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** This is a continuation of my previous fics. Make sure you read "Kurt Angle
The New Cummer" before reading this fic. **

Kurt Angle Gets Lucky In Cape Cod
by Kurt/Steph

"You want me to stay at your vacation house in Cape Cod this weekend?" Kurt
asked into the phone, thinking he had misunderstood his boss.

"Yes I do! You need a break, Kurt. This past month, you've done nothing but
work. You've been in the WWF for a week or two and you are already going to
be ready for regular WWF House Show venues. You really need to take a
relaxing weekend." Said Vince, "Linda and I would love to have you. My son,
Shane, and daughter, Stephanie are coming up for the weekend also."

All Kurt had to hear was that Stephanie was going to be there. Steph had
switched internships and was now spending her days with her mother on the
executive floor of WWF Headquarters; Because of this, Kurt had not seen
Stephanie for a week or two. Kurt had continued to impress Vince with his
incredible wrestling ability, but some how it wasn't the same without Steph
there to 'congratulate' him on a job well done.

Angle showed up at the McMahon vacation home in Cape Cod. It was Linda
McMahon that greeted him at the door.

"Hi Kurt, come in. How was your flight?" Linda asked allowing Angle to enter
the posh McMahon vacation home.

"It was fine, thanks." Kurt replied, while his eyes scanned his surroundings.

"Everyone is out back on the patio. Your room is the one at the very end of
the hall on the left upstairs. After you put your luggage upstairs, come
outside." Linda said, before leaving Kurt to attend to his luggage.

"Kurt, glad you could make it!" Vince exclaimed getting up from his patio
chair to give Kurt a pat on the back after he made his way out in his swim

"Hey Mr. McMahon, thanks for inviting me for the weekend."

"Kurt, what did I tell you? Call me Vince."


"Kurt, sit down and make your self at home. What can I get you to drink?"
Linda asked, playing the polite host.

"A beer would be great, thanks." Kurt said, his eyes now focused on Stephanie
who he saw sitting next to her brother, Shane.

Linda and Vince both went back into the house leaving Shane, Stephanie, and
Kurt sitting on the patio.

Stephanie smiled back at Kurt as he walked over to the empty seat on her
left and sat down. He glanced over at the young McMahon. To Angle's delight,
Stephy was wearing a skimpy bikini that complimented her beautiful body.
Steph noticed Kurt's glancing eye, she gave him a smirk as Shane started up
a conversation with Kurt.

"So Kurt, do you get a lot of chicks being an Olympic Gold Medalist and all?"
Shane said with a laugh before taking a drink from his beer.

"Oh yeah, you know it." Kurt said with a nod as he laughed aloud.

Stephanie laughed and playfully punched Kurt in the arm before changing the

"Let's go swimming guys. Kurt, you can help me dunk Shane." Stephanie said
with a smile before she looked over at Shane giving him a dirty look.

"She's still pissed because I dunked her so bad last summer…She swallowed a
mouth full of salt water." Shane said laughing as Stephanie slapped Shane in
the arm.

"Wow...Stephanie swallowed...salt water." Kurt said as he and Shane started
cracking up.

"Oh both of you can go fuck yourself." Steph said giggling before getting up
and running off the patio into the water. "Come on you guys!"

Angle smirked getting up out of his seat. He walked off the patio, and then
looked back at Shane who remained seated.

"You go ahead, Angle. I'm going to finish my beer." Shane said waving Kurt

Angle quickly joined Steph in the water. He smiled as they moved close to

"Have I ever told you how fucking hot you look in a bikini?" Angle asked in
a whisper. "I wanna fuck you so bad right now."

Angle's eyes went to Stephanie's cleavage. The salt water making her boobs
glisten in the sun. This reminded him of the tit fuck he received during
their last encounter. He was getting hard thinking about his cock nuzzled
in between Stephanie's gorgeous mounds.

"We'll maybe we could...get together...later tonight..." Stephanie whispered.

"My room or yours?" Angle whispered back beginning to swim around Steph.

"I'll come to you." Steph said.

"You mean you'll come for me." Angle corrected in a whisper before grabbing
Stephanie and dunking her in the water.

Shane laughed hysterically from the patio and Steph quickly surfaced and
splashed Angle in the face. Angle wiped the stinging salt water out of his
eyes with his hand before feeling Stephanie's foot push into his trunks
right into his cock as she kicked her legs swimming away from him. She
turned around a few seconds later and flashed him a naughty smile. Tonight
was going to be great.

The rest of the day wore on. Kurt Angle found himself watching the clock
through the chit chat at the McMahon dinner table during their meal. All he
could think about was getting to fuck Steph. It was a good thing that he had
jerked off this morning in the hotel shower; his balls wouldn't be able to
take the anticipation of fucking the McMahon princess if two weeks of jizz
was built up.

After what seemed like an eternity, the evening was over and everyone had
retired to their respective rooms. Angle wasted no time getting ready for
Stephy, he quickly pulled off his clothes and got into the king sized bed.
His already erect cock pitching a tent with the sheets.

"Come on Stephy...Get your hot ass over here." Angle whispered aloud as he
gave his member a few strokes.

To his excitement, he heard the door open and the young McMahon slipped into
the room. She quietly closed the door. Stephanie's cute little nightgown gave
her the sexy virgin school girl look. Angle knew better; He motioned her to
come over. Steph walked over to the foot of the bed. Angle wasted no time
moving forward to meet Steph. His hands quickly pulled up at her cotton
nightgown. Stephanie smiled as she raised her arms allowing Kurt to slip it
over her head. To Kurt's surprise, Stephanie was completely naked; no
underwear or anything. Her shaved pussy right in front of him. Just like him,
she was ready for a good fuck.

"God I missed you." Angle whispered lovingly before kissing her passionately.
Stephanie moaned while they kissed, wrapping her arms around his neck as
they both fell back into the bed; Stephanie on top. Her tits rubbed against
Angle's hard chest. They continued to make out as Kurt's hands explored the
magnificent contours of her body, starting at her back and ending at her firm
ass. He gave it a hard squeeze causing Stephanie to giggle.

"Kurt!" Steph squealed after breaking their lip lock.

"Steph, shhhh! Your parents and brother are just down the hall." Angle
reminded before going to work at Stephanie's neck. Steph giggled softly as
her boyfriend kissed and sucked on her neck.

"Kurtie...I know we just had dinner, but...maybe you want some dessert?"
Steph asked with a smile before she quickly rolled her and Kurt over before
he even knew what happened.

"Dessert?" Kurt asked, he didn't know what Steph was planning.

"Yeah," Stephanie said in a seductive voice. "Dessert."

With that said, Stephanie quickly stood into a squat right over Angle's face.
This gave Kurt Angle the best view of Steph's pussy that he had ever seen.

"Oh yeah baby...I'm been craving you..." Angle whispered as he brought his
hands to her cunt. Kurt opened her pussy lips with his thumbs allowing him
full access to her pink folds.

Stephy wasted no time lowering her crouch onto Angle's awaiting mouth. She
immediately began to feel the great sensation of the Olympic Champion sucking
and nibbling on her clit.

"Ugh!" Escaped Steph's mouth as she looked down to see Kurt remove his hands
from her vaginal lips and place them on her ass, making her hump his face.
Steph closed her eyes, leaning back, her hands planted on Angle's muscular
thighs while she enjoyed the feeling of Kurt's tongue exploring her moist

"Eat that pussy, Kurt..." Steph whispered as her hands squeezed his thighs
while an orgasm ripped through her body.

You would have thought that Angle hadn't eaten in days the way he feasted on
her twat. Pussy juice trickled down Angle's cheek as he expertly worked his
tongue in and out of her vaginal hole. Every few seconds, he would remove
his tongue from her hole, give her clit a few licks causing Steph to try
desperately to hold in her moans. She didn't want to wake her family.

Steph couldn't believe how hard Kurt was working to pleasure her. She began
to help Kurt with the rhythm to which he was plunging his tongue into her.
She swiveled her hips, thrusting into his face.

"Baby...let's I can...return the favor." Stephanie said in a low
shaky voice. It was so hard for her to contain herself, she wanted to scream
out from the pleasure her man was giving her.

Steph quickly swiveled around, allowing Kurt's lips and mouth to remain on
her pussy. She was now facing the foot of the bed. Steph quickly laid down;
allowing her abdomen to meet his as She took his cock in her hand and began
to lick and suck it.

Both lovers grunted as the pleasured each other. Kurt Angle was on cloud
nine, he didn't know what was better, eating out Stephanie's warm moist twat
or having his dick sucked by her. Steph moaned while she bobbed her head fast
up and down the length of his manhood while she caressed his balls with one
hand; the sensation causing Angle to grunt and moan as he continued munching
on her pussy.

"I need... you inside" Stephanie said allowing his member to slip
out of her mouth.

Before Angle could do or say anything she rolled off of him and laid next
him on her side. Her back facing him as Kurt turn onto his side, moved closer
to her. He got so close that his legs fit into hers like pieces to a jigsaw
puzzle. He quickly moved his right hand down between their two sandwiched
bodies. He grabbed hold of his saliva covered cock and put it in her pussy.
His cock quickly glided up into her pussy with ease thanks to Angle's
previous exploration with his tongue.

"Fuck yes..." Escaped Stephanie's mouth as she reached behind her and wrapped
her left arm around Kurt's neck as he began to hump into her.

"Like that baby?" Angle grunted softly as he got his arms around her torso,
allow him more control as he thrusted his cock in and out of her cunt. His
hands down at her crouch. His fingers finding her clit which he quickly began
to rub adding to the pleasure of their fucking.

"Fuck!" Stephanie whined as she banged her right hand into the wooden head
board of the bed.

"Shhh...your parents...ugh...ugh" Kurt said in a whisper as he pulled one
hand way from where he was fingering her clit and reached up, grabbing her
right hand taking away her ability to slam it against the head aboard again
as their fucking increased intensity. He allowed Steph to then grab hold of
the top of the head board, helping him slam his cock into her twat harder.

"Stephy...ugh..ugh..yeah, take it baby..." Kurt said a little louder before
he planted his mouth on her neck beginning to suck while his hand at the head
board grabbed hold of hers.

The wooden head board began to creak as both Kurt and Steph pulled it, trying
desperately to get off. His dick was now thrusting in and out of her pussy at
mind blowing speed. Angle could feel the cum beginning to churn in his balls
as they both tried to keep their grunts and moans soft.

"UGH!!" Stephanie yelled out as an earth shattering orgasm made her whole
body shake while the Olympic seed filled her twat.

"Linda..." Vince whispered in the darkness of their bedroom.

His wife turned toward him in bed, half asleep.


"Did you hear something?" Vince asked, he looked over at his wife who was
asleep. He focused on listening for a second. It was when he heard nothing
that he went back to sleep.

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