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Khali's Christmas Surprise
by WWEKiller

It's Armageddon 2008 and we are at the end of a short but fun packed 8 Diva Santa's little helpers tag team match. Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly and Maria all look sexy standing in the centre of the ring in their personalized red Santa costumes. They are in the ring celebrating their victory over Victoria, Maryse, Natalya and Jillian who have dressed up in some custom dark green Santa suits. The defeated Divas keep shouting in anger at their rivals when the big screen at the top of the ramp starts to light up. The music of the Great Khali starts to play however Khali doesn't come out first instead his translator Ranjin Singh is rushing out. He looks panicked, shouting wildly in Punjab as the Great Khali appears at the top of the aisle. The giant 7 foot man slowly walks forward his massive body clad in just some black boots and black pants with an expression of anger set in stone across his face. Ranjin is begging with Khali trying to get in the giant's way but Khali easily pushes him to the side. He is walking right down to ringside only stopping at the line of Divas stood just outside of the ring. He towers over them looking down first at Jillian and from his great height Khali can stare right down her green Santa top.

There is something different about Khali and Jillian feels a hint of unease as the giant starts at her sexily dressed body. Khali stares down at Jillian's massive boobs, her huge cleavage pushed out then shockingly Khali pokes his huge finger down into Jillian's cleavage making her squeak a tuneful note of surprise. Jillian tries to push Khali's hand away as if to tell the big monster no boob touching. Khali ignores her and leans down looking to bury his face into Jillian's massive boobs which makes her scream loudly and quickly back away. The blonde's hands are wrapped around her chest trying to cover up, upset that Khali touched her up like a curious teenager. Khali turns away from a retreating Jillian and stares at the three other Divas lined up outside the ring. Khali has a mean look in his eyes almost like he is staring at the costume wearing Divas like they are pieces of meat. Victoria backs away with Natalya but Khali has cornered Maryse against the ring apron.

"Get away from me you big stupid man," Maryse says in her broken English trying to be cocky but the giant reaches forward grabbing Maryse by the hair.

Loud scared screams comes from Maryse as The Great Khali pulls on her long blonde hair before he leans in and rubs his face up against her bra covered breasts. His other big hand creeping under her skirt and Maryse can't believe she is being groped so freely by this giant. Khali's large finger pokes into her white panty covered ass making Maryse yell and the blonde starts to struggle in the giant's grip. He has a firm hold of her hair and Khali seems happy to just rub his face against Maryse's chest. The blonde groans waving her arms around trying to slap and push Khali away but of course the tiny Diva's blows have no effect on a man the size of Khali. Suddenly Khali lets go of Maryse's hair and as she drops to the floor his large body turns towards the ring. Maryse shivers having just been groped by Khali while Michelle, Kelly, Maria and Mickie all stand and watch in shock as Khali pulls himself up by the ring ropes then climbs into the ring.

Ranjin screams at the Divas, "Get out of here girls please he's gone mad, Khali is horny, he wants to fuck someone right now," He shouts in English.

Michelle makes the first move to get away but Khalil reaches out grabbing Michelle's skinny arm stopping the blonde's escape. Pulling her closer the giant sniffs her curly blonde hair before knocking Mc Cool's little hat off then he scoops her up with ease. Michelle screams being held in Khali's arms like a blushing bride while Kelly and Maria bolt away in fear joining the huddled masses of Divas hiding next to the announce table. Khali holds Michelle effortlessly cradling the 6ft tall blonde in one arm as his other hand moves under her rubbing her sizeable booty through her shorts. Michelle kicks and screams like a child until Mickie James who is looking cute in her Christmas outfit of a low cut top with bare midriff and tiny red booty shorts steps forward.

"Khali let her go," She says forcefully not scared of the massive man who is pawing at her fellow Diva.

Looking down at the very small Mickie, Khali seems to think for a second while still squeezing Michelle's big ass. Khali looks at a struggling Michelle moving his massive hand up from her ass and hooks it into her tiny red and black bra. He barely puts any effort into pulling it yet Khali rips the bra right off the blonde. Michelle screams in terror wrapping her hands around her tiny breasts so embarrassed to be stripped topless in front of an arena full of people. Khali throws the torn bra away while the crowd is amazed at seeing Khali act like this exposing Michelle's small firm boobs. Khali looks down at an angry Mickie arms who's folded staring up disapprovingly at the giant. Dropping Michelle down Khali sees the blonde hit the floor still trying to cover up her naked boobs. Michelle quickly gets out of the ring running into a shaking and freshly groped Maryse who gives the scared topless blonde a comforting hug.

"Real cute Khali do you think you're just going to come out here and grope us like we are little dolls?" Mickie questions her arms folded around her bare mid-section.

"No," Ranjin shouts crawling into the ring holding his arms out, "Mickie run he wants sex, he's been wandering round backstage looking for pussy."

"Oh is that what you want Khali, you wanna fuck some sexy Diva?" Mickie asks cockily.

Khali nods his massive head while his eyes clearly check Mickie out, He sees a black and white zebra pattern bra that supports her large breasts hanging out of Mickie's tiny red Christmas top.

"So instead of asking a girl for sex you just come out here and take what you want hey big man? Well you're wrong no girl here wants to fuck you," Mickie grins putting the groping giant in his place.

Ranjin jumps in front of her yelling, "No Mickie really, this is no joke, it's not a kiss cam segment Khali has snapped and needs to fuck something."

Mickie shakes her head in disbelief but Khali suddenly moves into action grabbing Singh by the head in a two handed vice grip. He squeezes until Ranjin screams in pain with Khali's massive hands crushing his skull. Mickie recoils in shock and the Divas huddled on the outside are in shock, too scared to leave ringside. Khali uses his incredible strength to lift Ranjin up shaking him around like a toy before flinging him violently across the ring. Ranjin crashes into the canvas bouncing hard then falling through the bottom rope and he is out cold before he hits the thinly padded floor. The whole arena is shocked as Khali nearly broke his translator into several pieces and the look on his face is best described as dark. Mickie suddenly feels scared and very small next to this unchained monster. She turns to run but Khali is one step ahead grabbing Mickie by her arm pulling her back to the middle of the ring. She calls for the other Divas to help her but they all stand in a huddle frightened to move to help their fellow Diva.

Hauling Mickie into a corner Khali presses against her grinning down at a clearly terrified Mickie, "Khali stop it let me go," Mickie says scared but still fighting pulling at Khali's hand clamped on her forearm.

Khali smiles grinding his body against Mickie making her howl in frustration as this massive man humps her pressing her curvy frame back into the turnbuckle. Out of desperation Mickie jumps up swinging her free hand slapping Khali hard right in his large chin. The fans gasp at the sound of palm on cheek and even Mickie looks shocked but Khali doesn't seem to move after the slap. Turning his head down slowly Khali almost smirks at Mickie who with even more panic starts pulling to try and get free but but Khali grips tighter on her arm.

"Khali no, Khali stop please god no AHHHHHHHH," Mickie yells still backed into the corner trapped and helpless against this monster.

With great power Khali lifts the tiny Mickie up with one arm sitting her down on top of the corner. He lets go of Mickie's arm then grabs both of Mickie's knee high red boots making Mickie scream as he rips off both boots exposing the former woman's champion bare feet. Throwing her torn boots away Khali holds onto Mickie's bare ankles then starts pulling Mickie's legs apart making Mickie blush as she is powerless to stop Khali playing with her body. Khali tests the flexibility of the small Diva with the fans watching in shock as Mickie's large thighs are pulled further and further apart. Mickie moves her hands across her crotch trying hiding it from worldwide view as the more Khali pulls her legs apart the tighter the tiny red shorts press against Mickie's pussy. Her flexibility from being able to do the splits is now haunting her as Khali slowly spreads her legs wide until he is able to stretch both ankles over the top rope from either side of the corner.

"Please Khali stop this, it hurts stop it," Mickie moans in pain feeling exposed in this vulnerable position.

"You give Khali sex now," Khali groans in his broken English sounding more like some 1950's horror villain.

Mickie is now terrified with Khali leering down at her barely covered crotch, her own shorts giving her a camel toe as the material presses between her pussy lips. Suddenly Khali pushing her from her seated position so the brunette falls down off the top rope crashing onto the mat. She lands hard on her knees but Mickie is too busy massaging her sore stretched out thighs to feel any pain in her knees. Khali takes a firm grasp on her long brown hair making the brunette yell as she is pulled back to her feet feeling very dazed and confused. He keeps hearing Khali's cry of wanting sex and Mickie wonders if there is any way for her to avoid becoming a giant's sex toy live in the middle of a WWE PPV.

"Khali please stop," Mickie yells, "You don't want to have sex with me please look at all the other Divas over there," Mickie cries pointing out her fellow Divas.

"They are all skinny and blonde and a lot of them are huge sluts, pick one of them Khali go over there and pick whoever you want and you can have as much sex as you like," Mickie screams shamelessly begging for her freedom against the other Divas.

The 7 remaining Divas, Victoria, Maria, Michelle, Maryse, Natalya, Kelly and Jillian are all scowling at Mickie while backing away to the barrier hoping to make a successful escape through the sell-out crowd if Khali turns and attacks.

To everyone's amazement in the arena Khali shakes his head, "No Mickie slutty I fuck Mickie James now."

The other Divas all laugh, their fear removed as they now clap and cheer Khali on. The fans too are behind Khali cheering loudly wanting to see the hot spunky brunette naked and having wild passionate sex. Understandably Mickie is none too happy about Khali's choice screaming at the top of her lungs twisting and shaking around to get free of Khali's grip.

"Khali no stop please I like you but I don't want to have sex with you," Mickie pleads feeling Khali holding onto her hair like a dog owner with a leash.

"You have no choice, you have sex now," Khali says a hint of anger brushed into his broken English."

"No Khali no please you don't want to fuck me roughly do you?" Mickie says fighting the growing fear she has.

Mickie wouldn't admit this to anyone but the first time she met The Great Khali she wondered how the giant Indian would have sex. Surely his cock would be in proportion to the rest of him and Mickie can't think of any girl who would like a massive cock slamming up her insides. Yet that curiosity hasn't died away and Mickie now finds herself in the grip of that same giant about to find out what sex with a massive man is like first hand.

"Please Khali stop you don't want to fuck me please I'll do anything for you but please you can't fuck me not here," Mickie squeaks in a scared little voice hanging in Khali's grip.

"No pretty girl Khali need sex now," The giant shouts looking down and Mickie nearly faints when she looks down too.

A massive hard on is pushing out the crotch of Khali's black wrestling pants. Mickie has no idea of its size but looking at the rest of the Great Khali, Mickie guesses it's unlikely to be small. Khali's grin gets bigger leaving Mickie feeling more trapped than trying to think of anything to get away from this monstrous beast and the sell-out crowd who are all cheering thinking they are about to get a live in ring sex show.

"Come on Khali please no I don't want to be fucked please can't we work a deal out maybe take me backstage and we can talk," Mickie begs hopefully.

Khali shakes his head before lifting Mickie over the top turnbuckle again this time dropping her down belly first on the top pad. Mickie grunts in pain as Khali presses a big palm on her back pinning Mickie down so she is hanging over the corner.

"Mickie bad," Khali says raising his free hand then spanks it down right across Mickie's big ass.

Mickie howls in pain as Khali's huge hand slaps down on her asscheek sending pain shooting though her whole body. The giant just spanked her and she can do nothing to stop it lying over the turnbuckle pad like she is lying over someone's lap. His in ring chops are devastating and his spanks are not any softer. Mickie squeals as his giant hand swats her ass and it's like she is being spanked with a large paddle.

"Please no Khali stop AHHHHHHHHH," Mickie screams as her big behind is smacked again by Khali's huge palm cracking into her short clad booty like a massive in ring chop.

Khali's palm is just about the size of one of Mickie's big butt cheeks and the force that the 7ft tall Indian gets is enough to already bring up some bruises. Mickie's cute red shorts offer no protection to Khali's massive hand as it chops down again spanking Mickie's big ass. The poor brunette is close to tears as a spanking from Khali is deeply humiliating for the female wrestler. Khali's in ring chest chops are considered one of the hardest hitting moves in the WWE and to have all that power slapping Mickie's defenceless ass is uncomfortable for many to watch.

"OWWWWWWW KHALI STOP OWWWWWWWWW IT HURTS," Mickie screams shaking across the top turnbuckle with her ass in considerable agony.

Khali has a big smile on his face spanking Mickie's big ass, His hand slaps down hard making Mickie's entire body jiggle from the force of the blow. Mickie is moaning in pain long after the spank has hit her with the stinging pain running throughout her entire body. Khali spanks both cheeks hard in quick succession making Mickie scream fiercely as tears roll down her cheeks ruining her mascara. Khali's punishing spanks are the worst sexual pain Mickie has ever felt, Mickie has taken so many spankings from lovers and even live in the ring in front of a crowd but Khali's chops have her ass on fire. He brunette wouldn't be surprised if this spanking from the giant left her tanned skin covered in flaming red bruises.

"Please stop Khali please stop it," Mickie sobs as the spanks are almost torturous for the sexy Diva as her whole ass jiggles from the impact.

"I sex you now!" Khali states in his broken English but to her own deep regret Mickie shakes her head.

Khali roars smacking his hand down onto Mickie's burning sore ass giving it another hard shot. Mickie howls as Khali almost dented her big ass cheek with that massively hard spank. His hand slaps down three more times, each spank makes Mickie scream like it's the end of the world. Only the bottom of her cheeks are visible in her tight shorts but the red marks are clear already and fans can only wonder about the state of the rest of Mickie James's fine ass. Khali delivers one final swat onto her well spanked behind leaving Mickie sobbing her eyes out. Khali moves back letting Mickie fall sideways off the turnbuckle back into the ring, her hands already move round her body comforting her sore butt. The bulge in Khali's pants has only grown bigger while he gave Mickie a hard spanking. Lying on the mat Mickie looks up at the massive Khali and seeing his near pants ripping bulge makes her feel very small and weak.

"Please Khali pretty please don't do this to me please the spanking was enough please don't," She squeaks still sobbing slightly both hands clutching onto her burning ass.

Khali just stands over her arms folded like he is waiting for something. Mickie slowly tries to slide away but scooping down with one hand Khali grabs her long brown hair once more lifting her up with ease. Mickie screams while the crowd, fellow Divas and security just stand by stunned at what they are watching. Khali lift the well spanked Diva up by just her long locks holding her like a doll Khali pulls Mickie's face towards his. She tries to turn her face away but Khali's pull on her hair is too strong. He pushes Mickie's lips into his own and the crowd cheer as Khali plants a massive kiss right onto Mickie his face almost engulfing her's. Mickie can't fight the kiss trying to twist her body to get out of Khali's grip but she can't do anything but hang there. Khali breaks the kiss then pushes his other large hand forward grabbing one of Mickie's tits and squeezes it hard.

"NO KHALI LET GO OF MY BOOB PLEASE KHALI," Mickie yells as his large hand squashes against her large boob.

"Khali likes tits," The Punjabi man moans while he happily fondles Mickie's right boob though her top.

Mickie's sexy Santa top is not coping well with Khali's hand mauling away at her big tits and the giant clearly craves more. Khali grabs the front of Mickie's top and as he drops her the gravitational pull is too great making her top and bra tear right off. The fans go wild as Mickie just had her top and bra ripped clean off, the garments are still hanging in Khali's massive hand. Mickie screams as her big boobs are fully exposed and she has to desperately wrap her arms around her tanned double D's. Camera flashes erupt all over the arena as every fan in the arena wants a picture of Mickie James sat topless in the ring. Khali laughs at the topless Mickie throwing the ripped and useless top and bra away as Mickie whimpers trying to keep her breasts covered up. The large cock shaped bulge in Khali's tight wrestling pants seems to have stiffened fully at the sight a topless Mickie sitting right in front of him.

"NO Khali stay away from me I'm topless and everyone can see me please no stop this," Mickie screams as she starts sliding backwards still with one hand trying to cover her exposed boobs.

"People can see me this is on PPV oh god everyone is watching please Khali stop it I'll do anything just leave me alone please," Mickie pleads desperately trapped in the ring with a sex mad giant live in front of millions of WWE fans.

"Please girls help me," Mickie yells looking round Khali at the Divas who have now all taken seats around ringside watching the struggle between the giant and a half stripped beauty.

Khali rubs his hard penis inside his pants while looking down at the topless Diva before he leans a hand out grabbing Mickie by the back of her cute shorts. Khali tugs back on the fabric while Mickie tries to make a desperate attempt to push forward hoping to break Khali's grip. Mickie suddenly hears a loud ripping sound and the pressure of Khali's grip is starting to rip at her skimpy shorts. Mickie inwardly curses her decision to wear such cheap material as she stops moving but Khali doesn't stop pulling. The Great Khali pulls back hard ripping the red shorts clean off Mickie's body. The crowd at Armageddon erupts watching Mickie's sexy booty shorts get torn from her body the sexy former woman's champion falls to the mat clad in nothing but a small black thong. Fans can see just how red and well spanked her asscheeks are as the small thong doesn't cover her large ass cheeks. Khali holds up Mickie's tiny shorts the material looking so tiny in his huge hand before he moves next to the flat out stripped Diva. Mickie now feels ultra-exposed lying in the middle of the ring in just a small black G string. She whimpers hoping this is some kind of bad dream as she feels the presence of the giant standing powerfully over her. Mickie doesn't have enough hands to cover up her body so she lies flat on the canvas helpless waiting for Khali's next move

The Great Khali now pulls down his pants letting 11 inches of the thickest cock Mickie has even seen pop out into view. She would scream if she wasn't utterly terrified, thinking that if that thick tool pushed inside her it would break her in half. The Divas sitting at ringside are also amazed at Khali's big appendage; they all quickly agree that it's the biggest dick they have ever seen. The brunette has only sees cocks like that in porn and she can understand now why Khali would come to the ring looking for sex. Getting a hard on when your cock is that size must be an unusual feeling and Mickie suddenly doesn't want to run away anymore. Mickie just stares at it knowing if she keeps fighting Khali could overpower her and use that big dick to cause her real damage. Mickie just keeps staring at the 11 inches of cock Khali has just whipped out of his pants. She does at least now know Khali's body is in proportion but Mickie knows she is also going to find out what it's like to be fucked by a cock which is bigger than any of her sex toys. Accepting her fate Mickie rolls over letting The Great Khali stare at her big implants and the giant's eyes grow wider getting his first real look at Mickie's massive tits. The Great Khali lets out a low moan and starts to self-pleasure himself staring down at Mickie's near naked body.

"Mickie fuck Khali now," The giant demands moving closer and Mickie wouldn't be surprised if the Punjabi man's thick shaft blocks out some of the arena lights when it hovers over her.

That 11 maybe even 12 inch monster is dangling over her making Mickie feels extra small in view of Khali's huge throbbing cock. Khali had been so easily able to dominate her then rip off her slutty costume and with no one running into the ring to save her Mickie is pretty sure she is alone against him. Khali's massive hand moves down taking Mickie by the hair once again pulling her up to her knees. Mickie's eyes stay planted on that massive penis, erect in front of her and she gives a nervous gulp as Khali's grip on her hair tightens. She doesn't need a second guess at what he wants and Mickie isn't afraid she is just wondering how the hell it is possible to take something that size into her mouth.

"Mickie suck," Khali grunts deeply pushing a barely dressed Mickie towards his dick.

Mickie keeps her mouth tightly shut closing her eyes while Khali moans thrusting his hips forward rubbing his cock all the way around her cute face. Mickie can hear the taunts from the sell-out PPV crowd as Khali massages her face with his cock. Khali grinds his cock against Mickie's face always going back to rubbing his shaft against her soft lips. She is struggling to keep her mouth closed as Khali's 11 inches of cock slide across then while Khali pushing her pretty face deeper against his cock suddenly Mickie puckers her lips and gives the giant's cock a kiss. The Great Khali lets out a loud moan as Mickie's soft lips touch his shaft. Mickie sees her only real chance of getting out without becoming a Punjabi sex toy is to try and cock tease Khali making him cum before he tries to fuck her. Mickie gives his massive cock another kiss really pressing her lips against the giant's thick shaft.

"MMMMMMM MORE, MORE MICKIE GOOD," Khali groans his voice carrying all around the sell-out arena.

Encouraged Mickie kisses Khali's cock again really working her lips together to try and pleasure the giant's dick. The giant pushes forward sticking his thick cock right into Mickie's face almost like he is trying to smother her. Mickie plants loads of kisses up and down Khali's shaft and judging by the moans of the big man he loves Mickie's soft lips. One of Khali's hip thrusts sends his cock forward catching Mickie in the face with a loud slap. The blow is powerful enough to knock Mickie over and wrongly thinking that Khali had cock slapped her out of anger Mickie pops back up to her knees grabbing Khali's thick cock kissing it again. Mickie's small hand tightly grabs Khali's thick shaft holding it still as she plants kisses all over it. Her lips are clearly doing the job as Khali lifts his head back moaning loudly as he feels the sexy Diva kissing all over his dick. Kissing as if her life depends on it Mickie can hear Khali's loud moans and that makes her kiss faster. Mickie starts to concentrate on kissing the large brown head of Khali's cock softly making Khali's entire dick pulse with pleasure. Mickie isn't sure what she is doing but all she knows is she needs to keep pleasuring the large man so she tries not to think about all the fans and TV cameras watching her kiss Khali's massive dick.

"Mickie suck now, Mickie suck Khali, Mickie will do it now," The Indian monster growls, his broken English making him sound even more menacing.

Mickie's lips are still pressed against his massive cock trying to keep her mouth closed. She has no idea if Khali's thick cock will even fit in her mouth let alone if she can suck on it. Fans all around the arena are cheering as Khali grows impatient with Mickie's lips just kissing around his cock head. Mickie kisses harder trying to distract Khali from thinking about a blowjob by really teasing her lips right across his cockhead. She makes her kisses very sloppy and wet trying to tease the giant's dick but Khali starts to rock his hips around non-verbally telling Mickie what he wants. Mickie whines keeping her mouth closed as Khali's cock rocks forward trying to push into her mouth. His massive hand grips more of her hair keeping Mickie's head still while rubbing his cock against her pink lips. Khali is trying to force her mouth open and Mickie whimpers fully understanding that if the giant wants a blowjob she will have to perform one.

"Mickie suck now," Khali demands twisting his hand around her hair yanking it into a ponytail then he pushing her face forward.

The other Divas watching at ringside are enthralled watching Mickie get closer to giving a blowjob to the Great Khali. Poor Mickie doesn't know what to do and she can't hold back any longer opening up her mouth. The second her lips part Khali roars forward pushing his thick cock right into her open mouth. Mickie groans as Khali's thick shaft penetrates between her soft lips already stretching out the sides of her mouth. Khali keeps pushing forward trying to work more of his cock into her mouth and Mickie gasps trying to hold back the tears. The loud cheers are coming from the crowd watching their favourite Diva having a big cock stuffed into her mouth. Mickie can feel her salvia dripping down onto his shaft and her ears hear Khali's growing grunts of pleasure. Khali pushes in further almost like he is trying to block up Mickie's throat with his cock. The giant moans feeling his shaft rub up against the insides of Mickie's mouth making her drool and gag. Mickie's groans are all muffed as several inches of Khali's cock are now perfectly lodged down her throat.

"OHHHHH Mickie's mouth good Mickie the best," Khali groans jerking his hips with at least 7 inches of his cock working their way inside Mickie's mouth.

The brunette looks up into Khali's face hoping her teary eyes are enough to bring mercy from the massive man. He pulls back slightly giving Mickie and her sore jaw some relief before pushing back forward filling Mickie's face up. Mickie moans feeling her jaw stretched open by Khali's massive dick making her drool uncontrollably. His thick cock is dangerously close towards the back of Mickie's throat and the five foot tall Diva recoils trying not to be sick as she feels all of Khali's hard cock invade her mouth. The Punjabi nightmare has his cock firmly stuffed inside Mickie's mouth making her jaw ache. Drool still flows from the corners of her mouth with Khali thrusting his big thick cock deep into her throat. Mickie is nearly choking on his massive cock trying not to think how it must look to the fans with her sexy face being totally overwhelmed by this massive cock. This seven foot monster is now starting to fuck Mickie's face, his massive cock somehow able to disappear between the brunette's soft pink lips. Mickie's entire head rocks back with Khali's thrusts and she holds on for dear life with her hands gripping Khali's knees as he increases the pace.

Mickie is being face fucked by a giant and all she can do is hold on and hope his hard fucking doesn't break her. Khali places his huge palms on her head almost like he is going for the vice grip but really he is just using his massive hands to keep her head steady. Mickie's face is bright red as the Great Khali moans with lust again pumping forward, his huge cock filling up all of Mickie's mouth. Khali's massive cock can do whatever it wants inside her mouth and Mickie can feel him pick the pace. With her hands on Khali's knees she can feel the seven foot giant start to shake building up to a massive climax. Even worse for Mickie is the small wet patch she can feel growing in her panties as her body starts to get turned on from being used and abused by The Great Khali. She fights with the feeling not wanting a live PPV to be the unveiling of her secret rough fucking fetish. Mickie tries to move but can do nothing but whimper softly and wait for the inventible. Khali's grunts grow in volume with his strong bulging cock rubbing against the back of Mickie's throat. Pulling back he brings his cock almost all the way out of Mickie's mouth then shoving it back in again. He is pounding away owning Mickie's entire face using his huge thick cock down the back of Mickie's throat.

"Mickie suck hard, Mickie keep sucking good," Khali roars enjoying his blowjob from the cute bubbly Diva getting close to a long overdue orgasm.

Khali gets 9 inches of his cock into Mickie's mouth before he explodes unleashing a massive torrent of spunk. Mickie squeals swallowing Khali's cum as he shoots a massive load straight down Mickie's throat. Mickie gags trying to swallow up all his cum while Khali keeps unloading what might be months of pent up cum into the little Diva mouth. Mickie just isn't able to swallow it all as it runs back up from her throat all the way to her mouth. Mickie just drools now with Khali's cum and that makes her fellow Divas laugh evilly watching Mickie drool spunk. Khali moans one final time before finally yanking his wet cock out of her mouth. Mickie drops face first to the mat coughing loudly rubbing her sore jaw as spit and cum dribble out of her mouth making a stain on the canvas. The Great Khali feels so much better now after months of waiting to get with a woman however his 11 inch cock is still stiff. Mickie looks up and her eyes are drawn to his massive cock still hard and swinging between his legs. Mickie is still shocked that he was somehow able to fuck her mouth without literally fucking her brains out. He must have shot so much cum into her mouth Mickie doubts she will get the taste of from the back of her throat anytime soon. She is terrified the giant wants more and tries to roll away to safety but Khali easily grabs Mickie's ankle pulling her back into the centre of the ring.

"Please Khali no you got what you wanted please leave me alone," Mickie moans her voice a little scratchy from the face fucking as Khali flips her over onto her back.

The Great Khali takes a second to drop to his knees next to Mickie still holding her ankle, "No do more Mickie very good Mickie take more than any before, Mickie amazing," He says in his broken English.

To Mickie's surprise she blushes a little at Khali saying that, throughout all this fucking Mickie never stopped to think what it must be like for Khali. Being 7 foot and over 400 pounds doesn't make for a gentle lover and yet with that near tree trunk like penis he is packing Mickie imagines sex is rough even if he tries to be gentle. She feels for the giant and with his massive prick brushing against her leg she is more shocked to find the nice kind country girl in her wants to help the Indian powerhouse out.

"Thanks Khali erm I don't tell people this but I like sex when it's a little rough and without meaning too you gave me one hell of a throat fucking," Mickie says blushing admitting to her deep dark sexual fantasy.

Khali's dark eyebrows shoot up as Mickie spreads her legs moving a hand down to her panties, "You kinda made me wet too Khali so would you like to do anything about it?" Mickie asks sweetly amazed with herself at suddenly doing a face to heel spin now shamelessly asking for more sex from the Great Khali.

Even Khali looks a little stunned staring at Mickie's tiny thong seeing a large wet patch. Now she is no longer being choked by Khali's huge cock Mickie can feel the little sparks of pleasure running through her replaying the last few minutes thinking how utterly weak and helpless she is with Khali. She is embarrassed to do it in front of all these people but she can't deny that each time she felt helpless a massive jolt tingled inside her pussy. Khali lifts a massive hand and places it over Mickie's crotch making the brunette gasp as his huge palm is now putting pressure on her soaking wet pussy lips. Khali rocks his palm back against Mickie's wet cunt feeling her rock in time with his movements. Mickie's pussy lips have never felt so sensitive when his rough palm grinding across her barely covered pussy lips. Mickie can only helpless groan in lust she feels so horny at being easily taken by this giant, his big thick cock owned her throat in a way no other man ever could. Mickie can't help gasping and rubbing her sex into his hand turning from good innocent girl into a hand humping horny public slut. His large fingers dig into the wet fabric of her thong then with seemingly no effort at all Khali pulls up ripping Mickie's thong apart. The brunette groans as her underwear puts up no defence against Khali's power, Khali easily pulled the crotch of the thong away like he was opening a can of soda.

The fans in the arena cheer as the camera man gets a brief shot of Mickie's exposed pussy up on the big screen before Khali's massive hand eclipses the view. Khali moves his hand and the pleasurable feeling of his palm going over her pussy has Mickie almost on the edge of orgasm. Everything Khali does to her makes her feel so small and helpless, in all of Mickie's forced fantasies she never pictured anything as erotic as this. Her curvy hips pump up grinding her wet cunt into Khali's hand looking to get every inch of pleasure she can from the giant's huge palm. Mickie doesn't even care she is lying naked in the ring being turned from wrestler to pornstar she wants and needs Khali to touch her turned on body. She sees his fingers up close and is shocked by the size and thickness of them, she has sex toys at home that look like Khali's massive fingers and that thought of the giant with sex toy sized fingers makes her shiver with lust. She whimpers, that one big nasty throat fucking has awoken the slut inside Mickie and the brunette loves it. She has always had secret dreams of having dominating sex with a man fully controlling her body but until now she never actively looking out for that kind of sex

"MMMMMMMM fuck Khali please put your finger in me please, please Khali finger fuck me baby oh god," Mickie moans shamelessly begging for one of Khali's large fingers inside her.

Mickie can't believe she is begging for Khali to finger fuck her wet pussy on live PPV in front of thousands of fans. Khali looks confused for a second then pulls his palm back lifting up his large index finger. He presses the tip against Mickie's wet pussy and the brunette shivers bucking her hips into the giant's fingertip. Khali pushes forward sliding a finger into Mickie and Mickie starts curling her toes thinking of some of the limp tiny dicks she has had inside her and how this man's finger is bigger and better. His large finger slides back then pushes further in and Mickie raises her hips off the mat letting out big lusty moans. He is really filling her up with just one finger and Mickie sighs with pleasure with Khali's digit imbedded in her. Her naked body is soaked in sweat and Mickie can't believe how hot she is for this as Khali probes his finger in deeper. Mickie squeals with delight feeling Khali's finger pushing deep inside her wet pussy. It feels so big too and poor Mickie has never felt this horny before. Khali is enjoying himself dipping his finger into Mickie's pussy so taking his middle finger Khali pushes it into Mickie's cunt. She squeals feeling so stuffed as Khali's oversized fingers really start to work inside her. Her pussy is overflowing with juices leaking out all over Khali's palm and when Khali starts to pump faster Mickie fears she might lose it.

"OH GOD STOP KHALI STOP PLEASE TAKE THEM OUT OHHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMM FUCK PLEASE KHALI SLOWER STOP IT IT'S TOO MUCH," An ultra horny Mickie screams her spanked ass lifting up off the mat and the brunette's brain is overflowing with lust.

The giant from Punjabi ignores Mickie's lustful screams and just keeps rocking his two fingers in and out of her. They are going deeper inside Mickie's wet pussy and the little brunette is shaking from side to side screaming out like a cheap slut. Cameras are pointed all around watching Mickie James being finger fucked by the Great Khali. Her body has been completely overtaken by the primal lust of being taken by this giant of a man, her eyes tightly shut holding on for dear life hoping the orgasm building inside her won't rip her in two. Khali loves his new sex toy lifting a third finger and inserts it right into Mickie's soaking wet pussy. They are so big and thick Mickie would swear they feel like hard cocks all pressing into her wet sex. Mickie can't help wonder why any woman would turn Khali down for sex as they would miss out on this kind of pleasure. She feels her climax building and Mickie has never felt so helpless yet so horny in her entire life. Khali keeps pumping and pressing his fingers deeper inside Mickie leaving the brunette no choice but to swing her head back screaming to the heavens.


The sell-out crowd and Divas are all quiet watching in shock seeing Mickie's body bounce around like she's being given an exorcism. Mickie gasps trying to come down from the most unbelievable high, coating in her own sweat panting like she has run a marathon. The orgasm she has just had eclipses every other orgasm the young Diva has ever had in her life. Her body is still shaking and her head is spinning with pleasure, Mickie has never felt so satisfied. All she wants to do is sleep but opening an eye lazily she can see the still hungry look on Khali's face. Khali pulls his sticky fingers from Mickie's pussy looking at them confused for a second then his massive face breaks out into a big smile.

"Mickie ready, Mickie fuck now," Khali grunts his loud deep voice booming throughout the arena without the need of a microphone.

"No Khali please I'm tired I need a break," Mickie moans as her limbs feel so weak and drained from her powerful finger fucked orgasm.

Unsurprisingly Khali isn't listening instead moving on his knees till he is positioned between her legs. Grabbing Mickie's thick thighs Khali easily spreads them apart leaving Mickie's soaking wet pussy on display. He presses the large head of his cock forward against Mickie's pussy making the sweat soaked brunette groan. Mickie's pussy has never felt so sensitive; she can feel her juices dripping down into a big puddle underneath her. The fears of Khali's massively thick cock not fitting inside her come back to Mickie when she feels the large bulbous head of Khali's cock poking against her entrance. She knows nothing will stop Khali from shoving his giant cock deep inside her so Mickie closes her eyes and waits for the feeling of Khali's big cock to push inside her. She knew Khali's fingers felt massive inside her and that big thick cock will feel like nothing else Mickie has ever experienced. Khali holds Mickie's legs wide apart staring lustfully at Mickie's wet pussy, his fingers still dripping wet from behind deep inside her. Now his cock is braced on the edge of fucking her and its throbbing dangerously.

"Please be careful Khali," Mickie begs just hoping she won't be smashed to pieces by the Punjabi giant's monster cock.

His thick cock head pokes rubbing up and down Mickie's wet pussy lips making the naked brunette shiver knowing what Khali is about to do to her. Mickie still feels a sense of curiosity as Khali lines up with her and she has shut out everything around her. All the flashing cameras and screaming fans are background noise to Mickie as it's just her and Khali's thick cock. Khali presses his large cock head into Mickie's wet lips and the watching crowd gasps wondering if Khali's thick tool will even fit inside Mickie's body. Closing her eyes Mickie takes a deep breath and her bright pink lips part allowing Khali's cock head to stretch out her insides making Mickie grunt loudly. Khali's cock head feels like the biggest thing Mickie has ever had in her pussy, she can feel it pressing her pussy lips apart slowly opening her cunt up. Khali is slowly feeding his cock head into Mickie holding her thighs apart working between her wet folds pushing his massive cock in deep. Mickie gasps being stretched apart just by the very tip of Khali's penis; she imagines having the whole thing inside her will be like a metal pole shoved inside her. The feeling is so intense it stuns Mickie leaving her open mouthed and gasping as his huge cock pleasures her horny body.

Soon his whole cock head has disappeared inside filling up her pussy making Mickie howl. A camera zooms in close watching Khali's cock head stretching out Mickie's pussy disappearing inside her wet hole. Mickie tries to control her breathing not wanting to panic even though it already feels like an entire fist is being shoved into her sex. She wants Khali to keep going slow but the giant already is looking bored and starting to lean forward. He grabs hold of his thick shaft with one hand staring down at a sweaty Mickie already impressed that she didn't scream when his massive cock head penetrated her. She wants to scream but has no strength left in her to do anything but groan. Mickie is also so wet from her first huge orgasm that her body is relaxed and lubed up to be invaded by something as big and thick as Khali's cock head. All her energy is going into keeping herself as relaxed as possible so Khali's freakishly large cock head doesn't tear her apart.

"Good, Khali fuck Mickie now," The giant booms thrusting forward with one big thrust sending half his 11 inch cock deep inside her.

Mickie James screams, her cries echo throughout the arena and her eyes nearly pop out of her head. Khali's huge shaft is inside her stretching out her insides like he is using a car jack to pull her pussy apart. She has never felt anything so big, never dreamt that there could be anything this big inside her. Khali is 6 inches inside her and he watches Mickie's body shake around trying to get used to this new and unnatural feeling. Mickie is amazed, it's just so big and thick that she is shocked she hasn't broken down yet crying and begging for Khali to stop. The giant is at least holding back letting Mickie try and adjust to his lead pipe sized penis buried inside her wet cunt. Her insides her are all stretching out trying to accommodate Khali's big thick cock and Mickie wonders if she can withstand an actual thrust from this giant dick. Khali holds his hands firmly on Mickie's thighs keeping her legs open while his cock rests deep inside her body. He is so happy Mickie isn't complaining or begging him to stop instead she is lying back and letting him get rid of his sexual frustration.

Khali feeds another 3 inches in getting most of his cock inside Mickie who gasps feeling impaled by Khali's huge cock. Mickie is soaking wet feeling so weak next to this massive cock which if he wanted to could pound in hard and break her into pieces. It's rough and hot and it's more intense than any other sexual experience Mickie has ever had. Khali having all that power over her is making Mickie purr with delight lifting her hips up to enjoy the feeling. Khali's huge cock is pleasuring her pressed inside her pussy feeling so big and thick Mickie just can't handle it. Mickie's nails scratch across the ring mat as she tries to relax with Khali's huge pole pressed inside her wet pussy. She feels like a lollipop on top of a big wooden stick with 9 inches of Khali's cock buried inside her. That horny helpless feeling is overtaking Mickie and her pussy is leaking all over Khali's invading rod. He is just so huge Mickie doesn't know if she can even take all of his cock. Her groaning can be heard all throughout the arena and not one fan has left their seat, all of them don't want to miss the live porn show happening in the ring.

"MMMMMMM Mickie fit, cock fits in Mickie so well," The monster moans his giant hands easily holding Mickie's hips allowing him to tilt her up so his cock has a better angle to push in.

Mickie can only nod her head unable to speak as she is shocked his big cock hasn't torn her body in half. Mickie feels so horny and pussy juices are just leaking out of her like a freshly burst damm. Her pussy has never felt so good with Khali's big cock squashing up against her, ever single pleasure zone inside her is being pressed and pleasured by the thickness of Khali's shaft. Mickie is struggling not to pass out with the powerful pleasure she is feeling thanks to Khali's dick. Mickie thinks she has felt the worst of it but then Khali starts to withdraw and Mickie squeaks in fear. The Great Khali pulls halfway out of Mickie's pussy only to slowly move his hips back sliding his cock into Mickie's stretched out pussy. The brunette gives an uncomfortable gasp followed by the biggest moan of the night as Khali's huge cock pushing deep inside her. His cock hits deep inside her brushing up against pleasure points Mickie never knew she had. Her eyes roll back into her head and her deep throaty moans echoes through the arena, while all the cheering fans and Divas are all watching Mickie enjoy her giant fucking. Khali is trying to fuck Mickie slowly, the big man takes slow easy thrusts so as to not overwhelm the curvy brunette. Mickie has never felt pleasure like it, Khali's huge tool barely needs to move inside her yet it is pleasuring her so well.

The multi times Divas champion is groaning and humping against Khali's dick, her tanned sweaty body sliding around on the stained ring mat. Mickie's pussy has never been so wet, she is leaking like a waterfall so horny and filled with lust. Khali's massive cock has opened her pussy up Mickie feels almost light headed at how vulnerable she feels. Just the way Khali was easily able to overpower her then pin her down is such a turn on for the curvy brunette. The Great Khali is barely moving his hips but his massive cock is so deep inside Mickie that it doesn't matter. The poor stuffed brunette feels like someone unrolled a thick fire hose out inside her pussy, she is so full of cock and her pussy is responding by dripping an overwhelming amount of pussy juice out over Khali's thick dick. The Indian Giant has never met a girl like Mickie, no girl he has ever met has been able to take this much of his cock and for so long. He really admires the tiny brunette and when he flexes his cock inside her he hears her near orgasmic moan of pleasure. Digging his large fingers into Mickie's fleshy thighs Khali holds onto Mickie before pushing forward cementing his cock inside the brunette's soaking wet hole.

"HOLY FUCK OHHHHHHHH FUCK KHALI PLEASE OH SHIT OHHH, OHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHH," Mickie screams, lights popping in front of her eyes as Khali pushes his cock slowly deep inside her.

Mickie doesn't know if Khali has got all 11 inches in her pussy and frankly she doesn't care, she is in a place she has never been before. Her whole body is aching but she is in complete and total bliss which shorts out the uncomfortable stretched out feeling. She is just overwhelmed by Khali's cock, her pussy is soaking in her own juices and Mickie is so light headed she can barely recall her own name. It's like a religious experience for Mickie having this kind of huge monster cock stuffed inside her tiny body. Its breaking her open for life and Mickie knows that she will never be able to go back to normal sized cock after this. She is so horny lying in a pool of her own sweat on the ring canvas, the smell of her own leaking pussy juices filling the air and she finds herself looking up at Khali. The giant is posed and waiting for something seemingly waiting for Mickie's approval before he starts moving. Mickie is unsure herself if she wants Khali to move or not, just having the giant's cock fully inside her feels like her tiny body is being impaled. She is scared that when Khali pulls out of her, her tiny pussy will just be a huge exposed hole after having 11 fat inches of cock inside it. She is so wet through and the natural lube of her pussy juices means it's not as painful as Mickie thought.

The fact she is so very horny from having Khali's huge tool pressed in her and after having such a big orgasm means Mickie no longer minds the giant's size. Fans and Divas all watch wondering if Khali will start fucking Mickie, the size difference and the pure size of Khali's cock should make it impossible but Mickie somehow has taken the massive cock deep inside her tiny frame. Mickie shuts her eyes letting the pleasure wash over and starts nodding her head hoping Khali will understand. She is so close to another orgasm just from the way Khali's cock throbs inside her, it's like having her hottest sex toy on vibrate. Mickie is a wash with horny little moans and grunts just from the way Khali's big thick dick feels inside her pussy. Khali pulls his cock back slowly sliding into her and that one light thrust is all it takes to bring Mickie James to orgasm. The brunette screams lifting her upper body off the canvas crying out to the heavens as her whole lust filled body shakes. One thrust from Khali is enough to leave Mickie James squealing powerfully as she cums hard.

"UHHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Mickie screams unable to think clearly as yet another orgasm rocks her tiny sweaty body.

Khali just stays on his knees holding onto Mickie's bucking shaking body with his cock still buried deep inside her spasming pussy. The brunette has never felt pleasure like it bucking around with Khali's cock touching every single pleasure point in her pussy. Her body is on fire and Mickie is certain all of Khali's thick 11 inches are now soaked in a layer of her cum having ridding out a massive earth moving orgasm. Mickie is tingling all over feeling tired like she wrestled a 30 minute match and yet still Khali's huge cock is rock hard. He hasn't even started to fuck her yet and Mickie is already a soaked quivering slutty mess but from the grin on his face Khali seems to be used to woman cumming hard just with his dick inside them. Khali starts to move pushing his hips forward then back sliding his massive cock in and out of Mickie's dripping wet pussy. He is starting to fuck her and all Mickie can do is lie back and let Khali have sex with her; she is just so horny that she instantly starts to moan again. Khali nearly blocks out the arena lights just with his huge body leaning over her, his massive movie screen sized chest is all Mickie can see towering over her. Khali isn't moving at a fast pace it's just long firm thrusts in and out of Mickie's pussy filling her up.

Mickie James is soaking wet and her cum is the perfect lube for Khali's giant cock meaning the huge wrestler can slide in and out of Mickie at will without causing her great pain. She is moaning freely now as Khali just pumps in and out of her with his massive pole like cock stuffing her pussy to breaking point. Mickie loves it so much and if this was a wrestling match she would be tapping out from the intense pleasure she is getting every time Khali's cock pushes inside her. Her mind is filled with nothing but pleasure, her dripping wet pussy has been teased and pressed against Khali's thick cock leaving Mickie to do nothing but to just lay back and moan each time his cock penetrates her. Khali doesn't increase his pace but is seemingly being careful about how far he can push into Mickie. His massive cock has already stretched and pushed apart her wet pussy lips but Khali isn't pumping away like a mad man desperate to cum. It's more measured enjoyable style of fucking the kind Mickie has never experienced before, most of her lovers were wild and fast and Mickie loves it. The giant however is taking his time letting Mickie's body become more used to having his large organ pushing in and Khali's slow pace is having an effect on the brunette.

"Oh fuck me Khali," Mickie moans feeling nothing but lust and pleasure, "Fucking take me, do me anything please, please Khali fuck me," Mickie groans.

Mickie has never felt so good, she wonders if Khali would do this to her every week letting her have his massive dick. Everyone in the arena has just settled in watching this amazing live sex show unfolded in front of them. At first they were scared for Mickie worried the tiny brunette might just be torn apart by the monster in Khali's pants now they can see the total pleasure and ecstasy Mickie is feeling. The fans have enjoyed seeing Mickie go from a screamed spanked naughty girl into being a naked sweaty sex loving goddess. She is making full on porn star moans now, a complete slave for the giant's massive cock and hearing her beg for more just makes the in ring fucking look even hotter. Mickie is soaking wet and still after two orgasms she will still let Khali do anything to her but the giant keeps up his methodical slow fucking. He is carefully sliding all 11 inches in and out of Mickie and she feels so slutty at the obscene wet slurping sounds that her pussy makes as Khali's dick slides in. Mickie starts to buck and roll her hips hoping the Punjabi man takes the hint and increases his fucking. Mickie cannot believe she is bucking her hips trying to get this giant to fuck her harder, a few minutes ago she was trying to plan her escape from this in ring fucking. She is just so horny now, Mickie wants even more pleasure from Khali's 11 inch dick and she doesn't care how she looks to the sell-out arena.

"Please Khali come on baby don't hold back fuck me hard I want to fucked hard, I need to be fucked hard give it to me Khali," Mickie moans with a clear begging edge to her voice as she props herself up on her elbows to look at the giant.

Khali looks down at Mickie's face and even without any English Khali seems to understand what the tiny brunette wants. He can feel Mickie grinding her hips against his invading cock and so Khali decides to take action. The giant wrestler moves his arms forward wrapping them right around Mickie's back then he easily lifts the Diva up into the air. Mickie feels tiny in Khali's tree trunk sized arms as he lifts her with his massive cock still buried inside her wet pussy and Mickie gasps at just being supported by Khali's huge dick. She sinks down on his cock as the giant fully stands up and the poor brunette can't believe she is sinking further down Khali's shaft. Khali stands tall with the tiny Diva implanted down on his big cock and it's an impressive sight. He is holding all of Mickie's body weight on just his big cock and from the look of pleasure on Mickie's face it looks like she enjoys this show of strength. Mickie groans as Khali starts to move round carrying the naked brunette around the ring. She didn't believe Khali's dick could get any deeper inside her pussy, this new angle has Mickie feeling like Khali's cock is fucking right into her belly. One of Khali's hands is on Mickie's back holding her steady but the rest of her body is just supported by sitting on Khali's huge dick. Moving forward Khali pushes Mickie up into a corner resting the well fucked Diva back against the turnbuckle pads.

Mickie rests back in the corner and looks up at the giant who has a big beaming smile on his face. Tilting her head forward Mickie softly kisses his chest and then braces herself against the corner, her body tingling with anticipation. The giant leans back sliding half of his dick out of the horny Diva and then with a big thrust Khali slams himself back inside Mickie. The little brunette squeals loudly with pleasure, her whole body shaking from the force of Khali's thrust. This new standing angle makes Khali's thick cock press harder against the sensitive walls of Mickie's pussy and it leaves the brunette gasping at the sensation. Mickie nearly has another orgasm just from this new angle of attack with Khali pressing even deeper inside her. His cock feels even bigger and thicker at this angle and Mickie almost starts to cry just from the pleasure overflowing through her body. Mickie's arms grab at the top rope using it to hold herself up so she can fully enjoy the sensation of the Great Khali powerfully fucking her. She is suspended in the air spreading her legs letting the giant grappler thrust powerfully inside her. Khali's slow hard thrusts are making it so his dick is driving even deeper inside the young Diva curvy frame. Mickie's eyes start rolling into the back of her head from all of the intense pleasure she is getting as Khali's giant shaft penetrating her.

Her screams echo through the whole arena and Khali just doesn't seem to slow down or even look like tiring. The Divas left at ringside were very scared for Mickie James being the sexual play toy of a giant but now after hearing Mickie whine and moan in pleasure they are starting to change their minds. Watching her squeal in pleasure some of them are even starting to be jealous of Mickie getting such an amazing looking sex session. Mickie groans spreading her legs wider to let Khali's massive cock press even deeper inside her body. Mickie's pussy feels so stretched out by Khali's giant cock that she can barely think straight, her whole body feels like just one frazzled nerve ending. All the bubbly brunette can feel is sexual pleasure while Khali's cock pounds every inch of stamina out of her body. The young Diva is so wet that she is perfectly lubed up for a giant prick like Khali's. Mickie loves her giant sized fucking; Khali is bouncing her around on his dick like she is a cheap hooker and Mickie loves every second. It's the best fuck of her life by miles and miles yet still after all the orgasms Khali has given her the big man still hasn't blow his load yet. Khali is powerfully pounding her body with some slow forward thrusts that leave Mickie throwing her head back howling like a happy animal. Her body is drenched in sweat and Mickie doesn't care anymore, Khali's huge cock has broken her and all she wants in pleasure from this fucking.

The scary part is nothing seems to stop Khali, where he is getting all this stamina from but Mickie has no idea. His slow thrusts keep pumping in and out of her dripping wet pussy leaving Mickie dizzy with all of the sexual pleasure washing over her. Khali is relentlessly slamming into her and whimpering Mickie wonders if anything will slow Khali down, he is like a superhero with the awesome power of being able to fuck a girl to multiple life changing orgasms. Khali's massive face has a big smile plastered across it looking down at a moaning and writhing WWE Diva. Little Mickie is just bouncing off his cock and instead of complaining or begging to stop she looks like she loves his giant sized penis. One of Khali's hands slides down from Mickie's back moving underneath the brunette. His large hand firmly grabs one of Mickie's big ass cheeks giving it a rough squeeze making the sexy Diva groan with yet more pleasure. Mickie whimpers as another new wave of pleasure corrupts her aching sweaty body, she doesn't know how much more pleasure she can stand. Khali's frying pan sized hand is really groping her bruised butt cheek making Mickie squeal while grinding her body against his still thrusting dick. Everything Khali does to Mickie feels a million times better than with any other man and the brunette wonders if she will ever be able to go back to normal sex. She already feels like she is addicted to having Khali's big cock inside her, Khali is giving her everything she needs as every touch from the giant leaves her instantly satisfied.

She has never had a man who could last so long inside her and Mickie thinks no other lover will ever be able to match up to the Great Khali. The one thing Mickie does know is that she will certainly never find such a big cock to stretch her pussy out again. Mickie is already wondering about when she recovers from this fucking how long it will be before she starts begging the giant for a repeat performance. It might take a while because still Khali doesn't even seem to be close to finishing this marathon fuck session. He isn't humping away at her like some crazed rabbit or even slowing down to try and last longer. Khali is completely blowing her mind and tears start running down Mickie's cheeks as this is the greatest sex of her entire life. Her whole body is humming with energy and Mickie bites down on her lip as Khali pushes yet more pleasure on her overstimulated body. The Great Khali is fucking her into a completely new world of pleasure and Mickie is now just hanging on for the ride wondering if the over 7ft athlete will ever stop fucking her. It's mind blowing sex and Mickie can feel her pussy juices dripping all over Khali's thick tool and down into a puddle below her on the ring mat. Khali has fucked every last drop of energy out of her body and the large Punjabi giant is still going.

"OOHHHHHH FUCK ME KHALI FUCK ME OH GOD BABY DON'T HOLD BACK GOD JUST FUCK ME," Mickie screams loudly in delight no longer caring what happens to her body she just wants this pleasure to continue.

Khali keeps pumping into Mickie's tiny frame keeping the Diva pressed back against the turnbuckle pads. His massive cock goes deep into Mickie's pussy once again and the giant's big dick starts to flex inside the tiny Diva. Mickie's sensitive pussy walls tingle with delight as Khali's big cock twitches against them sending bolts of horny energy rushing through her. The Diva is panting and whining with lust knowing another massive orgasm is about to hit her body and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Mickie gives in and the tiny Diva throws her hips forward as fast as her tired body will allow her desperate to get to the end of yet another huge orgasm. Khali suddenly lets out a large groan of pleasure because Mickie's thrusting hips are starting to add stimulation to his rock hard shaft. His cock is finally starting to feel some of the mind blowing pleasure Mickie has been feeling and Khali's grunts start fill the air. The giant is now starting to move with more force pounding his body into her, it seems Mickie's gyrations have given Khali that extra bit of stimulation he needed. He rams his big cock into the horny little Diva really making her whole body shake as he starts to put more force in his thrusts. The giant's hands are still squeezing Mickie's thick asscheeks while his hips start a more forceful fucking of Mickie's pussy. Khali's thrusts have become shorter and quicker while his grunts also grow louder, his quicker thrusts have an effect on Mickie as she is now being bounced around with much more force.

The tiny Diva is being rag dolled against the corner as the horny giant becomes more turned on by their passionate sex. All of Khali's 500 plus pound weight is now being used to fuck Mickie James; the giant is throwing all of his body into it. Mickie is scared that she will just shatter like glass from the powerful thrusts of the Great Khali. The giant's long thick cock drives in deep inside Mickie and the brunette just keeps howling with pleasure letting Khali overtake her body with pleasure. She doesn't care what his massively thick dick does to her insides all Mickie knows is she doesn't want it to stop. Khali has broken Mickie James; she went from being scared of the large man into being a total slut clinging onto him wanting more and more from his big cock. The grunts and growls of the giant are becoming more noticeable, the sounds echo around the arena and thousands of people are still sat in silence watching. Mickie's moans are getting louder too as she bounces around on Khali's cock like a drunken girl riding a mechanical bull in a nightclub. Her back is being repeatedly smashed into the top turnbuckle and Khali's thrusts are so hard the whole ring shakes. Mickie doesn't know if an orgasm will hit her or she will pass out from pleasure first, she would bet on both as Khali powerfully slams hard inside her cunt.

Khali is just pile driving into her, burying his cock into her pussy and Mickie just sobs with joy.

The whole arena watches Khali powerfully fuck Mickie James and all of them wonder if the big man will indeed break her. Mickie is being bounced around like a rogue bed spring and the brunette has never felt so small as she does now pressed against Khali's statue sized body frame. The giant is really giving it to Mickie now, sweat runs down his large forehead as he pumps his huge cock into the Diva. His large arms once again firmly wrap around her back holding the tiny woman in place keeping her hanging off his cock and pressed against the turnbuckle. Each powerful forward thrust makes a loud wet slapping sound that can be heard clearly by those closest to ringside. It sounds like an added audio effect in a porn movie but these people are hearing it live between two fucking WWE superstars. The sound is such a naughty sex sound that all the Divas still at ringside feel a warm tingling between their legs just from hearing it. It's the sound of man truly giving a woman a good hard fuck and there isn't one woman left in the arena that wouldn't love to swap places with Mickie James right now. Khali leans back and thrusts hard into Mickie, his big hips crashing off her tiny body and the force of that one big thrust almost knocks the former women's champion clean out of the ring. Mickie feels just like a cheap toy in the Punjabi giant's hands and that thought only makes the whole thing feel hotter. She has been dominated in a way she always dreamed of but was never confident enough to let it happen. She can feel his huge cock ramming into her and it just keeps the brunette screaming out lustfully.

Letting out a low growl Khali pushes forward as far as he can go imbedding all his cock inside of Mickie. Mickie James goes limp in Khali's big arms stuffed full of his huge dick Mickie just wails while her body overloads with pleasure. Poor Mickie is unable to keep up with the pleasure Khali's huge cock is giving her, all she can do is helplessly bounce in his grip hoping that eventually Khali will finish her otherwise she will just pass out in his arms. Khali's iron pipe of a cock is giving Mickie James a fucking of a lifetime and the tiny Diva is just being worn out by it. Mickie's thighs are drenched in sweat and her own juices as the Great Khali just keeps pounding into her body. Khali powers in a few more big thrusts before just pulling backwards sliding his huge cock out of the horny Diva. Mickie whimpers as Khali pulls out of her, her pussy feels so empty without his huge cock inside her. Khali is once again laying Mickie James on the ring mat and the Diva purrs with delight now lying on her back looking up at the arena lights. The brunette eagerly opens her legs waiting for Khali's thick shaft to impale her pussy again and Mickie is desperate for the giant to finish with her. The giant has gently laid Mickie down on the ring mat and kneels between her spread out legs admiring her body.

"Please fuck me Khali get that giant cock back inside me, fuck me harder please Khali fuck me," Mickie moans begging the giant for more.

Lying back Mickie closes her eyes waiting to let Khali's cock once again fuck her into a blissful state of happiness. Her body is tingling with pleasure; every nerve ending seems open and on fire and Mickie is just awash with emotion. She tries her hardest to stay mentally strong not only to remember every second of this in ring fucking but she doesn't want to pass out until the Great Khali cums. Khali once again pushes inside her, her pussy is so lubed and stretched out now it easily accommodates Khali's big dick. The giant is sweating hard as he pumps away at her cunt with a much faster pace really giving Mickie the fucking she begged for. He is putting all his weight into fucking the brunette and Mickie can feel the whole ring shaking beneath her. Mickie loudly wails as her G spot is just being pummelled and Mickie's brain quickly blanks out. The sexy Diva can do nothing but scream with pleasure while Khali pounds her.

Khali's giant dick just slams into Mickie James nearly sliding the brunette across the canvas and only Khali's tight grip on her meaty thighs keeps Mickie in place. The Great Khali unleashes all his horny aggression on her and another whimper comes from Mickie as the dam is close to bursting with yet another huge orgasm swelling up inside her.

Mickie is amazed; she has never cum twice during sex let alone three times. The brunette's sweat soaked body shakes across the canvas as the Great Khali is no longer holding back. He is thrusting into her with all the weight and power left in his massive body and Mickie James is just helplessly bouncing around like a stick trapped inside a hurricane. Mickie just can't work out how the Great Khali keeps doing this to her body and how he doesn't seem to be slowing down either. Khali instead seems to be picking up the pace suddenly letting go of Mickie's thighs then placing his large hands down on the canvas either side of Mickie's head. He is lying on top of her now balancing on his knees so he doesn't crush his tiny Diva fuck toy. Now in his new position he really does tower over Mickie, fans can barely see the brunette underneath the giant's body. The Great Khali pushes deep inside her again filling her tiny body up with his huge cock and Mickie can't stop wailing loudly. Mickie starts to cry, she can no longer stop herself from cumming for a third time. Her hoarse throat lets out a few high pitched cried while her body just vibrates under the Great Khali. The prolonged fucking from the giant has broken her, Mickie whimpers her way through her third orgasm and Khali just keeps on fucking her. Her sweat soaked body can barely contain the pleasure being given to her and finally Mickie just groans softly going limp on the canvas.

She no longer has the strength to moan or beg for more, she can't even lift her head up off the mat. Still Khali isn't stopping or slowing down; he probably doesn't even know Mickie has cum for the third time. He keeps to his big hard thrusting movements, his massive hips perfectly in rhythm sending his cock deep into Mickie's sore wet pussy. Khali's grunts start to get louder thrashing into Mickie's unmoving body with her large chest softly rising up and down while the Great Khali goes from broke hammering himself into Mickie's cunt. Fans and Divas all watching at ringside can see Khali's massive body start to tense up. Khali is thrusting in hard before he moans loudly trying to hold back the cum load that has been building inside his body for weeks. It's clear that it's taking a real effort on the giant's part not to let loose and cum right away. Khali moves his hands down and squeezes Mickie's large boobs while he keeps pumping into her. Mickie is either out cold or fast asleep so only a dull murmur of pleasure escapes from her closed mouth. The poor Diva is completely spaced unaware of her surroundings or of Khali's louder moans. The noises from Khali are getting louder and the giant has his eyes tightly closed while his massive frame shivers. Khali is starting to sweat hard and the grunts coming out of his mouth are becoming more urgent as he fucks Mickie hard.

His hands roughly maul and squeeze Mickie's big tits; he is able to fit Mickie's big boobs into the palms of his huge hands and the giant leans forward making sure every inch of his large thick cock is stuffed inside Mickie James. Khali slows down for a second just to enjoy the feel of Mickie's pussy fully engulfing his achingly hard cock. The giant takes a big deep breathe mentally composing himself before pushing his whole body forward slamming his dick deep into Mickie one more time. All 11 inches of his thick dick are inside Mickie and the friction of Mickie's wet pussy on his cock gives Khali an electric feeling of pleasure. The Great Khali isn't holding back anymore going at a fast pace slamming into Mickie's body desperately almost like it's the last time he will ever have sex. The giant's breakneck speed really impresses the Divas at ringside who all thought that if Khali got close to cumming he would slow down. He isn't getting slower in fact his groans are getting louder and his hips thrust in with more force. Khali lets out a long and loud moan before his arms move underneath Mickie's body wrapping tightly around the sweaty Diva. He scoops the tiny Diva up off the canvas and holds her against his chest while his cock stays buried inside her. There is no more thrusting from Khali as he almost seems satisfied with just holding Mickie James against his cock.

The full length of his dick is buried inside Mickie's pussy and now with her being upright Khali's massive dick sinks deeper inside the tiny Diva's body. Khali is sat up on his knees holding Mickie James against him calmly for a second then he lets out an ear splitting groan of pleasure. His howls echoes around the arena while his whole body starts convulsing then finally coming to a huge climax, he held out for so long but now the giant is letting go and is cumming. Khali's whole body shakes and the big man shuts his eyes as the intense orgasm passes through every inch of his 7ft tall body. Mickie James just softly moans still in a deep sleep completely unaware that Khali is cumming inside her. It's amazing the giant hasn't woken her up as he is howling like a wolf while emptying his load inside Mickie's soft wet pussy. The groans just keep getting louder and no one really know how horny Khali was or how much cum he had been saving up but from the look of pure ecstasy on his face it has to have been a huge load. He just keeps unloading into Mickie, his hips pushing in and out of the well fucked Diva. He is shivering like he has just been given a large electric shock and the giant doesn't stop buckling into the brunette.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Khali moans loudly rocking around on his knees while his arms stay tightly locked around a sleeping Mickie keeping her sat on his pulsing dick.

Now the crowd knows why he is cradling Mickie James, he would have crushed her if he had been on top of her and started convulsing like he is now. He is unloading cum shot after cum shot into Mickie's stretched out pussy and from wondering if he ever would orgasm now people are wondering if he will ever stop. After nearly a minute of moaning and shaking with lust Khali lets out one final moan and his body finally stops shaking. Khali is soaked in sweat and he needs a couple of seconds to control himself so he doesn't fall asleep like Mickie. The giant must have unloaded so much cum inside Mickie that it appears to have wiped him out physically as well. Mickie just whimpers barely able to feel the huge load Khali has blasted inside her stretched out pussy. Slowly Khali pulls his now limp cock out of the Diva and lowers the brunette down letting Mickie's body softly hit the canvas. Both superstars are clearly exhausted after that marathon fuck session which has drained every last ounce of energy out of them. Fans just stand and stare wondering if this was all some kind of dream having watched the monstrous looking Khali fuck the tiny Diva Mickie James into sexual submission.

Mickie's pussy leaks with both her and Khali's juices staining on the ring mat but Mickie is too far gone to care. The giant just sits on the ring mat breathing slowly trying to recover from his own massive orgasm. All the fans in the arena suddenly get up and start cheering as none of them have ever seen anything like that in a WWE ring. Khali just bounced Mickie around like a toy and really gave the tiny Diva a true powerful fucking. It was like a live action porno and certainly no one ever thought they would get pleasure out of watching a giant like Khali having sex. The Great Khali took the sexy brunette and made her scream with pleasure giving the Diva multiple orgasms. Standing at ringside the Divas are now deeply jealous of Mickie for clearly getting the fucking of her life. They thought the Great Khali's massive dick would tear little Mickie in half instead it gave her several orgasms that utterly satisfied her. Khali finally starts to move; getting to his feet the big man walks over and redresses himself quietly. Mickie is still not moving, asleep on the ring mat soaked in a layer of her own sweat and her well fucked pussy is still leaking spunk out over the canvas.

Once Khali is fully dressed again he walks over to Mickie and he easily scoops the tiny Diva up in his massive arms. He carries the naked Diva out of the ring and up the ramp way. The other Divas all start to follow behind Khali wondering how fast his recovery is with all them wanting the kind of awesome sex he just gave Mickie. The once sex mad giant is now being very gentle carrying Mickie backstage with her still sleeping in his big arms. Around the arena fans start to move thinking the show is over, they have all forgotten about the main event now as they all want to go home and masturbate over in the amazing sex show they just witnessed. Mickie snores gently in his arms as Khali disappears backstage, his horny rage quilled now he has found a Diva willing to take his giant cock. Khali gave Mickie a hard fucking live in front of the world and he gave every single WWE fan around the world, an in ring moment that no one will ever forget.

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