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Kelly's Expose Part 10: Five Star Nights
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

As the song "Chelsea" by Stefy plays in the background, the young ECW Vixen
and Exhibitionist Kelly Kelly stands in her private dressing room with an
adorable smile on her face as she's dressed in a pair of tight black short
bottoms and a black bikini top. Kelly cutely scrunches her nose up "Hi...I'm
Kelly and I'm an exhibitionist, and I just love fucking..." Kelly pauses and
bites down on her bottom lip as she pushes her slender shoulders up "Well
last week things got pretty extreme on Kelly's Expose...and I'm not stopping
tonight either..." Kelly says with a cute laugh before she places her hands
on her slender, tanned waist as she licks her soft lips.

"Tonight...I'm going to fuck a one of a ECW Original..." Kelly
Kelly pauses and blushes sweetly "Tonight...well...I'm going to fuck...Rob...
Van...Dam" Kelly says in a soft, seducing voice before she gently grits her
teeth and slowly steps away.

"Whoa Joey! Did you hear Kelly!? Tonight...the high flyer Rob Van Dam!" Tazz
says with a slight chuckle "I can't believe what happened last week Joe! That
was incredible!" Tazz says as he turns to his ECW broadcast partner Joey
Styles "I'm tellin ya Joe, what's better then ECW and the hot tomata Kelly

"I can't think of anything that's better than ECW and Kelly Kelly... I wonder
how soon we'll see something similar on RAW or SmackDown..." Joey Styles says
with a light laugh, "But Kelly Kelly isn't lying with what she said, last
week got real extreme when she fucked The Sandman live right in the middle of
the arena."

Tazz shakes his head "I couldn't believe last week Joe! I can't believe Kelly
Kelly and The Sandman right in front of the ECW fans!" Tazz says with a laugh
"Now that's extreme!"

"Everyone who watch will agree with you Tazz," Joey says, "And tonight she's
going to fuck Mr. Tuesday Night, The Whole Fucking Show, Rob Van Dam..."

Tazz chuckles "I can't wait Joey! If it's anything like last week...we're all
in for a treat from that hot tomata..."

"Once again, I totally agree partner," Joey Styles says, "And from what I
understand, Kelly's message to all of us was taped earlier in the night...
and she's now arriving at a hotel where Rob Van Dam is staying at for the

"Hotel!? What the hell Joe!? You mean Kelly isn't here!?" Tazz says slightly
up set.

"Apparently not Tazz... although this is ECW... and she left in a limo... she
can be picking up Rob Van Dam and they could possibly be fucking all over the
city tonight." Joey says as he listens to what's being said into his headset.

Tazz chuckles "Well somebody better get a camera over there!"

"I don't think we have to worry about that Tazz... We have Camera's set up
into the limo Kelly's in and in RVD's hotel room... but we won't find out
where they are until after out next commercial break."

" mean we gotta wait!?"

"I believe..." Joey pauses, "Hold on Tazz... I'm getting world that the limo
Kelly left in is pulling into the parking lot... and that Rob Van Dam and
Kelly Kelly are inside... AND camera men are rushing to the arena parking

"Oh boy Joey! I can't wait!"

"You don't have too Tazz, we are going out to the parking lot, LIVE, right
this very minute!"

* * *

Outside of the arena and inside the long black limo that's parked in the
parking lot, Rob Van Dam is sitting in the backseat with a smirk on his face.
Dressed in a black RVD t-shirt and long jean shorts, Rob leans back on the
seat as he looks at Kelly Kelly, "Thanks for the lift Kelly..." Rob says as
he checks her out.

Kelly blushes and presses her shoulders up "Oh no problem Rob..." Kelly Kelly
says sweetly as she next to the high-flier, RVD.

"It was a real surprise that you came to get me..." Rob says as looks at
Kelly's smooth, tanned legs, "But it's all cool... since you probably got
something planned that's real extreme..."

Kelly nods her head and smiles "Oh I do..." Kelly laughs cutely as she places
her left hand against Rob's crotch and begins to massage his cock through the
material of his jean shorts as the limo begins to drive away from the arena.

Rob licks his lips, "Mmmm... you mind telling me what ya got in mind?" Rob
says as he reaches behind her with his right arm and begins to untie the
black bikini top she's wearing.

Kelly laughs as she scrunches her cute, button-nose up "I'd rather show
you..." Kelly says as the young ECW Exhibitionist begins to casually unbutton
his jean shorts.

Rob laughs a bit as he finishes untying Kelly's black bikini top and peels
it from her stunning, hot body, freeing her round perky tits. "Hey... that's
cool with me... I love a good show..." Rob says as he tosses Kelly's bikini
top to the floor of the limo. He leans back on the seat as Kelly unbuttons
his jean shorts and then unzips them. Kelly lowers her body slightly as she
sits on the leather limo seat as she starts pull Rob's jean shorts down from
his waist and begins to guide them down his strong legs. Rob helps Kelly out
by standing up a bit from leather limo seat, which allows his jean shorts to
fall down toward his ankles. Rob also pushes down the black boxer shorts he's
wearing, freeing his large, thick thirteen-inch cock. Rob sits back down on
leather limo seat.

Kelly smiles as she wraps her soft, delicate hands around Rob's cock and
begins to gently stroke his cock "Mmmm...Rob...I'll be blown
high tonight..." Kelly says cutely with a laugh as she moves her small hands
gently along Rob's hardening shaft.

Rob chuckles a bit, "Hey baby... if you can suck that whole... fucking...
dick... you'll blow me away...." Rob says with a moan as Kelly's hands move
up and down on his now fully hard cock. The ECW Triple Crown winner licks
his lips and pulls off his t-shirt as he relaxes on the limo's leather seat.
Kelly Kelly smiles and blushes before she lowers her head down and places her
soft, wet tongue against the head of Rob Van Dam's cock before she begins to
circle her tongue around the head of the ECW Extremist's cock. Rob places his
right hand on the back of Kelly's head and pushes her hair to one side as
Kelly lightly coats the tip of his cock with her saliva. "Mmmmmm... yeah..."
Rob moans as the hot young ECW Vixen slowly moves her tongue around the head
of his dick repeatedly. Kelly closes her eyes as she shifts her hot, petite
body a bit as she starts to gently tap her tongue against the head of Rob's
cock before she tenderly works the tip of her tongue into Rob's piss-slit as
she starts to close her hot Exhibitionist mouth around his shaft. "Mmmmm...
damn... you like to tease my fucking cock..." Rob says with a groan as Kelly
continues her slowly move her tongue against his cock as she presses her lips
down onto his meaty cock.

Kelly wraps her lips gently around Rob's shaft before she starts to bob her
head on his cock as she sucks the high-flier, Rob Van Dam, at a smooth and
gentle rate as she bobs her head. Rob pushes his right hand through Kelly
Kelly's smooth blond hair as she bobs her head up and down on his cock.
"Ahh...mmmm..." Rob moans as he leans towards his right and slides his right
hand into Kelly's bikini bottoms. Kelly the young, cute and innocent ECW
Vixen gently moans against Rob's shaft as she bobs her head slightly quicker
on his cock as she laps her wet tongue around his cock as she massages her
warm, soothing saliva against his shaft with her gentle tongue. "Ohhhh...
yeah... that's it..." Rob licks his lips as he pushes his fingers down
between Kelly's ass cheeks as she quickens the pace of how she sucks his
dick. "Damn... you can suck my dick any time you want..." Rob groans as he
pushes a finger into Kelly Kelly's tight asshole.

Kelly gently places her teeth against the skin of Rob's shaft and begins to
gently grate her teeth against his shaft as she bobs her head smoothly on his
cock, taking more into her mouth. "Uhhhh mmmmm yeah... that's it... take it
down..." Rob groans as Kelly slowly but surely takes his cock past her lips.
He moves his finger out of Kelly's asshole, and leans over towards his left
so that he can start pushing down her black bikini bottoms. Kelly parts her
lips a bit more as she lowers her head further down on his cock, taking Rob's
cock deeply into her small, saliva-dripping mouth and now the young, adorable
ECW Exhibitionist is deep throating the cock of Rob Van Dam. Rob grits his
teeth as Kelly takes all of his thirteen-inch cock into her warm wet mouth.
"Ohhh... uhhh yeah... mmmm... damn... best... blowjob... ever...." Rob moans.

With Rob's entire cock, deeply buried inside of Kelly's warm mouth, the young
and adorable Kelly Kelly begins to twist her head on his cock before she
starts to once again bob her head quickly on his shaft. "Ehhh... damn...
whew... Kelly Kelly 4:69 must mean... you suck dick... 24/7..." Rob moans and
laughs a bit as Kelly works over his fat long cock. The man nicknamed Mr.
Pay-Per-View, groans as he feels Kelly's warm saliva trickle down his cock
and onto his large ball sack. Kelly slowly picks her head up from Rob's cock
as her warm saliva is coated on his shaft as she beads of her saliva drip
down his long shaft. Kelly blushes and smiles cutely as she watches her
saliva roll down Rob's shaft, until the saliva crashes on his large ballsack.

Rob licks his lips and smirks, "Whew... fuck, you're the new 'HEAD'
cheerleader..." Rob says as he looks at how much room there is in the back of
the limo. "Hey babe... get down... on the floor..." Rob says with a smirk as
he wraps a hand around his saliva covered dick.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip cutely "Are we going...extreme?" Kelly
says with an adorable laugh as she eases herself off of the leather seats in
the back of the limo and begins to kneels down on the floor of the limo.

Rob nods his head, "Yeah... we are..." Rob says as he slides off of leather
seat, "Turn around..." Rob says with a smirk, and after Kelly turns around on
her knees, Rob pushes her forward so that she's down on all fours. Rob then
slides his cock into Kelly's pussy and begins to fuck her just as the limo
makes a left turn, causing them both to lean towards the right.

Kelly laughs a bit as Rob begins to thrust his cock in and out of her
tight, warm pussy "Ohhhhh Rob..." Kelly moans as she starts to gently push
her petite body back against Rob's cock almost instantly after he starts
to thrust into her pussy. Rob puts his hands on Kelly's sexy waist as he
steadily thrusts his cock in and out of Kelly's hot, tight pussy. As he
fucks her, Rob slides his hands from Kelly's waist to her lower back and
then up to her shoulders, giving the hot Exhibitionist a slight massage as
he drives his cock in and out of her pussy. Kelly grits her teeth as Rob's
thrusts become gradually quicker and deeper "Ahhhh fuck..." Kelly moans as
Rob's fat, hard cock impales her sweet, innocent and nineteen year old

"Ahh... having... fun? I know I am..." Rob grunts as he pulls her back
towards him so that Kelly's cute round ass smacks up against his waist as
he drills her pussy. The limo makes a right turn, which has them both lean
towards the left, and Rob takes advantage of it by quickly wrapping his
arms around Kelly's slender stunning body and rolling on to their left
sides. Once they are both laying on the floor of the limo, Rob lifts Kelly's
right leg up so he can resume sliding his cock in and out hot pussy.

Kelly closes her eyes and groans as she starts to grind her tight pussy back
against Rob's cock as he slams his fat dick up into her tight, warm pussy
"Ohhhh awwww...yesss..."

Rob presses his body against Kelly's back as he continues to ram his cock
into her warm, wet cunt. "Ahhhh fuck... damn... this is cool..." Rob groans
as he fucks the hot, nineteen-year-old vixen. The former two-year reigning
Television Champion makes sure that all of his cock gets slammed deep inside
of Kelly Kelly's hot pussy as he fucks her on the floor of the limo.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she feels every one of Rob's powerful
and quick, deep thrusts to her extremely tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh Rob...ohhh
yeah..." The young Exhibitionist moans as she starts to grind her body
against Rob's body. Rob Van Dam grits his teeth as he pumps his cock into
Kelly's pussy before he slides his left arm underneath her. Rob then rolls
onto his back, with Kelly now on top of him and on his fat hard cock and with
her back towards him. Rob puts his hands back on Kelly's waist and begins to
bounce her up and down on his cock as she leans back to put her hands on his
chest. Kelly Kelly grits her teeth as she leans back slightly and places her
hands behind her on top of Rob's muscular, smooth chest. The young ECW Vixen
begins to rock her petite body on and against his hard cock as she slightly
bounces as well.

"Ohhh yeah... mmmm damn... you're a whole fucking show..." Rob groans as
Kelly rides his stiff cock. The ECW Original begins thrusting his cock up
into her pussy, making her bounce higher with each thrust. Rob keeps his
hands on the nineteen-year-old's waist and helps her rock back and forth
on his cock.

Kelly closes her eyes as she starts to slam down her petite body down on
Rob's cock as she grinds her pussy down against his throbbing cock "Ohhhh
awww...mmm...fuck Rob..."

Rob grinds his teeth together as he slams his cock up into Kelly hot, wet
pussy. Rob takes his hands off of Kelly's waist and sits up on the floor of
the limo. He puts his hands behind him the floor in order to support himself
and Kelly when she leans back and rests herself on his chest. "Fuck....
Kelly... it may... be getting to close... to my favorite time... RVD 4:20..."
Rob grunts as Kelly happily slams herself repeatedly on his cock.

Kelly moans " like smoking this pussy?" Kelly asks cutely as
she breaths heavily.

"Ohhh yeah... but I'm going... to smoke that ass of your's... before I'm
done..." Rob says as he pushes Kelly off of his cock. Rob stands up a bit
in the limo and helps Kelly get back onto the limo's leather seat. Rob pulls
Kelly's legs up and onto his shoulders so that he can push his fat, throbbing
cock into Kelly's tight asshole. The long time ECW Original begins thrusting
his cock in and out of Kelly's ass.

Kelly closes her eyes and grits her teeth as Rob begins to ram his cock in
and out of her tight, soothing asshole "Ohhhh Rob..." Kelly moans as she
starts to drip of sweat. Rob grunts as he pounds his cock into Kelly's tight
asshole, he reaches down with his right hand and begins to rub Kelly's hot
pussy with his fingers while 'smokes' her cute round ass with his fat
thirteen inch shaft. Kelly closes her eyes and grits her teeth "Ohhhhh mmm...
Rob" Kelly Kelly moans as she starts to rocks her petite body against Rob's
cock as her thrusts deeply into her asshole.

Rob licks his teeth as he continues to drive his cock in and out of Kelly's
hot tight asshole, "Ahhhh... damn... you got... a hot ass... love smoking
it..." Rob grunts as sweat rolls down his face. He continues to rub Kelly's
young, sweet pussy with his hand.

Kelly closes her eyes and groans as she starts to cum against Rob's hand
"Ohhhh shit..." Kelly Kelly moans as she leans her head back against the
leather seat of the limo as Rob continues to plow and thrust his cock deep
into Kelly's tight asshole.

Rob smirks as he feels Kelly cum on his hand, and as if it was giving him a
signal, Rob leans forward so that Kelly's legs are bent back towards her
head and pumps his cock harder into her ass. "Ahhh yeah... gonna fuck...
bust a big one..." Rob grunts as he breathes hard and fast. The man known
as Mr. Pay-Per-View grunts as he pulls his cock out of her ass and cums on
her smooth, toned, tanned and sweat covered stomach.

Kelly licks her lips and opens her eyes as she feels the warm cum spray
against her smooth, tanned stomach " that was one of a kind..."
Kelly says with a cute laugh as the limo comes to a stop outside of the
hotel at which Rob Van Dam is staying at.

"Yeah..." Rob smirks as he sits down on the limo's leather seat next to Kelly
once again, "That was the best... ride I've ever gotten..." Rob says with a

Kelly blushes and nods her head " was so...smoking... hot" Kelly
says as she shyly lowers her head and begins to put on her black bikini
bottoms and her black bikini top.

Rob gets his boxer shorts, jeans shorts and his black RVD t-shirt and gets
dressed, "Whew... do you want to come up..." Rob asks as he looks at the
stunning, nineteen year old Extreme Vixen.

Kelly laughs cutely "I was just going to ask if I could..." Kelly says

Rob laughs, "Well you can... cause I'm Rob Van Dam... and I'm going to show
you... all night long... that I am... the whole fucking show..." Rob says
with a grin.

Rob laughs, "Well you can... cause I'm Rob Van Dam... and I'm going to show
you... all night long... that I am... the whole fucking show...." Rob says
with a grin as he opens the back door of the limo and starts to get out of

As Rob Van Dam eases himself out of the limo he stands and sighs before he
turns back to the open door of the limo to the help the sweet and innocent
Kelly Kelly exit the limo, however when he turns around suddenly Rob Van Dam
is attacked from behind as he's shoved into the limo. Rob smacks wickedly
against the limo before the unknown person grabs hold of Rob's ponytail and
slams his head into the side of the limo. Rob Van Dam falls to ground
unconscious as Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she slowly eases herself
out of the limo after hearing the commotion outside. Kelly Kelly looks up in
fear as she sees her over controlling, obsessive boyfriend Mike Knox standing
over the fallen Rob Van Dam. Mike Knox turns his head and glares at Kelly
"Get the fuck over here!" Mike yells at his adorable girlfriend.

Kelly Kelly bites her bottom lip as she walks towards her over-bearing,
self-centered boyfriend, "Ummm hi... Mike..." Kelly says cutely as she
scrunches her nose a bit, while hoping he'll calm down.

Mike grabs hold of Kelly's right arm with his hand and jerks his petite,
adorable girlfriend towards him "Kelly! What did I tell you about this!" Mike

Kelly pushes her shoulders up, "You said... ummm... I forget..." Kelly says
with a cute smile.

Mike grits his teeth "You can no longer strip or fuck anyone else! Damn
it Kelly! You're my property!" Mike yells as he smacks Kelly across her
beautiful, young and innocent face "I forbid you from doing your Exposes!
Understand, you slut!?"

Kelly holds her cute face as she starts to cry, and she slowly nods her head,
"Yes... I understand..." Kelly says as she looks down and bites her bottom

" go get some fucking clothes on, you stupid bitch!" Mike yells as
he degrades his adorable girlfriend. Kelly nods her head and she runs into
the hotel as fast as she can, just to get away from the abusive Mike Knox.

* * *

"What the hell Joey!?" Tazz yells as he turns back to his ECW broadcast
partner, Joey Styles, as ECW on Sci-Fi returns to ringside at the commentator
table where Joey Styles and Tazz are seated.

Joey Styles shakes his head, "Apparently Mike Knox once again does not
approve of Kelly Kelly's actions..." Joey pauses, "Scratch that, Mike Knox is
being a totally fucking idiot again... and he's the one who's gotten involved
with an exhibitionist!"

Tazz shakes his head "Well Mike Knox, that jerk, said he forbids Kelly to do
her Exposes...does that really mean no more Kelly's Exposes?"

"It could mean that... Mike Knox did actually strike Kelly Kelly... and
for her own safety, I would guess that this could be the last of Kelly's
Exposes..." Joey says as he shakes his head.

"You know Joey that just pisses me off!" Tazz says in an angry tone as he
removes his sunglasses "Mike Knox is a jerk!"

"That's being really kind Tazz..." Joey says, "But one of these days...
someone is going to teach Mike Knox a lessons and Kelly Kelly will be free
to do what she loves to do."

"You're damn right Joe! That hot tomata, Kelly, doesn't deserve that."
Tazz pauses and looks directly at the camera "And I guarantee, one of these
days...Mike Knox is going to get his ass choked out!"


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