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Lana Learns About The Showoff
by JMK615

Rusev had a match with Daniel Bryan and Lana was banned from ringside. Lana was walking around backstage when she came across the show off Dolph Ziggler.

"What are you looking at?" Lana asked Ziggler.

"I'm looking at a Russian with a nice ass! Ziggler said with a wink.

"Shut tup" Lana yelled at Ziggler.

"Ok babe, call me when u want a real man" Ziggler said.

After a few minutes Lana goes to Ziggler's locker room.
"Ok Dolph show me what you got show off" Lana says with a sarcastic tone.

Lana goes to undress but Dolph stops her and bends her over a table.

"We do this my way Lana." Ziggler says with a laugh.
"Ok stop talking" Lana yells

Dolph starts lifting Lana's skirt up to reveal her nice ass. Dolph gives Lana's ass a good slap causing Lana to let out a moan. Ziggler then pulls down Lana's red panties all the way to her ankles. Ziggler licks two of his fingers and rubs Lana's pussy. Ziggler then grabs his 10 inch cock and glides it right into the ravishing Russian's tight wet pussy while pulling her hair.

"Your pussy is amazing" Dolph says as Lana tries not to enjoy it too much but finds herself really liking the fucking she's receiving.

"Oh..ohhhhhhhhhhh" Lana moans gripping the table with her fingernails.

Dolph drove nearly all 10 inches deep inside her pussy making Lana scream.

"Ahhhhh......yes fuck me" Lana screamed as Dolph grabbed her hips and started going faster and harder on Lana.

"Ohhhhh yeah yeah yeah" Lana moaned louder as Dolph pulled out and spread Lana's cheeks apart and spit on her hole.

"Lana spelled backwards is anal" Dolph said with a chuckle as he quickly slid his cock in her virgin asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhh My.......ahhhh" Lana cried out as Dolph started picking up speed pounding her ass and watching it jiggle as Lana was still bent over the table.

"Oh fuuuucccckkkk!" Lana screams out in pain and pleasure.

Dolph gives Lana a really hard slap on her ass and pulls out lifts Lana up turning her around ripping her suit jacket open grabbing her nice round tits and pushing her down to her knees. As Lana gets on her knees she grabs hold of Ziggler's cock and gently started to moving her hand up and down his shaft teasing him with her stare.
Lana's spits on Ziggler's dick and increases speed of her hand before licking from his balls up to the top of his shaft.

"Oh what a talented mouth you got Lana" Ziggler said with a smile.

Lana rolled her eyes at the smile and began sucking his dick hard like a vacuum.
Ziggler threw his head back as Lana's head was bobbing on his cock up and down up and down. She couldn't get enough of it taking at least 7 inches of it deep in her throat.

"Ohhhhhhh....Shit" Ziggler said feeling he was on the verge of cumming but that didn't stop Lana who just kept sucking like a Hoover, slobbing all over his cock until Ziggler finally just came shooting his load into the back of Lana's throat. Lana's head shot off his cock she stood up wiped her lips fixed her jacket and walked to the door.

"Hey Lana" Ziggler said making the Russian turn around.

"All of this was caught on camera, get me a U.S. Title shot and Rusev won't have to find out" Ziggler said with a chuckle.
Lana stomped her foot and furiously stormed out of the room.

The End

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