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Note: This story is a continuation of "Stephanie's First Time". Make sure you
read "Stephanie's First Time" before reading this story.

Kurt Gets More Than A Contract
by Kurt/Steph

It had been three weeks or so since Kurt Angle had popped Stephanie McMahon's
cherry. Today he was going up to WWF Headquarters to close the deal with
Vince McMahon so that he would start his training in WWF and eventually head
to WWF TV.

Angle stepped off the elevator on the conference floor; he wore a freshly
pressed suit complete, he wanted to look his best in the meeting with the
whole McMahon family. Kurt wondered if he would have a hard time looking
Vince McMahon in the eyes knowing that he fucked his only daughter,

"Kurt, how are you?" Vince McMahon's voice was loud and energized as he got
up out of his chair, and walked to greet Angle.

Kurt smiled and shook Vince's hand. He noticed Steph sitting along side her
brother and her mother. To Kurt's dislike, she was not in her cute little
bikini like he was use to seeing her by the pool. Stephanie was wearing a
black business suit much like her mothers. It was clear that she had begun
her apprenticing at WWF Headquarters. Just the mere sight of Stephanie
McMahon made Angle's dick twitch. Linda, Stephanie, and Shane all stood.
Shane shook Angle's hand first, introducing himself, and then Linda followed
suit. Stephanie then walked over to Angle, still smiling from ear to ear, as
she took Kurt's hand in hers.

"It's nice to see you again, Kurt." Stephanie said sweetly, shaking his hand.

Steph had called up her two best friends and told them about her exploration
with Kurt Angle the very day after it happened. They couldn't believe that
she had gone all the way with a guy she had just met.

"Kurt, why don't you sit down, and we'll get down to business with some paper
work to make your contract with the World Wrestling Federation official."
Vince pointed at a chair as he and the rest of his family sat down in chairs
opposite the side Angle was supposed to sit at.

Kurt nodded, taking a sit directly across from Stephanie McMahon who had not
taken her eyes off of him.

"Well, here is the contract outlining everything we discussed. If you want to
just take a look at that and sign on the dotted line on the last page." Vince
said pulling out a silver pen from his coat pocket and set it on the papers
before pushing it forward in front of Kurt.

Kurt wasted no time and began to read the contract to himself as the
McMahon family waited in silence. He hunched over the table and read from
the contract. Half way through the fourth sentence, Angle's concentration
was diverted by the feeling of something pressing and rubbing against his
crouch. He casually let his eyes trail down to his lap where he saw a tan
hose covered foot. His eyes quickly darted to Stephanie right across the
table. She casually licked her lips as she began to wiggle her toes on
Kurt's covered dick. A moan escaped Angle's mouth as he leaned back in the

"Is everything okay? Is there something in the contract you don't like?"
Vince asked, looking at Angle, somewhat confused.

"'s great." Angle said putting his arms at his sides before
grabbing hold of Steph's foot and began to massage it as she continued to
grind the heel of her foot into his now hard cock. "The-the contract is
just," He sighed as Steph removed her foot from his lap. "It's just
unbelievably amazing."

"Really? Wow, I'm glad we were able to come to an agreement so quickly."
Linda McMahon said smiling at Kurt as he flipped to the back page of the
contract and signed his name on the line.

After signing, Angle slid the paper back cross the table to Vince. Kurt felt
Steph's foot rubbing up and down his leg.

"Well, now that you are officially an employee of the WWF, why don't I send
my son, Shane to give you the grand tour of our company headquarters?" Vince
said looking over at his son, Shane.

"Why don't I take him on that tour Dad? I have to take care
of on one of the floors." Stephanie said, her eyes still fixed on Kurt.

"Alright...Steph, you give Kurt the tour and your mother, brother, and I
will see you at lunch." Vince said getting up from the chair to shake Angle's

Kurt shook hands with each member of the McMahon family before Vince, Linda,
and Shane left the conference room, leaving Kurt alone with Stephanie.

"Are you crazy? What if your daddy noticed what you were doing underneath the
table?" Kurt asked as he stood up and adjusted his pants, his hard on clearly
visible poking through his pants.

"Looks like somebody liked it..." Steph said in her sexy voice as he eyes
darted down at Kurt's pitched tent.

"So...How about that tour?" Kurt asked, smiling as he moved closer to Steph
to the point where she could feel his covered dick poking her in her thigh.

"I could show you the executive floor. They don't have any security cameras
in Daddy's office." Steph said giving Kurt a naughty smile before leading
him by the hand out of the conference room, before he could say a word.

Stephanie did as promised. She inserted her id card into the slot in the
elevator allowing them access to the executive floor.

Vince's office was exactly how Kurt Angle expected it to look. A massive
marble desk with the WWF logo engraved in it adjacent to a wall of windows
which showcased the beautiful view that Stamford Connecticut had to offer.

"No security cameras up here." Stephanie said before leaning in and kissing
Angle who quickly took charge picking her up into his arms.

Angle's tongue rubbed the back of Steph's throat as she massaged his tongue
with hers. Steph ran her fingers through Kurt's full head of hair as he sat
her down on the edge of her father's desk. Steph smiled as Angle unbuttoned
his dress shirt and took it off, exposing his hard torso. Steph pulled him
by his belt, bringing him close as she began to kiss his chest. Kurt began
to kiss her neck, as Steph's kisses trailed down his abs. Steph quickly took
off the top of her business suit, revealing her bra. They went back to
kissing, Kurt wasted no time, expertly undoing Stephanie's bra with one
hand. He had done this once or twice before. Stephanie let her bra fall to
the ground, bringing Kurt closer so that her pink perky nipples pressed
firmly into Angle's chest. Kurt gave her a nice long kiss before going to
work on taking off her dress slacks. Steph helped Kurt slide off her pants
and then her thong.

Stephanie Marie McMahon was again completely naked in front of Kurt Angle.
She was gorgeous in every way. Her tits were perfect. They weren't too big,
yet they weren't small either; Just enough to give Kurt a nice handful as he
began to grope and suck on her breasts.

"Kurt! That tickles!" Steph giggled as she wrapped her arms around Kurt's
massive neck causing her boobs to be sandwiched together, allowing Kurt to
suck and kiss both with ease. After a moment of two, Angle pulled away and
smiled at Steph.

"Last time we were together, you gave me a great blowjob...I think I need to
return the favor." Kurt said.

Stephanie looked confused as Kurt began to kiss down her abdomen. She moaned
as his lips dipped down in between her legs. Angle placed Steph's legs on his
shoulders, separated her pussy lips with his right hand, and began to lap at
her G-spot with his tongue.

"Oh...That feels good....Ugh." Steph moaned out as she ran her fingers
through her hair while her Olympic stud worked his magic.

Steph began to buck her hips into Angle's face as he began vigorously lick
her moist vaginal folds. His intensity was amazing.

"YES!!! Don't stop! UGH!" Steph said flexing her thighs around Kurt's neck
as she felt her first orgasm of the day rip through her body; rewarding Kurt
Angle with fresh flowing pussy juice, which he greedily inhaled.

"That was amazing..."Stephanie said, as she removed her legs from Kurt's
shoulders and pulled him away from in between her legs.

"We're not done yet, Stephy." Said Kurt with a smile as he began to unbuckle
his belt. Once he had the belt unbuckled, Stephanie took charge and ripped
it from around his waist. She dropped it on the ground before unzipping his
pants. Angle pulled his dress pants down around his thighs with his briefs
unleashing his hard member. Steph couldn't believe how hard Angle was when
he had been the one pleasuring her.

Kurt said nothing as he moved closer to the edge of the desk, where Stephanie
was still laying on her back. He grabbed hold of her soft legs and pulled her
to him.

"Fuck...I forgot a condom." Angle said, shaking his head in disappointment.

"Don't worry about it, I put myself on the pill two weeks ago...We're safe."
Stephanie said with a smile.

With that said, Steph began showering his face with kisses as he began to get
himself situated. Kurt gave his cock a couple of strokes as he brought the
head into play with her pussy lips. Angle smiled at Steph as he began to rub
his dick at the entrance to her vaginal hole.

"Put it in." Stephanie whispered, her forehead resting on his as she waited
anxiously to feel him inside her.

Kurt did as the boss's daughter told, thrusting his dick into her twat as
Stephanie let out a moan. Steph put her arms around her Olympic hero's neck
and kissed him as he began to hump his cock further inside her.

"Harder..." Steph whined, wrapping her legs around Angle's waist as he picked
up the pace. The sound of slapping skin echoed through the office as Kurt
started really giving it to the Billion Dollar Princess.

The Princess obviously still wasn't satisfied with his pace, she pushed Angle
away. Kurt looked confused and somewhat rejected as Steph got off the desk.

"Sit down!" Stephanie commanded, pointing at Vince's black leather office

Angle's confusion was quickly replaced with compliance as he sat down in the
chair; his glistened cock, still erect. Steph flashed Angle a sexy glare as
she slowly walked over to him. Kurt felt the urge to simply grab Stephanie
and impale her with his rod, but now...Steph was in charge. She kept her
eyes locked on Kurt as she straddled him and slowly began to lower herself.
Stephanie slid down on Kurt's cock like it was a greased fire pole; slowly,
feeling every inch of his meaty prick as her twat accepted its girth.

"Keep...your your sides." Stephanie instructed when Kurt tried to
take charge. This was Stephanie's second fuck, and she wanted to try her hand
at being the fucker instead of the fuckee.

"Yeah...that's fucking good Stephy." Angle said, feeling his dick rub in and
out of her warm wet pussy.

Steph smiled, happy that she was satisfying her man. She began to bouncy
quicker on his rod, rocking back and forth after every down thrust causing
her and Kurt to grunt and moan with pleasure. The Olympic Champion brought
his hands to her pussy, peeling open the lips to see the magnificent view
of his dick disappearing and reappearing from inside her twat. He gave her
clit a few quick rubs with is fingers, before grabbing hold of Stephanie's
ass, taking control. Even though Angle had disobeyed her orders, Steph did
not protest as he started to make her bouncy even harder and quicker on his
cock. Steph threw her arms around Angle's neck allowing him complete control
of the rhyme and intensity of their fucking.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh, I'm cumming!" Stephanie shrieked as Angle felt her pussy
clamp down on his dick. He let out a loud grunt as he felt himself be pushed
over the edge.

"Fuck...yes..." Angle said as he pulled Steph close; his cock to her hilt as
he felt his cock begin to erupt.

Stephanie moaned loud, experiencing the feeling of hot jizz shooting into her
pussy for the first time. She put her head against his, forehead to forehead
as she whispered.

"Welcome to the WWF, Kurt Angle."

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