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Note: Read "Stephanie's First Time" and "Kurt Gets More Than A Contract"
before reading this.

Kurt Angle The New Cummer
by Kurt/Steph

It was merely a week after Kurt Angle signed with the World Wrestling
Federation. Vince McMahon was so impressed my Angle’s unique ability to pick
his ring skills up; he informed him that he would have a dark match with
Jason Reso.

Angle sat in the locker room that afternoon. Tonight was going to be his
first wrestling match in the WWF. Even though the match was un-televised,
it was still very important that he do his best. All the top wrestlers in
the WWF were going to be backstage watching. Vince McMahon himself would
be backstage; his face glued to the monitors for Kurt Angle’s match.

"You must be the new guy...The Olympic Gold Medalist..."

Kurt saw Paul Levesque walk into the locker room. He was carrying his
Intercontinental championship draped over his shoulder. Paul wore a look
of arrogance; he smirked as he slowly chewed the small piece of gum in
his mouth.

"Yeah, I'm Kurt Angle. You're the guy that plays Hunter Hearst Helmsley,
right?" Kurt asked offering his hand to Paul.

"Yeah...I'm Paul Levesque...The future of the WWF. Tell you what, you take
some notes while you watch my match with Dwayne Johnson, and maybe if I'm
not busy later, I'll give you some pointers in the ring." Paul said
completely ignoring Angle's extended hand.

"Thanks for the offer. Maybe sometime I'll give you a lesson or two in
amateur wrestling." Kurt said, he too wearing a smirk.

"I see you met Paul." Vince said as he entered the locker room followed by
his daughter, Stephanie. "Now Paul, I want to show Kurt the ropes around
here. The guy is a great athlete! You won't believe how quick he picks
stuff up!"

Angle didn't even notice that Vince was talking him up; his attention was
completely diverted to Stephanie McMahon who returned the flirtatious glance.
Like his conference meeting, Stephanie was again dressed in a business suit;
this time however, Kurt noticed that Steph was showing just a little bit of
cleavage. It wasn't enough to be completely obvious at a glance; still, it
turned Kurt on. His thoughts went back to the past week. He remembered how
good it felt being ridden by Stephy McMahon in her daddy's office. How wet
and warm her pussy was as it milked every drip of cum out of his dick.

"Hey Stephanie." Paul said, like Kurt, he too was checking Stephanie out.

"Hi Paul...Hey Kurt, can't wait to see your first match." Stephanie said
smiling brightly at him.

"If you want to watch the best match of the night, Stephanie, you should
watch my match." Paul said, flashing his cocky smirk.

"Hmm? What? I'm sorry, Paul, I didn't hear what you just said." Stephanie
said, after realizing he was talking to her. She had been busy eye fucking
Angle, she didn't even notice that he was speaking.

"Well we'll be watching all of the matches tonight. I'll see you two later.
Steph, why don't you go check if the sound boards all set and ready." Vince

"Yeah, okay, bye guys." Steph said.

"Bye..." Angle and Levesque said in unison as both Vince and Stephanie exit
the locker room.

"Don't get any ideas about her...I've had my eye on Stephanie McMahon since
I got into this business."

"Yeah...You think you have a shot with her?" Angle asked grabbing his duffel
bag which contained his wrestling gear.

"Of course I do! She's a young sexy virgin and best of all, she's Vince
McMahon's daughter. She wants me so bad...I can tell. I figure in a year or
two I'll make my move. If I can get with Stephanie McMahon, I'll never have
to worry about jobbing again. Hunter Hearst Helmsley will skyrocket to the
top leaving every other superstar just a supporting player to my greatness."
Paul said, shining up his Intercontinental title with his knuckles.

Kurt Angle let out a little chuckle as he ran his hands through his hair.
Was this guy for real? It was obvious Paul Levesque had no game... He had
made his debut in the WWF in 1995, yet he didn't have the balls to make a
move on Vince's baby girl. As if Stephanie even had the slightest interest
in him. He wanted to burst out laughing when Paul called Stephanie a virgin.
If he had seen her last week, bouncing up and down on Angle's cock, trying
desperately to get him off; he would have started coming up with a better
plan to become the MVP of the WWF.

"Man, I'd love to fuck Daddy's Little Girl's brains out." Paul said, leaning
his back on the lockers.

"Yeah, like I did...twice." Angle said to himself. He simply nodded allowing
Paul to continue having his pathetic fantasy about Stephanie McMahon.

"Well Angle, you can agree with me, but uh...You don't have a chance with
her." Said Paul, after giving Angle a hard pat on the back, before walking
toward the locker room door.

"Oh shucks..." Kurt said rolling his eyes before pulling out his kneepads and
elbow pads from the bag.

Angle's match with Christian was the talk of the locker room. No one could
believe that Kurt Angle, who just signed with the WWF after an amateur
career, could put on such a great match. Everyone in the back had
congratulated him a great match as he made his way to the locker room.

He entered the locker room which was completely empty for the actual
televised matches had gone underway and all the guys were either warming up
for their match or watching the TV monitors somewhere backstage.

Angle sat down in a chair as he began to take off his gear. His attention
was suddenly diverted to the door. Stephanie McMahon slipped into the locker

"Hey baby." Angle said, he dropped his elbow and knee pads back into his bag.

"Hey Kurt...Dad told me to come and congratulate you on a great first match."
Stephanie said locking the locker room door.

"Is that right?" Angle asked, smirking as he folded his arms across his

Stephanie slowly sashayed over to where Angle was seated. She stood right in
front of him as she slowly began to remove her top. Kurt watched intently
while he watched Vince's daughter slowly begin to strip for him. Once her
shirt lay on the floor, Steph brought her hands to the back of her bra. Steph
raised an eyebrow and Kurt nodded for her to continue. She unclipped her bra
and allowed it to fall to the floor. The sight of Stephy's tits made Angle
grab her by her waist. He pulled her onto him.

"You wanna fuck tonight, Kurtie?" Stephanie asked now straddling Angle. She
began to grind her lower body against his, enticing him.

"You know I do, baby. How about a little foreplay and then we can hit the
showers so you can wash your Olympic Champion?" Angle suggested, beginning
to play with Stephanie's breasts. Each of his hands grabbed a handful of
Steph's tits. He ran his thumps over her pink nipples as Stephanie leaned
in and gave him a little kiss.

"I was thinking the exact same thing." Stephanie said her hands slowly pulled
down Kurt's singlet straps, exposing his muscular torso. She traced her
fingers around Angle's abs as she felt his spandex covered cock begin to get
hard. Kurt kissed her soft lips, quickly working his tongue into her mouth.
Steph moaned, kissing him back as she began to caress his baby smooth face.

Stephanie broke the kiss, she stood up slowly dropped to her knees. She
grabbed a handful of spandex at each side of Angle's waist. Kurt smiled as
he lifted his ass, allowing her to pull the clothing down. Stephanie quickly
pulled the singlet down to Angle's ankles before he kicked it off along with
his unlaced red boots. Angle's throbbing member stood erect for Steph. Angle
shivered as he felt Stephanie's warm hand grab hold of his meaty prick. She
gave the cock a few strokes before bringing it to her lips, giving the head
a little kiss.

Much to Angle's surprise, Stephanie stood up again, kicking off her high
heals. He watched her undo her dress pants and slid them down. She stepped
out of them as her hands went to her thong. She slowly slid it down;
Allowing Angle full view of her completely shaved twat. Steph then resumed
her kneeling position in front of Kurt.

"Yeah, suck my cock, Stephy." Angle told Stephanie as she grabbed hold of
his dick and brought it to her lips.

Stephanie parted her lips before allowing the dick to enter her mouth. She
quickly began to bob her head up and down on his rod. Angle closed his eyes.
He reached down and found her tits which he resumed playing with. Stephanie
made his cock travel back and forth in her mouth; the tip touching the back
of her throat with each thrust. After a couple of seconds of head, Steph
allowed his now glistening member to slip out of her mouth. She grabbed hold
of it again, this time at the root. Slowly, she began to lick the length of
his shaft. When her tongue reached the tip of his shaft, she circled it
around the helmet before giving the head another kiss.

"God I've missed your dick all week." Stephanie said in slutty voice that
made Kurt want to cum right then and there.

"Yeah...You like that cock, Stephy?" Angle grunted as Stephanie began to
caress his balls with her free hand.

"I love this cock..." Stephanie said before taking it into her mouth again.

She started giving him head once again, this time the pace was a lot quicker.
Only after a couple of seconds, did Angle pull her off of him.

"I've got a better idea, Steph." Angle said, giving her firm young tits a
squeeze. "How about you give me a tit fuck?"

Stephanie looked confused as she let go of his dick. Being a pristine and
sheltered young woman of Greenwich Connecticut, she had never heard of 'tit
fucking'. Kurt Angle saw the look of confusion on her face, so he decided to
help her along. Angle, still holding both of her breasts in his hand, pulled
himself forward on the chair so that his huge erection was now in between
Stephanie's glorious mounds. He then pressed her tits together, making them
sandwich his rod.

"Hold them together like this." Angle instructed as he allowed Stephanie to
grab hold of her own breasts as he grabbed his manhood by the root.

Stephanie did as her boyfriend instructed, holding her breast around Angle's
dick. Kurt began to pump his dick into Stephanie's breasts; his saliva
covered cock head disappearing and reappearing in Steph's cleavage.

"Oh fuck Stephy, you're the best!" Angle hollered as he felt Steph begin to
lick his head every time it popped out from her cleavage. It didn't take her
long to catch on to the art of tit fucking.

Not wanting Angle to blow his load just yet, Stephanie let go of her breasts,
allowing Kurt's hard dick to slide out. She stood up and began to walk toward
the shower room. She turned her neck, peeking over her right shoulder as she
smiled at Angle.

"Come on baby, let's go get you cleaned up."

Without hesitation, Angle stood up and followed Stephanie into the shower
room. Steph opened the plastic curtain of the shower stall and turned the
water on. She put an arm into the steady stream of water, waiting for it
to warm up. In no time at all, the water was ready. Steph grabbed hold of
Kurt by his member, and lead him into the stall, closing the curtain behind
them. Kurt watched in awe as Stephanie pivoted her head, allowing her hair
to become wet. He watched as the drops of water began to make her already
amazing body glisten. Kurt smiled as he too stepped into the stream,
getting his hair wet as well. Angle pushed Stephanie's back against the
cold tile; his dominance starting to turn her on. Steph placed her arms
around his neck as Angle then stepped forward, bending his already parted
his legs; he lined his cock up with her twat. Steph reached down with her
right hand between them and opened her pussy lips, allowing him easier
access of her vaginal hole and moisten holds. Without warning, Angle
thrusted his cock into her eager hole. Stephanie let out a painful moan
as her Olympic Hero lifted her up into his arms, still pressing her against
the white title wall of the shower stall.

"Yeah, that's it Kurtie, fuck the boss's daughter." Stephanie said in a whine
as she wrapped her legs around Angle as began to fuck her pussy hard and

Angle was fucking Stephanie with full force as the warm water continued to
pour on them, only adding to the pleasure. The sound of both lovers grunting
and moaning combined with the wet squishy sound of Angle's meaty dick
thrusting in and out of Stephanie's wet cunt, echoed in the small shower

"Ugh! Ugh! Yes! Plow my twat! Harder! Ugh! UGH! UGGGGHHH! Pound me DEEP!
DEEP! UGH! UGH!" Stephanie screamed as her first orgasm ripped through her
wet naked body; her mouth open as she closed her eyes in ecstasy. Her ass
banging into the white tile as her stud fucked her with reckless abandonment.

Angle continued to pork her, not even slowing his rhythm when Steph came.
Kurt continued to use the tile wall, keeping Steph pressed up against it.
It helped him hold her while keeping his fast thrusting.

"No fucking way Paul ever has a chance with you!" Angle said through grunts,
feeling Steph's hard pink nipples rubbing against his hard chest while they

"What? UGH!!!!"

"Yes..." Was all that escaped Angle's mouth as he pounded his right fist
into the tile wall while pulling Stephanie closer with the other hand. He
felt the week's worth of cum that had been building up in his balls shoot
into Stephy's love box. He hugged her tight as he slowly pumped into her
a few more times.

"Oh Kurt Angle...You're already the best in the business..." Stephanie said,
completely out of breath.

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