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Laying Lita
by Anynom

Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Had this idea
for a while now, hope you like it. Enjoy.

The gym was darkened, no surprise given how late it was so the sole
occupant in the main area had privacy to exercise. Actually, the area she was
in didn't really look like an exercise gym. It was a large square platform
with a large mat covering it, each of the four corners connected by a trio
of ringed ropes that circled the mat. Even the most casual viewer would
instantly recognize it as a wrestling ring.

Quite a few people would have recognized the woman inside the ring. She
had long dark red hair that billowed from a face of amazing beauty. She wore
a loose shirt with a dip towards her impressive cleavage, her belly exposed.
She wore dark jeans, cut low so that the strings of her dark red thong could
be seen over the waistline. Dark boots covered her feet and one could tell
she had a very athletic and lithe body highlighted by a dragon tattoo that
covered her entire right shoulder and the upper part of her arm.

Her real name was Amy Dumas. But to millions of fans around the world, she
was known as Lita, arguably the top "diva" of the World Wrestling Federation.

It had been a long road for her. She started out as just another piece
of eye candy in the now-defunct ECW before joining the WWF in 1999. She'd
started out as simply a valet until she caught attention with her
eye-grabbing outfits and showed real skill in the ring. She soon broke on her
own and proved quite popular, even managing to win the Women's title.

Lita had learned a lot in the last few years and not just with wrestling
either. She'd learned that getting heat was one thing, keeping it was
another. Vince McMahon hadn't built a multi- billion dollar entertainment
empire by keeping people who couldn't make him money. Lita had heard a lot of
stories of others who McMahon had pushed to the limit, then left behind when
they lost their flavor.

Chyna was a great example. By late 2000, she was the only woman to hold a
men's title, had appeared in "Playboy" and written an autobiography. But she
also gained a very egotistic attitude and burned a lot of bridges in her book
so it was little surprise when the WWF canceled her contract a few months
before. Lita knew she was only going to be young and buff once and had to
make the most out of it. Like anyone in an athletic-like business, wrestlers
didn't have that big a time to become rich so Lita wanted to use it while she

She'd done well, her face (and body) adorning t-shirts, posters, magazines
and a recent video. Staying in shape was paramount for her, which explained
why she was working after hours at one of the practice gyms the WWF had
spread out around the country. Contrary to belief, not every move in a
wrestling match was rehearsed to the last detail and Lita wanted to be ready
in case something unexpected happened.

Adding to the stress of the situation was the recent WWF/WCW war. Only the
most gullible fans (the "marks" as wrestlers called them) actually thought
all the stuff they saw on TV was real. Pretty much everyone else (including
the WWF at times) acknowledged it was all set up. However, the recent
conflict between the WWF and World Championship Wrestling was more real than
most could imagine.

At one point, it seemed WCW would be the victor, with ratings up and
attendance high. However, the WWF had responded with more intense action and
new stars and soon began clobbering WCW in ratings every week. WCW was more
preoccupied with having TV stars on their shows than actual wrestling.

It got worse in 2000. Some of the men who had spearheaded the WWF's rise
to power went to WCW but rather than make things better, they just made
things worse. Idiotic gimmicks, poorly done matches and allowing actor David
Arquette to win their world title, it added up to dropping attendance and the
cancellation of their TV shows. So, Vince bought WCW and with the fall of ECW
had complete control of wrestling in North America.

Vince decided to make a big deal out of things by having his son, Shane,
"buy" WCW and, after a few months of setting things up, "invade" the WWF.
Shane then had various former ECW stars from the WWF join his new group with
his sister, Stephanie as the "owner" of ECW. So, the intradfederation war was
getting big ratings which meant more opportunities for Lita to show her

What made things difficult was that there really was bad blood between the
two groups. The WWF wrestlers felt WCW was intruding on their shows and that
they were basically being carried. WCW felt that they shouldn't even be in
this position and were sick of being pushed around by the WWF guys. So, the
true hostility added to the intensity of the matches, which was why Lita was
now working after hours to get into shape.

She bounced around the ropes a few times, doing a quick roll. It was
sometimes rough for women to get used to moving around the ring, which was
intended for men much larger. Lita had learned fast, moving along the ropes
and managing to do a few jumps off the turnbuckle.

"You gotta watch that big jump there," a voice came from the side of the
ring. Lita glanced over to the outside of the ring and the woman there. She
was about a half-foot taller, not as athletic but still in good shape,
attractive with blond hair and a good build. Her name was Cindi and she had
been an applicant in the WWF's recent reality show "Tough Enough" which gave
regular folks a chance to become WWF stars.

Although she hadn't made the cut for the show, Cindi had impressed the WWF
with her experience in physical therapy and, ironically, had been offered a
job as a trainer for some of the female stars. She'd proven good at it, not
in the ring but had managed to use new training methods to help the female
stars get on the game more.

"I know, I know," Lita said, sighing, brushing back her flaming hair. "I'm
trying my best."

"I know, I know," Cindi nodded. "Hey, you've been doing a great job, I was
just hired to make sure it's better for the shows."

"Okay, fine," Lita nodded. She moved up to the turnbuckles, balancing
herself as she got ready to do one of her jumps. She leaped up, appearing to
fly in the air, hair whipping behind her as she flipped, landing on her feet.
She buckled and let out a yell as she collapsed onto the mat. In a flash,
Cindi was in the ring, running over and kneeling to where Lita lay.

"Where is it?" Cindi asked.

"Right leg," Lita muttered, trying to block out the idea of a ruined
career as Cindi moved to her right leg. Her strong hands felt at the leg and

"Okay, nothing major," she said. "Just a little pulled muscle, it will be

"You sure?" Lita grimaced. She had to admit, Cindi's hands did feel good
kneading her leg like that.

"It will be fine," Cindi said. "Look, just relax, okay, Lita? I'll try to
work it out right here and now. Just lie back there."

Lita did, letting Cindi hold her leg up a bit, fingers working into the
thigh quite nicely. Lita closed her eyes, feeling the light pain vanish under
Cindi's strong hands, fingers working into the leg quite nicely. Cindi looked
down at Lita, at how good she looked right now and an idea occurred to her.
It had been a long time since she had done something like it but she
remembered how. And one look at that gorgeous redhead lying before her was
just too much to possibly resist.

"Just relax, Lita," Cindi said in a low tone. "Just relax, just feel my
fingers working at you and relax, Lita, just relax as I rub at your leg, just
relax, Lita. Feel my touch on you, Lita, feel my touch on your leg. Feel how
good your leg now feels, Lita, it feels very good right now, so very good.
Doesn't it feel good, Lita?"

"Yeah," Lita nodded as Cindi lowered her leg. "Now, Lita, listen to me.
Your leg feels very good, Lita, it feels very, very good, you like how good
it feels, Lita, you like how good it feels. Now, Lita, feel that same good
feeling come over your entire body. Feel it wash over your entire body, Lita,
feel it wash over your entire body. Feel this wonderful relaxation wash over
your entire body, Lita, feel it wash over your entire body, Lita, feel it
wash all over your body, feel yourself relaxing, Lita, feel this wonderful
relaxation wash over your entire body."

Lita's eyes were closed, her breathing slowly steadying as Cindi's words
washed over her just as did the sudden wave of relaxation over her entire
body. She felt a wonderful wave overcome her, a peaceful wave that just made
her feel so good and so relaxed. Cindi was so nice to do this, so nice to
make her feel this good. Cindi was so nice and made her feel so good, so
very, very good, she just made Lita feel so good. Lita just wanted Cindi to
continue to make her feel good, anything to feel this good, just keep right
on feeling this good......

Lita was a much better hypnotic subject that Cindi had expected, going
under faster than some of her past subjects. Maybe all that fatigue in the
ring helped her out. Whatever the case, Lita was now lying in the ring,
breathing steady as Cindi brought her into a deep trance state.

"Listen very carefully, Lita," Cindi said softly. "Listen carefully and
relax as you do, relax as you listen, Lita, relax as you listen. Now, Lita,
you feel very good, very, very good, Lita, so very good. Now, Lita, you know
that I make you feel good, I make you feel very good, Lita, I make you feel
very good, don't I?"

"Yeah...." Lita muttered. "Very good."

"Yes, Lita, I make you feel very good, very, very good, Lita, so very
good. Now, Lita, you feel very good right now, very, very good and you know
that doing whatever I say will continue to make you feel good."


"Stand up, Lita," Cindi said, rising as the two stood. She looked at Lita,
her long red hair partially covering her serene face. "Relax more and more as
I disrobe you, Lita," Cindi said, her hands moving to Lita's outfit. "Just
relax more and more as I disrobe you." She pulled up the shirt, showing a
nice lace bra underneath. Unsnapping it, Cindi exposed Lita's full and round
breasts, the nipples already prominent. She slipped away the pants and boots
and showed off the thong cutting into her clit. Cindi slowly slid down Lita's
panties to show Lita's nicely shaven red pussy.

Cindi quickly disrobed herself, showing off her nicely built body. She
moved back to Lita, letting her hands drift down Lita's back and to her tight
ass. Lita gasped as she felt Cindi squeeze her buttocks, then relaxed as the
nice hands rubbed at her buttocks. Cindi slowly moved forward, pushing her
face to Lita's, giving her a nice long kiss. Lita answered back, tongue
waggling inside Cindi's mouth, suggesting this wasn't the first time she'd
been with a woman. They stood there for a few moments, naked and kissing in
the middle of the ring.

Struck by inspiration, Cindi moved Lita over to the ropes and sat her
down, he ass on the mat. "Lita, whatever you feel will give you great
pleasure. No pain, just pleasure," Cindi whispered as she lifted Lita's arms
up and spread them out. Taking the top two ropes, Cindi put Lita's arms into
the ropes as twisted, pinning Lita's arms in between them.

Such an action thrust Lita's ample chest forward and Cindi slowly knelt
down. She took the two pointed breasts in her hands and moved her face to
them. She squeezed them together, letting her tongue reach out to lick at the
pointed nipples, Lita moaning as she felt Cindi's mouth upon her chest. Cindi
kneaded the tits together, loving the taste of them as she kissed the soft
curves, amazed at how amazing the natural breasts were.

Keeping her hands on Lita's breasts, Cindi moved herself down, kissing the
flat stomach until she came to Lita's clit. Slowly, Cindi pushed her face in
between and let her tongue drag along the red-haired lips. Lita groaned as
she felt Cindi start to lick away at her, tongue lapping away at the red
pussy before her as her hands continued to squeeze her breasts. Lita brought
her long and strong legs around Cindi's head, holding her in tight as the
woman continued to go at her hard. Cindi's body moved against the mat as she
licked at Lita's clit, the redhead bouncing on the ropes, thighs pulling
Cindi in hard as she kept on licking away. It wasn't long before Lita's
juices started to pop out onto Cindi's mouth. The therapist kept rubbing away
at Lita's tits as her tongue licked away at the pussy, even as Lita erupted
her juices onto her face.

After licking away Lita's cum, Cindi undid the ropes and let her free. She
brought Lita down onto her, Cindi on her back on the mat, bringing Lita over
to her chest. Lita kissed Cindi's breasts, suckling one nipple briefly before
Cindi pushed her head down her body. Cindi spread her legs in invitation that
Lita accepted, her face pushing into Cindi's blond pussy. Lita immediately
went to work, tongue working away at Cindi's pussy. Cindi groaned in joy,
Lita's lovemaking as good as her wrestling. She was quite the tigress, her
hands rubbing over Cindi's thighs as she went at her clit, sending waves of
joy to Cindi's womanhood. Turned on by the entire circumstances and taking
Lita before Cindi came sooner than she expected, the ring buckling under her
orgasm as Lita licked away at her juices.

Cindi took Lita again, sitting her on the turnbuckle and licking her pussy
and rubbing her ass at the same time. She then had Lita redress as she did
the same. "Listen carefully," Cindi said softly to Lita, who was once again
lying on the mat. "When you wake up, you won't remember anything of this,
Lita, nothing at all. If you ever hear my voice and only my voice say
'luscious Lita,' you'll fall back into this wonderful state but otherwise you
will remember nothing. Wake up."

Lita blinked as she sat up. "Whoah. What happened?"

"Just took a bad bump," Cindi said, helping Lita up. "You'll be okay."

"Thanks," Lita said, shaking her head. "Well, that was a workout, I'd
better get going."

"No problem," Cindi said, helping her out of the ring. "Hey, knock 'em
dead tomorrow."

"You'll be there, won't you?" Lita asked.

"Oh, yeah," Cindi smiled. "I'll be there to give a little guidance." She
helped Lita out, reflecting that this was one match she'd never forget, even
if Lita never remembered.

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