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This is a continuation of the previous fic "Kurt Angle Visits Cape Cod".

Kurt Angle Revisits The McMahon Mansion
by Kurt/Steph

The weekend in Cape Cod was just what Angle needed. He had fucked Stephanie
six ways from Sunday in every possible position he could think of just during
those two days. Looking back on it, Kurt was amazed that he was able to get
away with it without Vince, Linda, or Shane ever suspecting a thing.

It was Wednesday; the middle of the week, and Kurt Angle was working out in
the training room of WWF Headquarters. Angle used the same intensity working
out as he did when he was fucking. He stopped half way through his work out
taking a drink from his plastic water bottle.

"Well if it isn’t Kurt Angle."

Kurt turned around to see none of than Paul Levesque walking into the
training room. A white towel draped across his left shoulder, a water bottle
in his right hand. Paul walked over to the weight machine Angle was using.

"Paul." Angle said with a nod before taking another sip of his water.

"I you spent the weekend with the McMahon’s up in Cape Cod. You’re a grade A
ass kisser, aren't you, Angle?" Paul said with a smirk, chewing his small
stick of gum.

"Hey, he invited me, man, but you probably know all about that. I'm sure
McMahon has invited you to his beach house for the weekend many times." Angle
said tossing his water bottle at Paul who caught it.

"Yeah, yeah, I've-I've been invited many times. Vince knows I'm the best
wrestler he has." Paul said letting Angle's water bottle fall to the floor.

"You mean ‘were' the best wrestler he had, until Kurt Angle joined the World
Wrestling Federation." Said Kurt taking the towel from Paul's shoulder and
wiping the sweat from his face with it.

"You know what Angle...Yeah, you're a talented guy, and I'll make sure I'll
give you a push every now in then when I marry Vince's daughter, Stephanie."
Paul said, "Tell you what, the WrestleMania after I marry Stephanie, I'll
give you a WWF title shot against me in the main event. You can have the
privilege of jobbing to me."

Angle laughed aloud throwing the towel back at Levesque. At first, Paul
Levesque's comments were quite humorous; Angle had gotten a kick out of
Paul's pathetic fantasies about Stephanie McMahon. Now he was starting to
piss him off. Kurt had been fucking Stephanie for months now, she was his.
He was her first and if Angle had any thing to say about it, he would be
the only guy she'd ever be with. Did Paul even oppose a threat to Kurt's
romance with Stephy McMahon?

"You better stay the fuck away from her, man." Angle said getting up in
Paul's face. Levesque stared into his eyes, not backing down. Paul looked
confused looking at Kurt who was dead serious.

"Angle, why the hell do you care? You're not her daddy...Actually... I'm
going to be Stephy's daddy when I break in her pretty pink pussy."

Angle shook with fury as Levesque smiled in his face. Kurt had to restrain
himself. If he allowed himself to beat the shit out of Paul Levesque for
talking about Steph, it would make Paul suspicious of Kurt's feelings for

"It's just...I don't think Vince would appreciate you taking advantage of his
daughter..." Angle said, trying his best to contain his anger and stay calm.

"Look, just mind your own business, alright. I know what I'm doing, I'll
bide my time. When the time is right, I'll strike." Paul said, snapping his

Kurt Angle was finished working out, he couldn't even stand being in the
same room with Paul any longer. He suddenly felt the urge to see Stephanie.
The thoughts of Paul Levesque trying desperately to seduce Stephanie were
clouding his mind as he raced right over to the McMahon mansion. It was mid
day and Angle knew that Wednesdays were Stephanie's day off and that she'd
be all alone at the house. He approached the front door and starting banging
on it continuously. It wasn't until the door open that he stopped. Stephanie
stood in the doorway, she wore a Rockers t-shirt that came down to her knees.
Her beautiful brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail. The sight of the
beautiful McMahon daughter sent shock waves of testosterone through his

"Oh, hey, Kur-"

Stephanie was quickly cut off when Angle grabbed her, pulling her into his
arms as he pressed his lips firmly against hers. Stephanie moaned as Angle
pushed both him and her into the house and slammed the door shut. Their kiss
quickly turned passionate as Kurt scooped Steph into his arms and carried
her up grand winding staircase. Stephanie caressed Angle's tongue with hers,
her right arm wrapped around his neck as her fingers ran through his head of
hair. Kurt's muscular arms flex, his hands tighten on her thighs as he
carries her down the upstairs hallway. Angle finally stopped at the closed
double doors of the mater bedroom. With one swift kick with his right foot,
the two double doors swung open. He carried Stephanie into her parents'
luxurious bedroom. Stephanie laughed as Angle threw her on the king sized
bed. Stephanie, lying on her back, looked up at Kurt who quickly took off
his muscle shirt that was already soiled with sweat from his work out. She
watched intently has he took off his adidas pants then his briefs. Before
Stephanie could even enjoy staring at her boyfriend's huge rod, Kurt quickly
grabbed hold of her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed, causing
her Rockers t-shirt to ride up on her body. This exposed Steph's white cotton

"Granny panties, Stephy? What happened to those hot thongs?" Angle asked
rubbing his hand up and down her covered crotch.

"Shut up! I wasn't expecting company!" Steph said lifting her ass as Angle
quickly pulled her cotton panties off her and threw them aside, exposing the
Billion Dollar pussy. Then he took hold of the bottom of her t-shirt and
forcefully pulled it up and over her head.

"Ouch! Hey, be gentle!" Steph yelled as her ponytail got caught in the
t-shirt as he pulled it over her head.

"Let your hair down. I like it down." Angle instructed as he threw her shirt
to the floor. Stephanie did as he told. Her exquisite brown hair cascaded to
her shoulders after she undid her ponytail.

He took a minute to study her perky young breasts before climbing on to
the bed with her. Kurt laid her down on the white satin pillows and began
showering her with kisses up and down the nape of her neck. Steph giggled as
his wet tongue tickled her soft skin as he licked and sucked away. Her right
hand slowly made its way between them. Steph grabbed hold of his hard shaft.
Angle moaned and thrusted his cock in her hand; he loved it when Steph
grabbed his dick. Steph brought his cock head to her pussy lips and began
rubbing it up and down in her soft vaginal folds. Kurt knew that this was not
only to tease him, but it was also for her own pleasure. He smiled at her and
pulled away from her sitting up in the bed. Stephanie looked at him confused,
she was already horny and was ready to get fucked. Why did he stop? Angle
flashed his signature smirk before positioning his head between her legs,
which he then rested on his back. Stephanie smiled as she tilted her head
forward so she could see her Olympic Champ take his first lick at her pussy.
She watched as Kurt's right hand went to her cunt and spread her pussy lips
wide open, giving him more access to her moist folds.

"Eat me Kurtie!" Stephanie whined, bucking her hips in anticipation.

Kurt decided to make the boss's daughter happy as he lowered his mouth to her
crotch and began to flick his tongue on her clit.

"Oh...Ugh..yeah, ugh!" Stephanie moaned as Angle began to wiggle his tongue
on her swollen clit like a mad man. Then without warning, he slipped two of
his fingers inside her tight pussy. Steph moaned louder bucking her hips
against his fingers as he quickly thrusted them in and out of her moist hole.
He was quickly rewarded with fresh flowing pussy juice which he quickly
caught with his tongue.

It was clear that Stephanie had enough foreplay; she was ready for his big
cock. Steph reached forward and pulled Kurt to the head of the bed. Her legs
still on his shoulders as he was now in the perfect position to fuck her twat
with ease. Not wanting to miss a beat, Angle lined his dick up with her wet
hole and thrusted it in.

"Yes, fuck my cunt Kurt! Oh yeah, I love your big hard dick!" Stephanie
screamed in a horny voice. It amazed Kurt how far Steph had come from the
naive virgin he had only met a few short months ago.

"Yeah! You like that?! Huh?! You like fucking in Daddy's bed?!" Angle yelled
humping his dick in and out her pussy with quick and sudden thrusts. Kurt
could see Stephy's tits jiggling freely with ever thrust he laid into her. He
bowed his head and caught her left nipple in his mouth. Kurt began to suck on
her tit like a little baby as he continued to pump his dick in and out of her

"Yeah, yeah, suck Mommy Stephy's tits baby Kurt!" Stephanie yelled enjoying
the double pleasure of having her tit sucked and pussy fucked.

Kurt sucked on Stephy's young breast with intensity, using his tongue to
play with her pink erect nipple as he continued to thrust into her twat with
blinding speed. Steph simply laid there on her back, her eyes closed as she
moaned in ecstasy. She was enjoying the pleasure her Olympic Champion was
giving her.

Angle couldn't believe what was taking place. Not only were he and Stephanie
fucking again for what had to be the around the tenth time, but he was
fucking her brains out in her parents' bed. He needed to change positions.
It was when Kurt let her tit fall out of his mouth and he pulled out that
Stephanie opened her eyes. Kurt motioned Steph to get on her hands and knees.
She did so, facing the headboard as Kurt got behind her.

"Open up the kennel Stephy cus here comes the big bad dog!" Angle shouted as
he plunged his cock into her already soaking wet pussy. Steph moaned, her
hands clasping the satin pillows in front of her as she thrusted backwards
into Kurt's dick, meeting each of this hard thrusts.

"Yes! Yes! Ugh, I love it when you fuck me doggy style! Ugh, Ugh!" Steph
screamed as she brought her right hand to her pussy and began to rub her clit
adding to the sensation of Kurt humping her twat.

Angle's balls began to slap Steph's ass for they were now fucking with so
much force that the headboard of the bed began to slam against the wall.
Angle grunted, feeling the cum start to build in the bottom of his hard
shaft. He quickly grabbed Stephy by her waist and pulled her back onto him
so that she was now sitting on his lap, his cock still tucked away in her
love canal. Steph knew exactly what he wanted; she allowed his dick to pop
out of her pussy for a moment as she got into a squatting position. Steph
then grabbed his cock at the root, holding it in place as she lowered
herself onto it. She quickly took her hand away as she slid down the entire
length with one quick downward thrust. This action almost made Kurt blow
his load right there, but he was able to contain himself; he always loved
it when Stephy was in charge.

"Yeah, come on Daddy's little girl, ride that cock, ugh, ugh." Angle said in
a low grunt as he reached in front of Steph and grabbed her bouncing tits in
his hands giving them a nice squeeze. Steph swiveled her hips in fast
circular motions while bouncy up and down, enjoying every minute riding his
massive prick. She felt Angle's hands let go of her breasts and slide down
her soft stomach to her crotch. Kurt used his fingers to start playing with
Steph's pussy; he wanted both of them to cum together so he had to get her
off quickly.

"Oh yes! Play with my pussy! Ugh! UGH! UGH! UUUGGGHH!" Stephanie said, as she
began to bouncy up and down on his dick with mind blowing speed.

It was when Angle felt Stephanie's pussy contract around his cock that his
hot jizz began to erupt from his shaft. Steph moaned and began to slowly
rock back and forth on Angle's dick, enjoying the warm sensation of his jizz
flooding her cunt. When she felt the last of his seed enter her, she leaned
back against his hard muscular torso. Kurt, wrapping his arms around her
waist, gave her soft kisses up her neck and to her jaw line. Steph turned
her head and met his kiss. They passionately kissed before Angle spoke.

"Do you enjoy our fucks?" Angle asked in a whisper before starting to kiss
her neck again.

"You know I do." Steph whispered back, somewhat out of breath. "We're sooo
good together."

"Yeah....we are..." Angle replied hugging her tightly from behind her.

"God I love you Kurt Angle." Stephanie said aloud.

Angle smiled hearing those magical words that Paul Levesque had been
fantasying about hearing. Though it was him that she was saying it to, Kurt
Steven Angle, the only Olympic Gold Medalist the WWF ever had.

"I love you too, baby." He whispered before kissing her again.

Paul Levesque had a better chance of becoming a permanent main eventer
superstar by giving Vince McMahon daily blow jobs under his office desk then
he did of ever getting with Stephanie McMahon, and that was damn true.

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