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Last Ditch Efforts
by Innovator of Awesomeness

Andrew was a total wreck since the day he found out that he could be losing
his off-camera girlfriend Stacy as his on-air valet. WWE managed told the
man known as Test that he would be losing his upcoming battle with Scott
Steiner at the next WWE PPV, Badd Blood, and that did not sit well with him.
But, of course, there wasn't much Andrew could do. He would be losing his
valet, which would definitely destroy any chance he had of becoming popular
or even being pushed. However, in the wrestling business, when women were
assigned with different wrestlers on-camera, they became very close to them
off-camera as well. Test feared that he would lose Stacy to Steiner, just
like he lost Stephanie McMahon to Triple H.

So, in a last ditch effort, he called Stacy and invited her over to his
house for dinner. She accepted half-hardily, claiming that she had important
things to discuss with Scott Steiner about the upcoming angle the two were
going to be involved in, but she would be at his house around seven and eat
dinner with her current flame. Unfortunately, it was a flame that was slowly
dying. Stacy had been apart from Andrew for a few weeks since the angle with
Steiner began and the upcoming events were sure to set them apart even
further. Test knew that this dinner would have to go well if he wanted to
save his relationship■.and he did.

Stacy arrives just as the clock in Andrew's house strikes seven-she was
never late for anything. Andrew is so eager to see her that he opens the
door and watches from the doorway as she steps out of her car. Even he
appears to be shocked to see what she is wearing and he has seen the entire
package many times before. Stacy's long, luscious legs, capped with a pair
of thick black leather heels, appear from the darkness of the car first,
followed by the rest of her slender frame, also topped with tight black
leather. She wears long, leather pants that have rips in them of different
sizes. There are small holes down by her ankles, larger holes by her thighs,
and as she turns around to reach back into her car, Andrew notices the
largest holes are the two that are just below her always delectable ass,
showing off the bottom half of her buttcheeks. The top that Stacy wears is a
sleeveless number, made of leather and stuck to her skin like body paint.
Andrew cannot help but whistle as his beau makes her way to his front door.

"Damn, you are looking hot tonight," Andrew comments, continuing to watch
her with his eyes as she steps inside the house. He closes the door behind
them and tries to put his hand on her lower back, but she walks on.

"Thanks," Stacy mutters as she steps in the kitchen. "This is the attire I'm
going to be wearing when I'm with Scotty."

One sentence. That's all it takes to completely kill the mood. Test lowers
his head and releases a deep sigh that falls upon deaf ears. He continues to
follow Stacy into the kitchen, trying to keep his eyes off of her body and
her ensemble, knowing now whom it is truly for. He places dinner on the
table, and then helps Stacy take her seat before taking his own.

Awkwardness begins to show its ugly head at the dinner table as the two
lovers begin to talk. Test comments on how great Stacy looks, only to have
her lead into something that she discussed with Scotty or something having
to do with the angle she's involved in with Scotty. Andrew is growing more
and more impatient with every mention of "Scotty." He wants to tell Stacy
exactly how he feels about her newfound partner, but restrains the urge.
Andrew knows that if he loses his temper, there will be no chance of Stacy
and him ever becoming as close as they once were.

"So how's the meal?" asks Andrew, hoping to stay off a topic that won't have
to do with wrestling or more importantly, Scott Steiner.

"It's delicious," responds Stacy.

Test sighs in relief, but his victory is short-lived.

"Scotty made me a tremendous dinner the other night," Stacy continues on. "I
don't remember what it's called■ I think it was■"

"THAT'S IT!" Andrew screams and throws his silverware down. The commotion
echoes throughout the empty house and startles the unsuspecting Stacy

Stacy rises up from the table and reaches across the table to slap Andrew in
the face.

"Go ahead Stace," he begs, "slap me across the face! I dare you to!"

She raises her hand up but retracts it in a huff. Instead, she turns around
and heads for the door. Andrew jumps from the table and chases after her,
still yelling and screaming.

"How come we can't have a conversation anymore with hearing about Scott
Steiner?!" he wonders, grabbing Stacy by the arm as she tries to open the

"Because■ because■" Stacy mutters but just winds up puffing in frustration.
She pulls away from Andrew's grasp and exits the house. Andrew follows.

"Wait one second!" he hollers as she walks toward her car. Andrew is right
behind her, reaching out to grab her arm again. And as she opens her car
door, he takes her arm again, this time pinning her against the car. "Now, I
want to know why Scott Steiner is such an issue with you."

"You want to know why, Andrew?" asks Stacy, knowing she cannot escape this
time. "Scotty is better at things than you are. He takes care of me a hell
of a lot better than you ever will; he treats me better than you ever will;
and you know what, he makes love to me better than you ever will■ no wait, I
take that back. He has SEX with me better than you ever will. He's a better
man than you, Andrew."

Andrew is floored. He releases Stacy's arm and buries his face in his hands.
Kiebler takes a glance at him before returning to her car. She is about to
step inside when Andrew raises his head up.

"Stacy, wait■" Andrew trails off as he takes her into his arms and kisses
her on the lips. He pours his heart and soul into the kiss, running his
fingers through her soft blonde hair and down to her lower back. Stacy
breaks free from the kiss and looks into Andrew's eyes.

"Do you really want■ me to be■. with you?" pants Kiebler.

"Yes, I do."

"Then show me."

Kiebler slams her car door shut and leans back on her vehicle with her arms
stretched out to the side.

"Take me right here then, Andrew," she tells him. "Show me how daring you
truly are."

Without a response, Andrew leans in and scoops the small blonde into his
arms. She wraps her legs around his waist and the two make-out passionately.
Keibler cranes her neck and Test moves his lips down to her collarbone,
kissing her with a newfound fiery passion. He kisses down the front of her
leather-clad chest, cupping her breasts with his hands and rubbing her
nipples through the thick material.

"Oh god!" Stacy moans and pulls back on Andrew's hair to kiss him on the
lips. "Fuck me Andrew, fuck me now."

Andrew doesn't need to be told twice. He releases Kiebler and slowly
undresses her. First, he reaches down and unzips her tight leather pants. He
pulls them down slightly, just enough so that the top of her purple panties
is seen, and kisses her cloth-covered crotch. Then, with Stacy wiggling her
cute little butt, he pulls her pants completely down and she steps out of
them. Next, Test lifts up Stacy's shirt, unveiling her flat stomach and
navel, which he also kisses. He continues to lift up her shirt, kissing her
flesh as it comes into view. Finally, the shirt comes up over her head and
he tosses it aside, and then takes a moment to marvel at the beauty that
stands before him.

"Damn," he says, "I can't believe I was missing out on this for weeks."

Stacy giggles, and then motions for Test with index finger. He moves in,
once again cupping her breasts and kissing her on the lips. His lips move
south, tracing back down to her breasts. He licks both of her boobs with his
tongue and makes sure to slip it into her cleavage, all the while rubbing
and massaging her nipples through the material. Andrew continues south,
tracing his tongue down her stomach, across her navel, and near her crotch.
He peels down her purple panties and then looks up at her for approval.

"Do you want it, baby?" he seductively asks.

"Oh, you have no idea how much I want it, Andrew," she responds in an even
more seductive way.

Andrew wastes no more than half a second before he buries his head between
Stacy Kiebler's lovely thighs. He lovingly moves his face around in her tuft
of blonde pubic hair, inhaling her smell with his nose. The smell is
intoxicating and gets him even more riled up than before. Andrew wraps his
large, muscular arms around his girlfriend's hips and with a double handful
of her bare butt, pulls her close enough so that his tongue can easily enter
her pussy.

"OH GOD!" moans Stacy as she throws her head back.

Test's tongue works feverishly on Kiebler's labia, lashing it with quick
strokes and then long, loving licks. His hands squeeze her buns as his
tongue moves deeper inside her body. The harder he squeezes and pulls her
close, the deeper and harder his tongue goes. Stacy Kiebler is in complete
and utter bliss. Her hands are gripping the door handles and her head is
back in an everlasting moan. She runs her fingers through Andrew's hair as
she tells him of her delight.

"You really know how to■ ugh■ hit the spot■" she tells him, "■.OH GOD!"
Stacy is shaking uncontrollably now and reaching orgasm. She yells louder,
moaning Test's name as she continues to receive expert oral. "YES ANDREW!

But then, it all comes to a halt.

In a bit of a role reversal, Test rises up from his knees and denies Stacy
her orgasm, which puts the WWE Diva in a fit. She opens her eyes and her
mouth, shocked at what just happened.

"What the fuck Andrew?!" she rightfully questions. "I was almost there!"

"Calm down, Stace," responds Andrew coolly.

Before Stacy has a chance to respond, Andrew lifts her up into his arms like
a rag doll and caries her to the front of the car where he sets her down on
the hood. Keibler's look of shock begins to turn into a half-grin as she
appears to like the role reversal aspect of this spur-of-the-moment fuck
session. She had always been the one to dominate Andrew in the bedroom but
secretly wanted to be dominated herself. That's why she had enjoyed being
with Scott so much, but that wasn't something she was about to say,
especially not now.

Andrew fumbles with his belt buckle and zipper, but finally manages to
remove his pants and jockeys with one swift motion. He holds Stacy's legs in
the air as he moves closer, rubbing the tip of his dick across her already
swollen labia. He taunts her with it, sticking his cock inside her just a
bit before pulling out quickly. Stacy moans like crazy, going absolutely
berserk over this torture from her man.

"Oooh Andrew■ I want it bad!" Keibler says.

"How bad do you want it baby?" he replies.

"Really■ ugh■ really■ badly." Stacy reaches down and begins to stroke
Andrew's cock, all the while giving him a come-hither look that melts him in
no time. Holding onto both of her ankles, he spreads her legs a bit more and
then plunges himself deep inside of her. The initial penetration has Stacy
moaning like crazy. Her eyes roll back, along with her head, and her entire
body moves as if there were a shockwave going through it. Andrew continues
to fuck his beautiful girlfriend, moving his hips back and forth and pumping
her with his meat.

"UGH! OH GOD! OH GOD!" Stacy releases a scream that echoes throughout the
dark streets of neighborhood. There are lights on from a few houses that are
obviously watching the events unfold.

"You like it like this, huh?!" asks Andrew in a powerful, dominating way. He
takes her left foot into her mouth and sucks on her toes for a few
passionate seconds before spitting them out covered in saliva. He then moves
his hands from her legs to beneath her, scooping her up into his arms again.
Kiebler wraps her long, slender legs around Andrew's middle as he continues
to fuck her standing up. He bounces her in his arms, forcing her to ride his
cock while he contains to maintain balance and hold her up. The light
Kiebler bounces wildly, but keeps her firm grip around Test's hips as she is
pumped into. Her arms reach around Andrew's neck and she pulls him in for a
sloppy kiss.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass," Stacy whispers into Andrew's ear after
their kiss.

Immediately, as if he had hit a brick wall, Andrew stops and puts Kiebler on
the ground before him. After another smooch, Stacy leads her man back to the
side of the car and opens the driver's side door. She climbs onto the seat
on all fours and sticks out her butt for Andrew. He wastes no time in
tearing up her ass, sticking her in the asshole with his thick cock. Keibler
almost falls forward onto the driver's seat from the force, but holds her
own and matches her boyfriend stroke for stroke. Andrew holds onto her butt
for leverage as he pounds her harder than he ever has. Whether it is the
passion that is being surged through them or the heat of the moment, there
is no denying the intensity of the two as they continue to riotously fuck
like rabbits.

"AH FUCK!" Stacy screeches at the top of her lugs. "FUCK ME HARDER ANDREW!"

Breathing heavily with sweat pouring from his pores, Andrew puts one leg up
inside the car and fucks his girlfriend restlessly. His arms wrap around her
middle as he hunches over and humps her in the butt. His hips buck and spasm
and his cock pushes further and further into her delectable buttocks. A
winded Stacy Kiebler drops her hands and with it, her entire body. She falls
face-first into the bucket seat and becomes putty in Andrew's hands. He
moves her effortlessly; fucking her slowly, then fast, and then slowly, then
fast again.

"How do you like that Stacy?" he roars, forcefully sliding her butt up and
down his cock with ease. Her response is just muffled by the seat in which
her face is buried, but the sounds that are audible are loud moans.

Test, on the verge of an earth-shattered orgasm, pulls out. He stands back
and strokes his cock, watching as his girlfriend slowly rises up from the
seat. Then, before she can turn around, Andrew's hand comes crashing down on
her butt.


Stacy Kielber yelps in pain, which only causes Test to slap her butt again■
and again■ and again.






Andrew finally allows Stacy to exit her vehicle and she does so, rubbing her
sore and red bottom. He continues to stroke his cock as he watches her
approach him. Much like the porno movies, he doesn't even have to say a
word. Stacy Kiebler lowers herself to her knees and takes Test's cock into
her hands. She gives it a few strokes before feeding it into her mouth. The
sensation is almost enough to send Andrew over the edge, but he holds out.
He places his heads on top of his girlfriend's head and forces his tool down
her throat. Stacy receives it willingly and continues to suck off her
boyfriend. Her tongue gently glides up and down the length of his meatstick
as it slips between her dark red lips.

"That's it Stacy, suck that dick," instructs Andrew. He finally lets go of
his vent up orgasm and lightly moans as it comes closer and closer. And the
closer and closer it comes, the faster and faster he face-fucks the
beautiful Stacy Kiebler.

Then, just as it seems as though Stacy is about to choke on Andrew's cock,
he releases.

"OH GOD!" Andrew moans as he fills Stacy's mouth with his seed. She swallows
a majority of it, but another blast from Test's cock is too much for her to
handle. The white liquid dribbles from her mouth and runs down her chin.
Stacy licks it up gleefully, and then jumps up to put her arms around her
boyfriend's neck.

"That was WONDERFUL!" she tells him and kisses him on the cheek.

"So, are we back together now?" he asks, and then swallows hard.

"Let's just say," Stacy starts with a smile, "when I'm out there with Scott,
there will be only person I'll be thinking about■ and that's you."

In excitement, Test lifts Stacy back into his arms and the two move inside
the car and shut the door behind them. Neighbors flock around the '98 Chevy
Cavalier as it rocks back and forth and passionate, heart-felt moans drown
out the sounds of the Las Vegas nightlife.

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