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Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. In no way it is meant to intend
that the described scenery has really happened. It does not intend that the
involved people have ever been or will ever be involved in the described
proceedings. If you are easily offended by explicit sexual material DO NOT
READ ON, also if your underage or if this material and/or the described
proceedings are illegal in your country.

Kurt Gets A Manager Part 1
by Justin Style (

The Setting: This is a while back during the Triple H/Steph/Kurt Angle, Love
triangle as many came to call it, after interfering in Triple H's match Kurt
comes back to his locker room to celebrate he finds Stephanie sitting in his
room, he stares at her in awe wanting to secretly fuck her like every other
male in the WWF, he noticed if he didn't do anything she'd notice his hard-on
so he sat next to her.

Kurt: Hey Steph whats up?

Steph: Well Kurt, I was in the back and saw you attacking Hunter, so I went
to my daddy with an idea!

Kurt: Which is?

Steph: I turn on Hunter and become your manager!

Kurt: Hmm I like it! Why didn't you just have me meet with you and Vince?

Steph: Because my daddy wouldn't of liked it when I did this...

With that Steph reaches over and plants a passionate kiss on Kurt's
unsuspecting lips, stunned Kurt just sits there as Steph releases and waits
for a reaction.

Kurt: Whoa.

Steph: Yes I know, so what do you think?

Kurt: Um I like the Angle.

Steph: Oh you silly man, Not the Angle, I ment of the kiss, I came to your
room because, well this is hard to say, I want you Kurt!

Kurt: WHAT?

Steph: Yes Kurt ever since you got here to the WWF I've had a thing for you,
don't you remeber those looks I gave you?

Kurt: I thought you were messin with me, cuz Steph, you have no idea how
fucking hot you look right now!

Steph: That's what I wanted to here!

Steph then leans over and rubs her hand over Kurt's spandex covered cock,
he lets a small moan escape as Steph climbs ontop of him stradling him, she
can feel his cock growing by the second, She bends down and they begins to
kiss pasionatly, Kurt reaches up and rubs Steph's left breast through her
leather shirt, Steph leans back and undoes her shirt letting it fall, Kurt
is now looking at the hottest set of WWF tits only to be covered by a see
through bra! He can barely contain himself. He buries his head into her
lovley tits sucking and kissing away

Steph: Oh Kurt that feels sooo good! Suck on my tits yes oh baby! Kurt I want
you in me!!

Kurt stops sucking on Stephs tits for a second.

Kurt: Oh, you didnt specify where though now did you Stephy?

With a wicked smile Steph lowers her self onto her knees onto the carpet,
she runs the spandex covering Kurts cock, Kurt lifts his ass a bit as
Stephanie pulls his trunk down unveiling his 8 inch member! Steph licks her
lips in delight as she takes the cock in her hand and begins to slowly stroke
it, Kurt just sits there staring at this hot ass woman stroking his cock, but
than an idea pops into Stephs head, she stands up only a bit, and undos her
bra and lets it fall to the fllor, she takes her perfect tits and sandwhiches
Kurt's cock between then, Kurt smiles at her knowing whats coming next (no
pun intended) Steph then begins to rise and lowler herself stroking Kurt cock
with her tits, Kurt is in amazment not knowing Steph had it in her!

Kurt: Oh Steph yeah thats right! Oh god use those tits you slut!

Steph: Yes I'm your little Olympic Slut huh baby? You like my Olympic sized
tits baby?

Kurt: Yes baby, but I want your mouth!

Steph: Oh boss me around like a little slut I like that!

Steph takes Kurts cock and licks the head a bit, she uses her free hand to
fondle his balls as she takes her tongue and runs it up and down the bottom
of his shaft making Kurt quiver in pleasure! She gives the head a little kiss
as she takes it all in her mouth, she uses her tounge to massage it as her
head bobs up and down, Kurt watches as his cock disapper as and reappears in
Steph's mouth, he can't take much more and with yelling "I'M CUMMING" he
unloads his seed in Stephs mouth, but she was ready and ctahes every drop and
swollows it all.

Kurt: Oh My God!

Seph: Oh we ain't done yet big boy! Come here and do me right!

Steph backs up and lays on the floor, she slides her leather skirt off
revealing she's not wearing panties! Without hesitation Kurt jumps up and
almost falls onto Steph, but with the right placement he slides his
glistening cock into her wet cunt, a soft moan comes from Steph as the
member enters her pussy, stretching her lips! Kurt starts to gyrate his
hips making his cock go in and out, the sweet sound of his balls smacking
Steph's ass is heard as he bgins to pick up the pace. Kurt now almost full
force starts to suck on Steph tits, in double pleasure Steph can barely
contain herself!

Steph: A couple more umps baby! Suck harder! Pump faster oh here it comes!!!

Steph's pussy contracts onto Kurt's cock making him shoot what seed he has
as Steph also has an earth shattering climax! They both lay there sweaty and
tired but still horny as hell! Kurt is still sucking her tits when HE gets
an idea! While Stephanie is still on the ground Kurt gets up and stand over
her, he goes to his knees now over her tits, Steph knowing what to do pushes
her tits around his cock for a second time! This time though Kurt is in
charge, Kurt starts to pump his hips as his cock slides easily between
Steph's tits as it is covered in both of their cum! After a few minutes Kurt
moans and groans and shoots his load all over Steph's face, She smiles an
evil cum faced smile as she begins to wipe it off!

Steph: Kurt my love, I'm gonna go take a shower, wanna join me baby?

Kurt: I'll be in a minute, Gatta catch my breath!

Steph: Yes baby!

Steph gives Kurt a kiss and his cock a small peck as she scurrys off to
the bathroom, Kurt sits on the couch trying to recollect how this all happend
when there's is a knock at the door.

Kurt: Who is it?

Lita: It's Lita Kurt, I asked Vince, and he said that I could leave Matt and
join you, I wanted to see what you thought....

To Be Continued

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