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Last Chance For Animals
By Wonder Mike

Jillian Barberie got a frantic call from WWE diva Lita. Lita's North Carolina
animal shelter was on the verge of bankruptcy. She called celebrity she knew
to help her raise money. Jillian was the only one who answered.

Lita: Thank you so much for flying out to North Carolina Jillian. This is an
real emergency.

Jillian Barberie: You know I would do anything for the animals.

Lita: You don't know how much this means to me. My shelter is overflowing. I
need to raise millions to keep these animals or get them adopted, or they
will be destroyed.

Jillian: Whatever I have to do. Pam Anderson will be flying out tommorow to
help raise funds.

Lita: Everything will help. Here comes the director, Joss.

Lita: How is it going so far?

Joss: We are six months behind on the rent for the building. We are set
for 150 animals. We have 400, we can't rent a bigger place, because we owe
$400,000, and we don't even have the money to feed the animals we do have.
They are going to have to be put down.

Jillian: NO, that can't happen, we will do anything to save them. How did it
get this bad?

Joss: No one is adopting pets anymore, and they just keep coming in, we
have'nt been able to pay our bills in months, our electricity will be cut
off in a week, the water in a month, the could news is we will probably be
evicted long before then.

Lita: This is no time for jokes, what can we do?

Joss: I think the autograph signing will raise a couple of thousand, but that
is nowhere near enough, I don't know how we can raise that much money that

Jillian: I have an idea, something Snoop told me.

Lita: Snoop Dogg?

Jillian: That be him. We needed to raise money for the shelter in LA, Snoop
called every rapper in the city, then he charged them $5,000 each to watch
Snoop's posse gangbang me. We raised $500,000.

Lita: You would be willing to do that?

Jillian: Of course.

Joss: The money would be great, but there are not that many people in North
Carolina who can come up with $5,000 in 48 hours.

Lita: What if we put up a show on webcam, we could have a world wide
audience, we could get it up in a couple of days.

Joss: We could probaly charge $30.00, but I don't think we could count on
getting between 10,000 and 15,000 people, with expenses, I don't think we
will raise enough.

Jillian: What if me and Lita get it on, we could charge $50.00.

Joss: I know you are on television everyday all day Jillian, but you are not
a major celebrity, even if we could get that, we would just make enough to
cover back rent, and maybe food, we still need to raise money for a bigger
place. I think we are going to have to destroy the animals, I'm sorry.

Lita: NOOO, there has to be a way.

Jillian: Please, there must be a way to raise over $1,000,000 quickly, we'll
do anything.

Joss: I do have an idea, where we could charge $100.00, plus we could have an
audience, we could charge $500.00 and maybe get a couple hundred people live.

Jillian: What's the plan?

Joss: If I tell you, you might not do it.

Lita: We'll do anything.

Joss: Just show up here in 2 days, I'll get the site set up and start
collecting money. Remember once I get everything set up, there is no backing

Jillian: We won't back up, someone has to step up to protect these poor
animals who can't protect themselves.

Lita: You can count on me.

Joss met the two stars the day of the show, people were pouring into the
wharehouse he had set up.

Lita: We're here, tell us what we have to do that's worth all these people
paying $500 for.

Jillian: Plus the people on the web.

Joss: So far we have raised over $2,000,000, even after all the expenses, we
have enough to pay all our debtand buy are own larger building. The animals
are saved.

Jillian: That is the best news I have ever heard, I should give you a blowjob
right here.

Joss: Yes you should, but I need you to save it for the show.

Lita: What kind of show is it?

Joss: It is a bondage-sex show.

Jillian: COOL, I love being tied up.

Joss: Lets get you dressed up and ready to go.

Joss handed Jillian a red string thong bottom, the two string ran inside her
slit and ass crack, her bra had holes in the cup that let her nipples poke

Jillian: This doesn't leave anything to the imagination.

Lita was given a black leather bikini bottom and vest with no buttons, she
also had a policemans hat, baton and a whip. She had on hip high black
leather boots.

Lita: Looks like a party.

Jillian: Lets's get this party started.

They went to the stage, Jillian dropped to her hands and knees, Lita took
her place behind her, the curtain on the stage opened exposing them to two
hundred cheering men and a world wide internet audience.

Lita slapped Jillian on the ass, the audience roared their approval, Jillian
wiggled her ass back and forth, Lita gave it another whack.

Jillian: That's the way I like it.

Lita slid Jillian's thong to the side, she ran her finger along Jillian's
exposed ass crack and pussy, she slapped her ass again.

Jillian: DO it again, do it again.

Lita: You love it don't you bitch?

Jillian: It just feels right.

Lita grabbed her whip, and used it on Jillian's red ass. Jillian loved it.

Jillian: That's it bitch, I've been a bad girl.

Lta whipped her ass again and again, leaving the imprint of the whip
stretched across Jillian's ass.

Lita dropped the whip and began to slap her ass with her hand again, rubbing
it with each hit.

Lita: I love the feel of your ass.

Jillian: I have a nice ass for a white girl.

Lita grabbed two handfuls of Jillian's ass, then she reached underneath and
cupped Jillian's tits.

Lita: OOOH, these feel nice.

Jillian: Don't I know it.

Joss: Lets get on with the show, people are paying for this.

Lita reached between Jillian's legs and began rubbing her clit, Jillian
spread her legs as far apart as she could, Lita stuffed a finger into her
hot box.

Jillian rocked back onto the wrestling divas finger, Lita slipped another
finger into her cunt.

Jillian: That's it bitch, finger fuck me like you mean it.

Lita jammed a third finger into her cunt, Jillian slammed back taking them

Lita grabbed Jillian by the hair and pulled her back, she began to turn her
fingers from side to side inside of her.

Lita: Damn, your wet bitch.

Jillian: Don't I know it.

Lita: Suck my toes bitch.

Lita slid her foot underneath Jillian between her legs, Jillian unzipped her
boots and slid them off, Lita pointed her toes at Jillian's face.

Jillian grabbed her foot, than she stuck Lita's big toe into her mouth, Lita
shoved her fingers deeper into Jillian's pussy.

Jillian: FUCK.

Jillian managed to shove three of Lita's toes into her mouth, she rocked back
and forth on Lita's fingers.

Lita pinched Jillian's nipples as she continued to clean Lita's toes with her
mouth, Lita pulled her fingers out of Jillian's cunt.

Jillian: NO, finger me bitch.

Lita: I have something for you bitch.

Lita grabbed her baton, and shoved it into Jillian's cunt, Jillian wiggled
her ass faster and took Lita's toes deep into her mouth.

Lita than took the toes out of her mouth, she licked up and down her foot,
going up her ankle and back down to her toes, she shoved three toes back into
her mouth.

Lita took the baton and used both hands to fuck Jillian with it. She rammed
it into her harder and harder.

Jillian: YES, fuck me you whore, fuck me harder.

Joss called on a member of the audience, he ran onto the stage and grabbed
the baton, he began to pummel Jillian's pussy with it.

Jillian: GOD it feels sooo good, I'm CUMMMINGGG.

The man from the audience hammered her pussy even harder, Lita grabbed the
baton and helped him ravage Jillian.

Finaly, a stream of cum came shooting out of Jillian's pussy, soaking Lita,
Lita pumped the baton with short hard strokes, another stream shoot out of

Jillian: FUCK.

Lita: I hope it was good for you, it was good for me bitch, but now it's my

Joss escorted the audience member back to his seat, Lita stripped out of her

Lita: Now lay down bitch.

Jillian laid flat on her back, Lita squatted over her face and sat down.

Lita: Eat it bitch.

Jillian shoved her tongue deep into Lita's cunt, Lita tried to smother her
with her pussy, she grabbed Jillian by her extensions and lifted her head up
to her pussy.

Lita held her head with both hands and began to fuck herself with Jillian's
tongue. Jillian reached up and shoved two fingers into Lita's cunt.

Lita rode the fingers as she clutched Jillian's head, Jillian shoved a third
finger into Lita.

Lita: Make me cum bitch.

Jillian shoved her tongue and fingers deeper into Lita, Lita began to grind
forcing Jillian's head against the floor.

Jillian forced a fourth finger into Lita, Lita grabbed the baton and began
rubbing it against Jillian's slit.

Jillian: Stick it in my ass, please, stick it in my ass. I need it.

Lita did as she was asked, she shoved the baton all the way into Jillian's
ass on the first stroke.

Jillian: OH God, I'm cummming again.

Lita rammed the baton with both hands into Jillian's ass, a stream of cum
shot out of her pussy once again.

Jillian: FUCK.

Lita stood up from Jillian's face, the baton still sticking out of Jillian's
ass, she laid down so the two girls where pussy to pussy.

They began to grind against one another, Jillian reached down and shoved two
fingers into Lita.

Lita returned the favor shoving three fingers into Jillian, Jillian than
rammed four fingers into Lita.

Both girls ground their pussy hard on one another fingers, Lita shoved a
fourth finger into Jillian's box, her whole hand than slid in easily.


Another stream of cum flew out of Jillian's pussy, Lita worked her arm hard
and deep inside of her.

Jillian pulled her fingers out of Lita and grabbed her by the elbow, she
pumped Lita's arm in anod out until another stream poured out of her.

Jillian: FFFUUUCCKK, I need a couple minutes to recharge, I think I'm

Lita: No problem.

Lita pulled away form Jillian, sliding down her leg, she stopped at her foot
and pointed it up, she squatted over her foot and began to lower herself onto

Lita shoved the foot into her cunt, it was a tight fit but she lowered
herself unti she was resting on Jillian's heel.

The audience went wild screaming for Lita to "Fuck the foot, fuck the foot".

Lita bounced up and down on Jillian's foot, her juices began to leak out of
her pussy and down Jllian's leg, Lita reached around and shoved two fingers
into her ass.

Lita: GOD, it feels so good.

She bounced up and down on the foot, Jillian reached up and kneaded Lita's
large tits, Lita began to rub her clit.

Lita: FUCK, I'm going to CUM.

Lita slammed down as hard as she could on the foot, she began to shiver and
quake as the biggest orgasm she has ever had hit her.

Jillian reached down and hammered the baton hanging out of her ass in and
out, she was about to have another orgasm.

Lita: Fuck.

Lita fell over on top of Jillian, both girls lay exhausted, wrapped in each
other's arm, they couldn't even stand.

Joss: That was a great first half of a show, I can't wait for the second
half, it will be a show stopper.

Jillian: Second half? I can barely stand.

Lita: Me too, I don't think I have the strengh to stand either.

Joss: That's okay, I have a plan where you don't have to do anything.

Joss brought out a bench, he motioned for Lita to lay across the bench with
her hands on the floor on one side, her feet on the other.

Lita took her place right next to Jillian, Joss can over and tied each of
the hands to their ankles, they where on all fours, legs wide open and

Jillian: I bet he is going to have audience members come up and fuck us,
that's why he was able to get so much money.

Lita: It is worth it to save the animals.

Joss came up behond Lita and slapped her ass, Lita heard a bark. Both girls
looked over their shoulders.

They couldn't believe what they saw, a Doberman pincher, with a six inch
cock was sniffing at their cunts.

Lita: I'm sorry, I don't do dogs.

Jillian: Maybe you should try it, it's not as bad as you might think.

Joss: This is Rex, one of the dogs you have saved, he wants to show you how
happy he is.

Joss let go of Rex, he stuck his nose into Lita's pussy, the smell of her
cum was intoxicating, he began to lick at it.

Lita: Fuck, that feels good.

Joss: Don't feel left out Jillian, I have someone for you.

He called out Simon, another doberman the same size as Rex, he ran right over
to Lita.

Both dogs where lapping at Lita's cunt now, her whole body began to shake
and quiver as the audience began a rythmic clapping.

Lita: FUCK, I'm cumming again.

Both dogs had their tongues deep into Lita's box, she shook against her bonds
as her juices dripped down her legs. Rex jumped onto her back and mounted

Rex hit the mark his first try, it was obvious he had done it before, Lita
groaned as he penetrated her.

Simon took his place behind Jillian, he buried his tongue all the way inside
her soaking wet cunt.

Jillian: FUCK, I LOVE IT.

Simon jumped onto Jillian's back jamming his cock all the way into her wide
open cunt.


The two dogs pumped in unison into the two girls, they had their paws wrapped
around th girls neck as they reamed them, their balls slapping against the
girls ass.

Joss reaced down between Rex's flopping legs he grabbed him by the softball
sized knot and shoved it into Lita. He than did the same to Simon.

Lita: OH God, a dog is tied with me, and I'm going to cum.

Jillian: FUCK, it feels so good.

Simon and Rex pumped furiously into the girls, they began to squirt their
loads into them.

Lita: FUCK, I can just hear Laywer Now, PUPPIES.

Joss brought out two more dogs, this time they where full grown bull
mastiff's, they each had foot long cocks with knots the size of grapefruits.

Joss: This is King.

He led king around to Jillian, he put his front paws on her shoulders so he
was facing Simon, Jillian opened her mouth wide and Joss fed her the cock.

Joss: This is Prince.

He led Prince to Lita, he got into the same postion as King.

Lita: When in Rome.

Joss fed Lita Prince's enormous cock, she began to work it down her throat
inch by inch.

King was pumping his cock in and out of Jillian's mouth as Simon pumped away
at her pussy, King shot a load down her throat, Jillian had no choice but to
swallow it all.

Simon pumped aother load into her pussy, than another, his cock finally began
to shrink and they where untied, King shot another load down her throat.

Joss pulled Simon away from Jillian and sent him away, he than brought King
to take his place behind her.

Prince shot his second load into Lita's mouth, it dribbled out down her
chest, Rex shot his third laod into her cunt, he pulled his ful sized knot
out of her cunt, the mix of his and her cum poured out and puddled on the

Prince took Rex's place behind Lita and mounted her.

Lita: FUCK, this feels good.

King was hammering away at Jillian's cunt, the entire bench shook with each
stroke, Prince began pumping wildly at Lita, matching King's thrusts.

The entire bench rocked back and forth, Joss had to call volunteers from the
crowd to make sure it didn't tip over, then he went to the back once again.

King and Rex shot loads into the girls in unison, it dribbled down their
legs, Joss stood in the doorway.

Joss: I was able to go to a friend of mine, I told him what I had planned and
he loaned me a couple of friends. Joss came out followed by two ponies.

A gasp, than a load cheer rose up from the crowd, they couldn't wait, this
is what they had paid to see.

Joss: This is Mr.Ed.

Joss took Ed to Jillian, he held up his cock, she began to lick up and down
the shft until it stood upright, it was a foot and a half long.

Joss: This is Joe Young.

He gave Joe to Lita, he was already fully erect and the same size as Ed, he
slapped Lita across the face with the cock.

Jillian had a foot of pony cock shoved down her throat, King pumped wildly
at her pussy, he shot his fifth load inside of her.

Lita went to work on Joe, the cum was a full stream out of her pussy now, a
mix of hers and Prince's. He shot his fifth load inside of her, then fell

Joss led King and Prince to the back he ran back and guided Ed behind

Jillian: YES, I need to be fucked hard by that pony cock, make me bleed pony
cock is the only thing better than big black cock.

Ed climed on top of Jillian, just Like King and Simon had done, his cock
waved into the air, than plunged into Jillian.


Ed rammed his cock in and out of Jillian like she was a mare, it was a
machine like fucking, she screamed with each stroke.

Jillian: FUCK, fuck, fuck, fuck fuck, fuck fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Joe had mounted Lita now, he plunged his massive member deep into her cunt.

Lita: YES, GOD, it feels so good, FUCK ME.

Joe rammed Lita, harder and harder with each stroke, the bench began to tip
over, Joss signaled for five more men to to hold it steady.

Harder and harder the two pomies rammed the girls, Joss took the whip and
slapped them, they rammed the girls even harder each time Joss whipped them.



The ponies hammered the girls relentlessly, the audience screaming with each
stroke. The cum came dripping out of Lita forming another puddle underneath

The cum squirted out of Jillian landing five feet away, both girls than
colapsed unconscious across the bench.

The ponies continued to hammer the girls, Joss continued to whip them both
causing them to pump even harder.

Both ponies pulled out of the two girls, Jillian and Lita had been split
wide open, the cum pour out of their cunts covering the entire area of the
bench, they where still unconscious.

Joss: That was the show everyone, I hope you enjoyed it, it was for a worthy

The crowd stood and gave the girls a standing ovation, even though they never
realized it.

Joss: As a added bonus, if you all line up, all of you can fuck one of the
girls up the ass, if they don't mind.

Neither of the girls moved, the 3,000 men began to line up behind them.


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