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Kiss Of Death
by Conker83

Catrina and Ivelisse have been in a battle of proportions in Lucha Underground over the past three weeks. But in this week's episode, " Ultima Lucha Tres, Ivelisse looks to defeat her nemesis. Her boyfriend, Jeremiah Crane was arguing with her over him cheating on her with Catrina.

Ivelisse: How can you cheat on me with this tramp? I'm your fucking girlfriend!

Jeremiah Crane: Look she just seemed more interesting. You know more insightful. Plus I knew her since we were kids.

Ivelisse: The only sight you gave was you staring at her ass!

Jeremiah Crane: Whatever, bitch. We're through.

Ivelisse: Really? Well guess what? I need no man to help me beat that Enchantress wannabe.

Ivelisse kicks Jeremiah Crane to the bathroom stall door and proceeds to head to the arena to beat Catrina to a pulp.

The Lucha Underground fans were looking forward to this epic rivalry between Ivelisse and Catrina. The lovely Latina makes her way to the ring only to be ambushed by Ivelisse.

Ivelisse: You ready for this, bitch?

Catrina: What the fuck?

Ivelisse: This time I'm here to put a stop to this!

Ivelisse continues beating Catrina with knife edge chops. Ivelisse rips off her shirt which causes Catrina to retreat to Dario's office. Ivelisse heads there only to be attacked from Catrina who used three bottles to the head of her opponent. Catrina licks Ivelisse's blood from her head and then tongue wrestles her.

Catrina: Now you're about to suffer some real pain.

Catrina grabs Ivelisse's head and forces her to eat her pussy. Ivelisse tries to resist, but Catrina's power of temptation was too much.

Ivelisse: I'll never lose.

Catrina: Too bad. You'll never beat me. Now keep licking.

Ivelisse gets forced down to licking her opponent's clit. Catrina moans with the security footage showing the fans of what is transpiring at this very moment.

Fans: Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

Catrina: Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes! I bet you like it.

Ivelisse (muffling): No.

Catrina: I don't think so. Ever since I came to you, you tried to resist, but you couldn't then. Now don't lie to me. I know you like this clit, don't you?

Ivelisse: No matter what you say I will never give up.

Catrina: Like Jeremiah gave you up for this fine piece of ass?

Ivelisse was not going to let Catrina get to her even if the Latina diva was forcing her to lick her pussy. However, Catrina was about to cum after six minutes.

Catrina: Oh, fuck! I'm gonna cum so hard! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Lucha Underground fans were cheering uproariously after witnessing this display. Catrina takes Ivelisse upstairs in front of the fans but eventually fights back and beats Catrina while on the stairs. Catrina starts fingering Ivelisse's pussy and the fans are once again aroused.

Catrina: You're gonna give it to me?

Ivelisse: No!

Catrina: Don't you fucking talk back to me, bitch! I know you want to cum for me. You want this.

Ivelisse: I---

Ivelisse tries to speak up, but Catrina's fast fingering made her moan so loud the fans could not turn away.

Fans: Fuck her good, Catrina, fuck her good! (Clap x2)

Fuck her good, Catrina, fuck her good! (Clap x2)

Fuck her good, Catrina, fuck her good! (Clap x2)

Fuck her good, Catrina, fuck her good! (Clap x2)

Catrina: They want you to cum for me. I want all that delicious cum.

Ivelisse: Oh, my god.

Catrina: That's it. Don't fight it. Don't fight this shit.

Despite Ivelisse trying to resist Catrina's temptation she had no choice but to cum for her opponent.

Ivelisse: Oh my god! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! (crying) Oh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck.

Catrina feeds Ivelisse her cum from her pussy and licks some of the blood from Ivelisse's head. They tongue wrestle with the blood from Catrina's tongue until Ivelisse kicks Catrina. They take the action to the ring, but Catrina get her jewelry box and inside a dildo and stone. She plant the dildo on Ivelisse's pussy and slowly thrusts her.

Ivelisse: Hmmmmmm. This feels so good.

Catrina: I bet. Soon you will be mine.

The Latina diva licks Ivelisse's tit and kisses her. Ivelisse moans loud enough for the fans of Lucha Underground to hear. Catrina goes faster and faster making Ivelisse cum a second time.

Ivelisse: Oh, shit! Yes! Oh, my god.

Catrina: You like that. I know you do. Suck that dick.

Catrina makes Ivelisse suck on the dildo after cumming on it. Catrina bends over and Ivelisse inserts the dildo in the Latina's vagina. Ivelisse licks Catrina's asshole while thrusting her pussy.

Ivelisse: Now I'm gonna cum.

Catrina: That all you got, little girl?

Ivelisse: Allow me to show you.

Fans: Make her cum! Make her cum! Make her cum! Make her cum! Make her cum! Make her cum! Make her cum!

Ivelisse thrusts the dildo inside Catrina's clit as hard and fast as possible and after being thrusted for several minutes the Latina cums.

Catrina: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Fuck! Ahhhhhhh! Shit! Holy fucking shit! Shit that was really fucking good.

Ivelisse puts the dildo in Catrina's mouth as if she was making her opponent deepthroat a cock. Ivelisse lays on Catrina's breast and the Latina rubs Ivelisse's pussy. She starts moaning and Catrina licks her once again and kisses Ivelisse. Catrina slaps Ivelisse's clit and Ivelisse starts squirt in the arena. The fans here in Lucha Underground start cheering like crazy just from seeing this match. Catrina puts the dildo in her pussy and Ivelisse puts her pussy on the dildo as well. Both of Lucha Underground's talented women start grinding on the dildo and they both tongue kiss as they are doing so.

Catrina: I'm gonna make you cum. Then you'll be mine forever.

Ivelisse: Not until I make you cum first.

Catrina: It's inevitable. Surrender to me.

Ivelisse: No. I won't.

Catrina: You will. You just don't know it yet.

Ivelisse and Catrina grind and grind on the dildo as fast as possible. The crowd was intrigued by the entire match between the two beautiful divas. They both would cum eventually after grinding on the toy for several minutes.

Ivelisse: Oh, my god. I'm gonna fucking cum!

Catrina: Ahhhhhh shit! Shit, shit, shit! Fuck!

Ivelisse: Wow that was intense.

Catrina: Yeah.

The Lucha Underground fans cheer as two women were at a battle that could be the end of it all. Catrina gets her rock, but Ivelisse grabs it as well. They play tug of war with it until Ivelisse hits a DDT on Catrina gets the win. Ivelisse gets possession of the rock, but her ex, Jeremiah Crane blindsided her, takes the rock and gives it to Catrina.

Catrina: Thank you, babe.

Jeremiah Crane: You are very welcome.

Catrina: You know what, Ivelisse? You may have won the match, but I got unlimited power... and your man. Now, Jeremiah what say I give you a reward for your services?

Jeremiah Crane: It'll be my pleasure.

Crane and Catrina kiss and head backstage leaving Ivelisse injured and cared for by medics. Ivelisse may have won the battle, but from the looks of this the war between her and Catrina was far from over.

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