans as Kelly does grinds her hips as she bounces on his dick. When
she puts her hands on his shoulders and leans back, the original Hardcore
Icon pours some of his beef down between her round soaked tits and lowers his
head to lick it up from her skin.

Kelly tilts her head back and moans as she starts to rock her petite body on
his hard, rigid cock "Ohhhh awwww...mmmm I love extreme action" Kelly moans
playfully as she starts to grind her pussy down against his cock as she
bounces quicker on his cock, forcing her petite body to slam down roughly on
his cock. The Sandman drops the empty beer can he has in his hand down onto
the stage so he can wrap his arms around her. The ECW Original then proceeds
to stand up from the chair he's sitting on and begins bouncing Kelly on his
cock as he starts thrusting his dick in and out of her hot wet pussy. Kelly
Kelly grits her teeth as she petite body slams down repeatedly on his hard
cock "Ohhhh awww... mmmm fuck..." The innocent Kelly moans as she closes her
eyes as she wraps her arms around The Sandman's neck while the beer-drinking
Extremist bounces the ECW Exhibitionist on his cock.

The Sandman starts to sweat as he slams Kelly Kelly up and down on his cock.
"Ahhh yeah... you little extreme bitch... like getting hardcore?" Sandman
grunts as he drives his cock as deep as possible into Kelly's hot, wet cunt.
The Hardcore Icon manages to step around behind the chair, and he rests Kelly
on the back of it, and the young, beer covered Vixen can feel the cool metal
against her ass as Sandman fucks her.

Kelly tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she moans "Ohhhhh yeah!"
Kelly Kelly's hot, petite body begins to drip of sweat as The Sandman
extremely rams his cock in and out of her young, tight and sweet pussy. The
Sandman grits his teeth as he slams his cock in and out Kelly's soaking wet
cunt. He slows down his thrusts and then pulls his cock out of Kelly pussy
once again, and he stands Kelly up. He turns Kelly around and makes her grab
the back of the metal chair. The Sandman then bends his knees enough so that
he can slam his cock back into pussy, making Kelly jump as his dick enters
her again.

"Ohhhh shit!" Kelly moans loudly before she looks over her shoulder and
blushes a bit as The Sandman looks at her and smacks his hands against her
cute, rounded ass before he starts to drive his cock deeply into her pussy,
making the petite ECW Vixen bounce slightly after each thrust.

"Better... fucking hold on to... that... chair..." Sandman says as he grits
teeth. He holds onto Kelly's hips as he rams his cock extremely hard and fast
into her tight, hot pussy. The former ECW Champion jerks the hot, sweaty,
beer covered nineteen-year-old exhibitionist back towards him.

"Ohhhhh shit yess!" Kelly Kelly moans loudly as she begins to cum against The
Sandman's cock.

The Sandman smirks and grits his teeth as he feels Kelly Kelly cumming on
his big fat dick as it flies in and out of her pussy. The Sandman then pulls
his cock out of her pussy. He then pulls her from behind the metal chair and
walks her to the front of the chair. "Get down..." Sandman says as he starts
to push Kelly down onto her knees. Kelly shyly presses her shoulders up as
she blushes and then lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the
Hardcore Icon, The Sandman, as she looks cute and innocent.

The Sandman begins to stroke his cock as he bends down to get another beer
from the floor of Kelly's dance stage. He pops it open, but doesn't drink
from it as he continues to stroke his cock. "Open your mouth..." Sandman
orders as he grinds his teeth together. Kelly nods her head sweetly as she
closes her eyes and tilts her head back, opening up her small mouth. The
Sandman holds his throbbing cock near Kelly's open mouth and begins to cum,
"Ahhhh shit..." Sandman grunts as he fills Kelly's mouth with a big load of
warm spunk. Once he's finish cumming and before Kelly can swallow, Sandman
pours some beer into Kelly's mouth, giving her an extreme mix of beer and
cum. Kelly moans softly as the mixture of Sandman's warm cum and the cold
beer flow down her throat as she swallows every drop of cum and beer, before
she licks her lips.

The Sandman looks down at Kelly Kelly as the crowd that was watching them
live in the arena goes nuts and gives them both a standing ovation. Sandman
helps Kelly Kelly up to her feet and hands her the opened beer as he gets
himself another. "Have a drink... you're OFFICALLY... extreme now..." Sandman
says, giving Kelly his approval as if he just initiated the hot young Vixen.
Kelly smiles and blushes as she holds the beer can. Kelly shyly buts down on
her bottom lip as she lowers her head, not taking a sip of the beer.

Sandman raises an eyebrow, "What's with you? I said have a drink..."
Sandman says as he opens the fresh beer he has in his hand. Kelly presses her
shoulder up cutely as she smiles at The Sandman before turning her stunning,
hot body towards the crowd and shrugs her shoulders with a smirk. The young,
smoking hot ECW Vixen tilts her head back and raises the beer can up as she
starts pour the beer on her nude, tanned body as she covered her firm tits
with the nice, cold beer. The Sandman smirks as he stands next to Kelly Kelly
and watches the cold beer flow down the front of her hot body. The Sandman
takes a drink of his beer and then proceeds to pour all of it down onto
Kelly's tits. "Fuck a beer bash... you wanted to have a beer bath... now
that's extreme..." Sandman says.

Kelly licks her lips as she opens her eyes and places her hands over her beer
soaked tits and begins to rub the cold beer all over her tits and her smooth,
tanned stomach. The Sandman goes pick up his jeans and puts them, and he
picks up his kendo stick. He holds it high into the hair and screams out, "E
C FUCKING W!" as the crowd begins chanting, "E-C-DUB, E-C-DUB!" while they
cheer for Kelly Kelly.


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