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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Laying The SmackDown On ECW
By Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside of Vickie Guerrero's office during a SmackDown/ECW television taping
in late September 2007, ECW's General Manager Armando Estrada is sitting on
the couch, dressed in a light gray colored suit with a light brown shirt and
matching hat, "Senora Guerrero... this new partnership between SmackDown and
ECW... is going to be very groundbreaking... but there are some things...
that has me concerned." Armando says as he looks at SmackDown's Acting
General Manager, Vickie Guerrero.

The Acting General Manager of SmackDown, Vickie Guerrero, raises an eyebrow
and shakes her head "I don't understand..." Vickie replies as she sits on the
opposite couch, to the left of the couch Armando Estrada is sitting on.
Vickie shrugs her shoulders "I thought everything was're not
backing out, are you?" Vickie asks firmly, while she holds a pair of glasses
in her left hand and dressed in a nicely fitted black business suit.

"No, no, no of course not..." Armando shakes his head, "You see I'm concern
about my ECW Superstars being overly exposed.... there's not to many of them.
I trust you can see my point..." Armando says.

Vickie slowly nods her head "Armando, I assure ECW will get full privileges
on SmackDown...but just make sure the deal works both ways..."

"SmackDown will get treated perfectly.... but you have Superstars to make absolutely sure this deal is what we agree upon... I need...
some assurances..." Armando Estrada says as he takes off his expensive light
brown hat.

Vickie Guerrero presses her lips together and sets her glasses down on the
couch, next to where she is sitting "Assurances?"

"Yes... something to put my mind at ease so that I know this deal is best for
ECW..." Armando says as he puts his hat on the right armrest of the couch.

Vickie nods her head slowly and folds her arms against her chest. The Diva
well-known to the life style of lying, cheating and stealing, slowly stands
up from the couch and takes a step towards the couch Armando is sitting on
"Armando...I think we can come to some assurance together..." Vickie says
with a sly smirk.

Armando Estrada raises an eyebrow as he look at Vickie Guerrero, "I trust
that you have something in mind?"

Vickie Guerrero lowers her sly, convincing eyes and glances down at the
crotch of Armando's business slacks "Oh...I think so..." Vickie says before
she bends over, while standing and starts to unbuckle his belt from around
his waist.

Armando Estrada smirks a bit but also raises an eyebrow, "Senora Guerrero...
what are you doing?" Armando asks as he doesn't stop the Vickie Guerrero from
unbuckling his belt.

Vickie slides Armando's belt out from the loops of his business slacks.
Vickie raises an eyebrow and slyly looks up at Armando with a smirk "Making
sure you have all your assurances..." Vickie says before she lowers herself
down onto her knees on the office floor of Armando Estrada and starts to
unzip and unbutton his slacks.

"I had a feeling that doing business with you would be good..." Armando says
as the crafty Acting General Manager of SmackDown begins to lower his slacks
and the tan-colored briefs that he's wearing until Armando's eight inch Cuban
cock becomes exposed. Armando slips off his suit jacket and drapes it on the
right armrest next to him where his hat is. Vickie presses her manipulative
lips together and gently places her sly hands around Armando's hardening
eight inch cock and she begins to smoothly stroke her hands against his

"Mmmm..." Armando licks his lips slightly as Vickie Guerrero strokes his
eight inch cock as it slowly becomes harder. Armando unbuttons his light
brown button half way, so that it's fitting loosely on his body. Vickie
Guerrero leans her head forward and gently flicks her sassy, soft tongue
against the head of Armando's cock, before gently working her tongue
around the head of his cock, to lightly coat her saliva "Ahhh... mmmm...."
Armando locks his eyes on Vickie Guerrero's wet, soft tongue move around
the head of his fully hard dick.

Vickie opens her warm, manipulative mouth and lowers her head as she takes
Armando's cock eagerly. Vickie wraps her lips gently around his shaft and the
Acting General Manager of SmackDown begins to bob her head, swiftly sucking
the ECW General Manager's cock.

"Ahhhh oooo...." Armando closes his eyes and leans back on the couch as his
SmackDown counterpart bobs her head up and down on his eight-inch cock. The
ECW General Manager licks his lips as he feels Vickie's warm saliva dripping
down on his dick.

"Mmmm...mmmm" Vickie moans against Armando Estrada's cock as she starts to
gradually bob her head at smooth, quicker pace as she takes his cock deeper
into her mouth. Vickie removes her hands from Estrada's shaft and starts to
push down her black business pants down from her rounded waist, while she
remains sucking the Extreme Dictator's cock.

"Ooooo Senora Guerrero... mmm... this is one... good assurance..." Armando
moans as he keeps his eyes closed as Vickie continues to bob her head up and
down on his cock. The ECW General Manager licks his lips as he feels Vickie's
saliva dripping from his cock down to his ball sack. Vickie gently slides her
wet tongue against the bottom side of Armando's cock while she continues to
bob her head, taking him deeper into her manipulative mouth. Vickie Guerrero
lightly twists her head on his shaft before slowly lifts her head up to slyly
smirk at Armando Estrada.

Armando Estrada opens his eyes and smirks back at Vickie, "Mmmm...that...
was very, very good... I'm feeling better about this..." Armando says as he
watches Vickie completely push her black business pants down her legs. Vickie
smirks and stands up, allowing her to step out of her black business pants,
which she then lowers her black panties to expose her hot, slyly seductive
pussy. The Acting General Manager of SmackDown smirks, before she removes her
black jacket and then straddles the waist of Armando Estrada.

"Mmmmmm...." Armando moans as Vickie Guerrero rocks on his waist. The Extreme
Dictator puts his hands on Vickie's smoothly round waist and lifts her up a
bit so that he can lower Vickie's sly, hot pussy down onto his eight inch

"Ohhhhh...." Vickie Guerrero softly moans as she places her hands on the
smooth chest of Armando Estrada and begins to gently rock back and forth on
his shaft, smoothly riding her ECW counterpart.

"Mmmmm... ahhhh..." Armando Estrada moans as he feels Vickie's pussy lightly
squeezing his cock as she rocks back and forth. Armando keeps his hands on
Vickie's waist as he closes his eyes and completely enjoys the way the Acting
General Manager of SmackDown is riding his shaft.

"How do you feel about our agreement now?" Vickie asks as she gently grinds
her warm, moist pussy against Armando's shaft, while she continues to ride
his shaft.

"Ahhh.... mmm... I'm feeling... very... secure with it..." Armando moans
lightly as he tilts his head back as Vickie grinds herself on his eight inch
dick. Vickie bites down on her bottom lip and closes her eyes while the sly
Acting General Manager of SmackDown bucks her smooth hips slightly as she
starts to bounce smoothly on Armando's cock while rocking at an increasing

"Ohhhhh... uhhh...." Armando moans as he begins to thrust his cock upward
into Vickie's warm, wet pussy as she bounces and rocks on his cock. Armando
moves his hands behind Vickie and places them on her ass in order to push
Vickie up on his cock before she drops down on it again.

"Ohhhh...Armando...I'm so glad we're seeing eye to eye..." Vickie moans as
she lowers herself on Estrada's cock before lifting herself once again.

"Ahhh... mmm... when there's... a good deal Senora... mmm... it's easy to see
eye to eye..." Armando moans as he begins to turn himself and Vickie over so
that he's on top of his SmackDown counterpart. Once on top, Armando begins
to thrust his cock in and out of Vickie's warm, moist pussy as sweat drips
off of his face.

Vickie lays her head down on the cushion of the couch as she gently moves
forward against Armando's firm thrusts as she grinds her body against his
"Ohhhh...ohhh Armando..." Vickie Guerrero moans as she gently holds onto
his arms while he thrusts his cock into her moist pussy.

Armando puts his hands on flat down on the couch's cushion as he thrust his
cock firmly in and out of Vickie's pussy. "Ahhh... mmmm...." Armando grunts
as he smoothly fucks Vickie Guerrero at a steady pace.

Vickie gently lifts her smooth legs up and places them around Armando's waist
while she moves underneath the Extreme Dictator. "Ohhh...ohhh!"

"Ahhh... uhhhh mmmm...." Armando breathes heavily as he closes his eyes.
Armando grinds his teeth together as he firmly pumps his cock deeply into
Vickie's warm, wet pussy.

"Ohhh...ohhhh shit..." Vickie moans as she smoothly grinds her hot pussy
against Armando's quick thrusting cock "Mmmm...ohhh!"

"Uhhhh ahhh mmmmm ahhh...." Armando clenches his teeth together as he starts
to cum inside of Vickie's warm, moist pussy. Armando sweat heavily as he
holds his cock inside of Vickie's pussy as he fills her with his cum.

Vickie Guerrero slightly arches her back as she feels the warm cum of Armando
Estrada "Ohhhhhh...." Vickie moans as she gently grinds her pussy forward
against his throbbing shaft.

Armando licks his lips and then slowly pulls his cock out of Vickie
Guerrero's pussy, "Ahhh... mmmm... that... lifts... all concerns that I
have....Senora Guerrero...." Armando says as he sits on the couch and
breathes heavily.

Vickie Guerrero sits up, next to Armando Estrada, and smirks "Good...because
I promise to lay the SmackDown on ECW..." Vickie pauses and raises an eyebrow
"And I have the perfect two in mind to help."


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