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Late Night Classes
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside an arena's workout facility, SmackDown's rookie sensation, Bobby
Lashley hitting a heavy bag as part of his intense workout. Dressed in a pair
of black shorts and black muscle shirt, the powerful black man attacks the
bag with several lefts and rights before stopping. He picks up a towel off of
a stool nearby and wipes his forehead and then heads to the exit of the
workout room and leaves. As he heads back to his locker room, he passes by
the open locker room of SmackDown's hot teacher Michelle McCool. Knowing that
it's odd to see an open locker room door in the arena, Bobby back tracks
and looks inside, "Anyone in here?" Lashley says as he looks around the
'classroom' of Michelle McCool from the doorway.

The hot SmackDown teacher, Michelle McCool, steps out from inside of walk-in
closet as she dressed in a short black skirt and a blue buttoned top.
Michelle raises her eyebrow as she adjusts her silver-rimmed glasses "Ohh...
Mr. Lashley, what can I do for ya'll?" Michelle asks in her southern accent
as she presses her lips together.

Lashley remains in the doorway, "No... I just saw the door open and thought
it was strange... someone could've just walked on in not knowing you were
here..." Lashley says with a smile.

Michelle nods her head slowly as she steps into the main area of the locker
room more and picks up her wooden ruler, that was sitting on one of the end
tables, before folding arms over her nicely sized chest " ya'll aren't
here for my late night class that I posted up around the arena?" Michelle
asks as she casually glances over the hard hitting, soft spoken SmackDown

The former United States Champion raises a eyebrow again, "Late night
classes? I didn't see anything posted any where..." Lashley says as he steps
into Michelle's locker room. "What types of classes are these?"

Michelle chuckles slightly "Well...they involve physicality..." Michelle
pauses and presses her lips together before nodding her head in direction
of the locker room door "Why don't ya'll close the door...and have a seat,
you're here...and class is in session..."

Lashley shrugs his shoulders, "All right... I got some time to kill..."
Lashley says as he turns to close the locker room door before going to over
to sit on one of the many metal-folding chairs in the center of the room.

Michelle smirks slightly as she walks over to the chair Lashley is sitting
in and stands in front of the hard hitting stud "Alright...ya'll, class in
is session and I am you're teacher, Ms. McCool..." Michelle begins to say
as she sets down her wooden ruler on the coffee table and then removes her
silver-rimmed glasses from her beautiful face "And in my
must follow the rules."

Lashley folds his arms over his chest as he sits in the chair, "All right...
I follow you so far..." Lashley says nodding his head as he listens to
Michelle talk.

Michelle smiles and nods her head "Good...ya'll ready for class to begin?"
Michelle asks in her adorable southern accent as she places her hands on her
smooth waist, below her short-buttoned top.

"Yeah... I'm ready..." Lashley says, again nodding his head as he look at
Michelle with a curious look on his handsome black face.

"Alright...good...first of all, ya'll need to remove your clothing..."
Michelle says as she starts to unbutton her blue buttoned top.

"Remove my clothes?" Lashley asks with a raised eyebrow, "That's a bit
strange..." Lashley says as he watches Michelle unbutton her blue buttoned
top. "But what the hell..." Lashley says as he pulls his black t-shirt off
by lifting it up and pulling it over his head, revealing his smooth, rock
hard, muscular upper body.

Michelle licks her lips slightly as she looks at Lashley's smooth, rock hard
and muscular upper body "Very nice, Mr. Lashley..." Michelle says as she
finishes unbuttoning her blue top and opens the top to reveal her black lace
bra underneath, before removing the blue buttoned top from her hot 'teacher'

"Thanks... I think..." The soft spoken, hard hitting wrestler says as he
drops his t-shirt down to the floor. Lashley stands up a bit and pushes down
his black shorts from his waist. As he slides him down his powerful legs and
kicks them off. Lashley sits back on the chair and puts his hands on his legs
as his large, thick, black, fourteen inch cock hangs between his legs.

Michelle licks her lips and nods her head "I have a feeling ya'll are going
to pass this class..." Michelle as she takes another step towards Lashley
before she kneels down in front of the hard hitting stud. Michelle smiles up
at Lashley as she places her soft, gentle hands around his hard, thick cock
and begins to gently stroke his cock "I really enjoy having all my classes

Lashley moans slightly as Michelle slides both her hands along the length of
his cock as it gradually becomes hard in her soft, gentle, educating hands.
"Mmmm... something tells me... you're a real hands-on teacher..." Lashley
says as he keeps hands on his legs.

Michelle nods her head as she moves her hands smoothly against Lashley's
hard, thick fourteen-inch cock "Oh yes I am...but I also enjoy giving a good
oral exam."

"Now that I have to see to believe..." Lashley says with a moan as Michelle
squeezes his fat black fourteen-inch cock slightly as it points straight out
at her.

Michelle smirks slightly as she glances up at Lashley "Well Mr. Lashley...
it's your lucky day, because...we're having an oral exam.." Michelle says in
her southern accent before she lowers her head and places her wet, gentle
tongue against the head of Lashley's large cock. The hot SmackDown teacher
begins to guide her tongue in a circular motion around the head of Lashley's
cock, coating it with her warm saliva. After circling her tongue a few times
she opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head on his cock and wraps her
lips around his thick shaft as she takes his cock into her mouth and begins
to bob her head on his cock.

"Mmmmm... damn... you weren't kidding..." Lashley moans as he feels Michelle
McCool's warm, moist mouth moving up and down on his large fat cock as she
holds his cock at the base with both of her hands. The black, hard hitting
stud leans forward on the chair slightly and reaches down to unclasp
Michelle's black lace bra. As he sits back on the chair, Michelle's bra
slowly slips away from her large, round chest as she sucks on Lashley's
massive prick. Michelle closes her eyes as she guides her educated tongue
around Lashley's thick, rigid cock. The hot SmackDown teacher moans as she
bobs her head smoothly and slightly quicker on his cock as she slaps her
warm saliva against his cock.

"Uhhh... ohhh yeah... now... this... a real... oral exam..." Lashley groans
as he leans his head back while places his hands on Michelle's head. He
pushes her long blond hair with both of his hands and then holds the bulk of
it behind her head with his left hand so that none of her hair covers her
faces as she sucks and slurps on his meaty shaft. Michelle presses her lips
tighter around Lashley's hard, thick cock as she takes him deeply into her
warm, soothing and very educated mouth. The SmackDown Diva begins to bob her
head quickly on his cock as she sucks on his cock deeply in her mouth.
Michelle's warm saliva drips out of her mouth and down Lashley's long and
powerful shaft towards his large, black ballsack.

"Mmmm... damn... this is... one hell of a class so far..." Lashley moans as
he feels Michelle's warm saliva drip from his cock and ballsack. The powerful
black SmackDown wrestler grits his teeth slightly as he lets Michelle's hair
go and it falls down covering her face as she takes a long slow suck of his
cock as she lifts her mouth from his shaft.

Michelle presses her lips together as she stands up and steps away from
Lashley and lowers her short black skirt down her smooth, long and sexy legs.
Michelle steps out of her skirt and smiles at Lashley as the hard hitting
SmackDown stud as full view of Michelle's hot, shaven pussy. "Now, Mr.
Lashley...this class is very physical too."

Lashley smirks a bit, "All right... just how physical is it?" Lashley says as
he stands up from the metal chair and puts his hands on his hips as he checks
out Michelle 'Grade A+' body.

Michelle raises her eyebrow and smirks as she walks over to the coffee
table in the center of the room and kneels down on top of the coffee table.
Michelle glances back, over her shoulder at Lashley and licks her lips

Lashley smirks, "I see.... well... I better get started on my assignment
then..." Lashley says as he stands behind Michelle as she kneels on the
coffee table. Lashly put his hands on Michelle's hips to raise her ass up
higher so that he can slip his large fat black fourteen inch cock into her
tight, warm pussy.

Michelle gently grits her teeth together as she feels Lashley work his
larger, hard cock into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh...mmm I see ya'll have
been educated good..." Michelle moans as she looks forward as the soft
spoken Bobby Lashley begins to thrust his mighty cock in and out of the hot
teacher's pussy.

Lashley smirks, "Yeah... I had some lessons..." Lashley grunts as he firmly
thrusts his cock in and out of Michelle's hot, tight pussy. He keeps his
hands firmly placed on Michelle's slender hips and he pills her back towards
him as he drives his cock at an increasing pace in and out of her sweet

Michelle slightly tilts her head back as she places her hands firmly down on
the coffee table as she starts to push her hot body back against Lashley's
thick cock "Ohhhh...yesss..." Michelle moans as Lashley starts to thrust his
cock into her pussy at a quicker rate.

Lashley leans his own massive muscular body forward so that he can ram his
cock deeper and harder into Michelle's warm hot pussy. "Ahhh... ummmm
damn..." Lashley grunts as he pulls Michelle back against him harder so that
her ass smacks against his waist.

Michelle closes her eyes as her hot, toned body slams back against Lashley's
hard cock, making the hot teacher jolt forward after each impact "Ohhhh...
mmmm Bobby...ohhhh" Michelle moans as the hot southern teacher begins to
breath heavy. Lashley slows down his thrusts so that they are sharper until
he pulls his huge black cock out of Michelle's pussy. Lashley turns her over
on the coffee table, spreads her smooth sexy leg and drops his huge black
cock back into her tight pussy. The powerful studdly wrestler puts his hands
firmly on the coffee table as he drives his cock in and out of Michelle's

Michelle grits her teeth as she lays back smoothly against the table as the
hard hitting, soft spoken stud rams his cock deeply into her tight pussy
"Ohhhh...ohhhh yesss!" Michelle moans as she closes her eyes while her hot
body slides back and forth against the coffee table.

Lashley holds his upper body up as he rams his cock in and out of Michelle's
hot pussy as she manages to wrap her legs around his thick waist. "Uhhh...
ahhhh yeah... ohhh yea!" Lashley grunts as his balls smack against the coffee
table and Michelle's smooth skin as he roughly fucks her tight pussy.
Michelle grits her teeth as she reaches up with her educated arms and wraps
them around Lashley's thick neck as she slightly lifts herself off of the
table while Lashley continues to slam his powerful cock into her hot pussy.
Lashley grits his teeth as Michelle holds on tightly to his powerful neck.
"Ahhhh... damn it..." Lashley grunts as he does a push-up to lift himself off
of the table. He wraps his arms around Michelle's hot 'teacher' body as he
stands up completely and he begins to bounce her up and down on his huge
black cock.

Michelle presses her hot body against Lashley's sweaty, muscular body as she
bounces quickly on his cock while thrusts up into her tight pussy "Ohhhhhh...
ya'll are amazing!" Michelle moans as she begins to sweat.

Lashley's hot muscular body starts to shine with sweet as he powerful rams
his cock in and out of Michelle's hot tight pussy as she grinds her hot body
against his as she bounces on his dick. "Uhhh thanks... this... is one...
uhhh ahhh great... class!" Lashley grunts as he lowers his hands so he can
hook his arms underneath Michelle's legs.

Michelle tilts her head back as sweat runs down her beautiful face "Ohhhhh
ya'll are great!" Michelle moans loudly as she slams down harder on Lashley's
thick, hard cock.

The huge, powerful Bobby Lashley grits his teeth together as he pumps his
fat, long black cock deeper into Michelle's hot tight pussy as she hangs from
his neck. "Ahhh... ohhhh yeah... what's... next... in the class?" Lashley
grunts as Michelle drops down as hard as she can on his cock.

"Ohhh...I believe...its...the final...exam.." Michelle moans as she breaths
heavily while smoothly and quickly bouncing hard on Lashley's cock. Lashley
grunts as he drives his cock deeper into Michelle's hot pussy as he feels
SmackDown's hot, teacher cum on his huge cock as she continues to bounce on
his shaft. "Ohhhhh Bobby!" Michelle moans loudly as she closes her eyes
before laying her sweaty, relax body against Lashley's muscular, smooth

The powerful black stud lets Michelle rest against his body before his lefts
her off of his massive, throbbing cock and sits her on the coffee table He
gets close to Michelle and puts his right hand on her shoulder as he begins
to strokes his cock with his left, "I don't... think class is over... just
yet..." Lashley says as he looks down at the hot, sweaty Michelle.

Michelle opens her eyes and licks her lips "Mmmm...ya'll are right, I haven't
dismissed ya'll yet."

Lashley grunts as he pumps his cock furiously with his left hand, "Ahhh...
yea!" Lashley groans as he starts to cum. He continues to stroke his shaft as
he sprays his warm, sticky cum onto Michelle's large tits.

Michelle tilts her head back and licks her lips as she feels the warm cum
spray her tits "Mmmm...ohhh yeah..."

Lashley groans as he licks his lips, "Ahhh...ohhh damn..." Lashley groans as
he finishes cumming. He continues to stroke his cock to make sure every drop
of cum is squirted out before he lets go of it. "Mmm... so... what's... my

Michelle presses her lips together and raises her eyebrow "I believe an
'A'...but with some extra credit...ya'll could bring it up to an 'A+' "

Lashley smirks a bit, "Hmmm.... well... I always like to get to the top...
so when's your next... late night class? Cause i don't want to miss it."

Michelle smirks slightly "I'll have it posted..."


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